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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Aceleader

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 04/12/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TimeSplitters: Future Perfect FAQ/Walkthrough
    By: Aceleader & Andor3 
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. Story Walkthrough
      a.      2401 – Time to Split
      b.      1924 – Scotland the Brave
      c.      1969 – The Russian Connection
      d.      1969 – The Khallos Express
      e.      1994 – Mansion of Madness         
      f.      1994 – What Lies Below            
      g.      2052 – Breaking and Entering      
      h.      2052 – You Genius, U-Genix        COMING SOON
      i.      2243 – Machine Wars               COMING SOON
      j.      2243 – Something to Crow About    
      k.      1924 – You Take the High Road     COMING SOON
      l.      2401 – The Hooded Man
      m.      1924 – Future Perfect
    IV. Extra Info
      a. Character List
      b. Arcade Awards
    V. Legal Jargon
    VI. Contacting Us
                               I. Introduction  
    Well, I (Ace) thought I’d like to try writing a FAQ. And what better 
    than TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, since I’m so hooked on it right 
    now. I mentioned it to Andor3, and he suggested writing it together. 
    So, here it is! 
                             II. Version History
    0.1 – First version, got quite a few of the story levels done in one 
    day. The rest should be done very soon.
    0.2 – Added “What Lies Beneath”, and altered some of the walkthroughs 
    for other levels slightly. Also added contact information.
    0.3 – Added story levels “Mansion of Madness”, “Breaking and 
    Entering”, and “Something to Crow About”. Also added a list of the 
    Arcade Awards plus a Character List, up to the Elite Henchman.
                            III. Story Walkthrough
    Here it is, the walkthrough for the story mode in TimeSplitters: 
    Future Perfect. It’s all based on the Easy difficulty, and I guess 
    you can use it for Normal and Hard too. There isn’t much difference 
    between each, the objectives are all the same. Just less health, ammo 
    and armour and more/tougher enemies!
    |2401 – Time to Split|
    You start out in a very uncomfortable position, hanging upside-down. 
    Wait until you fall to the ground, and a friendly Marine will run up 
    and give you a Scifi Handgun. You can press Up on the D-Pad to switch 
    to a mode where the lasers bounce off walls, much like the Scifi 
    Handgun from TimeSplitters 2. Personally, I don’t like it. Anyway 
    follow the Marines and listen as the command centre tells them to get 
    you back safely.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Reach the Rebel Base*  
    Follow the two Marines, until you get attacked by three mysterious 
    enemies. Take them out, then look down and to the right, across the 
    canyon. There’ll be another two enemies just begging to eat your 
    Scifi laser, so be nice and give it to them. Follow the Marine and 
    use the spaceship to cross the canyon (rather handy it crashed 
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Once you’ve crossed the canyon turn right to get dual Scifi Handguns. 
    Another three bad guys will attack. Kill them all, and continue on 
    your path to the base, with your Marine buddies. You’ll come across 
    yet more enemies, five of them in fact. There’s health next to a rock 
    if you need it. A couple of them have Plasma Autorifles, kill them 
    first as they pose the biggest threat. When you’ve cleaned up, pick 
    up the Autorifle and equip it straight away. It’s a MASSIVE 
    improvement from TS2, and will be pretty much all you’ll need for the 
    rest of the level. Next to a rock against the canyon wall on your 
    right are some plasma grenades, pick them up and you’re set to 
    Follow the Marine and you’ll see a bridge up ahead. It will be taken 
    out by a crashing ship, but under the end of it will be another four 
    enemies. They’re no match for your shiny new Plasma Autorifle, so 
    sweep the floor with them. Move on a little, and you’ll see a dead 
    Marine. Grab the health and Plasma Autorifle ammo next to him, then 
    look to your left to see the ‘Splitter mothership come crashing down. 
    Score one for the good guys! Ahem. Anyway, move on, following the 
    *Checkpoint reached*
    A cut scene will play, where you’ll get to see the demise of poor old 
    Miller. After the cut scene, you’ll be given a Scifi Sniper and be 
    told to take out the enemies on the ridge. Stay where you are, and 
    zoom in on the little bunker thing the enemies are sitting in. Aim at 
    the barrel in between the two enemies, and pull the trigger. The 
    barrel will blow up in flames, taking the enemies with it. Problem 
    Follow the Marine around the corner, and you’ll be jumped by a 
    Timesplitter. Not really hard, it will fall easily to your Plasma 
    fire. Another one will come, drop that as well, then move on with the 
    Marine. You’ll come out into an open area, with more Marines.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    One of which is lying on the ground, getting eaten by a Timesplitter. 
    Blast the ‘Splitter, and shoot two more that will come from up ahead. 
    Run to the gun emplacement on your left. Behind it are two lots of 
    health, and more Autorifle ammo. Get whatever you need, but I suggest 
    saving one health. Man the gun turret.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Use the Gun Emplacement to Defend Against the 
    TimeSplitter Attack*
    First turn to the left, where you shot two TimeSplitters just before. 
    More will be coming from the same direction, and one will be leaping 
    down the side of the cliff. There’s a cool reference to the film 
    Alien here – “They’re coming out of the god damn walls!” Anyway, use 
    the turret to obliterate all the TimeSplitters. They do turn 
    invisible, which can make it tricky to hit them, but just shoot where 
    the Marines are shooting. The ‘Splitters can’t take too many shots 
    before they die. When a Marine says there are more coming from the 
    south entrance, turn the turret right a little, to face the way you 
    came. More ‘Splitters for you to mow down, more fun to be had. More 
    will then come from the left, and finally the last wave from the 
    right. When all are dead, a Marine will tell you to hold your fire 
    because reinforcements have arrived. Do as he says, and get off the 
    gun turret.
    *Use the Gun Emplacement to Defend Against the TimeSplitter Attack: 
    Pick up some health if you need it, then follow the Marine onwards to 
    the last part of the level. There will be yet more ‘Splitters, being 
    fended off by Marines.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Help Defend the Rebel Base*
    Run behind the barricade on the left to keep out of the crossfire, 
    use it as cover. Help the Marines shoot the ‘Splitters, it isn’t too 
    hard. If you need there’s two lots health and 2 lots of plasma 
    grenades nearby, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty. When you’ve 
    killed enough ‘Splitters, a marine will tell you to get back to base, 
    and in the corner of your screen will be a small clip showing a door.  
    Turn around to see it, and run over to it. Open it to end the 
    *Reach the Rebel Base: COMPLETE* 
    |1924 – Scotland the Brave|
    You’ll be on a beach, with Captain Ash. He gives you a pistol, equip 
    it, and then follow him to the stone arch which he crouches next to.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Infiltrate the Castle*
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Protect Captain Ash*
    Looking up the road, there is an outpost with two guards. Headshot 
    the one standing up, then stand right behind Captain Ash and headshot 
    the one standing a bit to the left of that guard. Take out the other 
    one, the one sitting with the radio, and get the Vintage Rifle from 
    the outpost. Walk over the crater to the left towards the house 
    closest to the cliffs. On the second floor you can find Grenades, 
    then follow Captain Ash up the road, until two guards appear behind 
    the stone wall on a hill in front of you. Snipe them, or let Captain 
    Ash deal with them. Continue, until Captain Ash mentions a machine 
    gun nest. Take cover with him, and wait. A plane will bomb the nest, 
    and Captain Ash will say that it is all clear. If the nest doesn't 
    get bombed, you can wait until the gun overheats to jump out and 
    shoot the guard. Grenades also work, but aren't recommended. Moving 
    on following the road, a guard will start firing from the top of the 
    gate entrance you are headed towards. Let Captain Ash deal with him, 
    and go to the ruined building just behind the machine gun nest. Go up 
    the stairs, and look out. You will see another ruined building, and a 
    guard next to it. Kill him, and then go to that building. Inside, 
    there is full armour in the corner. Grab it, and then run to the gate 
    entrance where Captain Ash is. Go inside after him, and keep going 
    forward until you trigger a cut scene.
    *Checkpoint reached* 
    Anyway, the cut scene will show two portcullises falling, and a guard 
    ordering to attack. It’s a trap!
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Escape the Trap*
    There will be a guard to the left of you, shoot the barrel next to 
    him to blow him to kingdom come. Go forward, to the left of the 
    water, but turn to look across it. Using the boxes and equipment as 
    cover, take out any guards on that side of the water. Go around to 
    that side, and towards the stairs. Get the K-SMG from the guard that 
    was there, and equip it. Head up the stairs, and shoot the guard at 
    the top as soon as you see him. Turning left, there will be a guard 
    using a stack of boxes as cover. Dispose of him, and kill another 
    guard beyond. Move ahead into the small control room, and look out of 
    the windows. There will be a guard in the control room opposite. Kill 
    him quickly, and collect the armour where you are if you need it.  
    Ignore the lever, it opens the wrong portcullis. Instead, head back 
    to the stairs, then across the bridge on your left. Take note of the 
    crane controls here, you will need them later. Anyway, after crossing 
    the bridge, go towards the other control room. There may be a guard 
    on the way, unless Captain Ash has taken care of him already. In the 
    control room there is health, and another level. Pull it, and the 
    portcullis will open.
    *Escape the Trap: COMPLETE*
    Head out of the control room, and another cut scene will trigger. The 
    water level will rise, along with gun turret on a boat. Remember the 
    crane controls I mentioned? Run back to them, and take control of the 
    crane. Move it above the turret, and then hold down A to lower the 
    crane and grab the turret. Still holding A, move the crane and drop 
    the turret in the water. If you drop it on the boat, just use your 
    Temporal Uplink to grab it and toss it into the water.
    Go back down the stairs, and meet up with Captain Ash once again. Go 
    through the door opposite where you entered the building, and head 
    down the road.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    You will see a barn on the right, so head into the field when you can 
    and go towards the barn. Pick up a barrel outside with your Uplink 
    and fling it into the room, hopefully taking out most of the guards. 
    Alternatively, toss a grenade through the window in the back of your 
    barn, to clear out the guards so Captain Ash can take care of them. 
    Finish off any survivors with your trusty K-SMG, and then head into 
    the room at the back of the barn. Get the grenades and Vintage Rifle 
    ammo, and then return to the main part of the barn. Head up the 
    stairs to the left to get health if you need it, though you probably 
    will not. Go back outside to the truck parked just there, waiting to 
    be stolen.
