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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Celestinox7

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    TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
    By: Castelanox7 (Celest Castellano)
    E-Mail: Goldeneyx@hotmail.com
    Subject line: TSFP 
    (Otherwise I won't open it)
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    Gamefaqs.com wants me to have this guide in, the lines will appear 
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    In addition, this walkthrough is done on normal difficulty on the 
    Playstation 2 version.
    A word about the updates on Gamefaqs.com, The updates will usually be 
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    if the last level that is on the faq is Breaking and Entering: 2052, 
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    So without further ado, here is the Walkthrough. 
    2041: Time to Split
    Intro: After nicking off the TS ship (in TS2) with the crystals, Cortes 
    zips towards Earth. En Route, however, his ship gets smashed by a laser 
    and plummets to the ground. On the ground are various (albeit quite 
    mutated from TS1 and 2) 'splitters who are attacking the military base.
    Playtime: Cortez is hanging upside down after the wreckage. You are 
    handed a Scifi Handgun and you need to follow the map until the 
    wreckage of an even larger ship. Here you are assaulted by strange 
    human-like creatures in black suits. Kill off these and continue. 
    Bridge across the rift by walking on the wreckage, which landed ever-
    so-nicely across the valley. 
    More Humanoid guys, you should be able to pick up a plasma autorifle 
    here, save it, trust me on this one. Listen to a small reference to Cpl. 
    Hart (the girl in TS2 that you left without, you bad bad Cortez you.) 
    There should be a box of plasma Grenades by a rock. In front of you is 
    a bridge that various fighters are zipping over. Behind that is a huge 
    Star-Trek-ish Mothership. Say hello to the TS Mothership. That gets 
    More guys come from the wreckage, there are weird boxes that have light 
    in the middle, these are explosive. Use them to your advantage. Walk to 
    your right into a gully.
    A cutscrene will commence, afterwards you are given a sniper rifle to 
    take care of two guys on a bridge. Either shoot the barrels or the guys. 
    Your choice. Switch back to the Handgun, then find another handgun on 
    the ground, this lets you go double barreled. Take your left and see a 
    Timesplitter jump down. (If you didn't see it, the private escorting 
    you should yell it out) Remember these guys can take and deal some 
    hits--but wait there's more: they can cloak too. Your 2x Handgun should 
    work for the lot of them. Walk a few more steps, another should appear. 
    Blow him to kingdom come and continue on.
    Another TS, and to the left of you is a small outcropping with guns and 
    a stationary Gatling gun. Pick up the supplies, walk towards both men, 
    one should instruct you to man the gun and blow away some 'splitters. A 
    new Objective should appear (stating the same thing) and let them have 
    Go straight ahead, equip your Autorifle if you want, you and a few 
    others will be against a small army of 'splitters. After you have 
    successfully defended the base, turn around and look up at a small 
    outcropping on the cliff w/your sniper. Hmm... Keep that in mind.
    Go around the small wall and into the base. 
    END OF "TIME TO SPLIT: 2041"
    Intro: Cortez gets warped in someplace around the Atlantic Coast just 
    in front of Captain Ash's (The man who I'd share my hairbrush with.) 
    rowboat. Ash says that the British Navy, for some strange reason or 
    another, is planning on bombing the castle that both Ash and Cortez 
    need to be in. Cortez needs to find a mining site, Ash needs to rescue 
    an "assistant" of his. 
    Playtime: Ash gives you a Krueger 9mm. Affix the silencer on it by 
    pressing up on the D-Pad (if not because silencers are cool, but 
    because of the added scope ability) and trod along to see the two men 
    trying to radio HQ. Two well placed shots will take care of them, 
    (don't worry, the other dies in an explosion) Try shooting the guard 
    standing up, the other won't notice. 
    ADDITIONAL NOTE: Futurama812@yahoo.com and timhann@gmail.com says that: 
    At the beginning go back to the boat and there is a flare gun you can 
    use which is actually quite useful when killing the 2 guards at the 
    radio. In the house beside the radio is grenades.
    Go into the small pillbox and find the Vintage Rifle. Pick it up and 
    brandish it. Turn to your left and walk towards a small hill. A guard 
    should order two other soldiers to his left and right. 
    The one on the Guard's left will simply try to snipe you with a 9mm, 
    the one on the right, however, will man a machine gun and fire at you. 
    Your choice on how to handle whichever one first. As a side note, the 
    machine gun the solder is manning DOES overheat. Use that time to place 
    a round in his head. If you can't see the head, aim for slightly to the 
    left or right and below the actual gun.
    If you go in the house in front of the nest, there will be additional 
    Vintage Rifle ammo and a guard in your sight in back of the house. 
    (Just turn around after you pick up the ammo)
    Go back down, rifle still in hand, and snipe the guard Ash is shooting 
    at on the ground, and the soldier on the balcony above the castle's 
    front door. If you go in the house behind the house you received the 
    vintage rifle ammo in, there lays a Krueger 9mm 2x. In the house is 
    body Armour.
    Go into the castle. A cutscreen should occur in which the gates should 
    close, trapping you in. Go to your right and take care of the assorted 
    guys that come to try to kill you (this is called the "trap" in your 
    objectives). On the far left corner should be a box of grenades. To the 
    Far right should be a staircase, as well as a guy with a machine gun 
    that, according to Anya (the little voice in your...arm) is not 
    registered/out of place/not supposed to be in this time period. Shrug 
    it off and arm it if you want. I prefer using the silencer (but you 
    could tell that already, couldn't ya).
    Go up the staircase slowly, at the very top are two guards aiming 
    downwards. Either guns blazing or two head shots will work. This should 
    be the top level of the weird submarine pen. Once again, finish off the 
    guards, and work your way to the far corner's lever. This pulls the 
    gates up. Ash then complains about a sub that is rising and the turret 
    on the ship. Man the crane operations (on the bridge you crossed to get 
    to the gate controls) and pull the sucker off. Just drop it anywhere, 
    the objective will be completed. Waltz down the stairs and meet up with 
    Ash again by the gate you just opened. Go through the door and outside.
    There is a house in the distance. With your newly acquired grenades, 
    (first shoot the windows out) throw a few down to smoke the guys out. 
    Ash should take the hint and walk down, and attempt to plug the guys 
    (while commenting about some "vek-u-ler" transportation).
    I have found that your assistants can't really die. I've shot one in 
    the head about 30 some times with the strongest pistol. Gotta Love Free 
    Walk into the little shop and toss a grenade into the back room. A guy 
    decides to explode along with it. Inside should be ammo and grenades. 
