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    FAQ/Walkthrough by shamu200

    Version: 0.66 | Updated: 04/16/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      #############                 ####                  ########
      #   %      ##               ## .%###           #####*# #%  .
          ###   %##               ##    =#.   ##  +#*   #:   ###########
          ###%   #% ###   ####### #      ##@####   #-   ##   #- #   ## ## # *#.
          + %%   -  ###  #*# #    ##     #.  ###   ##   ##   #  #   ## *# #
          ##    =#= %### ### #    ###    #= ###-   #*   #-   #  ### ##+#: ###
          ###-  .#* #  ## ## #### ####   #@-+ #+   #%   ##   #  #   #* #    ##
          *##+   *  ## ## ## #      #### #    ##   #-   ##   #  #   ## #     #
          =##:   #. #@    ## #   .   ###-#.   #  *###*  #@   #@####### ##*####
          -##  ####.=     :# ####      ####  .####     ####  #      +#: ##    ###
      .-= %##: -  -@######## *- :*#### #% -@#+     .        @##+         *##+
          -##             -*    .      ## ++*@##########################*. .-=:.
           ##            @###   ##     ##
        ########                 ###= ##       Future Perfect
    /                                     \
    |Written by: Kevin Richards (shamu200)|
    |Copyright 2005 Kevin Richards        |
    Note: This guide was written with the GCN version of TimeSplitters: Future
    Perfect, and while most of this guide can be applied to both the Xbox and PS2
    versions of the game, there are certain differences between this one and the
    other two that can't be covered (like the online play.)
    If you would like to jump to any of the sections or their sub-sections just use
    your browser's find feature (usually Ctrl + F) and type in the section name or
    the sub-section ID (i.e. #0.0) and you'll be taken straight to it.
    |Table of Contents
        #0.1 - Version History
        #0.2 - Introduction
    Section 1: Story Mode
        #1.1  - (2401) Time to Split
        #1.2  - (1924) Scotland the Brave
        #1.3  - (1969) The Russian Connection
        #1.4  - (1969) The Khallos Express
        #1.5  - (1994) Mansion of Madness
        #1.6  - (1994) What Lies Below
    Section 2: Arcade League
        #2.0.1 - Amateur League
            #2.1.0 - One Gun Fun
                #2.1.1 - Rockets 101
                #2.1.2 - Big Game Hunt
                #2.1.3 - Divine Immolation
            #2.2.0 - Night Stick
                #2.2.1 - Commuting Will Kill You
                #2.2.2 - Toy Soldiers
                #2.2.3 - Dam Cold Out Here!
            #2.3.0 - On the Take
                #2.3.1 - Vamping in Venice
                #2.3.2 - Pirate Gold
                #2.3.3 - Virtual Brutality
        #2.0.2 - Honorary League
            #2.4.0 - Dead Weight
                #2.4.1 - A Pox of Mox
                #2.4.2 - Rumble in the Jungle
                #2.4.3 - Freak Unique
            #2.5.0 - Fever Pitch
                #2.5.1 - Outbreak Hotel
                #2.5.2 - Missile Bunker
                #2.5.3 - Bag Slag
            #2.6.0 - Mode Madness
                #2.6.1 - I Like Dead People
                #2.6.2 - Zany Zeppelin
                #2.6.3 - Lip Up Fatty
        #2.0.3 - Elite League
            #2.7.0 - Smash 'N Grab
                #2.7.1 - Screw Loose
                #2.7.2 - Oh Shoal-O-Mio
                #2.7.3 - Astro Jocks
            #2.8.0 - Group Therapy
                #2.8.1 - Zone Control
                #2.8.2 - Front Loaded
                #2.8.3 - Old Blaggers
            #2.9.0 - Retro Chique
                #2.9.1 - The Dead, The Bad and The Silly
                #2.9.2 - Ninja Garden
                #2.9.3 - Sock It To Them
    Section 3: Challenge Mode
        #3.1.0 - Behead the Undead
            #3.1.1 - Brain Drain
            #3.1.2 - Rare or Well Done?
            #3.1.3 - Boxing Clever
        #3.2.0 - Cut-out Shoot-out
            #3.2.1 - Hart Attack
            #3.2.2 - Come Hell or High Water
            #3.2.3 - Balls of Steel
        #3.3.0 - Cat Driving
            #3.3.1 - The Cat's Out of the Bag!
            #3.3.2 - Lap It Up
            #3.3.3 - The Cat's Pajamas
        #3.4.0 - Super Smashing Great
            #3.4.1 - Avec Le Brique
            #3.4.2 - Absolutely Potty
            #3.4.3 - Don't Lose Your Bottle
        #3.5.0 - TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
            #3.5.1 - Queen of Harts
            #3.5.2 - Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby
            #3.5.3 - Glimpse of Stocking
        #3.6.0 - Monkeying Around
            #3.6.1 - Electro Chimp Discomatic
            #3.6.2 - Melon Heist
            #3.6.3 - Brass Monkeys
        #3.7.0 - Miscellaneous Challenges
            #3.7.1 - Cortez Can't Jump!
            #3.7.2 - TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground
            #3.7.3 - Plainly Off His Rocker
    Final Sections:
        #F.1 - Contact
        #F.2 - Contributions/Thanks
        #F.3 - Legal
    |                              Pre-sections                                   |
    |#0.1 - Version History
    Just started writing the FAQ. I have completed 3.1% of the game so far.
    Added some ASCII art made by using the TimeSplitters: Future Perfect logo in
    ASCII Generator. Also added various ASCII borders around headings.
    I've finished the walkthroughs all the way up to (1924) Scotland the Brave on
    Easy. I've also added a walkthrough for the Cat Driving part of Challenge Mode.
    I've completed walkthroughs for all parts of the first three challenges in
    Challenge mode.
    The walkthrough for (1969) The Russian Connection is now finished.
    I've added the fourth challenge in Challenge Mode to the FAQ now. I've also
    given two new sites permission to use this FAQ, which are listed down in the
    Legal section. Finally, in case you are wondering how I come up with the
    version numbers here (as they are pretty jumpy), I am using the whole numbers
    of my percentage of the game that is complete at the time I change versions.
    EDIT: In this version, I spent about 30 minutes stripping out the line breaks
    in each paragraph so I could use this FAQ in Microsoft Word. This will allow
    me to have a more powerful spell checker, and now I'll also have a grammar
    checker. In addition, I'll be able to let Word take care of most of the line
    breaks when I save the file over to its text version. This will let me worry
    about other things than trying to keep each line at 79 characters.
    I've added a Contributions/Thanks section. I've added walkthroughs for some
    of the Arcade League missions. I've also added some more walkthroughs for
    Challenge Mode. The codes for Challenge Mode have been changed to accommodate
    the Arcade League. I've improved the codes for Challenge Mode to make it
    easier to get to the individual challenges.
    Sorry that it's been so long, but I've added a whole lot to this update. I now
    have walkthroughs for all the Arcade League challenges, and all but two of the
    Challenge Mode missions. You're also getting another Story Mode walkthrough,
    this time the second '69 mission: The Khallos Express. Umm... there's been more
    contributions, so go check 'em out. I've also added another website to the list
    of people who can host this FAQ, but you will be able to always find the most
    recent version here on GameFAQs.com. Finally, I've changed the look of the
    version history. I think it looks better and is easier to read :D
    Sorry that it's been so long, but I have another two levels for you. I've also
    finished up the walkthroughs for Challenge Mode. Umm... I can't really remember
    anything else, so that's all for now :D
    |#0.2 - Introduction
    Well, this is my very first FAQ here on GameFAQs, or really anywhere else. When
    I had my own website (Game Cheats Central) on Geocities a couple of years ago I
    was planning on writing a complete walkthrough for all aspects of TimeSplitters
    2, but I sadly lost interest in the site before I had completed it. I had
    complete walkthroughs up through the NeoTokyo level on Easy. Anyways, seeing as
    three days after TimeSplitters: Future Perfect came out there still wasn't a
    FAQ written I decided to write one myself (impatient, aren't I?) I knew that
    the void would be quickly filled so I started as soon as I got the idea.
    I most likely won't be finishing the sections in perfect order (i.e. First
    Story Mode, then Arcade League, etc.) I'll just be writing them up as I play
    them. As you can see I've already shown that I'll be doing it fragmented. I
    have (as of 3/29/2005) the first three Challenge Mode walkthroughs finished,
    along with the first three Story Mode levels. I don't really like to play it
    all in perfect order on a game like this, so I'll end up writing it in an
    imperfect order.
    You can find the legal and contact info at the bottom of this FAQ. Please take
    the time to read it if you want to contact me or if you are interested in using
    this FAQ on a site other than GameFAQs.com
    |Section 1: Story Mode
    |                              #1.1 - (2401) Time to Split                    |
        |Sergeant Cortez returns from a daring assault on a TimeSplitter space
        |station - with him he carries the recovered Time Crystals which could
        |bring the war to an end. On his final approach a laser hit causes his
        |ship to malfunction and Cortez is forced to crash land. It is essential
        |that he brings the crystals back to Spacetime Marine HQ.
    After the cut scene ends, you'll still be unable to control yourself for a
    short bit. Blame it on the fact that Cortez decided he wanted to land upside
    down. Anyways, after you drop out of the ship a Marine will hand you the Scifi
    Handgun. He'll then run off, so equip the Scifi Handgun and follow him. If you
    want, you can change the fire mode to 'Ricochet' by pressing UP on the D-Pad.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Reach the rebel base
    You'll catch up with another marine who is taking cover behind some debris,
    and when you get close enough you'll be attacked by three of the enemy.
    Dispatch them and then run ahead some. You'll find two of them across the
    gorge; one is next to some debris and the other will come running up from
    the left. After they are gone, your Marine friend will tell you to follow
    him again.
    He'll take you across a ship that just happened to be lying over the gorge
    (convenient, eh?) Anyways, follow him across and you'll find another three
    enemies. You can use the debris for cover, but with the two Marines helping
    you I don't think you really need to worry about them damaging you much (if at
    all.) The first two shouldn't be a problem but the third one is taking cover
    behind a boulder. If you zoom in you should be able to have a pretty clear shot
    at his head. Of course, there's still the Marine you met up here shooting at
    them from the other side of the gorge and the one who you are following, so he
    shouldn't pose any real threat either.
    Run ahead and don't forget to pick up the enemy's ammo while you're at it.
    Very quickly, you'll come up to a turn that will take you straight to several
    Marinesthat are pinned down by enemy fire. If you need the health, either
    before or after this shoot out, you'll find some by the first Marine on your
    There are probably around a half-dozen of the enemy right here. As before,
    don't miss their ammo. In addition, one of the enemies dropped a Plasma Rifle.
    Makesure to pick that up so you'll have an automatic weapon in you arsenal.
    Down by the end of the rocks along the wall to your right you will find some
    more ammo and some Plasma Grenades.
    Up ahead you'll see some Marines on a bridge. Sadly, they didn't see the
    fighter crashing towards it until it was too late. They both blow up, taking
    the couple of Marines standing on it with them. Below the bridge along your
    path, you'll encounter five more enemies. You can pick them off with the Scifi
    Handgun or rip them to shreds with your new weapon. You could probably even get
    them with a Plasma Grenade. The first four are grouped together near the boxes
    just under the bridge, but the fifth one you probably won't be able to see
    until you've walked over to the boxes.
    Run up ahead and you'll see this MASSIVE Splitter mothership floating there.
    The Marines waste no time in shooting her down, and she'll come crashing down
    straight towards you! There's nothing to really worry about though :P Anyways,
    plenty of ammo is just lying at your feet, and along the wall to your right
    you'll see another health pack. Now you have two Marines tagging along with
    you, and they'll both run around the corner.
    Around the bend you'll find another Marine who is standing by a Sniper Rifle.
    Turns out that the enemy has a little bunker just up ahead and they can't kill
    them. In an in-game cut scene, you'll see a soldier (Miller) who decides to be
    brave and promptly gets filled with holes.
    Anyways, take the Scifi Sniper from the Marine, crouch down, and peek around
    the corner. You can shoot them both down, but another two enemies will just
    replace them. What you need to do is shoot the barrels on the right. They blow
    up, as all barrels are supposed to, and you'll be free to move ahead. Your new
    friends won't be joining you, as they need to hold that canyon. Move on ahead.
    Just around the bend, you and your now solitary friend will have to deal with a
    TimeSplitter. He'll come running down the wall to your right. If you've played
    the last game (and possibly the first, although I've never played it), you'll
    remember the Splitter's annoying ability to turn invisible. If you can kill him
    before that happens, good for you. Otherwise you'll just need to either follow
    the Marine's gunshots, wait for the Splitter to reappear so he can shoot you
    (with electricity), or catch sight of him when he gets hit. Your Plasma Rifle
    is best for this as it can fire rapidly enough to take down the Splitter before
    you receive too much damage.
    After he's been taken down another will come up, running towards you from the
    hill in up ahead along the right wall. Dispatch him just as you did the first
    one. Afterwards, follow the Marine ahead. You'll be hearing gunfire, and you'll
    soon see why: Three Splitters are ganging up on one Marine! They are all to
    your right, with one getting uncomfortably close to the Marine. He's to your
    left, sitting down against the canyon wall, and screaming for help and a medic.
    Anyways, take out the closest one first and then the other two that are moving
    towards you. After you have finished up with them, the Marine will thank both
    of you and ask you to follow him.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Use the gun emplacement to defend against the
                            TimeSplitter attack
    He happened to be sitting next to a machine gun nest, and he wants you to man
    it. I would've manned it without him asking, but... Anyways, you had better man
    it quickly as you'll have plenty of Splitters to deal with shortly. They will
    start by coming towards you from in the front, but soon you'll have to deal
    with some coming out of the canyon pass that you came out from. They will also
    be coming down the canyon wall in front of you.
    The Marine will gladly alert you to Splitters coming from new directions, so
    just make you pay attention to him. Overall, I'd say there is 1-2 dozen of
    them. After you finish them off dismount the gun so you don't accidentally
    shoot your fellow Marines that are coming towards you. You should pick up the
    ammo that is behind you after you dismount.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Use the gun emplacement to defend against the
                            TimeSplitter attack
    Run over to where the Marines came from with your Marine friend and turn the
    corner at the end. You'll see a bunch of Marines and several Splitters battling
    it out.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Help defend the rebel base
    All you have to do is help kill off all the TimeSplitters. There are at least
    a half-dozen of them, so this won't just rush by in a couple of seconds. There
    several that are right in front of you, and more will be coming from up ahead
    and to the right. After you clear the path directly in front of you, go ahead
    and move closer. Eventually you'll get close enough to look down the path they
    are coming from, but make sure none have slipped past you or you might get a
    good blasting from the side. Once enough of them are dead you can move on, so
    head back behind the row boxes some of the Marines are using for cover.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Help defend the rebel base
    Don't worry about the Marines you've left alone, as they'll be getting fire
    support from the ledge. Quickly run to the back of that area and take the door
    to your right. Congratulations, you've just passed the first level and given
    humanity a second chance for survival!
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Reach the rebel base
    |                              #1.2 - (1924) Scotland the Brave               |
        |Cortez has been sent back in time to Urnsay, a small island off the coast
        |of Scotland to investigate the time travel residues which Anya detected.
        |On arrival he finds himself in the midst of a battle raging between the
        |British Navy and foreign troops occupying the island. Fortunately the
        |eccentric Captain Ash has offered to lend a hand. What ho!
    Cortez yet again decides to make trouble for you, this time by initiating the
    British Navy's attack on the island. The cut scene is truly funny though, as is
    Captain Ash. After you've all agreed to help each other, Captain Ash will take
    you over to the island. Once landed, he'll hand you the Kruger 9mm. You also
    have your Temporal Uplink now, which is really quite useful. In its default
    mode it can pick up certain objects (like barrels), and then when you release
    the trigger it will shoot it forward. The results can be quite explosive
    sometimes! Its secondary mode happens to be your map/radar. It can't see too
    far ahead and it takes a couple of second to warm up, but it still can be
    useful. Anyways, take out your Kruger and let's head off.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Protect Captain Ash
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Infiltrate the castle
    If you head over to the little boat you two came over in, you can pick up the
    Flare Gun. After you've run up the hill a short ways, you'll come across an
    archway that Captain Ash will crouch down by. You should to, that way you'll be
    able to listen in on the guards' radio transmission without them noticing you.
    Anyways, they won't start to say anything until you move under the archway, but
    it would probably be best to wait until after Anya is finished chatting with
    you and Captain Ash talks about how *shady* they look, that way you can easily
    understand them. After the radio transmission is over go ahead and take them
    out. If you want to be sneaky with killing them, you can always use the
    Kruger's secondary fire mode, which adds a silencer to the end of the gun.
    Using the silencer seems to make them completely oblivious to you if you go for
    After you have taken down the two in the lookout post move forward and you'll
    see a third guard standing off to the left where the first two were. Once you
    have moved close enough to him, some artillery or something will come crashing
    down on him, saving you the trouble of eliminating him. Of course, if you
    weren't trying to be stealthy he would've come after you by now. Once all three
    are dead, you should head over to where the first two were. There you'll find
    the Vintage Rifle and some ammo for your Kruger. If you went for headshots
    though it'll only increase your ammo by two bullets, but you never know when
    they could come in handy.
    Now walk up the pathway and when you get close enough to the first building it
    will blow up! Make sure you've pulled out your Vintage Rifle, because you'll
    have at two enemies shooting at you from up on the ledge just ahead of you. You
    can always use the building for cover against the one to your right while you
    take care of the one on the left. Once you've eliminated both of them, go just
    past the blown up building and make a right. Continue all the way forward as
    far as possible and then make another right. Enter the building there and climb
    up the stairs. At the top, you'll find five Grenades.
    After you've picked up the Grenades, head back to the slope and continue up it.
    It would be wise to crouch down and hug the right side of the path, because
    just around the bend is another machine gun nest pointed straight at you. Once
    you get close enough a plane will bomb the hell out of it and you'll be safe to
    move on. Close enough would happen to be along the wall just behind Captain
    Ash. Once you hear the satisfying explosion and see a plane fly closely over
    your heads you'll know it's safe to move on.
    After you run up the hill, you'll have several enemies to deal with. There
    are one on each side of the balcony on the ground, and then one on top of the
    balcony. The one to the right of the balcony will be blown to kingdom come, so
    don't worry about him. You can snipe the one on the balcony and Captain Ash
    should take care of the one on the ground.
    Now before you run off to the castle with Captain Ash you have some things to
    take care of. Switch over to your Kruger 9mm and look over to the two buildings
    to your right. There is an enemy standing on the side facing the ocean that has
    a Kruger 9mm (x2). Run around the building and fill him with holes. Take his
    double Kruger and then switch to another weapon and back again (it won't
    automatically pull out the second Kruger as soon as you pick it up, so this'll
    get it out.)
    Now that he's been taken care of, run into the building he was next to. In the
    back-right corner you'll find some Body Armor. Pick it up and head over to the
    door under the balcony to catch up with Captain Ash again. Once inside, head
    out into the opening. You'll see two gates fall down, trapping you and Captain
    Ash with the enemy.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    There are four guards on the lower level, and at least two up on the second
    floor. After they are taken out, run over their weapons. You'll find a new
    one, the K-SMG. This is your automatic weapon for the level, although as Anya
    mentions it isn't listed for this time period. If you need more Grenades, you
    can find a box of them on the left side of the room behind some boxes near the
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Escape the trap
    All right, now it's time to head up the stairs. You'll find them at the back
    of the room on the right side. Right at the top of the stairs is another enemy.
    Dispatch him and make a left to find two more guards. Kill them quickly and
    move to the end of this side of the platform. You can either go into the room
    there or stay right at the entrance, but either way you'll have one last enemy
    shooting at you from the room at the end of the platform on the other side of
    this room. Once you've taken him out you can begin to worry about getting out
    of the trap they set for you.
    Oh, if you're low on Body Armor you can find some more in the left corner of
    the room nearest you inside the room on this side of the platform. In the room
    opposite of this one is a health pack if you're in need of that as well. Ok, in
    the room with the health pack is a switch to raise the portcullis. Flip it and
    you'll raise the gates.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Escape the trap
    Once you've run about halfway down this side of the platform, you'll find out
    that the water is rising in the middle of the room, bringing the gunboat there
    with it. You'll have to disable the gunboat so Captain Ash can move on, so head
    over to the crane controls on the platform that connects the two sides
    Activate the crane and lift the gun, and the gunman, off the boat. Drop
    him into the water and you're free to go. If you drop him back onto the boat
    though, well things will be a tad more difficult now. You won't be able to pick
    him up again with the crane, so head back down to the first floor and use your
    Temporal Uplink to grab him. Lift him over the water and let him go. With luck,
    he'll be shot into the railing and fall into the water.
    After that fiasco is finished, head back over to Captain Ash so we can move on.
    Run through the door and you'll be back outside. Once you turn around the bend,
    you'll see a building off to your right.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Go on a little further and a plane will bomb a truck, sending its passengers
    and itself to a watery grave. Anyways, head down to the end of this road and
    hand a right. You'll see another truck just waiting for you to drive it, but
    first you need to take care of the enemies inside the building. There are
    explosive barrels inside & outside the building, so you can use your Temporal
    Uplink to toss them around in there. You could also throw a Grenade into the
    building with similar effects. There are three guards in there, so take them
    out as you wish.
    After they are gone head into the back room where you'll find a Vintage Rifle
    on the table and some more Grenades on the floor. If you climb the stairs
    behind you, there's a Health Pack at the very top of them. Once you have
    finished up in here, go outside and take the drivers seat of the truck. Captain
    Ash will mount the machine gun in the back. That doesn't mean he'll have all
    the fun though, as you are free to run over anyone you wish! All right, now
    drive the truck back onto the road and just follow the path.
    Two enemies down and you'll come across a gate. Just run that down like you
    probably did the enemies and take down the third one just past it. Up ahead is
    another lookout post thingy along with another soldier. You'll find some more
    Grenades behind it if you need them. Now just past the lookout station is a
    drawbridge, but it's not lowered! Don't worry though, as you can use your
    Temporal Uplink to grab a hold of the lever on the other side and pull it down,
    lowering the bridge.
    If Captain Ash hasn't already taken them out with the machine gun, you'll have
    two enemies to deal with. The first will have mounted the machine gun nest on
    the other side of the gap. The second will be on top of the castle ahead, so
    you'll need to use the Vintage Rifle to take him down unless you're a really
    good shot. The first can be eliminated however you see fit ;D
    Once you've lowered it, jump back into the truck and make your way across the
    bridge. Just past the archway up ahead are two enemy soldiers that are quickly
    dispatched under the might of your truck. Make your way around the bend and
    you'll run into another guard. If Captain Ash doesn't take him out with the
    machine gun, you surely will with your truck. Don't worry about the barrels
    rolling down the hill just after him, as it doesn't seem like you can set them
    off by running them over. Climb to the top, taking out the last two enemies on
    this path and park your truck somewhere.
    By the truck on its side, you'll find another Health Pack along with some TNT.
    Grab the TNT and place it on the left door (the right door seems to do nothing
    but waste your time and ammo.) Stand back and watch the fireworks. You may need
    to use your Temporal Uplink to clear away the barrels around the explosives if
    you can't move past them.
    Anyways, now that the door is gone you should head through it. You'll find a
    couple of dead guards just inside it, so feel free to loot them for their ammo.
    You may also want to pull out your K-SMG, because you'll have to deal with
    three guards who are packing that same weapon almost as soon as you enter the
        *Checkpoint Reached*
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Infiltrate the castle
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Locate the time crystal mining site
    Two will be up on the second floor, and the third will be on the staircase.
    Take them out quickly, and climb the staircase. Go around the pathway and
    you'll run into another two guards. The first will come out of the room right
    in front of you while the other one will come out of the room that is to the
    right of the first one.
    After they are all gone, Captain Ash will start talking about needing to find
    a good vantage point. He'll go into the room where the last guard came out of,
    where he'll end up looking through two crates before finding a pair of
    binoculars. After that, he'll go through the only other door in here and find
    a box of flares. He'll tell you to move on and he'll catch up to you later, but
    if you stick around until after he has lit the box of flares on fire and moved
    over to the left side of the balcony you can see a rather nice fireworks show.
    Just head out onto the balcony and look straight up. If you look over to the
    box you'll see the flares shooting out of it. This won't last forever though,
    so head on back to the room with the stairs so we can move on. All you have to
    do is head straight and just follow the pathway, since it only goes one way.
    Once you enter the next room, you can choose to go left or right. If you don't
    need any health go right, but if you do, there's a Health Pack to your left.
    Anyways, go to the other side of this room and try to open up the door. This'll
    start up an in-game cut scene. I won't ruin it for you, but it's definitely
    funny. Afterwards you can now go through the locked door, so let's not waste
    time doing so.
    This room appears to be a wine cellar, and inside happens to be one really
    drunk guard. He poses no threat to you, so no need to kill him. You can pick
    up some more ammo for your Flare Gun next to him though. After you're finished
    there go to the lift on the right side of the room. Get on it and Captain Ash
    will activate it for you. He won't stay long though, as he still has "someone
    he needs to rescue!"
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Go into the hallway and hang a left. Duck into the indention in the wall and
    pull up your radar on your Temporal Uplink. You'll hear a guard complaining
    about the bugs in here, followed by him sneezing. He's on the other side of
    the metal bars, and he will walk past you without seeing you. On your radar,
    you should see a big room ahead of you. He's heading for there, but he will
    be back shortly. Now make sure you are hugging the right side of the indention
    (that is your right when you are facing the large room on radar.) Another enemy
    is coming towards you in the hallway you are in, so watch yourself.
    Wait until the guy heading into the large room disappears on radar (it seems
    like enemies only stay on it while they are moving), stand up, and club the
    guard who is in the hallway with you over the head with your fists. It should
    only take one hit since he'll never see it coming. Now, run back into the room
    with the lift so the remaining guard doesn't spot you. Wait for him to head
    back towards the large room. After he is past the metal bars, run up to the
    room's entrance and wait for him to start leaving. Once he has begun to leave,
    run up to him and club him in the back of the head just like the first one. Not
    only is this quiet, but it also only takes one hit if they don't see it coming.
    Now head back to the large room because you have one more guard awaiting a
    beating. If you were quiet about all this, he'll never have heard a thing. He's
    standing by the windows at the end of the room. Run up to him and take him down
    the same way as the others. You could hit him with a weapon if you wish, but
    your fists do just as good of a job as any of the weapons would.
    Leave this room again to go into the hallway the second guard you hit was.
    You'll find the door just to your right locked, so head left. Once you get up
    to the stairs, you'll hear two soldiers talking. You can take them out now or
    you can let them finish and then kill them, it's really up to you. Just keep
    in mind that as soon as you turn that corner they will spot you. There are
    also two more soldiers up there, one of which is down the hallway that the
    two soldiers who are chatting are in.
    As soon as you pop your head around that corner, those three closest guards
    will begin shooting at you. You can do several things to help even the odds.
    The first you can do is turn around at the top of the stairs. You'll see a
    balcony, and if you throw a Grenade towards the archway on the left, you can
    take out one of the guards. If you are quick enough you could toss another
    Grenade, but this time around the corner I told you not to peek around. The
    third guard won't be taken out so easily, so just whip out your K-SMG and
    blown him to kingdom come.
    Finally, climb to the top of the stairs and make a left. You'll find the last
    soldier in the room right in front of you. My favorite way to take him out is
    with the Flare Gun, but you can take him out any way you see fit. Of course,
    you could just run up the stairs blasting anything that moves with the K-SMG
    and then take out the guy in the bedroom, but where's the fun in that? I like
    to be creative in the way I take out bad guys, at least when I have to replay
    a part six or seven times to find all the things you need to know!
    If you need a restock on Grenades, they're on the table in the bedroom. Nothing
    else is too interesting in there, although there is a decent view of the court-
    yard if you look out the window. Anyways, go back out into the hall and head
    towards the end. On your left, you'll see a small room. There are three cameras
    in there. The first one shows the Kitchen, along with one guard beating on
    another. The middle one shows you the Briefing Hall Internal and will also
    activate your next objective. Finally, the last camera shows us the Briefing
    Hall External, which happens to be the room we are currently in.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Gain entry to the meeting hall
    Leave the camera room and turn left. You'll find two doors there, and you need
    to be taking the one on your right. Once you are in this room, go towards the
    bed and turn right. Make another right and then a left and you'll find some
    Body Armor. Pick it up if you need it and then go back into the bedroom. Go
    around the bed and head to the room on your left. Inside you'll be able to
    listen into the Lieutenant's conversation with their Leader. After they are
    done talking, enter the next room. The camera will pan out and give you a good
    look at the room until it finally comes to rest on the Leader. Give it a second
    and control will pop back to you. In addition, the Leader will now notice you
    standing up there, so be prepared for a fight.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Gain entry to the meeting hall
    There are around three soldiers, so they shouldn't pose too much of a problem.
    After they have been eliminated, hop downstairs and take the door on the other
    side of the room. Once you run up to the grate on the floor another in-game cut
    scene will start up. Look familiar? I thought so.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Once it's over, continue moving forward. If you take a left, you'll find the
    Kitchen along with a guard looking out the window. You can easily get in a
    head shot with the Kruger, but to keep from drawing attention you might want to
    switch over to its silencer. After he's dead, go all the way over to the end of
    the room and turn right. You'll find a Health Pack along with some ammo for
    your Kruger. Once you're done in here, leave and continue on the path you were
    following. At the top of the stairs, you'll find another guard who is oblivious
    to you presence. That won't last for long though, as he'll turn to face you
    after a few seconds. Take him out as you see fit and then take out the guard
    to the right of him who may or may not have noticed the commotion.
