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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Legend_man

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    Authour - Legend_Man
    E-mail - TRman@mail.com
    Subject Line - Walkthrough question
    A note on the e-mail. I go into my e-mail account once every two weeks so
    that's why I might not respond super fast. And the subject line doesn't have
    to be exact, just something similar.
     _____ _                __       _ _ _   _                  _____
    /__   (_)_ __ ___   ___/ _\_ __ | (_) |_| |_ ___ _ __ ___  |___ /
      / /\/ | '_ ` _ \ / _ \ \| '_ \| | | __| __/ _ \ '__/ __|   |_ \
     / /  | | | | | | |  __/\ \ |_) | | | |_| ||  __/ |  \__ \  ___) |
     \/   |_|_| |_| |_|\___\__/ .__/|_|_|\__|\__\___|_|  |___/ |____/
       ___      _                      ___           __           _
      / __\   _| |_ _   _ _ __ ___    / _ \___ _ __ / _| ___  ___| |_
     / _\| | | | __| | | | '__/ _ \  / /_)/ _ \ '__| |_ / _ \/ __| __|
    / /  | |_| | |_| |_| | | |  __/ / ___/  __/ |  |  _|  __/ (__| |_
    \/    \__,_|\__|\__,_|_|  \___| \/    \___|_|  |_|  \___|\___|\__|
    ** Tis my first guide this, I always thought it'd be a Tomb Raider game funnily
    enough. Anyway, if you want to use a piece of this walkthrough, take the part
    you need, but link back to the guide.**
    And without further delay, here is my precious... walkthrough. Should note that
    this guide is from someone who played through it in Normal mode. It should help
    people in Easy and Hard mode though. And the row of stars indicate the different
    levels, the row of lines indicate extra information or spoilers within the
    level, the squiggly lines is something different.
    So you've got the game on? If you haven't switch on the PS2, TV and any other
    electronic systems you need or use to play games, press the "Eject" button and
    put in the game, wait for it to load and then select your preferences.
    Widescreen and so on. So now you're ready? Brilliant!
    TimeSplitters 3 is the... well, third installment in the excellent TimeSplitters
    series. Cortez, from TimeSplitters 2 is returning to Earth with the Time
    Crystals which are needed to help save the world. With a 15 rating, blood, adult
    humour and as usual a lot of fun, this is one of the best 'Splitters yet! Enjoy
    the game while it lasts.
    2401: TIME TO SPLIT
    So you've watched the intro... and you're hanging upside down. You're getting
    the hang of the game already! Get it? You're hanging and you're getting the hang
    of the game? Ehhh... nevermind. Wait for Cortez to fall down and start getting
    the hang of the controls. You might have changed them at the options screen but
    here's the default controls (working from the back of the controller):
    L2 - Crosshair / Zoom In or Out
    R2 - Primary Fire
    L1 - Throw Grenade
    R1 - Secondary Fire (Punch or Hit with weapon)
    Up - Change function of weapon/Number of weapons you're holding/Zoom in if in
    Aim Mode
    Down - Change grenades/Zoom out if in Aim Mode
    Left - Change weapon
    Right - Change weapon
    Triangle - Reload weapon
    Square ([]) - Crouch
    Circle [()] - Nothing (In certain menus, however, it'll take you to the Player
    Progress screen)
    X (How do you write that? Ex?) - Action (i.e. Opens doors etc.)
    Left analog - Move/Strafe
    Right analog - Turn/Aim
    Start - Pause (you can flick through the different menus)
    Select - Status/Objectives (Note that the gameplay keeps going, so you could
    be killed if you're not careful)
    You'll get a gun from the soldier, shoot a couple of shots to get used to the
    shooting and aiming of the guns if you wish. If not, head forward. You'll get
    attacked by some "hooded dudes" (you'll find out more about them later in the
    game). Shooting them in the head kills them in one shot, in the feet a fair few
    more shots, in the body more than the head but less than the feet.
    When you get on your feet and look straight ahead you'll see a figure of someone
    on top of the hill, mountain thing. That is in fact Cortez but in disguise. If
    you follow him you'll see that he helps you. Look for the yellow shots - that's
    a sci-fi sniper rifle you, err... he's using. You'll be doing what he does later
    on in the game. And those "hooded dudes" by the way, are Time Assassins.
    Shoot the "hooded dudes" and go across the broken ship, you'll fight some more
    "hooded dudes" kill them and keep going ahead. You'll come across a medi-pack,
    pick it up if you need to. You'll come across two more soldiers, help them
    defeat the "hooded dudes". You can keep shooting them or you can shoot the
    green container which will explode and kill some of them, either way make sure
    you kill them. Pick up the Plasma Autorifle and Plasma Grenades.
    Switch to the Plasma Autorifle if you wish. The Grenades are automatically
    equipped. Press L1 to throw them, hold L1 and you'll throw further.
    Continue on and you'll find more "hooded dudes". Shoot the green container to
    kill them or shoot them normally. The bridge will blow up. And shock horror,
    they've had to rebuild that seven times!!! Enough of the horror of that and go
    along the path. You'll find a medi-pack and plasma autorifle. Plus you'll hear
    the TimeSplitters mothership goes down. YEEHAW! Soon you'll find another
    soldier, he'll give you a sniper rifle. Equip it and shoot the green containers
    behind the two "hooded dudes". Move along and you'll come across you're very
    first TimeSplitter (or 1000th odd if you've played the first two TimeSplitters
    games)! Ain't they cute? Equip a better weapon and shoot it. Watch out though,
    it can cloak itself and has a lightning type attack which can hit you from a
    distance. Another one will appear, so shoot it as well.
    Continue along and you'll come to a part where they're some TimeSplitters,
    soldiers and a beauty of a gun. Shoot any TimeSplitters coming towards you and
    pick up the health, grenades and gun if you need them. Go towards the gun and
    press X. You'll get a new objective - shoot the TimeSplitters! Use R2 to shoot
    and the Right analog stick to aim. The 'Splitters will come from the direction
    the guys are all shooting at. Makes sense, right? Soon they'll start coming from
    the direction which you came from. This is particularly easy. Hold the R2 button
    and shoot from left to right (or right to left, whatever you prefer). You'll
    soon finish the objective and you can move on. Go and follow the direction in
    which the men were originally shooting. More 'Splitters will appear and you
    guessed it, shoot 'em!
    When one of the soldiers say "We're getting fire support from somewhere" look up
    to the direction which you came from, whip out your sniper rifle and zoom up on
    the figure. (Press L2 and then up on the D-PAD) You'll see it's Cortez.
    If you need some medical help or ammunition run behind the barricades and pick
    up what you need there. When the soldiers says "Cortez get back to base" run
    behind the barricades and into the big shutter. Well Done TimeSplitters player,
    you've completed the First level!!!
    You'll get a funny cutscene involving Captain Ash. You remember him from TS2?