    On your way out, climb the staircase to your left and obtain some 
    health supplies. You need to use the car to bust through a gate, either 
    opt for shooting (hit the gun in the back of the truck) or driving (the 
    driver's seat) I prefer to drive so I can get out of there ASAP. Run 
    over the guys and continue until you get to a small drawbridge that is 
    raised. Park/hide after you got off the gun behind the raised wall end 
    beside the opening. There is a machine gun nest. You know what to do 
    from earlier in the level.
    Anya tells about using the temporal uplink to move the lever. The 
    uplink is a nice little gadget that enables you to move most 
    destructible things INCLUDING zombie heads. (There is a challenge level 
    that requires the beheading of zombies with only your uplink. FYI.) Use 
    it to flip the switch, snipe the guy on top of the castle. Pesky little 
    fellow. Drive/walk across the bridge.
    Two guards will come out from under the arch, so while you have your 
    Vintage out, use it. Turn the bed, shoot the guy under the arch and 
    walk up. Barrels should be falling down; they don't hurt nor explode, 
    so worry about the two guys who are kicking them down. Walk up, Ash 
    says something about a "big strong wall" Grab the TNT and plant it on 
    the door. Kaboom.
    Equip your Silencer or your Auto before entering the castle, soldiers 
    will be around the staircase in the Castle's Foyer. Two more guards 
    should charge down the staircase at the top floor. The foyer is clear 
    when Ash says, "We took care of them..." Go up the main staircase, 
    around the floor and turn left (instead of going up the second flight 
    of steps) brandish your auto and walk down the corridor gun blazing. A 
    guard should die and health should be on the floor. Turn around; there 
    should be a small, 6 step staircase on your left. Go up it. There 
    should be a set of teal doors in this room. Go to them and press the 
    action button. A cutscreen should occur in which a past self hands the 
    present self a key. 
    Albert Einstein said that (in layman's terms) the same, molecular, 
    animate object cannot occur in the same area. Meaning if the real you 
    were to go back in time and touch you as a baby, time would screw up 
    and you would never exist. What about the skin cell's that were on the 
    key that was passed?
    But I digress... The door should open into a cellar. Go down, listen to 
    the drunken guy, grab the flare gun, then in the far right corner 
    should be a makeshift elevator. Ash should hoist you up. Enjoy the 
    incessant vibration of your controller while the elevator rises... No 
    not there! Brandish your silencer.
    Go through the door, listen to the guard's Question, turn right and pop 
    him in the head, turn to your left and you should see a guard walking 
    past. Once he can't see you, peek around the corner and pop him too. 
    You should be in a dining room of sorts. Turn around and up the stairs 
    to an arch. To your left will be a guard. Shoot. To your right will be 
    a locked door. Go down the hallway until you get to a "t" junction at 
    the top of stairs. A guard should ask, "What are they talking about in 
    there." Brandish your auto or your flare gun and turn left. The guards 
    should freak and assume battle positions. Kill them all.
    Go through the room (to the left is a bunch of periscopes [makeshift 
    cameras] you can look through, make sure you look at the middle one. 
    Anya should say something about getting in the meeting silently. 
    Doesn't work. Turn around (from the periscope room) and walk almost 
    back to the staircase, turn to your left to find a golden door. Go in 
    here and walk out of the small "foyer." To your extreme right is a room 
    with body armor in it. Exit the Body armor room and turn to your left, 
    there should be a door to the right side of the bed.
    CHECKPOINT: Arm your Vintage or Auto
    Enter in the door, a cutscreen should occur. Blow them all away. Enter 
    through the door beside the fireplace. Another cutscreen should occur. 
    You become the one who gave the key. It's a Wormhole. You can hear the 
    game's explanation. You end up giving the key to yourself. (Although 
    how the first one got it is beyond me). The first door on your left is 
    two guards. Shoot them in you want. But any non-silenced fire may 
    attract them. Shoot the guard against the wall on your right in the 
    room first. The far left corner has an alcove that has heath and ammo 
    in it. Go back to the hallway. Shoot the periscope in the Kitchen; 
    watch it make sparks as its non-existent circuitry is fried. Go up the 
    staircase; be warned that at the top is a guard making his rounds. 
    At the top of this staircase, the hall to your left is a dead end; the 
    corridor to the right is an actual hallway. Straight ahead is an empty 
    bedroom. On the right side is a staircase. Go up it. There is a guard. 
    If you are loud, another one comes, if not. Walk down the hallway and 
    turn.  Down this hallway is one room on your left (silenced people, 
    this is where the other guard is). On the table is a K-SMG Grenade (a 
    rocket launcher secondary function for your out of place machine gun) 
    Go down the hall, on your right will be another periscope room with two 
    guards (be warned, the middle one will give you a great shot of Ash's 
    face. Up the stairs is a tower with Vintage ammo. Returning back to the 
    hallway, you will go to the end. You will emerge outside just in time 
    to see a plane take a nose dive into the castle wall. Go across the 
    small veranda and into the castle again. You should hear Ash's voice 
    talking. Go in the first door on your left and find him talking to the 
    Jungle Queen (Remember his "assistant?") Go out and take the second 
    door on your left. Shoot the barrel to get oil oozing out, then K-SMG 
    Rocket the sucker. The door and barrel and wall should explode, and 
    Queenie should roll out. Ash will say goodbye.
    Go down the steps, grab the Armour arm your K-SMG grenade. Then walk 
    CHECKPOINT: Enter in your first big bad guy.
    ENEMY: Big Tank.
    WEAKSPOT: Back of tank
    METHOD: Disable with Rocket K-SMG, nab TNT and place on back. Repeat 
    From this area, run to the far left corner, grab extra grenade ammo. Go 
    into the small circular room and grab the TNT. Once you shoot the tank 
    with the missile, run up, set the 
    TNT and watch the life go down. Repeat as necessary.
    Q: What about if I just shoot it with the K-SMG grenade?
    A: Won't do as much as the TNT, but that'll work.
    Q: And the flare gun?
    A: Nope. Try Again.
    With any luck (hopefully not much) the tank should become scrap metal 
    and you should hear Anya. Enter in where the tank shot out of. You can 
    explore the battlefield for goodies as well. Go up the middle Bridge 
    and watch the level end.
    Intro: Through the Picture Cortez found in Scotland, Anya beams Cortez 
    into 1964 during a stakeout done by the infamous Harry Tipper. Tipper 
    tells Cortez that Khallos is up to his old schemes again and has 
    kidnapped the sexy Kitten Celeste (who I would gladly share...yeah...we 
    wont get into that). On lighter notes, Khallos has stolen a nuke from 
    the French (I thought they didn't have them at this time?) and has 
    equipped an army in hopes to take over the world. A figure (the guy in 
    the picture found in Scotland) is with Khallos as the picture is being 
    taken. The man is from a cult called the Cult of Ultrascience and, in 
    exchange for eternal life, has been given a small army by Khallos to 
    further the... 