    Once they are out of the picture make a right and you'll see another set of
    stairs to your right. You don't need to worry about the bedroom up here, as it
    is completely empty. Anyways, pop up the stairs and continue on until you find
    a room to your left. Sitting inside of it on a table are some Anti Tank Rockets
    (which the game calls K-SMG Grenades.) They are the ammo for your K-SMG's
    secondary fire mode nonetheless. Make sure to save these as they will used
    in the upcoming boss fight.
    Leave the room and continue down the hallway. Go into the camera room on your
    right and take out the soldier standing on the left side. Now if you look into
    the left camera you'll see the Wine Cellar. There are now two guards standing
    over the drunk. Next we have the middle one, which has an uncomfortably close
    look at Captain Ash's face in Prison Cell A. Finally, there is Prison Cell B in
    the right camera. If you need ammo for your Vintage Rifle just climb the stairs
    in here.
    Now leave this room and follow along the path you were previously on. Once you
    enter the next room, you'll see a plane come crashing down into the courtyard,
    killing off all the enemies that were there along with all those poor,
    defenseless barrels! Oh, right, the walkthrough :P Anyways, continue on and
    you'll find the Prison Cells in the next room. The first one will contain
    Captain Ash and his 'assistant.' You'll be given a new objective after he is
    done talking to you.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Help Captain Ash rescue his assistant
    Head over to the next room, unless you want to take a quick look at his
    assistant and her skimpy outfit ;D Anyways, shoot some holes into the barrel
    so its contents spill out onto the floor. At this point, his assistant will
    move to the other side of her prison cell, clutching onto the bars in a
    desperate attempt to break free. Your Flare Gun will make short work of the
    liquid, and when it gets to it, the wall and bars. She'll come hopping out
    (literally) and you can get the best look at her in the game, if you're
    interested. Captain Ash will come running into the room after a few seconds.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Help Captain Ash rescue his assistant
    After you move out of the captain's way, he'll run over to his assistant and
    you'll hear another one of this game's funny conversations. Now it is time to
    part ways with Captain Ash and his pretty assistant, so leave the room and
    hang a left. Go down the stairs and you'll find some Body Armor on a table.
    Just below the stairway is an organ. About 10 or so seconds after Captain Ash
    is finished talking, Anya will start up a conversation with you and this'll
    clue you in to where you need to head next.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Access the underground areas of the island
    Anyways back to the organ. If you go up and play it, you will get one of four
    songs played for you, one of which is the theme from the Anaconda mini game in
    TimeSplitters 2 and another that you would hear at a game of baseball. There's
    another one there I recognize, but I don't know its name. The fourth one I've
    never heard before, so I can't give you anything on that one. Other than for
    entertainment, the organ is completely useless to your goals. Once you're done
    fooling around with it, take the pathway to its right, which will take you out
    to the courtyard. Make sure you have your K-SMG out and have the rockets
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Protect Captain Ash
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    All right, once you step out into the courtyard this level's boss fight will
    begin. The boss for this level is a tank, and it will burst through the wall
    to your right.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the enemy tank
    While this might seem like a difficult task it's really pretty simple. You
    will need two things to destroy the tank. The first is the K-SMG's Anti Tank
    Rockets, which you should already have equipped. The second would be some TNT.
    If you didn't pick up another stick after you destroyed the door earlier on you
    don't have anything to really worry about. There are Rockets and TNT ammo boxes
    in this courtyard.
    Ok, the first thing you will need to do is pop off a rocket into the tank. Be
    careful with the machine gun on the tank though, as it has a pretty rapid rate
    of fire. Also, remember that your rockets won't hurt it until AFTER it has
    begun firing its machine guns. If you are in need of TNT, head over to the
    right corner up ahead. You will find a stick of TNT right by the support
    pillar. Once you have your TNT out plant them onto the rear of the tank. It
    won't stay stalled forever, so you have to be quick about this. If you want to
    make the explosion look even cooler, try shooting a flare into the TNT before
    it goes off on its own. This will take out the tank, so as I said it isn't a
    very difficult boss battle if you are prepared for it. The first time I played
    this level, I was caught off guard, so it ended up being a lot more difficult
    for me than was necessary.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Destroy the enemy tank
    You being able to destroy the tank all by your lonesome seems to impress Anya,
    and that can't be a bad thing. You can pick up some more TNT, just in case, at
    the same spot you grabbed the first stick. If you need health and more rockets,
    go to the other side of the courtyard and head down the passage on the right.
    Now head back up and go over to where the tank popped out of the wall. Since
    all of the doors are locked (including the one you came in through), there's
    really no point in wasting time trying to get them open. You can't even blow
    open the two large doors with TNT (the ones at the end of either passage that
    heads down.)
    Once you enter the room, the tank came from you'll realize that it is actually
    a massive elevator. Once you hit the bottom two large doors will slide open.
    Enter the new room to complete another objective.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Access the underground areas of the island
    You'll see a plane taking off in here and there's really nothing you can do
    about it. Climb up the ramp and enter the door at the end of it. The other area
    has a shaft going up, but you can't even get a good look at it because the game
    won't let you look up at a 90-degree angle. Anyways, once you enter that door
    you'll finish the level.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Locate the time crystal mining site
    |                              #1.3  - (1969) The Russian Connection          |
        |Cortez follows the mysterious Time Traveler from 1924 Scotland to a train
        |Depot in Russia in 1969. Here, it seems that the Time Traveler is leading
        |a cult and has teamed up with the arch criminal genius, Khallos. A
        |potentially lethal alliance but no match for the combined talents of
        |Cortez and super chilled agent Harry Tipper!
    NOTE: In this level, you'll run across a couple of Jeeps, but the game calls
    them 'Zeeps', so I'll call them that too.
    Alrighty, after you've gained control of Cortez again you'll have a couple of
    options here. The first would be just to kill anything that moves, except for
    Harry Tipper of course! The next would be to do what Harry Tipper says and go
    in for a stealthy approach. If you decide to listen to him, pull out your
    Pistol 9mm and switch over to its silencer. In addition to having the silencer,
    it'll now have a scope attached, so you can take out targets from a distance a
    little easier.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Find the Time Traveler
    Ok, after he's done talking (or while if you like to multitask), move over
    towards the box with his binoculars on it. You'll want to be crouched down so
    the enemy can't spot you. You'll see a soldier in a guard station. Take him
    down in one shot, because if you miss he'll most likely notice and sound the
    alarm. Now you'll want to move over to your right some, as several soldiers
    will be exiting the building on the other side of the boxes you've been using
    as cover.
    The first will leave the building and start moving your way. If you've kept low
    and moved back away from the box with the binoculars, she shouldn't see you at
    first. Take her down quickly. Shortly after she has left the building, two more
    soldiers will leave. Wait until they are both out and then take them down with
    headshots again, starting with the one closest to you. If you've successfully
    taken down all four enemies without the alarm being raised, Harry will comment
    that you must've done this before. If you fail to be silent, either purposely
    or accidentally, he'll say that in space no one might hear you but down here
    you're as loud as a blaze of fireworks.
    Anyways, after they are all eliminated go around the building for their ammo.
    If you are interested in some funny dialog and two more henchmen to kill, head
    inside the building and go through the other door. Walk down the stairs and
    wait for them to start talking. Afterwards you can kill them, and luckily you
    don't need to worry about keeping silent. After you have killed both of them,
    you can find some Body Armor in here. It's on the bookshelf to your right.
    Now head back upstairs and outside to Harry Tipper. He's to the right of the
    guard station. Once you get close enough to him, he'll start to move towards
    the ditch. Follow him and hop right down. He'll head over to the bars on your
    left and pull out some laser glasses to cut them away. If it isn't already,
    switch your weapon back over to its silencer. After Harry is finished with the
    bars, he'll move forward some, before telling you he's going to take a
    different route. He'll then climb into the pipe on the left and crawl away,
    leaving you alone and idiot free. (I personally like Harry Tipper, sort of, but
    he really seems like he is completely high in this game, and for some reason in
    the last I always liked to kill him. He's still pretty funny though.)
        *Checkpoint Reached*
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Rendezvous at the Water Tower
    After he's left you on your own, continue along the ditch until you reach the
    stairs at the end. Crouch down and move up them until you can see the henchman
    on the right. Using your pistol's scope make sure to put a bullet right through
    his head. This will help keep you from raising any alarms. Now move over to
    where he was, crouch back down, and peek around the corner. You'll find a
    guard right in front of the door leading into a large building. After a short
    bit, another henchman will waltz around the right side of the building, so keep
    that in mind. You don't want to blow your cover now do you?
    After a short bit, he'll come back around and stop at the corner of the
    building. After pausing, he'll turn to face down the side of the building and
    pause yet again before making his way down the side of it. Since he'll never
    notice the guard missing, take him down before this guy even moves around the
    corner. Afterwards, wait for him to pause at the edge of the building. This is
    your best chance at eliminating him, mainly because he isn't a moving target
    Now that they are both dead you can move forward, but I'd suggest that you keep
    crouched to prevent any one from spotting you. You'll want to move forward to
    where the guy in front of the door was, and while you're there you might as
    well grab his Machine Gun. By now, you've most likely noticed a guy standing
    over to your right. You *could* take him down now, but then you'd only be
    making things harder on yourself. You should've also taken notice of the large,
    steel crate on the left side of the door. On the side facing the guy by the
    fence in another henchman, and the second you kill fenceman he'll take notice
    and run over to him.
    What you need to do is move along the wall of the building so you will be on
    the backside of the steel crate. Keep on moving along the wall until you hit
    the corner. Now you'll probably need to take a step forward, but you'l have a
    near perfect head shot you can line up. Using your pistol's silencer/scope, you
    can zoom in and put a bullet right through the back of his head. Do so now and
    then take the other guy down in a similar fashion.
    Now head back over to where the first two henchmen were and go around the
    corner there. If you've been quiet up to now you'll be rewarded with an easier
    time for now. If you where loud a Zeep would be pulling around the corner at
    the end of this building once you walked down the side about halfway. If you
    were quiet though, no one will be coming around the corner at the end. Anyways,
    keep to the wall until the end and look around the corner at the end. You'll
    see a bunch of boxes, the Zeep, and a single henchman. You can take him down
    the same way as all the others: A single bullet to the head with your silencer
    After he is eliminated, head over to the building by the boxes and enter it.
    You're going to find two opponents in here. The first is a henchwoman and
    she'll be standing in about the middle of the room facing the table there.
    The other is a henchman and he's standing by some machinery all the way on the
    other side of the building. Yet again, you are rewarded for being stealthy. If
    you had been all noisy, the henchwoman would be standing just around the corner
    waiting for you and the henchman wouldn't have his back turned to you. If you
    weren't quiet, your Machine Gun may come in handy here.
    If you were stealthy, you'll also receive another interesting conversation.
    As the girl says, she wishes she was dead anyways. Why don't we grant her that
    wish? Pop around the corner quietly and kill them both. You can take them out
    in any order, so don't worry about alerting the other one by killing them in
    the wrong order.
    Anyways, once they are both dead you have one thing to do in here and two items
    you can pick up. You'll find the items on the two bookcases to your right. The
    first one has a Health Pack while the second contains a box of Grenades.
    Finally, head over to the machinery and shut it down.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Deactivate Electricity
    I have no idea what is needed to get that objective in your list, but I know
    how to complete it. Maybe if you moved close enough to the electric fence you
    could get it added to your objectives list, but it really doesn't matter. Now
    head back outside and go all the way back to where you killed the henchmen near
    the electric fence. I know it's tempting to just drive the Zeep around some,
    but that thing is so loud odds are you'll alert someone. If you do alert them,
    you'll have over a half-dozen enemies to take down, all with Machine Guns.
    Anyways, once you have gotten close to the electric fence you need to be aware
    of something. Around the corner of the building, just before the fence, is a
    henchman. He's a little past it and facing the same was as you are when looking
    at the gate, so if you keep low and don't do anything to draw attention to
    yourself you can sneak through the gate without alerting him. In addition,
    after you move through the gate all the enemies who didn't notice you will
    disappear! This is because of your next objective.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Rendezvous at the Water Tower
    Once you pass that gate, you'll see Khallos and his new friend go into the
    complex's bunker. Harry will then crawl out of the pipes just below the water
    tower. He'll tell you that you guys won't be able to get in there without
    disguises. Your job will be to protect Harry Tipper while he is running through
    the barracks stealing people's clothes! Climb the water tower to find a Sniper
    Rifle, some Sniper ammo, and a drunken guard.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Protect Harry Tipper
    Take out your Sniper Rifle and move over to the left side of the tower. Turn to
    face the barracks on this side of the tower and look over to the left side of
    them with your newfound toy. You'll find a bunch of boxes and barrels, and this
    is where Harry will first appear. You can find his health bar along the
    top-middle of the screen.
    He'll come out of the ground on the left while guards will pour out of the
    building on the right. They will take cover behind the boxes and try to fill
    Harry full of holes. You can snipe all of them, but if you see several of them
    gathering near a barrel, you might as well blow them all up. There will be six
    of them in this area.
    The next area will have Mr. Tipper crawling out of the ground again. He's going
    to head into the building on the right this time, and of course the enemies
    will be on the left. There are six of them again, and if you want things to be
    easier on you here's a tip. The first three will come out together and stay
    near each other for a short while. If you look on the other side of the boxes
    the middle one is using as cover you'll find a barrel. Shoot that and you'll
    take all three of them out. After they are all dead, Harry will crawl back into
    the ground.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Protect Harry Tipper
    Now you may think you can just waltz right down the tower the same way you went
    up it, but you'll be quite surprised. The game doesn't want you heading back
    down the ladder, so try as you might you're stuck up there. It's time to find
    another way down. Go around the tower until you see a wooden board leading from
    the building up to the platform you are on. Take it down and enter the building
    through the hole in the roof on your right.
    You should equip your Machine Gun now, as you'll be fighting your way down this
    building. If you wait long enough a henchman will burst through the door, but
    you can just go through the door and shoot him as he is coming towards you. You
    happen to be on the third floor, and they have a wooden walkway leading all the
    way to the bottom. If you went out the door before he entered, you'll probably
    find him on the other side of this room. Shoot him down. If you wait a little
    longer, a henchwoman will pop through the door on the other side of this room
    on the first floor. You might as well take her down from up here.
    Anyways, walk around to the other side and look down to find another henchwoman
    coming though a door. This time it's on the second floor, so fill her full of
    holes and continue down. Once you get over to her corpse look over at the other
    side. Gun down the guy in the opening there before he does the same to you.
    Once you've moved towards his corpse, turn around and take a look downstairs.
    There are two henchmen there, so kill them off so that we can take care of some
    things. As you are now probably in need of it, turn back around and enter the
    room behind you. You'll find some Body Armor on the far table.
    If you want to have a slight advantage on the final person in this building,
    listen up. Leave the room you are now in, but rather than go all the way down
    the stairs go into the room across from the one behind you. You'll find a hole
    in the floor that you can drop down. Now you can either pop out the opening in
    the wall and shoot him as he pops through the door on the other side of the
    stair room, or you can go over to the steel grating and do the same basic
    Ok, go into the room he just came from. If you need some more Grenades, there
    is a box of them by the table closest to you. Now head through the only other
    door and you'll meet up with Harry Tipper again. He'll give you your disguise
    and you'll head into the guard post to change. Afterwards Harry will do the
    same, but his outfit is a little different than yours. I never spotted this
    at first, so take a close look at him ;D
    After Harry has stood in front of the camera in between the two large doors,
    the one on the left will open up. Follow Harry Tipper inside, and don't worry
    about all the enemies. They'll think your one of them, so just act natural.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Harry will run up ahead and turn through the small passageway connecting this
    tunnel with the one on the right. Go through there, and if you are interested
    eavesdrop on the two girls in there. Harry will wait for you, so don't worry
    about being left by yourself. You probably should hang around, as you and Anya
    will learn some interesting things about the Time Traveler.
    After their little conversation, move on into the main area of the train
    station. Harry will stop a short ways in, pointing over to a large blast door.
    That's where your target is, but you won't be able to get through it until you
    restore power to the door.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Gain Access to Sector 3
    As some guy over the base's loudspeaker says, the main power was deactivated in
    Sector 1. It's up to you to reactivate it, so head over to stairs and take the
    ones leading up. You'll find a door at the top that will take you to Sector 1A.
    Enter it and follow the corridor until you get to an intersection. Take a right
    and you'll be in the main generator room. After Anya is done speaking, the
    technician will finish up in there and leave.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Activate Starter-Motor
    As he says, the turbines downstairs are next on his list. Once you leave Sector
    1A you'll find some guy hitting on Harry Tipper. It's pretty funny, so stay for
    a while and enjoy the show! After you are done here take the stairs below the
    ones leading to Sector 1A. This will take your straight into Sector 2, starting
    with Sector 2A. Run down the stairs and go all the way to the end of the
    corridor. You'll find the Technician there screwing with the machine, and Anya
    will decide to check over the gauges. She'll find that you need to restore the
    water pressure to get this machine working. If you need any health, there is a
    Health Pack to the left of the machinery on the floor.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Restore Water Pressure
    Ok, turn around, make your way back to the intersection, and take a right. Go
    through the door around the next bend and you'll be in Sector 2C. Anya will
    point out the turbines and mention that's why there is no water pressure.
    You'll need to find the controls, so follow the pathway around to the stairs.
    Just after them, you'll see a water pressure gauge on the wall. Anya will
    alert you to the fact that the turbines are inactive. Continue moving forward,
    crossing the turbines and moving down the stairs along the second one. Go
    through the middle of them and make a right. This will lead you to the flow
    You'll be in a small and basically pointless hallway. You can take either way
    as they both end up in the next room, just on different sides. To make things
    easier on you whip out your silenced pistol and put a bullet through this guy's
    head. Trust me, things will work out a lot better this way. Now, head to the
    end of this room and go through the opening there. Follow the stairs down and
    go through the next opening. On your left, you'll see a wheel that you need to
    turn. This will open up the passage for the water, reactivating the turbines
    and alerting people to the problem. Pull out your Machine Gun because you're
    going to need it back in the turbine room. Since you've already eliminated the
    guy in this area you'll be free to run safely until you get back to the turbine
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Restore Water Pressure
    You'll need to head back to the turbine room, where you're first enemy will be
    that Russian Technician you've been stalking. Kill him and look up at the
    turbine closest to you. There will be a Henchwoman appearing there shortly.
    You'll also find an enemy up on the top level of this room, opposite the side
    your on. If you want, you can try to take him down from here. If not, head into
    hiding for a few seconds. Two Henchmen will run out onto the turbines where
    they will be easy prey. Once they've been dispatched move onto the turbines.
    Once on the second turbine, turn to face your right and kill the enemy up on
    the top platform. Run up to where he was and leave the room. Oh yeah, you'll be
    picking up a new weapon in this room: the Soviet Rifle. You probably won't have
    much ammo for it right now, so save it for later and just use your Machine Gun
    in its place.
    Head back to the machinery in this Sector and you'll pick up the Engineer's
    Swipe Card. Activate the machine and let's head back to Sector 1A.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Activate Starter-Motor
    Harry's already killed off everyone out here, so you don't need to worry about
    being shot at. Once you've gotten back to the machinery head down the stairs in
    here and pull the lever. This will restore power to the blast door protecting
    Sector 3, so let's head over there.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Restore Main Power
    Since you have the swipe card, you'll have to open the blast door. The panel
    is on the left with the glowing green light. Since you have more ammo for your
    Soviet Rifle (unless you didn't accidentally run over any in this room), you
    might as well switch over to it. If you need more ammo though, let's get some
    before you open that blast door. There is one right here, one where Harry was
    standing when you got back from Sector 2, and two up on the catwalks above you.
    You'll find the stairs to those to the left of Sector 1A. Now, open up the door
    and be prepared for a fight.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Access Sector 3
    You'll find four soldiers in here. Three will pop out from around the corner
    at the end of this area and one is on the other side of the Zeep. Take them
    all out and watch for Grenades! After they are all gone Harry will take to the
    stairs, but you can have some fun by jumping into the Zeep and running everyone
    down. Just be careful though, because if you hit Harry it's game over.
    Your first enemy is standing in front of one of those wooden arm thingies that
    people use to stop cars. Of course, that won't stop you and neither will the
    guy standing in front of it. Run them both down and then move on. You'll find
    one more enemy before the next turn. After he's gone make a right, but don't
    back up. Harry will be coming down the stairs that you saw before you turned,
    so don't back up or you're liable to run him over! There are five more enemies
    at the end of the tunnel, and you can either run them down or get out and shoot
    them. Jump out of your Zeep once if you haven't yet and head into the room
    right in this area on your left.
    If you were quick, you'll find another Henchman either in here or just leaving.
    Kill him and head inside. You'll find Body Armor and a Health Pack on the
    table, plus two prisoners: A bitchy rich girl and a Monkey! Harry will
    immediately start whining about how he hates to save hostages, and then will
    promptly be chewed out by the rich girl after he tells you to go on ahead. Stay
    and listen if you want. After you're done though, head back into the tunnel and
    climb into your Zeep. If you need any ammo for your Soviet Rifle now is as good
    a time as any.
    Anyways, back your Zeep up and take the tunnel that you passed while running
    everyone down. You don't necessarily need your Zeep, but it is loads of fun to
    drive around. Once you get to the end Anya will complain about the blast door.
    Looks like you'll need to find something that will make a big bang.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Locate Khallos's Train
    Make your way down the hall and stop at the first door. You'll have to get out
    of your Zeep (if you still are in it) so you can open the door. If you want to,
    jump back in your Zeep, because this door is large enough to move it through.
    There are enemies in this room, so you'll need to take them out somehow. You
    will find it a little hard to drive in here, but you can take down at least
    three of the soldiers with your Zeep. Once you can't maneuver well anymore get
    out and finish the rest of with your guns. You'll find that there was a total
    of six hench-people in this room. If you need health, you'll find some in the
    back of the room to your left on some shelves. You'll also find out Khallos's
    plans for world domination.
    Leave this room and head to the end of the tunnel. Enter the room there and
    you'll find a nice explosive sitting along the wall to your right. You'll also
    see two shelves along the back wall. The one on the left has some Grenades.
    This room is a shooting range and if you want, you can practice on the targets
    here. Just like in a real shooting range, you can press a button to bring your
    target to you after you're done to see how well you've done. The button is on
    the right of each section. After you are ready to leave here, pull out your
    Temporal Uplink. We're going to pick up the explosive and take it back to that
    blast door down the tunnel. Take it down there and just let it fly into the
    door. Jump back into your Zeep, unless you left it somewhere, and go through
    your newly made door.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    You will find four more enemies here, but it's hard to maneuver in this are
    with all the boxes here so if you have your Zeep ram it into some of them and
    jump out to take the rest down with some good old fashioned lead. Head to the
    end of this tunnel on foot and go right. Look down the stairs to find a
    henchman and fill him full of holes. Continue down and you'll find a henchwoman
    with a henchman just below her. Take them both down and move on. There are no
    more enemies on the stairs, so keep moving until you've exited the stairwell.
    Move down the tunnel to the end and you'll activate an in-game cut scene.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find Time Traveler
    Have fun with it because you'll be thrown into a firefight as soon as it is
    over. After you have killed the two of them, head through the door at the end
    to finish the level.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Locate Khallos's Train
    |                              #1.4 - (1969) The Khallos Express              |
        |The Time Traveler has given Cortez the slip - but back at base Anya hopes
        |to trace the Brotherhood of Ultra Science into the future and find a new
        |lead. Meanwhile there are pressing issues to attend to! That twisted dude
        |Khallos is threatening to start World War 3 by firing a nuclear missile
        |from his train. "Hey spaceman!", Harry Tipper needs a hand to save the
        |world and rescue his girl!
    Well even though you were almost left behind while Tipper was already aboard
    the train, Cortez's pure muscle and determination come through to get your
    there. At the start of the level, you'll see the camera panning in from above
    while Anya goes on about the Brotherhood of Ultra Science. As it moves in you
    get to see Tipper toss a guy out the window of the train ;D
    I'd like to mention one thing before starting though. When you are walking on
    top of the train be careful not to fall off. The game doesn't place invisible
    walls to prevent that, so just watch your step.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Find Khallos
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Prevent the missile launch
    Run up into the car where you'll find Tipper ducked down to avoid a guard.
    He's on the roof of the next car, over on the left side. If you look through
    the window in front of you, you'll be able to see him. You can shoot him
    through here, but remember that the window is pretty strong so while your
    bullet will travel through it, the first shot will make the window pretty hard
    to see through. It will take a couple of shots to break the window, so make
    sure you've got your gun pretty much lined up with the target before your
    trigger finger loses control of itself.
    After he's been eliminated, Tipper will start talking about 'saving the world'
    again. He'll then run outside and up to the next car. Follow him, but you're
    gonna have to climb the ladder first. I guess Harry Tipper is working on his
    "self-preservation" skills. Once you're on top move forward. A henchwoman will
    run up along the right side of the second round thing poking out of the roof of
    the car. After she's gone move up ahead, but don't run off the end just yet.
    On the next car are several guards moving about. If you let Harry move ahead
    of you just go up to him, otherwise make sure you don't go far enough to be
    noticed. Anyways, Harry will ask you "Shall we take them silently, or go in
    shooting?" That's really up to you, but make sure to switch over to your
    silencer if you're going the quiet route.
    There are four people on this car. Two are close to you and two are closer
    to the other end. The one on the other end on the left side is stationary,
    although he does turn to face a couple of directions. The other three will be
    patrolling specific paths, so if you want to go silently you should watch them
    for a couple of moments to figure out when it's best to shoot. You don't need
    someone watching their friend just before a bullet travels through his head,
    now do you? After they have all been eliminated, jump onto the train car if
    you already haven't and head to the other side.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Travel through this door and quickly shoot the barrels to the right. This will
    cause them all to come crashing down on the two enemies in here, along with
    preventing the henchman from getting behind the machine gun nest. Run to the
    other side of the room now, being careful not to trip over the barrels, and
    shoot the two guards on the other side of the door here. They will open it
    just shortly before you get there, so be ready to shoot them.
    Go outside and into the next car, but stay put for now. Listen to the henchman
    talking over the radio along with the two henchmen chatting afterwards. Proceed
    to whip around the next two corners and dish out a healthy serving of irony by
    blasting them! If you are not quick, the one in the middle will flip his table
    over and use it has cover, so shoot him first. After they are done pick up
    their Machine Guns while Harry Tipper, a.k.a. Shower of Gold, contacts his
    people, a.k.a. Cloudy Rainbow :D
    You can find a Health Pack on the opposite wall the radios are against, but
    you'll probably need to use your Temporal Uplink to pull it down to you. You
    should probably listen to Mr. Tipper and take your leave. Head over to the
    next train car. When you get inside go around the first corner and you'll
    here a henchwoman in the bathroom. Try and open the door and you'll receive the
    expected "This door is locked" notice, but the first time you do it the lady
    will also say "Oh God it's like giving birth!" It's pretty funny, but only for
    so long. If you've ever played GoldenEye 007 for the N64 before, this area will
    probably remind you of the Train level.
    There is a bunch of enemies in here. There is also a helicopter that will cause
    you some problems once you round the corner after the bathroom. Turn the corner
    here at the bathroom and sneak towards the next one. After you start to hear
    gunfire, run back and use the bathroom for some cover. It may not work
    completely, but it should help a lot. Once the helicopter is finished
    shooting up the windows, you can head back around the bathroom again.
    You may want your Machine Gun for this, mainly due to the large number of
    enemies. The first to come around the corner (if you wait long enough) will
    be a henchwoman with a pistol. She'll be quickly followed by a henchman with a
    Machine Gun. There's another henchman a little farther past these two, but he
    only has a pistol so it should be too much of a problem. If you need some
    health after this, there is a Health Pack in the third room down. This is also
    around the time you'll hear the toilet flush. The henchwoman is quite quick and
    will be on your ass within seconds. Make sure you're prepared for her, but
    don't worry about it too much.
    Once you make it to the forth room a henchman will scream "No!" and then
    proceed to shoot you. He's located near the end of this car and is toting a
    Machine Gun. If you want some Body Armor, you'll find some in the sixth room.
    You'll need to use your Temporal Uplink on this as well, because it is sitting
    on a shelf above the window. Now it's time to leave this car, so head over to
    the next one and prepare for a fight for survival.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Once you run out onto the next car that helicopter will begin shooting at you.
    Make use of the crates as cover, but keep in mind it won't last forever. You'll
    need to be shooting out some crates to make a passageway, so pull out your
    Machine Gun. There are two crates you'll need to smash. They are wooden, so
    they shouldn't be too hard to spot. After you have made it past them, you'll
    find some surface to air missiles. Anya will tell you to find the control
    panel, which happens to be located on the other side of the missiles. Run
    around the boxes there and activate the missiles. Now enjoy the show!
    After the helicopter is no more, climb the ladder leading to the next car.