    Now, you have two options. You can either drive the truck, which I 
    suggest, or man the turret in the back. Whatever you choose to do, 
    Captain Ash will do the other. Anyway, if you choose to drive, just 
    follow the road, mowing down any guards that get in the way, ignoring 
    the others. You’ll go through gates at one point, make sure you go 
    through the middle of them, or they may fall in a way that stops you 
    from passing. Anyway, you will soon get to a canyon, with a draw 
    bridge that rises up as you approach. On the far side there is 
    another machine gun nest. Get out of the truck, and look to the left 
    of the machine gun. See the big stack of explosive barrels? They make 
    for excellent target practice, and will rip the guard manning that 
    machine gun to shreds. After that’s taken care of, look for a lever 
    next to the machine gun. Pull it with your good old 
    Temporal Uplink and the drawbridge will lower, allowing you to cross. 
    Now you have to drive the truck, so do so, across the bridge and 
    along the road, ignoring the guards as before. You will come to the 
    entrance of the castle proper, and another truck resting on its side. 
    Get back on foot, and pick up the TNT resting handily next to the 
    truck. There is also health should you need it. There are two double 
    doors; you want to blow the ones on the left when facing the castle. 
    Plant the TNT in the middle of them, and then get clear before they 
    are blasted open. The Captain will run into the castle, but don’t 
    follow him just yet. Instead, wait until the TNT reappears and 
    collect it. Trust me; it will save you trouble later on. After you 
    have the TNT, follow Captain Ash inside. Have your K-SMG at the 
    ready; there will be quite a few guards.
    *Infiltrate the Castle: COMPLETE*
    *Checkpoint reached*
    There will be a guard on the stairs right ahead, and another on the 
    behind that. 
    Help the good Captain kill them both, then go up the stairs.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Locate the Time Crystal Mining Site
    Turn around to shoot another guard, and move up onto the landing 
    area. Go along, and 2 guards should come out of doorways right ahead 
    of you. Easy targets. Captain Ash will mention that he wants to 
    signal the “chaps out to sea” so leave him and follow the landing all 
    the way around, going through the last door you come to. It branches 
    off, the left is a dead end with health (not that you need it 
    really). Go right, up a small set of stairs, into a room and try to 
    open the blue doors. A cut scene will trigger, where you give 
    yourself a key. Time travel, what fun! After the cut scene you will 
    be at the top of some stairs. Go down them into the wine cellar, 
    where a drunk guard is sat in a collapsed heap on the floor. You can 
    ignore him or shoot him, doesn’t really matter much. Pick up the 
    flare gun, and move on. Get onto the lift that looks more like a 
    cage, and let Captain Ash pull you up. You won’t be reunited for 
    long, as Captain Ash runs off before you get to the top, to rescue 
    somebody. When the lift reaches the top, you’ll be in a small room 
    with one exit.
    *Checkpoint reached* 
    Head out of the room and turn right to see a guard walking up to the 
    window. Blast him with the K-SMG, then stand next to the window with 
    your back to it. Another guard will run through the doorway the first 
    guard came from, right in line with your bullets. Go through where 
    those guards came from, into a rather spiffy looking room. Turn left 
    to face the guard that should be stood at the entrance, and pop a cap 
    in his skull. Go through that doorway and head left. Follow the 
    corridor, going up a few stairs and round a corner, until you hear 
    some guards talking. Listen to what they have to say, then turn left 
    round the corner, and get rid of them. There will be another guard 
    beyond, kill him too. Move to where the two guards were talking, and 
    look left through the archway. There should be a small room with a 
    balcony, then another room with a guard beyond, that will be shooting 
    at you. Kill him, and get the grenades from the room if you want. 
    Back in the main corridor where the guards were, there should be a 
    small room to the left with three periscope type things that control 
    the cameras. Use the middle one to see inside the briefing room, and 
    Anya will tell you to find a way in there.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Gain Entry to the Meeting Hall*
    Head back the way you came, to the top of a small flight of steps. On 
    the left should be a yellowish coloured door, go through it into a 
    posh looking bedroom. Nothing of interest in here, head on to another 
    small room.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    You’ll hear a guy talking; he’s in the meeting room which is just 
    beyond the brown door. Go through, and a short cut scene will 
    *Gain Entry to the Meeting Hall: COMPLETE*  
    When the cut scene finishes, you’ll be on a balcony overlooking the 
    meeting room, with three guards below. I suggest you chuck a grenade 
    their way, then finish off any survivors. After you’ve cleared the 
    room, head down the spirally stairs and go to the fireplace that the 
    leader escaped through. On the right hand side of the right pillar is 
    a lever; pull it to open a secret tunnel behind the fireplace. Go 
    down into it until you reach an elevator shaft.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Access the Underground Areas of the Island*
    Go back up to the meeting room and head through the only exit. Yet 
    another cut scene will trigger, where you’ll pass the key onto 
    yourself! What a helpful guy you are, huh? Move onwards. An archway 
    on the left leads to the kitchen, go in and kill the single guard 
    staring out the window. There’s a small sectioned off bit at the 
    other end of the kitchen, hiding a health and some ammo. Get whatever 
    you need, then head back and go down the corridor. Go up some stairs, 
    and shoot the guard in another bedroom straight ahead. Don’t bother 
    going into the bedroom, instead turn right, shooting another guard, 
    and head up some more stairs. Follow the corridor, briefly nipping 
    into a small room on the left to get some K-SMG grenades lying on a 
    desk, then continue. There will be another small room off the right 
    of the corridor, with a couple of guards and more camera controls. 
    Nothing much in that room, instead continue down the corridor. 
    When you get to a bit with a large window on the left, look outside 
    to see a plane crashing, killing a few guards and setting off an 
    explosion. What fun. Move onwards, until you come across Captain Ash 
    once again, who’s trying to help his “assistant” escape.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Help Captain Ash Rescue His Assistant*
    Go onwards, until you find another cell with a barrel in it. Place a 
    bullet in the barrel, and watch as the oil leaks out. Now you have 
    two options, shoot a flare into the oil, or retreat outside the room 
    and shoot the lamp so it falls onto the oil. I recommend the latter, 
    as it ensures you’re a safe distance when the barrel blows.
    *Help Captain Ash Rescue His Assistant: COMPLETE*
    Carry on down the corridor and down the stairs. There’s some armour 
    on top of the desk, and an organ you can play by pressing the action 
    button. Fun! Press Up on the D-pad to load a grenade onto the K-SMG, 
    then head outside.  
    *Protect Captain Ash: COMPLETE*
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Once you’re outside, look to the right, where a tank will burst out 
    of a door.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the Enemy Tank*    
    Aim at it, and wait until it stops. As soon as it begins firing at 
    you, blast it with a K-SMG grenade. The tank will stall, so run round 
    to the back and plant the TNT that I told you to get ages ago. That 
    will blow the tank to smithereens. If you don’t have any TNT, look in 
    the corners of the courtyard, behind the small pillars. There’s also 
    K-SMG grenade ammo scattered about.
    *Destroy the Enemy Tank: COMPLETED*
    Head to where the tank came out from, and stand on the circular 
    platform. It will descend, taking you down inside the island. When 
    the elevator stops, head through into a large underground cavern.
    *Access the Underground Areas of the Island: COMPLETE*
    Go across the wooden bridge, into a room beyond to trigger the end of 
    this fun level.
    |1969 - The Russian Connection|
    Right, you're with Harry the Awesome. Start by equipping the Silencer
    for your gun and use it to take out the guard a little left of you 
    with a headshot. Wait until Harry stops talking and stand right where 
    he did. Shoot the female guard when she stops, always use the zoom 
    function. Wait until the guard stops talking about Boris and let them 
    walk away for a bit. Go around to the corner where the female guard 
    was and take out the guard right in front of you. Return to behind 
    the crates and shoot the guard walking on the bridge with the zoom
    function, like usual. Now you can grab some armour. Enter the house
    and go through the next door. Down the stairs and listen to the 
    conversation the guards have. Enter the room and shoot them as fast
    as possible. There is some armour on the shelf. Go talk to Tipper and
    follow him through the hole he'll create in the storm drain's bars.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Find the Time Traveler*
    *Checkpoint reached* 
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Rendezvous at the Water Tower*
    Tipper's taking the pipes, so you'll have to kill the guards in this 
    area. Begin by going up the stairs a little and snipe the guard. Peek 
    out from the corner and shoot the guard walking towards you, he's in 
    between the house to the left and the wall. Almost right below the 
    light. Then shoot the one standing in front of the door of the house. 
    Run past the car and hide behind the crates. Continue to the next 
    one, and then run to the small place behind the room the guard was 
    guarding and the container next to the wall. Pick up the Machine Gun 
    the guard who stood in front of the door had. Sneak past the corner 
    and take out the guard right next to you, and then the one standing 
    right out in the open. Good, this area is done.
    Run back to where the second guard was, the one walking in the grass. 
    Go through until you come to the corner, where you stop and snipe the 
    walking guard. The one next to the car, yes. Now go to the containers 
    left of you, behind the brick wall. Stop and snipe the guard walking 
    in front of you. Carefully check round the corner of the container 
    you stand next to and snipe the guard. Now, there are two blue 
    containers and a orange one on top of them to the right of you. Look 
    through the space where the orange one doesn't block your sight and 
    shoot the female guard's head. Good, all outside guards are dead. Now 
    return to the car and listen to the conversation through the door. 
    Enter. Make sure they have stopped talking, then snipe the guy's 
    head. Do the same with the drunk girl. Flip the switch in front of 
    where the guy stood. There are Grenades and health on the shelves, 
    not that you should need any health if you've been following this.
    *Deactivate Electricity: COMPLETE*
    Good, this area is finished. Return to where the gates were and go 
    *Checkpoint reached*
    *Rendezvous at the Water Tower: COMPLETE*
    Now comes the hardest part. Let Tipper talk and then use the ladder.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Protect Harry Tipper*
    Equip the Sniper Rifle and knock out the drunk guard so he doesn't 
    bother you. Stand on the left side of the tower and watch the left 
    area of the two down to the left. You'll see Tipper coming out of the 
    manhole and run into the house. Guards will be coming out of the 
    house to the right, so your job is to take them out. ALWAYS go for 
    headshots, anything else is a waste of time. Missing the head also 
    means you'll have to reload more often. Also, when you reload, you 
    can press the aiming button as soon as you leave aiming mode to aim 
    your next shot faster.