    "Research" of the cult.
    Playtime: Tipper challenges Cortez to take out the guards silently. It 
    really doesn't matter if 
    you do or not.
    Q: How do I be quiet?
    A: As Harry is explaining the French Story, silence and snipe the dude 
    in the guard post, hide behind the crates until you see a henchwoman 
    walk beside them. Shoot her. Go back to Harry and wait until he says on 
    how to kill them "Brainbox..." At this time go to where you shot the 
    first woman and take out the man standing nearby, further down should 
    be another guy on patrol.
    For armor, go into the building and downstairs, go into the door and 
    shoot the two guys.
    Q: Help, I can't find a way to take them both out without getting shot.
    A: You figure it out and tell me how.
    Harry and you should jump down into the storm drain. Walk towards one 
    end of the pipe (it should have the rest of the level on the other 
    side). Harry will eyeglass laser the pipes off. 
    Both of you should split up after a short talk. Go up the steps and 
    snipe the guard at the far right corner. Go through the right corner 
    and turn left. There should be two guards, one walking in the alley 
    away from you and one by a door. Shoot them both. Walk towards the 
    barn-looking building and turn to your left. There should be an 
    electric door. Beside it should be some henchman. Kill him. 
    Go down the alley to your right and watch the car come towards you. If 
    you're good, you can snipe both of them while they are in the car. If 
    not, blow their heads off on solid ground. Depending on how much ruckus 
    the three of you made, there will be a guard shooting at you from 
    behind and from in front of you. Snipe them and grab the automatic gun. 
    Enter the building on your left. Take the two guards out and shut down 
    the generator, head towards the not-so-electric door.  
    From here on out, you need to check the tops of the boxes, Khallos' men 
    have a fun time trying to snipe you. And their outfits blend in. Ouch. 
    Go around the small outside and shoot the guards that are in the way of 
    you and the door. Go through and head on up the water tower. There 
    should be a cutscreen in here. Go up the tower, shoulder the sniper. To 
    your left should be two bricked in sections. Harry will go find 
    disguises while you snipe the henchpeople that try to kill him.
    Q: Help I can't protect Tipper!
    A: Make sure you are using head shots. Make sure that you are zooming 
    in as much as you need, and that, at last resort, you blow up the 
    barrels before the guards get smart and do.
    Go down the plank into the house. Fight your way downstairs. After you 
    exit, you and Harry should get into disguises. (ooh la la Harry!) The 
    two of you will go into the Train Depot.
    The disguises will work! You need to go through the train station until 
    you get to the main room, to your right should be a small staircase 
    that leads up to a "Keep Clear" marked door. Go in there, take your 
    first right, kill the guy and take his keycard. Afterwards, go back 
    down the steps and turn to your left to go down another flight of steps. 
    Enter here. Go down the steps, take your first left. Go through the 
    door and down onto the silos. After the armed engineers have a slight 
    distance between them, use your silencer to kill them. This will make 
    things easier later
    Go to the end of the silos and turn right, go down the steps. Go around 
    both silos and enter a door on the opposite side as the steps. Go 
    through either door, kill the guard. Go through the arch, down the 
    steps and turn the valve. Return back to the entrance of the silo room.
    Once at the entrance of the silo room, exit the way you came in, Go 
    through the door and take your first left. Hit the action button while 
    against the weird, turbine/generator item. It should power up. The 
    "Activate Starter Motor" Objective should be completed. Exit the 
    hallway the way you came in and return to where you shot the first 
    engineer and picked up the keycard. Go down the steps in the Motor room 
    and throw the lever by the generator. By this time the guards will be 
    after you. Blow up all those involved and enter the blast door.
    Q: I can't kill the guys after I started the motor.
    A: Sometimes it is easier to take the guards out before you do anything. 
    I have been able to take out all guards without the others knowing. But 
    that was rare. Try starting with the guards on the catwalks if you plan 
    to take them out beforehand. If you plan to take them out w/o them 
    knowing, try the guy on the raised platform first (he should be behind 
    a pillar when you shoot) then the two on the catwalks, then the guy 
    beside the blast door, then snipe the two women near the start. Then 
    worry about the guy who flirts with Tipper
    There are two guards and a jeep. Kill them
    Harry will take the stairs. Follow his lead for now. You will go down a 
    flight of steps and fight a corridor of bad guys Grenades work well 
    here, hold the L1 button for extra distance. Once this is done, go into 
    the room on the far left, to get the much-needed Armour and Health. 
    Harry will rant about having hostages, you can shoot the hostages, and 
    they won't die. Go back up and get the jeep and drive down, smashing 
    the stop barricades.
    By now you should be wondering what the other tunnel is for. Drive the 
    jeep down there and bust through the other Stop barricade. Go down the 
    hallway on your right. On the first right is a room with a lot of 
    soldiers, you don't have to go in if you don't want, however, there is 
    a health container there. Go down to the first left. Use the temporal 
    to grab the bombshell, walk to the blast door (in front of the second 
    stop barricade) and fling her. The door should explode.
    CHECKPOINT Equip Auto
    Go through the door, kill the guards and venture to the very end of the 
    tunnel, take your left and go down the stairs. Kill the guards that are 
    lurking. Then the two after the cutscreen at the end of the tunnel.
    END "The Russian Connection: 1969"
    BEGIN "The Khallos Express: 1969"
    Intro: Harry and Cortez have made it aboard Khallos' train with the 
    nuke. The next step is to disable the missile, kill Khallos, and rescue 
    Celeste. What a Day!
    Playtime: You start on the caboose of the train and must fight your way 
    up towards the engine. Follow Harry up to the end of the caboose, where 
    he will exclaim about some guards on the roof. Equip your scope and pop 
    one in the head. Get out of the caboose by going to the far left corner, 
    down the steps and across the rail connector to the next car.
    Go up the ladder and continue "train surfing" until you see what is on 
    a flatcar in front of you. Harry asks if you wanna snipe or go in guns 
    blazing. Your pick. Walk to the end of the Flatcar.
    Q: I can't shoot them all without the others knowing.
    A: Pretty tricky this one... Wait until the girl walks around towards 
    you and pops up at the right side of the flatcar. Shoot. Turn to the 
    guy on your right. Shoot. At this time, the guard on the far right will 
    start patrolling, he wills top behind a box, closer to you. Shoot the 
    other guard, (far left), then the other guy. Harry will say its all 
    In the next car are a machine gun nest and two guards. Try to open the 
    door, and then run out for cover. The door should close, and the gunner 
    should kill both of the guards. After the gun overheats, snipe his head. 