    He'll give you a gun. Press up to put the silence on it and move ahead until
    you see two guards. Kill the left guard first, preferably with a head shot, and
    then the right guard, again preferably with a head shot. The third guard may be
    killed by an explosion, if not shoot him. Pick up the sniper rifle that the two
    guards you killed "left behind". Go down the part which was exploded and into
    the small house and up the steps to find some grenades then go back up to the
    path where some guards will pop up, you go it, shoot them. If you're quick
    enough you might be able to kill the guard before he gets to the gun turret,
    if not, wait until a plane explodes and kills him - if you're not sure Captain
    Ash will shout "All clear, old chap". Go into the house next to the turret to
    pick up more another sniper rifle. Shoot the guard near you and go into the
    house he was near to pick up some body armour and kruger x2. Snazzy, eh? If
    Cap'n Ash is still shooting the guards go and help him, if he isn't carry on.
    Just watch out tho' there may be a guard on the balcony of the castle that he
    hasn't killed. Kill him if he ain't dead. (If you're having a hard time finding
    him you can use the sniper rifle remember!) Once everyone is killed continue on
    to the doors. However if you watch Cap'n Ash the side of a house explodes and
    he fits neatly into one of the windows.
    Open the doors to be greeted by a nice cutscene of being trapped. Once it's over
    shoot the blue barrel to kill the guard and go right to hide behind the boxes.
    Shoot the two guards there and head up the stairs where you'll see some nice
    guards there. (You'll pick up a K-SMG on your way) Shoot those two and go to the
    very end of the boxes so you'll see a blue barrel, shoot it and you'll kill a
    couple of guards. Carry on that way and you'll get some body armour. Turn the
    valve if you wish but it opens the wrong portcullis. Oh, and shoot the guard
    through the window at the other side. Go over to the other side, a guard will
    be hiding behind a stack of boxes. You know what to do. Go into the room and
    turn the valve. This time it's the correct portcullis. A cutscene will show Ash
    getting attacked by a gun turret. Go back to the bridge and operate the crane
    controls. Operate it so the crane picks up the gun turret and so that the turret
    goes into the water. Head back down and open another door. Time for some fun!
    Equip your Temporal Uplink (the thing with the claw) and lift the barrels (Hold
    R2 and point the Uplink at the barrels, right analog stick aims) then throw it
    at the guard in the building (let go of R2). Get a gun out and shoot the two
    guards (one might not come at you if you killed him in the explosion and the
    other one is inside the building in the small room). Pick up any equipment you
    need and head up the stairs for health. Now up and in the truck for our first
    driving experience in a TimeSplitters game... ever! The controls will appear,
    if you missed them, here they are:
    X - Accelerate
    Square ([]) - Brake/Reverse
    Triangle - Dismount
    Left Analog - Steer
    Right analog - Control camera
    Knock down all the guards and the gate until you come to a bridge and a guy with
    a turret, get out the truck and shoot the barrels which will kill the guard. If
    it doesn't, afraid you're gonna have to kill the guard with your guns. You can
    lose a lot of health here, so be very careful!!! Use your Temporal Uplink to
    move the lever and get back into the truck. Ram down the guards and stop the
    truck at the door, get out and pick up the TNT nearby. Equip it and put it on
    the BIG DOUBLE DOORS and run far away. Enter the doors!
    You'll be greeted by some nice guards. Cop their whacks and go up the stairs.
    Watch out for a guard who when you come up the stairs is behind you, shooting
    you in the back! You can lose a bit of health here if you're not careful. Shoot
    even more guard and go round the corner where you'll find a nice guard
    protecting some health. Shoot the guard and pick up the health and go up the
    set of stairs. Go up to the door and try and open it. You'll get a cutscene.
    Once through the door and shoot the drunken guard and go up the lift.
    Put on the silencer and shoot the guard at the window, and go part way through
    the door and shoot another guard at a window. They must enjoy the view quite a
    lot. Shoot the guard that comes from the corridor. Follow the path and you'll
    hear some guards talk. Alert them and shoot them. Some more guard will pop up.
    Kill them as well. Enter the yellow door near the stairs and go through the room
    and open the door. You'll get a cutscene and the guards will be alerted, shoot
    'em, and through the door where you'll get another cutscene. After it's over,
    either think about it or go to the doorway of the kitchen-looking area.
    Silently kill the guard and the other guard will run over to investigate. Kill
    him as well. Go up the stairs and kill the guard in the bedroom. Go up the
    possibly smallest set of stairs I've ever seen and kill the guards. Pick up the
    K-SMG rockets in the room and follow the path. You can go into the room with the
    cameras or go by it. If you do go in there will be two guards, kill them and
    pick up the sniper rifle. If you wish, look out the window, equip the sniper
    rifle and kill the two guards (one in a house the other running about). Exit the
    room and follow the path. You'll come to a part where you see a plane crash - it
    kills two whole guards, lucky us! Carry on and you'll find Cap'n Ash and his
    "assistant" - the Jungle Queen from TS2. Go into the other room where you'll see
    a barrel. Shoot it a lot so the floor is filled with oil. Put on the rockets and
    shoot the rockets at the barrel. It should blow up the wall and the Jungle Queen
    will escape! Exit the room, go down the stairs and pick up the armour. If you
    want you can have a go at the piano. Go through the door and get ready for your
    first ever boss battle!
    Weakness - Rear end
    Strenghts - Guns, and isn't really damaged anywhere but the back.
    How to defeat - Open the door and head left and pick up the K-SMG Grenades and
    TNT. Then run over to the North-east corner where you'll find more TNT. You
    can't pick it up yet but it'll come in handy. Once the Tank stops shoot the back
    of it with a K-SMG Grenade and equip your TNT and put it on it. Run back to the
    corner and pick up the TNT. Equip it. Once the other TNT has exploded it should
    still be stalled. Put the other TNT on the Tank and wait for it to explode again
     - this time the Tank should be destroyed! If not, get another K-SMG Grenade and
    TNT and do the same again.
    Well Done you, defeated the Tank!
    If you want health, or need it, go down the ramp near the blue barrels and pick
    it up. Then go into the lift - it's where the tank came out of. Wait for it to
    go down, open the door, go across the bridge and open the door.
    Well Done, you completed the Second level!!!
    1969: The Russian Connection
    After the cutscene with Tipper, Harry Tipper shoot the guard in the box-thing
    with the pistol's sniper mode. Shoot the woman that comes out the door, and then
    the two men. If you want armour, go into the building next to where you started
    and down the stairs and open the door. Two guards will be waiting and you'll
    most likely get shot. But kill them and go to the shelves and take the armour.
    Go back up the stairs, through the door and into the water. Go to the columns of
    bars where you can see the rest of the level and let Harry go in front of you
    where he'll use his Laser glasses. Did they have them in the 60s?
    Go up the steps and silently kill the guard using the pistol's sniper mode.