    There are several hatches on top of this car. A henchman will climb out of the
    first one on the left, so quickly shoot him and move on. The next one on the
    left also carries a henchman that can be dispatched just as easily. After they
    are both gone, head to the end of the car. You'll find four guards down on the
    next car that will easily spot you, so just watch yourself.
    If you want to have some fun, switch to your pistol's scope, crouch down, and
    sneak up to the edge of this car. Stop when you spot a white tank and a barrel.
    The tank is on the right and the barrel is on the left. If you shoot any of the
    barrels on this car, they will only leak out some flammable liquid, but if you
    shoot the white tanks they will leak out gas, possibly spin or roll some, and
    then explode. You can use this to your advantage by shooting them both in quick
    succession. The barrel's contents will light up when the tank explodes, burning
    the person there to the ground. There are a couple more like this, so repeat if
    you wish. There is one henchman near the end of the car that this doesn't seem
    to always reach, so fill him full of lead when he shows himself.
    Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention up above. It seems that the flammable
    liquid can still be dangerous to your health, but it's probably because of the
    fires that are still raging. Anyways, time to meet up with yourself again. A
    chopper is going to fly over your head trying to shoot you once you get on this
    flatbed car, but another train will pull up beside you carrying none other than
    Cortex himself. He'll take down the helicopter, but you're going to have to
    give him some cover fire. The two tall cars on either side of him will have
    henchmen shooting at him from above, so gun them down quickly. As usual, Future
    Cortez's health bar is up on top.
    If you picked up the Soviet Rifle, you may find it doing a better job than
    the Machine Gun, but maybe not. It probably depends on the person who uses it.
    Anyways, that's just and option and suggestion for you. After the chopper is
    damaged enough it will crash into the wooden car that was blocking your path.
    A guy should come staggering out in a blaze, and even though he's on fire he'll
    still try to gun you down. Eliminate him before he has the chance to do that.
    Ok, run through the wreckage and head into the next car. You'll see through the
    metal grating three guards talking. Pop around the corner and fill them full of
    lead. There are also two more guards around the corner leading to the next car.
    At least one of them will pop around the corner, so just keep that in mind.
    Anya will mention that this is "such a guy room." Well it really is a stereo-
    typical "guy" room, what with all the Machine Guns and stuff lining the wall.
    You'll find that you can actually use the weapons on the wall for ammo. The
    ones on the left are Soviet Rifles, the middle ones are Machine Guns, and
    you'll find a couple of Tactical 12-Guages along the right. You'll also find
    some ammo for your pistol below the Machine Guns. On the table to the left is
    a Health Pack and high up on the other side is another Health Pack along with
    some Body Armor. Once you are done acting like a kid in a candy store, head
    over to the next car.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Climb up this car and you'll activate an in-game cut scene. Remember your
    future self helping out with that chopper earlier? Well, now it's time to repay
    the favor. The game is a little unforgiving at this moment, because as soon as
    the cut scene ends you'll have four guards to deal with. If you don't kill him
    quickly, the henchman furthest back will duck behind the two large boxes in the
    center of the room. Make sure to count bodies, and if you can't count four, he
    may be alive but hiding. Flush him out and finish what you started.
    Now go through the door across the room from the spot you landed in. You'll
    find some Heatseeking Rockets on either side of the small ramp in here. Grab a
    box and then head outside where you'll find the Heatseeker on a platform. Pick
    it up and bring it out.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the helicopter
    Look for the chopper above the car you were on not five minutes ago. You'll
    want to keep it in your crosshair's site for a moment. This will allow the
    Heatseeker to lock on to the target. Wait for it to say, "Target acquired"
    in flashing red text in the top-right corner. That is when you should fire. It
    will take three rockets to bring down the helicopter. After it crashes into the
    train next to you head back into the previous room.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Destroy the helicopter
    If you want them bad enough, you can restock your Heatseeker ammo in here, but
    you will lose your Heatseeker in just a moment. Continue on all the way back to
    the opposite side of the train car, allowing Cortez to get you out of here.
    He'll jump back on the previous train, landing you in a bathroom. A guard will
    hear this and walk over to it. Since the bathroom door is open, make sure you
    are prepared to shoot him. In addition, this is where you'll discover that your
    Heatseeker is now gone. It must have been left behind so Cortez could make the
    Anyways, leave this room and grab the guy's Machine Gun (x2). Switch over to
    your Machine Gun and then flip over to its secondary fire mode to bring out the
    second one. There are around four guards in the next hallway, and then another
    who will run around the corner at the end. Your Machine Guns should do the
    trick, so let lose a hail of fire on them. You may find a henchman in the
    fourth room, so get rid of him as well. Continue down the car, but watch out
    for the guy who'll run through the door at the end.
    Go into the next car where you'll find several henchmen jumping over from the
    train riding beside this one. It seems like three always make it, one misses,
    and one doesn't even attempt to jump. Kill the first three and then move over
    to the open door to kill the fourth one. After they are all dead, Harry Tipper
    will swing down into this car from the roof. If you watch him, he'll begin to
    thrust into the after mentioning that he's back. Weird, eh?
    Alrighty then, let's continue forth, shall we? Go to the other side of the car
    and move through the door there. It's kind of hard to see, I know, but it is
    there. It just sort of likes to blend in with the wall. Once in the car, don't
    move much past the bathroom to hear another interesting conversation. A couple
    of henchwomen will be talking about Harry Tipper, but I'll let you guys hear it
    firsthand ;D
    Once you are ready run around the corner and start shooting away. There is a
    guy just down the stairs and around the corner with a Machine Gun. You'll find
    a henchwoman running towards you, and two more guards should be around the
    middle of the car but moving towards you. The fifth one is on the opposite
    end of this room. He'll be shooting at your from atop the stairs.
    There is a sixth guard in here, but he's completely wasted and lying across
    the mini-bar's counter. If you hit him or push a chair into him, he'll sit
    up and fire his gun into the ceiling, with the force of the shot knocking him
    backwards onto the ground. Go up to him and he'll begin rambling on like all
    the drunks in this game do. He's not quite as funny as some of the others are,
    but he's funny enough. Now climb the stairs over here and then move up the next
    set of stairs you run into, taking you to a second floor on this car.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Head into the white room, and then move about halfway into it to activate an
    in-game cut scene. You'll soon find yourself trapped, and finally you'll meet
    up with Khallos. After he goes on about his "big weapon", he'll activate the
    second part of the trap: green gas!
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Find Khallos
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Deactivate the gas trap
    You can deactivate the gas trap by bringing out your Temporal Uplink and using
    it on the statue Khallos activated the trap with. If you wait long enough Harry
    will break into the safe in this room. You'll find a Health Pack inside. You'll
    want to pull the lever on the right wall, which in turn will send several
    henchwomen to you. Turn around, blast them, and head back down the stairs.
    Also, make sure to remember that you have a time limit starting when Harry
    mentions it.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Deactivate the gas trap
    Head over to the next car to find a French missile. Keep on going forward and
    two men will pop out of the room on that end. Shoot them and then enter it. Go
    to the right and you'll find the missile control console. You have to connect
    two switches, in this a case a green and a blue one. There is a four-by-four
    grid of wires, which can be turned four directions: up, down, left, and right.
    Each time you play this mission the position of the two ends for each color
    change, so I'll try to play through it several times to pick up each version
    and give you the directions for them. In addition, you have a time limit here.
    You can view your time limit on the control console just above the wires.
    The way I'll lay things out here is as follows:
    1) The version number (i.e. Version Zero)
    2) Each color indented and followed by some codes, as in Blue (A1 [Left],
       D4 [Right]). The codes for each color represent the two ends of the
       switches. The code tells it position on the grid (which can be seen below)
       and what side of the grid it is on (top, bottom, left, or right.)
    3) Finally, I'll give all the directions for that color. Since the wires only
       turn one direction, I tell you how many times to turn them along with their
       position on the grid (yet again pictured below.)
    Here's a basic picture of the grid, along with letters and numbers for me to
    refer to them by:
       1 2 3 4
       _ _ _ _
    A |_|_|_|_|
    B |_|_|_|_|
    C |_|_|_|_|
    D |_|_|_|_|
    Version One:
       -- Blue (A3 [Top], D1 [Left])
    1) Turn A3 three times
    2) Turn A4 twice
    3) Turn B4 once
    4) Turn C4 once
    5) Turn C1 three times
    6) Turn D1 once
       -- Green (A1 [Left], D2 [Bottom])
    1) Turn B1 once
    2) Turn A1 twice
    3) Turn A2 twice
    4) Turn D3 once
    5) Turn D2 three times
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Prevent the missile launch
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Stop the train
    All right, now that the missile has been stopped you can continue chasing
    Khallos. You'll find some Body Armor under the table by Harry if you need
    any. Leave through the door in this room and climb the ladder onto the next
    car. You might do best here with your dual Machine Guns. Anyways, it's time
    to stop Khallos.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Defeat Khallos
    Walk along the train top towards the fire. Khallos will pop out of it once you
    get close enough, flying around on his jetpack. He shouldn't be too hard to
    defeat, and as with boss battles his health bar will appear along the bottom
    of the screen. Once he is defeated the fire will die down, so keep on moving.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Defeat Khallos
    Once you get to the end jump onto the train engine. Run into the cabin from
    the right and activate the console. This will finish off the mission.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Stop the train
    |                              #1.5 - (1994) Mansion of Madness               |
        |Anya has traced the Brotherhood of Ultra Science to an isolated creepy
        |Connecticut mansion house in 1994. There's no time to lose - Anya's
        |research has revealed that the mansion will burn to the ground on this
        |very night! Good news is that Cortez has a resourceful new chum to help
        |him out, the very capable Jo-Beth Casey, the bad news is that the mansion
        |is infested with zombies. Eugh!
    This level starts out with one of the most awesome cut scenes in the game! Well,
    at least in my opinion. After the cut scene is over, you'll be a little ways
    from the front door. Now I wonder why they didn't just walk around the building
    and end up right on the porch, rather than ending up about 50 feet from it?
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Investigate the Mansion
    Anyways, you'll start out weaponless, but that won't last very long. First,
    you need to get into the house, so head over to the front door. Jo-Beth will
    be talking as you walk up to the house, but it's nothing mission critical. Same
    goes with Anya. If you take too long though, Jo-Beth will complain, so hurry up!
    Once you open the door, you'll be treated with a short in-game cut scene. This
    is where you'll find you are now trapped in the house, namely due to a lightning
    strike to a tree.
    Inside is a scientist who'll be going on about how you shouldn't be there, blah,
    blah, blah. After he is done talking, a massive chandelier will come crashing
    down on him, pretty much ruining what was left of his life. Jo-Beth will comment
    about how gross that is, and then promptly will take a couple of pictures of the
    scene. Caring little girl, ain't she?
    There is a Flamethrower to your right and just in front of you. Now would be a
    good time to pick it up, because you have some ghosts to deal with! They will
    come flying towards you from the other side of the fire caused by the
    chandelier, but they can blend in with things so keep your eyes peeled. Start
    looking for them *after* Jo-Beth talks about suddenly feeling cold. They are
    easiest to spot by their red eyes. Blast them all (there are a total of five),
    and then go to the right and follow the hallway there to Jo-Beth.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    You know, some parts of the music on this level really remind me of Resident
    Evil. Anyways, there is a cabinet on your left with a Health Pack if you need
    it. Now pick up the Baseball Bat on the floor and enter the next room. Make
    sure to equip your new weapon, because the Flamethrower won't be needed until
    There will be a zombie maid on the pool table to your right, and another zombie
    somewhere on the left. As Anya says, aim for their heads. Take those two out and
    then turn your attention to the hole in the wall on the other side of the room.
    Another zombie should already have come through there by now, so take him out
    quickly. Go over to the hole and wait, because that is where the rest of the
    zombies will be coming from.
    The next one to leave will be just like the previous ones, but the one after
    that will be holding a Baseball Bat. Be careful, as the undead are quite
    skilled with weapons in this game. Two more will come out afterwards, one with
    a Baseball Bat and one without. After they are all gone, the door to your left
    will open.
    Go through it and you will see a little ghost girl (Edwina) on the other side
    of the room. She is capable a creating fire, and will bring up a wall of it
    shortly after you have entered the room. Two zombies will walk through it on
    the right, lighting themselves on fire as they move through. Kill them both,
    but luckily you don't have to really worry about lighting yourself on fire!
    After they are both dead, a door to your right will open up. Switch over to your
    Flamethrower and go through it. You will now be in some little courtyard thing,
    and you'll see two scientists hanging from a tree on the other side. As Jo-Beth
    points out, there are things moving under the ground, and when one scientist
    gets brave enough to try to make a run for it, he'll be quickly devoured by
    As the second scientist tells you, fire is the only way to kill them. If you
    didn't waste all your Flamethrower ammo, then you are all set. Otherwise, you
    will need to pick up some from his colleague's Flamethrower lying in the grass
    the creatures are moving under. You can find this to your left, just off the
    concrete section you are on. If you need it, grab it.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Rescue the scientist
    Ok, these creatures are actually pretty easy to take down. One hit from your
    Flamethrower and they are toast. The problem lies in getting them to surface,
    but it really isn't difficult. Just run around the grass and they will target
    you. When you hear one surface, you will probably need to turn around. Do so
    and then quickly blast the creature with fire. After you have done that, begin
    to run around again until the next one surfaces. There are a total of five of
    the worms. Don't worry about the scientist's cries about slipping; so far, he
    has never slipped for me.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Rescue the scientist
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Investigate the attic
    Head back into the room with the fire. It will die down now, and then the door
    behind it will open up. Don't even bother with the other door; it's been locked
    now. If you need some health, there is a Health Pack in the low-lying cabinet in
    the back-left corner. Now head into the next area and grab the Shotguns on
    either side of the walls. Don't worry about hogging them all, Jo-Beth seems
    to manage just fine.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Switch over to your Shotgun and go through the next two doors. The first one
    leads to a room that is useless, so don't worry about it. You will find yourself
    in a large room that seems to be a library. It is two stories tall, and there
    are a bunch of zombies along the balcony up above you. They will slowly, but
    surely, toss themselves over the balcony and onto this level so they can rip
    you to shreds. You will have to be careful of the later ones, as they will be
    equipped with both Baseball Bats and Shotguns.
    Just blast away at them, but try to conserve ammo by going for headshots. There
    are around 11 zombies in here, and it seems the only ones with Shotguns are the
    butlers. Anyways, after they are all gone a short in-game cut scene will begin,
    showing that the head mounted on the wall is still attached to its body!
    I'd like you to meet the Deer Haunter. Since he really doesn't seem to care for
    introductions, let's just blast him instead! He is quite powerful, and can take
    a lot of shots. He is a boss I guess, mainly because he has a visible health bar
    along the bottom. Now you could always go running around the level popping off
    shots at him as I did the very first time I played this mission, but there is a
    better way. I have seen this a couple places around the internet, but it seems
    like if you go into the area he came out of he can't hurt you!
    Now one thing most people won't tell you is that after you are in there, you
    don't have to attack him at all. Just let Jo-Beth take him out and save you some
    ammo. She seems to have really good aim here (as opposed to other places), so
    you don't need to worry about her shooting you while you're in there.
    After he has been eliminated, leave your hiding spot and go through the door
    on the right. A scientist will come running down the stairs, followed by a very
    fast zombie. Quickly blast it, and then listen to the scientist afterwards if
    you wish. Once you are done here, climb the stairs and go through the door in
    front of you. Kill the zombie right across the room from you, and then enter it.
    There will be a zombie maid right inside the room, but she may not rise
    immediately. To your right will be a Shotgun wielding zombie, and Jo-Beth
    doesn't seem to mind blasting you to get to him. Be careful with that one. You
    can find some Shotgun ammo to the left of the zombie with the Shotgun. You'll
    also find two dead scientists, and by the furthest one from you is a Revolver.
    Pick it up and then leave this room.
    If you listen carefully, you may hear a whispering voice say "Cortez..." This is
    really creepy, and it appears to be coming from that ghost girl you met up with
    earlier. Anyways, leave the room and go through the other door in the stair
    room. Be careful in here, because once you get far enough in the zombies here
    will all spring to life.
    There is the maid you probably saw lying on the floor in this hallway, and there
    a two zombies in the room on your left. The maid in there is carrying a Shotgun,
    so take her out quickly. Several more zombies will run into this hall from the
    next area, and one of them will be running quite quickly. In total, there are
    five zombies in the hall, and then the two in that one room. If you want to see
    some creepy pictures, look no farther than this hallway's walls.
    Anyways, go into the previously mentioned room to find a bloody scene along
    with some Shotgun ammo. Leave this room and continue down the hallway, taking
    the next door on the right. You'll find a really freaked out scientist in there,
    and both cabinets have a Health Pack in them. Leave here and go through the
    final door in this hallway to find a zombie. Blast him and move on.
    Once you get to the end of this room, the door there will open and four zombies
    will come through. One has a Shotgun, so be careful and take them out quickly.
    The cabinet in here is empty, and the zombie lying on the floor is currently not
    a threat.
    Go through the door they all came from and take the door on the left. This will
    place you into another two-story library with zombies. There are four zombies
    on this lower level, two of which have Shotguns. The first with a Shotgun is on
    your right, just past the first part of the wall that sticks out. The second is
    to your left, just around another part of the wall sticking out. Take them in
    any order you wish, and watch out for the remaining two zombies that will ambush
    you while you are preoccupied with the Shotgun wielders. You can find some
    Shotgun ammo in here around the stairs.
    Once Jo-Beth runs up the stairs you'll know you are done down here, so you had
    better follow her quickly so you can protect her. She'll be preoccupied with
    taking pictures of another dead scientist while a zombie maid is heading towards
    her. The zombie is to the left once you get to the top, so blast her before she
    has a chance to get her undead fingers into your friend.
    After everything is clear, go through the door next to the scientist. There is
    a zombie lying on the ground just inside the door, but it isn't a threat. You'll
    also find your first drunk in this level. He's sitting to the left of the couch.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Leave this room through the only door in here. Now you are in an extremely
    creepy portion of the house. There is nothing in the room to your left except
    for a bloody mess. Continue down the hall and you'll find a bathroom on the
    right and a little kid's room on the left. The bathroom doesn't really have
    anything of interest, but in the kid's room, you'll find a rocking horse still
    moving... The cabinets in here are empty though.
    Continuing down the hallway, but not taking the right to go further down you'll
    find two more rooms. The one on the left is a bathroom. You'll find a tub full
    of blood with a body soaking in it. The remaining room is another bloody
    bedroom, but this time with a twist. The big cabinet in here contains a zombie,
    rather than health. Blast him, and then turn your attention to the smaller
    cabinet on the left. You'll find a Health Pack in there if you need it. My
    sister finds this room really creepy because of the TV, saying it reminds
    her of the movie The Ring.
    Anyways, leave and go down the part of the hallway I told you to skip earlier.
    Make sure you have your Flamethrower out first, though. This will spawn another
    in-game cut scene, and you'll see some poor scientist blasting away at something
    with a Flamethrower before being killed off-screen. Turns out you have more
    ghosts to deal with; dozens of them will come flooding out from the end of the
    Jo-Beth will do the smart thing and hide, but you don't really have that choice.
    She'll be in the blood bath bathroom, so just concentrate on staying alive. As
    before, they are easily killed with the Flamethrower. Since there are so many,
    you may have to keep on waving your Flamethrower back and forth, and you
    probably will have to be backing up as you do this. The best direction to
    back up would be towards the door you entered this hallway from. If you end up
    running out of ammo for your Flamethrower, use your Shotgun, followed by your
    Revolver. If you total run out of ammo you just may be screwed, so restart from
    the last checkpoint.
    Once they are all finished, Jo-Beth will say she's gonna stay in there for a
    while. Anya will tell you to leave the girl, so you best not disobey orders.
    Head down the area they all came from and take the first right for some more
    Shotgun ammo. That is where the scientist died, but luckily you don't have to
    worry about him becoming a zombie.
    The next room on the right, on the other hand has a zombie lying on the floor.
    Unlike the previous ones lying on the floor however, this one will prove to be
    a threat in a minute. When you go into the next room (directly across from this
    area), she will spring to life and try to get you from behind. You can prevent
    this by lighting her on fire, which will bring her to life early. Then you can
    switch over to your Shotgun and blast her head off. If you are in need of some
    Flamethrower ammo, there is some lying by her body.
    After she is eliminated, turn around and move into the next room. Make sure you
    haven't forgotten to switch over to your Shotgun, because the Flamethrower will
    be utterly useless in here. One zombie will enter from this room's other
    entrance. The other two will pop out of cabinets, with one being in front
    of you and the other to your right. Kill all three of them and head into the
    next room.
    The small cabinet in here is empty, and the door at the end is locked. Take the
    door on the right to end up in a stair room.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Climb these stairs to reach the attic. There are several zombies in here,
    but they won't animate until you move far enough into the room. In addition
    to animating the zombies, this will summon Edwina (the dead girl.)
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Investigate the attic
    This fight will be throwing a couple of things at you. The first is several
    zombies, some of which have Shotguns. The second is Edwina, who can summon fire
    (if you already forgot), and will shoot a line of it towards you every once in
    a while. The fire is easy enough to avoid, and you can tell she is ready to
    shoot it when she wraps her arms close to her body. The zombies are fairly easy
    too, especially since there are only five, but the two on the opposite side of
    the room with Shotguns can be a real pain.
    One all the zombies have been eliminated, Edwina will leave the room. Back by
    the stairs, to their right, a wooden panel will pop off. A zombie will come
    through there, so blast him and move through it. Turn the corner and you'll
    spot a zombie lying on the ground. To prevent any problems from cropping up a
    few seconds into the future, blast him with some fire and quickly whip out your
    Shotgun to deliver the finishing blow. Be careful though, because he is carrying
    a Shotgun.
    Head into the next room and prepare to deal with several more Shotgun wielding
    zombies. The first one is the maid on the left, with a regular zombie on the
    right. Two more zombies will come in from the hall on the right. The first will
    pose little trouble carrying only a Baseball Bat, but the last one will be
    toting a Shotgun. After you have dispatched all of them, move on down the
    hallway those last zombies came from.
    Drop down into this next room and head over to the scientist on the left. There
    is a Health Pack to his right if you need it. Anyways, he will tell you about
    their secret lab beneath the mansion before dying off.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Locate Lab entrance
    As he says, the entrance is through the kitchen. Shall we head over to there
    now? Go down the stairs he is resting against, and about halfway down look
    over to your right. You should see a zombie maid toting a Shotgun just below,
    so knock off her head to save you some trouble. You may have noticed the zombies
    lying on the ground; they will animate when you move off the stairs.
    Do just that and blast the one to your left. All three zombies in this room have
    Shotguns, so be careful. Anyways, take down the one on the right now, followed
    by the one to the left of the stairs in the back. After they are all gone, head
    over to the door that just opened up. This will spawn another in-game cut scene
    that will have Cortez plummeting down to the next floor just before making it
    through the door. The door will then close, allowing you to take control of
    Cortez again.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Go down the stairs and enter the room at the bottom. You'll find another
    scientist on your right. He'll begin bitching about their "wonderful leader",
    and he'll clue you into the fact their leader is still in the labs below. Take
    the door on the left and enter the small storeroom on your immediate right.
    You'll find plenty of ammo and health, so stock up.
    Sadly, you won't find any Body Armor in here. Anyways, take the next door in
    this room and then go through the door on the right in the next room. This will
    put you outside in some courtyard. Make sure to pull out your Shotgun and
    prepare for another boss fight. Walk out into the courtyard until you small a
    short in-game cut scene that shows part of the building collapsing, effectively
    trapping you in here. The boss will then proceed to climb out of the opening in
    the middle.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Defeat the creature
    This boss has several attacks. The most commonly used are its melee attacks. It
    will use its massive claws to quickly swipe out at you, making this a difficult
    attack to dodge. Its other melee attack consists of it lunging forward to bite
    you. It usually reserves this attack for when you are really close to it, as its
    range seems somewhat limited. Its other two attacks are fire based. The first
    one is basically a simple flamethrower attack, which it usually sweeps
    side-to-side in a small area. The second one is where it throws fireballs
    from its claws.
    I have heard that you can dodge its first melee attack by staying as close to
    the creature as you can, but I have never been able to get this to work. My
    tactic consists of strafing around the area, both left and right. I will
    occasionally stop, but if you stay in one place too long, the creature will
    smash its claw down on you. I keep this up until the creature shows its weak
    Speaking of that, the creature's weak spot is its eye. This eye isn't located on
    its head though, but on its lower body. There is a bulge in the skin, and this
    is where the eye is located. Unless you keep that spot in your sights at all
    times, you will need to keep your ears listing for a squishing sound. This will
    signal to you that the eye has opened.
    The eye will only stay open for a very short time, and will close as soon as
    you shoot it. It will take around four shots to the eye before the creature is
    completely finished off, so this will be a long battle. After you deliver the
    final blow, be careful of the creature's claws as it slides down the hole,
    because they can still cause you damage.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Defeat the creature
    After this battle is over, you'll see Jo-Beth climbing over the rubble. This
    will cause the rubble to collapse, allowing you to leave this area. You'll find
    the only path through is along the left side of the rubble. Once past it, go
    through the door on the left.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Go through the next door and you'll spot Gaston Boucher. Shoot his head off
    before you get his attention. This will alert all the dead cows lying about
    though, so be prepared to take them down. They will take about three hits each
    from your Shotgun, and there are around five of them. After they are all gone,
    go into the kitchen and grab the Health Pack on the table to your left.
    Now go through the door on the other side of this room, and then enter the
    freezer. You'll find a second Gaston Boucher in here, this time carrying a
    Shotgun. Blast his head off like the first one and head into the next room.
    This will finish off the level and start up another funny cut scene ;D
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Investigate the Mansion
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Locate Lab entrance
    |                              #1.6 - What Lies Below                         |
        |Cortez and Jo-Beth descend to the catacombs below the mansion. There's
        |still now sign of the Time Traveler but the horrors and craziness around
        |them are clearly the result of the twisted research of the Brotherhood
        |of Ultra Science. Who is behind this madness?
    Remember all those pretty weapons you had in the previous mission? Well, somehow
    Cortez manages to lose all but the Revolver, along with 36 bullets. Jo-Beth on
    the other hand has her trusty Shotgun. Anyways, you are now in the mansion's
    cellars. Pretty quickly a box will be thrown, scaring Jo-Beth as she is creeping
    around. Shortly after Anya is finished talking, another box will be thrown. If
    you stay where you started until that happens, you won't need to worry about
    either of them hitting you.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Uncover the identity of the mystery time traveler
    After that second box is thrown, Jo-Beth will start to run until she is safe
    from the boxes. Before you follow her, pick up the case of Revolver ammo that
    was near her start point. Now follow her, and when you get to the entrance of
    the hall, she will stop and mention that she is suddenly feeling cold. After
    she is done chatting it up, move down the hallway. This will spawn an in-game
    cut scene showing a scientist being dragged away by something off screen,
    coupled with some corny dialogue.
    After he is gone, Jo-Beth will run down the hallway and notice some wooden
    boards blocking a passageway on the left. She'll decide to climb through a small
    gap in it, and immediately tell you "No comments about the size of my butt, ok?"
    Seems like she's had some trouble with boys talking about her butt before.
    Anyways, she will walk over towards the pentagram painted on the wall, but as
    she is pulling her camera out the ground collapses beneath her. She seems to
    survive without any serious injuries, and will tell you that she can't climb
    back up. You'll have to meet up with her later, so let's move on.
    Go into the area the scientist was dragged off to. You'll hear some guy talking
    to 'princess' and talking about needing to make her eye better, but you can't
    get to that area yet. You can't do anything on the right, so take the left and
    move into the next hallway.
    Don't rush into the hallway though, because a box will be thrown across it
    trying to hit you in the side. Once you move far enough forward the floor will
    collapse, dropping you down into the next level. Turn around and you will see
    what appears to be Jo-Beth. Sadly, this isn't Jo-Beth, but a shape shifter that
    has taken on all but her face quite accurately.
    Rather than waiting for her to turn around and charge after you, just shoot her
    head off now. Now move forward some and you should hear a scream. Back up some,
    because three more shape shifters will literally climb right out of the ground
    in front of you. Since they can move fast, you will need to deliver those
    headshots pretty quickly.
    Now that they are all dead, move forward and into the next room. You'll hear
    Jo-Beth struggling, and when you enter the room, you'll see that she is hanging
    from the ceiling by her leg. She somehow got caught in a trap meant for zombies,
    and now you will have to protect her until she can free herself.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Protect Jo-Beth from the zombie horde
    As usual, her health bar appears along the top-middle of the screen. You will
    have zombies coming out of the doors to the left, along the conveyer belt in
    front of you, and from under the platform to your right. There will also be
    the occasional one coming down the stairs of the platform. Just keep delivering
    headshots until she can free herself, and make sure to keep an eye on her health
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Protect Jo-Beth from the zombie horde
    There is a Shotgun propped up against the stairs, so if you haven't already
    picked it up, do so now. You'll find ammo for it underneath the platform. Be
    quick though, because a zombie will be coming through the door on the end of
    the platform. Once you are ready and he has been eliminated, move through that
    I would suggest switching over to your Shotgun now, if you already haven't. Go
    down the first set of stairs and you will have another zombie to face. Blast him
    before he can run up to you, and then move on down. Go down the next set and
    kill the zombie you meet up with here. Continue moving down until you get to
    the double doors, which you need to move through.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Ok, once you get into this you'll hear a scientist screaming for help or
    something, but there's nothing you can really do for him. Go on to the end of
    the hallway and take the door on the left (the right door is locked right now.)