    Try getting it in-between the left and right top corners of the gun 
    (Kinda where the sights of the machine gun would lay). Two other guards 
    will come in, fire at them both, or let Harry get shot up while he 
    deals with them. 
    Enter in the car; listen to the guard radio in. Shoot him, and then the 
    other will hide behind the table. You can let Harry take care of him. 
    Brandish your Temporal and turn to the right of this room, grab the 
    health can and continue on. Harry should leave you for the time being. 
    Enter in the car, listen to the attack 'chopper, and then plow your way 
    through the 4 guards, shooting them. You may want to check the separate 
    coach rooms for anything useful.
    At this point in time, the lady who had massive sphincter (the nerve 
    that controls bowel movements) problems will have fixed herself and 
    continues patrol. Shoot her. Another guard at the front of the car 
    should get smart and start patrolling as well. Fire. Get to the exit of 
    this car. Pull out your machine gun. There will be boxes on the next 
    flatcar that need to be destroyed. To make matters worse, the 'chopper 
    will be firing at you. Blow through these wooden boxes and run to the 
    end of the flatcar. To the left is a control panel for the Surface to 
    Air Missiles. Blow the 'chopper away. 
    Go up the car, across it, blowing the guys that pop up from the car 
    below away, then snipe the two guards on the flatcar before you. There 
    will be another hiding behind a destroyable crate. Either go down and 
    blow him away, or get rid of the crate then kill him. Anya will say 
    that you are trapped. Arm the gun of your choice; you will be attacking 
    guards on the opposite track. 
    Another 'Chopper will start attacking, but lucky you, your past Cortez 
    will handle the 'chopper while you protect him. The explosion of the 
    helicopter will destroy the walls of the car in front of you, so you 
    can go on through. Arm your auto or Soviet and pull through, guards 
    should start arming themselves. Blow them away. Restock. Kill the two 
    guard son the other side of the "guy's room" Exit the car. Arm your 
    CHECKPOINT: Get ready to blow away.
    Unfortunately, Free Radical places you, after the cutscreen, in a 
    firefight. The guards will have no aiming ability at the time, so blow 
    them away. After this, make sure you grab as much rocket Launcher ammo 
    as you can. You know what's coming up. Exit the car and grab the 
    BOSS: Chopper
    WEAKSPOT: Whole Body 
    METHOD: One Rocket after Another, the launchers locks on for you. Just 
    make sure you see "Target Locked" on the left side of the screen.
    After this, go back the way you came, a cutscreen should occur.
     Cortez will jump the train. Make sure you shoot the guard who comes to 
    investigate. He should drop a Machine Gun 2x. Arm it; blow everyone in 
    this next car away. Once again, loot the coach cabins; there should be 
    a health in the 5th door. Go to the end of this, pull out your silencer 
    or your soviet and shoot through the glass to kill the guards that are 
    nearby. There may be some who didn't jump over from the other car.
    Equip your 2x Machine guns and go into the lounge car, shoot the 4 or 5 
    guards there.
    Q: What is the slot machine for?
    A: Haven't a clue, I once got three cats and it did nothing.
    Exit the car; go to the end of this car.
    Go up the stairs, arm your temporal. Go into the clear room. This is a 
    trap that emits poison gas. On the side that Khallos talks to you, use 
    the Temporal to pull the level. (The statue) don't worry, it's there. 
    There is Strudel, the cat with wheels. She serves no purpose. To the 
    middle right side of Khallos' office, there is a switch, pull it. Arm 
    your machine guns and walk out towards the glass room. Guards should 
    start entering, you know what to do. Afterwards, grab the health in the 
    safe if you need it.
    There is a small puzzle to defuse the bomb. You are to use the energy 
    running through each wire to turn the pieces so they form a complete 
    circuit. Unfortunately, Free Radical places these puzzles at random
    If the graph is numbered  
    1   2   3   4
    5   6   7   8
    9   10 11 12
    13 14 15 16  
    Then Blue should follow 1->2->3->7->8
    Green Should follow 5->9->13->14->10->11->15->16->12->8->4
    Blue follows 1->5->6->7->11->10->9->13
    Green Follows 2->6->10->14->15->16->12->8->4
    If there are others that I haven't listed, please E-mail me, I will 
    attribute to who provided me with the info, as well as place it here. 
    If you are bummed for an answer, try working both ends at the same time 
    of one energy beam
    Grab the Armour and walk out of the car. Arm your fastest shooting/most 
    powerful gun (auto or soviet) up the steps.
    Walk towards the flame. Here we go
    BOSS: Khallos (in jet pack resembling that from 007 in "Thunderball")
    WEAKSPOT: Whole Body, but shooting his head makes him spin around 
    METHOD: Shoot, reload, Shoot, repeat until desired consistency.
    Run towards the engine, press the button, and watch the cutscreen. 
    Listen to Kitten Celeste's only Line in the whole game.
    END "The Khallos Express: 1969"
    BEGIN "The House of Horrors: 1994"
    INTRO: Anya tells Cortez that in '94 the HQ of The Brotherhood of 
    Science burnt down. Anya teleports him and finds Jo Beth Casey (Nope, 
    not the teenage cheerleader anymore, the punk rock annoying little 
    PLAYTIME: Grab the flamethrower, use it against the flying thingies, 
    and put it away. Walk towards the right room and grab the bat. In the 
    armoire is a health. 
    Note: Unlike TS1 and TS2, hitting/swinging off heads is now much more 
    difficult. I suggest aiming directly above the head, almost in the air.
    Arm the bat and go into the next room, deal with the zombies, them grab 
    the revolver. This should be useful. Arm it. Go into the next room and 
    stay near the door. A ghost should light up half the room. Kill the 
    zombies with revolver shots. Follow Jo-Beth outside. Arm your 
    flamethrower. Walk on the grass, keep moving, unless you walk directly 
    on top of them, they shouldn't hurt you. When they pop up, fry 'em.
    Go back into the room, in the left corner is a small cupboard, inside 
    is a health. Go down the hallway, 
    Stock up on shotgun ammo. Use either the revolver or the shotgun, 
    whichever you feel more comfy with. Inside the next room is an empty 
    ADDITIONAL POINT BY NEKADA: "At the beginning or the mansion of madness, 
    the corridor before where the ghost sets half the room on fire, there 
    are two shotguns on the wall."
    NOTE: At least one armoire (in Normal) has a Zombie which pops up. I 
    will disclose that information to you when that happens. Of course, the 
    thought just before was, "You know one of these times a zombie will pop 
    out of this." (It freaked me out when he did that. And I was playing at 
    2 in the morning... wonderful)
    Go into the dining room; shoot the zombies that fall down from the 
    second floor. A boss battle will ensure with the Deerhaunter.
