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    FAQ/Walkthrough by scopelenz / mharbenedict34

    Version: 2.4 | Updated: 08/31/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  -Digimon World 4-
                          -Digimon World 4 FAQ/Walkthrough-
                                    -Version: 2.4-
                          -By: mharbenedict34 & Squirtle304-
    -To find what are you looking for easily, press ctrl+F, and then type the
    code that is next to the section of the FAQ. An easy way to get to the top is
    by pressing Home from the keypad if you're going to Table of Contents.
    -This FAQ is designed for multi-platforms. At some parts of the FAQ, however,
    specific controls will be based on the PS2 version only. The game is the same
    (gameplay/story/weapons etc.) for all 3 versions.
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    1. Table of Contents                                             . . . dw4_f_s1
    1. Table of Contents                    . . . dw4_f_s1
    2. Introduction                         . . . dw4_f_s2
     2.1. Introduction                      . . . dw4_f_s2.1
     2.2. New Features                      . . . dw4_f_s2.2
     2.3. Controls                          . . . dw4_f_s2.3
      2.3.1 PS2 Controls                    . . . dw4_f_s2.3.1
      2.3.2 GC Controls                     . . . dw4_f_s2.3.2
     2.4. Status Effects                    . . . dw4_f_s2.4
    3. Basic Battle System                  . . . dw4_f_s3
    4. Walkthrough (Incomplete)             . . . dw4_f_s4
     4.0. The Beginning                     . . . dw4_f_s4.0
     4.1. Death Valley                      . . . dw4_f_s4.1
     4.2. Dry Land                          . . . dw4_f_s4.2
     4.3. Venom Jungle                      . . . dw4_f_s4.3
     4.4. Machine Pit                       . . . dw4_f_s4.4
    5. Digivolution FAQ                     . . . dw4_f_s5
     5.1. Guilmon                           . . . dw4_f_s5.1
     5.2. Agumon                            . . . dw4_f_s5.2
     5.3. Dorumon                           . . . dw4_f_s5.3
     5.4. Veemon                            . . . dw4_f_s5.4
    6. Side Quests                          . . . dw4_f_s6
    7. Bosses (Incomplete)                  . . . dw4_f_s7
    8. Game Tips                            . . . dw4_f_s8
    9. Weapons and Armors (Incomplete)      . . . dw4_f_s9
     9.1 Introduction                       . . . dw4_f_s9.1
     9.2 Weapons and Armor                  . . . dw4_f_s9.2
     9.2.1 Weapon/Armor List                . . . dw4_f_s9.2.1
     9.2.2 Signature Weapons                . . . dw4_f_s9.2.2
     9.3 Sub-Slots and Chips List           . . . dw4_f_s9.3
    10. Techniques FAQ (Incomplete)         . . . dw4_f_s10
     10.1 Introduction                      . . . dw4_f_s10.1
     10.2 Techniques List                   . . . dw4_f_s10.2
    11. Cards and Disks (Incomplete)        . . . dw4_f_s11
     11.1 Introduction                      . . . dw4_f_s11.1
     11.2 Card List                         . . . dw4_f_s11.2
     11.3 Disk List                         . . . dw4_f_s11.3
    12. Home Server FAQ (Incomplete)        . . . dw4_f_s12
     12.1. Digi-Keepers                     . . . dw4_f_s12.1
     12.2. Prince Mamemon                   . . . dw4_f_s12.2
     12.3. MetalEtemon's Junk Shop          . . . dw4_f_s12.3
    13. Maps                                . . . dw4_f_s13
    14. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  . . . dw4_f_s14
    15. Update History                      . . . dw4_f_s15
    16. About the Authors                   . . . dw4_f_s16
    17. Legal Stuff/Copyright               . . . dw4_f_s17
    18. Credits                             . . . dw4_f_s18
    Completion Percentage: 52% |
    2. Introduction                                                  . . . dw4_f_s2
    2.1. Introduction                                              . . . dw4_f_s2.1
    Hello, I'm mharbenedict34 and I'm here again to make a guide about the Digimon
    World 4. I'm still working my FAQ at the Digimon World 3 and I'm gladly to
    present another guide of digimon to you. I'm still a newbie in this game
    because I just started playing this game for four days from the day I start
    creating this FAQ. I'm still surfing sites and asking people to know more about
    this game and so I can make a very good FAQ like just the last one.
    This is my fifth guide I've made from DW3 to RE Outbreak to Silent Hill 4 to
    ATV Offroad Fury 2 to DW4. So don't expect that much for now.
    Game Statistics
    Game Name                : Digimon World 4
    Game Platforms           : PS2, XBOX, Game Cube
    Game Publisher and Maker : Bandai
    Game Version             : NTSC U/C
    Game Type                : Fantasy>Adventure>RPG>Sci-Fi
    Dual Shock Controller    : Yes
    Normal Controller        : No (Dual Shock/Analog is needed)
    Online                   : No
    File Saving Size (PS2)   : unknown yet
    Multiplayer              : YES!!! (Up to 4)
    Game Preview:
    Get ready. The Digimon are back and they're ready for another new adventure! In
    Digimon World 4, a freak security breach has terminated the connection with the
    Real World. In the process of searching for the cause of the breach,
    researchers stumbled upon a mysterious new world. It's up to you, The Digital
    Security Guard, to investigate this new discovery. You must uncover the secrets
    behind the problem and return peace to the Digital World.
    In this four player action RPG, you will get to play as your favorite Digmon
    from the TV show. Fights will take place in real-time thanks to an enhanced
    battle system, unlike the usual turn-taking fights. By mastering skills and
    techniques, you can unlock special Digivolved Digimon.
    - Play as the most popular Digimon from the TV series!
    - Action and adventure - Digimon-style for up to 4 players!
    - Featuring a new enhanced battle system, with real-time battles.
    - Unlock special Digivolved Digimon by mastering skills and technique.
    My Review:
    The first ever-great multi-player RPG game. All you is 2 controllers. You can
    play with your brother, sister and all of your family. You can play with your
    brother without worrying arguing in which game you would want to play, because
    here it is a 2 player RPG. You could also use 2 memory cards to play with your
    friends if they have a file with it. Then it would a lot of fun.
    There's nothing bad in this game. All you want in a RPG game is all here!
    You can play up to 4 players with your friends. I really like this game! You
    can give your own weapons to the other player so you can be both powerful
    enough to face new and stronger monster. This game is the best of the year if
    you categorize it from storyline, availability, players, sound, graphics and
    Squirtle304's Review:
    Well, it's quite a good job done by Bandai. The game is a real-time RPG. Hence,
    you can expect much action in the game. However, the bad thing that many people
    don't like is that the Digimon hold weapons. The weapons held by Digimon can be
    changed and some are also specialised.
    On the contrary, the graphics and sound is quite good. Crisp, clear music and
    cool, bright graphics. The Multiplayer mode is quite terrible as different
    players hold different game files. (In other words, a different team leader
    will have a different story/game file) Many people didn't know about this
    until they've decided to switch team leaders. Digivolution in the game is quite
    innovative, though tedious. The player must go through a series of quests to
    unlock digivolve techniques. Furthermore, the newly digivolved Digimon will have
    its level reverted back to 1. Many fans have given bad opinions just due to
    2.2. New Features                                              . . . dw4_f_s2.2
    The game is so different from the other previous series. The new features are
    as follow:
    -Play the latest digimons in the TV series like Dorumon, Susanomon and others.
    -A multiplayer game that is up to 4 players on a action and adventure that will
    never end.
    -Featuring a new enhanced battle system, with real-time battle.
    -Unlock special Digivolved Digimon by mastering skills and techniques.
    -Multiple dungeons filled with lots of different monster from your favorite TV
    -Featuring more side quests that will enhance your game and strengthens your
    -Lots of mini-games and puzzles in every dungeon to solve and to advance in the
    -No game over feature!!!
    -Use of weapons.
    -4 different worlds with vast amounts of Digimon enemies.
    -Never-seen-before footage from Digimon X-Evolution!
    2.3. Controls                                                  . . . dw4_f_s2.3
    2.3.1 PS2 Controls                                           . . . dw4_f_s2.3.1
    There are only two sets of controls in the game and it's pretty easy to
    practice and memorize them all. They are the Home Server controls and Battle
    Home Server
    D-pad              - none
    Left Analog Stick  - move
    Right Analog Stick - none
    X button           - talk, examine, check, enter, etc.
    O button           - jump, cancel, quit
    [] button          - none
    /\ button          - none
    R1 button          - none
    R2 button          - none
    L1 button          - none
    L2 button          - none
    START              - open menu
    SELECT             - none
    D-pad              - move the cursor of **mini menus
    Left Analog Stick  - move, walk, run
    Right Analog Stick - none
    X button           - talk, examine, check, enter, attack (hold to perform
                         charge attack), use MP techs***
    O button           - jump, cancel, quit
    [] button          - quick block****
    /\ button          - quick item use
    R1 button          - open MP Tech menu
    R2 button          - open a mini status menu
    L1 button          - open the mini item menu
    L2 button          - none
    START              - open menu
    SELECT             - none
    *To know more about the battle system and controls in Digimon World 4, check
    the Basic Battle System section.
    **Mini Menus- menus that enable you to use items execute mp techs and see
    your current status in an area. Example poison, power up, speed down, etc.
    ***Check the technique section for more details about techniques.
    ****Slam Attack- quickly push the Left Analog Stick after you've blocked to
    use the slam attack. It will push enemies that block your way. It is useful
    when you're surrounded by many enemies.
    Extra Notes: Pressing Start+Select+L1+R1+L2+R2 will restart the game but I've
    not yet verified it.
    2.3.2 GC Controls                                            . . . dw4_f_s2.3.2
    Gamecube controls are around the same as the PS2. Only the buttons involved
    are, obviously, different.
    Home Server
    Control Pad        - move
    Control Stick      - move
    A button           - talk, examine, check, enter, etc.
    B button           - jump, cancel, quit
    C Stick button     - none
    X button           - none
    Y button           - none
    Z button           - none
    R button           - none
    L button           - none
    START/SELECT       - opens menu
    Control Pad        - Mini Menus selection**
    Control Stick      - move - walk, run, menu selection
    A button           - talk, check, enter, attack (hold to perform
                         charge attack), use MP techniques***, go to
                         next page in dialogue
    B button           - cancel, quit, clicking to next page in dialogue, guard
    C Stick button     - Mini Menus selection**
    X button           - Jump
    Y button           - Energency Recovery`
    Z button           - Open/Close Status Effects Window
    R button           - Open/Close Mini Menus
    L button           - Open/Close Mini Menus
    START/SELECT       - opens Status Screen
    *To know more about the battle system and controls in Digimon World 4, check
    the Basic Battle System section.
    **Mini Menus- menus that enable you to use items execute mp techs and see
    your current status in an area. Example poison, power up, speed down, etc.
    ***Check the technique section for more details about techniques.
    ****Slam Attack- quickly push the Left Analog Stick after you've blocked to
    use the slam attack. It will push enemies that block your way. It is useful
    when you're surrounded by many enemies.
    `Emergency Recovery is explaned in Basic Battle System section
    2.4. Status Effects                                            . . . dw4_f_s2.4
    There are so many status effects and illness you will encounter in the game.
    Let's start now so I can finish the guide quickly.
    To view your current status, press R2 button to show the mini status menu.
    Status effect can also be seen by an icon besides your digimon.
    Venom = a crossbone
    Power Up = mark with a pwrup (arrow pointing up) and is colored red
    Power Down = mark with a pwrdwn (arrow pointing down) and is colored yellow
    Speed Down = mark with spddwn or something like that and is colored yellow
    Curse = mark with a skull or sun icon and is colored red
    Faint = stars revolving above the head of the digimon or enemy
    Gradually decreases your life until you die. When this status effect is in your
    Digimon's body, it will eat its life by 3-5% of your life. If you don't use a
    HP Disk or Cure Diskwhile you have this and your life is low, you will be dead
    as it continuously drains your life until you die. It will wear out in just a
    minute. Number 1 in its deadly effect.
    Power Up
    Increases HP and strength during the effect's time. You can also give this
    Effect in your partner/s (2-4 players) when you're near at them.
    Power Down
    Weakens your HP and strength during this effect is present.
    Speed Down
    Slows down your speed. Affecting the haste of your attacks and movements
    while this effect is in you. Your partner/s will never get this effect even
    you and he are stick together. Also enemies can take this; and Veemon is the
    only digimon, as far I as I know, can only learn this mp tech.
    It stops you from moving (though your limbs can still move and can attack). You
    will stay at your current position. Usually, your partner/s will not get this
    stat until an enemy knows this attack. Nevertheless, this stat is a good one
    if you want to constrict powerful enemies. Only available for Dorumon, as far
    as I know.
    Slows down your movement, weakens your attack and evading abilities. Second of
    the worst nightmare in the game. This status is the only thing I hated most
    including the poison. You will always get this effect in the dungeons in Dry
    Land whatever you do.
    Note: It wears of in healing pools.
    This status effect is sometimes tricky and will bring you a damage if you
    don't know that the enemy is undergoing Faint. Stars will start to pop above
    the head of the digimon who's fainted. You will not know the enemy is fainted
    if your not looking for the stars-icon. If you pass through or step above them
    without knowing that they will stand after a second, then you sustain damage.
    You will get fainted only if you get a damage over 15% or so of your life bar
    or HP.
    I will add more in the future! ^_^ As I found more status effects in the game.