    Tipper will run back to the manhole when you're done with the guards, 
    and then come out of the one to the right. Reload if you haven't. Now 
    the guards will come from the same house as before, so take them out 
    just like before.
    *Protect Harry Tipper: COMPLETE*
    Go down the plank to your right. Go into the hole to your right, then 
    enter the door. Use the Machine Gun for this part. Shoot the guard 
    coming from the left, then walk to the left and shoot the guards on 
    the lower stairs. Walk over to the next corner and shoot the guard 
    coming out through the door. Next corner; shoot the guard next to the 
    Continue walking, and shoot the guard who comes from the doorway to 
    the left. Continue on and shoot the two guards who come from the 
    bottom floor room. Enter the next room and grab the armour. Go down 
    the stairs; shoot the guard coming from the other door. Enter that 
    door and grab the Grenades. Go on through the door, watch the scene, 
    and follow Tipper.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Run on and listen to the overly suggestive conversation the two 
    female guards have. You'll get more info for when to go next. Now, 
    continue on and listen to Tipper.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Gain Access to Sector 3*
    Listen to the message.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Restore Main Power*
    Yay. On to the building to the right. Enter the door on the above 
    platform. Into the room in the middle, listen to the talking.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Activate Starter-Motor*
    Follow the man out and through the door while you listen to Tipper 
    and the guard. Anya will talk more when you reach the motor, so turn 
    around and go through the corridor to the right.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Restore Water Pressure*
    Damned new objectives, won't you stop coming soon? Anyway. Enter the 
    door, go down and just continue walking until you find the wheel to 
    start the water flow. To prepare for the next part, you could shoot 
    the engineer who's walking around in the room with the turning wheel. 
    Then go back and shoot the two engineers in the previous room. That 
    makes it easier when you start the flow, since you won't be 
    *Restore Water Pressure: COMPLETE*
    Right, if you didn't kill him before, take out the guard before he 
    draws his gun. Hurry back to the door, then shoot the next guard as 
    he comes through the next one. That is, assuming you didn't kill the 
    engineers before. You should be using the Machine Gun from now on. 
    Take care of the guard on the higher floor, then the one standing on 
    top of the grey thing (turbine?) Kill the next one as he comes down 
    to the above floor. Stand between the two grey turbines; shoot the 
    guard on the top floor. Return to the starter motor, kill the guy, 
    pick up the card you need, and turn on the motor. Get the armour if 
    you've taken a hit, which you probably have.
    *Activate Starter-Motor: COMPLETE*
    Rush up the stairs and back to the open area. Tipper will already 
    have taken care of the guards if you didn't shoot the engineers 
    before you started the flow. Go back to where you met the man who 
    opened the basement for you and turn on the main generator. If you 
    did, they will need to be killed when you turn on the generator.
    *Restore Main Power: COMPLETE*
    Go back outside and run over to the big door. Press the button and 
    enter. You'll need to shoot the guards here, so do that. Tipper will 
    take the stairs, and you should do the same. At the bottom floor 
    you'll be assaulted by guards, so take them out. Start by the ones 
    who attack you before you get out in the open, as well as the one far 
    away, standing behind of the barricade. Turn left and throw a few 
    grenades to take out the guards, and shoot all survivors. Tipper's 
    going into a room with hostages(a spoiled girl and a monkey...) along 
    with armour and health, which you should take. Return to the car and 
    drive it to lower level and on through the tunnel you find there. At 
    the end, you should exit the car. There is a blast door here, so 
    you'll need explosives. Grenades won't work. The radio will come on 
    and tell the henchmen to board the train, and you've got yourself 
    another objective.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Locate Khallos's Train*
    In the corridor to your right, there are two gates. Open the one 
    closest to you and kill the guards, either by Machine Gun or 
    There is a desk to your left as you enter the room, get over there to 
    hear Anya talk a little about the story. There is some health in on 
    one of the cases, which you shouldn't need. So, on to the next room. 
    Do as Anya says and use the Uplink to carry the mini-nuke to the 
    blast door.
    Be careful when you carry it, don't make it touch any walls and don't 
    turn too fast. When you get to the blast door, aim it at the center 
    and let go of the button. Now the door isn't much of a hindrance, 
    which means you're able to go on. Bring the car for fun if you want. 
    Here, use the Machine Gun to kill all the guards. Don't forget the 
    one hiding in the corridor to the left. Now that they're all drinking 
    tea with the devil, you should go through the door at the opposite 
    side of the room. 
    This is a stair room, with a guard on every level but the third. 
    Shoot them, or throw grenades. Make your way to the bottom floor, 
    where you walk past the elevator. Watch the scene, then make short 
    work of the two guards. When you open the door, the level's over. 
    *Find Time Traveler: COMPLETE*
    *Locate Khallos's Train: COMPLETE*
    |1969 - The Khallos Express|
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Find Khallos*
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Prevent the missile launch*
    Once again you find yourself with that awesome Tipper. He'll start 
    out by making a reference to Indiana Jones. As always, equip the 
    Silencer for your gun. There is a guard shooting at you from on top 
    of the next section, snipe his head. Play with the different things 
    on the train if you want to, or continue to the next part of the 
    train by the door to your left. Go up, up the ladder ahead. As soon 
    as you get up, whip out your Shoot-holes-in-thingsomatic 3000, also 
    called "gun" and headshot the female guard. Run to the last part 
    before the ladder and take out the man in the right top corner of the 
    next wagon. Headshot as always.
    The one left of him will run over and check on him, take him out the 
    same way. Chances are the other two ones will have noticed by now, so 
    kill them the same way. If you've got rid of them, jump down and make 
    your way to the next part. Right as the door opens, shoot the stack 
    of grey barrels. It's to the right of the machine gun. Most, if not 
    all, guards will die. Shoot any survivors. If any barrels get in your 
    way as you advance through the room, use the Uplink to move them. Two 
    guards will rush at you when you open the door, try to take them out 
    They can move a lot, so you might want to shoot at their bodies, as 
    they're easier to hit than heads. Proceed on into the next part of 
    the train, where you should shoot the radio guard in the head. Shoot 
    the next, the one who hides behind the table, preferably in the head. 
    Get into the room they were in for Machine Guns and a health pack 
    which you can grab with the Uplink. Tipper will stay here to contact 
    his crew, so you should go on alone. Equip the Machine Gun if you 
    haven't already. 
    Go on to the next part and listen to the yucky sounds coming from the 
    toilet. Shoot the guard in the next corridor in the head, then 
    quickly hide in front of the toilet as the helicopter shoots around 
    you. The corridor with the guard should be full of other guards now, 
    so gun them down. There is one at the end of the corridor, mind him. 
    At around the middle of the corridor you'll hear the toilet flushing, 
    which means you have to turn down and shoot the woman coming from it. 
    There is armour in the last cabin of the corridor, which you should 
    use the Uplink to reach. Now run on to the end of the corridor.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    You're assaulted by a helicopter. That's not good for your health, so 
    quickly run forward and crouch inside the group of crates to your 
    right. Shoot the one made out of tree until you can go over it. Run 
    left and shoot the crate to your right, then proceed on. Simply run 
    straight over the floor and around to the button, then press it. Ta-
    da, the helicopter's gone. Up over the ladder with you now. Quickly 
    take aim toward the left hatch and shoot as soon as the guard peeks 
    out. Advance and shoot the guard coming from the hatch behind the 
    last one. 
    At the next section, you need to shoot the guards or shoot the 
    explosive barrels. Do so before jumping down. There is one behind the 
    tree crate in the left corner. You can shoot it until it breaks to 
    get an easy headshot on him. Another tip would be to shoot all the 
    gas containers, so they won't explode on you when you're down there. 
    Anyway, when you're down there, another chopper will assault you. Not 
    good. A scene will play and you'll have to protect the future you 
    from the guards. They'll be standing on top of the wagons, so either 
    use the Machine Gun or snipe their heads with the zoom in function of 
    the gun.
    Your future self will take care of the chopper. When it crashes, 
    shoot the guard coming from the next wagon. Go on. Three guards will 
    come at you when you enter the next wagon, so use the Machine Gun to 
    take them down easily. Another one will jump out from the next 
    corner, so shoot him as well. There is one last guard to the right of 
    him, kill him. In the middle of the wagon, there is a room with 
    weapons, health and armour. Get the Machine Gun ammo and a Tactical 
    12-Gauge, then use the 
    Uplink for the armour. There is another health pack on the shelves. 
    Now, on with the attacking. Equip the Machine Gun, you'll thank me 
    later. Through the door the guards were guarding, up the ladder. 
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Ah, movie time. Watch the funny scene, then get ready to shoot again. 
    You'll start in the middle of a fire fight, so gun them down with the 
    Machine Gun. One will keep hiding behind the box in front of you on 
    the higher difficulties, so mind him. Grab a pack of Heatseeker ammo 
    in the next room, and then grab the weapon in the next.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the helicopter* 
    Keep moving while you shoot the chopper with the heatseekers. It's 
    not hard at all, just aim at it and fire when the circle is red. It 
    should go down in no time.
    *Destroy the helicopter: COMPLETE*
    So, run back with you. You'll see a scene, and then be back on the 
    first train. You'll start out in a bathroom, wait for the guard to 
    come by and then shoot him. Pick up his weapon to get dual Machine 
    Guns. Great. Go right and shoot everyone with your Machine Guns. 
    There are guards in the first and fourth cabins, remember them. You 
    can grab health in the fifth cabin if you use the Uplink. When you go 
    past the next corner, a guard will jump at you, so take him out. Take 
    his place and shoot the guards in the next wagon through the window 
    of the door. 
    Go through the door, shoot the guard on the other train and say hello 
    to Tipper. Watch him hump some air, then go through the next pair of 
    doors. The female guards will talk about how good Tipper looks, but 
    you'll still be treating them the same. Duh. Use your machine guns to 
    mow down everyone in the next room, be careful with the one to the 
    left of the opening. When they're all dead, you can play the slots if 
    you want. There's no reason to it, other than to hear a few funny 
    There's a drunk guy behind the desk, ignore him or kill him. The 
    projector shows you some pictures from this game. When you're done 
    here, go on to the next part.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Equip the Uplink. Go up the stairs and then into the next room for a  
    cut scene.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Deactivate the gas trap*
    Use the Uplink on the statuette in the next room to stop the gas.