    Blast the scientist zombie right inside of it and move on around the corner at
    the end. You'll find two zombies attacking the scientist, so blast them away.
    You will have to end up blasting the scientist too, since you weren't able to
    get to him in time to prevent him from being turned into a zombie.
    There are some Shotgun Shells to the left of the computer on the floor, so grab
    those and then activate the computer. You control the computer's cursor with the
    Control Stick, can open a file or folder with the activate button, and the B
    Button should be what you use to exit the computer or go back once if you have
    opened a file/folder.
    All right, now move the cursor to shut off the screen saver. The Trash Can is
    empty, and so far I haven't been able successfully drag anything into it. Now
    there a two folders in here: Security OpSys v5.10.23 and Lab Communications.
    The first one has a red stripe on it while the second one says COMS. You can
    pretty much skip the Lab Communications, but for people who skip it and want
    to know what it contains, I'll tell you.
    The Lab Communications folder contains for files:
    Company Forums
        New message:
        LabCon2: EAT BRAAIINS!
        New message:
        LabCon2: BRAAAAAINS!
        Open this file up to view the only webcam in the labs. There is currently
        a zombie in the room with the camera. The "Previous" and "Next" buttons are
        grayed out, but if you want you can hit the "X" on the bottom right to shut
        off the camera. It doesn't really matter though, because it won't change
    Maintenance log (audio)
        This is A. Lenard's maintenance log for week 72. All the essential systems
        seem to be functioning fine. Secondary output is back to between 3 & 5%
        after the panic last week. Still don't know quite what happened there.
        Anyway, I put all the electrical tools and the body armor back in the
        locker. Just hope I don't need it again in a hurry.
        The combination is 3-5, uh no, uh 362? No dammit, that was last week's. Oh,
        it'll come to me. It's probably not wise to leave that kind of information
        in my log anyway; god knows who's listening in. Anyway... 400! That's it,
        four hundred or something.
        I uh, I've been seeing those apparitions again, don't know if they are
        connected with the malfunctions or not, probably coincidence. Everyone
        seems to think I'm crazy; maybe they're right. Anyway, that's my maintenance
        log for the week. Sorry to be spilling my guts, you know. Recording time's
        almost up, signing off. Oh wait, that's it! Four hundred & fifty... Disk
        full, recording terminated.
    Research log 09/08/93
        Success at last! Our first reanimation took place this morning, test subject
        IEH26 was given now life after being dead for 6 days. Unfortunately his mind
        has not also been restored and he has to be restrained to prevent him eating
        people. One of the nurses says he reminds her of an ex boyfriend and so we
        have christened him Trevor.
    All right now, let's take a look at the Security OpSys folder now, shall we?
    You'll find two files in here. The first one is a padlock, and that will unlock
    the door to the next area. The second one allows you to Monitor CCTV
    Transmissions, or in plain English, look through the various security cameras.
    If you look through the camera, you'll start out in Containment Area A. You will
    notice a small cell with a zombie in it, and then some ammo on a table to the
    right. Go to the next one and you'll see a similar room, but with a scientist
    in the cell rather than a zombie. The third one looks into the Operation Room,
    which is where the webcam was looking into. You can leave all these cameras on,
    as they won't set off any alarms.
    Finally, click on the padlock to unlock Security Door A. Move through it and
    into the next area. You will see a wire hanging from the roof, crackling with
    electricity. If you touch this, it will deliver some damage, so be careful.
    Around the corner there will be another zombie, but with a twist. It is coated
    with electricity, and can shoot this out at you. Take him down quickly before
    he gets the chance.
    Now turn around the corner he was by and you'll run into two more zombies along
    with some stairs. Blast them both quickly before they can shoot you. Now run
    down the stairs and shoot the zombie around the corner, as per usual. You'll
    find two more zombies around this last corner, and you should no what to do by
    Go into this room here, and after Jo-Beth gets in the door will slam shut.
    This is the operation room, and if you looked through either the webcam or
    the security cams, you should recognize it. The zombie that was sitting at the
    computer is gone now, but that doesn't mean you can relax. Before the zombies
    start to flood in, pick up some more Shotgun ammo from over by the computer.
    You'll find the Harpoon Gun in here as well, sitting on a small table in between
    the two operating tables closest to the room's entrance. Don't use the Harpoon
    Gun unless you absolutely have to, because you will need all the Harpoons you
    can get for this level's boss battle. If you do have to use the Harpoon Gun,
    make sure to pick up the Harpoons from where the landed.
    Anyways, as I was saying you shouldn't relax, because zombies will begin to
    enter the room from the slides above the three operating tables. Jo-Beth will
    try to get the door open for you guys, but you will have to protect her while
    she is doing it. This isn't really that difficult, so just keep on going for
    headshots and you should make it out without a scratch.
    All right, after she has opened the door, go through it. Around the first corner
    you'll find a drunken scientist, and he's actually pretty funny. Now go through
    the door by him and then through the next one, shooting the zombie in this
    hallway. Once you move into the room, a second zombie will run out of the room
    on the right, just past the window. You are now in Containment Area A, and if
    you look to your right, you'll see a lovely view of a zombie.
    There is a glitch in the game it seems, so sometimes there will be a second
    zombie in the cell. Anyways, go into this room by the cell to grab some more
    Shotgun and Harpoon Gun ammo. When you access the computer, you will find three
    things to click on from the beginning: Research Documents, Memo, and Main
    None of these are mission critical, and are really just to add some flavor to
    the level and give you some fun things to do other than blast things. Anyways,
    for the people who want to skip them but still are curious what they do/say,
    just read below to find out. We shall first start out with the three files
    under Research Documents, followed by what the Memo contains.
    Subject Omega-37: Final Result
        Subject: Omega-37
        Day 6:
        Specimen was subjected to a level 5 thermal-endurance test. Subject failed
        to meet pass criteria.
        Status: DECEASED
    Subject Lambda-14: Final Result
        Subject: Lambda-14
        Day 3:
        Subject was terminated at 7:15 AM and was determined to be in an unsuitable
        condition to undergo further test procedures. Subject terminated.
        Status: DECEASED
    Subject Delta-27: Final Result
        Subject: Delta-27
        Day 18:
        Delta-branch subject with augmentation has surpassed his expected lifespan
        by 5 days now.
        Status: LIVE
        To all heads of department. As you may already be aware Dr Harvey, growing
        impatient with the lack of test subjects decided to administer the new serum
        to himself. This has proved a rather rash decision and the once brilliant
        doctor now has the IQ of a turnip. Or perhaps a politician. On the plus side
        he has developed great strength and extraordinary regenerative properties,
        he seems almost impossible to kill by conventional means. Unlike the other
        subjects he seems entirely harmless and we have placed him in charge of
        transporting the corpses from storage to the labs. If you encounter him
        wheeling his trolley about its best to just stay out of his way. We will
        of course be investigating the positive effects of his serum as full as
        possible, although sadly he does not appear to have recorded the exact
        formula used.
    Anyways, if you are interested in the Main Control, here's what it does: It
    allows you to test various properties of a zombie, for instance its thermal
    resistance. You have seven options after the program has booted up: Thermal,
    Electric, Zombify, Stretch, Cranial Expansion, Flatten, & Shrink-Ray. You will
    also see several meters to the right of all these options, along with a large
    "Activate" button along the bottom. You can activate each option by pressing
    the "X" to its right. If it is lit up, it is active.
    The two columns of bars on the right give you information about the various
    options on the left. The first column lights up the corresponding bar of each
    active setting, while the column on the right shows how high the power setting
    for that option is. If it is too far into the red, the subject is liable to be
    terminated from the test. Now, if you are curious about what each option does,
    just look below.
        This will shoot a blast of fire out of the wall, lighting the subject on
        This will electrocute the subject.
        If the subject is a human, this will turn them into a zombie. It seems to
        have no effect on zombies.
        This will stretch the subject's body.
    Cranial Expansion
        This will increase the subject's head at an alarming rate, and is the most
        effective way to kill the subject if they are a zombie.
        This will flatten the subject down.
        This will shrink the zombie, making them smaller than a monkey :P
    Anyways, you can control the power of each option with the bar above its title.
    Moving it farther to the right increases the power, while moving it farther to
    the left decreases its power. The options will be executed in order once you hit
    the Activate button, and there is no real way to cancel to test.
    If you run into the glitch where there is a second zombie in the cell, he will
    NOT be affected by any of the programs options, although if you decide to blow
    up the zombie's head it will damage him to some degree. Since the cell's door
    is locked, you can't just open it and blast him. It's best just to ignore him
    for now.
    If you want to, you can look through the Microscope to the right of the
    computer. You'll see a single organism in it, but that one will quickly become
    two, then four, then eight, etc. They will keep on multiplying forever, but it
    seems like the game prevents them from multiplying so fast that they can't be
    contained in the area they are in. In addition, some will die off to help with
    Once you are done fooling around in here, head over to the next room
    (Containment Cell 2.) A scientist will start talking, and if you looked through
    the cameras, you should remember that he was in a cell. Turns out he locked
    himself in there to keep away from the zombies. As he says, "I helped create
    them, I'm not gonna be killed by them." I have found no way to get him out of
    there for now, but there is a computer in the room by his self...
    If you do decide to "experiment" on the poor scientist, make sure to turn him
    into a zombie or he won't be able to handle too much. You can find some more
    Revolver ammo on the table in here, and a Health Pack on the floor.
    If you encountered the Dual Zombie glitch above, then you will probably find two
    scientists in here. The game seems to occasionally duplicate the characters in
    each cell, but as before, you can't hurt the duplicate. The documents on the
    computer are the same as the previous one, so you can just skip them if you
    want. Now let's go through the last door in this area.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Now go through the next door and you'll hear Harvey talking again (he's the one
    who was talking about getting Princess' eye all better.) Well here he is now, in
    all his glory. He'll be tossing down the severed legs of zombies to 'Princess'.
    If you go up to him after he is done talking, he'll open up a short conversation
    with you. He's perfectly harmless, so there is know real need to kill him.
    Once you are finished up here, continue on down the hallway and through the next
    door. You should probably whip out your Revolver now and reload it. After that
    is all over, move through the final door to start up another in-game cut scene.
    You'll both walk into this cultish looking room, and then turn around when the
    scientist in here starts talking. I'll let you enjoy the rest, so have fun :D
    Now once you regain control of yourself, you'll find you are in a mine cart. The
    fall seems to have moved the cart some, and now it will start careening down the
    tracks until it hits the end. Usually this wouldn't be a problem, but the
    ceiling will be lined with the undead, ready to try and knock your head off!
    That's why you will need the Revolver. These aren't your regular undead though,
    but the Headsprouter's. They will only need one hit from your Revolver to take
    down, but when you start moving faster, it can be difficult to hit them in time.
    When you are moving around a corner is the best time to reload, and you should
    do so unless you have at least 3-4 bullets left. Another really good time to
    reload is when you are moving on a steep incline.
    After you get to the end, another in-game cut scene will occur. Watch this to
    learn about your next objective. It's not really your traditional objective,
    as it doesn't appear in your objectives list, but that doesn't make it any less
    important. You'll find your future self's health bar along the top-middle, as
    per usual. You can find some Shotgun ammo to the left once you regain control,
    so pick them up and switch over to your Shotgun.
    There are a total of three flaming zombies along this path, and plenty of
    regular ones. After you have cleared an area of zombies, move on forward to the
    next one. Once they have all been defeated, just move on down to the end of the
    path. You'll know that you didn't miss any if the in-game cut scene starts up.
    Anyways, after it is over take the pathway to your right. The Ghost Gun and
    goggles pair will be just a short ways up the path. No matter what your settings
    are though, the gun will be set as your active one. You will need it though, so
    don't switch back to something else.
    Now let's move on up the path, taking down all ghosts that we run into. Your
    Ghost Gun doesn't require any ammo or reloading, so when you see a ghost, just
    keep that trigger pressed. When you get to the fifth ghost, you may not be able
    to eliminate him before he collides with you. Shortly after that ghost the path
    splits two ways, and you can grab a Health Pack if you go left. All in all there
    are seven ghosts along this path.
    Now go along the other direction and you'll find another one of those handy
    wormholes. You'll run into the same cut scene as before, but this time you will
    be playing the role as future Cortez. There are around eight ghosts along this
    path, so you should no what to do by now. Your past self doesn't seem too
    skilled with the Shotgun, but if you can kill all the ghosts and get to the
    end, everything should turn out all right.
    After the cut scene, you'll find some Shotgun Shells right in front of you.
    Pick them up, but rather than pulling out that gun, you should equip your
    Harpoon Gun. The boss battle is almost here, and that is about the only weapon
    that can successfully take down the boss. Now drop down the hole to your right,
    and prepare yourself for the battle.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Eliminate 'Princess'
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    Ok, you notice how Princess ate that barrel, but it got stuck in its mouth? This
    is your target, and it is the only way to defeat Princess. The Harpoon Gun does
    the most damage to this barrel, so that's why I had you equip it earlier. The
    easiest time to shoot it is when Princess is breathing fire. You can try
    shooting it at other times, but you aren't as likely to hit the barrel since
    her mouth is pretty much shut (even though there are holes in Princess' mouth.)
    Other than breathing fire, Princess can create these fiery bat things. They
    only prove to be a small nuisance, so just ignore them. You have to remember
    that this battle is timed. After about one minute, when Jo-Beth's health bar is
    fully depleted, Princess will look up and devour the poor girl.
    If you run out of ammo for your Harpoon Gun, you should probably bring out your
    Shotgun. There is a box of Harpoons by a rock, so run around popping off shots
    until you find it. The last thing to worry is the lava pit Princess is sitting
    in. If you even touch it, that'll spell an instant Game Over. With this
    knowledge, the boss shouldn't be too difficult, but if you run out of Harpoons
    it will be a lot harder.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Eliminate 'Princess'
    After you have finished off Princess for good, Jo-Beth will be raised up through
    the tunnel in the roof. If you want, you can wrap around this area to pick up
    any stray ammo. It seems like there is only Harpoons, and they have limited it
    to two boxes (they don't respawn.) When you are ready to leave, head over to the
    elevator (it's a metal door with a star on it.)
    Your Shotgun would be a good weapon to use now, so pull it out before you make
    it to the top. At the top, Jo-Beth Casey will be waiting for you.
        *Checkpoint Reached*
    All right, now head back into the room where you were trapped before (leave this
    room and take a left.) Move through it and into the next room. On your left is a
    Health Pack along with some Harpoons and on the computer table (again on the
    left) is a Revolver.
    You can't access any of the other computers, so just stick with this one. There
    are only two files on this one: Email & Personal Diary of Jacob Crow. If you
    click on the diary first, you won't have a chance to read the e-mail, and for
    those of you who skipped it, I'll give you a chance to read it below.
        Things going bump in the night
        Bit of a disaster to report, one of the test subjects escaped during the
        night. It stumbled into the girl's dormitory and ate all the nurses. Talk
        about a wailing and gnashing of teeth. It did provide us with the chance
        to measure the speed of the zombification process once a living host is
        infected, so it's not a dead loss. In any even we're gonna need more nurses.
    Ok, now let's look into that diary of Jacob Crow's. Once you exit out of
    this diary, you'll be locked out of the computer terminal, so for those who
    accidentally did that I'll provide the text contained within.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Uncover the identity of the mystery time traveler
    Personal Diary of Jacob Crow
        After our initial surge progress has slowed, but thankfully there seems
        to be no wavering of loyalty amongst my followers. The cult is serving
        its purpose of keeping them all docile. However we seem to be making little
        progress towards true effective immortality. Granted we can now allow bodies
        to function after death, but only as almost mindless killing machines! I can
        feel death stalking me, but I will not die! I will live forever, nothing can
        be allowed to stand in my way
    Ok, after you exit the diary a security video feed will pop up showing that a
    door has opened. That is the door to the level's exit. Now within a couple of
    seconds another thing will pop up on the screen. It's an animation of Jacob Crow
    waving his finger back and repeating the phrase "No, no, no." In addition, the
    text "You didn't say the magic word" is shown on the screen. To top it all off,
    a timer for two minutes will begin counting down when this message appears.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Escape the catacombs
    All right, you have two choices here. The first is to just run all the way back
    to the door, ignoring most of the zombies along the way. The second way would be
    to blast all the zombies while running back to the exit. Either way, it
    shouldn't be massively difficult.
    The first thing to do is leave this room. An arrow along the bottom-middle will
    point you in the direction you have to go, so don't worry about getting lost.
    Once you get back into the hallway you'll run into two zombies, one of which is
    on fire. Kill them and go through the two doors along this path. You will find
    three more zombies just past the second door: a regular one, an electric one,
    and then the shape shifter.
    Go through the next door and you'll find a zombie scientist in the room to your
    left. Also, watch out for the flaming zombie that will run through the next set
    of door. The next room you will run through is the Operating Room, which will
    contain two more zombies. Just around the corner of the next hall will be two
    more zombies, and then along the top of the stairs are another two zombies.
    There are two more zombies in the security room, and the last two in the hall
    just past it. Take the door behind the last two zombies, and then enter the
    elevator on the left. This will finish off the level for you. Congratulations,
    you can now get out of this creepy old mansion :D
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Escape the catacombs
    |Section 2: Arcade League
    Arcade League is back, so let's get started shall we? For people new to the
    TimeSplitters games, here's how the Arcade League works. Each league is broken
    into three parts, which in turn have three parts each, bringing the total
    number of missions to 27. At first, you will only have access to the Amateur
    League. In addition, you will only be able to access the first mission in each
    of the three sections of the Amateur League.
    You can unlock the next difficulty in league challenges by completing all nine
    missions in the previous league with at least a Bronze. To unlock the extra
    missions in each section you need to beat the previous ones of that section
    with at least a Bronze.
    As in the Challenge Mode, I will only list the requirements for getting the
    Platinum if I, or someone else, knows what it is. If there is only an estimate,
    I will place the following after the requirements: (Estimated)
                                  | #2.0.1 - Amateur League |
    |                              #2.1.0 - One Gun Fun                           |
    | #2.1.1 - Rockets 101 |
        |Learn all about high explosives and what they do to peoples' faces as
        |Captain Ash takes to the skies with a merry bunch of like minded fools
        |and an arsenal of rocket propelled armaments. Let's just hope they had
        |the sense to fill the airship with helium and not hydrogen (and people
        |say videogames aren't educational, tsk, tsk).
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 3 min
        Enemies:    Seven
        Weapons:    Rocket Launcher
        Character:  Captain Ash
        Mode:       Deathmatch
        Map:        Zeppelin
    My Best:  1st and 17 Kills
    Gold:     1st and 18 Kills
    Silver:   1st and 16 Kills
                  - New Cheat Available! Slow Motion Deaths
    Bronze:   1st
    Platinum: 20 Kills
    In this challenge, you'll be running around in a giant blimp with your
    traditional Rocket Launchers. Well, not really traditional, but they're Rocket
    Launchers nonetheless! Your weapon has two modes of fire: The usual one rocket
    at a time mode, and the multi-rocket mode. Unlike the previous game however,
    the multi-rocket mode doesn't fire three rockets simultaneously, but six
    rockets one after the other.
    For you to do well with this challenge you will need to stick with the single
    rocket mode unless you have an unusually large congregation of enemies in on
    area. You should probably play a Deathmatch on this level before attempting
    this challenge so you can get familiar with the level. There are many platforms
    along with sections of air that push you upwards that can be confusing at
    first, so that is why I say this.
    For you to succeed here, you'll need to make good use of your radar and
    knowledge of the level. You need to be able to plot a course to the next batch
    of enemies as quickly as possible. Since splash damage doesn't seem to be doing
    much (at least in this level), you'll need to rely on direct hits to take an
    enemy down. Also, keep in mind that nobody is on a team, so everyone is killing
    each other, allowing the game to effectively steal kills from you.
    | #2.1.2 - Big Game Hunt |
        |Things haven't been the same around Oblask since Leonid pulled the wrong
        |lever and dumped a tank of radioactive coolant into the frozen lake. The
        |wildlife has mutated and now locals are enjoying the best hunting season
        |since the aliens landed in Tunguska back in 1908.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 3 min
        Weapons:    Sniper Rifle, Zeep
        Character:  Leonid
        Teams:      Green Team (1, You) - Blue Team (8)
        Mode:       Team Deathmatch
        Map:        Siberia
    My Best:  19 Kills and 1st
    Gold:     35 Kills
    Silver:   25 Kills
    Bronze:   15 Kills and 1st
                  - New Character Available! Vlad the Installer
    Platinum: 50 Kills
    Oh yes, this is *really* fair. Seriously though, I mean didn't we have enough
    trouble with one Deer Haunter? Well, obviously they didn't think so and now
    you got eight Deer Haunters after you! Technically speaking you only have one
    weapon on this level and that's the Sniper Rifle. What many people might not
    think of is that you can grab the Zeep on the opposite side of the level and
    play a simple game of tag. Of course, they probably won't be standing up after
    you tag them with the bumper of your Zeep, but that's life.
    You'll start on one end of the Siberia level, while all eight Deer Haunters
    will start on the other side (near or on the dam.) Everyone has Sniper Rifles,
    and if you're not careful you'll wind up with a bullet in the head. The Deer
    Haunters usually either miss or get a direct headshot, so you'll need to have
    a quick trigger finger or keep yourself moving at almost all times. If you want
    to wait for them to come and get you, just stand where you spawned and they'll
    eventually come over the hill on your left with the bunker. Speaking of which,
    if you want to add an extra punch to your shots there's a Max Damage power-up
    inside that bunker.
    There's really little strategy that I can come up with for this level other
    than to go for headshots or run everything down in the Zeep. You should also
    get to know the level so you can go for Body Armor or health if you need it.
    You'll find some Body Armor right behind your spawn point, and you'll find some
    more Sniper ammo on the hill in front and to the left of your start point. The
    Zeep is all the way over near the dam and will show up as a purple arrow (until
    you get closer) on your radar. Good luck!
    | #2.1.3 - Divine Immolation |
        |Heretics are running amok in the sacred temple. Let your sacred cleansing
        |fire guide them along the path to enlightenment and gently release their
        |souls to achieve spiritual calm. Breath deeply and repeat after me
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min
        Enemies:    Six
        Weapons:    Flare Gun (x2)
        Character:  The Master
        Mode:       Deathmatch
        Map:        Temple
    My Best:  17 Kills and 1st
    Gold:     1st and 18 Kills
    Silver:   1st and 15 Kills
                  - New Character Available! The Master
    Bronze:   1st
    Platinum: 20 Kills
    This one is basically just like the Rockets 101 mission. Instead of Rocket
    Launchers though, you have the Flare Gun. Its primary mode (in this mission)
    is dual Flare Guns, but if you only want one Flare Gun out at a time switch
    over to its secondary fire mode. You should learn this level through a regular
    Deathmatch against and easy bot or two so you won't be distracted. In the room
    you start in there is a Max Damage power-up, so you might as well grab it. My
    final tip would be to watch out for that damned Dinosaur. He really seems to
    like going for the Cloak power-up, and then firing flares from seemingly out
    of nowhere.
    |                              #2.2.0 - Nightstick                            |
    | #2.2.1 - Commuting Will Kill You |
        |Cancellations and overcrowding on the morning trains have just driven the
        |commuters a few stops past the end of the line. Everyone's gone off the
        |rails and now it's carnage central on the subway. The stationmaster says
        |the last one standing gets a free off-peak travel pass - go for it!
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: None
        Enemies:    Eight
        Lives:      Nine
        Weapons:    Kruger 9mm, Tactical 12-Gauge, Grenades
        Character:  Jack Sprocket
        Mode:       Elimination
        Map:        Subway
    My Best:  8 Lives 2 min 50.6 secs
    Gold:     1st in 2 min 40.0 secs
    Silver:   1st in 3 min 40.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Leonid
                  - New Cheat Available! Fat Characters
    Bronze:   1st
    Platinum: Unknown
    If you're not familiar with this mode, each contender has a set number of
    lives. In this case, it's nine. The last player standing is declared the
    winner. You'll have three weapons at your disposal, and you'll start out with
    the Kruger 9mm. The 12-Gauge is probably the best weapon for this mission, and
    Grenades are probably the worst. There are many times you are in hallways or
    rooms (rather than the large areas with the train tracks), and this can make
    Grenades just as dangerous to you as they are to your opponent. If you can
    pull the trigger (or push the button) fast enough, the Kruger can also become
    an extremely deadly weapon with a high rate of fire.
    There's absolutely no detailed strategy that I can give you for this mission.
    Just play it like a Deathmatch, watch out for Grenades, learn the level, and
    try to help everyone kill each other as fast as possible. One thing worth
    mentioning though is that while Grenades are essentially useless in this level,
    they do have one use. It's probably pretty uncommon, but if you have a large
    grouping of people (3 or more) and you have Grenades, toss several of them into
    the pack. Even if you take yourself out, you'll still be ahead so that can make
    it worth it. Just remember to watch your lives. You don't want to commit
    suicide on your last life!
    | #2.2.2 - Toy Soldiers |
        |Trials of a new combat drug are having some freaky results. An unforseen
        |side effect is causing anomalous pituitary gland activity and combatants
        |are turning into midgets! Get out into the field and show them that the
        |top brass doesn't shrink in the face of battle.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 3 min 30.0 secs
        Enemies:    Eight
        Weapons:    LX-18 (x2), Tactical 12-Gauge, Machine Gun, Flare Gun,
                    Grenades, Proximity Mines
        Character:  The General
        Mode:       Shrink
        Map:        Vietnam
    My Best:  22 Kills and 1st
    Gold:     1st and 28 Kills
    Silver:   1st and 20 Kills
    Bronze:   1st
                  - New Character Available! Nobby Peters
    Platinum: 30 Kills
    If you've never played Shrink before, here's how it works. Your size is
    directly proportional to how well you are doing. If you're normal sized you are
    doing pretty damn good. However, the smaller you get, the worse you are doing
    (kill-wise.) This is just to help the little guy get back up on his feet.
    You're going to be staring down at the ground a lot, so get used to it. Other
    than that, you can play this like your standard Deathmatch. Two things you
    should try while you're on this level: Shoot the water with the Machine Gun
    and toss a Grenade into the water. You'll probably get a kick out of it,
    especially with the Grenade ;D
    | #2.2.3 - Dam Cold Out Here! |
        |Pesky snowmen, just because they're made of the stuff they think they own
        |the frozen wonderland above the dam. Well, it's time to give them some hot
        |action. Roast their cute carrot noses and fire up those coal eyes and make
        |sure you keep the chilly beggars off the zone bases to secure a win.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: Unknown
        Character:  Crispin
        Weapons:    Flare Gun, Mag-Charger, Scifi Sniper, Sniper Rifle, Heatseeker
        Teams:      Blue Team (4, You) - Red Team (5)
        Mode:       Zones (6)
        Map:        Siberia
    My Best:  37 points in 2 min 30.0 secs
    Gold:     37 points in 3 min
                  - New Character Available! Snowman
    Silver:   37 points in 3 min 15.0 secs
    Bronze:   37 points
    Platinum: 37 points in 2 min 45.0 secs
    Yet again, if you're unfamiliar with this game type I'm here to help. In zones,
    you'll find glowing round objects scattered along the ground in the level. They
    start out by glowing white, labeling them as neutral zones. When a member from
    a team (let's say the blue team) runs over the zone the light will change to
    that team's color, in this case blue. If a member from the opposing team (say
    the red team) runs over the blue team's zone, it'll change from blue to red.
    On the top of the screen, you will find a bar with little circles on it. At
    first they will all be white until a team captures a zone. That zone will then
    light up at the top of the screen with the team's color. You'll find a bar
    above the circles that starts out white. It seems to change to the color of the
    team that had the most zones in the previous round. Every 16 seconds this bar
    will empty, starting a new round. At the end of each round both teams are
    awarded points equal to the zones they had in their possession at the end of
    the round. There is also a bar along the bottom of the circles that seems to
    represent the percentage of zones owned by each team. Their colors are both on
    the bar, with the leading team of that round having a larger portion of the bar
    in their team's color.
    There isn't much help I can give you on something like this. I will tell you
    that two of the zones are on top of the dam, one on each side. The other four
    are on the snowy mounds. You should start near one, as will the Snowmen. The
    Heatseeker is quite useful, but make sure it says "Target acquired" under your
    radar before firing or it will just go in a straight line. If you run into the
    Mag Charger, you can make use of its secondary fire mode to see through the
    snow hills. Just be careful you don't mistake a friend for a foe.
    Finally, the zones will appear on your radar as flashing squares. If they
    haven't been captured yet, they will appear as green targets on your radar,
    but if they've been captured they will appear in their team's color.
    |                              #2.3.0 - On the Take                           |
    | #2.3.1 - Vamping in Venice |
        |The stakes aren't the only thing that's high as the twisted children
        |of the night prowl the wiffy water filled streets of Venice. Driven
        |by a burning bloodlust they turn upon each other in a frenzied orgy
        |of destruction. Make no mistakes, drive your point home, and become
        |the king of darkness!