    3. Basic Battle System                                           . . . dw4_f_s3
    I know that you know that the Digimon World 4 has a different battle system
    than the other Digimon World 4 had.
    There are several reminders that must be remembered before going into a dungeon
    or outside the home server:
    1. Always bring an HP or MP disk when traveling. This will avoid you getting
    died or repeating the whole place again.
    2. Always remember that when you leave a certain dungeon and returned to the
    Home Server by using a Gate Disk, when you go back to the dungeon, all
    monsters are reset except the trap. Trap can be reset if you die and go back
    on the place where you've died or by finishing a boss and getting back to the
    Main Lobby through the portal next to the room where you've beaten the boss.
    3. Always bring at least 1 Raise Disk and Gate Disk so whenever you're near
    death when surfing in a dungeon, you could always go back. And if you die,
    you could use your Raise Disk to regain your loss money and exp. Remember, if
    you die and reset the game, you lose all the exp and money you gained. But
    perhaps it will never happen, because you will not save your game after all
    because you restart the game.
    4. Attack and run for the first time to avoid yourself digivolving to Deadmon.
    It's not a digivolution; I think you know the meaning of dead. But there's no
    game over feature in this game instead, you will be returned to the Home Server
    and you need to restart again that dungeon because the traps, monsters and
    puzzles are been reset.
    5. This is a real-time battle. The battle system of this game is like the
    system of a basketball game. You have a full control of your digimon while
    you are in the outside world.
    6. Never be surrounded by a large groups of enemies. Try to escape by jumping
    or moving away.
    Okay. You now understand some reminders before going into a dungeon. There's
    also a basic training ready when you go to the Death Valley for the first time.
    To execute an attack, simply tap x button. The attacking power of your digimon
    depends on the mastery level of that technique and strength of your digimon.
    Charge Attack
    To execute a charge attack, hold down x button. Your digimon will stop on his
    position to charge. When charging, a wave like light will surrounds your
    digimon. If it is colored blue, then your digimon is still charging. If it's
    colored orange or something like that, just pull up your finger and your
    digimon will perform the charge attack. Your charge attack will be canceled,
    if you hit or get contact with an enemy while charging; you stop
    holding X button if it doesn't yet colored orange or ready to attack.
    Look, I don't recommend using charge. Why? Because after using it, there is a
    possibility that you will take damage from the enemy. Find it by yourself. Plus
    your WU tech will have a hard time to level up.
    This is due to the fact that you usually touch the enemy after executing the
    charge attack.
    Spin Attack
    Very helpful to attack multiple enemies in a row without sustaining any damage.
    To perfectly done it, you must turn 360 degrees then press X button. Just move
    the Left Analog Stick in a circular way then X button. I like this move! ^_^
    This is a very good way to level up your tech.
    To block, just press Square button. Wait! There is timing when blocking. After
    pressing [] button, your digimon will block but then, the block will be worn
    out in just a mini-seconds. So if you, don't get the timing of block to the
    attack of the enemy, you sustain damage.
    Auto Block
    Your digimon has ability to block attacks even you doesn't press Square. This
    will not work if the attack came from behind or your digimon just block an
    attack and another attack is execute by the enemy. The difference between the
    speed of your digimon and the speed of the enemy determines how well your
    digimon can block the attack.
    Slam Attack
    After blocking, immediately press the Left Analog Stick to where your digimon
    is facing. This will make the enemy to be push, not damaged. This is helpful
    when you're surrounded by multiple enemies.
    Done by pressing O button. This is very helpful when you're avoiding traps,
    pitfalls, evading attacks, escaping enemies and to advance your game.
    Mp Tech Attack
    Press R1 to open the MP tech, and then use the D-Pad to choose whether which
    mp tech will you use. Then press X to execute it. This consumes mp so use it
    wisely. You will know how much mp will the tech consume by a BOLD number under
    the mini menu. Like if you put the cursor in Petty Fire, there will be a Bold
    number 12 below the menu. It denotes that the tech consumes 12 mp.
    Another one is how much mp does your digimon have. It is a minimized number
    under your digimons picture or logo. Another is by a purple bar on the left
    side of the digimons picture.
    If the tech turns black, that means that you lack mp to which the tech needs
    work correctly.
    Taking an item
    Taking an item is a little bit tricky if you are not yet familiar on what type
    of item you're getting. Here's a list of the kind of items and icons you will
    Weapon = a triangle like plate which is colored blue and white
    Armor = looks like a box
    Chips = like a shuriken weapon
    Disks = A pill like object - white and blue
    B. Pack = horizontal rectangular shaped, like your memory card (black)
    Key Chains = just like B. Pack but is shaped like a triangle
    Data = an energy like crystal
    BITS = looks like a gold
    Remember, when picking up weapons, armor, chips, ID Pass and B. Packs, you need
    to press X on the place where they are placed or dropped.
    When picking up Data and BITS, you don't need to press X instead, you just need
    to pass through on them.
    Using Items
    To use an item, press L1 to open the mini Item Menu. You can hold up to 9 items
    of a kind.
    Emergency Recovery
    Uses the most powerful recovery disc in your Item Folder. This option
    is recommended to all gamers for fast healing.
    4. Walkthrough                                                   . . . dw4_f_s4
    Some reminders before reading the walkthrough:
    1. If you don't understand or have a question in some parts of the walkthrough,
    feel free to ask me.
    2. To know the strategies on bosses, head to the Bosses section. All right?
    3. For boss sections, you can use a browse code to go directly to the
       corresponding boss descriptions. (Use Ctrl+F)
    4. If you're unable to find a place in the game, refer to the maps. Also, if
       you don't understand the FAQ (as in where to go or stuff like that), please
       do refer to the maps.
    Okay then, lets go!!!
    4.0. The Beginning                                             . . . dw4_f_s4.0
    Wow, after popping the CD into your PS2, you see a little chip on Digimon
    X-Evolution. Cool, huh?
    Anyway, start the game by creating a Digimon, refer to the Digivolution Guide
    for stats of starters.
    Okay, you will receive a not-so-warm welcome from the digielf. And you'll be
    called! So, proceed to the Commander Room.
    Move up and up. Talk to those Digielf Assistants if you want to know more about
    the game first. Otherwise, go to the top right corner to speak to Seraphimon.
    After much talking, you'll be told to go to Death Valley to investigate a case
    of a missing Leomon. Hence, go back to Terminal Area, save or grab whatever you
    want and step into the Gate to Outside World.
    Once you're there, you'll go through a tutorial. Simply follow what the game
    tells you to do. In any case, if you don't understand the game, refer to the
    Okay, so after completing the tutorial entirely, you can now finally go to
    the outside world! Repeat the tutorial if you want for EXP. But it's not
    4.1. Death Valley                                              . . . dw4_f_s4.1
    ------------------------------GOBLIN PASS--------------------------------------
    Yaay! You're finally in Goblin Pass. Move up, click on the Leomon's Report to
    see what Leomon has to say. Then go across the bridge and brace yourself!
    A bunch of 3 Goburimons will appear! Hack them (or shoot them). Watch your HP
    carefully and run away when needed. Remember to pick up whatever items they
    Now, continue moving along and you'll fight more Goburimons. As always, watch
    your HP carefully and don't get yourself killed.
    Once you come to an intersection, go UP. Find 5 more Gobrimons there and just
    kill them like you did for the rest. Break the boxes (just attack them like
    you do for Gobrimons) and find a few capsules.
    What are they? They're actually Disks. Raise and Gate Disks. Refer to Item
    List for the use of these items.
    Go back down and across the bridge. You will come to another road split.
    You've 2 options, choose to fight stronger Digimon or go for the shrubs.
    If you chose to fight stronger Digimon, choose the right (-->) route. Now
    watch your head because Numemons will drop down from above! Also, there're
    2 purple guns that shoot at you!
    The Numemons are much more tougher than the Goburimons. But if you adapt a
    hit-and-run strategy, you should be able to wipe them out. Now, press START and
    switch your weapon to a gun. Brace youself and go in front of the guns (as in
    a few meters away, don't go too close). And shoot! You should destroy both
    of them if you aim properly.
    Now you'll find another road split. Right up is a weird thingie with 4 circles
    that are red in colour and a fortress. That one is the Goblin Fortress, leave
    that one for a while and move left and UP (<--). You should find 3 cannons
    shooting Numemons! O_o. Destroy them.
    Okay, backtrack to the road split. So, if you chose the tackle those
    shrubs, simply do a charge attack and break everything. You will then come
    across a few more Goburimons. Defeat them and move across the bridge.
    Now, beware! There's an Ogremon and its really tough. Stay away from it until
    you've finished the rest of the Goburimons off. Then attack it cautiously!
    (You won't want it to hit you) After exterminating it, break the boxes and
    switch on the console. (Just stand close and press X) Something will happen,
    but you won't know what. :P
    Anyway, now go back across the bridge and find yourself blocked by a rock.
    Also, some Numemons may appear, so get rid of them first. Anyway, destroy the
    rock and watch out! There're traps! Bombs are dropping onto you. Simply walk
    below it and walk back to let it fall down. Well, it wasn't that hard, isn't
    After 2 rounds of traps, you'll come to another road split. Choose the left
    path and find more Goburimons. Destroy them and continue your way. Okay, you
    should find an entrance to something, but ignore that for a minute. Instead,
    continue moving along the path to find more Gobrimons and a blue portal thingy.
    That is called an Emergency Portal. By using a Gate Disk when standing on the
    portal, you will teleport back to Terminal Area. Furthermore, the Emergency
    Gate will allow you to go back to that repective portal once!
    So, use a Gate Disk to go back to heal, stock up of Heal Disks or call a
    friend. Then go back through the Emergency Gate. Now, head back to the
    entrance you saw earlier along the same path. Head inside.
    ------------------------------HUMID CAVE--------------------------------------
    Woooo! How humid can this dungeon be? I can't see any relation to humidity
    anyway. So, head up and along the dungeon. As I cannot give you a detailed
    walkthrough for this part as I currently don't have the map, I can only
    provide you with a few hints:
    1. Walk around, shoot walls when necessary (when you're stuck in a room)
    2. Always remember to kill ALL enemies in the dungeon for experience
    3. Find the blue electric thingy on the floor, that's a map of the dungeon.
    4. Use the Emergency Portals when necessary. Always do that when you're out
    of HP Disks.
    5. Remember to use HP Disk frequently.
    6. Run when necessary. (When HP is low)
    7. If you die, don't forget to regain your EXP/BITS with a Raise Disk. (Use
    the Raise Disk next to your Life Diamon)
    8. Remember to use healing pools when you see one.
    That's all I can say. Now for information of enemies and boss:
    * Boss: Blossomon *
    Refer to boss section - dhv_blo
    After exterminating the boss, step into the bluish funny-looking portal and
    return to Terminal Area.
    -----------------------------TERMINAL AREA-------------------------------------
    Rest, stock up and heal. Sell weapons that you already have or copies of it.
    Gain money and try to donate to MetalEtemon for his Junk Shop. Save and
    get ready. You may want to get a soda or something because here I come!
    Step into the Gate to Outside World and brace yourself!!!
    ------------------------------GOBLIN PASS--------------------------------------
    Follow my previous instructions if you forgot, otherwise, proceed to the Blue
    Emergency Portal.
    Now continue along the path and when you're at the road split, just continue
    moving along.
    You should come across a large "wall" of rocks and shrubs. You should be able
    to destroy all of them. And find 3 more Goburimons. Kill them and proceed
    left (<--). Go to Abyss of Grief.
    ------------------------------ABYSS OF GRIEF-----------------------------------
    Welcome to a brand new area! Now, proceed up and DO NOT TURN RIGHT. Ignore
    that for a moment. (BTW, if you did, prepare youself for a horrible, barrel
    crushing death)
    Anyway, continue the path to find more enemies. Scrap them off quickly. You
    will find more Ogremons so shoot them from far if possible.
    Now, move along the path as you go, until you find a bridge at a road split.
    Take the path across the bridge. BEWARE. Crowned enemies sometimes appear
    at the other end of the bridge. So if you do see one, run away as fast
    as possible (Or attack from far, it has high attack stats!)
    Now continue along the curve, until you find another entrance, looks spooky
    Proceed inside OR go along the path until the end for more enemies. You may
    also want to proceed across another bridge and find a few more boxes.
    Refer to my map if you're mixed up.
    ------------------------------CLIFF DUNGEON------------------------------------
    More enemies, more dungeons. Okay same tips as the ones in "Humid Cave" so
    nothing much here, same as usual. Break more boxes though. There're a few
    rarer items in here. ;)
    * Boss: Mammothmon *
    Refer to boss section - dhv_mam
    Killing of the boss can be quite difficult so heal when necessary!
    Receive your reward by breaking the boxes and return to Terminal Area.
    -----------------------------TERMINAL AREA-------------------------------------
    Sleep, heal, stock up, buy new weapons. Do whatever you should. Save (you
    must!) and sell all unwanted weapons for cash.
    Prepare for a huge battle!
    ------------------------------GOBLIN PASS--------------------------------------
    Okay, now step into the Outside World and return to the place where you found
    those Numemon Cannons (refer to my previous part). Then, proceed to
    the part which there are 4 round yellow thingys on the ground. Now, stand on
    the circular thingy and press X. Ta Da! The door opens. You will do the same
    for all the round thingys which you'll see later on. (By the way, they're
    called Key Holes..) Go into Goblin Fortress
    ----------------------------GOBLIN FORTRESS------------------------------------
    This part has a little minor, VERY VERY minor error. The place is s'posed to be
    called Goblin Fortress. But in the loading screen, it's named "Fortress".
