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    Boss FAQ by SkullAngemon

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    Digimon World 4 Gamecube Boss FAQ
    Table of Contents
    4)Copyright info.
    Welcome to my Digimon World 4 Boss FAQ for the Nintendo Gamecube. I have just
    recently beaten this game and in this faq I will provide my own strategies for
    beating each and every boss in this game.
    2) Controls
    Control Stick: Moves character around boss arena
    A button: Attack with handheld weapon/activates selected magic or disk/when
    held performs a Charge Attack with your handheld weapon
    360 on Control Stick + A button: Spin attack
    B button: Block
    B button + Control Stick in any direction twice: Slam attack
    Y button: Heals self with strongest disc in inventory
    X button: Jump
    C Stick: Selects magic or disk when window is open
    R button: Opens magic window on screen
    L button: Opens disk window on screen
    The Z button and control pad aren't used in this game.
    3) Bosses
    3.1) Blossomon
    Blossomon is found in Humid Cave and in the Abyss of Grief. As the first boss
    she is incredibly easy. Just make sure that before you battle her you have 3-5
    alpha level magic disks. Blossomon's only attack is a thorny vine that 
    encircles her when you get close. So with that being said stay away and fire 
    your first magic attack whether it's Petty Bolt, Petty Ice, or Petty Fire. You
    can also use a shot weapon if you are well versed in using them. Just keep your 
    distance and keep firing refilling your MP stock when necessary and she should 
    go down without even touching your hp.
    3.2) Mammothmon
    This furry guy is found in Cliff Dungeon and Barbarian Cave. As soon as you
    enter his arena and his analyzer information finishes run anywhere but straight
    ahead to dodge his first charge attack. At this point if you are far enough
    away he will simply do another charge attack. If you are not right up next to
    him but not far enough away for him to want to charge you he will perform an
    Ice Breath attack which can be very detrimental to your health. If you are
    right up next to Mammothmon he will try to swat you away with his trunk. To
    battle this behemoth let himdo his very first charge attack and then make him
    perform a second one. When he hits the wall stab him once or twice and then run
    to make him perform another charge attack in your direction. Just keep
    repeating until he's dead.
    3.3) Mecha Rogue 04
    This guy is found by himself in the X Digimon Lab and there's three of him at
    the end of Vine Tunnel. You'll also run into him a bunch as you head for the 
    final battle and also in some of the final sidequests so it's imperative that 
    you learn how to fight him now. My strategy honest to god is run up to him and
    swing away with whatever handheld weapon makes you strongest. The only attack
    you really have to worry about when you're that close is an attack where he
    stuns you and then shoots you, but if you attack fast enough you won't even 
    have to worry about that. If you stay away from him he has a ramming attack
    and a laser blast that can cause problems. Just hack, hack, and hack again
    until he falls.
    3.4) Apokarimon
    This guy is called Apokarimon, but is probably better known as Apocalymon, the
    big uber-baddie from Season 1. This bad boy is located at the end of Dome Base
    and in all honesty I about pooped my self the first time I saw this guy on 
    screen. Fortunately he's not as hard as he should be. First before you even 
    touch Apokarimon you have to remove all of the spiked balls surrounding the
    platform he's on. To stop you Apokarimon has an ice attack can call on flying
    baddies and can rain meteors down upon on you. Block as needed and take all of
    the balls out. Once they're gone you can attack Apokarimon himself. Just get up
    there and hack away healing as needed until he's dead.
    3.5) SkullGreymon
    The longer you go the uglier they get. SkullGreymon is found in the Sand 
    Labyrinth and the Legendary Coliseum. Fortunately Skull's a pushover. Open
    your magic window and when this guy starts to glow fire. Not only does this 
    hurt him, but it also stops his only attack. Also, for those who started with
    Veemon or Dorumon this guy is least resistant to Ice and Lighting so you guys
    should have no problem.  
    3.6) Scorpiomon
    Another ugly pushover Scorpiomon is found in the Ancient Ruins and in the 
    Captive Dungeon. Run up and start swinging taking care to dodge the little 
    fireballs as necessary. The only time you really need to hit this guy is when
    you see him start to charge electricity. You need to hit him and if you fail to
    then you need to run like hell otherwise you'll get zapped. Just keep slicing
    and soon Scorpiomon will have his data destroyed.
    3.7) MaloMyotismon
    Season 2's big bad is found at the end of Station X. This guy is also a lot
    easier than he should be. He's got two attacks. The first he does after taking
    a couple of shots. He flies into the air and fires off an easily avoidable
    lightning bolt. Soon after he lands creating a shockwave. He will then fire two
    lasers from his shoulders. Go to the right or left edge and block the 
    appropriate laser then run up and slash away. There should be no problems at a
    high enough level. You know like Level 30.
    3.8) ShogunGekomon
    ShogunGekomon or "Fatty" as I call him can be found on Geko Path and Item Road.
    If you remember Fatty from seasons 1 and 2 of Digimon you know he loves to
    sing. Here his singing puts you to sleep and you can't wake up until you're
    hit. That said stay away and fire magic or a shot weapon. By the way, when I
    say "away" I mean "Put as much distance as possible between the two of you." If
    you started with Veemon or Guilmon you're in good shape because this goon is
    least resistant to Lightning and Fire. Finally his other attack is a shockwave
    which is too easy to block.
    3.9) Mecha Rogue 04 x3
    I warned you. Go see 3.3 for a strategy.