    BOSS: Deerhaunter
    WEAKSPOT: Try his head... maybe?
    METHOD: KEEP MOVING. Fire does not work, Revolver or shotgun fry him. 
    But KEEP 
    ALTERNATIVE METHOD: (thanks to the guys at this link: 
    4033, and kowawa1) Jump into the hole that the deer haunter made, back 
    up until your back is to the wall. Then either let jo-beth, or yourself 
    blow the sucker away. If you keep your back against the wall, he can't 
    hurt you.
    After the battle, in the cupboards is a health package. Go through the 
    room; blow the head off of the running zombie. Go upstairs to the 
    second floor, then your left door to enter the second floor of the 
    Deerhaunter room and blow the zombies away. Leave and go to the left, 
    enter the room. 
    There should be a long hallway; the first door is three zombies, one 
    with a shotgun. Continue about halfway and there should be other 
    zombies that charge at you. Go to your second right and enter, there is 
    one health in the armoire and one in the cupboard. Go down the hall, 
    into the other door, blow away the couple zombies, and then enter the 
    left door into the library.
    Kill the zombies here, two have guns, then go up the stairs, kill the 
    French zombie and enter the door. Go past the drunk or traumatized 
    scientist. Go through the door and to your right, (there is nothing in 
    the room on your left). You should come to what seems to be a hall of 
    bedrooms. There is nothing in the first right or left door (a bathroom 
    and kid's room, although if you are into scary movies, it kinda would 
    look cool... I guess) at the very end of this hall, on your right is a 
    master bedroom. THIS ARMOIRE SPITS OUT A ZOMBIE. There is health in the 
    cupboard to the left of the bed. Arm your flamethrower
    Go back to the bedroom hall and into the adjoining hallway. A cutscreen 
    should occur where small bugs attack some scientist. Use the 
    flamethrower to burn the bugs up.
    Q: I keep dieing from the bugs.
    A: Corner yourself and wiggle the analog pad back and forth, keep 
    torching them until you hear Jo-Beth say that she's going to hide in 
    the bathroom (with the dead guy in the tub... right... smart girl...)
    Go down the hall, on the first right should be a shotgun, on your 
    second right should be flamethrower ammo, switch to the shotgun and 
    take the first left to another room. Kill the zombies here; there are 
    two runners, one with a gun. Here TWO OTHER ARMOIRES SPIT OUT ZOMBIES 
    (unless you took too much time and they were part of the whole family 
    you beheaded.
    You are going to go down another hallway take the door on your right.
    Up the stairs we go! Arm your revolver; you wanna have more than two 
    shots per reload here. There will be about 6 zombies; two have guns, 
    and two have bats. Deal with them (Avoid the ghost) and go through the 
    pathway near the staircase. Deal with the few zombies that are there 
    once you turn the corner, three have guns. Walk o the end of this room, 
    down the fall and listen to the scientist talk about an entrance in the 
    kitchen.  Grab the health and go down the stairs.Down in this room are 
    5 zombies, all have guns, move and blow heads off. A cutscreen should 
    occur; you should fall down through the floor and into a main staircase.
    Go downstairs, listen to the scientist rant, and go through the door to 
    your left. Grab the revolver, shotgun, and health from the cabinet. Go 
    outside and see the cutscreen.
    BOSS: Puddin' ("Creature") in the game
    WEAKSPOT: Eye at the base of the monster, 
    METHOD: Run around avoiding the blasts, when the eye pops up, use the 
    NOTE: Headshots work, but do lesser damage.
    ADDITIONAL NOTE BY: Randallyn@aol: "Hey just wanted to let you know, 
    that when you are fighting the "Puddin" creature, that if you run to 
    the right corner little damage happens to you and you can defeat the 
    creature that way and you wont die.
    Jo-Beth comes back (Joy..., but how could she move all those heavy 
    pieces of mansion?) go into the single door.
    Go into the kitchen. Three shots should kill the cow carcasses (which 
    aside from being the freakiest thing I have ever seen in my life, 
    they're kinda cool) from the shotgun; one should kill the deranged, 
    zombified French Chef. Go through the door, kill the Chef by the meat 
    hanging then exit the Mansion.
    END "The Haunted House: 1994"
    BEGIN "What Lies Below: 1994"
    INTRO: So Cortez IS a man after all... So the Mature Rating IS there for 
    a reason! But her shirt DOES say Slut on it.... The two climb down into 
    the heart of the labs.
    PLAYTIME: Ghosts seem to be throwing boxes around again, Grab the 
    revolver ammo in this room. Go out of the room, down the hall until Jo-
    Beth goes on her own and falls down a hole. Go into the circular room. 
    Through the door that isn't holed up. You should drop down and find, 
    yes siree, Jo-Barf Scary! (Zombie Jo-Beth's) Go and find Jo-Beth 
    hanging from one foot while zombies try to man....er... zombie-handle her. 
    Blow the heads off and watch as she falls down, freeing herself and 
    bruising her butt. Grab the shotgun.
    Go down the labs; blow off the speedy Zombies, then into the 
    maintenance room. Look at the random things on the computer. Open the 
    security door, kill the electric zombies.
    NOTE: Jo-Beth + Shotgun = bad aim. She can hurt you by her bad weapons 
    Go through the corridor (minding the electric cords) until you come to 
    a weird room with the bottoms of trash chutes. Jo Beth will hack into 
    the system while you defend against the zombies falling down the chutes. 
    You can pick up a harpoon gun in here if that makes things easier.
    In the next following rooms are various labs. You can look under the 
    microscope to see germs multiplying. I'm not quite sure exactly what 
    they do, but it's there nonetheless.
    In the next room, there is a scientist who has locked himself into the 
    zombie experimental chamber. Play with the controls if you want. Leave 
    this hallway. 
    Through this hallway you can hear a zombie Mick Jagger talking to 
    Princess (Okay.. so I thought it was Puddin') ignore him and take the 
    door on your right, the time traveler drops you down a chute.
    You land in a rail car, man your harpoon gun, use it to blow away the 
    zombies that hang down. Usually the harpoons float in mid air so you 
    can get them back.  After a cutscreen, you are taking zombie duty for 
    Cortez while he deals with ghosts. The harpoon gun still works well 
    here, although the shotgun and revolver are still good choices.
    Go up the hill, using the ghost gun to blow away some ghosts. Health 
    can be found in one of the side corridors in that cave. 
    Next you will protect past Cortez while he does nothing, I mean kills 
    zombies. This past guy you keep saving is a slacker, he didn't shoot 
    many guys in 1969 while you were blowing up the train, and now he will 
    ignore the zombies that he is supposed to kill. You're going to have to 
    do double time to get this done. 