    Weird huh?
    Okay, you'll find yourself in a large room. Beat up those Goburimons. They're
    quite tough, so switch to far-ranged when needed.
    Then, go to one of the rooms at the TOP or BOTTOM of the screen.
    The room at the TOP has numerous Goburimons coming out from HOLES! So shoot
    them before they can even come in and touch it. This isn't THAT difficult.
    The room at the LOWER screen has boxes. Beware though, one of them, once
    broken will show a GOBURIMON SIGN. I will still recommend you to break
    every single box though, for experience points.
    Okay, grab your stuff and go back to the room which you come from. You will
    find more Goburimons as a result of that GOBURIMON SIGN. Finish them off and
    enter the next area....
    ----------------------------GOBLIN FORTRESS------------------------------------
    Yup, Circular Room. You will go around and around, like a spiral. So, simply
    walk up defeat those Goburimons when they pop up and break huge boxes (In which
    one of them has a GOBURIMON SIGN). I will not elaborate further on this...
    Okay, once you come to a road split, remember the door at the upper screen.
    Instead, continue moving along the path (Beware, narrow paths ahead! Don't
    fall!). And find a second room. Enter that one.
    ----------------------------GOBLIN FORTRESS------------------------------------
    Hmmm... This room looks like the first one doesn't it? It is actually one of
    the most popular training areas. Okay, do the same here as for the first room
    in Goblin Fortress (But there isn't any boxes with the GOBURIMON SIGN though).
    And enter through the door that has opened.
    Weird. VERY WEIRD. You will find yourself at a place called POWER PLANT, which
    many gamers have asked, "How do I get down?". The answer is YOU CAN'T GET DOWN.
    Bandai has made Geography very difficult for us as I have NO IDEA how can the
    fortress be linked to Power Plant. Hmm, weird. Anyway, still, break the boxes
    hidden on the left (<--) of the door.
    Return to the previous room. You will find those Goburimons respawned. I think
    you'll understand why this is a good training area now?
    Go back to the long corridor.
    ----------------------------GOBLIN FORTRESS------------------------------------
    Remember the first door you see as you walk along the corridor to the previous
    room? Yeaup, go back there and enter X DIGIMON LAB
    ------------------------------X DIGIMON LAB------------------------------------
    Yaay. Nothing is in here!
    Who says. You'll need to press the switch on the machine on your left (<--)
    when you enter. Then, there's something...
    * Boss: Mecha Rouge X*
    refer to boss section - dhv_mrX
    After the boss has been eradicated, proceed forward to find Leomon, dazed
    and puzzled. You'll be teleported directly to the Commander Room.
    --------------------------------HOME SERVER-----------------------------------
    Listen to what Orphanimon has to say. And get the Boat Key.
    Now, go back to Terminal Area, stock up, save, recover, heal, get a soda and
    remember to get a far-ranged weapon!
    ------------------------------GOBLIN PASS--------------------------------------
    Yeaup, head to Abyss of Grief immediately. I don't think there's a need for be
    to explain this part now?
    ------------------------------ABYSS OF GRIEF-----------------------------------
    Right, now remember the area which I cordoned off the previous part? It's
    right (-->) of the entrance. Go there and BEWARE!!
    Rolling Barrels! Try to jump over them as you walk up to slope. Once you see
    the barrel launchers, destroy them and 3 other Goburimons.
    Now, see the LEDGE.... DON'T FALL! You're s'posed to jump across little steps
    to get to the other side. But be very careful, if you fall... well, you will
    end up at the higher part of the previous slope with 1HP left. (Painful huh?)
    Okay, go to the other side, kill more Goburimons and find a little enclosed
    area. Yeaup, you'll fight Blossomon again (and every other time you pass by
    here - stupid feature..) So I don't think there should be any problems now...
    * Mini Boss: Blossomon *
    Refer to boss section - dhv_blo
    Alrighty, defeat Blossomon and continue your way. Now, you should find a boat.
    Stand on it and you can now ride the boat!
    ------------------------------NUMENUME RIVER-----------------------------------
    Yeaup, you guessed it. The river is FULL of Numemons.
    You will first see some instructions on your screen before the boatride.
    Watch them carefully since it's your first time. Use your far-ranged weapon
    I asked you to get earlier on and start shooting!!
    Don't worry, you're not going to kill ALL the Numemons here. But your primary
    goal is to rescue all the Digielfs! Once a Digielf is rescued, it's rescued
    forever, so need not worry if you cannot save them all in one shot.
    Each Nume Cage need 5 hits to break, so time your shots carefully and after
    1-2 tries, you should be able to get all of them. ;)
    --------------------------------DOOM DOME--------------------------------------
    Some people mistake this area as "The Area Outside Doom Dome", but
    nevertheless, just take it as "Doom Dome"
    Now, you'll see a little description on Kokatorimons in the area. They can
    confuse you, so try to defeat them as fast as possible. This area isn't too
    big, so just proceed up after getting off the boat (Read Leomon's report if
    you want) and fight some enemies. Break the boxes, destroy the blockers and
    find a few Kokatorimons waiting. Attack from far and you should be fine.
    Now, you will see the familiar four Key Holes. Don't touch them yet, instead
    continue along the path and destroy the shurbs. You should find an Emergency
    Portal and 3 other Goburimons. Yeaup, use it it you want.
    Now, go back to the Key Holes and enter the Dome....
    ---------------------------------DOME BASE-------------------------------------
    Mecha Rouge 01
    This is the first time you will meet Mecha Rouge 01s (Bat-little thingys that
    look like DemiDevimons). Don't worry, they're quite simple.
    Now, the dungeon (or base) is quite big so remember to get the map ASAP! Also,
    the boxes here have better weapons. (And if you bring a Rack Board, you might
    find really cool weapons!) Anyway, if you're lost, look at the map, or
    backtrack and check if you've missed any exits/entrances/rooms
    Okay, the boss here is at a different area, so if you've noticed there's a red
    portal that brings you there...
    Also, Pharoahmon here maybe quite a pain. Try to avoid their attacks.
    TIP: They tend to aim before they attack, so you will have some time to move
    away from its attack area. ;)
    TIP: In the room where you find the GREEN healing pool, the north of it is a
    breakable wall. Break it to get back... well, to a previous treasure room...
    Anyways, disarm all the traps and defeat ALL enemies for EXP before heading
    to the boss.
    ------------------------------APOKARIMON SPACE---------------------------------
    Yaaay, we're battling on Apokarimon himself! Beware, though, you MAY fall
    off and into space... (Do you? I've never tried... =D)
    * Boss: Apokarimon *
    Refer to Boss section - <dhv_apo>
    Okay, after the inner body dies, go around to open the boxes and get treasure!
    After that, step into the familiar blue portal and return to Terminal Area.
    --------------------------------HOME SERVER-----------------------------------
    Yeaup, you guessed it, it's another talk with Orphanimon. Listen to what
    the Boss has to say and BEEEP! BEEEP! The Emergency System sounds!
    The music changes to an exciting tempo and you can take the time to sell
    your stuff, heal, buy stuff, save, open boosters etc etc.
    Now, go to Central Area and the northern extension with many digielfs.
    Go to the right (-->) end and you should find a system lighted up red. Click
    it and you've turned it on.
    Okay, if you talk to several Digimon, they will tell you that another gate is
    opened. (It's not the Gate to Outside World, so don't bother). Go to
    where MetalEtemon (Shop Area) is and find a white door. Press it
    to open and proceed through it and find a portal and a digielf. The digielf will
    tell you to step into it quickly and do it...
    Okay, you're back at Central Area, but in Emergency Area. Switch on all the
    systems, starting from the top, then bottom and finally the left.
    Then, you will see Seraphimon being released. You will go back to Commander
    Room. Seraphimon will talk to you, then to Orphanimon and finally Seraphimon
    again. Your next destination is DRY LAND!!
    Now, save again, heal, get ready, or if you want, do a few quests.
    Brace yourself and go to Dry Land!!
    4.2. Dry Land                                                  . . . dw4_f_s4.2
    ... to be continued...
    4.3. Venom Jungle                                              . . . dw4_f_s4.3
    4.4. Machine Pit                                               . . . dw4_f_s4.4
    5. Digivolution FAQ                                              . . . dw4_f_s5
    Note that all digivolution here can only be obtained through side quests,
    except when you get to Level 16. That is where your digimon gets its special
    digivolution. Check the side quests section to know how to start the side
    quests available in the game.
    I've also included their skills and abilities in the game. Thank you very much,
    HellToursGuide for the digivolution guide!!! ^_^
    I found out that this FAQ is directly from KusanagiBlade's Evo FAQ, so I'm
    saying sorry for KusanagiBlade and for HellToursGuide, don't copy anyones work
    without crediting them and saying that you did it on your own. By the way, all
    of this things is not from KusanagiBlade's Evo FAQ but ALMOST all of them came
    from my own sweat and blood.
    5.1. Guilmon                                                   . . . dw4_f_s5.1
    Description  : A red dinosaur like digimon who likes to fight and stealing
    things. But from his behavior, he loves his mother land, I mean Digimon World
    and will protect it with his life.
    Hit Points   : 150
    Magic Points : 80
    Strength     : 55
    Defense      : 120
    Spirit       : 65
    Wisdom       : 70
    Speed        : 60
    Data         : 0
    Tech Specialist: Stab tech
    MP Techs: Fire, Dark, Bomb, Heal Light, Power Up, Power Down
    Signature Weapon: Data Destroyer
    ~Normal Mode~
    1.Hercules Kabuterimon X: Kill all 279 monsters in Undead Yard.
    2.Wargreymon X: Clear Item Road.
    ~Hard mode~
    1.Weregarurumon X: Kill all 302 monsters in Undead Yard.
    2.Alphamon: Clear Item Road.
    3.Metal Garurumon X: Bring back Sword Cannon Delta in Item Retrieve sidequest.
    4.Beezlemon X: Clear the Card Retrieve side quest with 1 HP remaining.
    5.Clavis Angelmon: Finish Seal the Souls side quest with 10 minutes remaining.
    6.Black Wargreymon X: Finish the final side quest.
    ~Super Hard Mode~
    1.Gallantmon CM: Clear Item Retrieve by bringing back Blast Gun Gamma.
    2.Imperialdramon PM: Finish the final side quest.
    3.Imperialdramon FM: Clear the Card Retrieve side quest with 1 HP remaining.
    4.Susanomon: Finish the quest Seal the Souls with more than 10 minutes left,
                 sacrificing a Defense Rom Delta
    1.Agumon: Obtain this digivolve ability at level 16 when you speak with
              DigiLab attendant.
    5.2. Agumon                                                    . . . dw4_f_s5.2
    Description  : A very aggressive and powerful digimon. Despite being weak from
    the start, but as you progress, he will be your powerhouse and ready to bump a
    battalion of bad digimons.
    Hit Points   : 180
    Magic Points : 50
    Strength     : 70
    Defense      : 115
    Spirit       : 60
    Wisdom       : 55
    Speed        : 65
    Data         : 0
    Tech Specialist: Blunt tech
    MP Techs: Fire, Cutter, Bomb, Heal Light, Resist,
    Signature Weapon: Judgement
    ~Normal Mode~
    1.Wargreymon X: Kill all 279 monsters in Undead Yard.
    2.Hercules Kabuterimon X: Clear Item Road.
    ~Hard mode~
    1.Clavis Angelmon: Kill all 302 monsters in Undead Yard.
    2.Beezlemon X: Clear Item Road.
    3.Metal Garurumon X: Bring back Sword Cannon Delta in Item Retrieve sidequest.
    4.Alphamon: Clear the Card Retrieve side quest with 1 HP remaining.
    5.Weregarurumon X: Finish Seal the Souls side quest with 10 minutes remaining.
    6.Black Wargreymon X: Finish the final side quest.
    ~Super Hard Mode~
    1.Gallantmon CM: Clear Item Retrieve by bring back Blast Gun Gamma.
    2.Imperialdramon PM: Finish the final side quest.
    3.Imperialdramon FM: Clear the Card Retrieve side quest with 1 HP remaining.
    4.Susanomon: Finish the quest Seal the Souls with more than 10 minutes left,
                 sacrificing a Defense Rom Delta
    1.Dorumon: Obtain this digivolve ability at level 16 when you speak with
               DigiLab attendant.
    5.3. Dorumon                                                   . . . dw4_f_s5.3
    Description  : A swift and good digimon. He has a high spirit and HP. A good
    choice for beginners.
    Hit Points   : 170
    Magic Points : 60
    Strength     : 65
    Defense      : 110
    Spirit       : 70
    Wisdom       : 60
    Speed        : 55
    Data         : 0
    WU Tech Specialist: Bash tech
    MP Techs: Ice, Dark, Venom, Heal Light, Freeze, Bind
    Signature Weapon: Hyakki Yako
    ~Normal Mode~
    1.Weregarurumon X: Kill all 279 monsters in Undead Yard.
    2.Clavis Angemon: Clear Item Road.
    ~Hard mode~
    1.Hercules Kabuterimon X: Kill all 302 monsters in Undead Yard.
    2.Beezlemon X: Clear Item Road.
    3.Alphamon: Bring back Sword Cannon Delta in Item Retrieve sidequest.
    4.Metal Garurumon X: Clear the Card Retrieve side quest with 1 HP remaining.
    5.Wargreymon X: Finish Seal the Souls side quest with 10 minutes remaining
    6.Black Wargreymon X: Finish the final side quest.
