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    Multiplayer FAQ by Mutant1988

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/01/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    [Timesplitters Future Perfect]
    ::Multiplayer FAQ::
    version 1.0
    Hello, my name is Mutant1988.This is my first FAQ and it was made in 
    cooperation with DeusMortem (Guds Skyfall online Timesplitters: Future 
    Perfect).I also have experience from this game and have tested the
    different weapons and characters, playing the game for countless of hours.
    The purpose of this FAQ is to make every other multiplayer FAQ obsolete 
    and offer the very best tips and tricks to make you (the reader) as good
    as possible on this game.This guide is intended entirely for online play
    so some stuff here might not apply when playing against bots.
    1.Multiplayer in general 
    6.Q&A and acknowledgments
    To search: Ctrl + F and input the chapters number
    1 [Multiplayer in general] 
    1.If a weapon can be dual wielded,dual wield it.Using a single weapon
    is useless.The only exception would be the K-SMG rocket function, 
    Flaregun, and perhaps the 9 mm pistol, using its zoom function in vast, 
    open areas.
    2.If a weapon has any zoom and you are playing a open level always use 
    the zoom function when firing.That way its easier to get headshots.
    When unzoomed the autoaim makes most of the shots hit the torso instead 
    of the head.This is far more effective than disabling the autoaim since 
    the autoaim is useful for some other weapons.
    3.When you get close to your enemy,use melée attacks whenever possible.
    This a good way of doing extra damage without spending bullets.
    This is particularly effective around corners, on small levels.
    4.Practice makes perfect - bots won't do. Get online and test your skills 
    against other players. If you can't,invite some friends for 
    splitscreen or system link multiplayer.
    5.Never use a vehicles, unless you have a very good reason to. They are 
    useless in every possible way.Using it on siberia, in a sniping match,
    will probably result in your head being blown off.
    6.Always adapt your style of play to what weapons you have and what
    level you are playing. Snipers in open levels and such. If you are
    more skilled with a particular weapon it might be a better idea to stick 
    to that instead. Exception are levels that are strictly designed for one 
    style of play.For example Siberia which is a pure sniper level.Using 
    anything but a long ranged weapon while fighting in a open area is 
    7.When firing a explosive weapon, always aim at the floor below the
    target. Doing so, you can kill your enemies off with the splash damage of
    the rocket/flare, which is a lot easier than hitting their body with the 
    projectile itself.In tight areas you can also fire at nearby walls for 
    the same result.
    8.Always use your preferred aiming sensitivity. High sense is good in
    close firefight while lower sense is better for snipers. Specialize or 
    choose a medium sense which allow both. Then practise with it 
    until you get as good as you possibly can.
    9.A strategic choice of character is appropriate. Choose a character 
    that suits your style of play. As a general rule faster characters are
    better than slow ones, with character abilities activated, much because 
    of the reversed stamina glitch.Avoid use of Monkey, Robofish or Deadwina/
    Edwina online since they are considered cheap.
    10.Learn how to navigate every level. Memorize where different weapons 
    and powerups spawn, where the zones are, where the opponent’s bag base
    is, and where most firefights occur.This is especially important
    when you are playing without a radar.
    11.In any teambased game mode it’s essential that you work as a team 
    in order to win.
    12.Learn how to strafe (side-stepping frequently to dodge bullets). 
    Strafing is extremely important to master. Practice strafing in closed 
    areas,open areas and circle strafing. Also practise  strafing in a random 
    pattern so that your opponent won't be able to predict your movements.
    13.Even though some weapons are better than the others, almost any weapon
    can, when it is correctly used, be lethal. Practise with all weapons 
    until you get the basics how to use them.
    14.Dual weapons do a lot more melee damage than single ones.If you only
    have one of a dual-wieldable weapon be sure to melee your opponents with
    it whenever possible.
    2 [Game Modes]
    The title is quite self-explanatory for this mode - land the most kills to
    win the match.Except knowing the basic manuevers and what weapons to use 
    the only thing that makes you better in deathmatch is practice. Practice 
    against other players and learn how to strafe and aim better,learn the 
    layout and position of the items on the maps and how to use the weapons.
    As with most other modes, powerups are your friends, if activated.
    Team Deathmatch:
    Basically the same as Deathmatch except you have teammates which can
    either improve or decrease the team performance. The team gameplay 
    doesn't play a big part, unless you are playing clan battles. The few 
    occasions where a team effort shows and pays off is when more than one 
    player team up to take out a opponent.If powerups are set to on, punish 
    the host by hoarding them.Also, collecting health is especially important
    in this mode, in order to keep your team on top in amount of frags.
    Teamwork is essential in CTB matches. Make sure to coordinate attack and
    Always go separe ways, leaving your base, to avoid intruders.