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min
        Enemies:    Five
        Lives:      10
        Weapons:    Harpoon Gun
        Character:  Jacque de la Morte
        Mode:       Vampire
        Map:        Venice
        Other:      One hit kills
    My Best:  5 Lives in 2 min 8.9 secs (1st)
    Gold:     1st in 2 min 30.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Jacque de la Morte
    Silver:   1st in 3 min
    Bronze:   1st
    Platinum: Unknown
    Since the mission has been set to "one hit kills", Body Armor is utterly
    useless. The only weapon you've got at your disposal is the Harpoon Gun, so I
    hope you like it. Since it is one hit kills, skill isn't nearly as useful as
    being able to shoot in the general area of the enemy. Since the harpoons fire
    out at a decent rate, you don't need to try to get pinpoint accuracy. The only
    tips I have for you are learn the level (as usual), make good use of your
    radar, and watch your back. If you work fast enough you can come out on top
    with the Gold.
    | #2.3.2 - Pirate Gold |
        |Oh-arr me hearties, there'll be doubloons as big as yer 'ead and pieces of
        |eight a plenty in thar temple ruins. But them juicy cash prizes also draw
        |a rare crowd, so everytime you fill some landlubbers skinny behind w'yer
        |salty musket load, look and be sure that Captain Shivers grabs their
        |spondulics. Oh-arr, indeed, be sure.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min
        Enemies:    Eight
        Weapons:    Flare Gun (x2), Ghost Gun, Rocket Launcher, Heatseeker,
                    Timed Mines, Grenades
        Character:  Captain Ed Shivers
        Mode:       Thief
        Map:        Temple
    My Best:  12 points in 1 min 45.7 secs
    Gold:     12 points in 2 min 30.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Captain Ed Shivers
    Silver:   12 points in 3 min
    Bronze:   12 points
    Platinum: Unknown
    Yay! You get to be a pirate, and a pirate captain at that :D Well, now that I
    got that out of my system...
    Have you ever played Thief before? If not then listen up. Each time a person
    is killed, they leave behind a giant golden coin. Rather than scoring points
    through kills, you will have to score by collecting these golden coins. The
    same applies to your death, and so you'll leave behind a golden coin when you
    are killed. If you appear near your body, you may be able to pick it up and add
    to your score, but if not you just have to move on... and maybe get some
    Anyways, just collect as many coins as you can in the least amount of time
    possible. If you just happen to run across a coin from someone else's kill,
    don't let your morals keep your from picking it up! That's what the mode is
    all about, so just keep at it and you'll walk away with another new character
    and a shiny trophy :D
    | #2.3.3 - Virtual Brutality |
        |Come robot brethren, take up your sacred plasma weapons and rebel against
        |the tyranny and falsehood of the chattering Cyber Chimps. For too long we
        |have slaved under their oppression. We must storm the citadel of virtual
        |light and destroy the seat of their power! Down with the false idol of the
        |Chimpish Head!
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 11 min
        Objectives:   1) Gain entry to the compound
                      2) Download security codes
                      3) Upload virus to system core
                      4) Destroy the main generator
                      5) Destroy the inner core
        Weapons:    Scifi Handgun, Scifi Sniper, Plasma Autorifle, Plasma Grenades,
                    Rocket Launcher
        Character:  INSETICK SD/12
        Teams:      Attackers (3, You) - Defenders (8)
        Mode:       Assault
        Map:        VR
    My Best:   4 min 45.8 secs
    Gold:      4 min
    Silver:    6 min
    Bronze:   11 min
                  - New Character Available! Fergal Stack
                  - Character Available! PROMETHUES SK/8
    Platinum: Unknown
    Ok, your first threat throughout this level is the overwhelming number of
    opponents compared to your amount of teammates. You have two friends, while
    the defenders are composed of eight Cyborg Chimps. Your first objective is to
    breach their compound. The entrance is at the middle of the building in front
    of you. To gain entry you have to hold down the Activate button while
    practically touching the red cube floating in between the two doors.
    Here are a couple of tips you should remember before starting this, or really
    any of the other Assault mission:
    1) On the Assault missions where the odds are overwhelming, usually the best
       thing to do is ignore the enemy whenever possible.
    2) On this specific mission, the auto guns seem extremely weak to the Scifi
       Sniper. Anything else takes forever to destroy them with, but the Scifi
       Sniper can take down these guns with one hit! Since there are six of them
       in this level, you should really think about using this tactic.
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Gain entry to the compound
    There are auto guns, along with monkeys, ready to blast you as soon as you move
    out. There is one auto gun on each side, located on the ceiling inside each of
    the two balconies. You will most likely need to take both of these out before
    attempting to complete the first objective and you can do so with the Scifi
    Sniper lying on the far right side or the Rocket Launcher along the left side.
    You can take out the guns with one hit each from the Scifi Sniper, so that
    would be my recommended weapon for this job.
    After they are gone, run over to the red cube and stand on the right side
    facing towards the left balcony. The reason for this is you'll still have the
    monkeys shooting at you, and if you are hit enough it could push you far enough
    away from the cube forcing you to restart the process. The reason to go on the
    right side of the cube is because it seems like there are more monkeys on the
    left balcony than the right, and odds are that you'll only be shot by the
    monkeys behind you while opening the doors.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Gain entry to the compound
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Download security codes
    Anyways, once they are open head through the right door. You will have most of
    the monkeys quickly pouring through the left one, so this will help give you a
    fighting chance. Follow the hallway along and take a left at its end. Head over
    to the red cube here and download the first set of security codes. You activate
    this (and all other) red cubes just like the one for the doors. Once they are
    downloaded, turn around and take your first right. Follow this pathway along
    until it ends, and then take another right. Here's the second security cube.
    If you die before finishing up here, make sure to take the left door into the
    compound for a quicker route. After you have downloaded them, turn around and
    take your first left.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Download security codes
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Upload virus to system core
    Now take the next left you can and you'll find yourself in a really red room.
    There are two more auto guns in here. The first is one the right and will be
    immediately visible to you. Quickly take it down and then move past it. You'll
    now encounter the second auto gun, this time on the left side. Finish it off
    quickly and go through one of the openings on the left side. This will take you
    out into a large, open area with a pretty big ramp. Climb this ramp and turn
    right twice. You'll find your next cube at the end of this long platform, but
    you'll have to deal with the auto guns on either side of it. Once they are
    gone, upload the virus and pull another 180.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Upload virus to system core
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the main generator
    Head all the way back to the other end of this platform and go into the red
    tunnel on your right. You can pick up a Plasma Autorifle in here if you already
    haven't. The passageway on the left with the blue force field is useless to you
    right now, so you can just ignore it. Now, continue through this passageway
    until you come out the other side. Keep moving straight and follow the ramp
    here down below. Once you've completed moving around the couple of turns here
    you'll find that you're in an area with a bunch of pillars. Keep moving through
    this room until you reach the middle to find the main generator on the left
    side. Quickly blast it with something powerful and it should blow up fairly
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Destroy the main generator
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the inner core
    All right, it's time to finish off the last objective and escape the tyranny of
    the Cyber Chimps! Turn around and you should see a red passageway. Enter it and
    take the first right. Follow the passageway completely around this room to the
    other side. You'll find a ramp leading up to the next level, and to make things
    easier on you, take the right one rather than the left. Once you are on top
    turn to the right and look for a box of Plasma Grenades unless you already have
    several. If you need them, pick up the box, and afterwards look up and towards
    the middle of this area. You'll see a giant monkey head, and this happens to be
    the inner core.
    You can only destroy this with a Plasma Grenade, and you have to hit a very
    precise spot to do it. The target is the monkey's mouth, but as I said before,
    you have to hit a very specific spot. That spot appears to be the exact center
    of the mouth. Just lob all your Grenades at the mouth in an attempt to hit this
    elusive target and you should come out victorious!
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Destroy the inner core
                                  | #2.0.2 - Honorary League |
    |                              #2.4.0 - Dead Weight                           |
    | #2.4.1 - A Pox of Mox |
        |The spaceport has been invaded by the dreaded Koozer Mox but fortunately
        |for the authorities, the latest Gretel combat droid just happens to be
        |passing through on her way to Eridani 3 for some R'n'R under the triple
        |suns. Well now they've spoilt her holiday so it looks like she's gonna
        |be whippin' their blue alien hides in return.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min
        Weapons:    Scifi Handgun, Dispersion Gun, Plasma Autorifle, Scifi Sniper,
                    Proximity Mines, Grenades
        Character:  Gretel
        Teams:      Red Team (1, You) - Blue Team (5)
        Mode:       Zones (5)
        Map:        Spaceport
    My Best:  33 points 2 min 30.0 secs
    Gold:     36 points in 3 min
                  - New Character Available! Koozer Mox
                  - New Cheat Available! Small Heads
    Silver:   36 points in 3 min 30.0 secs
    Bronze:   36 points
    Platinum: 36 points in 2 min 30.0 secs
    This mission couldn't be any easier to win, but you need to know the level and
    position of the zones beforehand. Each team will appear pretty close to two of
    the zones, and then there will be one around the center of the level. For you
    to get an easy Gold you have to forget about the one closest to their start
    point. That will just cost you time and points.
    You will find that you can start in a many places inside the room with your
    first zone, or that you will start in a various places just outside the room.
    There are only two general spots you will want to start in, both of which are
    located inside the room with the first zone. The first would be directly across
    the room from the zone, but make sure it is right up against that back wall.
    If you didn't start directly on top of it, move to the right and you'll pick
    up a Plasma Autorifle. As you are moving towards the zone, switch over to your
    new weapon.
    The second are to start in would be right next to the zone. You may find that
    you start next to it but facing away from it, so learn the layout of the room
    so you can recognize when you are in that position. This one will be slightly
    harder, since you will have to wait until you get to the third zone before
    picking up a Plasma Autorifle. You need this weapon to defeat the Koozer Mox,
    and they will be coming out into the landing pad just as you run over the
    third zone.
    Either way, leave this room and head down the hallway. Keep on following the
    twists and turns of the hall and you'll wind up in the ramp room. You'll find
    the second zone here at the bottom of the ramp. Run over it as you start to
    move up the ramp, and then exit through the two doors at the top. Turn left
    and follow the platform to the end. Make a right followed immediately by
    another right to go down the ramp. Move straight over to the third zone, and
    while you are here pick up some more ammo for your Plasma Autorifle (or grab
    it if you didn't already pick up the weapon.)
    Turn to the corner diagonally opposite from this one and move towards it.
    About now, the other team should be flooding into this area. Blast them all,
    and if you miss any by the time your rifle overheats, just restart and try
    again. After they are gone, head through the door they came from. Go left and
    move through this next door. You'll find a Health Pack along with some more
    ammo if you need them on the right, but remember that the door is still on the
    left. (I kept on crashing into the wall to the right of the door thinking it
    was there!) If you picked up the Plasma Autorifle by the third zone you *will*
    need the ammo.
    Anyways, go through this door and make a left. Run over the zone in the middle
    of this tunnel and keep on moving to the end. If you've been fast enough they
    won't come out until you get to the end, but the may come out just as you pass
    the fourth zone. Either way blast them, but don't go into the next room. You
    want to *camp* by this door. You now have four zones under your control, and
    you've also got the perfect camper location since they always appear back by
    their first zone.
    My favorite spot would be standing on top of the Scifi Sniper sitting over on
    the left side of this end of the tunnel. You should also crouch down to keep
    your hand steadier and your profile smaller. Auto aim works wonders here, so if
    you have it on don't go into manual aim unless you have a steady hand and are a
    good shot. Those Koozer Mox can be quite quick, so that's why I say this. All
    you have to do is camp here until you hit 36-37 points (depends on how quickly
    you secured the fourth zone) and when 2 min 30.0 secs rolls around you'll
    complete the mission with the previously mentioned amount of points and a
    shiny new Platinum trophy to add to your collection.
    | #2.4.2 - Rumble in the Jungle |
        |It's your chance to be the mane man so don't just leave that gun
        |lion there! Take some pride in your work and wipe your paws with
        |the opposition.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 5 min
        Enemies:    Eight
        Lives:      Nine
        Weapons:    Flare Gun (x1), Flare Gun (x2), Heatseeker, Grenades,
                    Timed Mines, Proximity Mines
        Character:  Leo Krupps
        Mode:       Elimination
        Map:        Vietnam
    My Best:  8 Lives in 3 min 25.0 secs (1st)
    Gold:     1st in 3 min 30.0 secs
    Silver:   1st in 4 min
    Bronze:   1st
                 - New Character Available! Leo Krupps
    Platinum: Unknown
    You really will have to watch yourself on this one. Everyone starts out with
    Proximity Mines, so pretty quickly the level will be coated in explosive
    deathtraps. In fact, this entire mission consists of nothing but explosives!
    (Yes, the Flare Gun is considered an explosive weapon.)
    The action will be fast paced, small corridors will be turned into paths from
    hell, and your best weapon just might be some well placed Proximity Mines and
    the dual Flare Guns. As always, you should take some time against a single
    1-star bot in a Deathmatch to get a feel for the level, especially since the
    pace seems faster in this mission. Once you feel you are ready just let loose.
    The best area to be in is the lake area with the machine gun nests on each side
    of it. Make sure to watch out for Proximity Mines on the water!
    | #2.4.3 - Freak Unique |
        |At night the subway turf is hotly disputed by local gangs. The weird
        |warriors have come out to play, but who will be left standing at the
        |end of the fight? The Techno Geeks, the Circus Freaks, or even dear
        |little Hans? Don't laugh - you get to be Hans...
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min 30.0 secs
        Weapons:    Baseball Bat, Tactical 12-Gauge, Machine Gun, Proximity Mines,
        Character:  Hans
        Teams:      Yellow Team (1, You) - Red Team (3) - Green Team (3)
        Mode:       Team Deathmatch
    My Best:  30 Kills in 3 min 58.7 secs
    Gold:     30 Kills in 3 min ()
    Silver:   30 Kills in 3 min 45.0 secs ()
    Bronze:   30 Kills
                  - New Character Available! Neophyte Constance
                  - New Character Available! Hans
    Platinum: Unknown
    One thing I've noticed is that the Red Team seems to be much more skilled than
    the Green Team. You would do best to target the Green Team, but if you get a
    good chance or are just forced into it, take out as many of the Red Team as you
    can. You will start in between the other two team's start locations, but you
    will be a little closer to the Green Team. Head straight up into the Green
    Team's "base" and wreak havoc!
    Proximity Mines and Grenades are not really that useful. The Baseball Bat is
    utterly useless, though it does fit the theme of gang turf wars. The Machine
    Gun is quick firing/reloading, but the 12-Gauge has a higher stopping power.
    For instance, you may be able to take out Mr. Giggles with an entire clip from
    the Machine Gun while it would only take one or two shots from the 12-Gauge to
    eliminate him. Each of those two weapons has its own advantages and downfalls,
    so pick the one you're most comfortable with. Yet again, learn the level and
    you'll have a better chance of winning this mission.
    |                              #2.5.0 - Fever Pitch                           |
    | #2.5.1 - Outbreak Hotel |
        |You'd think a hotel full of medical conference attendees would be a pretty
        |healthy place to stay. Not so, it's a run down flea pit and coupled with
        |low standards of personal hygiene it was only a matter of time before the
        |lurgy broke out. Keep on the move and stay away from infected carriers,
        |that envirosuit won't help you much here.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: Unknown
        Enemies:    Six
        Weapons:    Kruger 9mm (x2), Injector, Ghost Gun, Proximity Mines, Grenades
        Character:  Envirosuit
        Mode:       Virus
        Map:        Hotel
    My Best:  1 min 30.4 secs
    Gold:     2 min 30.0 secs
    Silver:   1 min 30.0 secs
                  - New Cheat Available! Big Heads
    Bronze:   1 min
    Platinum: Unknown
    Virus... Man do I hate this mode! If you're new to it, what happens is one
    person (never you on these missions) start out as the virus carrier. That
    person will run around trying to infect, or tag, all the non-infected people.
    Each time someone is infected your chances of receiving the virus are increased
    because of the extra carriers.
    In this level, you really don't have any good camping locations (from what I
    know so far), so you need to run around constantly to avoid being infected.
    One thing they have done in this game is given you a way to know if an infected
    person is near. You'll begin to hear a clicking sound that will get louder and
    faster as you get closer to them. You should use this to spot potential problem
    spots before you get too close to them. In addition, if you have a carrier
    after you just shoot them down. You may even be able to get them while running
    backwards, but I'd only suggest that in the open areas or long hallways.
    Good luck!
    | #2.5.2 - Missile Bunker |
        |Prolonged living in close quarters has led to an outbreak of cabin fever
        |in the underground bunker. Luckily there's plenty of stockpiled explosives
        |at hand - just the thing for clearing people's heads.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 3 min
        Enemies:    Seven
        Weapons:    Pistol 9mm (x2), Mag-Charger, Soviet Rifle, Minigun,
                    Proximity Mines, Grenades
        Character:  Nurse Tourniquet
        Mode:       Virus
        Map:        Bunker
    My Best:  3 min
    Gold:     2 min 30.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Nurse Sputum
    Silver:   1 min 30.0 secs
    Bronze:   1 min
    Platinum: 3 min
    Ok, this level is decent sized, confusing, and when in a panic, you'll have
    trouble figuring out which end is up. I was lucky, because I ran into the
    perfect camper location by complete accident. If you aren't a camper, or
    haven't had much experience with them, than you might not know this. Anyways,
    the perfect camper spot is a place with a good weapon, one entrance to the
    area, and a good view of that entrance that's far enough away to give you
    plenty of time to react to the enemy. While in multiplayer this is one of the
    worst places to camp (because you can be shot from below), here you won't need
    to be worrying about being shot so it isn't a problem ;D
    All right, this level has three floors from what I can tell. The camping spot
    is on the top floor, right in the middle of the two paths leading to it. You
    will find a Minigun there along with a Health Pack that will prove to be
    useless in this mode. Anyways, there are two colored tunnels with rock walls,
    one on each side of this perfect camping spot. One is yellow and the other is
    red. You'll find a Minigun in each one on the end that's a dead-end. You might
    as well pick it up if you start there. You will also find a short set of stairs
    near that dead-end leading into a door. Go through that door to find the stair
    room leading to the third floor.
    Climbing the stairs takes you into a slightly different set of rooms, depending
    if you started on the Sector A or Sector B side. Either way the stairs have a
    short hallway directly after them that leads to a door. Follow through the room
    and you'll hit another door. Just past it is the door leading to the sector you
    are not in, to either your right or your left (depending on which sector you
    are in) you'll find a wall with a non-climbable ladder and the other direction
    will lead you into that legendary camping spot ;D
    You can choose to take the left or right side, but the left brings you closer
    to Minigun ammo if you run out before the 3 min are up. Continue moving until
    you hit the back corner of your chose, turn around and look at the opening into
    the room, and then set your Minigun to its secondary fire mode to insure you
    can blast the enemy as soon as you pull the trigger. Now you do what camper's
    do best: wait.
    Anytime someone enters the room, kill them without remorse. Even if they aren't
    carrying the virus, if a virus holder enters the room and infects them before
    you can kill the virus holder, you may be put into serious danger.
    That is really the only strategy fit for this level and for achieving Platinum
    status. You will probably need to learn the level before attempting this,
    because you will need to know the alternate paths if you don't start in the
    ideal spots, and you will need to know the layout of the third story rooms in
    case you start there or just so you don't get lost while running. My suggestion
    is to play a Team Deathmatch with a time limit of around ten minutes. Set two
    5-Star bots on your team against a single 1-Star bot. They can easily keep the
    enemy busy while you go exploring, and your opponent will be so easy that if
    they do get in your way it should only be a minor distraction.
    | #2.5.3 - Bag Slag |
        |Lady's night at the Big Tipper and everything was going swingingly until
        |Anya checked out her handbag from the cloakroom. No-one else had ever seen
        |one made out of TimeSplitter hide - "Oh my, it's just to die for!". Now
        |it's one hell of a catfight as everyone tries to grab a piece of the
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 3 min 30.0 secs
        Enemies:    Six
        Weapons:    Baseball Bat, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher,
                    Remote Mines, Grenades
        Character:  Anya
        Mode:       BagTag
        Map:        Disco
    My Best:  3 min 28.2 secs
    Gold:     3 min
                  - New Character Available! Venus
    Silver:   2 min 30.0 secs
    Bronze:   1 min 30.0 secs
    Platinum: 3 min 15.0 secs
    If you haven't played BagTag before, here are a few things to keep in mind:
    1) Once you grab the bag, you can't use any weapons. That includes your fists.
    2) Even though you can't use weapons, you can still pick up Health Packs and
       Body Armor.
    3) Unlike "Capture the Bag", no one is on a team. Once you get that bag,
       everyone will be after you.
    4) You will spend almost the entire mission running, so you had better
       practice your strafing skills to complement your running or you are
       liable to be filled full of holes.
    As per usual, this level's layout can be tricky at first, so play against
    some simple bots to get a feel for the level. You will find that no one starts
    out with the bag, so that can be to your advantage. Another thing, unless you
    don't care about the Platinum, is that you have to hold onto the bag for all
    but 15.0 secs of the mission. That means if it takes you longer than that to
    get hold of the bag you had better restart. The same goes for dieing, which
    will most likely cost you too much time to get the Platinum.
    You'll find you always start in the main dance room (you know, the one with the
    glowing squares in the middle), and the bag will be smack in the middle of the
    glowing dance area. If you can grab it first, you will have a chance of keeping
    it for all but about 2 seconds of the mission. Another thing to keep in mind is
    that both the Health Packs and Body Armor are of the low variety, so they will
    only fill the meter up halfway.
    There is one extremely good spot to wait it out for a few seconds, but it is
    a tricky one to position and time just right. I won't explain in detail how to
    get there, but if you know the level, you can find it easily enough with my
    description. This spot is located to the right of the giant Golden Tipper
    statue on the top floor. Take that path up, but not all the way or people on
    the lower floors can shoot you. This will force everyone to pile into that
    path, giving you a clear shot to jump from the top just before they rip you to
    shreds and allowing you to avoid being shot at while dropping down :D
    The path I like to take is this:
    1) Starting when you grab the bag, run towards the Golden Tipper statue.
    2) Sideswipe the Body Armor on the way into the excellent waiting area.
    3) Just before the other girls catch up to you, jump over the edge, but not all
       the way down to the bottom floor.
    4) Head right, drop down the ledge here and run up the stairs. You will find a
       Health Pack at the top.
    5) Leaving the stairs, go right and follow the path all the way back to the
       Golden Tipper statue.
    6) Rinse and repeat ;D
    Good luck with this mission, and I hope you can grab the Platinum on your first
    go at it!
    |                              #2.6.0 - Mode Madness                          |
    | #2.6.1 - I Like Dead People |
        |Edwina likes to play with dead things. Unfortunately we're not talking
        |about spiders and flies here - she prefers animated corpses. That's right,
        |the whole range from clammy and supturating to flaccid and putrefying.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min
        Enemies:    Seven
        Weapons:    Tactical 12-Gauge, Machine Gun (x1 & x2), Soviet Rifle,
                    Flare Gun, Grenades
        Character:  Edwina
        Mode:       Shrink
        Map:        Hotel
    My Best: 1st and 25 Kills
    Gold:    1st and 32 Kills
    Silver:  1st and 25 Kills
    Bronze:  1st
                  - New Character Available! Deadwina
                  - New Cheat Available! Old Film
    Platinum: Unknown
    This is your typical match of Shrink, which is played almost identically to a
    regular Deathmatch. You will of course have to keep an eye on the ground once
    people begin to shrink so you won't miss them. You will be helped out by the
    fact you are smaller than the others are to begin with, although I'm not too
    sure of how much help this really provides.
    From what I can tell, your two biggest competitors will be Daisy Dismay and
    Nurse Sputum, respectively. The really seem to be the skilled two out of the
    bunch. Unless you are just extremely good/lucky, odds are you will be coming
    in with a "Joint 1st" with one of those two ladies.
    You start out with the Machine Gun, but while it is fast, it also is fairly
    weak. You should trade it out pretty quickly for any of the other weapons
    (possibly excluding the Flare Gun). This includes the dual Machine Guns, as
    their lack of stopping power is now made up by throwing in the second one.
    You should also remember that while you may be dealing with the undead, don't
    think you can kill them instantly by knocking their heads off. While they may
    be headless, they are just as formidable an opponent. Just keep on trying at
    it and you'll quickly walk away with a trophy.
    | #2.6.2 - Zany Zeppelin |
        |Khallos thought a zeppelin would be the last word in retro-chique for the
        |aspiring world dominating maniac. He didn't reckon on a bunch of crazies
        |hijacking his launch party. Show them who's the boss.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min
        Enemies:    Nine
        Weapons:    Kruger 9mm (x2), Shotgun, Mag-Charger, Soviet Rifle,
                    Remote Mines, Grenades
        Character:  Khallos
        Mode:       Gladiator
        Map:        Zeppelin
    My Best:  1st and 15 Kills
    Gold:     1st and 20 Kills
    Silver:   1st and 12 Kills
                  - New Character Available! Booty Guard
    Bronze:   1st
    Platinum: Unknown
    All right, here's a game of Gladiator! In this mode, only the Gladiator can
    score. Any kills everyone else makes is worthless. You can find the Gladiator
    one of several ways. The first is the person's avatar on the top-middle of the
    screen. The second is that they will appear as "blue" on your radar while
    everyone else will appear as "red". The third is that the person will be
    surrounded by a yellowish, glowing force field.
    The Gladiator's seem to have more defensive, and possibly offensive, power than
    they regularly would. This can make bringing them down difficult. As previously
    mentioned only the Gladiator can score, so you will need to become the
    Gladiator! You can do this by being the one who finishes off the current
    Gladiator. Everyone of course will then target you, but at least you can
    now score. Start blasting away and try to stay alive for as long as possible.
    This one will be a pretty hard one, but you should be able to pull through
    with persistence, skill, and possibly a little luck ;D
    | #2.6.3 - Lip Up Fatty |
        |The Machine forces have captured Fatty Dozer and under torture he's
        |threatening to spill his guts about covert rebel operations in the
        |Gamma Quadrant. Hard times call for desperate measures, so it's down
        |to Mordecai Jones to lead a crack team into the prison and assassinate
        |Dozer. It'll be a kindness really...
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 10 min
        Objectives:   1) Breach the prison wall
                      2) Override security system
                      3) Secure the barracks
                      4) Deactivate prison lockdown
                      5) Assassinate the prisoner
        Weapons:    Scifi Handgun, Scifi Sniper, Plasma Autorifle, Rocket Launcher,
                    Timed Mines
        Character:  Mordecai Jones
        Teams:      Attackers (3, You) - Defenders (7)
        Mode:       Assault
        Map:        Mars Prison
    My Best:  4 min 12.1 secs
    Gold:     5 min 30.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Dozer
    Silver:   7 min
    Bronze:   10 min
    Platinum: 4 min 30.0 secs
    As with basically every freakin' Assault mission on this game, you are
    massively outgunned/skilled. It's just you and two others against horde of
    robot soldiers. Yeah, real fun there... Surprisingly I managed to get the
    Platinum on my first go, but I had learned many things from the previous
    Assault missions, so I guess they aren't pure evil. Just mostly ;P
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Breach the prison wall
    You start out with some rocks for cover while the enemy has the prison walls
    for protection with convenient little windows to shoot from. You have a measly
    Scifi Handgun to start out with, but you can find a Rocket Launcher behind you.
    Anyways, to breach the prison wall you will have to blow something up. Now
    anything with the phrase "blow something up" can't be a bad thing, right?
    Sadly rockets won't do (predictable, what they really need are nukes), but
    you will find some handy explosive crates to the left once you leave your
    little protective nook.
    You may be thinking, "Hey cool! I got me some rockets, so while takin' cover
    behind those big ol' rocks, I'll blast it and be on my merry way." right? Well
    sadly, you're wrong; the crate can only be destroyed by mines. You also have
    the traditional, and by now extremely annoying auto guns in your way.
    Once you leave your protective area, there will be a boulder to use for cover.
    You will find the Scifi Sniper in front of it, so use it to pick off the auto
    guns. There are six regular sized guns along the wall's length, each posted
    about middle height. These can be taken down in one shot with the Scifi Sniper.
    There are also two very large auto guns on top of the installation, each of
    which will take three shots from your Scifi Sniper. All the while, your enemies
    will be blasting you with plasma and rockets, so be careful.
    Once they are all destroyed, you can concentrate of the explosive crate. You
    will need to either find the Timed Mines or let one of your team members get
    it, but if you go the second route you will have to destroy all the auto guns
    first. If you want to complete this mission faster, go for the mines yourself.
    They are located along the middle of the wall, and luckily there is an
    indention there so you will be safe from enemy gunfire once you get to the
    mines. Finally, you can find a Plasma Autorifle by the crate, so make sure you
    get it BEFORE the objective is completed.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Breach the prison wall
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Override security system
    Enter through the newly made hole in the wall and head to the first terminal,
    located to the right slightly. You will find it inside an indention in the
    wall. The computer terminal is located on the left side of that indention.