    ~Super Hard Mode~
    1.Gallantmon CM: Clear Item Retrieve by bring back Blast Gun Gamma.
    2.Imperialdramon PM: Finish the final side quest.
    3.Imperialdramon FM: Clear the Card Retrieve side quest with 1 HP remaining.
    4.Susanomon: Finish the quest Card Retrieve with 1 HP left.
    1.Veemon: Obtain this digivolve ability at level 16 when you speak with
              DigiLab attendant.
    5.4. Veemon                                                    . . . dw4_f_s5.4
    Description  : A very fast, cute and adorable digimon. Has a high amount of mp
    and also a candidate for digimon magicians.
    Hit Points   : 160
    Magic Points : 70
    Strength     : 60
    Defense      : 115
    Spirit       : 55
    Wisdom       : 65
    Speed        : 70
    Data         : 0
    WU Tech Specialist: Slash tech
    MP Techs: Bolt, Impact, Heal Light, Bind, Freeze, Resist
    Signature Weapon: Light Bringer
    ~Normal Mode~
    1.Clavis Angelmon: Kill all 279 monsters in Undead Yard.
    2.Weregarurumon X: Clear Item Road.
    ~Hard mode~
    1.Wargreymon X: Kill all 302 monsters in Undead Yard.
    2.Metal Garurumon X: Clear Item Road.
    3.Alphamon: Bring back Sword Cannon Delta in Item Retrieve sidequest.
    4.Beezlemon X: Clear the Card Retrieve side quest with 1 HP remaining.
    5.Hercules Kabuterimon X: Finish Seal the Souls side quest with 10 minutes
    6.Black Wargreymon X: Finish the final side quest.
    ~Super Hard Mode~
    1.Gallantmon CM: Clear Item Retrieve by bring back Blast Gun Gamma.
    2.Imperialdramon PM: Finish the final side quest.
    3.Susanomon: Clear the Card Retrieve side quest with 1 HP remaining.
    4.Imperialdramon FM: Finish Seal the Souls side quest with 10 minutes remaining
                         and sacrificing Defense Rom Delta.
    1.Guilmon: Obtain this digivolve ability at level 16 when you speak with
               DigiLab attendant.
    Tip: You can actually get all the digivolutions in this game, even the other
    3 starters.
    6. Side Quests                                                   . . . dw4_f_s6
    In order to get all 10 side quests, you need to rescue the 10 digi-elves in
    Numenume River. If you don't succeed getting all in the first time, you could
    always repeat it. You can use short-range weapon here but you will not hit the
    Numemon cages. So always bring a long-range weapons like Shot Pistol or use
    your mp tech instead.
    There are something to be remember before rescuing the digi-elves:
    1. You cannot recover your hp during the rescue mission. But instead, the boat
    take all the damage you get through the mission.
    2. You cannot recover your MP or HP until the boat journey end.
    3. If the boat is destroyed, you will restart the quest.
    4. As long as you rescue a digi-elf, it is saved forever and will never gone
    hence will never need to be rescued again (unless you don't save and turn off
    5. Just target the Missile Launchers, Numemon scattered around the area and the
    Numemon cages.
    6. When you reach the place where there is a gate. Keep shooting it to avoid
    taking damage. When you pass through it, shoot all the towers. 2 times for the
    small ones and 3 times on the big 2 towers. If you don't do it, a bomb will
    fall on your boat and you will start again the side quest.
    Check the map section to find some maps that will ease your play through this
    side quests. There is also a explanation in the game before you start the
    Each side quests will have a note so you will know some exceptions and some
    reminders to understand and remember.
    <Locations of digielves can be referred to squirtle304's Digielf Locations Map>
    1.Undead Yard
    -Digi-elf Location: Northeast corner in Terminal Area
    Normal Mode- Have at least 2 digivolutions.
    Hard Mode- Have at least 5 digivolutions.
    Super Hard Mode- Have at least 8 digivolutions
    Normal Mode- Eliminate all 279 digimons within 30 minutes.
    (156-1st floor, 123-2nd floor)
    Hard Mode- Eliminate all 302 digimons within 40 minutes.
    (157-1st floor, 145-2nd floor)
    Super Hard Mode- Eliminate all 302 digimons within 50 minutes.
    -Note: Check the maps section for a complete description of this side quest
    from 1F to 2F. Don't destroy the tower in the 2F where the Mummymons are coming
    from. Don't jump yet on the ledge after the area where you fight bunch of Mecha
    2.Card Retrieve
    -Digi-elf Location: North of the Card Keeper. The upper-right one.
    Normal Mode - 25 kinds of cards
    Hard Mode - 30 kinds of cards
    Super Hard Mode - 45 kinds of cards
    All Modes- Defeat Scorpiomon and bring back Booster Pack to the digielf.
    -Note: When you begin this side quest, you will be told that you cannot use gate
    disks and that you CANNOT recover either HP or MP.
    3.Barbarian Cave
    -Digi-elf Location: Northeast corner in Terminal Area
    -Requirements: Just talk to that digi-elf.
    All Modes- Defeat Mammothmon.
    -Note: Time doesn't matter. It just affects on what bits and item the team
    leader or members will get. You just need to kill Mammothmon. Use the same
    tactics on him just like in the Death Valley. But beware, he is more powerful
    and deadly now.
    4.Item Retrieve
    -Digi-elf Location: North of Card Keeper. Upper-left one.
    -Requirements: Start any other side quest. Then talk to this digi-elf to start
    the sidequest.
    All Modes- Bring back an item that the digi-elf is interested in, you don't
    have to give that item to him.
    -Note: A way to cheat is to bring the item along with you before starting the
    quest. Therefore, after going through the dungeon, simply show the digielf that
    5.Item Road
    -Digi-elf Location: North of the Card Keeper.
    -Requirements: Beat the game entirely and select CONTINUE after the credits
    All modes- Just beat the boss. No need to worry about the number of
    treasures you find.
    -Note: Proceed to the Battle Arena, Machine Pit. Look around and you will find a
    new dungeon being opened. You should find out that Item Road has been opened.
    6.Item Trading
    -Digi-elf Location: North of the Card Keeper.
    Normal Mode- Trade with PrinceMamemon at least 5 times
    Hard/Super Hard Mode - Trade with PrinceMamemon at least 8 times
    All Modes- Simply try to trade with a lot of digimon in the Trading Hall and
    satisfying as many digimon as possible.
    -Note: Check the map section to find out which digimons to trade with. Also note
    that the specialised weapons are found here.
    7.Seal the Souls
    -Digi-elf Location: Northeast corner in Terminal Area
    -Requirements: Defeat MaloMyotismon and talk to that digielf ALONE.
    All modes- Place the item on the machine then escape the dungeon within 15
    minutes. But in order to get the digivolution, you must escape the dungeon with
    a 10 minutes remaining.
    -Note: Make an imaginary map in your mind of what routes you've been run
    through. Find the easiest route to find the exit. You need to face 8 monsters
    in order to flee. 6 in the first time then 2 near the read door, which leads
    to the exit. It composed of only 2 floors so it shouldn't be a problem.
    8.Summoning of Gekomon
    Digi-elf Location: Opposite of the Armory Shop
    -Requirements: Speak to the Digielf once, then proceed to Mangrove Forest. And
                   find the big, brown door opened.
    All Modes- Defeat all digimons being summoned by Gekomon before the time runs
    out. Time runs out when the green clock in the middle turns completely red.
    You must defeat about 4-8 Otamamon, 4 Gekomon, and 1 ShogunGekomon.
    -Note: You must defeat this side quest 3 times in order to successfully
    complete this side quest.
    9.Legendary Arena
    -Digi-elf Location: Opposite the Data Keeper
    -Requirements: Speak to the digielf once, then proceed to Dry Land and find the
    All modes- Simply press both switches in Mummy Desert and Grief Wasteland.
    One is near on the entrance to Grief Wasteland and the other one is on the
    ledge of Grief Wasteland. You should hear a sound of something being lowered
    after switching both switches. Then proceed to an area near the exit of Grief
    Wasteland and you should find a platform being lowered. Drop down to begin the
    Defeat SkullGreymon with a bunch of Mummymon on by his side.
    -Note: You must defeat SkullGreymon 3 times to completely finish this side
    If you didn't talk to the digielf before going to Dry Land, you will fight
    Arukenimons instead of SkullGreymon. So beware.
    10.Wormhole Dungeon/Wamu Platform
    -Digi-elf Location: North of the Card Keeper.
    -Requirements: Complete all 9 other side quests.
    -Objectives: Beat the boss.
    -Note: This quest is quite difficult. Just focus on going through the dungeon
    and fight enemies.
    7. Bosses                                                        . . . dw4_f_s7
    Note: Just remember the basics of the game and it will come good. Check.
    (Humid Cave, Death Valley) (Blossomon)
    Name: Blossomon
    Type: Grass
    Weakness: Fire
    HP: Approx. 250
    Recommended Weapon Type: Guns/Fire MP Techniques
    Recommended Level: 3 - 5
    Attacks: Spinning Flower --> Spins around, has spikes on its body. If you are
                                 close to it when it's spinning. Its spikes will
                                 knock you back and damage you.
             Flowery Scratch --> Does a minor scratch with its claws
             Harmful Skin --> Touch it to do damage.
    Mharbenedict34's Words: Well, this is not a hard fight because it is the first
                            boss in the game. When it falls down, there is a big
                            chance that it will use Spinning Flower while waking
                            up so just don't get near on it when it falls down.
    Squirtle304's Words: Well, Blossomon is prone to far-ranged attacks. Hence
                         just keeping shooting it from far and it won't do
                         anything to counter it.
    Difficulty: 1 / 5
    (Cliff Dungeon, Death Valley) (Mammothmon)
    Name: Mammothmon
    Type: Ice
    Weakness: Fire
    HP: Approx. 300
    Recommended Weapon Type: Guns/Fire MP Techniques
    Recommended Level: 5 - 7
    Attacks: Tusk Ram --> Rams you with its body. Gets stuck after that though.
                          You will be knocked back and does major damage.
             Ice Breath --> Releases an icy cold breath. Minor Damage.
             Harmful Skin --> Touch it to do damage.
    Mharbenedict34's Words: Just avoid its ram when the battle just begins. It
                            sometimes instant kill you so watch out. After every
                            ram, just shoot on him with WU Gun or mp techs. Don't
                            get near him or he will use Ice Breath. Remember that
                            when it rams, it goes straight where you're last
    Squirtle304's Words: Mammothmon may seem "fragile", but it's definitely no
                         pushover. At the start of the battle, it will ram you
                         immediately. Run away immediately when the battle starts.
                         However, it gets stuck in the wall after ramming, so take
                         that opportunity to attack it!
    Difficulty: 1.5 / 5
    (X Digimon Lab, Death Valley) (Mecha Rouge X)
    Name: Mecha Rouge X
    Type: Unknown
    Weakness: Dark
    HP: Approx. 350
    Recommended Weapon Type: Guns/Fire MP Techniques
    Recommended Level: 8 - 10
    Attacks: Power Beam --> Shoots a ray of power beam
             Swift Swipe --> Flies around and swipes at you.
             Harmful Skin --> Touch it to do damage.
    Mharbenedict34's Words: Just keep following him until he flies on a corner.
                            This is your chance to keep pummeling at him until he
                            dies in no time.
    Squirtle304's Words: One of the difficult bosses at the beginning! A good
                         strategy is to run up and slash/hack it like you've never
                         done before! (Of course, that's when it cannot attack)
    Difficulty: 2 / 5 (squirtle304), 1 / 5 (mharbenedict34)
    (Dome Base, Death Valley) (Apokarimon)
    Name: Apokarimon
    Type: Dark
    Weakness: Dark
    HP: Approx. 400
    Recommended Weapon Type: Melee
    Recommened Level: 13 - 15
    Attacks: <before Life Shield removed>
             Mechanical Claws --> Releases 5-6 small mechanical claws. They may
                                  move around sometimes.
             Icy Wind --> Does Ice damage and tries to push you back.
             Meteory Fire --> Releases a rain of fireballs. Watch out!
             Life Shield --> If you bump into its life shield, it will knock you
                             back and do damage.
             <after Life Shield removed>
             Blue Force --> Powers a blue blast to the ground. Spreads to different
             Venomous Skin --> Touch its body and do damage
    Mharbenedict34's Words: Just like what Squirtle said below, destroy the 6
                            spiked balls first or else you take damage. Just keep
                            your life on the top to avoid getting killed. If your
                            HP gets 1/2 or 2/3, use a healing tech or item.
    Squirtle304's Words: Remember to remove ALL of 6 spiked balls before attempting
                         to move up to attack it! You will be knocked back by its
                         Life Shield. When it's Life Shield is removed, jump up
                         and begin to attack it. I will recommend fast-moving
                         weapons. Remember, don't let it get a chance to attack
                         you. This is one of the most difficult boss in the whole
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    (Sand Labyrinth, Dry Land) (SkullGreymon)
    Name: SkullGreymon
    Type: Dark + Fire
    Weakness: Dark + Ice
    HP: Approx. 500
    Recommended Weapon Type: Melee + Gun
    Recommened Level: 14 - 15
    Attacks: Dark Shot --> Shoots trailing missles at you. Attack it to destroy
             Blaze Breath --> Releases a hot fire breath.
             Boney Skeleton --> Go too close, touch it and be damaged.
    Mharbenedict34's Words: Just keep attacking on him and he will die. Try using
                            fast melee weapons and after that, he will not able to
                            attack you.