    3.10) Diaboromon
    I told you they keep getting uglier. Diaboromon is found at the end of Vein
    Dungeon. He's got his claws and fireballs and that's it. Just dodge the claws
    and fireballs and attack as you can with melee or magic. This is another guy 
    who is easier than he should be.
    3.11) Lucemon
    Hades Obelisk contains Season 4's big bad and in what may seem a stroke of luck
    as soon as you hit the arena Lucemon takes to the sky. This means he's either
    going to land and attack or try to blow you up. If he lands he will either
    perform a claw attack or spew poison at you. If he throws out the claw block or
    dodge and fire magic or a shot weapon at the ball he's holding. If he spews the
    poison at you run to his side where you can't be hit and stab the ball he's 
    holding. When he's in the air and zooms by real fast you will see targeting 
    reticles appear. Move as far away from these as possible because in a second
    they will explode and the explosions have a good range. You have to hit the
    ball Lucemon's holding until it breaks when it does then you can have at
    Lucemon himself. Attack swiftly to make sure he doesn't. Eventually the ball
    will reappear and be a bit tougher to break. Just keep breaking it and 
    attacking Lucemon until he's dead.
    3.12) Mecha Rogue 05
    This guy is found at the end of Mecha Nest and in the Cursed Dungeon sidequest.
    If you have problems with this one do some serious leveling up before the
    Cursed Dungeon because in there you have to face 10 of theses guys in 2 sets of
    four and 1 set of two and they are EXACTLY like this boss you are facing. This
    guy only has one attack which is an energy swipe that can hit multiple times.
    Fortunately, if you block it once it makes it harmless. The problem with Mecha
    Rogue 05 is that you can't attack him when he's got his shield active. If you
    try to you will take damage not him. When his shield is up he can't attack so
    just stay away until he drops his shield and then drop him.
    3.13) LordKnightmon
    The first, and only, boss to disprove my "The longer you go the uglier they
    get." statement from earlier LordKnightmon is the boss at the end of Electro
    Mine and Cursed Dungeon. LordKnightmon has three attacks. The first is a purple
    cloud that poisons you on contact so stay away! The second is a double claw
    attack that usually misses you. LordKnightmon is COMPLETELY vulnerable during
    this so run up and hit her hard. Her final attack is to shoot fire and then
    flip backwards. She is COMPLETELY invulnerable until she lands from her flip.
    Just dodge and attack as you can. She's not that tough, just really annoying.
    3.14) Mecha Rogue X Form 1
    This final baddie's first form looks like a cross between Yu-gi-oh's Blade
    Knight and Duskmon from Digimon. This guy has a swipe attack and a purple blast
    attack he uses for distance fighting. Just run up and start hitting him. Once
    you've knocked off enough hp the guy starts flying in circles around you. Don't
    try to run until you see him become a ball of light. As soon as the
    transformation is complete get away from the center of the circle because he's
    gonna land and create an explosion in about two seconds. Afterwards heal and
    watch for him to appear on an outer platform. The only way you can reach him
    here is with magic but take care to watch for a purple light to appear on the
    field. When it does run to its center and defend it from the oncoming Mecha
    Rogue 04s. You have to fend off three of these guys. The really bad news is
    that if one of them reaches the light they become a duplicate of Mecha Rogue X.
    If Mecha Rogue X is destroyed while a duplicate is on the field he will simply
    transfer his data into a duplicate and you'll have to try again. To avoid this
    get one duplicate on the field and lower his hp as much as you can without
    killing it. When the original hits the field lower his hp until he's almost
    dead. Wipe out the duplicate and then wipe out Mecha Rogue X when you're 1000%
    sure the duplicate is gone. Onto round 2!
    3.15) Mecha Rogue X Form 2
    This form never moves so that's a good thing the bad thing is his two attacks
    are very detrimental. First when you see him light up with purple rings head
    for the VERY outer edge of the arena to avoid some poisonous gas. As soon as
    the gas dissipates, if he doesn't light up again, run up and swing away until
    he does light up again. Eventually he will release two drill like objects that
    shine spotlights on the field. These drills move clockwise around the field and
    their spotlights bind you to your location. Once bound the drills launch mini
    drills at you that you have to block. This is the easiest form of Mecha Rogue X
    so you should have little trouble.
    3.16) Mecha Rogue X Final Form
    The last boss and easily the ugliest. When the battle starts head for a spot
    directly under the boss's torso or to his side and hack away. If you go to his
    side take care to avoid getting trampled as he walks. From his side or torso
    there are three attacks that can hit you. One is a pair of purple-black balls
    that follow you around for a good bit. The next is an energy wall which you can
    either block or run from. He can summon one or two of these at a time so watch
    out. The final attack he can hit you with while under his torso or by his side
    is his attack where he becomes a ship and zooms away and back at high speed.
    This is his most damaging attack so make sure you have full Hp before and after
    it by using a healing spell or disks. His other two attacks are lightning bolts
    that shoot and spread from his hands and a an ugly purple tongue attack. These
    attacks can only hit you at a distance so stay near him, stay healthy, and take 
    that rogue down once and for all!!
    4) Copyright info.
    This FAQ is c2005 by Jacob Scharff(aka Scifi13186)(aka ImperialStingmon).All 
    trademarks and copyrights in this FAQ are owned by their respective trademark 
    and copyright holders. The following sites may use this FAQ without my consent:
    If anyone else wants to use my faq e-mail me at Scifi13186@aol.com and I'll
    respond ASAP.

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