    Carefully go round the corner and shoot the guard standing at the door, wait for
    the other guard to walk by and kill him. Strafe left and kill the henchman near
    the crates, and then kill the henchman at the electric gate. Go to where the
    henchaman was standing at the door, pick up his machine gun and go forwards past
    where you killed the second henchman. You'll see a jeep, kill the henchman next
    to it. Go round the corner and you'll see another henchman, kill him. Go round
    the crates and kill the henchman there, strafe right and you'll see a henchwoman
    on top of the crates. Shoot her butt dead. Or most likely head, I don't think
    you can get into a position where you can shoot her butt. Go back to the jeep
    and through the door. Wait for the two guards to finish their conversation and
    then shoot the female guard and then the male guard. Pick up the health and
    grenades from the shelves, then pull the lever. Go back out into the jeep and
    drive to the electric fence, or walk, it's up to you really. The controls for
    the Jeep are exactly the same as for the Truck - here they are anyway:
    X - Accelerate
    Square ([]) - Brake/Reverse
    Triangle - Dismount
    Left Analog - Steer
    Right analog - Control camera
    Go through the fence and up the ladder, kill the drunken guard and take his
    sniper rifle and then pick up the sniper ammo nearby. Equip the sniper rifle
    and look towards the northwest area and you'll see Mr Tipper. Shoot the guards
    surrounding him with the sniper rifle until he goes back into the man hole. Zoom
    in with the sniper rifle using up on the D-PAD if you're having difficulty
    shooting the henchmen and women. Zoom out and look to the northeast area and
    you'll see lots of barrels. Wait for Harry to get out of his manhole and shoot
    the guards. If you want, while you're waiting for Harry to appear, you can shoot
    all the barrels before the guards think to do that. Once Harry goes back into
    the manhole, go across the plank of wood and into the hole in the roof and
    through the door. Shoo the guard that comes for you and then shoot the numerous
    guards that pop out while going down the stairs. In one room there's armour, so
    if you're low on health or armour or both, pick it up. Go out the door and
    you'll meet Harry again and you'll change into disguises. Go over to the door
    and go in.
    You can either do this bit stealthily or as a shoot-out - the latter makes it
    easier in the long-term. So I'll walk you through this way. Walk through the
    passage and you'll meet two women. Kill them both. Harry will start shooting
    some people. Either let him do all the shooting or help him. Once you or Harry
    or both of you have shot them all go up the stairs and into Section 1A. You'll
    come to a junction, turn right and you'll meet a Engineer, kill him and take his
    card. Go back the way you came and down the stairs and down into Section 2.
    You'll see a green machine - it'a the starter motor, but ignore it for now as
    you can't use it. Go down into Section 2C Level 3 and look at the engineer
    nearest the door. Wait for him to open the door and walk partially through it
    and kill him. Then kill the other two engineers. Follow the path, down the
    stairs, along the turbines, down another set of stairs through a door and then
    some more doors and you'll come to a valve - turn it and go back the way you
    came. Operate the Starter Motor and go back to Section 1A. Turn on the Generator
    and go over to the other side and open the door. Shoot the two henchmen and go
    into the Zeep or down the stairs. Either way you'll get to the same level as
    Harry. BTW Zeep controls are:
    X - Accelerate
    Square ([]) - Brake/Reverse
    Triangle - Dismount
    Left Analog - Steer
    Right analog - Control camera
    Kill the guards and follow Harry to health and armour - our saviour. He'll go on
    about hostages and how it takes the fun out of the mission. He tells you to
    carry on without him. Go back down the steps and down the driveway you passed
    on your way to the hostage area. Lift the "stop" barrier and open the blast door
    to the right of you, kill all the henchwomen and men there and then go down the
    path and into the other blast door. Get out your Temporal Uplink and life the
    shell in the container and take it to the blast door you couldn't open and throw
    the shell at it. Stand back as you could get hurt in the explosion. Go through
    and kill the numerous guards. Once done go up the stairs and down the other set
    of stairs killing the guards as you go.Go along until you get to the Level 3
    wall and a cutscene will appear. The damn Time Traveler got away! Well enough of
    this sadness. Shoot the two guards and go over and open the blast door.
    Well Done my fellow 'Splitter players, you completed the Third level!
    1969: The Khallos Express
    You'll get a small intro and then you'll start outside the train. Equip your
    pistol and put on it's sniper. Go to where Harry is and then to the left of him
    at the opening and kill the henchman. Go across the train and up the ladder -
    train surfing! Kill the henchwoman and go to the edge of the carriage. You can
    either shoot the henchmen and women silently or jump down and shoot them - your
    choice. Work your way around the crates and open the door.
    Kill the two guards. Watch out though as one of them will head to the gun
    turret. Shoot that one as quickly as you can. An Elite henchwoman will come from
    behind you, shoot her and then shoot the henchman further on. Open the door and
    you'll see a henchman speaking on the radio. Kill him and then go to the doorway
    and kill the other henchman. If you need the health, use the Temporal Uplink to
    get it. Go through the two doors. If you go towards the toilet you'll hear a
    Henchwoman "giving birth". Silently kill the henchman and other henchies that
    appear. Go through the door and you'll see lots of wooden crates. Plus you'll
    get attacked by a helicopter! Smash the wooden crates with the Machine gun, if
    you picked it up, if not just shoot them. Best to aim bottom left as that'll
    give you best results when smashing the crates. Go to the back of the carriage
    and operate the Surface-to-Air missiles. Die, helicopter, die! Go up the ladder
    and shoot the henchmen that appear from the carriage. Shoot the henchies from
    above or below, and then shoot at the wooden crate in front of you to kill the
    henchman. Another heli' will appear. This time Cortez will appear with a
    Heat-seeking missile launcher. Protect Cortez from the guards until he brings
    down the heli'. Stay away from the back of the carriage as the heli' will land
    there and explode. Once it explodes a guard will come out for you, shoot him
    per usual. Do I still need to mention, shoot guards or the like? Carry on and
    open the door, once it's open you'll hear "That explosion can only mean one
    thing... Harry Tipper". Wait for the guards to come round the corner and shoot
    the henchies and go into the room they came from. Now this is like it, baby!
    Guns galore! You'll pick up a nice Tactical 12 Gauge Shotgun, just what I've
    always wanted! There's also health and armour scattered around - use the
    Temporal Uplink if you can't reach them. Some guards might be round the corner,
    be cautious! Open the door.
    Go up the ladder and you'll get a cutscene. Shoot the four henchmen and go
    through the door and pick up the heat seeking missiles and then the missle
    launcher. Follow the heli' until on the right side of the screen it says
    "Target acquired" then shoot the missiles. Once the heli' is down go back the
    way you came. Shoot the guard and pick up his Machine gun x2 and then shoot the
    guards along the corridor. Some guards might be in the rooms so shoot them.
    There's also a medi-pack in one of the rooms, use the Temporal Uplink to get it.
    Go round the corner and shoot the guard. Go through the doors and kill the four
    men that jump from the other train. Do some more train surfing and you'll hear
    the ladies talking about how gorgeous Swinging Tipper is! Have a shoot out with
    the guards. If you look at the projector screen you'll see some slides of what's
    coming up next for Cortez! Have a shot at the slot machine if you want but it
    doesn't really do anything.
    Head up the stairs and put on that Temporal Uplink of yours. A cutscene will
    start and you'll be stuck in a gas chamber! To get out face where Khallos was
    and use the Temp. Uplink to pull the lever. Go in the room and pull the red
    lever. Two Elite henchwomen will run up - shoot 'em! Wait for Harry to open the
    Bank and pick up the health. You can have a shot of Cat Cam by pressing X at the
    cat. The controls for Cat Cam are:
    Cat Cam
    X - Accelerate
    Square ([]) - Brake/Reverse
    Circle [()] - Flip Over (when the cat's on it side, this flips it back on it's
    Triangle - Exit Cat Cam
    Left Analog - Steer
    Go down the stairs and through the door next to the stairs and shoot the
    henchmen. Go over to the controls which have the countdown and press X. Time for
    a puzzle. What you've to do is get the green electricity to the other side where
    it has a green light and the blue electricity to the other side which has the
    blue light. It's quite easy. You've to select the different little circular
    controls and rotate them.