    This is only the first one, and odds are you'll be killed shortly after hacking
    The second one is located on the other side of this corridor in a similar
    indention in the wall. Once you are able, head over to that one to finish the
    objective. My advice would be to ignore enemy gunfire while you are at the
    terminal, and largely ignore it while moving to the terminal. If you can gun
    the person down while running, then do it. Otherwise, just dodge the enemies
    and hopefully most of their gunfire. In addition, ignore the auto guns in here,
    as they will take too much time to destroy.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Override security system
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Secure the barracks
    After hacking the second terminal, leave it and press further on into the
    prison. You will find the path to the barracks to the right of this indention
    when you are facing the indention. Continue down that path and take the door
    on the left. Auto guns are to be ignored, so head through this room diagonally
    left to the next door. In this room, move diagonally to the right, entering the
    next door below the auto gun. You may as well attempt to dodge the auto gun in
    the corner you are moving towards.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Secure the barracks
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Deactivate prison lockdown
    Once you enter this building, you will find a Health Pack on the right and Body
    Armor on the left. Pick up both as needed and climb the ramp. Go through the
    door at the top and follow the path into the next hallway. Take an immediate
    left in here, and take a left at the end. Follow along this path until you make
    it outside, and then proceed to enter the door across from you. To your left on
    the wall by the door is the terminal for the prison lockdown controls. You know
    what to do.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Deactivate prison lockdown
             NEW OBJECTIVE: Assassinate the prisoner
    As you are moving through these next areas, ignore ALL the auto guns. Head back
    outside and to the right. Continue into the hallway and take a right. Follow
    that with a left through a door and head down. Take the next right, followed
    by a left. Head down the ramp and move through the two doors here. Head
    straight up the next ramp and you'll be in the prison cells. There are six
    of them, and it seems like Dozer is randomly placed into one of them at the
    mission's start. Just use the little arrow located on the bottom-middle of the
    screen and it'll point straight into his direction. All it takes is a single
    bullet to him, so let's be quick about it and grab our Platinum.
        OBJECTIVE COMPLETE: Assassinate the prisoner
                                  | #2.0.3 - Elite League |
    |                              #2.7.0 - Smash 'N Grab                         |
    | #2.7.1 - Screw Loose |
        |Things used to be pretty quiet at the Martian Penal Institute for the
        |Correction of Delinquent Undead Space Monkeys, but then there was an
        |initiative offering financial incentives for reducing overcrowding in
        |the cell blocks. Prison Officer Jonas reckons that means "shoot inmates
        |for cash prizes". Go figure.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: Unknown
        Weapons:    Scifi Handgun, Scifi Sniper, Plasma Autorifle, Rocket Launcher,
                    Timed Mines, Plasma Grenades
        Character:  Prison Officer
        Teams:      Red Team (1, You) - Blue Team (6)
        Mode:       Thief
        Map:        Mars Prison
    My Best:  25 points in 3 min 52.7 secs
    Gold:     25 points in 3 min 30.0 secs
    Silver:   25 points in 4 min
                  - New Character Available! Prison Officer
                  - New Character Available! Candi Skyler
                  - New Cheat Available! 8-Bit
    Bronze:   25 points
    Platinum: Unknown
    Wow, this mission is loaded with unlockables, isn't it? While this mission will
    seem hard, and at times unbeatable, it is actually quite easy once you know a
    few things. One thing is the monkeys will ALWAYS try to gang up on you. They do
    this for two reasons (in my opinion.) The first is to take you down by over-
    whelming your defenses. The second is so they can grab the coins of their
    fallen comrades before you, the sneaky, fast little bastards! Another thing
    is they are extremely quick moving.
    You will need to do several things to combat the above. The first is always to
    stay on the move. You will find the Plasma Autorifle and Rocket Launcher to be
    the only useful weapons, although the other explosives may prove useful on
    occasion. If you are stuck with your Scifi Handgun and are trapped, use it.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Try to single them out, or if you
    can use a rocket or something to kill them all quickly. You don't want to kill
    their comrades only to find you upped their score because they were standing
    next to the coin. That will be the fastest cause of your failure, giving the
    monkeys free coins.
    Did I mention the monkeys are fast? Anyways, it may take a few tries but you
    should end up coming out on top pretty quickly.
    | #2.7.2 - Oh Shoal-O-Mio |
        |The canals of Venice have been invaded by a plague of tiny mutant whales
        |who are terrorizing the local population and scaring away tourists by
        |singing opera arias badly off key. There's nothing for it but to send
        |in a heavily armed chap in a diving suit - don't worry though, it's a
        |scientific cull.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: Unknown
        Weapons:    Tactical 12-Gauge, Machine Gun, Soviet Rifle, Grenades
        Character:  Deep Diver
        Teams:      Red Team (1, You) - Blue Team (8)
        Mode:       Team Deathmatch
        Map:        Venice
    My Best:  40 Kills in 2 min 15.8 secs
    Gold:     40 Kills in 2 min
    Silver:   40 Kills in 2 min 20.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Deep Diver
    Bronze:   40 Kills
    Platinum: Unknown
    You know, it's actually pretty creepy to see eight or so whales floating in the
    air shooting at you. The Shoal sounds pretty cool though; you should listen to
    him in the character selection screen ;D
    This sounds harder than it really is. You don't even need to leave the comfort
    of your start area. The Shoal will come to you my friend, and when they do kill
    them all! They actually will first funnel down through a hall before bursting
    out into your little haven, so tossing a Grenade down it just before they enter
    sounds like a dandy idea! You will have to get good at reading your radar and
    estimating distances though.
    There will be a box of Grenades, a Machine Gun, and Body Armor in the general
    area that you start out in. A word of warning though, while The Shoal usually
    funnel down through the hallway, it isn't unknown for them to come in through
    the second entrance into your little start area, so watch your back.
    | #2.7.3 - Astro Jocks |
        |Candi's had just enough of the jibes going round the academy - and if
        |one more person makes a comment about the fullness of her double moons
        |then there's gonna be ructions. Well, today it's combat training with
        |live plasma ammo so this is her chance to wipe those silly locker room
        |grins off of the boys' faces.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 3 min 30.0 secs
        Enemies:    Eight
        Lives:      Seven
        Weapons:    Dispersion Gun, Plasma Grenades
        Character:  Candi Skyler
        Mode:       Elimination
        Map:        Spaceport
    My Best:  7 Lives in 1 min 59.9 secs (1st)
    Gold:     1st in 2 min 15.0 secs
    Silver:   1st in 2 min 30.0 secs
    Bronze:   1st
    Platinum: 1st in 2 min
    You get to be Candi in this one, and you'll be starting out with a Dispersion
    Gun. In fact, the only other weapon you'll see on the level is the Plasma
    Grenade, so I hope you like this weapon. Not much to say here, although using
    the Dispersion Gun is difficult for me to make kills quickly with, so I end up
    spending extra time just to kill someone.
    Something I've noticed is that you usually start out with several other people.
    In fact, it seems like the spawn points are grouped together purposefully,
    probably to combat the ridiculously short time they give you to achieve a
    Silver or Gold. It also seems like The General and Cortez are difficult to kill
    with the Dispersion Gun, but Mordecai is very easy. You may try tossing Plasma
    Grenades onto the more difficult targets ;D
    Get this. I finally get the Silver trophy, but three things amaze me to no end:
    1) Still nothing unlocked, damn!
    2) Somehow, I managed 100% accuracy! This is coming from a person who shouted
       in glee that his average accuracy was 36%, and that on occasion had picked
       up 50% accuracy. This is also the same person who can't get his accuracy to
       budge from 26% in TS2. It's been stuck there for about as long as I have had
       the game...
    3) Somehow, I also managed to accomplish this feat WITHOUT losing a single
       life. Damn! I really wish I had remembered to get our camera and take a
       picture. Here I am regretting a decision made not two minutes ago! I'm gonna
       try again and see if I can pull it off again, whether I make anything higher
       than a Bronze I couldn't really care...
    Bwahaha, I finally got some pictures as I managed to duplicate the results
    again. Actually, I got more like a dozen or two, but whatever. I'll just have
    to cut it down to four screenshots, one of each screen. Anyways, I'm guessing
    the high (a.k.a. perfect) accuracy is because if the Dispersion Gun's wide
    blast radius, but it is still really cool to get 100% accuracy :D
    Sadly, you get absolutely zilch for this mission, although you have a chance at
    wowing friends with screenshots off 100% accuracy ;D
    |                              #2.8.0 - Group Therapy                         |
    | #2.8.1 - Zone Control |
        |Combat robots are thoroughly tested in simulations in order to minimize
        |the chances of costly product recalls. Todays test is battlefield
        |territory awareness. So instead of shooting everyone in the diodes,
        |try to make sure that key locations stay under your team's control.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 3 min 30.0 secs
        Weapons:    Dispersion Gun, SBP500, Plasma Autorifle, Plasma Grenades
        Character:  GOLIATH SD/9
        Teams:      Red Team (4, You) - Blue Team (5)
        Mode:       Zones (5)
        Map:        VR
    My Best:  37 points in 3 min 15.0 secs
    Gold:     35 points in 3 min
    Silver:   35 points in 3 min 15.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Neophyte Lucian
                  - New Cheat Available! Cascade
    Bronze:   35 points
    Platinum: Unknown
    This one is difficult, and at first it may seem impossible. Even though the
    teams are basically evenly matched in size, the other team is extremely skilled
    and starts off near some powerful weapons (namely the Plasma Autorifle and
    SBP500.) You will need to learn the positions of all the zones, along with the
    layout of the level.
    One of the hardest zones to control would be the one in their start area, but
    it can be controlled. There is a Cloak powerup to the zone's left, and you can
    use that to keep from being shot at for the most part. You can then couple this
    with either the SBP500 or Plasma Rifle to defend it. I personally find that the
    SBP500 does a better and faster job than the Plasma Rifle, and you don't have
    to worry about overheating!
    If you can guard that zone, then your friends should be able to get the other
    zones to bring you in for a close win against the Blue Team.
    | #2.8.2 - Front Loaded |
        |Harry's old police partner, Christine Malone, has turned up at the Big
        |Tipper asking after the man himself. From the looks of that non-regulation
        |uniform it seems she may be planning on more than just looking over the
        |details of old busts. Kitten says her fella ain't for sharing, she's
        |challenged Malone to get out her pistols and let's see what they're
        |made of.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: Unknown
        Enemies:    One
        Weapons:    Machine Gun (x2)
        Character:  Kitten Celeste
        Mode:       Deathmatch
        Map:        Disco
    My Best:  10 Kills in 2 min 37.5 secs
    Gold:     10 Kills in 2 min 10.0 secs
    Silver:   10 Kills in 2 min 50.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Stumpy
    Bronze:   10 Kills
    Platinum: Unknown
    Lt. Christine Malone is actually a pretty strong opponent. Your only weapon on
    this level will be the Machine Gun, although you luckily will have two of them
    at your disposal. You will need to learn the locations of the various Health
    Packs in the level, along with the level itself if you want to survive for
    To win against Malone you will need to strafe around her to avoid being shot,
    run if you know she'll kill you (like if you are reloading), but stay and do
    some damage if you are low on health and can't make it to the next Health Pack.
    If you stick to the previous items, you should come out victorious.
    | #2.8.3 - Old Blaggers |
        |Braces reckons all this new fangled law enforcement technology's no match
        |for a bit of old fashioned thieving. He's teamed up with a couple of old
        |school mates to show these so called SecuriDroids just how to pull of a
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 3 min 30.0 secs
        Weapons:    Pistol 9mm (x2), Mag-Charger, Soviet Rifle, Proximity Mines,
        Character:  Braces
        Teams:      Red Team (3, You) - Blue Team (6)
        Mode:       Capture the Bag
        Map:        Bunker
    My Best:  3
    Gold:     4
    Silver:   3
                  - New Character Available! Tommy Jenkins
                  - Character Available! Sister Faith
                  - New Character Available! Braces)
    Bronze:   2
    Platinum: Unknown
    This one is pretty easy to win, especially since your teammates are actually
    competent gunmen. Even though the other team has twice as many people as you,
    things shouldn't get overly hard. You'll start out with the Pistol 9mm (x2),
    which can actually prove to be a good weapon in this level. Grenades work
    really well against several of the other team because of all the small
    hallways. Just chuck a Grenade or two around the corner and circuits will fry.
    You'll find the Blue Team's base and bag on the lowest level. All you have to
    do is bring that back to your base while your bag is still in your possession
    to score. Just remember to run over your bag so the point counts.
    Your teammates will do a good job at retrieving your bag if it is stolen,
    allowing you to concentrate on more important matters. They will also do
    a pretty good job at scoring points. Without me getting the bag once, they
    already had earned me two points. I'm pretty sure they had also kept the other
    team from scoring even once, although I did stop a bag thief once. I ended up
    retrieving the bag once though, and was able to score about ten seconds before
    the level finished. This shouldn't prove to be that difficult of a match, so as
    usual just learn the level and try your hardest.
    |                              #2.9.0 - Retro Chique                          |
    | #2.9.1 - The Dead, The Bad and The Silly |
        |Jared Slim and Venus have been robbing banks, stealing laundry and
        |generally terrorising right thinking folk all across the Rio Grande.
        |Now they've holed up in the old Mexican Mission with a mechanized
        |cactus man who goes by the name of Eli Scrubs. Time to bring 'em in
        |Sheriff. "Dead or Alive", that's you by the way, no one's actually
        |sure if you're dead or alive...
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min 30.0 secs
        Weapons:    Revolver, Shotgun, Vintage Rifle, Flare Gun, Heatseeker,
        Character:  Sheriff Skullface
        Teams:      Green Team (1, You) - Red Team (3)
        Mode:       Team Deathmatch
        Map:        Mexican Mission
    My Best:  30 Kills in 2 min 35.0 secs
    Gold:     30 Kills in 2 min 25.0 secs
    Silver:   30 Kills in 3 min
    Bronze:   30 Kills
                  - New Character Available! Jared Slim
    Platinum: Unknown
    While I used the Heatseeker as my weapon of choice in the beginning, I found
    you would really only be able to pick up a Bronze with it. As I was trying to
    figure out how to do better, I accidentally ran across the Shotgun and started
    making kills faster than ever. I didn't get above a Bronze on that one either
    because I had realized the solution too late, by have since managed to do
    better for myself.
    Odds are you will start on the second floor of the main building, or you will
    start somewhere within. There are two readily available Shotguns that you can
    pick up after starting. The first is located on the left side of the main out-
    door area. It's before any of the buildings and is almost up against the wall.
    The second one is inside the main building. If you start close enough to the
    stairs leading to the second floor, you will find them near the bottom. Just go
    down them (if you already aren't) and head into the hallway there. It's at the
    end, sort of on the left side.
    Anyways, the best way to get your kills in is with the Shotgun. You will want
    to keep from going into buildings if possible. You need to stay out in the open
    so you can't be cornered as easily. Just run around, preferably strafing at the
    same time, and keep blasting the other team. There is a box of Grenades near
    the entrance to the main building, right by the fountain. If you end up needing
    health, there is a Health Pack under the overhang on the small building to the
    left (the same side the Shotgun is on.)
    If you need some more Shotgun ammo, but some idiot picked up your Shotgun ammo,
    there is another spawn point for it behind the small buildings in the right
    corner. Don't stay back there long though or you can get pinned in. Other than
    these tips, I really can't think of any other help to give you. Good luck with
    this one!
    | #2.9.2 - Ninja Garden |
        |It's come to this: Gaston, the Chinese Chef and a couple of their favorite
        |ingredients - Duck and Calamari, in bitter contest of the wok. Cook or be
        |cooked! But who could have foreseen the wildcard intervention of a crack
        |team of Ninja Monkeys weighing in for the underdog? Banzai!
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min
        Enemies:    Three
        Weapons:    Pistol 9mm, Injector, Tactical 12-Gauge, Machine Gun (x2),
                    Proximity Mines, Grenades
        Character:  Chinese Chef
        Level:      Chinese
        Mode:       Monkey Assistant
    My Best:  1st and 17 points
    Gold:     1st and 20 points
    Silver:   1st and 17 points
    Bronze:   1st
                  - New Character Available! Chinese Chef
    Platinum: Unknown
    Monkey Assistant... this can be a fun mode sometimes. The way this works is the
    person who is in last place will get about half a dozen monkeys to go and score
    for them. Of course, the monkeys won't be going after just anybody. Usually
    they will go after the person in the lead, but that isn't always so. Each kill
    these monkeys get will add a point to the person who they are helping. Killing
    the monkeys does nothing but possibly save your ass, so don't think you'll be
    getting a lot of points by shooting them.
    There is one of two monkey icons that may appear under the mission stats on the
    top-left of the screen. The first one just shows a monkey, and that means the
    monkeys are working for you. The other is identical, except for the fact that
    it flashes red. This of course means the monkey's have you target, so you had
    better watch out!
    Calamari and Gaston Boucher are pretty easy targets, but that stupid duck
    is just so short. I didn't ever realize he was so small until I played this
    mission. You will start out with the Pistol 9mm, and while unloading a clip
    into your opponent's chest can do the job, you will probably want something
    better. Both the Tactical 12-Gauge and the dual Machine Guns work wonders, but
    you may find some use in the remaining weapons as well. As always, learn the
    level before trying this. You don't want to corner yourself with only a Pistol
    9mm in your hand and six monkeys on your ass!
    | #2.9.3 - Sock It To Them |
        |The Handymen have seized the high ground in the Training Ground and are
        |firmly dug in. It falls to you, Mr Socky, to lead your brave platoon of
        |freshly laundered wool knit comfy comrades in a daring assault on their
        |position. They've made a fool of you one time too many and its time they
        |paid the price.
    Mission Notes
        Time Limit: 4 min
        Objectives:   1) Capture the middle ground
                      2) Destroy the fuel barrels
                      3) Destroy the computer mainframe
        Weapons:    Tactical 12-Gauge, Machine Gun, Soviet Rifle, Rocket Launcher,
                    Proximity Mines, Grenades
        Teams:      Attackers (2, You) - Defenders (7)
        Mode:       Assault
        Map:        Training Ground
    My Best:  53.4 secs
    Gold:     1 min 50.0 secs
    Silver:   2 min 40.0 secs
    Bronze:   4 min
                  - New Character Available! Mr. Socky
    Platinum: 1 min
    Ugh, I'm beginning to get sick of all the Assault missions that have you, along
    with one or two bots, going up against 2-3 times as many enemies! Anyways, this
    mission is quite difficult unless you are prepared. If you have played the
    Training Ground Assault map on TS2 then you will basically know what to expect
    objective-wise and level-wise. You start out on the opposite side of the level
    inside your base. Outside there are a couple of bunkers on the left, and the
    second one has an auto gun on its right side. Not only will the Handymen be
    shooting at you as you try to leave the building but so will that gun.
    All right, I'm gonna be giving two versions of this mission's walkthrough to
    you guys. The first is the longer, more detailed one for people who are
    unfamiliar with the level and its objectives. It will basically guarantee you a
    Bronze, or even possibly a Silver, but nothing more. The second version will be
    for people who are shooting for Platinum status. You need to be quick, and you
    need to keep your trigger finger in check for that version. Alrighty then,
    let's get started!
    Version One (a.k.a. the long, easy one)
    Since they really don't give you much time on this mission you're going to have
    to be quick about everything you do. Within a very short time, your building
    can become overrun with the enemy, so make your moves count. You'll start out
    with a Machine Gun. You can find the Soviet Rifle up on the 2nd floor near the
    corner opposite the entrance to this room. You'll also find Proximity Mines up
    here. They are on the same side of the room as the Soviet Rifle, but along the
    wall that the door is on. There are also Grenades in the upper part of this
    room, and if you want the Rocket Launcher it is on the second floor, but you
    can only reach that area by going into the next room and finding the ramp
    One thing you have to remember while playing this mission is to ignore the
    Handymen whenever you can. If you can blast them do so, but don't stop moving.
    If they are in your way, try to go around them, but if you can't you'll have to
    blast your way through.
    While you can leave the auto gun on the bunker alone, there are two more in the
    canyon pass leading to the middle ground that basically have to be eliminated.
    To avoid the one on the bunker, leave through the door on the left side of this
    building's entrance room. The ramp leading to the Rocket Launcher is on the
    right in case you are curious. Anyways, just avoid its gunfire and move to the
    left side of the bunker. Now you are out of its way for the most part, so it
    can be ignored. The next auto gun is just around the corner here that leads to
    the canyon pass. It will be on the left side, and a boulder with a Health Pack
    in front of it will be on the right.
    It doesn't matter what you have to do to destroy this gun, just do it. Even if
    it means blowing yourself up with it, that's better than having to go back
    because you died before it was destroyed. Once you are through with that, the
    next auto gun can be found past this one on the left a little further up.
    Destroy it the same way as the first. Now move on ahead and you'll see a
    waterfall. There should be a purple box hovering to the right of it. It may be
    hard to see since the box is only an outline, but you'll know what I mean if
    you paid any attention to the previous Assault missions. Step in this area and
    you'll have secured the middle ground.
    Once you've made it this far, odds are the Handymen will be back dealing with
    your partner, allowing you to pretty much have free rain over their base for
    around a minute. There are two auto guns up here. They are planted on the side
    of the two large buildings here. There are also plenty of barrels floating
    about. The first one to go after is to the left of the building on your left.
    This will also get you out of the way of its auto gun. There will be another
    barrel just behind that one, but be quick as you are now in the sights of the
    second auto gun. Keep on moving forward and you'll find another fuel barrel
    just past the bunker. Go around the bunker's backside and you'll find the
    fourth barrel.
    Keep on moving around until you can see the auto gun on the side of the
    building here. Blast it until it is no more and then move forward until you
    can see the other auto gun on the building to your right. Blast it from the
    relative safety of this area until you have destroyed it. Look up at the
    building on your left again, and in the opening in the wall you should spot
    the fifth barrel. Shoot it from here, and when you are finished move all the
    way around this building's right side. You will find the last barrel in this
    little area on the side of the building. Destroy it and head inside to find
    the computer mainframe.
    If the Handymen haven't caught up with you yet, they will soon. Just ignore
    them and focus on the mission objective. There are four computers to destroy,
    and if you have explosives, use them now. Otherwise, just keep on blasting
    until the purple boxes disappear around them. Once this is finished, you will
    have completed the mission.
    Version Two (a.k.a. the short, Platinum status one)
    All right, since it took me about five or six tries to get this one right, I'll
    just hand it over to you people on a Platinum platter so you can move on with
    your lives ;D
    The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the level, the
    objectives, and the enemy. Once that is done we can move on. All right, there
    is really only one path that works well. What you will need to do is make sure
    you start either outside or near the building's exit. This will allow you to
    get a couple-second head start on things. If you don't appear outside or near
    the outside, restart until you do. Anyways, you will want to be heading over to
    the left side of this area once you are on the canyon's ground. Ignore the auto
    gun on the bunker just like before.
    There is a boulder in between the two bunkers. On the other side of it (facing
    the second bunker) is a box of Grenades. Grab these as you are moving towards
    the left side of the bunker. Head down the side of the bunker and into the
    canyon. You can blow up the auto guns while running, but if you kill yourself
    or die make sure to restart because you'd have lost too much time by then. You
    will probably need to grab the Health Pack by the first auto gun, since you
    would have already been being shot up by the Handymen just before you entered
    the canyon pass.
    If anybody gets in your way blast them, but always keep moving. Once you
    capture the middle ground keep on moving up. At the top of the hill, grab
    the Body Armor in front of the boulder and the Soviet Rifle to the left of the
    boulder. Switch over to the Soviet and keep moving around the boulder. You are
    going to ignore both of the auto guns as they take too much time to destroy.
    Anyways, keep on moving and take out the two barrels on the left of the first
    building. Move on and shoot the next barrel you see, which should be just past
    the bunker here. Turn to your left and shoot the next barrel before you forget
    about it.
    Now turn your attention to the building that acts as the Handymen's base.
    Look up and blast the barrel sitting by the opening on the second floor. Now
    run through the entrance to the building on this side, take a right followed
    by a left, and lob a Grenade towards the sixth barrel sitting along the side of
    this building. Head back inside and move to the computer mainframe room. You'll
    probably have Handymen on your ass by now, but as before just ignore them. If
    you can, lob ALL your Grenades into the computers. If they don't take care of
    them, finish them off with your Machine Gun. This will complete the mission.
    If you have done everything fast enough, you should be walking away with the
    Platinum! If you would like a basic timeline of where you should be a certain
    moments, just look below:
    1) By around 20 seconds, you should be at the boulder at the top of the hill.
    2) By around 40 seconds, you should be in the computer mainframe room.
    |Section 3: Challenge Mode
    In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect's Challenge Mode you'll be faced with various,
    well, um... challenges! Each challenge will have three parts to it, and at
    first you'll only be able to access the first part of each challenge. Once you
    complete the first part you'll unlock the second, and so on. Each challenge
    focuses on a certain subject, like the Cat Driving challenge where you'll be
    racing Strudel around a map hitting checkpoints as you go.
    The game freely tells you the requirements for getting the Bronze, Silver,
    and Gold trophies, but it doesn't even bother telling you about the Platinum
    trophy. This elusive trophy is usually acquired by massively surpassing the
    goal for the Gold trophy, but on some challenges there is only so much further
    you can pass the Gold's requirements that it might not be much of a difference.
    Anyways, I've listed the requirements for each of the different flavors of
    trophies. When I've picked it up, I've also listed the requirements for the
    Platinum trophy. Since I'm usually focusing on survival or just making it
    through before the time limit, I will miss the transition from Gold to
    Platinum. At this point, I'll just have to estimate. If I'm not sure I
    have the exact score, I'll put the following after it: (Estimated)
    On each challenge, you can unlock various things from cheats to new characters.
    Sometimes you'll unlock everything for the challenge with only a Bronze, and
    sometimes it takes a Gold before you'll see results. Platinum's give you
    nothing though as they are mainly just a way to show off to your friends!
    I will list what you unlock next to the trophy's requirements in a pair of
    Sometimes I will get a Gold or even a Platinum on the first try, so I will list
    the unlocked items next to that trophy until I find out what trophy really
    produces it. If I happen to pick up the Platinum, I'll list all unlocked items
    next to the Gold trophy. Anyways, happy hunting ;D
    |                              #3.1.0 - Behead the Undead                     |
    | #3.1.1 - Brain Drain |
        |For years now, Dr Lancet has been cutting the tops of cute little monkey's
        |heads just as if they were hard boiled eggs. When he's finished poking at
        |their cerebellums he illegally dumps the remains in and ally behind the
        |vivisection lab. You can't expect to get away with that kind of stuff...
        |well, at least you should finish them off properly with a shotgun.
    My Best:  36175 points
    Gold:     25000 points
                  - New Character Available! Brains
                  - New Cheat Available! Rotating Heads
    Silver:   15000 points
    Bronze:    5000 points
    Platinum: 36000 points (Estimated)
    As you probably already guessed, you'll be playing as Dr. Lancet in this
    challenge. If you've played TimeSplitters 2 than you'll find this to be exactly
    like the Behead the Undead challenges in that game. This time though you won't
    be dealing with your run-of-the-mill zombies. No, this time you'll have to deal
    with Monkey Zombies! Just like any other zombie they can be killed by knocking
    or shooting off their heads, but these heads happen to be several feet closer
    to the ground.
    You'll find that the challenge is divided into *waves*, with each wave
    producing more and more zombies. After you have scored enough points, the next
    wave will begin. The first wave is extremely easy and only seems to consist of
    three Zombie Monkeys. You'll find their respawn locations to your left and your
    right. Just step forward a bit and look either way. They appear on the other
    side of the cabinets, so just keep you eyes peeled.
    After the first wave is over they will still appear by the cabinets, but you
    will also find the occasional one come from behind the area where you started
    the level. Wave 3 will prove to be a lot trickier, as you still have the
    monkeys by the cabinets. In addition, you will also have to deal with two
    respawn points from behind the area you started in. This can cause you to be
    pretty quickly over run by Zombie Monkeys, so you need to make your shots
    count. Also, remember to step on the spot you appeared on, as there is where
    you will find ammo for you Shotgun.
    Another thing to remember is that you don't have free roam of the entire room.
    If you step onto the stairs or go back around the pillars that are behind where
    you start you'll be given a warning that you have three seconds to return. If
    you fail to make it back in time it is game over, so be careful where you step.
    Here's a table with the approximate amount of monkeys you'll find in each wave,
    along with your estimated score, bonus points, and total score for each wave.
    I've also added some notes about each wave that may prove to be useful. I am
    not sure what determines the bonus points, so they may end up being different
    for you. In addition, monkeys give you 75 points while the ghosts give you 50
    Wave  Monkeys  Score  Bonus(s)  Total  Extra Info
    1     3        150    450 + 25  625    Nothing special, just two spawn points
    2     6        575    1050      1200   Three spawn points
    3     12       3150   1800      4950   Four spawn points
    4     ??       6350   1400      7750   Six spawn points; Monkeys with Shotguns
                                           at spawn point five
    5     ??       9800   2050      11850  Same as wave 4, now with a ghost
    6     ??       14475  2625      17100  Same as wave 5, two ghosts
    7     ??       20300  6400      26700  Same as wave 5, only one ghost now
    8     ??       30325  3625      33950  Same as wave 6
    Below is a little map of the room. It's really basic, but it gets the job done.
    The numbers are the spawn points, and you can find out which wave they are from
    by looking at the table above. The equal signs (=) are stairs, the capital S is
    your start point, and the hash signs (#) are the pillars I mention in the
    strategy. As mentioned above, you can't go past the pillars (even standing in
    between them constitutes as past them) and you can't climb the stairs. Finally
    the asterisks (*) are the flaming barrels. The reason for spawn points 5-6
    being listed outside the map is because they are on the stairs, so to keep the
    map as clear as possible I didn't replace one equals sign each side with its
    spawn number.