    Squirtle304's Words: Nope, this is not a difficult one. I will recommend the
                         use of Ice MP Techniques as it is the most effective
                         against it. You can attack it close with melee attacks to
                         stop it from attacking, or shoot it from far to reduce
                         the chances of getting it. No matter which method you
                         choose, it shouldn't be a problem.
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    (Ancient Ruins, Dry Land) (Scorpiomon)
    Name: Scorpiomon
    Type: Lightning
    Weakness: ??
    HP: Approx. 500
    Recommended Weapon Type: Melee
    Recommened Level: 14 - 15
    Attacks: Thunder Blast --> Shoots a bolt at you.
             Iron Tail --> Whips its tail.
             Scaled Skin --> Rough surfaces are very easy to be damaged.
    Mharbenedict34's Words: LIKE what is below, just attack him.
    Squirtle304's Words: It's really simple. All you need to do is to whack it
                         with your melee weapons. It cannot attack and it will be
                         finished in no time.
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    (Virus Lab, Station X, Dry Land) (MaloMyotismon)
    Name: MaloMyotismon
    Type: Dark
    Weakness: Ice
    HP: Approx. 550
    Recommended Weapon Type: Melee
    Recommened Level: 14 - 17
    Attacks: Vertical Distance --> Flies up high.
             Thunder Balls --> Shoots a thunder ball at you while flying.
             Mega Shockwave --> Lands and sends a shockwave.
             Power Beam --> Shoots 2 concentrated power beams.
             Dreadful Skin --> Touch the skin with dark aura...
    Squirtle304's Words: A pushover, literally. No big boss. Simply wait for it
                         to fly and avoid its landing attacks. (Using block if you
                         time well or stand close to it) Then hack it with melee.
                         It should die fast.
    HINT: Use Petty Bind on it to refrain it from flying!
    Difficulty: 1.5 / 5
    (Geko Path, Venom Jungle) (ShogunGekomon)
    Name: ShogunGekomon
    Type: Ice
    Weakness: Fire
    HP: Approx. 450
    Recommended Weapon Type: Melee
    Recommened Level: 11 - 13
    Attacks: BounceBoing --> Bounces itself.
             Heavy Wave --> Lands and sends a shockwave.
             Hyponetic Punch --> Makes all enemies asleep in attack range.
             Slow Swipe --> Swipes with claw, slow movement.
             Slimy Skin --> Ewww, dangerous slime frog skin.
    Squirtle304's Words: Arghh! A dumb piece of frog! (No wonder it gives so little
                         EXP points!) It bounces, hypnotises and swipes. All this
                         will take about 30 seconds. Nothing much to say about
                         this guy! Get close to it and don't get hypnotised. Then
                         hack it!
    Difficulty: 0.5 / 5
    8. Game Tips                                                     . . . dw4_f_s8
    Because DW4 is really a big world, there are so many things to be remembered.
    Some maybe hard but as you progress, you will get a ride on it.
    1. Always remember in beginning of the game, attack and evade. This is a good
    strategy to avoid getting killed in the beginning of the game where your
    digimon is still weak.
    2. Save often. If you've made lots a level up and items there and here, try
    saving at least once in a while. There is a great chance that you will lose
    all your progress in the game in an instance. Example, you've got a rare item
    then suddenly, it brownouts.
    3. If an enemy killed you will not get game over instead, you will be returned
    at the Home Server. Remember, try saving at least one Raise Disk and Gate Disk
    when traveling through a dungeon. If you got killed when your level is 3 and
    above, all the exp and money that you've got will return to the zero and you
    need to kill enemies and gain some money again, unless you use a Raise Disk in
    the place where you've died.
    4. After getting the 2 ID Pass in the Death Valley, Goblin Fortress is now
    accessible. Try defeating all Goburimons inside to level up and master your
    techniques easily and faster. Go back and kill until you get your desired
    5. If you've already opened the Dry Land, there would be a Control Monolith.
    There are scorpions (Mecha Rouge 02) re-spawning there that gives about 60 exp
    each time you kill one (Normal Mode).
    They're easy to kill and you will gain enough exp to level up and improve your
    skills. Don't destroy the black tower as it will self-destruct after 200
    scorpions have been re-spawned. Be careful, they spit poisonous liquids from
    their stings, so you may be poisoned.
    6. There is also the Mummymons. In the dungeons in the Dry Lands, there would
    be a place of infinite Mummymon unless you destroy a hidden tower somewhere in
    a room connected on the room where the Mummymons are.
    7. Leveling up your Force, Blast and Heal tech easily. To level it up in a
    jiffy, find a purple portal or an mp portal inside a dungeon, find a partner
    a) For the Force tech, just keep using it on yourself or on the 2nd player. If
    you run out of mp, just step on the purple mp to restore your mp. Then continue
    using it to level up your force tech easily.
    Note: The raising of Force tech depends on how many enemies you can use it on
    in one attack.
    b) For the Heal tech, keep using it on either yourself on onto the second
    player then just refill your mp on the purple portal if you run out of it.
    Note: The raising of Heal tech depends on how many times you use it.
    c) For the Blast tech, just find a place where there are infinite enemies then
    keep shooting on them. If your mp reaches zero, you know what to do. I didn't
    yet confirm if it necessary to hit an enemy before a Blast tech level ups.
    Note: The raising of Blast tech depends on how much times a particular enemy
    is hit.
    8. You can only use an item in the mini menu. Check the controls section.
    9. Study the enemy you're facing. Maybe it is weak from fire so use fire
    technique instead of ice where the enemy is invulnerable of that attack.
    10. Use shot tech WU (Weapon Unit) especially when you're near death. You are
    crazy and stupid if you only have 1 HP remaining and rambling 10 enemies with
    a slash weapon especially if they can execute long-ranged attacks like beams.
    11. Use the space in the game! You know what I mean!
    12. You take damage when you get stick with an enemy.
    13. You cannot open the mini menus while you're in the Home server.
    14. Digivolved digimons start with Level 1, all techs are 1, and has only one
    15. To remove the fire from the Flaming Mummymon, you can use WU with Ice Chip
    or use a MP tech like Petty Ice. This weakens them.
    16. When you reach the tech specialist of a digimon, they would NOT learn mp
    techs instead, they will have their signature weapon which will reveal their
    true strength.
    17. Double Axe is not a BASH WU, it is a Blunt. As long as a weapon is an axe,
    then it is Blunt. (Another one is Meteor Force, refer to Weapon List -
    18. Now, many of you should know the BITS duplication trick. So here's a little
    tip for all those out there who want to get good weapons, but pay 0 BITS
    Firstly, play the game with 2 or more players (preferably 2 to reduce
    confusion). Get yourself lots of money and contribute to MetalEtemon with
    the BITS in the second player. Now, let the first player save but not the
    second. Restart the game. Check the Junk Shop. You should find that the BITS
    you've contributed is intact and so is the amount of BITS you have.
    Hmm, so the rundow is this: Pay MetalEtemon with no BITS used!
    (Still under checking - to be proved)
    9. Weapons and Armors                                            . . . dw4_f_s9
    9.1. Introduction                                              . . . dw4_f_s9.1
    Alright, weapons and armors are a BIG part of the game. I will start this
    section by introducing to you 5 Greek symbols that are used to represent the
    "strength" of the weapons/armors and chips.
    Alpha = x
    Beta = B
    Gamma = Y
    Delta: Inverted Q
    Epsilon: E
    Note: You can also refer to your Character Map, click on Windows: Greek and
    look for the last 5 symbols at the 2nd last row.
    The strongest is Epsilon and followed by Delta and so on. As you advance in the
    game, you will pick up or get stronger weapons.
    However, to be able to use those weapons, you must meet a certain condition.
    For example, Beam Magnum Alpha needs a Shot Tech of 90 and above. Hence you
    must meet that condition before it can be equipped.
    -->Once a technqiue reaches its maximum, it will turn red. In other words,
    at a certain level, you cannot increase your tech anymore.
    Below is a little table on the above theory:
    Level 1 - 55: Increment of 30 tech
    Level 56 - 85: Increment of 20 tech
    Level 85 and above: Increment of 10 tech
    Also, if your Digimon is level 255, you can calculate the maximum tech in
    the following way:
    55 x 30 + 20 x 20 + 130 x 10 = 1650 + 400 + 1300 = 3350
    Got it?
    (The above is also found in the MP techniques Introduction section)
    9.2. Weapons and Armor                                         . . . dw4_f_s9.2
    9.2.1 Weapons and Armor List                                 . . . dw4_f_s9.2.1
    --------------------------------> WEAPONS
    Note: * signifies a signature weapon
    Impt. Note: All tech listed are the tech required for the ALPHA version of the
    Note2: Descriptions of the weapons are found below the names of each weapon.
    Name of weapon  -+- Tech required        -+- Cost/Obtain Method
    Slash Sword     -+- Starting weapon: 1   -+- Obtained at the beginning
    Long Sword      -+-        1             -+-
    -->Sword made of Klondigizoit metal.----------------------------------
    Bone Blade      -+-        210           -+-
    -->Cutlass made from Skullgreymon's bones.----------------------------
    War Sword       -+-        810           -+-
    -->Dispels many foes with one blow.-----------------------------------
    Slasher         -+-        1080          -+-
    -->Cutlass that slices like the wind.---------------------------------
    Victor Sword    -+-        1400          -+-
    -->Damages enemy Digicore.--------------------------------------------
    Tri-Edge        -+-        1680          -+-
    -->Cuts all surrounding foes at once.---------------------------------
    Phatom          -+-        2020          -+-
    -->Its light waves can cut anything.----------------------------------
    Dark Crimson    -+-        2200          -+-
    -->Creates a vacuum to attack foes.-----------------------------------
    Onslaught       -+-        2510          -+-
    -->Analyzes enemy data.-----------------------------------------------
    Doom Bringer    -+-        2600          -+-
    -->Ultimate cutlass that warps space.---------------------------------
    Light Bringer*  -+- 2500 (Veemon)        -+- -Refer to
    Dark Shadow*    -+- 2500 (WereGarurumon) -+- -Signature Weapon
    Omega Blade*    -+- 2500 (I-dramon PM)   -+- -Section
    Name of weapon -+- Tech required     -+- Cost/Obtain Method
    Bash Katana    -+- Starting weapon: 1-+- Obtained at the beginning
    Kamakiri Maru  -+-        1          -+-
    Grand Blade    -+-        210        -+-
    Kurogane Maru  -+-        810        -+-
    Pain Scimitar  -+-        1080       -+-
    Denji Prince   -+-        1400       -+-
    Sword Break    -+-        1680       -+-
    Yasha Glass    -+-        2020       -+-
    Strider        -+-        2200       -+-
    Ankokuten      -+-        2510       -+-
    Infinity       -+-        2600       -+-
    Hyakki Yako*   -+- 2500 (Dorumon)    -+- -Refer to Signature
    Plasma Blade*  -+- 2500 (Alphamon)   -+- -Weapon Section
    Name of weapon   -+- Tech required         -+- Cost/Obtain Method
    Blunt Axe        -+-  Starting weapon: 1   -+-  Obtained at the beginning
    Battle Hawk      -+-       1               -+-
    -->Axe made of Klondigizoit metal.---------------------------------------
    Dbl Axe          -+-       210             -+-
    -->Maul made of Klondigizoit metal.--------------------------------------
    Van Blade        -+-       810             -+-
    -->Crushes bones with one blow.------------------------------------------
    Rage Hammer      -+-       1080            -+-
    -->Smashes large rocks with one blow.------------------------------------
    Crusher          -+-       1400            -+-
    -->Destroys Enemy data at Bit Core.--------------------------------------
    Hekatoncheir     -+-       1680            -+-
    -->Maul that smashes enemys to bits.-------------------------------------
    Destroyer        -+-       2020            -+-
    -->Its pwr of light does big damage.-------------------------------------
    Fang Smasher     -+-       2200            -+-
    -->Vampire maul, erases enemy data.--------------------------------------
    Soul Burn        -+-       2510            -+-
    -->Obliterates enemy digicore.-------------------------------------------
    Meteor Force     -+-       2600            -+-
    -->Holds the power of the universe.--------------------------------------
    Judgement*       -+- 2500 (Agumon)         -+- -Refer to
    Orochi Slayer*   -+- 2500 (Susanoomon)     -+- -Signature Weapon
    Nightmare Lance* -+- 2500 (H-Karbuterimon) -+- -Section
    Name of weapon -+- Tech required     -+- Cost/Obtain Method
    Shot Pistol    -+- Starting weapon: 1-+- Obtained at the beginning
    Beam Magnum    -+-       90          -+-
    Sword Cannon   -+-       1020        -+-
    Blaster Gun    -+-       1620        -+-
    Sphere Nova    -+-       2160        -+-
    Omega Raptor   -+-       2580        -+-
    Nosferatus*    -+- 2500 (Beelzemon)  -+- -Refer to
    Executor*      -+- 2500 (M-Garurumon)-+- -Signature Weapon
    Dbl Pistron*   -+- 2500 (I-dramon FM)-+- -Section
    Name of weapon  -+- Tech required        -+- Cost/Obtain Method
    Stab Dagger     -+- Starting weapon: 1   -+- Obtained at the beginning
    Dyno Tooth      -+-         1            -+-
    Dbl Rapier      -+-         210          -+-
    Red Moon        -+-         810          -+-
    Light Blade     -+-         1080         -+-
    Rune Blade      -+-         1400         -+-
    Apocalypse      -+-         1680         -+-
    Light Ring      -+-         2020         -+-
    Flame Rose      -+-         2200         -+-
    Dragoon         -+-         2510         -+-
    Photon Edge     -+-         2600         -+-
    Data Destroyer* -+- 2500 (Guilmon)       -+- -Refer to
    Stargazer*      -+- 2500 (CLAngemon)     -+- -Signature Weapon
    Invisible*      -+- 2500 (Gallantmon CM) -+- -Section
    Name of weapon   -+- Tech required      -+- Cost/Obtain Method
    Mighty Talon     -+-        90          -+-
    Hook Katar       -+-        1020        -+-
    D Slayer         -+-        1620        -+-
    Nova Blade       -+-        2160        -+-
    Drill Bunker     -+-        2580        -+-
    Kaiser Knuckles* -+- 2500 (WarGreymon)  -+- -Refer to Signature
    Demon Arm*       -+- 2500 (BKW-Greymon) -+- -Weapon Section
    Tip: To increase in a particular tech, use the weapon by hitting a certain
    enemy or group of enemies many times with that weapon. You will not increase
    in tech quickly even if you use it continuously.