    Say these are the controls:
    a b c d
    e f g h
    i j k l
    m n o p
    You would rotate C twice, A once, D once, L once, P once, K once, J twice, N
    once, I once and E twice.
    Although the actual combination to solve this changes everytime you play the
    level. That's only one of the many combinations it could be. Good Luck! Once
    you've done the puzzle climb up the ladder to face Khallos.
    Weaknesses - Anywhere, but head is best!
    Strenghts - Well he has a gun and he does have a flying machine
    How to Defeat - Shoot him in the head. He'll do a weird spinning thing, and keep
    shooting him in the head. He'll be defeated particularly quickly and easily. But
    really shooting him anywhere will do fine.
    Continue along the carriages and jump into the engine control room and press X
    at the controls to complete the level!
    Well Done mates, you've completed the Fourth 'Splitters level!
    1994: The House of Horrors
    Walk up the steps and into the door, you'll get a nice scene with a tree falling
    over and trapping you in the house, how nice of it. Pick up the flamethrower and
    flame they nasty little flying buggers. Go through the door on the right -
    there's health packs in the cupboard and drawers and also a nice baseball bat
    for us. Equip that by the way.
    Go through the other door and the wall will explode. Use the baseball bat to
    knock off their heads. Seems the zombies went off their heads during this game!
    Yes, I know, it's a bad joke.  Once all the zombies are dead, pick up the
    revolver. Equip it if you want but there's only two zombies in the next room.
    Knock off their heads and equip the flame thrower. Go out into the garden and
    step on the grass. Big worms will appear out of the ground, once they pop out
    the ground flame them! Flamed worm for dinner anyone? The scientist will tell
    you not to go into the attic. So... head for the attic, it's only natural after
    all. Before you leave the grass, remember to pick up the flame thrower to fuel
    yourself up. The flames from the ghost will have disappeared so don't worry
    about them. Head through the now open doors and pick up the shotgun. Equip it
    and go through the other set of doors. You'll come to the dining room with a
    horrible head of a deer, just waiting there, looking, staring. It'll start to
    rain zombies, you're gonna have to behead them all. Watch out, as some of the
    zombies have shotguns of their own! But luckily Jo-Beth is on hand to help. Once
    done you've got a boss battle.
    Weaknesses - Head in particular, but anywhere should do.
    Strenghts - Attacks that can do  a fair bit of damage.
    How to defeat - Repeatedly shoot in the head. If you go into the area where the
    DeerHaunter came out, he can't hit you, so you're quite safe. Go in there and
    shoot him from there if you want to play chicken, or let Jo-Beth wear him down.
    If you need health there's some in the small drawers. Otherwise open the doors
    that Jo-Beth heads to. Open them and shoot the zombie chasing the scientist. Go
    up the stairs and go through the doors straight ahead of you. You'll face three
    zombies - one with a shotgun, the other two unarmed. Pick up the revolver and
    shotguns lying about and go through the door you came from. Open the doors you
    didn't open and open the door to the right to be faced by two more zombie. Shoot
    them both and exit. Go into the other doors to the right where you'll find a
    scientist. The cupboard and drawers contain health. Finally go through the
    double doors at the end of the corridor. Turn right and shoot the zombie. Open
    the doors to be faced by three more zombies. Go into the room at the left and
    kill the five or so zombies and go up the stairs. Kill the female zombie and
    open the door. Open the other door and follow the corridor and go into the room
    at the right for a zombie in the cupboard and health in the drawers. You can go
    into the room opposite and see what's in there - it's a very nice surprise.
    Follow the corridor until you see a cutscene. Get out your flamethrower and
    flame all those spider thingies. Once they're all dead you'll be without
    Jo-Beth. Poor us, we miss her already, don't we? Follow the corridor and turn
    right for a shotgun and then right again for a zombie and a flamethrower. Go
    into the room opposite and kill the three zombies and then the two zombies that
    come out the cupboard. Find your way into the next corridor and open the only
    door that will open - which is the one at the right.
    Head up the stairs and you'll come across the ghost again! Kill all the zombies
    while watching out for the ghost's flame attack. Once the zombies are dead
    another zombie will smash the barricade. Kill it and then follow the barricaded
    corridor, killing the numerous zombies on the way. Jump down and speak to the
    scientist, picking up the health if you need it. Go down the stairs and kill the
    four zombies WITH SHOTGUNS!!! Go towards the door and a cutscene will play
    showing you falling down. Once back in play motion head down the stairs and
    listen to the scientist babble on. Go through the door and pick up health and
    ammo from the small room and go through a few more doors and then outside for
    another boss battle!
    Weakness - Anywhere, although, you guessed it, head is best! And shotgun.
    Shotgun to the head does most mighty damage!
    Strenghts - Fire breathing attack, big giant claw attack - they can do mighty
    damage. Resistant to Fire.
    How to defeat - If you go to the southwest corner of the area, the Creature
    can't attack you with her claw attack, she can only attack you with her
    firebreathing and fireball attack, and these are particularly easy to avoid. If
    you aim for her body it'll take you forever to kill her. So just aim for the
    head! Stay back after you kill her, as she'll do a claw attack as she falls back
    into the hole.
    Jo-Beth will come back. Head through the door and then the other door.
    Kill the chef, and then wait for the giant bits of cow to come for you! Those
    things are freeeeeeeeeeeaky! Three shotgun bullet should see them off. There's
    also a medi-pack on the table. Go through the door the cows were coming through
    and then another door and shoot another Chef's who looks familiar to the chef
    we just kill head off. Twin brothers? Thinking about it, they henchmen and
    henchwomen, butlers and butleresses, and the people who lived in the house all
    looked scaryily alike... must be my imagination. Open the door to complete the
    Well Done, you completed the Fifth Level!!
    1994: What Lies Below
    A couple of boxes will go flying around. Ignore them and follow the corridor.
    You'll see a cutscene with a man being dragged. Go to where he went and Jo-Beth
    will go another path - remember, don't comment on the size of her gluteus
    maximus, right! Follow your path and into the opening. A box will be thrown at
    you and then you'll fall down. Shoot "Jo-Beth's" head off and the two zombie's
    heads off. Follow the path and you'll find the real Jo-Beth. YAY! Protect her
    from the zombies and fake Jo's until she's got herself loose. Go forward and
    pick up the bullets then go up the stairs. Kill the zombie and follow the path
    killing every other zombie on the way. Open the door.
    Go into the room where the scientist has been eaten and shoot all the zombies.
    Log on to the computer and search around it. Unlock the door, read the
    conversations, listen to the message and then head through the door you opened.
    Shoot the electric zombies! Watch out as these shocking zombies have an
    electric attack which can hit you from far away! Avoid the electric wires and
    go down killing anything that comes your way. One one of the tables is a Harpoon
    gun, pick it up and equip it if you want, there's a zombie fight coming up.