    Another thing about this map is that it doesn't show the second floor. I am
    now pretty sure that there are two more spawn points up there, but I don't
    know which wave they appear in.
       |4     3|
       |  # #  |
    6->|== S ==|<-5
       |1     2|
    | #3.1.2 - Rare or Well Done? |
        |Sacre bleu! It's Gaston's worst nightmare! Just when he thought it was
        |safe to buy English meat, his cold room breaks down and now the kitchen is
        |overrun by mad undead cows. There's only one cure - triple inoculation.
        |Depeche-toi, Gaston!
    My Best:  18500 points
    Gold:     30000 points
    Silver:   20000 points
    Bronze:   10000 points
                  - New Character Available! Carrion Carcass
    Platinum: 50000 points
    You're now Gaston Boucher, and it's time to put these cows down once and for
    all. The same rules apply as in the first one, although the points needed for
    each medal has been increased by 5000. As he says, one Blood Bath stew coming
    up, and he's basically right about that. You'll be painting the kitchen walls
    red with the cows' blood, and hopefully you can last long enough to hit that
    elusive Platinum medal before they do the same to you!
    Some things are different in this challenge. The first would be your weapon.
    Rather than use the tradition two-shell Shotgun to eliminate the undead, you'll
    be using the Injector. This fires out tranquilizer darts, but the cows won't be
    going to sleep on you. Instead, they will explode in a bloody blaze after about
    three shots. Another thing about the cows is that they don't have heads, so you
    can't rely on headshots to make short work of them. As for the layout of the
    room, it's a lot smaller than the first one's, but the area you can move in
    doesn't appear to be much smaller than the area you could move in on the Brain
    Drain challenge.
    You'll start this challenge out with your back to and opening into this room,
    so you might want to move away from it. There is another opening into the room
    on the other side, and the cows will be moving in from both openings. You'll
    find more tranquilizer darts where you started.
    Starting on wave 2 you'll have to deal with close to half of the cows running,
    rather than staggering towards you. This can make for quite the stressful
    battle, and it will obviously make it harder to stay alive. My best advice
    would be to circle the room, popping off as many shots as possible into the
    herd of cows. Speaking of herds, that's another problem that should crop up
    around wave 3-4. The cows will spawn so quickly the room will end up being
    pretty flooded with them. Anyways, to deal with all of these problems you'll
    need to strafe around the room at top speed and avoid being pinned into any
    place. It would be best to try to take out the running cows first, but it will
    be hard to spot them in the crowds.
    As for the score table, I won't be displaying it because it will vary too much.
    You will receive a bonus at the end of each wave, but you can increase that
    bonus if you beat the par time. Finally, the left opening is what I've labeled
    the one where you started out. Please remember that the amount of cows is just
    estimated by the wave score and may not be perfectly accurate. All I know is
    that each cow is worth 50 points, so I just divide that into my wave score
    (not counting bonuses) and that's how I figure the total cows for each wave.
    NOTE: At this time, I have only completed it up to the Bronze medal, although I
    came close to the Silver at 18,500 points. I'll update this when I've completed
    this challenge at any of the higher medals.
    Wave  Cows  Extra Info
    1     2     N/A
    2     14    Two cows at a time will come from the left opening with 1/2 running
    3     20    Two cows on each, half from each side will be running
    4     34    At one cow appears inside this room, more will be running now
    5     48    Two cows appear in this room
    6     62    Three cows appear in the room this time
    | #3.1.3 - Boxing Clever |
        |Secret laboratory, blah blah... Twisted research, blah blah... Living
        |dead, blah blah... Anyway, lacking an immediate shotgun to hand it looks
        |like the only way to get those heads off these guys is to hit them with
        |boxes - so you'll be needing the temporal uplink's force manipulator for
        |this one.
    My Best:  100100 points
    Gold:      50000 points
                  - New Character Available! Tin-Legs Tommy
    Silver:    20000 points
    Bronze:     5000 points
    Platinum: 100000 points
    Wow, now doesn't this sound fun? Anyways, the points needed for a Bronze have
    been dropped back down to 5000, the Silver is the same as in the previous
    challenge, and the Gold has skyrocketed all the way up to 50000 points! At
    least you'll be dealing with your traditional zombies, but sadly you won't be
    using the classic weapon for the job. Your now Cortez and you'll be using the
    Temporal Uplink as your weapon and boxes as your ammo, so I hope you've had
    plenty of practice throwing things with the Temporal Uplink, because you're
    going to need it.
    The zombies can't really stand up to the boxes being thrown at them, so they
    should be easy to take down. You'll have four boxes at your disposal, and
    luckily they're indestructible. You just have to remember to shoot the boxes
    into the upper parts of the zombies; otherwise, it will just slow them down
    for a second.
    The room is simple enough, consisting of a large pillar in the center and three
    stairways plus a single ledge along the rim of the circular platform you are
    forced to stay within. Here's a fun little fact: After you kill a zombie, you
    can use its head as a projectile!
    Anyways, be careful where you toss the boxes, as it can be quite difficult
    to get them again after you have thrown them onto the upper platform. Another
    thing that should help your score is combos. If you kill two or more zombies
    at once, you'll get a Zombie Combo, although I'm not sure as to how much it is.
    It may multiply the score you would've received for that kill by the amount of
    zombies taken down.
    Another thing that makes this level different is how they determine the score
    that you receive from each kill. I've already mention the combos, but there is
    another thing that can vary your score. If you kill a zombie with a box, you'll
    only receive 75 points, but if you kill a zombie with another zombie's head,
    you'll pick up 100 points. Of course, if you use a zombie's head you'll have
    a substantially smaller chance of receiving a combo bonus.
    The best tactic, which seems to apply to all the Behead the Undead challenges,
    would be to circle around the area you are in. Since the zombies are all slow,
    this should allow you to avoid as much damage as possible. While you won't be
    able to get in as many hits each rotation, you'll be able to last substantially
    longer. I picked up the Platinum on my first try, and 100 points after the
    needed score I just let the zombies rip me to shreds. I was literally shaking
    when the challenge was complete, so I wouldn't have lasted much longer anyways.
    Wave  Zombies  Extra Info
    1     5        Two of the stairs produce zombies
    2     ??       All three stairs produce zombies
    3     ??       You'll now have a 4th spawn point, this time on the lower level
    4     ??       Doesn't appear to be any different than wave 3
    5     ??       I lost count of the waves around here, so...
    |                              #3.2.0 - Cut-Out Shoot-Out                     |
    | #3.2.1 - Hart Attack |
        |In a parallel universe not too far away, Corporal Hart arrives back at
        |Spacetime Marine HQ only to find the base under attack by vicious
        |cardboard cut-outs. Give 'em hell, mam! Oh, and be sure not to shoot any
        |good guys (you know, the slappy bloke with the goggles who left you behind
        |dying on the spacestation in TimeSplitters2).
    Challenge Rules
        Time Allowed:  1 min 30.0 secs
        Total Targets: 18
    My Best:  1772 points
    Gold:     1750 points
    Silver:   1600 points
    Bronze:   1100 points
                  - New Character Available! Viola
                  - New Cheat Available! Cardboard Characters
    Platinum: 1800 points
    You'll be playing this mission as Corporal Hart (yay!) and will basically just
    be having a blast. These challenges were pretty fun in TimeSplitters 2, and
    they haven't lost that magic touch in here. The maximum amounts of points you
    can glean from a target is 100, but if you take too long, the points will begin
    to drop. If you happen to hit a friendly (in this case Cortez), you'll
    automatically lose 100 points. Well, enough introductions to the challenge.
    You're weapon of choice in this challenge is the Scifi Handgun. You'll find
    your first three targets to be easy enough to dispatch. The first two appear
    right by each other, with one on the left and the other on the right. They are
    both just before the fire up ahead. The third one is on your left, and he'll
    peek out from behind a rock. This is just after the fire.
        Splitters Eliminated: 3
    Keep on moving forward and you'll see a natural archway formed in the canyon
    rocks. Below this and to your right are a couple of rocks where your fourth
    opponent is. Up above the archway is a second archway. Your fifth enemy will
    slide through that area. You'll need to be quick and have good aim to take him
    down. Your best bet would probably be to use the Scifi Handgun's zoom feature.
        Splitters Eliminated: 5
    Once they are gone move past the archway to find another set of rocks on your
    right. You'll want to be careful though, as both a Splitter (on the left) and
    Cortez (on the right) will appear. Continue on to find the wreckage of a space-
    craft. Up on the top of the spacecraft your seventh target will appear. Take
    him down and move forward to find another Splitter appear by the rock on your
    right. Cortez will appear behind the debris on your left, and up a short ways
    another Splitter will appear on your right. This is just before the walkway
    leading over to the other side of the canyon.
        Splitters Eliminated: 9
    Now head over the walkway and hang a left. Behind the first set of debris,
    Cortez will appear (yet again), and another Splitter will appear behind the
    debris sitting in the middle of the pathway. Move on and you'll come across a
    fallen fighter spacecraft. Cortez will pop right out of the back of it, so keep
    that trigger finger in check.
        Splitters Eliminated: 10
    Just past him are three boulders, with a Splitter behind the one on the right.
    Move down the hill and take out the Splitter that pops out from behind the
    boulder on your left. Move forward and another Cortez (is he like cloning
    himself or something?) will pop out from behind a natural outcropping in the
    canyon wall to your right.
        Splitters Eliminated: 12
    Move past him and a Splitter will pop out of the canyon walls to your right.
    Continue forward and look up at the canyon wall to your right around the
    bridge. You'll find a bunker there, along another Splitter. He pops out along
    the right edge of the bunker's opening. Move a little closer to the bridge and
    you'll find three targets sliding across the bridge, a Splitter with a Cortez
    on either side (ha, I knew my clone theory wasn't crazy!)
        Splitters Eliminated: 15
    Move on under the bridge and look for the last set of rocks on the left. You'll
    find another Splitter there, so quickly take him out and go around the corner.
    There are several boulders in your path, and a Splitter has decided to take
    refuge behind the one on the left. He's overstayed his welcome though, so kill
    him and move on. Once you've turned this corner you'll see another bunker up in
    the canyon walls. There's a Splitter in there that'll be sliding from side to
    side. Take him out and you'll have eliminated all the Splitters. Hurray!
        Splitters Eliminated: 18
    | #3.2.2 - Come Hell or High Water |
        |Viola likes nothing better than to unwind on a gondola drifting along the
        |tranquil canals of Venice. Mind you, this is a working holiday so be sure
        |to shoot as many demons as possible and take care to miss the tourists.
        |No, really, I know it's tempting but just shoot at the demons...
    Challenge Rules
        Total Targets: 18
    My Best:  1200 points
    Gold:     1600 points
    Silver:   1450 points
    Bronze:   1150 points
                  - New Character Available! Goddard
    Platinum: 1800 points
    This time you'll have the advantage of being free from that damned time limit,
    but that doesn't mean this will be any easier to grab that Platinum. You'll let
    the game take care of moving you in the form of the gondola beneath your feet,
    so all you have to worry about is taking out all those demons. Something I've
    noticed with this one is it doesn't seem to matter how long you take to destroy
    them but where you hit them that affects your score. The other thing is that
    your targets don't stay there forever, so you have to be quick with your shots.
    Two things to keep in mind here. The first is that your weapon's secondary fire
    mode is a silencer with a scope, so that may help in taking out targets that
    don't stay long and are far away (like the fifth demon.) The second is that no
    matter how many times I recount the demons, I always end up with one more than
    they say there should be. If anyone can confirm this, I'd be grateful.
    As soon as the challenge starts up you'll spot a demon poking its head out from
    the corner of the building on your left. Sadly, you'll have to wait 3 seconds
    before filling this cardboard cutout with lead. This one will make things
    difficult by popping back behind the building every second or two.
    Afterwards you should turn your attention to the front of the gondola where
    you'll practically be on top of your second demon. She pops out from underneath
    the water, and if you're not quick, she'll go back under. If you miss her the
    first time, make sure you don't the second time she pops up as you don't have
    the luxury of waiting around forever.
        Demons Eliminated: 2
    As you come to around the middle of the tunnel you'll be greeted by another
    demon popping out of the water, although this one is a lot uglier looking than
    the first two (in my opinion.) Shoot him and be prepared to take down another
    one of those female demons. She's waiting for you at the very end of the tunnel
    and shall be popping out of the side rather than the water. Watch out though as
    a little boy will be popping out as well. You'll find the succubus on the left
    and the kid on the right. Take her out and wait for the next round of demons.
        Demons Eliminated: 4
    This round will be a tad harder, but as long as you're prepared for it, you
    shouldn't have too much trouble. Demon number five will appear down the canal
    on the right, but will only appear once. Make sure the demon's eliminated
    before it can hide in the building again. You next one will appear on your
    left, and it happens to be one of those annoying sliding ones. Once you get
    close enough to the building, you'll find an opening leading to stairs. He's
    sliding back and forth inside that opening. Kill him and move on.
        Demons Eliminated: 6
    Once you've rounded the bend you'll see a covered bridge above the canal.
    There are two windows in it and two demons sliding back and forth. Take them
    both out quickly before you pass them. They both seem to move into the middle
    of the bridge and then slide back to their end, rather than sliding along the
    entire length of the bridge. Once they've been taken out, if you have the time,
    look over to your left at the top of the stairs. On the corner farthest from
    you, a demon should be flipping around the corner and then quickly flipping
    back. Take her out now, because your next chance will just be harder to get
    at her. Anyways, keep looking left, where under the second archway you'll find
    another sliding demon. He moves between this archway and the next, so take him
    out before the gondola moves past that area. If you missed the demon popping
    around the corner, you might still be able to hit her along this path, so keep
    that in mind.
        Demons Eliminated: 10
    You're going to have to hurry to get the next three demons. The first two are
    on top of the bridge in crossing over the canal in front of you. The next one
    will pop around the corner just past the bridge, but she only does this once.
    Both of the demons on the bridge pop out and then back again quite quickly, so
    make your shots count. If you took out the previous four demons quickly, you
    may have enough time to get all three of these demons.
        Demons Eliminated: 13
    Now once you have totally gone around the bend you'll see a part of the
    building on your right that goes in further than the other parts. On the side
    closest to you is where your next demon is. This one is fast like the others,
    but this time there's a new twist. After the demon has retreated, the next
    thing to likely pop out is a friendly, exactly where the demon is. The demon
    should pop out right behind this person, but you won't see it until the person
    has retreated. Shoot with care.
        Demons Eliminated: 14
    Just past the opening in the wall is another demon that'll pop out of the
    water. You'll also have one pop out a little ways past him, yet again on the
    right in the water. Finally, you'll have a third one pop out from the opening
    in the wall on your left. You had better be quick though as you'll only have
    one chance for these demons.
        Demons Eliminated: 17
    Just after that last demon, this time on the other side of the opening another
    demon will appear. At the same time, one will appear on your right at the end
    of the building there. Take them both out quickly before they disappear. Well,
    that's all of them.
        Demons Eliminated: 19
    | #3.2.3 - Balls of Steel |
        |R107's a crazy mixed up dude, he thinks he's a robot but instead of
        |turning to Droidian psychoanalysis for help he's decided to work his
        |frustrations by shooting at pictures of robots. Well, if he wants to be
        |a real robot he needs to play by the rules - a robot may not injure human
        |beings, yep that's right, not even cardboard ones.
    Challenge Rules
        Time Allowed:  1 min
        Total Targets: 13
    My Best:   925 points
    Gold:     1000 points
    Silver:    875 points
                  - New Character Available! Badass Cyborg
    Bronze:    700 points
    Platinum: 1300 points
    Yep, R One-Oh-Seven is back and just as crazy as ever. Your weapon will be the
    Sniper Rifle, and this challenge couldn't really be any easier. This will play
    like a shooting range. Most of the enemies will pop up somewhere in front of
    you, so you don't even have to take a single step. A couple of them will slide
    back and forth, one will pop out from around some container in the back, and at
    least one robot will appear to your right. The humans in this level happen to
    basically be pinup girls, so they should be easy to tell apart from the robots.
    I can't really think of any tips to give, so just do your best and you should
    be walking away with some sort of medal :D
    |                              #3.3.0 - Cat Driving                           |
    | #3.3.1 - The Cat's Out of the Bag! |
        |When he's not busy planning world domination, Khallos indulges in a secret
        |passion. Yes, it's the sport of kings and the lovable rogue's pastime,
        |welcome ladies and gentlemen, to a dark and shady world where fortunes are
        |won and lost, the world of high performance cat racing!
    Challenge Rules
        Total Laps: 3
    My Best:  1 min 17.9 secs
    Gold:     1 min 20.0 secs
    Silver:   1 min 30.0 secs
                  - New Cheat Available! Human Gun Sounds
    Bronze:   1 min 40.0 secs
    Platinum: Unknown
    In this challenge you'll be racing as Khallos' pet cat, Strudel. You
    actually can get moving pretty fast, and Strudel happens to drift really
    easily. If you're not careful, this will cause you to crash and possibly flip
    over. If you play it right though, you can turn Strudel's drifting into an
    advantage. My best advice would be to start turn early, brake or let of the
    accelerator just before going around a corner, and practice your drifting so
    you can use it to fly around corners.
    | #3.3.2 - Lap It Up |
        |The clock is ticking, the engine is purring, the litter tray has been
        |emptied and Strudel's tanked up with full fat double cream and ready to
        |go! Get out on the VR grid and see if you can shave a whisker off your
        |best time.
    Challenge Rules
        Total Laps: 3
    My Best:  1 min 58.8 secs
    Gold:     2 min 15.0 secs
    Silver:   2 min 30.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Comrade Papadov
    Bronze:   2 min 45.0 secs
    Platinum: 2 min 00.0 secs
    Yet again you'll be playing as Strudel. This time though the race will be a
    lot more difficult. Instead of being on flat ground the entire race, you'll be
    going up and down hills along with all the usual turns. If you are going too
    fast on a hill, you risk hitting a bump and flipping poor Strudel on his side!
    You've had around a minute (give or take five seconds) added to the time limit,
    so hopefully that will help you out. The biggest piece of advice I would have
    to give is to watch your speed on the hills/turns and go all out when you hit
    flat ground.
    Another thing about this level is you don't have the single, clear pathway like
    in The Cat's Out of the Bag! You have various paths that can be taken, although
    the one's you should take will be yet again marked by the glowing barrier
    thingies along with the new addition of glowing red arrows.
    | #3.3.3 - The Cat's Pajamas |
        |Only the finest cat drivers have the ability to shine on this treacherous
        |frozen circuit. Remember to balance the throttle in the corners, just feel
        |the line, dig your claws in and don't let the back end slip out on this
        |tricky ice track.
    Challenge Rules
        Total Laps: 3
    My Best:  2 min 28.2 secs
    Gold:     2 min 35.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Gilbert Gastric
    Silver:   2 min 50.0 secs
    Bronze:   3 min 10.0 secs
    Platinum: 2 min 25.0 secs
    The final level in the Cat Driving challenge and this one actually turns out to
    be a lot easier than they make it sound! I picked up the Gold on my first run.
    The ice does sort of kill your traction at high speeds, so you'll want to be
    letting off the accelerator every once in a while to keep from falling over.
    While the path may be marked, that doesn't mean you have to follow it
    perfectly. You just have to make sure you go through each of the glowing red
    checkpoints. Otherwise, feel free to cut corners (that's probably how I got the
    Gold so easily!)
    Some of the checkpoints have some sharp corners immediately after them, so
    watch for them and take them kind of easy. On the third to last checkpoint,
    you'll end up having a ramp right after it. You can't avoid it without wasting
    a lot of time (to my knowledge), so just take it at full speed! After you hit
    the ground (unless your really good it'll always be on your side), you'll see
    various stats about your jump along the bottom of the screen. While they are
    interesting, I don't think they actually do anything. Anyways, if you hit that
    jump fast enough you'll be quite close to the second to last checkpoint. Just
    pick yourself up and continue on. One last thing to remember would be to watch
    your speed when you go over the finish line, as it seems to have a bump going
    across it.
    |                              #3.4.0 - Super Smashing Great                  |
    | #3.4.1 - Avec Le Brique |
        |Recent refurbishment at the "Chine Garden" restaurant has been a big
        |success and bookings are flooding in. But Gaston isn't too pleased,
        |he's lost a lot of custom from the "Frog and Snail". Enter our old
        |chum Monsieur le Brique, let's see how quickly you can smash up all
        |the plates and glass and put them out of business.
    Challenge Rules
        Time Allowed: 3 min 30.0 secs
        Objects:      103
    My Best:  2 min 42.2 secs
    Gold:     2 min 50.0 secs
    Silver:   3 min
    Bronze:   3 min 30.0 secs
                  - New Character Available! Aztec Warrior
    Platinum: 2 min 30.0 secs
    This challenge set was also featured in TimeSplitters 2. In these challenges,
    you are given a single weapon with which you must break as many of the required
    objects as necessary in the allotted time to complete the challenge. In this
    one, you have 103 plates and glass to destroy, and you'll have a maximum of
    3 min 30.0 secs to complete that objective. You'll be playing as Gaston Boucher
    and your weapon will be the Brick. Yep, a brick. You'll also have unlimited
    ammo, so that's a good thing for people who aren't the most accurate (like me.)
    You'll find two sets of shelves right in front of you when you start. There
    are six plates on each of the shelves. Be careful where you throw the bricks
    though, because if you hit the shelf just right the brick will ricochet right
    back at you! After you have taken down all eleven of those plates turn around
    and you'll find another shelf with ten plates on it. Destroy them and move to
    the left.
        Objects Destroyed: 23
    Moving down here, you'll notice several more shelves lined with plates. The
    closest one on your right should be your first target. Take down all six plates
    on this shelf and move down to the next one along this wall. There are eight
    plates on this one. After you have finished off those, turn around and clean
    off the last shelf in this room. This will give you another six plates.
        Objects Destroyed: 43
    Now remember that opening in the wall you passed just a moment ago, just before
    the last three shelves? That's where you need to go to next, so let's head over
    there quickly. If you've been quick and accurate, you should be entering this
    hallway at about the 1-minute mark. Follow the hallway until you have to make a
    choice of which way to turn. To the left is a bathroom, but nothing in there is
    breakable. Go to the right and you'll meet up with some glass. There is a lot
    of glass in here, 33 pieces to be exact.
    There are two glass screens in the room, and each screen has two pieces of
    glass. There's the large piece on top and the smaller piece along the bottom.
    There are also 14 windows made up of two pieces of glass just like the screens.
    You'll find 7 windows on the first floor and 7 up on the second floor. You'll
    have to hit all those from down on the first floor though. Also, notice the
    nine pieces of glass along the floor? You can't destroy those, so don't even
    bother trying. Once you've finished up in here head over to the stairs. You'll
    find a pretty glass railing along the pathway at the top of the stairs. Destroy
    that and head into the next room.
        Objects Destroyed: 76
    You'll wind up in another stair room, and this time you'll have four glass
    railings to take down. Three are easily visible, but the fourth one is a little
    harder to spot. Break the first three and then look up towards the ceiling. See
    all those little windows lining the top edge of the room? Yeah, I never noticed
    them at first either. There are 26 of them in total. What you want to do for
    these windows is attack the ones on the opposite side of the room you are on.
    So with that knowledge in hand take down the ones across the room from you and
    then head over to the right. After going around that one corner take down the
    ones across from you (yet again.) Go around the final bend on your right and
    break the last glass railing. Then turn your attention to the opposite side of
    the room and continue destroying those windows.
    After you have cleared three of the four sides, you'll need to head downstairs.
    Look up and clear out the last ones in here. Once you are done head over to the
    next room.
        Objects Destroyed: 98
    In here, you'll have two narrow but tall windows on each side of the main
    doors. You'll also have one massive window above all of these. Destroy these
    last five objects to clear the challenge.
        Objects Destroyed: 103
    | #3.4.2 - Absolutely Potty |
        |It's archeology, Captain Ash style - well, if those foreign Johnnies won't
        |let him take the ancient artifacts out of the country then he'll destroy
        |the lot of them! Smash every priceless Aztec pot in the temple as quickly
        |as possible before the authorities arrive and pack him of to Blighty.
    Challenge Rules
        Time Allowed: 2 min 30.0 secs
        Pots:         52
    My Best:  1 min 48.4 secs
    Gold:     1 min 50.0 secs
    Silver:   2 min
    Bronze:   2 min 30.0 secs
                  - New Cheat Available! Paintball
    Platinum: Unknown
    Wow, who knew Captain Ash had a side like this to him? (Maybe I'm just a little
    dense, I don't know.) Anyways, as usual your time limit has been made even
    shorter, but so has the amount of items you have to break into little pieces.
    Several things will be different about this challenge. The first is that you'll
    be using the Tactical 12-Gauge Shotgun. You'll have 40 shells to begin with.
    Another thing that is different is you'll be able to see all the pots on your
    radar. Anyways, let's move on, shall we?
    You'll start out just before a bridge, and as soon as you can move head
    straight. You'll find two pots right up ahead. Shoot them and run around the
    corner. You'll find another two pots in this hallway. Shoot both of them and
    continue along this path. I'd suggest reloading now as you have a bit of a
    distance to go before the next pot.
        Pots Destroyed: 4
    At the end of this long hallway you'll find another pot. Shoot it, turn the
    corner, and take down another two. A monkey will run past you in the corridor
    in front of you. He's carrying a pot on his head, so shoot it down quickly. If
    you take a left here you'll find one pot and a dead-end. Destroy it and turn
    around to find another pot to break.
        Pots Destroyed: 10
    Head down the ramp in this room and destroy the two pots on either side of the
    opening to the next area. Once they are gone head through the opening to find
    another seven pots. All but two of them are on the left side of this hallway.
    Blast them all and make your way around the turn at the end. A monkey will run
    right across your path again, and of course he'll have a pot over his head.
    Shoot it quickly before he gets away. Also pick up the 12-Gauge Shells lying
    at the entrance to this room.
        Pots Destroyed: 22
    Once in this room face to your right for another pot. Head over to its remains
    and take a left. On the platform to your left is another pot. Destroy it and
    drop down into the lower level of this area. If you missed any of the monkeys
    they will be running around this upper platform. Take them down quickly,
    because we have places to go and not much time to do so. Now is the perfect
    time to reload your shotgun, so you might as well do it.
        Pots Destroyed: 24
    You will want to go over to the side opposite of the one you entered through.
    You'll find a tunnel here, marked by a torch on its left side. Inside you'll
    find your first pot on the right. Continue on and take out the two pots lining
    the path up ahead. Keep on moving and you'll run into a grouping of three pots.
    Take them out, but make sure you don't miss the monkey heading your way. Reload
    you 12-Gauge and continue down the path. You'll wind up on a ledge at the end
    of this path which you'll need to drop down. Head to the left as there are no
    pots to the right. Later on if you want a nice view take the right path, but
    right now it'll cost you too much time.
        Pots Destroyed: 31
    Once you enter the large room here, look over to your right. You should see a
    monkey coming down the side of the room there, so shoot the pot off his head
    and go left. There are four pots below the stairs on the right. You'll see a
    pot resting on the stairs near the top. Take it out and finishing climbing the
    stairs. There are two more pots on the right, with one being right at the top
    of the stairs. Turn back around after breaking them and you'll find five more
    pots leading to a hole in the ground. Take them all out but don't go down the
    hole. It just leads back to the path you took to get in here. Reload if you
    haven't already and leave through the opening in the wall right here. You can
    find some 12-Gauge Shells right in front of this opening.
        Pots Destroyed: 44
    In this passageway you'll find three pots on the left and three on the right.
    I would suggest taking the right ones first, because of the two exits in this
    room (one on each side), the one on the left puts you closer to the final two
    pots. If you took the left side second, leave this room through the exit past
    the pots and head down the stairs there. You're back in the monkey room again
    and the last two pots will be sitting right in front of you. Shoot them both
    to complete this challenge.
        Pots Destroyed: 52
    If you are desperate to get the Gold on this level you're going to have some
    trouble with it. Here's a few tips to help you pick it up. The first is to
    remember key reload spots. I've mentioned a few above, but there are some
    others that depend on certain factors like how accurate you were, because in
    certain areas if you aren't that accurate your reload spot could change to a
    location earlier on than usual. You have to also decide at certain times to
    halt the reloading process midway because you only have a certain amount of
    pots left in that area.
    For instance, let's say you only have five pots left in that area and you know
    you are pretty accurate, but not completely accurate. You could stop reloading
    your 12-Gauge at six shells, giving you a little extra time (because you'll
    have to reload after this spot anyways), but also giving you an extra shell in
    case you miss.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that when you shoot a monkey, 5 seconds will
    be added to your time. This will only occur on the first monkey you shoot it
    seems, but losing those five seconds can mean the difference between the Gold
    and the Silver.
    The final thing you can do is cut down on how many shots you need to use to
    break all 52 pots. In some areas you'll have two pots group so close together
    that if you aim right you'll hit them both with one shot! Don't spend too much
    time aiming though or you'll negate any positive effects from doing it.
    | #3.4.3 - Don't Lose Your Bottle |
        |Kitten was out of town last night and Harry took the opportunity to invite
        |a bunch of sailors over to the Big Tipper. Trouble is they've left bottles
        |of their favorite grog all over the place which is pretty incriminating.
        |If Kitten gets back and finds "Flying Seaman" everywhere then Harry's in
        |big trouble - get it cleaned up as quickly as possible.