    --------------------------------> ARMORS
                  -+- Level    -+-
    Armor Symbol  -+- required -+- Effect/s
    Brave Core|
    - Alpha       -+-   1      -+- Increases Max HP
    - Beta        -+-   22     -+- Increases Max HP
    - Gamma       -+-   37     -+- Increases Max HP
    Aegis Core|
    - Alpha       -+-   61     -+- Increases Max HP
    - Beta        -+-   78     -+- Increases Max HP
    - Gamma       -+-   93     -+- Increases Max HP
    Vulture Core|
    - Alpha       -+-   113    -+- Increases Max HP
    - Beta        -+-   138    -+- Increases Max HP
    - Gamma       -+-   168    -+- Increases Max HP
    Cipher Core|
    - Alpha       -+-   1      -+- Increases Max MP
    - Beta        -+-   22     -+- Increases Max MP
    - Gamma       -+-   37     -+- Increases Max MP
    Astral Core|
    - Alpha       -+-   61     -+- Increases Max MP
    - Beta        -+-   78     -+- Increases Max MP
    - Gamma       -+-   93     -+- Increases Max MP
    Wizard Core|
    - Alpha       -+-   113    -+- Increases Max MP
    - Beta        -+-   138    -+- Increases Max MP
    - Gamma       -+-   163    -+- Increases Max MP
    Element Core|
    - Alpha       -+-   1      -+- Reduces Damage
    - Beta        -+-   22     -+- Reduces Damage
    - Gamma       -+-   37     -+- Reduces Damage
    Spirit Core|
    - Alpha       -+-   61     -+- Reduces Damage
    - Beta        -+-   78     -+- Reduces Damage
    - Gamma       -+-   93     -+- Reduces Damage
    Divine Core|
    - Alpha       -+-   113    -+- Reduces Damage
    - Beta        -+-   138    -+- Reduces Damage
    - Gamma       -+-   163    -+- Reduces Damage
    (NIL)         -+-   93     -+- Increases Max HP
    (NIL)         -+-   93     -+- Increases Max MP
    Rainbow Veil|
    (NIL)         -+-   93     -+- Reduces Damage
    Talis of Order|
    (NIL)         -+-   93     -+- Increases All Abilites
    Author's Note: Section to the completed in next update.
    9.2.2 Signature Weapons                                      . . . dw4_f_s9.2.2
    Okay, if you're reading this section, then you should be at least lvl 100 and
    have techs that are of 2500 and above.
    Still, I will explain what is signature weapons first.
    Signature Weapons are weapons that are specialised for a certain Digimon. They
    can only be equipped by THAT Digimon with the specific tech of 2500 and above.
    The Digimon also needs to be at least level 93.
    So, the primary question popping up in your mind is, "How do I get these
    signature weapons?"
    Okay, I was planning to reveal the methods of obtaining signature weapons in
    my last FAQ update. But it seems like my "Nintendo Policy" plan failed
    So, here're 3 ways (2 confirmed and 1 unconfirmed) of obtaining them:
    ----------------------- THE NUMENUME BOSS METHOD ------------------------------
    Haha, this method has NOTHING to do with Numenume River, but just a wacky
    name which I made up. Okay in this method you have to defeat all the bosses in
    Hard Mode in a certain order, WITHOUT switching off the console, even if you
    die. However, as to whether you need at least 2500 tech, I am not sure.
    01.Blossomon (Humid Cave, Death Valley)
    02.Mammothmon (Cliff Dungeon, Death Valley)
    03.Apokarimon (Doom Base, Death Valley)
    04.Skull Greymon (Sand Labyrinth, Dry Land)
    05.Scorpiomon (Ancient Ruins, Dry Land)
    06.MaloMyotismon (Virus Lab, Dry Land)
    07.ShogunGekomon (Geko Path, Venom Junge)
    08.Mecha Rogue 04 (Vine Tunnel, Venom Junge)
    09.Diaboromon (Vein, Venom Junge)
    10.Lucemon (Dread Note, Venom Junge)
    11.LordKnightmon (Electric Mine, Machine Pit)
    12.Mecha Rogue 05 (Mecha Nest, Machine Pit)
    13.Mecha Rogue X, Form One (Black Core, Machine Pit)
    14.Mecha Rogue X, Form Two (Black Core, Machine Pit)
    15.Mecha Rogue X, Final Form (Black Core, Machine Pit)
    Notice that Mecha Rouge X in X Digimon Lab disappeared. This is because most
    people will try this method after at least beating the game once. So by then
    that Mecha Rouge X will be well, GONE.
    So, beat those bosses in that order. And don't switch off your console EVEN
    if you die. Simply return to the boss and try until you can beat it.
    After the credits roll, go to Goblin Pass and to the place where the BOMB
    DROP Trap is. However, instead of going under the traps, go across the bridge.
    The Ogremon that you normally find there will be replaced by a Numemon. (I
    find that one extrememly large, but that could just be my imagination)
    Beat it and it will drop a signature weapons and 4000 EXP Points
    Tip: To get the corresponding signature weapon, simply do the above with THAT
    Digimon. In order words, if you want to get Agumon's signature weapon, do
    that above with Agumon ONLY.
    Note: In Multi-Player mode, only the team leader's (1st Player) Digimon
    counts. Hence the signature weapon dropped will be the one for the 1st
    player's Digimon.
    Note2: In this method, however, you cannot try again as if you do, the item
    dropped by THAT Numemon is not a signature weapon.
    UPDATE!! A Bandai spokesperson has stated that the console (or the game
    actually) is unable to record whether you've turned off the console or not.
    Hence there should be another variable that controls this method.
    (Note: The 2 method below is considered "unworkable". Please do not try it
    until further proof is given.)
    ------------------------ THE ITEM TRADING METHOD ------------------------------
    Okay, this is one method I discovered by myself.
    All you need to do is to get yourself some good weapons, (refer to weapon list
    - dw4_f_s9.2.1) such as Dragoon and Infinity. Then proceed to Trading Hall
    in Very Hard Mode.
    Logically, all items/weapons can be obtained through Trading Hall. Hence all
    you need to do is to trade with Digimon.
    My trade combination (roughly) is this: (with referrence to
    JusticeGundam's map)
    1 Digimon from those numbered 1-8, then twice with those numbered 9-14 and
    lastly, those numbered 15 and 16.
    (Honestly, I forgot the combination, but I remember that it involves a
    Denji Prince, but I am not very sure. I am going to update this one once I
    can find out the combination)
    Now, to trade with which Digimon is a problem. And I think if you were to
    refer to JusticeGundam's Trading Hall Map, you will discover that in Very
    Hard Mode, there're 2 extra traders. They're the key to obtaining signature
    weapons. ;)
    To avoid confusion, I have to clarify something:
    1. Bring only 1 weapon. Bringing lots of powerful weapons won't do you good
    as the Digimon will tend to choose the rest.
    2. If nobody wants to trade with you, go back and choose another weapon.
    3. Always remember to trade your weapons for something better.
    4. The trade chain need not be the one listed above. Always try to trade with
    different Digimon if possible.
    5. There're more than 200 trade combinations so it may take some time to
    figure it out.
    6. Lastly, remember that I haven't prove this method yet, so you will be better
    off with the first method.
    So, to be reviewed...
    --------------------- THE BARBARIC MAMMOTH METHOD ----------------------------
    Okay, I received this from a reliable source.
    In the source it was mentioned that you should defeat Barbarian Cave in less
    than 5 minutes.
    In other words, you must go through the dungeon and defeat Mammothmon in
    5 minutes. Then go to the Item Room (behind the Boss Room) and find a
    signature weapon hidden in one of the bosses.
    So, can someone proof this? I am going to check it out with my friends.
    Watch out for further updates.
    Update 1: Tried it within 5 minutes, NEVER WORKED. This method is
    henceforth set as not-proven workable.
    9.3. Sub-Slots and Chips List                                  . . . dw4_f_s9.3
    --------------------------------> SUB-SLOTS
    Note: The effect of all sub-slots (boards) are the same for all power bases.
    The only difference observed is the "strength" of the boards.
    Name of board -+- Level required -+- Effect -+-
    Achilles Board-+-        1       -+-
    Atlas Board   -+-        1       -+-
    Meteor Board  -+-        1       -+-
    Fire Board    -+-        1       -+-
    Ice Board     -+-        1       -+-
    Bolt Board    -+-        1       -+-
    Dark Board    -+-        1       -+-
    Armor Board   -+-        1       -+-
    Beast Board   -+-        1       -+-
    Rock Board    -+-        1       -+-
    EXP Board     -+-        1       -+-
    BIT Board     -+-        1       -+-
    Mana Board    -+-        1       -+-
    Resist Board  -+-        1       -+-
    Filter Board  -+-        1       -+-
    Talis of Chaos-+-        93      -+-
    --------------------------------> CHIPS
    Note: The strength of the chips can be increased using X-DATA collected.
    Name of chip -+- Effect
    Wisdom Chip  -+- Increases Wisdom by 30
    Spirit Chip  -+- Increases Spirit by 30
    Speed Chip   -+- Increases Speed by 30
    Pwr Medal    -+---------------------------------------------------------
    -Fire        -+- Increase strength and adds fire element to attacks
    -Dark        -+- Increase strength and adds dark element to attacks
    -Lightning   -+- Increase strength and adds lightning element to attacks
    -Ice         -+- Increase strength and adds ice element to attacks
    Drain RAM    -+- Converts damage to HP
    Dread RAM    -+- Converts damage to MP
    Assualt RAM  -+- Increases Critical Hit Rate
    Resist ROM   -+---------------------------------------------------------
    -Fire        -+- Increases fire resist
    -Dark        -+- Increases dark resist
    -Lightning   -+- Increases lightning resist
    -Ice         -+- Increases ice resist
    Defence ROM  -+- Increases auto-defend rate.
    10. Techniques FAQ                                              . . . dw4_f_s10
    10.1 Introduction                                             . . . dw4_f_s10.1
    Techniques are elemental attacks that uses MP (Magic Power). Hence, the
    number of times you can use your MP techniques is controlled.
    Different Digimon learn different MP techniques. You can also upgrade your
    MP technique to a higher level when the specific tech stat has reached a
    certain value.
    *The below are approximations.
    Petty - 1 blast tech
    Mega - 350 blast tech
    Giga - 900 blast tech
    Terra - 1250 blast tech
    Infinite - 1800 blast tech
    The tech in which you must raise to in order to upgrade, is based on your
    Digimon. In other words, a Veemon may upgrade its Petty Heal Lt at 500, but a
    Dorumon does so at 930.
    A good reference is to look at the UPS and DOWNS when looking at your Digimon's
    stats in the DigiLab.
    An upgrade of technique will result in doing more damage, but using more
    -->Once a technqiue reaches its maximum, it will turn red. In other words,
    at a certain level, you cannot increase your tech anymore.
    Below is a little table on the above theory:
    Level 1 - 55: Increment of 30 tech
    Level 56 - 85: Increment of 20 tech
    Level 85 and above: Increment of 10 tech
    Also, if your Digimon is level 255, you can calculate the maximum tech in
    the following way:
    55 x 30 + 20 x 20 + 130 x 10 = 1650 + 400 + 1300 = 3350
    Got it?
    10.2 Techniques List                                          . . . dw4_f_s10.2
    Note: All MP techniques come in PETTY, MEGA, GIGA, TERRA and INFINITE
    Name of   -+-  Tech     -+-
    technique -+-      Type -+-                  Effects
    Fire      -+-   Blast   -+- Does fire damage
    Ice       -+-   Blast   -+- Does ice damage
    Bolt      -+-   Blast   -+- Does lightning damage
    Dark      -+-   Blast   -+- Does dark damage
    Venom     -+-   Blast   -+- Poisons enemy
    Impact    -+-   Blast   -+- Creates a wave of energy
    Cutter    -+-   Blast   -+- Strikes foe by cutting
    Bomb      -+-   Blast   -+- Drops a bomb and explodes
    Heal Lt   -+-   Heal    -+- Recover user's HP
    Heal Aura -+-   Heal    -+- Recover allies and user's HP
    Raise     -+-   Heal    -+- Increases user's stats
    Cure Lt   -+-   Heal    -+- Recover user's stats conditions
    Cure      -+-   Heal    -+- Recover allies and user's stats conditions
    Speed     -+-   Force   -+- Increases allies' speed
    Freeze    -+-   Force   -+- Freezes enemies
    Pwr Up    -+-   Force   -+- Decreases enemies' strength
    Pwr Down  -+-   Force   -+- Increases allies' strength
    Sleep     -+-   Force   -+- Hypnotises enemies
    Bind      -+-   Force   -+- Stops enemies from moving
    Tip: To increase tech for a particular tech, you must use the technique
    in the following ways:
    Blast - Number of hits you do on 1 or groups of enemies, not how many times
    you use the weapon
    Heal - Number of times you use the technique
    Force - Number of enemies which are affected by the technique
    11. Cards and Disks                                             . . . dw4_f_s11
    11.1. Introduction                                            . . . dw4_f_s11.1
    Cards in this game are solely for collection. The pictures used are remade
    and uses very cool and sharp colours.