    *Deactivate the gas trap: COMPLETE*
    Tipper will open the safe for you, which contains health. Here you'll 
    find Strudel the cat, who can be controlled. Do it if you want to, 
    but there's no reason for it. There's a switch on the wall which you 
    need to press. Do so. Enemies will come from the stairs when you 
    press it, shoot them. Go down back the stairs, and then through the 
    door on your right. Guards come from the door to the left, take care 
    of them, too. 
    Run on into the room and watch Tipper as he touches the wires. Then 
    go over to the other side of the machine and press the activation 
    Now for a little minigame.
    For some puzzles, I've made a solution.
    Each number equals a piece. The number equals the number of times you 
    have to turn it. A "b" means it's a blue connector, a "g" means it's 
    a green connector.
       b g   g
       1 1 0 1
       0 0 2 1
       3 0 1 1
       1 0 0 1
      3 1 0 2
    g 1 0 2 1
      3 0 0 1
    b 1 3 1 0
    b 1 0 2 1
    g 2 0 0 0 b
      1 3 2 1
      0 1 0 1
    They probably aren't all of them, but some. Please send in some more 
    solutions if you have them.
    *Prevent the missile launch: COMPLETE*
    Now we're done with that. There's armour under the desk to the right 
    of the machine you just used. Take it and head through the next door 
    and up the ladder. Then just run forward.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Khallos will jump out of the fire to attack you.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Defeat Khallos*
    What a joke. Use your Machine Gun and just unload on him. He should 
    go down in no time. If you run out of ammo, use the Tactical 12-
    *Defeat Khallos: COMPLETE*
    Run forward until you jump down in the last wagon. Simply run over to 
    the controls and pull the lever.
    *Stop the Train: COMPLETE*
    |1994 - Mansion of Madness|
    Well, here we are. Basically, this level is a nod to Resident Evil. 
    Personally, I dislike this level, but I have to admit it has a great 
    atmosphere. Anyway, on with the walkthrough!
    You’ll start outside with the gorgeous Jo-Beth Casey (changed a lot 
    from TS2!). See the big mansion? That’s where you’re going. Go in 
    through to front door, and you’ll set off a cut scene where the door 
    you just came through is blocked. Well, you certainly won’t be 
    leaving any time soon! The scientist tells you to get out whilst you 
    can (yeah right), and is promptly crushed by a falling candelabra. 
    Unlucky. Pick up the Flamethrower that’s right in front of you, and 
    get ready. A few black ghostly things (we’ll call them spirits) float 
    down towards you; a short jet of flame will kill them. Once all are 
    gone, follow Jo-Beth. Go through the hall, and pick up the Baseball 
    Bat. Also, there’s some health in the cabinet and wardrobe here but 
    they’re totally useless, since this early you have no need for them 
    and you won’t be coming back here again. Move on into the room 
    The door will lock behind you, and it looks like you and Jo-Beth 
    aren’t alone. Zombies! There are six zombies total, two with Baseball 
    Bats of their own. When you’ve killed the ones you can initially see, 
    more will come out of the hole n the wall opposite where you entered, 
    the best way to kill the zombies is to knock their heads off. Just 
    run up, swing, then run back in case you don’t kill them so they 
    can’t hit you. It’s worth noting you CAN kill the zombies by hitting 
    them enough times, but they do take a beating so it’s not so 
    efficient. When all are dead, a door will open. Go through, and keep 
    moving into the next big room. 
    Ooooh, a ghost! Walk towards it a little, and a stream of fire will 
    jet out of the fireplace, blocking off part of the room. Two zombies 
    covered in flame will come at you, one with a Baseball Bat. Take out 
    both, being careful not to get too near and hurt by their flames. A 
    door will open, leading outside. Again, follow Jo-Beth out.
    You’ll see two scientists in a tree, with several creatures moving 
    under the ground. Barney tries to make a run for it, and is promptly 
    eaten by a giant worm thing. Ah well, we can’t all be winners! Equip 
    your Flamethrower and walk out onto the grass.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Rescue the scientist*
    Well, you’d better help him. Just run about. The worms should come to 
    you, as soon as they show their ugly mugs give them a quick blast of 
    flame. You’ll know they’re dead if you hear a scream. Kill them all 
    (easy), and keep in mind there is a Flamethrower in the grass 
    somewhere should you need it.
    *Rescue the scientist: COMPLETE*
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Investigate the attic*  
    Yup, we gotta make our way upstairs. First step would be to get back 
    inside perhaps, hmm? First thing you’ll notice is that the stream of 
    fire is now gone, so you can go through the door it was blocking. 
    Also, get health from the cabinet if you need it. Anyway, go through 
    the door and grab the Shotgun off the walls. Firepower, yeah!
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Go on through into the big dining room. It’ll start raining zombies! 
    These are a real mixed bunch, I counted nine total, two of them 
    having Shotguns and one with a Baseball Bat. The main thing here is 
    to let Jo-Beth take care of as many as possible, but I would step in 
    with your own Baseball Bat if things get out of hand. Make any with 
    Shotguns a priority, and be careful of Jo-Beth: she doesn’t care if 
    you’re stood in her line of fire. Regardless, kill all the zombies 
    and it’s time for a mini-boss.
    Yup, THE MOOSE IS LOOSE! There’s an easy way and a hard way to do 
    this. Hard way, dodge around the room, making sure you don’t get 
    boxed in by the Deerhaunter, and blast him in the head with your 
    trusty Shotgun. I prefer the easy way. See the hole he made in the 
    wall when he came out to play? Go in the alcove there. He won’t be 
    able to hit you at all, and Jo-Beth will do all the work for you. 
    What a nice girl! Eventually the Deerhaunter will give up the ghost. 
    When he finally does, go out the door Jo-Beth should go to stand by. 
    It’s the one opposite where you came in. Before you leave, grab the 
    health from one of the cabinets should you need it.
    Once through the door, you’ll see a scientist running down the stairs 
    with a zombie in hot pursuit. Relieve him of his miserable life and 
    proceed up the stairs.
    Here there are two doors. Open the one on the left, and you’ll be in 
    the upper floor of the dining room. Don’t go through the door yet, 
    shoot the zombie that’s across from you. Then go into the room and 
    look to the right, there should be two zombies with Shotguns plus a 
    couple of normal zombies. When you’ve dispatched them go to the 
    corner opposite the entrance to pick up the Revolver. Don’t equip it 
    just yet. Leave this room once again and go through the other door.
    You’ll find yourself in a corridor, with a seemingly dead body on the 
    floor, two doors on the right and another door straight down the 
    hallway. Move forward a little until the dead body gets up. Zombie 
    attack! A zombie wielding a Shotgun will come from the first door on 
    the right, and yet more from the door straight ahead. Kill them, and 
    get the health from the small room that’s second on the right 
    (there’s a scientist in it, the health is in the cabinet and there’s 
    also some in the wardrobe).
    Go through the door that most of the zombies came from to find 
    yourself in yet another hallway. Turn right and quickly blast the 
    zombie clutching a Shotgun, then shoot the other zombies that will 
    come through the door ahead, yet another holding a Shotgun. Obviously 
    you’re being hunted! Move through into the next hallway. In there is 
    a posh looking red sofa, and two doors: a locked one on the right 
    which we can ignore, and one on the left. Go through the left one 
    into the library. 
    The library is full of nasty zombies: two with Shotguns, one with a 
    Baseball Bat, and one standard unarmed zombie. Once all are dead, 
    follow Jo-Beth up the circular staircase, shooting yet another zombie 
    that attacks from the left that’s clutching a Baseball Bat. Go 
    through the door.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    You’re in a short hallway with a drunk scientist. Go through the 
    white door and follow the hallway around a corner. There are a few 
    rooms along this stretch, and the last one of the right (after the 
    intersection) has a wardrobe that a zombie bursts out of and a health 
    in the cabinet. Anyway, at the intersection, turn down the other 
    hallway. You’ll trigger a cutscene where you get to see yet another 
    scientist meet his doom, this time by a swarm of vicious bugs. Jo-
    Beth will run off into a room and lock herself in, you’re on your own 
    for now. As soon as it ends switch to your Flamethrower and start 
    crisping the bugs that are scuttling at you. I suggest you slowly 
    retreat backwards, as some of the bugs climb the walls then drop off 
    the ceiling on top of you. Eventually, there’ll be no more bugs, and 
    you can switch back to your Shotgun.
    Go down the hall. There are two room/alcoves on the right, one with 
    Shotgun ammo the other with Flamethrower ammo. Move on into the room 
    on the left at the end of the hallway, then quickly skedaddle back to 
    where you fought the bugs, as a gang of zombies will have come to 
    life. Two zombies will have run fast after you, drop both with a 
    neat, if bloody, shot to the head. Go back to the room and kill the 
    three remaining zombies, one having a Shotgun. Go through the room, 
    down a hallway, and through the only unlocked door.
    *Checkpoint reached*   
    Go up the stairs, into the attic!
    *Investigate the attic: COMPLETE*
    You’re in a room full of boxes, zombies, and a ghost floating in the 
    middle of the room. There are two unarmed zombies, two with Baseball 
    Bats, and two with Shotguns. As usual take out the Shotgun wielding 
    ones first. Also, beware, as the ghost randomly spurts out jets of 
    fire along the ground. When all zombies are dead, a plank of wood 
    will shatter, revealing a passageway to the left of the stairs, and a 
    zombie. Do your thing and move down the passage into a small room. As 
    soon as the zombies start to get up, spin around and look back down 
    the passage. Kill the zombie holding the Shotgun. Kill another two 
    with the Shotgun, one with a Baseball Bat, and one unarmed.
    Follow the passage along and drop down into a large, nearly empty 
    attic room. Get the health next to the scientist, then listen to what 
    he has to say.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Locate Lab entrance*
    Go downstairs, and have your Revolver at the ready. You’ll be faced 
    by four Shotgun-crazy zombies, and I find the Revolver better here as 
    it is faster firing and you reload less. If you’re accurate enough, 
    you can still kill the zombies with one shot.
