How do I change difficulty setting on PGA mode?

  1. I'm a little embarrassed about asking but I don't have any other option because I don't actually have the game. You see, I run a game store and I had a customer ask me this question. He says he has tried to change it in the options but he can't seem to find it.

    User Info: ObiBunnKenobi

    ObiBunnKenobi - 7 years ago


  1. No, there isn't an option to change the difficulty. Fact is, if you're good, they're good. If you suck... I'm not sure!

    I think the difficulty adjusts. My opponents often start at -13 since my handicap is at -17. I'm really good, and not trying to boast here.

    I remember that when I started playing, my opponents were on par at best. He shouldn't need to adjust the game.

    User Info: unsquadronmaste

    unsquadronmaste - 5 years ago 0 0

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