    The cards in the game are collected for the execution of the quest, "Card
    Retrieve". (refer to dw4_f_s6) It could have been better if the game includes a
    card game for the cards. Furthermore, some cards (Super Rare ones) are so rare
    that one can only be found in like, 500 boosters. Anyway, Good Luck and hope
    that you can complete the album soon!
    Items, a basic neccessity for all gamers. The items in the game are called
    disks (though they don't look like disks, but more like a capsule). Some of the
    disks also come in Power Levels. Hence, increase the "strength" of the disks.
    I will recommend you to get MP Disks, not HP Disks (unless you haven't acquired
    the technique, "Heal Light" yet - refer to dw4_f_s10.2).
    11.2. Cards List                                              . . . dw4_f_s11.2
    Rarity Codes:
    C - Common
    U - Uncommon
    R - Rare
    VR - Very Rare
    SR - Super Rare
    Location (Set) Codes:
    DV - Death Valley
    DL - Dry Land
    VJ - Venom Jungle
    MP - Machine Pit
    HS - Home Server
    *Note: Area Boss is the boss at the end of an area (e.g. Death Valley).
    * Page No. *     Card Name     * Rarity *   Set    *
    *    1     *     Agumon (1)    *   UC   * Starter  *
    *    1     *     Agumon (2)    *   R    * Starter  *
    *    1     *     Veemon (1)    *   UC   * Starter  *
    *    1     *     Veemon (2)    *   R    * Starter  *
    *    1     *    Guilmon (1)    *   UC   * Starter  *
    *    1     *    Guilmon (2)    *   R     * Starter  *
    *    2     *     Dorumon       *   VR   * Starter  *
    *    2     *     WargreymonX   *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    2     *  WereGarurumonX   *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    2     *     Alphamon      *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    2     *    BeelzemonX     *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    2     * Imperialdramon PM *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    3     * Imperialdramon FM *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    3     *   BKWarGreymonX   *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    3     *   Gallantmon CM   *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    3     *  MetalGarurumonX  *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    3     *    Susanoomon     *   VR   *Unlockable*
    *    3     *    Apokarimon     *   VR   * Area Boss*
    *    4     *   MaloMyotismon   *   VR   * Area Boss*
    *    4     *    Lucemon SM     *   VR   * Area Boss*
    *    4     *     Goburimon     *   C    *DV Enemies*
    *    4     *    Kokatorimon    *   C    *DV Enemies*
    *    4     *      Numemon      *   C    *DV Enemies*
    *    4     *      Sukamon      *   C    *DV Enemies*
    *    5     *      Ogremon      *   C    *DV Enemies*
    *    5     *     Blossomon     *   R    * DV Boss  *
    *    5     *     Mammothmon    *   R    * DV Boss  *
    *    5     *     Arukenimon    *   C    *DL Enemies*
    *    5     *     Tyrannomon    *   C    *DL Enemies*
    *    5     *      Mummymon     *   C    *DL Enemies*
    *    6     *    Minotarumon    *   C    *DL Enemies*
    *    6     *     Pharoahmon    *   C    *DL Enemies*
    *    6     *    SkullGreymon   *   R    * DL Boss  *
    *    6     *     Scorpiomon    *   R    * DL Boss  *
    *    6     *      Tortomon     *   C    *VJ Enemies*
    *    6     *      Otamamon     *   C    *VJ Enemies*
    *    7     *       Gekomon     *   UC   *VJ Enemies*
    *    7     *    MarineDevimon  *   UC   *VJ Enemies*
    *    7     *    ShogunGekomon  *   R    * VJ Boss  *
    *    7     *      Diablomon    *   R    * VJ Boss  *
    *    7     *    LordKnightmon  *   R    * MP Boss  *
    *    7     *    Imperialdramon *   UC   *MP Enemies*
    *    8     *      Infermon     *   C    *MP Enemies*
    *    8     *      Megadramon   *   C    *MP Enemies*
    *    8     *       Raremon     *   UC   *MP Enemies*
    *    8     *       LeomonX     *   SR   *HS Helpers*
    *    8     *     MetalEtemon   *   SR   *HS Helpers*
    *    8     *      Orphaimon    *   SR   *HS Helpers*
    *    9     *     Seraphimon    *   SR   *HS Helpers*
    *    9     *    PrinceMamemon  *   SR   *HS Helpers*
    Note: There're a total of 50 cards.
    11.3. Disks List                                              . . . dw4_f_s11.3
    All disks can be bought from the Disk Keeper.
    *Power Sign*     Card Name     *       Effect         *
    *  ALPHA   *      HP DISK      * Recovers 500 HP      *
    *   BETA   *      HP DISK      * Recovers 1000 HP     *
    *  GAMMA   *      HP DISK      * Recovers 2000 HP     *
    *  ALPHA   *      MP DISK      * Recovers 500 MP      *
    *   BETA   *      MP DISK      * Recovers 1000 MP     *
    *  GAMMA   *      MP DISK      * Recovers 2000 MP     *
    ************     CURE DISK     * Cures Poison         *
    ************     RAISE DISK    * Revives fallen allies*
    ************                   * and regains lost EXP *
    ************     GATE DISK     * Returns to Terminal  *
    ************                   * Area                 *
    ************     RECOVERY      * Recovers HP and MP   *
    ************                   * fully                *
    12. Home Server FAQ                                             . . . dw4_f_s12
    Home Server has is so big that is has 5 rooms. The Commander Room, Shop Area,
    Central Area, Main Lobby and Emergency Portal. It's hidden and can
    only be entered during the Home Server is invaded by the virus.
    Take a look at this map, so you can see where they are easier:
    - http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_home_server.gif
    - ttp://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y286/scopelenz/HomeServer.gif
    12.1. Digi-Keepers                                            . . . dw4_f_s12.1
    There are 10 digi-keepers. They are the Armory Keeper/Shop, Weapon Keeper/Shop,
    Bank Keeper, Chip Keeper/Shop, Save Keeper, Disk Keeper, Data Keeper, Appraisal
    Keeper, Card Keeper and Call Keeper.
    Lets just take it one by one so you can understand how and what are their
    purpose in the game.
    Armors and Weapons are marked with a/b/y/s/e. This means that they differ
    from their power and the level tech. They also differ from colors like white,
    blue, yellow, etc. To know more about these things, go to the Weapon and Armor
    The greater the weapons level, the color and how many mods are there, the
    higher you can sell that item.
    Armory Keeper/Shop
    Obviously, he sells armors and boards. The armor changes as you progress in the
    game and also the difficulty you are using. Some armors and weapons cannot be
    used unless you get to the specified level. Example, Element Core B can only be
    equipped if your level is 22+. This can be viewed at the description window
    placed on the lower-right corner of the screen. He can be found in the Shop
    Weapon Keeper/Shop
    Just like the armors above. You cannot equip WU's unless you have enough tech
    skills on that WU. Example, to equip War Sword you need 810-slash tech. If you
    haven't reached that level then you cannot use that weapon. He can also be
    found in the Shop Area.
    Bank Keeper
    A bank keeper holds your money and items. You can also withdraw them. It's just
    like a stock house or a garage. There are 2 bank keepers in the Home Sever. One
    is on the Central Area and the other one is on the Shop Area.
    Chip Keeper/Shop
    A chip keeper sells chip obviously. You can buy different chips from there and
    put it in your weapons and armors. Chip keeper is in the Central Area.
    Save Keeper
    Save keeper gives you the choice to save your game. You can have a total of 4
    saves of different digimons and profiles. After saving, you are given a choice
    to continue the game or end it. If you continue the game, you continue your
    current game. If you choose, end the game, you will be returned on the main
    screen. He can only be found at central Area.
    Disk Keeper/Shop
    Sells items like HP Disks, B. Packs and Recovery.
    Data Keeper
    Data keeper gives you chance to customize your digi-stats and ability chips with
    X-DATA you have accumulated. He can be found at the Central Area.
    Appraisal Keeper
    Sometimes, there are items in dungeons marked as ??????. You will not know what
    kind of item is that unless you identify it here. However, as far as I observed,
    they're mostly common items.
    Card Keeper
    Opens the B. packs you get. There's no card game here like the last Digi-world.
    Instead, you can call it a side quest. If you collect enough cards from getting
    B. Packs then, you can start the Card Retrieve side quest.
    Call Keeper
    Enables you to load or add players from your current game. Remember that when
    you're multiplayer, all your side quests and stages finished are counted as
    finished by the Player 1.
    Note that you need a multitap and 3-4 controllers to play in 3-4 players.
    12.2. Prince Mamemon                                          . . . dw4_f_s12.2
    Prince Mamemon is in the Central Area, Home Server near where is the Appraisal
    Keeper is, opposite of the Bank Keeper in the Central Area. I know some newbie
    will ask what does PrinceMamemon are doing here. Well, there is!
    If you've collected 9 Key Chains and talk to him, he will you give a rare item.
    Key Chains can be found easily if you fight enough Mecha Rogue 2 or the little
    Scorpions near a Black Tower in Dry Land.
    As from now, I just got the first rare item ever from him. I'm trying to make
    a guide about it. The items you may receive may differ from what is written
    here. There is a limit of trading key chains to him. Rare items may also differ
    from what mode you're playing at.
    Mharbenedict34's Trading
    1. Dyno Tooth Alpha (Blue) - 1 mod
    Frezzno's Trading (X Box)
    1. Blue Beam Magnum Alpha 1 slot
    2. Blue Cipher Core Beta 1 slot
    3. Blue Van Blade Delta 2 slots
    4. Green Rune Blade Gamma 2 slots
    5. Green Yasha Glass Beta 2 slots
    6. Green (Blood Horn*) Fang Smasher Alpha 2 slots
    7. Green Aegis Core Beta 3 slots
    8. Yellow EXP Board Gamma
    9. Yellow Onslaught Epsilon 3 slots
    10. Yellow Drill Bunker Epsilon 4 slots
    11. Yellow Vulture Core Gamma 4 slots
    * Item 6 the Prince said it’s a Blood Horn but when you get it in the inventory
    it’s a Fang Smasher. I think it’s a bug.
    Thanks Frezzno for that one. I got that item, too, but in the second time. I
    guess we ahve a conclusion now that there are different rare items that
    PrinceMamemon will give to you.
    Note: There're only 12 trades, which means you'll only need a total of 108
    Key Chains PER DIFFICULTY. Any Key Chains after that will be useless.
    I will add more in the future! ^_^
    12.3. MetalEtemon's Junk Shop                                 . . . dw4_f_s12.3
    MetalEtemon is really a big pain. He's in the Shop Area, on the opposite of the
    Chip Keeper/Shop. You need to pay him some BITS so he can have the will to make
    weapons, armors and items from JUNK. After paying or donating the necessary
    BITS, he will create a new item but as of now, you cannot open the shop yet.
    After going onto the outside world and coming back at him, you can now look and
    buy what have he made. I like to kill that monkey!!!
    At the first time, he will not sell good items but as you donate moneys to him,
    he will create greater and much fantastic items FROM JUNK!!!
    Anyway here's a guide on his shop. I will add something new time by time
    because I'm still doing this donation thing.
    BITS -+- Items/Armors/Weapons/etc. -+- how much
    1000 BITS   -+- Filter Board    -+- 860 BITS
    5000 BITS   -+- Element Core Y  -+- 8125 BITS
                -+- Cipher Core Y   -+- 6250 BITS
                -+- Brave Core Y    -+- 7500 BITS
    20000 BITS  -+- Kamakiri Maru E -+- 504 BITS
                -+- Dyno Tooth E    -+- 545 BITS
                -+- Long Sword E    -+- 420 BITS
                -+- Battle Hawk E   -+- 588 BITS
    50000 BITS  -+- Kurogane Maru E -+-
    200000 BITS -+- Meteor Force E -+-
    This will be updated. Watch out for it!
    13. Maps                                                        . . . dw4_f_s13
    We have a proverb that says, "picture can cost thousand words" or something
    like that, that maps and pictures or drawings are much specific and contains
    much idea in a single stroke. Thanks to some people who made their maps. I ask
    permission to use them here in my FAQ/guide as a reference. Don't worry, you
    will be benefited for this.
    Here's some maps that I've found recently:
    ~Home Server~
    - http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_home_server.gif
    - http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y286/scopelenz/HomeServer.gif
    ~Undead Yard Side Quest~
    1F- http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_undead_yard_f1.gif
    2F- http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_undead_yard_f2.gif
    ~Death Valley~
    - http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_death_valley.gif
    - http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y286/scopelenz/DeathValley.gif
    ~Exclusive: Mummy Desert~
    ~Trading Hall Side Quest~
    - http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_trading_hall.gif
    ~B.Pack Side Quest V. Hard Entrance~
    - http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_b_pack_hard_entrance
    ~B.Pack Side Quest V. Hard Exit~
    - http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_b_pack_hard_exit.gif
    ~Hard B.Pack Map Side Quest Entrance Map~
    - http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_hb_msq_ent.gif
    ~Hard B.Pack Side Quest Entrance Map~
    - http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_hb_sq_ent.gif
    ~Hard B.Pack Side Quest Exit Map~
    - http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/digimon_world_4_hb_sq_exit.gif
    14. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)                          . . . dw4_f_s14
    Thanks for the gamers and players of the game who I've copied what they've
    posted in the board. Don't worry I credited all of you.