    Jo-Beth will try and open the door while you fight off the zombies. There's
    about 10 or so, be careful. If you're using the Harpoon gun, after you've killed
    a zombie run over their dead body and you can re-use the harpoons! Go through
    the newly opened door and pick up the ammunation. You can play about on the
    computer and set the zombie on fire and explode it. Go into the next room and
    pick up the health and ammo. Again you can play about on the computer and set
    fire to and explode the scientist. Go through the doors.
    Go through another set of doors and you'll meet a semi-zombie feeding his
    princess. You can kill him if you want, it makes no difference. Anyway, go
    through the next set of doors outside the chamber and you'll get a cutscene.
    You'll fall into a mine cart, you have to shoot the zombies on the ceiling.
    You'll get another scene and now what you have to do is protect Cortez from the
    zombies while he kills the ghosts. There's about 13 zombies, you'll get a
    cutscene when you get to the end. Go up the ramp and you'll find the Ghost gun
    and glasses. Laser-fy the ghosts, you'll find some health nearby and then you'll
    get a cutscene. This time you have to protect Cortez from the ghosts while he
    shoots the zombies. You'll get to the ramp again except this time you'll go the
    way the previous Cortez went. You'll fall down a hole and get another cutscene -
    you've got to save Jo-Beth! Oh and a boss battle.
    Weakness - Gas Canister in mouth
    Strenghts - Same as the last time really, except anoying creatures will attack
    you as well.
    How to defeat - With the Harpoon gun, shoot the gas canister in the Creature's
    mouth. Simple really. Just watch out for it's numerous attacks and the
    Once defeated pick up the harpoon ammo and go up the lift. You'll meet Jo-Beth!
    We really love her don't we? Go back to the room where you fell into the mine
    cart and through the door. Log onto his computer and look at his diary then
    exit. You'll see a animation of Jacob wagging his finger and saying no. A bomb
    has been set off! Follow the arrow at the bottom of the screen to find the exit
    and remember to kill those zombies on the way out. Open the lift to the door and
    you've completed the level!
    Well done my 'Splitter friend, the Sixth level has been done!
    2052: Breaking and Entering
    Pick up a box with the Temporal Uplink and throw it at the guard, then pick up
    his weapon. With the Mag Charger shoot out all the cameras and autoguns you
    come by. Go back to the ramp and turn left and left again. Shoot the small
    object next to the lasers which will disable that set. Turn and you'll come to
    a door go through and silently kill the engineer. Pick up the health and armour
    with the Temporal Uplink if you want or need them and operate the computer -
    disable everything and open the door.
    If you do set off the alarms run to the door, disable everything, pick up the
    health and armour and kill anything you absolutely need to.
    Walk into the room and go near the lasers and look down. You'll see one of the
    objects that disables lasers - shoot it and go down the stairs and through the
    door. Crouch and shoot the camera then go next to the pipes and shoot the
    engineer. Walk towards the lasers so the doors open and look left to find
    another laser object you can shoot or you can stack the two boxes on top of
    each other, up to you. Shoot the engineer and the autogun and the camera further
    ahead. Go through the door and then another door. Shoot the camera above you as
    you come in and shoot the autogun ahead of you through the steam - you might
    need to crouch to hit it and it might see you and start shooting, so be
    extremely careful here. Follow the path and go through the door that opens and
    then another door, then shoot the guard and pick up the health, armour,
    grenades and SBP500. Go over to the computer systems and operate them -
    you'll see the woman you saw at the start of the level. Protect her from the
    guards by aiming with the Right analog stick and shooting with R2. They'll be
    about 11 guards; they'll come from the window, the door and to the bottom
    right of the gun. Go back the way you came and through the door. STOP! Strafe
    left slowly and shoot the autogun. This bit can be tricky as it can catch you
    very quickly! Once it's blown up go to the door and shoot the camera opposite
    the autogun and down then go down the steps. Go through the door and then the
    other and shoot the robot before it sees you. Follow the corridor until you
    get to a control panel. Enable the cleaning robot and follow it to the room it
    goes too. Once in the room operate another control panel, Anya will suggest that
    you set off the fire alarm. Go into the room via the door in the room you're in
    and shoot the containers with the fire hazard symbol. Run out the room from the
    way you came and out the door and you'll see an engineer. Listen to him or
    ignore him but go in the room he came from. Hide behind one of the desks and
    wait for the heli' to stop shooting.
    Guards will jump through the window, shoot them and then some guards with a
    robot will appear. Shoot the robot first as it can be very dangerous. Go
    through the door the guards came from.
    Go into the ladies' toilet and open the doors to find armour and health. In the
    men's go in to find a drunken guard. Poor him - he was gonna be rich and famous
    in a band. Go out the men's and through the door. You'll see the woman follow
    her and a cutscene will appear. She'll explain something and some guards will
    come a-running. Kill 'em all! Go where they came from and into the room on the
    left, you'll find a robot. Kill it and pick up the health if you need it. Then
    follow Amy into the room. You're gonna have to protect her from the bad guys.
    They'll come from the windows and the door, so look both ways! Once she's been
    protected follow her back to the elevator and go down it with her.
    Go towards the door where you'll have a shoot out with more guards and another
    annoying robot. Honestly, where do they buy those horrendous things? If you're
    having some difficulty with those robots, you could throw a time grenade at
    them and slow them down. There's roughly five robots in this level, so you
    could use one for each robot. I know a bit late to mention this now, but best
    get some practice with 'em, eh? Follow the corridor to another room and they'll
    be another shoot-out including an annoying robot. Let Amy do her stuff and then
    you'll be attacked by more guards, coming from the window and doors. Kill 'em
    all! Yes, like Xena. Go back to the elevator and open and that'll be the end of
    this enjoyable level!
    Well Done matey-roos. The Seventh level has been dizzone!
    2052: You Genius, U-Genix
    Follow the corridor until you get to the second set of stairs. Wait for Amy to
    come and she'll start shooting the robot. Let her shoot it as those things take
    forever to kill by yourself; or you could help Amy which is faster. But those
    little robotic spiders are nasty little bast... errrrr... drones. Once your in
    the circular room destroy the next robotic spider or run away and let Amy do the
    work. Go into the room the robotic spider came from and follow the way until
    you get to another room. Shoot the two robospiders and go into the automatic
    doors and steal the pass card that's sitting on the ledge in the shower room.
    Go back the way you came and turn right and open the door. You'll get a small
    cutscene showing Cortez picking some stuff up and getting changed. Once it's
    over pick up the body armour and go back towards the circular room, picking up
    the ammo on the boxes on the way out, and into the SECURITY door. Run through
    the red identification system and up the stairs. Operate the computer and use
    the robospider to kill the two guards, exit the computer and push the red button
    behind you. Go down the stairs and through the newly opened door and follow the
    path picking up the Time Disruptor grenades on the way.
    You'll come to a door with some green lights. Ignore it for now and head down
    into the sterilisation room on the left. Kill the two scientist and let Amy
    open the door. Go through it to be sterilised and you'll be attacked by some
    guards. Kill them, simple really. Go back to the green light door which you'll
    now be able to go through. Let Amy deal with the two guards and then shoot the
    guards that follow. Enter the room and destroy the robospiders and then follow
    the way until you meet two scientists listen to him and then carry on.