    Zones:Teamwork is essential in Zones too. Go for the zones that your 
    teammates aren’t going for. Worry less about killing, and more about 
    capturing zones.
    Camp at a place which you easily can escape from or defend or simply
    run in the opposite direction of everyone else. Hoarding pickups,
    weapons and powerups will also help you in this mode.
    The last person to remain alive wins the match.
    Cheap tactics really pay off in this game mode. Throwing mines at 
    chokepoints and camping will make you a winner in elimination. Being good
    in direct combat will also pay off, of course. Remember to collect health
    and armour as often as possible.
    Vampire is basically like a variety of Elimination,but here you have to
    kill someone within a certain amount of time, or else you will lose a 
    life. The last person alive is the winner. Be aggressive and always wait
    until you automatically respawns when you die. Doing this gives you about
    1,5-2 seconds extra per death.If you and another player is the only ones
    left and you have more lives left then the other, stay away until that 
    player run out of lives to win.
    Basically you have to 
    stay away from the infected ones, the viruses, in order to win. If you're
    touched by a virus you become one.The last uninfected person wins .
    Simply kill the virus carriers when they get too close, or run away from 
    them. Do not hang out in dead ends, as you will have nowhere to run when
    Only the gladiator can score points. Kill the gladiator to strip him of
    the gladiator role, and possess it yourself. The person with the most 
    points at the end of the game wins.
    Monkey Assistant:
    The player with the lowest scores gains a number of monkey allies to even
    it out. Not available online.
    Each time a player dies, he drops a coin. Collect the most coins to win 
    the match.
    The red team (attackers) are to accomplish a couple of goals (which are 
    different from level to level).The blue team (defenders) are to prevent 
    the attackers from doing this. Assault is the only game mode that does
    not feature powerups; you can, for some strange reason, still turn them
    on in the pre-match menu, but they won't appear in the level.Assault is 
    also the only mode that is not supported by every map. Assault can only be 
    played on Mars Prison, Vietnam, VR and Training Ground.
    3 [Weapons]
    Each weapon description and guide is formated in name and a description 
    and guide of use (Read those).After that you have which range it's the
    most effective at, a summary of the things mentioned in the guide of use
    (For the lazy ones) and a general score (for comparison).Dual wieldable
    weapons will have two ratings. The first being the single version, and 
    the second the dual one. Some weapons secondary functions will get a 
    separate score too.
    This weapon does a lot more damage than a normal melee attack and has
    a longer reach but is a lot slower.The chance of you getting to use
    this weapon effectively is very low., unless you are playing a narrow 
    level, such as Hotel, you could try to ambush people at corners and in 
    dark areas.Do absolutely not attempt to use this in open areas.
    Effective range - Very close.
    Summary - Change to another weapon before you get hurt.But might be fun 
    to use if you happen to run into someone at close range.
    Score - 2/10
    Useless accuracy, good damage, very poor rate of fire. Mostly a waste of 
    effort.Better to use practically everything else instead.In singleplayer 
    the brick is thrown farther in NTSC than in PAL.Doesn't know it there is
    any difference in multiplay though. Charging the weapon to full power, 
    and tapping shoot twice, will make you throw two bricks in quick 
    Effective range - Close to medium depending on how good you aim.
    Summary - Use in close range for highest effect and find another
    weapon as soon as possible.
    Score - 2/10
    9mm Pistol:
    Low damage, small clip size, above-average accuracy.
    Completely useless when single wielded (especially as it’s theoretically 
    impossible to kill a non-injured opponent in one clip), and still quite 
    bad when dual wielded..The only excuse for using one is the secondary
    zoom function which can be useful in open levels. Use it for its quick
    melee attacks, rather than shooting.
    Effective range - Medium.
    Summary - Dual wield and blast your opponents in mid-range, or melee 
    them up close. 
    Score - 1/10 Dual - 2/10
    Easily the most effective pistol. Works like the 9 mm pistol, but with 
    roughly doubled damage. Dual wielding it is preferred most of the time, 
    mostly due to the doubled amount of bullets, but the single one has got 
    a little better accuracy, which can make it better at extreme ranges. 
    Has less zoom than the pistol. Use zoom to increase accuracy on longer 
    Effective range - Medium.
    Summary - Dual wield and blast your opponents in mid-range, or melee them
    up close. 
    Score - 4/10 Dual - 6/10
    Similar to pistol, but a larger clip size. Better than the pistol, but 
    completely inferior to the kruger. Dual wield rather than single, unless 
    you want to use its snipe function in an open level. For some reason the 
    ammo for the LX-18 is named LX-29. A miss by Free Radical, I presume. 
    Effective range - Medium.
    Summary - Dual wield and blast your opponents in mid-range, or melee them 
    up close.
    Score – 2/10 Dual - 3/10
    Sci-Fi Handgun:
    Seems like a good weapon but really isn't.A powerful handgun damage wise, 
    but it’s projectiles are too slow to hit a moving target.