    Go down the hole.
    BOSS: Princess
    WEAKSPOT: Gas Canister in her mouth
    METHOD: Either Revolver, harpoon or shotgun the canister in her mouth.
    Take the elevator in this room, go up. Go back to the pentagram room 
    and through the doors. This is the time traveler's office. Look at the 
    Personal Diary of Jacob Crow, A virus then pops up, and you have 
    limited time to get back to the elevator.
    Don't worry about Jo-Beth, and only shoot anything that gets in your 
    way. Go back through the way you came.
    END "What Lies Beneath: 1994"
    BEGIN "Breaking and Entering: 2052"
    INTRO: After evading the clutches of the catacombs, Jo-Bath's poor 
    aiming, and her desire to ask you out. Cortez is teleported by Anya to 
    2052, to a weapons facility run by Jacob Crow. Cortez sees some girl 
    enter through a shaft.
    PLAYTIME: Use the temporal to pick up the box, let go of the R2 Button 
    to fling the box at the worker standing on the ledge, looking out. He 
    should drop a Mag-Launcher, as well as a LX-18 (the best pistol). Pull 
    out the charger and fire a few shots into the robot. Go down the steps 
    and to your left. On the building a few metres ahead of you is a camera, 
    Mag it. Go in-between the two buildings, find a small square handprint 
    scanner-looking devise. Shoot it with the Mag to fry the circuitry of 
    the laser trip wires. Don't forget to fry the other camera. 
    To your right is a small security room. Silence the LX, open it, pop 
    the guard, go to the terminal he was at and disable the security 
    functions, but make sure to open the security door. To your left is 
    health and armour. Temporal it to grab and pull the goodies to you. You 
    can now walk around the rooftop without worrying about robots nor 
    cameras. For extra fun, trip an alarm and disable the "friend or foe" 
    ability on the robot, watch it blow up anything that moves.
    NOTE: To make things easier, Mag all the cameras, hand-scaners, and 
    guns on the rooftop.
    Go to the opposite end of the roof top, to the door you opened. Mag the 
    gun, then walk to the left side of the lasers. Just below the railing 
    for the stairs should be the handprint scanner you need to fry. Go down 
    the steps to the first door, open it, Mag the camera to your direct 
    right. Pull you're your Silenced LX (hopefully you figured out that 
    every time you use a pistol in this Walkthrough, it will be silenced) 
    and go to the left side of the small wall in front of the door. Pop the 
    guard nearby.
    Now switch to the secondary function of the Mag launcher. Any yellow 
    will be cameras, hand scanners, or auto guns ON ANY FLOOR. If you 
    destroyed all the rooftop electrical devices, you will not see the 
    rooftop devices, thus making your job a little easier. Walk through 
    until you see a door with two laser beams protecting it. You can get 
    close enough to make the door open; the Hand scanner is directly next 
    to it. Fry the scanner, pull out your LX. Peer round the corner and pop 
    the guy in the head. Then Mag the auto gun above him. Walk towards the 
    dead guy, before you turn the corner, search for a camera that is on 
    the wall (that should have seen the guy drop dead... oh well).
    Go through the doors, Mag the camera on the wall to your left. Pull out 
    your LX and potshot the guy doing rounds to the right. Further down is 
    an auto gun. Kaboom. Go down the hall, take the left then take another 
    left through a door. This is a small security post. Kill the guy with a 
    few rounds, collect the goodies, and then look at the control panel. 
    You should see the girl from the intro on the camera screen. Next the 
    screen fades to control of an auto gun. Protect her form the guards. 
    There are three openings, the windows, the top right, and the bottom 
    right. The gun has an almost full range of motion.
    Exit the command room, go straight across the room to the open door. 
    Mag the camera and auto gun (I think they are offline at this point, 
    but just in case.) Go down the staircase and into what seems to be the 
    company offices. 
    Run through the first pair of door, scope and kill the robot asap. If 
    you need health, grab it at the security station above. Walk through 
    the hall and turn to your left. To your left should be a panel. 
    Activate the cleaning robot. Enter through the door it opens. Go into 
    the storage room and shoot the barrels to your right. Go back towards 
    the staircase. An engineer will start complaining, mistaking you for a 
    Arm your SP Auto and enter through the room the engineer came out from. 
    The door should lock and guards should plow in. Kill them all, 
    including the police robot that will enter. Exit this room.
    Go in the Women's bathroom for health and armour. Exit the bathroom and 
    turn right, exiting the hall. Go towards the elevator to initiate a 
    cutscreen. Defeat the guys here. Follow Amy to an office with large 
    windows. Pull out your SP Auto and protect her. Go back to the elevator 
    with Amy.
    Turn right from the elevator and deal with the guards.
    Q: Help! The Robot Police-thingies keep killing me!
    A: One well placed, fully-charged Disruptor shot should do the trick, 
    if not, a full clip of SP Auto, or 4-5 Mag bursts. Don't even try the 
    pistol w/o lots of cover and ammo.
    Go down the hallway and into Crow's office. Guards will come in at 
    intermittent times, so be on our guard. Fight back down to the elevator, 
    kill the police robot. Watch the Cutscreen.
    END: "Breaking and Entering: 2052"
    BEGIN: "You Genius, U-Genix: 2052"
    INTRO: Cortez and Amy take the elevator to the bottom lab. There they 
    are to obtain information on the illegal activities of Crow.  
    PLAYTIME: Go down the hallways, listening to Crow's mumbo jumbo (always 
    wanted to use that in something I've written) go down to the offices, 
    there shoot out 4 legged turrets. Back up until they start firing at 
    Amy, then blow them away. Amy will point you in the direction of shower. 
    Go down and nab the red card in-between the stalls on the far wall. Go 
    back to where Amy is, grab the green box of LX ammo, then open the door 
    to the immediate left of the showers (if you were facing the shower 
    doors). Cortez will change into a doctor suit. Pick up the armour in 
    the living quarter. 
    After picking up the things, go back to where the circular room with 
    the security doors was. Go through the security door.
    Go into the next room, through the identifier, up the stairs. Read the 
    memos if you want but access the rail bot and shoot the two guards. 
    Turn around and go straight to the other side to hit the "lock down" 
    button. Go through the door and down through the hallway Grab the time 
    NOTE: Usually I forego on the grenades, save the plasma as they stick 
    to stuff. However, the time grenades are kinda fun to use. Just wait 
    until a large group of enemies to pull one of those babies.
     Deal with the scientists and the rushing guards before going through 
    the decon process. Go through the hall and wait for Amy to do the same. 