    Crouch at the upcoming window as bullets will be fired through it. Go into the
    room get your favourite gun and shoot every single one of those guards. Amy will
    say that her hacking will take a few minutes so carry on without her for now.
    It will be best equip the Dart Gun from now on, like the Harpoon Gun you can
    re-use the darts. Follow the path and kill the guards and mutants.
    Stay away from the mutants when killing them as when they explode they're blood
    will decrease your health
    Once they're all dead, carry on our merry little way through the SECURITY door.
    Kill the guard and enter the room. You'll have to kill everything in here before
    someone comes out the SECURITY door at the other end. Kill the mutant and guard
    that comes out the SECURITY door. Go through that door (does anyone know another
    phrase I could use rather than "Go through", "Head through", "Follow the
    path/way" and "Enter the room"? I think I've used them a bit too much) and kill
    the two mutants. Go up the steps and kill the next mutant and use the Temporal
    Uplink to grab the health from the other side of the window. Go down the steps
    and bring out a better weapon - SBP500 is your best bet most likely.
    Mow down all the guards that appear and go down the steps and press the master
    lock. Nab the various goodies from the extrememly small rooms and shoot more
    guards that come your way. Enter the room which is on the other side of the
    SECURITY door you couldn't open (makes a change from "Go through", right?) and
    destroy all the hostiles that you meet along the way to the big room with
    mutants lying on beds. You can torture one of the mutants but I felt really bad
    and awful doing it by operating the controls on one side of the room. Go back
    up the small set of stairs, turn left and go into the corridor in the now open
    area. Kill the mutants and pick up the health and armour and go through the
    automatic doors.
    Watch the cutscene. This bit can be quite hard. It's like the puzzle for the
    missile earlier on in the game.
    a b c d
    e f g h
    i j k l
    m n o p
    Rotate M thrice, I once, L thrice, H once, D twice, N once, O thrice, G twice,
    B twice, A once and E thrice.
    Enjoy the cutscene as this bit is hard!
    a b c d e f
    g h i j k l
    m n o p q r
    s t u v w x
    y z 1 2 3 4
    5 6 7 8 9 10
    Rotate 4 twice, O twice, H once, 6 once, 9 thrice, W once, Q once, R thrice,
    L once, F Once, 5 once, Y once, Z thrice, T once, V thrice, P once, J once,
    K thrice, E twice, C once, I thrice, G once, M once and S thrice.
    I'm not sure if there's variation's of this puzzle, but I don't think there is.
    Now you're shooting the robospiders. So kill them like you've never killed
    anything before. After you've killed them it's another puzzle!
    1  2  3  4  5  6  7
    8  9  10 11 12 13 14
    15 16 17 18 19 20 21
    22 23 24 25 26 27 28
    29 30 31 32 33 34 35
    36 37 38 39 40 41 42
    43 44 45 46 47 48 49
    Rotate 11 twice, 32 once, 40 once, 33 once, 34 thrice, 27 once, 13 once,
    6 twice, 5 once, 12 once, 26 thrice, 16 once, 2 once, 15 twice, 22 once,
    29 once, 30 twice, 38 thrice, 31 once, 24 once, 17 once, 21 thrice, 14 once
    and 7 once!
    I don't think there's a variation for this one either. If anyone finds there
    is a variation for any of the puzzles please send it to me - with the worked
    out way and stating which puzzle it is - and I'll add it in and credit you!
    It's back to fighting time! Kill 'em all again cos we hate these robots! Watch
    the cutscene and go through the finally opened door to meet Amy. Pick up the
    health and ammo and follow the corridor for another cutscene. Getting quite a
    lot of these ain't we?
    Destroy the robots and watch another cutscene!
    Well done, you've completed the annoying puzzle level - the Eighth level!
    2243: Machine Wars
    We have a robotic friend helping us! You'll meet up with two people who'll
    congratulate you on reprogramming Robo. Carry on and shoot the evil robots.
    Robo will mention that there's Battle Robots up ahead. These robots can be
    deadly if not killed fast enough. Shoot in the head a few times for the best
    and quickest result. They'll take a much longer time if repeatedly shoot in the
    body or feet. You could also throw the explosive barrels at them as well. Or
    just let Robo and the humans kill them. Pick up the plasma grenades and shoot
    the other Battle Robot. Carry on and pick up the health and kill the two Battle
    Robots. Watch the cutscene and you'll get to drive a snazzy tank! Here's the
    Robot Tank
    R2 - Fire
    Left analog - Drive
    Right analog - Aim
    Drive up the path and follow Cortez's directions and destroy those really
    annoying enemy tanks. You'll get a cutscene when you reach your destination.
    You lose Robo... for now :( Go up ahead where you'll meet your fellow humans
    and pick up the health and ammo. You'd have done that if I hadn't said, wouldn't
    you've? Or do you need me to tell you to pick up everything? I hope not because
    you'd be at one very serious disadvantage 'Splitter friend! Follow the path
    till you meet up with human friend again. If you want you can shoot the robots
    from the window and help your fellow humans! Jump down and shoot the many robots
    and humans (that attack you) while continuing forward. You'll eventually come
    to a door let the female human open it for you and shoot those darned robots
    and the one human. You'll be nominated to try out the implantaion thing the
    other Cortez got earlier. You'll some health but at least you know you'll
    Follow the corridor picking up the health and sniper gun on the way. Run to
    the very end of the path and jump down. Use the barricades and sniper gun to
    take out the numerous guns and robots at the other side. Once it's clear jump
    down into the trench and pick up the plasma grenades. Kill the Battle Robot
    down there and run up to the other side. Kill any robots and humans that appear
    and follow the path picking up the health and ammo on the way per usual.  You'll
    get to a small passageway - shoot the Battle Robot and follow the passageway and
     you'll get a cutscene. This time you'll have to take out the Fighter planes
    while Cortez shoots the tanks and barricades. Here's the controls for this part
    of the Robot Tank.
    Robot Tank
    R2 - Fire
    Right analog - Aim
    Shoot the numerous Fighter planes while protecting Cortez. When you get to the
    door a cutscene will kick in. Robo's back! Cry out to Xena and Lara Croft we're
    so happy. Well I am, Robo's cool! Just like Jo-Beth!
    Pick up the health and ammo in front of you and follow Robo shooting absolutely
    everything in your path! You'll come to a subway quite soon. Shoot the humans
    and robots here. Be careful going up the steps, things will be thrown at you.
    Crouch as you're going up and when you just see the top of a robot's head,
    SHOOT! Go through the little subway stopping things that are supposed to stop
    you but you can actually jump over. Well I think that's what they are. Anyway
    shoot the three odd robots up here and you'll come to another vehicle.
    Turbo Buggy
    X - Accelerate
    Square ([]) - Brake/Reverse
    Triangle - Dismount
    Left Analog - Steer
    Right analog - Control camera
    Drive through the way killing everything by ramming them down. Die!!! You'll
    come to a Goliath robot, huge ain't it? You get to control this, WOOHOO! Press
    X at the terminal Robo's at and you'll be "in" it.