    After all are dead, you’ll watch a cutscene where Cortez falls 
    through the floor, before resuming control again. Go downstairs, and 
    through a room with a scientist. You’ll be in a room with a store 
    cupboard, get the health of the shelf then go through two more sets 
    of doors until you get outside once again. Go towards the well to 
    trigger yet another cutscene – rubble falls, trapping you, and a 
    large creature rises out of the well, presumably for dinner.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Defeat the creature*
    Well, time for another boss fight! This again isn’t hard at all. Just 
    circle round the well, blasting the creature in the head. It has two 
    attacks it can use against you: the more common is when it tries to 
    squash you with it’s claw, the other attack is fire breath. Neither 
    are hard to avoid, and soon it’ll fall down the well in defeat.
    *Defeat the creature: COMPLETE*
    Jo-Beth will finally find you, and make a gap in the rubble for you 
    to go through. Enter the door on the left.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Open the door ahead to see Gaston Boucher with his back stupidly 
    turned on you. Take your time to shoot his head off, then quickly run 
    backwards as the Carrion Carcasses rise to get their revenge. With 
    Jo-Beth’s help defeat all four, then go through the kitchen. You’ll 
    be in a small room, with a door leading to a freezer. In the freezer 
    there’s meat hanging from the ceiling, and another Gaston hiding 
    behind some meat on the left. Take him down, then go through the 
    freezer and out the door on the other side to finally end this nasty 
    *Investigate the mansion: COMPLETE*
    |1994 - What Lies Below|
    Cortez just showed off his perverted side, and now you're down below 
    the mansion.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Uncover the Identity of the mystery time traveler*
    Just follow Jo-Beth until you see a scene. Cute. Not. Either way, 
    just follow her forward when the scene stops. She'll climb through a 
    blocking and fall down a trapdoor. Now you've got to get her back, 
    yay. Start by going out to the big pit in the middle, then take a 
    left and go one through that door. You'll fall through a trapdoor. 
    There she is! Not. Shoot its head off before it even turns around. 
    For some reason, I really hate those enemies. Just shoot their heads 
    to get rid of them. More will come from the ground after the first 
    one. When they are dead, you can either waste some ammo on the 
    hanging bodies or go on. Let's go on.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Protect Jo-Beth from the zombie horde*
    You'll find Jo-Beth hanging in a rope from the ceiling. Sorry, you 
    don't get to see anything, you pervert. Zombies will start coming 
    from various places in the room, and now you have to protect her 
    while she unties herself. Always use headshots. The zombies take too 
    many normal shots for it to be useful, and there are many of them. 
    Not to mention that your revolver is pretty slow, so you don't afford 
    to waste too much time. Also be careful about zombies coming from 
    places you haven't noticed. Just gun them down.
    *Protect Jo-Beth from the zombie horde: COMPLETE*
    After you get rid of all the zombies, Jo-Beth will get free. Kill any 
    still un-living zombies, get the shogun shells under the construction 
    and then go up the stairs. Enter the door and follow the corridor. 
    Headshot all zombies you find until you find yourself in a room.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Watch the scene with the doctor, then blast the two zombies that come 
    out through the door further away. Go into the door they came from, 
    then re-kill the two new zombies. The doctor who was attacked will 
    also rise and attack, so take care of him, too. Use the computer, 
    click on Security OpSys v5.10.23, then on Unlock Security Door A. 
    When that's done, open the next file in the same folder. Turn off all 
    three cameras by clicking on the X for each of them. Check the Lab 
    Communications folder for interesting, but not important, info. When 
    you're done, follow Jo-Beth through the door.
    You'll see an electric wire, which you shouldn't touch. Shoot the 
    zombie in front of you, but be careful as it can attack from a 
    distance with electricity. Run past the wire but make sure you don't 
    touch is, as it can do some good damage. Turn right and shoot the two 
    other electric zombies, then continue down. Shoot the two new 
    electric zombies, then make your way past the electric wire. As you 
    enter the next room, the doors will shut. Grab the Harpoon Gun to the 
    left and, if you're out of ammo, the Shotgun next to the computer. 
    Zombies will start coming from the beds. Use the harpoon gun to kill 
    them, preferably with headshots. When you kill all of them, Jo-Beth 
    will use the computer to open the door. Collect all harpoons you 
    haven't picked up already, then go through the door.
    Listen to the drunk guard and go through the next set of doors. Kill 
    the two zombies. There is a zombie inside a room he can't get out 
    from, which means you can do whatever you want to him. There is ammo 
    and a computer in the room next to him. Use the computer to do 
    various things to him if you want to. The computer also holds various 
    interesting info. When you're done, go to the next room. You'll find 
    that a doctor has locked himself in. If you want to get rid of him 
    for later, you can kill him the same way as with the zombie. However, 
    if you're done here, let's go through the doors. There's the guy who 
    was talking about "Princess". Kill him. Then go through the door to 
    your right. A scene will start.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    As it finishes, you'll find yourself in a mine cart. Zombies will 
    hang from the ceiling as you go, shoot them to avoid damage. I 
    suggest you use the revolver, as the Harpoon is too strong to waste 
    on them. They die by any shot, either way. When you reach the end, 
    another scene will play.
    You'll have to protect future Cortez from zombies. This part isn't 
    really hard, it's all about shooting the zombies before they reach 
    him. Not too hard, just continue of together with him. The Harpoon 
    Gun works good. You need to move forward pretty slowly, or the ghosts 
    will hit you. At the end, future Cortez will split up and you'll get 
    the goggles and gun. Now follow the path in front of you, shooting 
    all ghosts with the new Ghost Gun. Soon you'll find another wormhole.
    The scene from before plays and you have to kill the ghosts this 
    time. Since you've already met some, you know what to expect. Simply 
    go on while shooting all ghosts you see. Advance with caution and 
    move slowly. This part is much easier than before, so you probably 
    won't even get hit. When you reach the end, you'll split up like 
    usual. Equip the Harpoon Gun to prepare for what's coming. Grab the 
    Shotgun shells to the left if you want, then jump down the hole in 
    front of you. You'll see a scene where Jo-Beth is in danger.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Eliminate "Princess"*
    Now this is why you needed the Harpoon Gun. As soon as the Creature 
    opens its mouth completely, fill the Gas Canister with harpoons. It 
    is undoubtedly the best way to take care of it. When it breathes 
    fire, shoot towards its mouth and it'll go down in no time. The 
    flying bats can be annoying, so shoot them down if you want. You can 
    use the normal weapons. It really isn't as hard as it seems.
    *Eliminate Princess: COMPLETE*
    Stock up on the Harpoon Gun ammo which lies at the edges, then go 
    through the doors to the elevator.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    There's Jo-Beth again. Go through the door to the left, make another 
    left and then go right. Enter the computer room. Grab the health 
    behind the doors, as well as the ammo. Use the leftmost computer of 
    the room to read the man's diary and grab the revolver next to it. 
    Check the files and open the diary to get his name. Now, as you exit 
    the file, a screen with a countdown will pop up. Notice the movie 
    *Uncover the Identity of the mystery time traveler: COMPLETE*
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Escape from the catacombs*
    What you need to do now is to run for it, in case you hadn't 
    realized. Exit the computer and run out through the doors you came 
    from. There are zombies everywhere, so be ready with your Harpoon 
    Gun. Take a left at the first place with two ways. Through the doors, 
    shoot all zombies then run past the room where you could use the 
    computers to play with the doctor and zombie. Continue through the 
    room where Jo-Beth hacked the doors while you defended her, then 
    through the room with electric wires. Shoot the zombies like usual. 
    On through the room where you saw a doctor get killed, but instead of 
    turning right, go through the now open doors right in front of you. 
    Get into the elevator, and you've beaten the stage!
    *Escape from the catacombs: COMPLETE*
    |2052 - Breaking and Entering|
    Anya will tell you some various info about the level. Remember; 
    always be invisible. If you avoid getting seen, the level will be 
    much easier. The first part of this mission is really fun, and it 
    reminds of the many stealth levels in TS2.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Penetrate rooftop security*
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Locate Crow's office*
    As the scene ends, turn around and see the guard. You can do two 
    things to get rid of him; either throw a box at him with the Uplink 
    or use it to grab the Mag-Charger next to him and shoot him with it. 
    Sneaking up behind him and punching him works, but it isn't as 
    secure. If you alert him before he dies, restart. Go back to where 
    you started and look down. You should see that some parts of the roof 
    reach further than the rest. Line yourself up with one and jump off 
    the roof. You should land on the roof of the shack-like thing. Turn 
    around and use your Mag-Charger's alternative mode to see two cameras 
    on the roof you jumped from and another below them. A single shot 
    from the Mag-Charger will be enough to destroy one of them, AND the 
    crosshairs change colour when you're aiming at some kind of device, 
    which makes it a very useful weapon for stealth. Shoot the lower one 
    and the one above it then turn right. You can see a camera on a 
    building not too long away, treat it like the other cameras. A 
    "round" of blazing hot laser right to the lens, oh yes. On your way 
    with you, turn around and look for the camera on the shack next to 
    the one you're on top of. Shoot it, then cross the walkway next to 
    it. Stand close to the edge to your left and look down. You should 
    see a laser grid and a deactivation device. Do NOT touch the device, 
    it will make the alarm go off. Instead, use your weapons to destroy 
    the device.
    Now, check for the patrolling robot with the Mag-Charger's 
    alternative function. If it's far away from you, jump down. The door 
    to the right is locked, damn it, so continue on forward. Make sure no 
    robots are near, then run past the deactivated laser grid and right 
    to where the camera you previously shot was. Look through the laser 
    grid and you should see a deactivation device, shoot it. Look up for 
    another camera which you destroy before entering the door to the 
    right of it. Use whichever weapon you like to headshot the guard, 
    then look to the left for health and armour. Start using the 
    computer. Man, these computers are really big for having so little 
    Disable the Cameras, the Auto Guns, the Laser Trips and the Robots. 
    Then open the Roof Access. With everything down, exit the room and go 
    back to where you jumped down to the current floor. Remember that 
    door I said was locked? It's the one you unlocked. Enter it and use 
    your Mag-Charger to destroy the turret.
    *Penetrate rooftop security: COMPLETE*
    Numa-numa-yay, numa-numa...!
    You didn't hear that. Understood?
    Move closer to the laser trip and look down the stairs. You should 
    see a deactivation device, shoot it. Go down the stairs to the next 
    floor and enter the door there. Stand behind the pipes to the left 
    and shoot the guard in his head. If you miss and he notices you, I 
    suggest you restart from the checkpoint. Turn to the right, but don't 
    move. Use your Mag-Charger to spot a camera on the wall near you and 
    take it out. You should see another to the left, on the other side of 
    the wall. Walk to the pipe in the other end of the room, then turn 
    around. You should be able to take it out easily from that position. 