    She changes into a lab coat. Obtain the health on the left corner (as 
    if you just entered the room). Go through the security door that has 
    the green and red spotlight-eske shadowing it. Go to the end of the 
    hallway, a warning to turn off all running experiments should occur, 
    then Amy asks to take care of the two guards loafing around. Pull out 
    whichever gun is easier for you (probably the SP Auto) as more guards 
    will come after Amy kills the two. 
    Pull out the Auto or dispersion, in the next room are two railbots. You 
    can auto fire them down, then fire one well placed, fully-charged 
    dispersion at them to fry them. At the end of this corridor is a 
    scientist who gives you anti-mutant serum ammo for your dartgun.
    Pull out your auto, and flank the guards Amy charges, go up the 
    staircase, and toss a grenade. Use the time slowing down to kill the 
    three guards here. Amy should leave you while she downloads all the 
    nitty-gritty details. In he next room are the mutants and guards. First 
    use your auto to shoot all the guards. Then use the dartgun to blow up 
    the mutants. Watch out, when they explode, the flying skin does hurt.
    Note the health to the right of the entrance to this room, the 
    flamethrower one of the guards had, and the tranq darts that are on the 
    floor. The darts can be reused. Pull out yoru auto and walk through the 
    door, blow away the escaping guard.
    Enter the next room, remember, shoot guards, then mutants. There are 
    about 4 mutants, amd a boatload of guards. Pick up the flamethrower, 
    and various other ammo. At the end of this room, kill the bald 
    interceptress, then the mutant. Exit, go up the stairs, tranq the 
    mutant, then temporal the time grenades and health in the room that is 
    quarantined (through the window). Go down the flight of steps opposite 
    the quarantined area.
    Equip your LX, scope it and enter the next room. Head shot the two 
    standing guards. A bald interceptor should hide behind crates. Use the 
    temporal to move the box out of the way, then head shot him. Peer 
    around the corner to shoot the guard at a guard station on your right. 
    Go around to the left and down the staircase. Turn and cover your rear 
    against the charging guard and the guards behind the glass window just 
    Turn back to the end of the hall. Press the button and watch the doors 
    rise (there may be mutants in here on hard, I haven't a clue) Grab the 
    supplies. Go to the left of the glass windows, through the now-open 
    security door. Remember, guards first, then mutants. Play with the 
    controls on the mutants if you want while Anya gets grossed out. Either 
    way these need to die. Leave the Automated Surgery room and go up the 
    staircase. Kill the mutants (in what appears to be a recovery room) and 
    pick up the armour and health by the beds. Go down the hall.
    You enter the core of the U-Genix system, With the time portal. This is 
    the fun part.
    You will manage to have four different Cortez' at the same time.  
    Step one: Hacking ( I think there is only one solution for each, E-mail 
    me for different ones)
    1   2   3   4
    5   6   7   8
    9   10 11 12
    13 14 15 16
    Then Green should follow: 5->1->2->6->7->11->15->14
    And Blue should be: 13->9->10->11->12->8->4->3
    1   2   3   4   5   6
    7   8   9   10 11 12
    13 14 15 16 17 18
    19 20 21 22 23 24
    25 26 27 28 29 30
    31 32 33 34 35 36
    Then Green= 2->8->14->15->21->27->28->29->30->36
    Red= 32->33->34->35->29->23->17->18->12->6
    Blue= 19->13->7->8->9->3->4->5->11->10->16->22->21->20->26->25->31 
    Phase 2: Destroy Railbots: Blow up anything that decides to move
    Phase 3: Hacking:
    1   2   3   4   5   6   7
    8   9   10 11 12 13 14
    15 16 17 18 19 20 21
    22 23 24 25 26 27 28
    29 30 31 32 33 34 35
    36 37 38 39 40 41 42
    43 44 45 46 47 48 49
    Then Green= 8->9->10->11->18->25->32->39->40->41->42
    Red= 15->22->29->36->37->44->45->38->31->24->17->18->19->20->21->14->7
    Blue= 2->9->16->23->24->25->26->19->12->5->6->13->20->27->34->33->40-
    Phase 4: Destroy Spiderbots: Once again, blow up anything that moves, 
    dispersion ammo is laying around. 
    Congrats, you just passed probably the hardest firefight of the game. 
    Meet up with Anya go down the hall, grab the health.
    Cutscreen. Kill the droids. Watch the cool cutscreen. (it's my fav.)
    END: "You Genius U-Genix: 2042"
    BEGIN: "Machine Wars: 2243"
    INTRO: Apparently, Crow traveled into the future after knowing the 
    demise of his U-Genix corporation to found another company: Ultranet. 
    He used the alias of Jack Crown to obtain the necessary permits and 
    such. Cortez is plopped in the middle of the Robot Wars (Remember the 
    mission in TS2 with the Machinist? It's a bit before that level. I 
    PLAYTIME: Follow the humans. Remember that robot anatomy is identical 
    as human. (headshots work, although sometimes two are needed) When you 
    first encounter the robots, stand on the high ledge and snipe. When 
    electricity flows throughout their body, they are dead. Go through the 
    small pillar maze, kill any uniformed humans. Turn left and destroy the 
    battle robots. Hit the health to the right side of the door.
    Go towards the tank.
    Drive the tank, shoot the other tanks with your big gun, 3-5 shot 
    should do it. Follow past Cortez' directions.
    When you get out of the tank follow the female resistance officer to 
    the window, then use it to shoot the robots that are heading towards 
    the other entrance. Follow the female, then equip your handgun. Defeat 
    the robots in this area. 
    AUTHORS NOTE: You may be able to chuck the explosive barrels at the 
    Go through this room, then kill the sniping guards to the top right. 
    Fight your way up the ledge and to the opposite side. Angel should 
    disable the systems. Fight the robots after she opens the door up and 
    go into the implantation centre.  
    This drains your health. ^^;
    Exit, grab the scifi sniper. Use this to disable the auto guns, as well 
    as the auto bazookas (or whatever the things on the top of the building 
    are) one shot takes care of the auto guns, one for the bazookas. Fight 
    through the trench, then use your sci-fi handgun to deal with the 
    robots from afar. Go through the path and fight your way to a corridor. 
    Angel Should leave you
    (I'm sure there is a checkpoint here, but I forgot >.<)
    You meet up with yourself. Take care of the flying fighters. You get 
    the robot.
    Go through the subway, grab the minigun and health at the beginning, 
    and fight off the guards. Let the tinman do the bullet-catching while 
    you snipe from afar.
    Eventually you will get to a human vehicle that you need to drive 
    through the carnage, this isn't the easiest thing in the world to do so 
    watch out. Drive through the mess.