    Q1. Is there an easier way to get a weapons mod or armor mod rather than just
    A1. It can be hard to find a weapon/armor with slots. If are really in need of
    them, leave through the world gate, go back to the shopping area and there will
    be different weapon/armor. Repeat until you get what you want. -game_boy87
    Q2. Where can I save my progress?
    A2. From the Save Keeper at the Central Area.
    Q3. Does Princemamemon have a limit to how many times he trades and then stop
    A3. After some trades he don't accept anymore ^^ if they were infinite we would
    get really nice items. - BkWarGreymonX
    Q4. So he's out forever, even if I beat the game and go on to the next mode?
    A4. No on next mode hell comes back, then you'll be able to trade again and get
    more powerful items than the mode before, but he will disappear after some
    trades also. - BkWarGreymonX
    Actually I think the amount is limited and is about 9 items... the items are
    fixed so I think it doesn't depend on the difficulty. - JusticeGundam
    Q5. Can you tell me the boss strategies for the last boss?
    A5. At first the robot simply walks towards you and attacks with a blade swipe.
    The wind up to this attack is extremely slow and is easily stopped with one of
    your own attacks. For now let loose on him and attack, attack, attack!!! This
    almost completely shuts down his ability to fight back. After a few blows he
    gets ticked and begins to fly around in a circle. He turns into a ball of light
    and causes an explosion in the middle of the circle he's making as he flies.
    Simply block or evade the attack. Afterwards, he teleports to one of the 6
    platforms surrounding the field. From then on attack him with magic.
    Then a spotlight will appear and mecha rogues start walking towards it. Don't
    let them get to the spotlight or they will become mecha Rogue X. So if u
    defeats him, there will be another waiting. DONT LET THEM REACH THE LIGHT!
    Repeat the process until he is dead. Though it is tricky it is possible. Tell
    me if you need help with his other forms. - Thank you very much Lance_Striker
    Q6. After I digivolve your digimon can you change back to your previous mon?
    A6. Yes, go to the DigiLab to change it.
    Q7. After the credits roll what do I do now?????
    A7. Hard mode is now unlocked and you will be prompted if you want to play the
    game again in normal or hard mode. If you beat the game in hard mode, you
    unlock the Super Hard Mode.
    Q8. What is the maximum level? It is 255 or 999?
    A8. 999.
    Q9. What is this? I got a ??????? item while fighting an enemy.
    A9. You need to appraise and modify that item in the Appraisal Keeper at the
    Central Area. The number of ? is equivalent to the name of the weapon or armor
    you're appraising at.
    Q10. I began my game with dorumon and got to lv 12 and didn't get a heal tech
    like everyone said I would I then digivolved him into veemon and got veemon to
    lv 12 still no heal tech. Am I doing something wrong everyone says you get a
    heal tech at lv 12?
    A10. Nope. It is level 22 not 12.
    Q11. How to do you get to the Undead Yard?
    A11. You go through the portal and it will say battle arena instead Death
    Valley. -Seadramon X
    Q12. Legendary Arena? I went to an area in Dry Land where you fight Akureimon.
    I think this could possibly the Legendary Arena in the game.
    A12. Yes it is. If you're trying to do the side quest, you need to talk to the
    digielf located on the opposite of the Data Keeper. Then go to the arena in the
    Dry Lands and fight Skull Greymon. Defeat him 3 times and you're now finished
    the side quest. -Seadramon X
    Q13. I'm stuck at the magnet stairs puzzle at the machine core. Can you tell me
    how to solve the puzzle?
    A13. Hit the first 4 blue then stay on that floor and hit the read one.
         -Seadramon X
    Read last boss forum. I tried to explain it but you might not be able to
    understand it. The first floor is the most difficult. I hit 2 of the magnets on
    that floor. The first one. One of them the button is directly below in the
    middle lined up with the platform. Then you should be able to go left I think
    and find a platform next to a place where you can go down (no treasure chest I
    believe) hit the button there. Then go up to the 2nd floor hit the first to the
    right. Then go up to the 3rd floor hit the first to the left. Then go to the
    fourth and hit the first to the left. I believe there are many combinations but
    this is one that works for me. - Zilla74
    Q14. Good place to level up?
    A14. There are some several ways in the game that you can level yourself and
    gain levels for your techs:
    a) First of all, just train your guy to level 25 before you start getting
    scared. A good place to do this is in the place with unlimited mummymon. I went
    in there at level 12 and after an hour of two I was level 26. -Lance_Striker
    b) After getting the 2 ID Pass at the Death Valley, go to the Goblin Fortress,
    kill all the Goburimons. After punishing all of them from bottom to top, go
    down again. Afetr you've reached the first room from the entrance, another
    tribe of Goburimons will attack you. Go back to the second room then first
    room. Each time you do this, a new group of Goburimons will appear. You will
    gain 1000 or more exp each time you enter the first room ONLY if you kill all
    the Goburimons there. The only problem is the loading time.
    c) In the Dry Land area, there are infinite scorpions there with black towers.
    If you don't destroy the tower and keep killing these things, you will level up
    In no time. Plus, they are easy to kill.
    Q15. How do you get doombringer in the item trade quest hard mode?
    A15. Sorry, no information found. Even Lance_Striker don't even know the
    Q16. I beat all 302 digimons in undead yard on hard mode and I didn't get my
    didivolve can some one tell me what went wrong...
    A16. You have to beat it with 10mins remaining and return. -seamor92
    Q17. How do you get the digimon signature weapon?
    A17. Though I have heard that you obtain them by getting your digimons special
    tech to 2500. Like for example Weregarurumon needs slash of 2500 to get the
    Dark shadow. -Lance_Striker
    Q18. Why I can't edit my WU slot/mod? I can't equip a chip in it. What's the
    problem? Whenever I'm going to edit slot, it is colored black and inaccessible.
    A18. If your weapon does not have mod like 0 then sorry you cannot put the chip
    into it and it cannot be edit you must get the weapon have mod from monster,
    boxes, or chest. -Taici82
    Q19. In one of the side quest it says that I have to sacrifice an item....
    What is the meaning of that.... how do I sacrifice????
    A19. It means that you have to go to an altar and sacrifice a figurine that the
    digi-elf gives to you... or you can sacrifice another item like a "taunt item"
    like the defense room delta or any other... so the ghost try to possess you and
    you seal it after you run out of the dungeon. -JusticeGundam
    Q20. Do you know an easy place to find rare enemies?
    A20. It's random. Rare digimons are mark with a King icon. They're much
    powerful and dangerous than their kind. My brother fought a King Goburimon and
    he died in one hot.
    You can find a King Mummymon on these purple steps on your way to the
    Station X in the Grief Wastelands and a King Otamamon in Mangrove Forest.
    He is near one of the consoles. - gamemazterZ
    Note: There're different colours for bosses: PINK, WHITE, BLUE, GOLD, GREEN,
    Hmm.. now that there're so many different colours. I will need some time to
    check which one is the strongest...
    Q21. Could you tell me what when I will get Terra blast?
    A21. Thanks to Seadramon X and HellsTourGuide
    a) Petty - 1 blast tech
    b) Mega - 350 blast tech
    c) Giga - 900 blast tech
    d) Terra -1250 blast tech
    e) Infinite - 1800 blast tech
    The tech in which you must raise to in order to upgrade, is based on your
    Digimon. In other words, a Veemon may upgrade its Petty Heal Lt at 500, but a
    Dorumon does so at 930.
    A good reference is to look at the UPS and DOWNS when looking at your Digimon's
    stats in the DigiLab. -Squirtle304
    Q22. How's the experience is cut in multiplayer?
    A22. In multiplayer, if x player hit the monster and y player killed the
    monster, x player only got one-half of the exp given by the enemy while y
    player gets the whole exp from the monster he killed.
    Q23. What is this? My WU tech slash turns to red and it doesn't level up even
    I kill many enemies?
    A23. Because that is the limit of the tech's level from your digimon's level.
    To remove that, just let yourself level up.
    Q24. What are mods?
    A24. Mods are special slots found in weapons and armors. You can edit a slot to
    power-up a weapon or armor. Obviously, if your weapon gets stronger, it means
    it makes you stronger. You can only edit slot when a main weapon or armor is
    equipped in you. If you remove that weapon and substitute another thing,
    automatically, the chips or power-ups you've equip is remove.
    15. Update History                                              . . . dw4_f_s15
    +June 27, 2005 - 06/27/05+
    -Started the FAQ and just started playing Digimon World 4.
    +June 28, 2005 - 06/28/05+
    -Added more and more. It's still school time so I don't have enough time to
    type many in this guide, just for now.
    +June 29, 2005 - 06/29/05+
    -Started the walkthrough. Improve and correct some grammars and sections.
    Credited people who I get the information that can be viewed in this guide.
    +June 30, 2005 - 06/30/05+
    -Frequently Asked Question section is getting bigger and bigger by time. I
    really need to update this everyday so I can add recent FAQ's.
    +July 1, 2005 - 07/01/05+
    -Added more in the FAQ.
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    -Added so many many things including the Home Server FAQ section and others.
    +July 5, 2005 - 07/05/05+
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    +July 6, 2005 - 07/06/05+
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    16. About the Authors                                           . . . dw4_f_s16
    Hello, I'm Mhar Benedict *********. Guess what is my surname. Anyway, I'm a 2nd
    Year High school and in Section 1. You know the section for smart people. Joke!
    But I'm really at the highest section. So I'm still studying and I am 13 years
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    I'm a gentle man and generous person. O_o It's up to those who knows me and how
    they will judge me. I also have a friendster so you can add me and communicate
    with the game or other stuffs. Check this: www.friendster.com and add me so I
    can talk to you. Spamming and flaming me is prohibited so if I found you that
    you're the one who's doing it, be ready because...just forget about that.
    This is my e-mail: mharbenedict11@yahoo.com and friendster address. Add me!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Okay, I'm the new one here. Hmm.. I am a Chinese and everyone calls me Wil, but
    I prefer others to call me Scopelenz. Anyway, I live in Asia and well, is
    currently 17 years old.
    I am currently studying Sciences and Computer Technology. So, well, what do you
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    My MSN email address: scopelenz@hotmail.com.
    Regards. (Too formal?)
    17. Legal Stuff/Copyright                                       . . . dw4_f_s17
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    If you want to post my work in your site, just ask me, IM me
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    you're asking a question that is in the guide already then I would not probably
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    e-mail or comments in my guide.
    If there is something wrong in my guide that you know, please e-mail me
    immediately to avoid future confusion in the game. Don't worry that I will
    credit you in helping me ^_^
    Thank you for viewing this guide!!!
    18. Credits                                                     . . . dw4_f_s18
    Thanks to...
    -My self for making the FAQ.
    -My father for letting me to use his computer to make this guide.
    -My self again for walking from our house to the store of about 1 km., under
    the hot sun.
    -Seadramon X for answering most of the questions and problems in the game.
    -Lance_Striker for answering the questions to him.
    -Game_boy87 for answering the questions too.
    -JusticeGundam for answering the questions too, and for the maps.
    -Seamor92 for helping in answering some questions.
    -Squirtle304 for the Home Server and Death Valley maps. Thanks for your big
    helping hand in giving tips and letting me to use your uploading maps!!!
    -Taici82 for answering my question about the WU!
    -HellsTourGuide thank you very much for letting me to post your Digivolution
    Guide here.
    -To all the people in forums and message boards that I've visited recently and
    gathered some of the information in the guide.
    -Viper81@cfl.rr.com for sending me the information about the Super Hard Mode
    Undead Yard requirements.
    -Thanks to Frezzno <frezzno@comhem.se> for the exclusive PrinceMamemon Trading
    list of him. Thank you very much!!!
    -Thanks to all the people who keep e-mailing mharbenedict34 and squirtle304
    for some tips and guides they'd like to contribute in this FAQ. Thank you
    very much!!!
    -Special Thanks to Lord_Arcturus from DCCG forums for providing me with the
     of weapons, armors, chips, boards and techniques! Thank you!!
    -Black Wargreymon 09 from DCCG forums for effects of armors.
    -Eagle_Fierce from DCCG forums for his information on lists of cards.
    -Dusty LeBaron for his tips on the Junk Shop
    -Comacoma and calvin0 for their tips on obtaining Signature Weapons.
    -Cesarin1013 for an additional status effect which I overlooked.
    Note: If in any case, your name is not credited here after sending either one of
    us with a mistake/comment/correction, please inform us with your information
    given, time and date of your mail sent and your email address. The authors,
    however, still have the final judgement in any dispute.
    www.Bandai.com for making another great game.
    www.gamefaqs.com for letting me to post my work there.
    www.neoseeker.com, the same thing.
    www.cheatcc.com thanks for inviting my work to be posted and reviewed there.
    www.ign.com thanks having me in there.
    www.supercheats.com same as ever, thank you!
    Digimon Online for some game guides.
    Thanks to all who read my guide! Thank you!
                                      -Digimon World 4-
                                    -End of the FAQ/Guide-

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