    Now that the cameras are gone, go to where the guard was and get 
    close to the laser trip. The door will open, and you can see the 
    deactivation switch on the left wall in the next room. Shoot it, 
    ninja boy.
    Enter and stop in the next corner. Shoot the patrolling guard's head, 
    then use the Mag-Charger's alternative mode to see a camera hanging 
    from the ceiling to the left. Shoot it like usual, and continue to 
    the next corner. Crouch and use the Mag-Charger once again to spot 
    another camera to the right. Shoot it...I think you might get the 
    hang if it now. Enter through the next pair of doors, use your Mag-
    Charger to see ANOTHER camera up to the left and get rid of it. Peek 
    out of the second pair of doors and headshot the guard. Another 
    camera is in the other side of the corridor, you know how to deal 
    with it by now. Continue through the corridor and enter the first 
    door you see. Go through that room, and snipe the envirosuit-wearing 
    guard's head. Enter the room.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Grab the SBP500 to the left as well as the Time Grenades. These are 
    very strong when combined with the SBP, but pretty rare, so use them 
    as you see fit. Grab the health and armour you need (you shouldn't if 
    you've been following this...), then activate the computer. You'll 
    see a scene with that mysterious intruder, and then the camera will 
    switch by itself. You're in control of a turret. After a few seconds, 
    guards will storm the room and you have to protect the intruder.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Protect the Intruder*
    You'll clearly see the ones who come in through the door in the 
    opposite side of the room, but the ones coming from right below you 
    are tougher. A few also come from the windows. However, they 
    shouldn't be very difficult to deal with. Just keep holding the 
    button and search the room for other guards as soon as the ones in 
    your current view are gone.
    *Protect the Intruder: COMPLETE*
    When the scene ends, go back through the two last doors you entered 
    and go to the one straight forward from where you are. Before you 
    enter, Mag-Chag(Cool name? No...) the camera to the left. Peek 
    through, and shoot the next one to the right. Go down the stairs.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Use the Mag-Charger to see another robot. Sneak after it and stay 
    behind it until it passes the corner. Quickly access the terminal on 
    the left wall right after you pass the corner. Click the top button 
    to deactivate the robot, then choose the second button to activate a 
    small, friendly, robot. It will open a door in the corridor, follow 
    it into the room. To you right as soon as you enter, there is another 
    terminal. Access it and Anya will tell you what you need to do.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Activate the fire support system*
    Enter the room exactly to your left and locate the gas tanks in the 
    right corner. Shoot a few shots into them and they will burst into 
    fire. Some people miss this, since they only fire a shot or two and 
    then give up because they get no reaction.
    *Activate the fire support system: COMPLETE*
    Go back to the corridor and take a right. Ignore the Installer and 
    enter the room he came from. Equip the SBP. Crouch behind the tables 
    as a helicopter shoots through the windows. Guards will soon follow 
    through, and they are the reason for the SBP. Shoot them full of 
    lead, use a Time Grenade now and then if you feel they are too tough, 
    but you really shouldn't need it. Another message will play, and 
    guards and a robot will come from the other door, the one you didn't 
    enter through. That robot can be a real pain in the ass, so throw a 
    Time Grenade and make short work of it with the SBP. Finish off the 
    two guards, grab their Dispersion Guns and go through the door.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Enter the ladies' room and grab the health and armour. Ah, back to 
    good shape. The men's room holds nothing but a drunk guard you can 
    listen to for your personal amusement. Get back to the corridor and 
    go to the next door. You'll see the Intruder go through a door, 
    follow her. A scene will play.
    Amy will talk, but she will get interrupted by a guard coming from 
    the door behind her. Kill him, then repeat the procedure with the 
    next two. There is in the first room on your left as you go around 
    the corner, but it's also guarded by a robot. If you desperately want 
    it, I suggest you use the Uplink, but I haven't tried it myself. 
    Though, if you let the robot be, you will have to fight it later, 
    with a few guards to help it. Destroying it now might be a good idea, 
    it's your choice. Follow Amy through the door she goes through and 
    reload your SBP.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Help Amy gain access to Crow's floor*
    She'll hack the computer, but guards will storm the room. Most come 
    from the door, but be very careful with the ones who come through the 
    windows as they can do a lot of damage before you notice them. Try to 
    stay moving all the time, shooting all that moves, obviously not 
    including Amy. They should go down pretty fast, and there is always 
    the health in the other room in case you need it, though it's not a 
    good idea to leave Amy. If the guards stop coming but Amy isn't 
    finished, try leaving the room and check back. Then go longer and 
    longer away from the door, constantly checking back. Just continue 
    moving through the room shooting all enemies and you should do fine.
    *Help Amy gain access to Crow's floor: COMPLETE*
    Follow Amy back to the elevator where you met her. Go down and exit 
    the elevator.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Turn right and shoot the guards coming out through the door with the 
    SBP. Advance towards the door and throw a Time Grenade on the robot 
    as soon as it appears, then unload the SBP on it. Kill the remaining 
    guards and peek out by the corner. Shoot the two guards and then go 
    towards the door until it opens and two guards rush in. Welcome them 
    with the happy-happy-SBP-go-go. Go to the door.
    *Locate Crow's office: COMPLETE*
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Access Crow's Terminal*
    A guard will jump through the window, kill him quickly. Make short 
    work of the one behind a box to the left, then quickly retreat into 
    the corridor. Another robot will appear, use another Time Grenade and 
    destroy it. Enter the room and let Amy start using the terminal. She 
    and Anya will say some lines, get ready when Anya says you should 
    follow her down. Guards will storm the room from the windows and the 
    door, crouch behind the desk and shoot at their heads for a 
    relatively easy victory.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Return to the lift*
    Follow Amy to the corner of the corridor, where you kill the guard 
    who rushes through the doors. Kill the other one behind him and use 
    your last Time Grenade as the robot comes into sight. Go for the 
    *Return to the lift: COMPLETE*
    |2243 - Something to Crow About|
    You're in Crow's lab, and you're here to take care of him once for 
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Terminate Crow*
    Well, first off, start by NOT shooting the flying battleships like I 
    did for fun. It's really bad for your health. The elevator you're on 
    will go all the way down. There your friend R-110 will override the 
    security and open the door. Go through.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    What's up with a checkpoint at the very start of the level? What were 
    they thinking? Either way, continue to the door to your left as soon 
    as R-110 has hacked it. Run through, shoot the female guard coming 
    from the right and go back to the previous room. Don't go through 
    until all enemies are gone. If you want to be safe you should just 
    crouch and hide behind the sides and make short work with the robots 
    which teleport in. A few normal Sci-Fi shots is enough to thrash 
    them, and they are also have different damage zones just like living 
    characters. Hit their heads for maximal damage. Some have Plasma 
    Autorifles, get in there to pick them up when they're all dead, or 
    use the Uplink if you run out of ammo. They will keep teleporting in 
    for a while, so don't let your guard down. The battleships will 
    attack through the window, hide in the previous room and let R-110 
    take care of them. After shooting down the little Star Wars 
    reference, he'll hack the computer and you'll see some more story. Oh 
    snap. Afterwards, one of the best changes in the game will happen; R-
    110 will get a virus and a personality. Next to the computer are some 
    Plasma Grenades, get them.
    Continue on to the next room where you grab the armour and an 
    Electrotool. Go open the door to the left and use it to break the 
    robot's shield. Fry it for a bit, then switch to the Plasma Autorifle 
    and shoot its head-part. If you want more Electrotool ammo later, you 
    can go back and get it where you get the weapon. Go on through the 
    door, then use which weapon you'd like to destroy the robot in the 
    opposite end of the corridor. I prefer the Electrotool. With it 
    fried, continue on and use the Electrotool to destroy the enemies' 
    shields. Destroy them with the Autorifle and fry the shield behind 
    them. Make short work of the enemies behind it. Let R-110 fix the 
    door and go through.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Fry the enemies like usual and finish with the Autorifle. Destroy the 
    barrier, kill the robots like usual and grab the Electrotool ammo on 
    the wall. Prepare a Plasma Grenade by holding the button and go into 
    the tunnel. Run towards the robot which rolls towards you. This thing 
    can inflict some serious damage, especially on the later levels, so 
    take it fast. Throw the Plasma Grenade on it and run back fast. It 
    should die by the explosion, finish it off with the Autorifle or more 
    grenades if it doesn't. Continue on. Another rolling robot will 
    appear from the left, treat it the same way as the previous.
    Stay back as R-110 takes care of the nearest enemies, then look out 
    and kill any survivors. I suggest you save the health and armour 
    until you've cleared this area, since you might take some damage. Go 
    up the left path and kill the robots on the balconies. Go up to the 
    top and kill the robot there. A robot with a shield will appear high 
    up before you. Go down to the lower level and kill it. You have to be 
    somewhat close, since the Electrotool doesn't reach all the way from 
    some places. Another will appear near the last one, kill it, too. Go 
    up the right path this time and kill the robot there. Grab the Plasma 
    Grenades on the way up, then turn around and kill the enemy on the 
    high balcony as it regenerates. Quickly run back and grab the armour 
    and health. Take the left path and activate the control panel at the 
    top to raise the elevator. The control panel can be hard to find if 
    you don't know where it is, so don't rush past it. It's to the left 
    right as you reach the top of the construction when taking the left 
    The elevator comes to a stop and you get a new objective.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Deactivate the central power core*
    Look for the ships when the door opens, then unload your Autorifle on 
    them. They shouldn't be too hard, just stay where you are and don't 
    go out before they're destroyed. When clear, go out.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Equip the Electrotool. On each pillar next to the core are two 
    terminals. Go up to them and deactivate them. When you deactivate 
    one, shielded enemies will appear at both exits. Fry their shields 
    and kill them. Then deactivate the second terminal. You'll see a 
    short scene and then two robots and a female guard will attack you. 
    They're the easy kind, so take care of them like normal. Enter the 
    door next to where they appeared and kill the guard. Grab the Plasma 
    Grenades if you have used any and the health if you need any. Use 
    your Electrotool to destroy the barrier like usual and kill the 
    robots with the Autorifle. Go through the corridor and grab the 
    Electrotool ammo on the wall. At the middle of the next corridor four 
    enemies will beam in. Throw a Plasma Grenade or two at the ground 
    where they stand and take cover behind the boxes. Finish any 
    survivors off with the Autorifle.