    You gets to drive the BIIIIIGGGG thingie. Blow everything away in the 
    END: "Machine Wars: 2243"
    BEGIN: "Something to Crow About:2243"
    INTRO: Cortez and the tinman have infiltrates the site. Here they are 
    given permission to liquidate Crow on sight. Yay! Its about damned 
    time! Anyway, this level is a bit like Breaking and Entering, and 
    Machine Wars placed together. Kinda good music too
    PLAYTIME: Enter in through the doors, then destroy the teleporting 
    robots, then the gunships outside. Grab the plasma autorifle. R110 
    points out an electrotool, as well as armour underneath it. Grab both. 
    Equip the elctrotool, zap the battle druid with the oval thing around 
    it, let R110 deal with it. Turn the corner and use your autorifle to 
    blow away the sentry bot. Grab the grenades and health to the left. 
    Then go down the incline. Fight the robots. Before you overload the 
    shield with the electrotol, chuck a grenade at it. This should disable 
    the robots behind it. Go through.
    Go down the ramp, electrotool the robot guards at the door on your 
    right, then chuck a grenade at them. Destroy the three beaming in 
    robots, then use the elctrotool and grenades to take care of the 
    rolling robots. Either help the robot or make a mad dash to the 
     Once in the power room, (should you be this close to an anti-matter 
    Try to take out the fighter ships before you do anything else. Then run 
    to the sides of the pillars beside the ball and hit the action button. 
    Anya tells that you have to get below it. Fight off the incoming droids 
    then go in, grab the grenades and the health, hide beside the door and 
    electrotool the forcefield. Then either grenade or peek out and fire at 
    the bots behind it. Grab the electrotool in the case.
    Go through the door, walk until the 4 droids come up, then hide behind 
    the boxed, shoot the explosive crate then walk forward a little more. 
    Electrotool the battle robot that appears, hide behind the boxes then 
    shoot it. Go down the elevator, into the big room. Arc a grenade into 
    the hole in the antimatter device. Kill the rolling robots: 
    BOSS: Goliath Mech 
    WEAKSPOT: None really... Maybe grenades? 
    METHOD: Autorifle and grenade.
    ADDITIONAL NOTE: avoid the rolling droids
    Go through where the mech came out of, then turn right and into the 
    corridor. A cutscreen should occur, then run to the opposite side of 
    the circular panels. Man the gun and destroy the core looking thing, as 
    well as the command centres to each side of it. Grab yoru electrotool, 
    go in wher ehte core used to be, zap the robot in front of it. Go down 
    and fight your way until you get to the Timesplitter nest. 
    Zap the shields and kill the robots and the guards. Continue until you 
    get to the 2nd floor of the timesplitter nest. Walk around to your left 
    to the end. Hit the control panel to being a small oblisk towards you. 
    Use the electrotool to burst the sucker. Then go around the other way 
    to the elevator. Exit and shoot down the fighters. Then use the 
    electrotool to light the bridge up. Only worry about using the 
    generator on one side. Enter in Crow's Mansion.
    Destroy the guards, and then grab the health and armour.
    BOSS: Big freakin' Mutant from Hell (Game calls it "Creature")
    WEAKSPOT: Various munitions on his back and front 
    METHOD: KEEP MOVING and anything remotely explosive. Order a side salad 
    for me while you're at it.
    END "Something to Crow About: 2243"
    BEGIN: "You Take the High Road: 1924"
    INTRO: After laying waste to the timesplitter army in the future, 
    Cortez goes to step 3 of his 4 step process: Find out who is causing 
    this crap to happen, Destroy the Timesplitters, Destroy the time 
    crystals, and destroy the main guy.
    PLAYTIME: Pull the lever beside you. Exit the boat. Hide behind one of 
    the pillars. The door in front of you should open and three guys rush 
    out, let the robot deal with them. Go forward, snag the Kruger 2x. Open 
    the door and the robot should charge up. Go all the way up, then back 
    down to let the robot deal with the guards. He's just been frigging 
    polished and has a new attitude, let him to the butt kicking.
    Afterwards, go all the way to your right, let Anya say it's a rotating 
    device, then go back to the other site. Hide behind the pipes when you 
    see/hear gunfire and let r-110 kill people. Go forward until there is a 
    staircase going up to your left. Grab the vintage, the ammo/grenades 
    and pull the levers. This should open the door to the rotating thing. 
    Get in. Turn the handle. Go down.
    Three guards should com out after R-110 drops down. Kill them GO 
    through the hall completely, then turn the wheel. Head back the way you 
    came. There should be a hall to your right that goes downstairs. Turn 
    left and take out the three guards with harpoon guns. Turn around. Go 
    through the hallway and kill the various guards. Pull out your harpoon 
    and enter the Venice Area.
    Go straight and down into a storage area. Listen to the guards talk. 
    Kill them at any time. Go through the box maze, kill the Robot Lewis 
    Stevensons (really... that's what they are called) go down the steps and 
    to a small outside hall. Kill the guards here and go up the incline, 
    reach the door.
    Here is the main portion of Venice. Pull you're your vintage and shoot 
    anything. Stand in the middle of the open.  After you have finished at 
    this point, pull your KSMG or your Harpoon gun and walk the left side. 
    At one point you need to shoot the guards on a deck in front of you, 
    and then turn to get guards on the opposite side of the street. Use the 
    temporal to retrieve the objects on the ledge in front of you.
    NOTE: You can use the temporal up pull away boxes that are being used 
    as shelter by enemy guards.
    Continue through Venice, killing the guards and covering behind boxes 
    and poles. At one point in time you will go around a turn and into what 
    looks like a dead end. There is an alcove to your left that takes you 
    to the second floor. Go through the door at the center of the curve.
    R-110 Should join up with you again. Pull out your K-smg's. You are 
    going to have to clear out two turbine rooms, start their engines, then 
    go into a driller. The engines are your first right and left. The 
    control room is straight ahead. Once again, you can use the robot to do 
    most of the fighting. Go to the driller, hit the switch. Haha the robot 
    said it has impressive penetration... it's a drill! Go through the door 
    END: "You take the High Road:1924"
    BEGIN: "The Hooded Man: 2401"
    INTRO: Cortez dresses up as a time assassin (remember the guy I showed 
    you at the beginning of this game. It was you!) 
    Shyguy99 wanted to know: "Can the players do the flips and turns that 
    the bots do in multiplayer?"
    Answer: No, I believe this was something Free Radical gave the bots the 
    ability to do in order to level the playing field against humans.
    Robbie wants to know: I need a hint for that zone arcade lvl where your 
    that gretel robot and your against the koozer mox if possible.
    A: Play the level with no bots on Zones. Get the feel for the land.
    Aaron wants to know: "How can I find the "Dental" movie?"
    A: Apparently, FR didn't add it in. 

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