    Battle Mech
    R2 - Heatseeking Rockets
    L2 - Minigun
    Right analog - Aim
    Let the Goliath robot get locked on to one of the Fighter planes and then let
    loose a few Heatseeking Rockets. Once you've destroyed them all watch the
    cutscene and that's you completed the Ninth level! Well Done mates!
    2043: Something to Crow About
    Let the elevator get down to the door and let Robo open it and then the other
    Shoot the human and run and then crouch behind the desk with the annoying,
    worrying robot. Shoot it. Then shoot the numerous robots that appear from behind
    the desk. Two planes will attack Robo. Let him kill them as you can lose a bit
    of health shooting them. Watch the cutscene and Robo gets a personality! YEEHAW!
    Robo from now on is hilarious. Oh, and we learn that Crow is building a
    TimeSplitter army! Oh My God! How... evil?! Go through the door and pick up the
    armour and Electrotool. (If you can't pick the Electrotool by running into it,
    press X and you'll pick it up.) Open the door and electrify the Battle Robot
    with the shield. While it's electrified bring out a gun and shoot it in the
    head. Go towards the corner and you'll get shot at. Once the rolling robot stops
    shooting lean out from the passageway and get an aim for it. Go back in as it'll
    shoot at you. Once it stops shooting lean out and fire then lean back in when it
    fires at you. Repeat until robot is dead. Pick up the plasma grenades and health
    from behind and the continue forward. Destroy the robots and use the electrotool
    to overload the forcefield. Shoot those two robots and let Robo open the door
    for you.
    Electrify the shields and kill the Battle Robots or let Robo do the dirty work.
    Pick up the Electrotool and overload the forcefield. Destroy the robots that
    appear and then continue on where a rolling robot will attack you. You can only
    destroy it while it's open. So destroy it and carry on, another rolling robot
    will attack you, kill it as well. Pick up the health and run up the ramp,
    dodgeing the fire, towards the elevator. Shoot the robot that appears near the
    elevator and go up it by pressing X at the control panel.
    Destroy the two planes (the electrotool works well for this. It's like
    overloading the forcefields but they're planes instead!), being careful of their
    attacks and go to the side of the sphere and press one of the buttons. Run to
    the other side and press another button. Electrify one of the robots at either
    side of you and then shoot it in the head. Repeat for the robot at the other
    side. Go towards the door you didn't come through and shoot the robots and
    humans that appear. Pick up the health and plasma grenades and shoot the
    annoying robot. Pick up the Electrotool and overload the forcefield then kill
    the two robots. Go through the door and forward a bit until the robots appear.
    Run behind the box and the left and crouch so as to protect yourself from the
    attacks of the robots. Kill the Battle Robot that appears and then jump into
    the elevator and go down. Pick up the Plasma grenades and armour then run out
    and shoot the two rolling robots. God, they ARE so much more annoying than the
    annoying robots! Once they've been destroyed use a plasma grenade and throw it
    into the big hole in the sphere. Try aiming a bit under the hole as Cortez
    throws a bit higher than where the Aimer is. If your're having trouble throwing
    the grenade far enough, hold the L1 button down which will cause you to throw
    farther. Once the sphere has been destroyed, shoot the four robots. Once they've
    been destroyed run up the ramps and go into the middle section and pick up the
    health and plasma grenades. A Battle Mech will come out. Boss battle!
    Weakness - Plasma Genades!
    Strenghts - Rockets, Minigun.
    How to Defeat - Shoot the two rolling robots that come out from behind you
    first of all. Then throw numerous grenades at the Goliath robot. If you run out
    of grenades pick then up at the middle section.  He's not to hard as long as
    you constantly move.
    Go where the Goliath came out and pick up the health and through the door.
    Cutscene! Pick up the armour then run over to the terminal at the big needle
    thing. Aim for the big yellow glowstick looking thing and hold R2 and wait for
    it to shoot. Then turn left and shoot the annoying robots. Get out and go
    towards where the giant glowstick was. Pick up the plasma grenades. Get out the
    Electrotool and go towards the door and shoot the shielded Battle Robot. Go
    forwards and open the door. Shoot everything and follow the path picking up
    everything you need. At the end of the path is a rolling robot. Honestly, I
    hate those things! Go down the ramp, shoot the annoying robot and pick up the
    armour and plasma grenade. I might start calling them Planades from now on.
    Carry on and you'll get a cutscene. OMG look at all those 'Splitters!
    Some of the robots here carry Rocket Launchers, so take care, OK? Go forward
    and kill the shielded Battle Robot turn and kill the robots. Go towards the door
    and kill the robots that appear. You must kill everything in here before the
    humans come out the door. Shoot the humans and go through the door and go up
    the elevator. Pick up the health and Electrotool and turn right and overload
    the forcefield. Turn around and shoot the rolling robot. Go that way and carry
    on until you get to a terminal. Activate it and shoot the robots that appear.
    Wait for the miniature giant glowstick appears and overload it. Go to the other
    side and go up the elevator. Up the ramp you go, pick up the health and
    Electrotool and go through the door. Destroy the four planes. Go back and pick
    up Electrotool err... electricity? and the go back to the four plane area. Go
    towards the generators and use the Electrotool to power one of them up and step
    on the path it makes. Quickly power up the next one and step on the path it
    makes. Repeat until you get to the door and go in it. Kill everyone and then
    pick up the health, planades and armour. Go up the stairs and open the door.
    Boss Battle!
    Weaknesses - It's many weapons
    Strenghts - It's many weapons and explosives.
    How to defeat - Use a weapon to destroy the different weapons it has. You'll
    know when they're destroyed as the "Circle of Life" surrounding it is destroyed.
    Once they weapons are destroyed shoot the thing on the Creature's back. It'll
    be destroyed. Watch out for the explosives the Creature leaves. They go in
    horizontal and vertical directions so run away from that area when you see one.
    Use the different pillars for cover as well. Good Luck this boss can be quite
    Well Done, you've nearly completed Story Mode! On to the Eleventh level!
    1924: You Take The High Road
    Pull the lever, go down the ramp and wait for the big circle to open and shoot
    the guards. Go up the stairs and turn the valve. Shoot all the guards and then
    go back to the valve and up the stairs, then pull the lever. Go down the stairs
    and go right towards the circular room.  Turn the valve and go through the new
    door. Robo will fall down the pipe! NOOOO! Not Robo! He's gone :( Let's mourn.
    Right we've mourned enough now. Carry on and go through the circle and shoot
    the guards. Go forwrd, shoot the guard at the pipe, turn left, kill the
    deep-sea divers, take their harpoons, turn around, go back up the stairs, go to
    the big circle, follow the path, turn the valve, go back to where the deep-sea
    divers were, shooting more deep-sea divers on the way, and follow the path.
    Shoot the deep-sea diver and open the door. Open another door and go forwards.
    Open the door and follow the path. Pick up the ammo and shoot the two men,
    pick up the health and armour and go down the path. Follow the path and shoot
    anything. You'll see a box that breaks open - it's a robot!!! It's no Robo
    though. Shoot it and follow the path again, shooting the robot and guards as
    you go.