    As soon as they're all dead, switch to the Electrotool and get rid of 
    the coming enemy's shield. When he's finished, go back to grab 
    Electrotool ammo, Plasma Grenades and health if you didn't take them 
    last time you were there. Done? Let's continue on. By the way, have 
    you noticed the lack of R-110's awesome voice? Yeah, I know, a real 
    shame. Don't worry, you'll see him more later. Go back to where you 
    killed the robots and continue through the next door. Activate the 
    elevator and pick up the armour. Walk out through the door and ready 
    a Plasma Grenade. Chuck it at the rolling robot coming from the 
    stairs, then take cover until it explodes. Do the same with the other 
    one. Go back to the door you came through and grab the Plasma 
    Grenades. Then throw a Plasma Grenade into the hole in the core. It's 
    easier to hit than it sounds, just stand a bit away and aim at the 
    *Deactivate the central power core: COMPLETE*
    There are Plasma Grenades and health on top of the stairs if you need 
    it during the battle. Use your Autorifle to make short work of the 
    robots which beam in, aim at their heads like usual. The huge doors 
    will open and a giant robot will appear.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the battle mech*
    Start by taking out the two rolling robots as they are actually the 
    most damaging enemies in this battle. Use the Plasma Grenades like 
    usual. Try to stay near the pillars in the center for cover. Attach a 
    few Plasma Grenades to Goliath's head and finish it off with the 
    Autorifle. Attack the head as it takes more damage there, just like a 
    human or normal robot. It isn't that difficult, actually, and you can 
    go up the stairs if you need health or more grenades. It should go 
    down pretty fast, then continue through the door it came through.
    *Destroy the battle mech: COMPLETE*
    Grab the health right of the door if you need it, then go through. A 
    scene will play.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Shoot the guards in the left window if you want to, then take cover 
    behind the big laser gun in the middle of the floor. You can find its 
    controls on the opposite side, so run there and take control of it. 
    Hold the fire button to make it charge a shot, which it then will 
    fire by itself. Kill the guards if you feel like it, then shoot the 
    big yellow energy node. Go into the opening you created and equip the 
    Electrotool. Grab the Plasma Grenades and quickly destroy the robot's 
    shield as it opens the door. If you're out of Electrotool ammo, you 
    can use normal weapons to destroy the shield. However, it will take a 
    lot of shots and it's not good for your ammo. Go through the door and 
    kill all the guards in the next room by shooting the barrels. There 
    is a robot on the other side of the room at the same height, kill it 
    with your Autorifle.
    Left of the robot is another guard, kill it like usual. Go left, pick 
    up the health behind the pipe and box and then grab the Electrotool 
    ammo on the wall. Go up the ramp and kill the robots that teleport 
    in. Some guards will come from the next area, but they die quickly. 
    Hide behind the pipes as the rolling robot closes in. When it stops 
    shooting, jump out and attach a grenade on it, only to jump back in 
    until it explodes. Continue on. In the next door you find more Plasma 
    Grenades and armour. Ignore the flying robot and go through the next 
    *Checkpoint reached*
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the TimeSplitter life support system*
    First off, I suggest you advance very slowly in this room. You should 
    take care of one enemy wave at once. That means you should stay in 
    the corridor you start in, advance to kill one wave and then retreat. 
    Got it? Let's start kicking their shiny metal asses. Equip the 
    Electrotool and destroy the patrolling robot's shield, then destroy 
    it with the Autorifle. Shoot any guards that come rushing. Robots 
    will teleport in, make sure to destroy the quickly as they carry 
    Rocket Launchers. Another shielded robot will appear in front of you, 
    do the usual strategy. Two others hide behind the boxes, so take them 
    out the same way. More robots without shields will teleport to your 
    side, use the Autorifle. Guards will come through the door in front 
    of you, kill them. The room should be clear now, so run over to the 
    other door and enter. Activate the elevator.
    Grab the Electrotool ammo and health at the top, and go on. Ready a 
    Plasma Grenade as you see the rolling robot, then attach it as it 
    comes into range. Hide behind the walls as it explodes. Corner the 
    corner(...) and Autorifle the robots which teleport in. Autorifle'D, 
    or something. A shielded one will appear, so keep your Electrotool 
    ready. Grab the Plasma Grenades and activate the terminal near them. 
    Use your Electrotool to overload the node coming from the ceiling. 
    Robot Factory in TS2, anyone?
    *Destroy the TimeSplitter life support system: COMPLETE*
    Kill the shielded robots that appear on your sides and throw a 
    grenade on the rolling robot. Continue on past the next corner and 
    grab the Plasma Grenades in the middle of the corridor. Kill the 
    enemies at the corridor's other end. The Minigun is very useful here, 
    especially if you use its alternative mode to keep it ready to shoot 
    at all times. Round another corner and enter the elevator. Press the 
    button to go up. Grab the health and Electrotool ammo, then enter the 
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Before you reach the bridge, battleships will fly up. Destroying them 
    isn't very difficult now that you have the equipment you have. The 
    Minigun works wonders, as do the Autorifle. If they run out of ammo, 
    try the Rocket Launcher. Now walk up to the bridge. Anya will explain 
    the situation when you reach the bridge, so do as she says. Use your 
    Electrotool to power the yellow nodes. When the bridge part stops 
    flickering, you can stand on it. Do so, and shoot the next before the 
    current disappears. Make your way over to the other side, where you 
    enter the palace.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Guards will come from all sides. Start by killing the one to the 
    right, then kill the ones around the top of the stairs. They will 
    come down for you if you stay on the bottom floor. Finish by making 
    holes in the one on the right side of the second floor. Grab the 
    health and armour on the bottom floor, then get the Plasma Grenades 
    on the second floor. When you're ready, enter the big door on the 
    second floor(rhyming...) and watch the scene.
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the creature*
    Now comes the probably most difficult bosses in the game. First of 
    all, always hide behind pillars to cover from the turret fire and to 
    avoid the exploding worms. You have to destroy all parts of the 
    Creature to defeat it.
    The worms always explode in the middle of a square, similar to how 
    the bombs in Bomberman do. That means you should never get hit if you 
    stay near the pillars.
    The turret on its back and the ones on its sides will do a lot of 
    damage, so try to take them out as fast as possible without getting 
    hit. Start by dodging to the left or right, and use the Autorifle to 
    destroy the turret on its side.
    You should stick to the Autorifle throughout the battle. The Minigun 
    is the only other weapons you should consider using. If you run out 
    of ammo, Autorifle ammo will appear in the corners on the opposite 
    side of the one you start on. Try to get some area between you so the 
    machine guns won't see you, then destroy the ones on the sides.
    After the guns on the sides are gone, go for the one on the back. The 
    strategy is pretty much the same as for the other two. Just stay on 
    its sides so it can't hit you. As soon as those three are gone, it's 
    almost dead. Aim for the grenade launchers on its sides and destroy 
    them with the Autorifle.
    This guy can be pretty difficult on higher difficulty levels, but 
    focus on staying far away from it and pick off one part at a time, 
    starting with the most dangerous ones. Also make sure to take cover 
    all the time.
    *Eliminate the creature: COMPLETE*
    |2401 – The Hooded Man|
    You start off looking down at your past self. Well, now we know who 
    that mysterious guy was in the first level! Anyway, back to business. 
    Note that an arrow at the bottom of the screen shows where Cortez is, 
    so you’ll always know where you need to be. Move along and there will 
    be a Time Assassin in an alcove. Shoot him and take his Scifi 
    Handgun. Equip it, since it will be much more useful than the Scifi 
    Sniper most of the time. 
    Continue along, taking out another Assassin, then kill one more and 
    take his place, ready to cover Past Cortez. Look straight down, and 
    there will be two guys on your side of the canyon. Get rid of them, 
    then kill another three on the far side of the canyon. When Cortez 
    crosses the canyon, another two will run up, take them out as well. 
    Move on, taking out another Assassin. Straight across from you, 
    there’s a Time Assassin waiting to Snipe Cortez. Snipe him first, 
    then look down to where Cortez is. There’ll be five Assassins, well, 
    assassinating him. Just as in Time to Split, kill any that have 
    Plasma Autorifles first, then clean up the rest. 
    Move onwards through the rocky pass, killing the four Time Assassins 
    that get in your way. Look down below the right of the bridge to see 
    another four fighting Cortez. Again, make any with Plasma Autorifles 
    your priority. Once gone, go out onto the bridge and head for the gun 
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the TimeSplitter Mothership*
    An Assassin will be next to it, get him out of the way then man the 
    turret and aim at the mothership. It’s the big black thing, in case 
    you didn’t notice. Just fire at it, and ignore the missiles it sends 
    your way until the last minute if you can. That way, you’ll only have 
    to move the turret a tiny bit to stop them, and will be able to kill 
    the mothership quicker. It won’t take you long to bring that bad boy 
    crashing down!
    *Destroy the TimeSplitter Mothership: COMPLETE* 
    As Anya reminds you, the bridge is due to come crashing down, so I 
    suggest you get clear before it does. Once you’re safely off the 
    bridge, the path forks off. To the right is a dead end, with health, 
    Plasma Autorifle ammo and Plasma Grenades. Get whatever you need, 
    then head left.
    *Checkpoint reached*
    Kill the two guys there, then go around the corner. There will be 
    another three, using boxes and crates as cover. Won’t help them much. 
    Once they’ve been eliminated, move on and there’ll be a big purple 
    flash, as Cortez destroys a barrel, just like you did in Time to 
    Split. Look out to the left, to see Cortez and a TimeSplitter. Kill 
    it, and then blast the other one that attacks. Moving on, a ‘Splitter 
    will drop out of a hole in the ceiling to attack you. Kill it, then 
    move forwards, taking out any ‘Splitters that dare get in your way. 