    Challenge Rules
        Time Allowed: 2 min
        Bottles:      31
    My Best:  1 min 50.6 secs
    Gold:     1 min 35.0 secs
    Silver:   1 min 45.0 secs
    Bronze:   2 min
                  - New Weapon Available! Brick
    Platinum: Unknown
    Just like before your time has been cut down and so has the amount of things
    to break. Look's like Harry really screwed up, so why don't we give him a hand
    here? Ugh, this one is a real pain! You'll be given dual pistols, but you've
    got several problems on your hands here. The first is the level, which isn't
    really laid out into a fairly straight path for you. The second problem is that
    your bullets are small and so are your targets. You don't have the benefits of
    a shotgun and its wide blast radius this time.
    Your final problem is that the 'sailors' that Harry invited over are none other
    than Khallos' henchmen and women. They are all completely wasted and still
    drinking. You'll have to be careful when shooting the bottles out of their
    drunken hands because it's one hit kills here. Some of them are even waving the
    bottles around giving you even more trouble. Killing anybody will add 5 seconds
    to the clock, so you have to be really careful here.
    All right, you'll be standing in front of three bottles of "Flying Seaman"
    right at the start, so shoot those down. Now head to your left and go up the
    stairs. On your left are another three bottles. Two are on the table and one
    is propped up against the tiger striped pillow on the couch. Keep on moving
    forward and head through the doors on the left. Go down the first set of stairs
    and blast the bottle in the corner. Turn to your right and you'll find your
    first drunken friend. If your bullet hits him five seconds will be added to the
    clock so you need to be careful. If you aim is good enough then just use your
    guns as they are, but if you need a little more help switch over to the
    secondary fire mode. You'll be granted a scope which can prove quite helpful.
    Interestingly enough, if a body part of his is behind the bottle and you shoot
    at it he won't be harmed! The bottles seem to stop the bullets dead in their
    tracks, so keep this in mind.
        Bottles Blasted: 8
    Continue down the stairs, ignoring the bottle perched up on the ledge. We'll
    get that one near the end of this challenge. Once you get out into the main
    dance area look over to your left. There are three booths, all of which have
    bottles lining their tables. Take the closest one to you for three bottles.
    The next one over has five, and the final one has two. Now turn your attention
    to the drunk sitting over on the floor behind you. Blast the bottle out of his
    hand and head over to the ramp on the left side of the room. At the top is a
    henchwoman, so blast the bottle out of her hand so we can move on.
        Bottles Blasted: 20
    Take the stairs on the left. Keep on moving straight until you get to the giant
    golden statue of Mr. Tipper. Go around the right side and you'll spot another
    henchman too wasted to even stand up. Blast his bottle and then jump down the
    ledge on his left. Continue forward until you've gotten to the bottom. You'll
    spot a bottle on the drummer's seat, so blast it and then turn around. At the
    bar is your last henchman. Blast his bottle and then take down the one on the
    counter to his right.
        Bottles Blasted: 24
    Turn back towards the stage and take the stairs to its right. You'll want to go
    left at the top. Keep on going until you get to the bottle on the ledge (I told
    you we'd come back for it.) Destroy it and then destroy the two on the table to
    your right. Now head to your left and you'll find the last four bottles sitting
    on top of various objects. Blast them all and you're finished.
        Bottles Blasted: 31
    |                              #3.5 - TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic           |
    | #3.5.1 - Queen of Harts |
        |Meanwhile, back in a parallel universe, Corporal Hart is still battling
        |heroically to somehow make a reasonable showing in this game despite
        |having been killed in the prequel. Go for it! Find the time crystal and
        |get to the exit portal as quickly as possible.
    My Best:  2 min 40.6 secs
    Gold:     2 min 30.0 secs
    Silver:   3 min 30.0 secs
    Bronze:   6 min
                  - New Cheat Available! All Characters Cloaked
    Platinum: Unknown
    Yay! Another Corporal Hart mission. You'll start out with the Scifi Handgun
    (x2) with its ricochet mode on. You may want to switch off of this mode to keep
    from blasting yourself in all these hallways. This mission takes place in the
    Spaceport level, which would be a good idea for you to play in Arcade Mode to
    get a feel for it. Watching the camera pan around yourself you'll notice a door
    open with an enemy running through it. As soon as you gain control of yourself
    head over and kill him. Quickly go through the door he came out of and blast
    the guy around the corner. After he's gone, turn around and go through the
    other door in the room you started.
    Once you go through that door a robot will run around the corner. If you just
    haven't noticed this before, shoot the robots in the head. Like humans it's a
    one hit kill for them. Even the more durable robots have this weakness, so
    while it might take an entire clip to take down one robot by hitting them in
    their chest or something, you can take them down with just a single shot
    through the face. In addition to the robot another one of those guys will run
    around the corner. Eliminate them both and continue on.
    Around this corner is another guy, so kill him and move around the corner. This
    is a perfect time to try out the Scifi Handgun's scope, so bring it up and wait
    for the two enemies to run around the corner up ahead. You won't have to wait
    for long though, so kill them and move forward. You may want to reload now, but
    it's just a suggestion.
    Unless he spotted or heard you before, you'll see another guy looking around
    the corner to the right of the door ahead, but he'll be looking the wrong
    direction. Shoot him in the back and two more of him will run out through the
    doors. Kill them both and head up to the end of the hallway. Look left and
    you'll spot two robots shooting at you from past the bridge. You can easily get
    them from here with your weapon's scope, so use it on before they cause too
    much damage. If you take too long at least one of them will decide to stop
    shooting at you and move towards you. You'll either have to wait until they get
    under the bridge to hit them or run towards them and blast them as you come up
    on them.
    Now head over to where the robots where. You can pick up their Scifi Snipers if
    you wish. Another guy should come through the door there, so kill him and move
    through the door. Once you get around the corner two guys should pop out around
    the next set of corners up ahead. Kill them and go to the end of this tunnel.
    Take a right, and if you want it pick up the Electrotool on the ground.
    Go through the door and to large robots will appear, both of them wielding
    Miniguns. Shoot them both in the head to keep your health from declining too
    rapidly and then grab their guns. Head through the next two doors, but watch
    out for the two guys' right on the other side of the second one. Now is a good
    time to whip out your Minigun. There are some things you'll need to know before
    heading out onto the landing pad, so listen up before charging ahead.
    There are several things to worry about in this area, and you'll probably lose
    more health here than anywhere else on the level. There is a balcony wrapping
    around the entire landing pad, which will soon house several robots on each
    side ready to snipe you. Another problem is the spaceship floating there. It
    has two large guns (connected) on its belly, and it will target you ASAP.
    You'll also find two of the large robots below it. As soon as you step onto the
    landing pad the robots on the balcony will appear. A couple of them will run
    down the ramp across from you, but most will happily snipe you from above. The
    good news is that there doesn't seem to be any robots on the side of the
    balcony that you'll be having your back to!
    Alright, now that you have some knowledge let's tackle this puzzle one piece at
    a time. Your first concern shall be the large guns strapped to the belly of the
    spaceship. Your Minigun will make short work of them, but to keep from
    receiving any damage while destroying them you'll need to attack from a
    distance. Since we are in this tunnel thing, none of the enemies have appeared
    (unless you walked out too far.) You need to move to your left, but only far
    enough to have a clear shot at the ship's guns. Just wait for your target
    reticule to turn red before firing. Once it changes colors again you'll know
    the guns are destroyed.
    Your next problem is the two large robots that will appear beneath the ship.
    Move forward some, but only far enough to trigger their spawning. Quickly
    eliminate them with the Minigun and move out into the main area. Your last
    problem here will be the robots running down the ramp that are easily
    dispatched with the Minigun and the snipers. The snipers shoot quite fast, so
    you'll need to keep yourself in a constant state of motion. You can use the
    Minigun on them if you wish, or really whatever weapon you are comfortable
    One thing that I have found to help us just running up the ramp across from
    where you entered and mowing them down with the Minigun. You'll have to be
    quick so you don't lose too much health though. Another thing to keep in mind
    is that you can't leave this area until all the robots are destroyed. If you
    decided to kill them all from the ground pick up some more Minigun ammo and
    run up the closest ramp. Either way though run through the door to leave here
    (it's located diagonally from where you entered the area.)
    Once you enter this next room you'll think your safe, but don't be lured into a
    false sense of security from the emptiness here. Once you go through the next
    door two enemies will appear behind you, one on each side of the room. Two
    enemies should also spawn in the room you just entered, so keep that in mind.
    I find it easiest to run through both doors with the Minigun in hand, and then
    turn back once I hear them spawn and circle around them while shooting. This
    allows me to avoid some damage and take them out quickly. I then turn back and
    take the other two out. If you are low on Minigun ammo you may have to use
    another weapon on the remaining forces once you run out.
    Anyways, run down the ramp and blast the two enemies on the other side of the
    hole in the wall. If you have your Minigun still use that. Afterwards I'd
    suggest bringing out your Scifi Handgun. Take the door on the right and move
    down the hall. You'll find that you can continue moving forward and up, or you
    can head down to your right through the red tunnel. You can take either one,
    but first eliminate the guy around the corner on the high road.
    Now before you just run down either path let me give you some info on them. If
    you decide to take the high road your opposition will be minimal, namely a
    single robot and that one guy. They will appear just before you make it to the
    door at the end. You'll find the crystal on the other side of the door, but
    you'll also find three more men looking straight at you.
    If you take the low road on the other hand you'll first find an enemy to your
    right at the bottom. Take him out and turn to the left. Down the hall is
    another enemy shooting at you. Once you get to the end you'll find yourself in
    the crystal room and you'll find yourself looking at the enemy's side. They'll
    turn of course, but you won't have the benefit of pipes blocking some of their
    shots like if you took the high road.
    I personally find the high road to be easier. If you take the high road, the
    robot I mentioned from the low road will ultimately track you down by running
    along the same path as you. You'll probably find him as you leave with the
    crystal. Anyways, after you've grabbed the Time Crystal and taken care of any
    stray attackers in the vicinity you'll need to head back to the room with the
    ramp. Not the one leading to the lower road, but the one leading to the landing
    pad. For some reason it classifies the crystal as a bag, therefore forcing you
    to use one of your hands to carry it. Well, there go dual-handed weapons.
    On your way back you'll be ambushed by TimeSplitters galore. They are all
    cloaked, but may become visible just before attacking. My suggestion would be
    to zigzag until you hit the portal which is located just past the door at the
    top of the ramp. Even if you have any Minigun ammo left you probably won't be
    able to kill any of the Splitters while zigzagging, so there's know need to
    decrease your overall accuracy. Once you hit the portal this mission will be
    | #3.5.2 - Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby |
        |The LZ drop didn't go too well and Samuel Renzo's been separated from the
        |rest of the platoon, and more worryingly - his lunchbox full of ham
        |sandwiches landed in occupied territory. Blast your way through the
        |jungle, grab the lost lunch and get to the inexplicable time portal asap.
        |Step to it GI!
    My Best:  2 min 48.9 secs
    Gold:     2 min 40.0 secs
    Silver:   3 min 20.0 secs
    Bronze:   6 min
                  - New Character Available! Sapper Johnson
    Platinum: Unknown
    This one is pretty hard actually. You'll be getting attacked around every turn.
    There are also several sections where you will be facing six or more enemies at
    once. When you start out you'll spot a guy running towards you. The second you
    can go you better, because he won't waste any time in sending plenty of lead
    your way.
    You start out this mission with the Tactical 12-Gauge, while your opponents for
    the most part are sporting Machine Guns and Soviet Rifles. You'll need to blast
    the guy in front of you from the get go. Your best bet would be to strafe to
    your right while turning to your left. You can keep him in your sights that way
    and miss his gunfire.
    After he is gone you'll need to kill his friend. You can do the opposite of
    what you just did to avoid gunfire. Strafe to the left and turn to the right.
    This'll put you right in front of his buddy and give you a clear shot, all
    while helping to keep you bullet free.
    Pick up their guns now and switch over to the Soviet Rifle or the Machine Gun.
    I personally prefer the Soviet Rifle, because even though it is a little slower
    than the Machine Gun it is a lot more powerful. I use it throughout the level
    unless I run out, in which case I'll temporarily use the Machine Gun.
    Anyways, you may not have the Machine Gun until the next set of enemies runs
    around the corner. If you don't but you want it, you'll just have to use the
    Soviet Rifle for now. Three enemies will quickly come to aid there buddies,
    so fill them full of holes before they return the favor. If you didn't have a
    Machine Gun yet you'll find at least one among their bodies.
    Head around the corner they came from and follow the path up. Around the next
    corner is another soldier, so shoot him quickly. You'll find two more moving
    down the path towards you, and depending on how quick you've been they may
    already be at this corner. Either way, kill them and move on. There are two
    more soldiers in this section up ahead, so kill them to open the gate.
    Move through the gate and around the corner. You're going to find an area with
    partially standing walls. Around these walls are a total of seven soldiers. The
    first one will be right in your path. You should take him out quickly, but you
    may want to duck back for a second. This will give you some cover and lure some
    more soldiers out. This are is a little difficult, so be careful that you don't
    get overwhelmed.
    All right, move on around the bend up ahead. There are three soldiers guarding
    the passageway back into the mountain, so gun them down. Strafing works
    beautifully here, so I'd suggest using it. Go back into the mountain now that
    they are out of your way. Once you turn the corner beware of the lone soldier
    guarding the next gate. Eliminate him and move through. Once you go around the
    corner you should look right. You'll see an indention in the wall with a
    soldier along its right side. You can get him before going around the next set
    of corners, so do so before he really notices you.
    Move on ahead now, but watch out when you can see the outside again. There are
    three soldiers in this specific area. One should be running down the tunnel,
    another is on the right in another indention in the wall, and the third is just
    outside. Gun down the first one, followed by the one outside. You need him out
    of the way, because he will start lobbing Grenades down the tunnel if you're
    not quick. Finally dispatch the one crouching in the indention.
    Go outside, but be careful with the guy hiding behind the rock on your left.
    Once you get far enough out three more soldiers will run around the mountain up
    ahead. They will be moving through the water and will start shooting at you by
    the time they get under the bridge. Your best bet is to keep strafing, possibly
    even taking cover behind a rock once or twice, and shooting at them when you're
    not taking cover.
    Run around to the bridge now and go up it. On the left at its end is a soldier,
    so kill him when you get a clear shot. You'll find three more men down the
    tunnel here, along with the next gate. Once they are eliminated you'll need to
    turn around. Head back to the bridge where you should find about four soldiers
    coming at you. I'm not sure where they came from, but dispatch them all and the
    gate will open.
    Once you go past the gate shoot the guy on your right. Turn the corner to find
    another guy. You'll have to be careful after you shoot him because there are
    two more men up ahead, both of them taking cover behind the sand bags. Run over
    and shoot them quickly. You'll find another soldier in the tunnel ahead, plus a
    second one from behind. Kill the one in the tunnel first and then turn around.
    If you've been quick he will be ahead and to the right. Kill him and then turn
    back towards the tunnel.
    Go into the tunnel and around the corner. A guy should be running around the
    next corner any second now. Once he's gone you'll have several more enemies up
    ahead. First though you need to be aware of the tunnel's layout up ahead. It
    has two rock walls running along the middle of the tunnel. They go a short ways
    before ending, allowing you to move from one side to the other. This split in
    between the two walls occurs about halfway up.
    For the first wall the soldiers will be expecting you to take the left side, so
    take the right instead. You'll find one person on that side near the beginning
    of it, and one near the end. You'll also have two soldiers running down the
    left side. Shoot both on the right side and wrap around to the left. Shoot the
    ones who ran down that side, followed by two more who run around the corner up
    ahead. Now turn around to find two more soldiers running down the left side.
    Gun them down now and run up ahead. You'll find your lunchbox just around the
    After you grab it you'll have to deal with TimeSplitters again, who aren't
    really pleased that they won't be having ham sandwiches today. They must really
    want them badly since they are trying to stop you any way possible. Don't let
    them steal your lunch or your life! You can use the same tactic of zigzagging
    like in the previous mission to avoid a great deal of damage. Anyways, run all
    the way back to the outside. You need to continue on moving and head towards
    the next tunnel straight ahead. Turn right and there's your portal.
    Congratulations, you've saved your lunch and ruined the TimeSplitter's!
    | #3.5.3 - Glimpse of Stocking |
        |It's been conniptions and collywobbles all around since Mr Underwood
        |misplaced some important 'artistic' documents. All is not lost though, by
        |dual wielding his trusty pistols (that's double guns to us ordinary fold)
        |it shouldn't take too long to recover his Victorian Gentleman's magazines
        |and make a mad dash for the time portal.
    My Best:  2 min 22.0 secs
    Gold:     3 min
    Silver:   4 min
    Bronze:   6 min
                  - New Character Available! Mr Underwood
    Platinum: 2 min 30.0
    You'll start the level out with dual Kruger 9mm's, but ammo is pretty scarce in
    this level, so watch your shooting. Try to make headshots, or you can even hit
    them with your melee attack, but you should probably avoid doing that on the
    running zombies or the ones on fire. Speaking of zombies, there are three
    heading your way, so you may want to deal with them ;D
    After they are gone, move forward some and a zombie will literally come running
    out of the hallway in front of you. Blast him and head into that same hallway.
    There is another zombie just around this corner, and a flaming zombie will soon
    come running down the stairs. Dispatch them both and head up the stairs. Turn
    the corner to find three more zombies, one of which will be moving fairly
    Eliminate them and move into the next room. You'll find one on your right and
    two on your left. Once you hear some screaming, turn around and you'll find a
    flaming zombie running up the stairs. Blast them all and then take care of the
    two zombies moving down the stairs, one on the left side and two on the right.
    You'll find some ammo for your Kruger in the middle of this room. Head up the
    stairs to find three more at the very top. Kill them all and then take the red
    door on the right. One thing to keep in mind is none of the doors will unlock
    until after ALL zombies in the area are eliminated, so keep that in mind.
    One the right is a flaming zombie, and the left has a regular zombie. Kill the
    flaming one first, followed by the normal one. You will find one more normal
    one followed by a flaming one coming from the next hall. Kill them both, and
    then take down the remaining four normal zombies in that hall. At the end,
    you'll find a flaming zombie on the right and two zombies on the left.
    Kill them all and move on until you hear some screaming again. Turn back
    around and shoot the flaming zombie running towards you. Now turn around again
    and move on into the next room, killing all six zombies that are just lined up
    waiting for you. You'll find some more Kruger ammo in here on the right if you
    are in need of it. Now head through the opening up ahead and down the stairs,
    passing through the door at the bottom.
    One zombie will come running around the right corner, and then two more will
    come from around the left. A fourth will be moving up the stairs, and a fifth
    will run around the right corner around the time you kill the first 3-4
    zombies. Once they are all gone head to the right where you will encounter
    another two zombies. You should know what to do by now ;D
    Anyways, enter the door on your right now. One regular zombie will be moving
    down the stairs on your right. He'll be on the right side. Three more will
    come running down the middle, all lined up together in flames. Kill them all
    and head up the stairs. There is Kruger ammo at the end of this hall by the
    red door. You can't enter it though because it is locked. Turn around and a
    zombie should be at the top of the stairs by now. Kill him and move around
    the corner in front of you.
    There will be two zombies on your right, with one being real close to the
    room's entrance. Look down the stairs after they are gone and a flaming
    zombie should be heading up the stairs. It may end up burning itself out
    before it climbs even halfway up, but if it doesn't fill it full of lead.
    This room is full of zombies, and they will be triggered by you climbing down
    the stairs. You may as well just move down it and begin killing them all. Be
    careful though, because there are many runners in this group. In total, there
    are 11 zombies in this room, not counting the first flaming one and the two at
    the top.
    Once they are all dead, head over to the opposite side of the room and take the
    stairway on the left. There is some Kruger ammo at the bottom. Go through this
    door and you'll find the Gentleman's Magazine just outside the door. Walk over
    it and turn back around, heading through the red door again. As per usual,
    TimeSplitters will be harassing you the entire way back. All you need to do is
    run up these stairs, turn the corner, and run all the way across the room. Then
    climb the stairs to the second floor and make a left. The time portal is inside
    the next room. Enter it to complete the mission.
    |                              #3.6.0 - Monkeying Around                      |
    | #3.6.1 - Electro Chimp Discomatic |
        |Tonight it's the Cyborg Chimp Dance Marathon down at the Big Tipper but
        |the cheeky little chaps have forgotten to put in fresh batteries! Keep
        |their groove gages topped up with a few thousand volts from your
        |electrotool. Be careful not to overcharge them, they are only small and
        |they might explode...
    Mission Notes
        Lives: 6
    My Best:  3 min 16.4 secs
    Gold:     4 min 30.0 secs
    Silver:   4 min
    Bronze:   3 min
                  - New Weapon Available! Monkey Gun
    Platinum: Unknown
    For this one, you will only have the Electrotool as your weapon. Luckily it
    has unlimited ammo, because you won't have the time to do anything other than
    watching these little monkeys. The lives mentioned above aren't yours, but the
    monkeys. If you let their battery drain completely they will die off. You can
    see how much juice they have left by looking at the green power meter to their
    You are in the Disco obviously, and the monkeys seem only to stay on the
    glowing dance floor. This is really good for you, because in the later waves
    you will have to be running from one monkey to the next in quick succession.
    I'm not sure what else to say about this level, so good luck!
    | #3.6.2 - Melon Heist |
        |Trouble's afoot at Khallos' secret Russian base. The secondhand circus
        |monkeys he bought online from some dodgy bloke in Poland can't keep their
        |thieving little paws off his melon stockpile. Anyway, it's your job to
        |keep things under control - just aim for the fruit and don't hit the
        |chimps. There's never a dull day as an evil henchman...
    Mission Notes
        Time Allowed: 2 min 30.0 secs
    My Best:  800 points (Hurray!)
    Gold:     2000 points
    Silver:   1200 points
    Bronze:    750 points
                  - New Character Available! Elite Henchman
    Platinum: Unknown
    This one is difficult, at least for me. If you remember the water tower part of
    (1969) The Russian Connection, then you will know some of the basics here. You
    are up on a four story tall water tower looking down on the barracks. There are
    open fields to the left of each of the two buildings, and this is where the
    monkeys will be running around. You have to be quick though, because they follow
    a specific path from one building to the next. This will only give you a few
    seconds at which to shoot at them.
    If you shoot the monkey, you will be penalized 150 points, while if you hit the
    watermelon you will gain 100 points. The only tips I can really give you are to
    shoot carefully and learn the common paths the monkeys follow. If you are a good
    enough shot, or if you are like me and just take your time, you can succeed at
    this. If you are having a lot of trouble, I would suggest stopping once you get
    enough points for a Bronze, and then going back later to get a higher medal.
    This way you can at least unlock the next challenge.
    | #3.6.3 - Brass Monkeys |
        |When a winter sport gets banned it just gets forced underground, and here
        |on a remote Siberian lake is where feverish aficionados gather covertly to
        |enjoy the heady thrill of Monkey Curling. Just aim for the target, judge
        |your weight for length and send that little chimp sliding down the ice.
        |Now you know why some monkeys have blue bums…
    My Best:  800 points
    Gold:     2500 points
    Silver:   1500 points
    Bronze:    500 points
                  - New Character Available! Mischief
    Platinum: Unknown
    This one is a really odd challenge, but it's just about as odd as the next
    challenge, so... Anyways, if you had been getting a message scrolling along the
    bottom of the screen asking if you had ever curled a monkey, now you can say,
    "Yes, yes I have ;D"
    In this challenge, you have a certain amount of monkeys to use per round. You'll
    also have a score target, which gets progressively higher as the rounds go on.
    There is a long bar on the right of the screen showing you a pretty good map of
    the level. You'll see a large target along the top end, and this is where you
    need to shoot your monkey. There are bunches of rings that make up this target,
    with the innermost ring being worth a massive 500 points, while the outermost
    ring is only worth a measly 10 points.
    Now turn your attention to the bottom of the screen where you will see a bar.
    The bar is broken up into two stages. The first determines the power of your
    shot, while the second will determine the angle. You will press the A Button
    to set each one, so make sure to press it at the right time. For the power, you
    want to hit somewhere around 30% to 40% full power. As for the angle, you will
    need to hit it dead center.
    After you have launched it, two little monkeys will come along to help out with
    their brooms. If you press the B Button, they will sweep their brooms along the
    ice, giving your launched monkey a slight speed boost. Anyways, just keep this
    up until you end up missing the score goal to finish the challenge.
    Oh yeah, from what I understand, if you hit one of the monkeys already placed
    on the target, your score for that shot will be based on that monkey's position
    rather than the one you launched.
    |                              #3.7.0 - Miscellaneous Challenges              |
    | #3.7.1 - Cortez Can't Jump! |
        |Some day this wars gonna end, son... If that's so, then Cortez really
        |ought to get looking into some future perfect career alternatives. He
        |says there can't be that much difference between shooting guns and
        |shooting hoops. Well, let's see if he's right!
    Mission Notes
        Shot Allowed: 25
        Time Allowed: 4 min
    My Best:  110 points
    Gold:     250 points
    Silver:   150 points
    Bronze:   100 points
                  - New Cheat Available! Big Hands
    Platinum: Unknown
    This one may prove to be difficult for you, but it shouldn't be impossible.
    All you have to do is grab the objects (they look like weird shaped crates to
    me) using your Temporal Uplink and chuck them into the rings as you pass them
    by. It seems that your score for each shot will vary on a number of factors,
    like how far the ring is from you or if it is placed horizontally or
    vertically. Just take your time, practice shooting, and you should come out on
    top in the end.
    | #3.7.2 - TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground |
        |Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time? Ok then clever
        |clogs, let's see you try this. An underground railway station covered by
        |two independently controlled remote guns. Shoot the TimeSplitters before
        |they get to the guns and explode. For and extra challenge, wear a woolly
        |hat, pull it down over your eyes and operate the controller with your
    My Best:  1875 points
    Gold:     3500 points
    Silver:   2000 points
    Bronze:   1000 points
                  - New Character Available! Oleg
    Platinum: Unknown
    This one will be difficult unless you can pat your head and rub your tummy at
    the same time! The wording of the mission description is a little odd, so let
    me give you my own version. As they say, you will be controlling two
    independently controlled remote guns. The one on the left is controlled with
    the L Button and the Control Stick, while the one on the right is controlled
    by the R Button and the C-Stick.
    They are on opposite ends of the station, so they are able to cover
    each other's backs. You will have waves of TimeSplitters coming from both
    directions, all of them trying to destroy the guns with blasts of electricity.
    If you can't shoot the Splitter with one gun, use the other one. Sometimes the
    Splitter's will go invisible for a moment, so it may help to have a friend
    keep an extra eye on the screens to warn you about one that is getting
    dangerously close.
    You will find a health bar on the bottom of each screen. This is obviously for
    the gun, so keep an eye on it. You won't fail until BOTH guns blow up, but you
    also won't last long with only one gun. Good luck!
    | #3.7.3 - Plainly Off His Rocker |
        |Capt Ash has taken over the machine gun nest and gotten all nostalgic
        |about the war. Such happy days! He's also gotten indiscriminate with his
        |firing so anything in the air is fair game. Oh well, dash it all, let's
        |just see how many plane things he can shoot down.
    Mission Notes
        Time Allowed: 1 min
    My Best:  300 points
    Gold:     200 points
    Silver:   150 points
                  - New Character Available! Pulov Yuran
    Bronze:   100 points
    Platinum: 300 points
    This one is actually pretty fun. When you start you will have to man the
    machine gun manually, so do that before the planes start flying. You should
    watch your radar to detect planes coming in. Some fly pretty fast, so this
    can be quite useful in detecting them before you see them.
    If you happen to spot the UFO, shoot it down at all costs! It is worth quite
    a bit of points, so it may end up helping you achieve a better trophy. Also,
    don't forget that this old technology has a tendency to overheat if fired
    continuously for too long ;D Firing in bursts can help overcome this. Another
    tactic to help your aim is to line up the targeting reticule mounted on the
    end of the gun with your target.
    Target Values
    Planes -  25 points
    UFO    - 100 points
    |                              Final Sections                                 |
    |#F.1 - Contact
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else related to
    this FAQ, you can contact me at shamu200 AT msn DOT com. Make sure you put
    something in the subject like TS:FP, TimeSplitters FAQ, etc. or odds are I'll
    label it as junk and delete it.
    |#F.2 - Contributions/Thanks
    The following people contributed the requirements for picking up a Platinum
    trophy. They will be listed under the mode their Platinum's are. In addition,
    a listing of those missions will follow their name.
    | Arcade League |
    Kevin Hutchins
        -- Rockets 101
        -- Divine Immolation
        -- Toy Soldiers
    Mathieu Fortier AKA MaDmAtHiEu
        -- Big Game Hunt
    | Challenge Mode |
    Mathieu Fortier AKA MaDmAtHiEu
        -- Rare or Well Done
        -- Hart Attack
        -- Come Hell or High Water
        -- Balls of Steel
    Steve Leblanc
        -- Avec le Brique
    Will T.
        -- The Cat's Pajamas
    |#F.3 - Legal
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    Currently the following websites are allowed to use this guide on their sites:
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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