    Open the door and shoot the guards. Go across the bridge and pick up the health,
    turn around, shoot the guards and then go across the bridge again. Follow the
    path and shoot all the guards. Use the Temporal Uplink to get the gun, ammo and
    armour and go down the ramp. Go up the steps and through the door. Kill
    everyone you see and soon a man with two K-SMG's will come. Kill him and follow
    the path as usual. Go up the slope and shoot even more guards.
    Go down the stairs and... ROBO?! IT'S ROBO!!! YES! Everyone's favourite robot
    is back! Follow the path and go into the Control Room. and pick up the armour.
    Turn back and go down either path. Go down the path shooting every guard and
    robot (except Robo) you see and turn on the generator things. Go back up the
    ramp and then down the other ramp and do the same. The guards will come from
    practically anywhere so just randomly shoot everywhere, and turn around to see
    if there's anyone behind you. Go back to the Control Room and operate the
    drill. Go in the drill door (go back down the ramp and go in the "Drill Acess"
    path), operate the machine and let it do some mighty good and deep penetration
    right to the centre of the earth! Exit it and open the door.
    You completed level Eleven! Onto level Twelve!
    2401: The Hooded Assassin
    If you read the spoiler I put at level One then you're playing what I was
    talking about at that point! Very cool isn't it? Watch Cortez fall if you want
    and follow the path, killing the Time Assassin on the way. They're the "hooded
    dudes" I was talking about by the way. Follow the sandy path, killing the Time
    Assassins on the way. You'll get to the part where you were jumped by them on
    the first level. Kill the Time Assassins, watching Past Cortez's health and
    you're own. Carry on a bit and more Time Assassins will come out. Shoot the one
    acroos from you first, as he'll shoot at you and then shoot at the other Time
    Assassins. Once they're dead, follow... yes, you know... the path using the
    arrow at the bottom of the screen as a guide. Shoot more Timies and you'll come
    to a ledge.
    Look down to find more Timies. Shoot them or the explosive container and head
    to the bridge area. Go straight in and kill the drunk guard. Kill the guard
    heading towards you and then man the gun. Boss battle!
    Weakness - The gun your using
    Strenghts - Rockets
    How to defeat - Pretty simple... shoot the gun at the ship. Watch out for the
    rockets the ship sends at you. Blow them up by shooting at them.
    Carry on over the bridge, but do it quickly as a Fighter explodes on the bridge,
    Turn right at the end and pick up the goodies and then follow the path again,
    shooting all the Timies ahead of you. You'll see Cortez blow up the barrels
    ahead of you. Now look out the window and you'll see Cortez and a soldier.
    Shoot the 'Splitter and then shoot the other 'Splitter. Now you'll have
    'Splitters in the area with you. Follow your path and shoot the TimeSplitters
    and go on the elevator, and go up it. Now, if you read the other spoiler,
    you'll get to be the extra firepower! Shoot every TimeSplitter that appears to
    protect Cortez. This bit can be tricky because he isn't like you. He stays out
    in the open and doesn't run around like a lunatic shooting. So keep an eye out
    for him as 'Splitters can get up close to him and attack him. Eventually after
    5 minutes or so, he'll be told to run to the rebel base. Watch him run to it,
    and that's you! Onto the Final level!
    A note on this shooting bit. This is probably the hardest part of the whole
    game. The 'Splitters cloak themselves and run right up to Cortez. Cortez
    doesn't even shoot at them and none of the soldiers help you much. If Past
    Cortez has lost a lot of life you'd be best restarting the whole level. Mine
    only lost a quarter of his life and he kept dying. No matter how many things I
    shot. So this bit can be desperately hard!
    Well Done you completed the Second-Last level!
    1924: Future Perfect
    They've used the game title's name for the last level. This is bad. This must
    mean it's the end for the TimeSplitters games! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Hopefully
    not. Well lets enjoy this level as much as we can. Have a look at Cortez's
    picture. Seems he won Mr Space. Well Done Cortez! Go through the gigantic
    circle and kill the Timy at the end of the steps. You can either jump down or
    go down the steps, but both ways kill the Timies. You'll see another Timy come
    from some steps. Follow Robo to him and shoot him, then go down the steps. Kill
    the two Time Assassins and the miner. Take the Time Crystal and go back up to
    watch a cutscene. Boss Battle!
    Weaknesses - His weapons, and the thing on his back
    Strenghts - His weapons, plus he has a healing power ups on his back for them.
    How to Defeat - Let Robo distract Crow and run to another part of the area
    this way Crow won't attack you.
    If Robo isn't distracting Crow and Crow still attacks you, you're gonna have
    to face him head-on. So watch out for your health and armour! Good Luck if you
    have to do it this way! Be sure to shoot out his weapons first ;) Then go for
    his feet.
    Like the last time, destroy his weapons. Then when all his weapons are
    destroyed run to his back and shoot the big green thing. This is the only way
    to lower his health. You'll get a cutscene once you take roughly a third of his
    life away. Now, this time you've got another Cortez to help you. Now just do
    what you were doing earlier and he should be no problem! Remember there's
    medi-packs, armour and ammo scattered around the area.
    Sit back and watch the cutscene, knowing you've saved the world. Now try the
    Challenges, Arcade Leagues and Mapmaker! If you need help with the Challenges
    and Arcade Leagues I recommend Hellfire X's TimeSplitter guide.
    http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ - It's where I generated the fancy TS3
    www.laracroftonline.com - Lara Croft rules, and you know it. The website is
    full of Lara facts and great downloads for the games. It also has a forum with
    lots of friendly people.
    http://xenaweb2k.com/ - A very cool Xena website full of information and
    downloads! The website also has a forum with hundreds of friendly people and
    many different Xena discussions.
    Richard and Jeannye - for inspiring me and reading over my walkthrough to make
    sure it was beautiful :)
    Ben, Geri, Sol, Mel, Dmitri, Atanska, Marie, Cris and Cliffy - for being great
    friends :)
    Anyone else who's reading this - Thanks for taking a look and I hope this
    walkthrough helped you!
    Free Radical - for making the game
    EA - for publishing it
    GameFAQs - for having this site
    How do you think that would be for an Oscar speech? I forgot my family!
    And my family - for being family :)
    Now, how do you think it is? WHAT? I'm not winning an
    Oscar for this? Yes I know this isn't acting... it's writing. Well how about
    that speech for the writing walkthrough awards? THERE'S NONE? So I wrote this
    to help people?! COOL! I feel nice :D
     _____ _                __       _ _ _   _                  _____
    /__   (_)_ __ ___   ___/ _\_ __ | (_) |_| |_ ___ _ __ ___  |___ /
      / /\/ | '_ ` _ \ / _ \ \| '_ \| | | __| __/ _ \ '__/ __|   |_ \
     / /  | | | | | | |  __/\ \ |_) | | | |_| ||  __/ |  \__ \  ___) |
     \/   |_|_| |_| |_|\___\__/ .__/|_|_|\__|\__\___|_|  |___/ |____/
       ___      _                      ___           __           _
      / __\   _| |_ _   _ _ __ ___    / _ \___ _ __ / _| ___  ___| |_
     / _\| | | | __| | | | '__/ _ \  / /_)/ _ \ '__| |_ / _ \/ __| __|
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