    You’ll reach an elevator, go up it and onto the small balcony. Once 
    there, look down to see Cortez and the Marines defending the rebel 
    base against a vicious TimeSplitter assault. You have to help fend 
    off the TimeSplitters until Cortez runs into the base. This is 
    probably the hardest part of the level. The Scifi Sniper is nearly 
    useless against the ‘Splitters, as they’ll stay cloaked, so you’ll 
    have to use the Plasma Autorifle. Even this is tricky as you’re so 
    far away, but it’ll have to do. Eventually Cortez will retreat and 
    the mission will end. Hey, now you know who those goons that attacked 
    you in Time to Split are!
    |1924 - Future Perfect|
    *NEW OBJECTIVE: Destroy the Time Crystals*
    You're back with your robot partner and ready to complete the game. 
    Admire the beautiful picture above you, then equip the zoom for your 
    gun. Go forward and zoom for a headshot on the enemy standing on the 
    ramp. Wait until the enemy to the left comes into view, then give him 
    a headshot. Now, if you want to, you can go down and kill everything. 
    Or, you could have someone do it for you. Make the enemies aware of 
    you, so that they'll attack. Let R-110 go down there and clean 
    everything up while you stay crouched where you are. Wait until you 
    see the short movie of the hatch opening, then wait until R-110 has 
    taken care of those, too. Now get down there. Grab a K-SMG while on 
    the way. Go down the hatch which opened during the gunfight.
    Kill the two guards and then go back up before you get the crystals. 
    Enter the middle and get K-SMG ammo as well as K-SMG Grenades. Grab 
    the armour. Go back and get the crystal. Return up and equip the K-
    SMG. Get ready for battle!
    Start out by running to the left, so you avoid his guns. Enter the 
    middle again, and use your K-SMG to take out his feet. Then do the 
    same with his hands. If you run out of ammo, there's more at the 
    edges of the center. Always try to stay on one of his sides, since he 
    can't hit you if you do. As soon as you've taken out his feet and 
    guns, walk behind him and equip the K-SMG Grenades. Now that the 
    green dots age gone, fire away at his back! If you run out of the K-
    SMG Grenades, use normal bullets. After a while, he'll recover and 
    start stomping around. Just ignore him for now and get some ammo. A 
    scene will start.
    Now, you'll be forced to protect your old self as well as keep 
    yourself alive. Not too hard. Do as before, destroy his feet with the 
    K-SMG, then destroy his guns. Equip the K-SMG Grenades again and then 
    keep shooting his back. Repeat every time he gets up. In fact, that's 
    about all there is to say. Since you shouldn't have taken the health 
    upgrade with my strategy, it's there for you if you need it. On 
    higher difficulties, Crow's parts may regenerate very fast, so keep 
    destroying them. And that's all you need to do. You've beaten the 
                              IV. Extra Info
    |a. Character List|
    They’re set out in the following way:
    *How to unlock*
    “Spacetime Marine extraordinaire.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Unlocked from start
    Henchman Cortez
    “The man himself, looking sharp in banana boots.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Dr. Cortez
    “There’s a joke here somewhere about bald men in roll-neck 
    sweaters... I... can’t... quite... remember it...”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Time Assassin Cortez
    “Black with buckles, leather straps and a hood! How cool is that? 
    Bound to impress the chicks unless, of course, you get the eyehole 
    misaligned and trip over a coffee table.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Captain Ash
    “On returning from his Amazonian adventures, the esteemed Captain Ash 
    has been enjoying traditional hospitality in bonny Scotland. Although 
    with the company of the Jungle Queen during those dark Caledonian 
    nights it’s been less of the Robbie Burns and more of the carpet 
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Harry Tipper
    “Very Special Agent Tipper. Licensed to chill and the grooviest cat 
    in town.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Swinging Tipper
    “Harry, or should that be Harriet? I think your moustache is showing 
    – perhaps it needs a trim...”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Jo-Beth Casey
    “F’ Sure”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Amy Chen
    “Amy is actually really sweet... It’s just that everyone seems to get 
    on her bad side.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Dr. Amy
    “The only way you’ll get Amy out of her regulation leggings is to 
    wave a designer outfit in front of her.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    “This season’s model from the popular R-100 series of war robots.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Victorian Crow
    “Crow in all his steam-powered Victorian anachronistic splendour. Oh 
    yes, those were the days! The British Empire, unparalleled industrial 
    might, small boys climbing up chimneys and tins of condensed milk.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Karma Crow
    “Everyone assumed it was a wig, but actually that long flowing hair 
    is all his.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Jacob Crow
    “Jacob Crow, at the outset of his twisted career. Happy carefree days 
    when his idea of fun was playing with cadavers and injecting green 
    phosphorescent fluids into cats’ eyeballs.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Mad Old Crow
    “What can you say? He’s as crazy as a coot and as daft as a brush.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    “So you think physics is boring? You’ve never been to one of Anya’s 
    night classes.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Captain Fitzgerald
    “Fitzgerald’s always first writing poetry in any kind of trench 
    warfare situation.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    -Unlocked from start
    Nobby Peters
    “Nobby’s always first getting a brew on in any kind of trench warfare 
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Sapper Johnson
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    -Get bronze in challenge SAMMY HAMMY NAMBY PAMBY
    Tommy Jenkins
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    -Complete Elite League
    Ivor Baddic
    “It’s not easy keeping discipline on a small island.”
      Speed: IIIII
      Stamina: IIIII
      Shock Proof: IIIII
      Fire Proof: IIIII
    -Unlocked from start
    Pulov Yuran
    “It’s not easy keeping discipline on a small island.”
      Speed: IIIII
      Stamina: IIIII
      Shock Proof: IIIII
      Fire Proof: IIIII
    -Get bronze in challenge PLAINLY OFF HIS ROCKER
    Comrade Papadov
    “It’s not easy keeping discipline on a small island.”
      Speed: IIIII
      Stamina: IIIII
      Shock Proof: IIIII
      Fire Proof: IIIII
    -Get bronze in challenge LAP IT UP
    Warrant Officer Cain
    “Warrant Officer Cain is in charge of the keys to the castle cellars 
    - he’s a very popular man.”
      Speed: IIIII
      Stamina: IIIII
      Shock Proof: IIIII
      Fire Proof: IIIII
    -Complete story level SCOTLAND THE BRAVE
    Warrant Officer Keely
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    -Complete Honourary League with all silvers
    Deep Diver
    “When they’re not busy polishing their helmets, the Deep Divers like 
    to go all the way down.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    -Get bronze in league match OH SHOAL-O-MIO
    The Jungle Queen
    “The Jungle Queen has taken to her new life in the Scottish Highlands 
    as a true native. She has been amazing Captain Ash with her natural 
    talents for fly fishing and tossing the caber and he’s never had his 
    bagpipes played quite like that before. Och-aye the noo!”
      Speed: IIIIII
      Stamina: IIII
      Shock Proof: IIIII
      Fire Proof: II
    -Complete story level SCOTLAND THE BRAVE
    Robot Louis Stevenson
    “Away from the pressures of his day job, this multitalented 
    mechanical marvel of the industrial age likes to let off steam 
    writing romantic potboilers. Unfortunately, like many Victorian 
    authors he is afflicted by a compulsive vice, in his case an 
    unshakeable coke habit...”
      Speed: IIII
      Stamina: IIIIII
      Shock Proof: IIIII
      Fire Proof: IIIIIIII
    -Complete story level YOU TAKE THE HIGH ROAD
    John Smith
    “Working in Crow’s mines can be very hazardous to your health – John 
    needs a special mask just to protect his moustache.”  
      Speed: IIII
      Stamina: IIIIII
      Shock Proof: IIIII
      Fire Proof: IIIII
    -Unlocked from start
    Jim Smith
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    -Complete story mode in co-operative
    Fergal Stack
    “Fergal is oft to be found in the warehouse quietly amusing himself 
    by stacking boxes whilst wearing a silly hat.”
      Speed: IIIII
      Stamina: IIIII
      Shock Proof: IIIII
      Fire Proof: IIIII
    -Complete Amateur League
    “Or Archibald Granville Khallos as he'd rather you didn't know. 
    Still, it looks like his plans for taking over the world are still 
    swinging along.” 
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Booty Guard
    “That wry old devil Khallos has an elite corps of extremely personal 
    bodyguards who attend to his special needs and maniacal whims. Only 
    women can apply - how's that for positive discrimination and 
    enlightened recruitment policies?”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Kitten Celeste
    “Sometimes things get a little too hot under the collar for Harry and 
    he needs some manual assistance from his slinky sidekick, Miss 
    Celeste. Go get 'em tiger! Grrrrrrr!”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    “The henchwomen asked Khallos for some concessions to Woman's Lib in 
    the workplace like maybe a Sisterhood of Ultra Science. So he burnt 
    their brassieres and got them some mini-dresses - He's very 
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Elite Henchwoman
    “Black rubber mini-dresses - Khallos is a genius.”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    “Things are definitely looking up for the henchmen since the 
    Brotherhood of Ultra Science kicked off. The introduction of a 
    regular Khallosthenics(TM) exercise program has upped fitness levels 
    considerably. Now, with the additional female recruits and communal 
    changing areas, they've never had it so good!”
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    Elite Henchman
    “The black costumes are back and guess what? Yep, everyone wants one 
    because they're so much hipper than powder blue. Well, everyone that 
    is, apart from the guys who would rather be wearing the mini-
      Shock Proof:
      Fire Proof:
    |b. Arcade Awards|
    Here’s a list of all the known arcade awards in Timesplitters: Future 
    Perfect. At some point, strats to get them may be added. Anyway, 
    there are 59 total. Use this as a checklist if you want!
    Most Lethal
    Most Losses
    Lemming Award
    Most Professional
    Multi Kill
    Longest Spree
    Most Effective
    Pathetic Shot
    I Hit Dead People
    Brain Surgeon
    Fists of Fury
    Glass Jaw
    Fists of Steel
    AC -10
    Where's the Health?
    Where's the Armour?
    Most Frantic
    Most Sneaky
    Most Cowardly
    Most Outgunned
    Best Equipped
    Unlucky to Lose
    Weapons Expert
    Bag Man
    Most Useless
    Ricochet King
    Most Peaceful
    Most Manic
    Shortest Innings
    Longest Innings
    Most Flammable
    Most Damaging
    Persistance Award
    Traveler Award
    Trigger Happy Award
    Insomniac Award
    Beheader Award
    Smasher Award
    Brutality Award
    Golden Oldie Award
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    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
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    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
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    This guide may only be posted at the following sites:
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    Please, if you have any questions, suggestions please contact us. 
    Also if you notice any glaring errors or spelling mistakes.
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