    Effective range - Close
    Summary - Dual wield and blast your opponents up close
    You might also try to use the secondary function to shoot enemies
    around corners. 
    Score - 2/10 Dual - 3/10 Secondary - Add +1 to score/dual.
    Hmm... Slow firing rate,low damage, slow reload, minimal zoom.
    Well you might as well shot yourself instead of using this weapon.
    at least that will score you a lot more kills than actually trying 
    to use it. Itd only good quality is its good accuracy which doesn't 
    help much since everything else about it is awful. Yet it's kind of 
    fun to play matches with Revolvers only with 1 shot kill.
    Effective range - Medium to long range. Very accurate.
    Summary - Change to another weapon before you get hurt,
    If you have no other weapon aim at your opponents head.
    Score - 1/10
    A average weapon that mostly is a weaker copy of the Machinegun.
    the primary fire is potentially powerful, but very unreliable.
    Also, when firing it’s hard to aim properly, due to the muzzle flash.
    The automatic function is best used in corridors, where opponents don’t 
    get much room to strafe, and thus are easier to hit.The secondary 
    function is a rocket, which is decent if you aim at the ground close to 
    you opponent. It’s worse than the Flare Gun, but better than a single 
    rocket from the Rocket Launcher..The rocket has a reload trick.When you 
    have fired a rocket change to another weapon then change back and a new 
    rocket will be ready to be fired. This saves some time.Dual wielded the 
    primary fire can be useful but compared to mostly everything else its 
    Effective range - Close to medium.
    Summary - Dual wield and blast your opponent in close combat 
    and mid-range .
    Score - 4/10 Dual - 6/10 Rocket - 6/10
    Dual wielded this is the best weapons in the game. Single, it is
    average. Its primary qualities its is extreme firing rate and good
    damage capability. Firing a full magazine into anyone is enough to 
    kill them no matter where you hit. It's not very effective at range
    but dual wielded it's still possible to put enough bullets in a far 
    away target to kill it. Only downside is the rate in which they eat away 
    all ammo and a slightly long reload. Machinegun requires zooming more
    than any other weapon since it makes it a lot more accurate.
    Effective range - Close to medium. Can still kill on longer ranges though 
    more ammo will have to be spent.
    Summary - Dual wield and blast your opponent in close combat 
    and in mid-range.
    Score - 6/10 Dual - 10/10
    Soviet Rifle:
    The ultimate automatic headshooter. With zoom and a good aim you'll 
    get a insane amount of kills if you shot headshots. Firing rate is 
    slightly above average but the damage is high. The downpart is that you 
    have to know how to aim. Practise is required. Best used with zoom on 
    aimed on the head. If zoom is off the autoaim will make so that most 
    bullets hit the torso instead of the head with less damage as a result.
    Effective range - Medium to long range.
    Summary - Zoom in and shoot you opponents in the head.
    Score - 8/10
    Plasma Autorifle:
    A rifle that requires no reloading, but has slow projectiles.Continuous
    fire will overheat the weapon, preventing you from firing for a while. 
    The more overheated it gets, the faster it fires. Don't let it overheat 
    because then you will be unable to fire it for a long time. If it 
    overheats in a firefight you should change to another weapon. Once the 
    fight is over change back and let it cool down to become useful again. 
    The Plasma Autorifle is a very effective weapon if there is no lag 
    present. In a laggy match, it is virtually useless. At least from afar.
    Effective range - Close to medium.
    Summary - Shoot at mid-range. Try to make it shoot faster by continuously
    firing it, but avoid overheating.
    Score - 7/10
    Extreme rate of fire, average damage, good zoom, slow reload and decent 
    accuracy. Only downside is that it covers a pretty large portion of your 
    screen. Good rifle all in all, especially used aiming at entrances/exits, 
    and in corridoors.
    Effective range - Close to long range.
    Summary – A good rifle, overall. Fire away!
    Score - 8/10
    No reloading, huge magazine, decent damage, insane rate of fire and 
    no zoom. A very good weapon overall, but it covers as good as your entire
    screen, and overheats quickly. When it does it fires much slower. It’s 
    best used with the secondary function active, to avoid the small delay
    between triggering and shooting, of the primary version. Note that when 
    the secondary function is active the minigun makes a spinning sound, that
    will make you easier to spot for enemies.
    Effective range - Close to far.
    Summary - Use secondary function and pulverize your opponents. Pause 
    when ever you can,to let the weapon cool down.
    Score - 8/10
    A double barrel shotgun that kills almost anything in a close range 
    direct hit. Reloading time is average, and it only contains two bullets 
    per clip, but more than enough justifies the use of this weapon. The only
    situation where it's useless is on a large, open level.
    Effective range - Close.
    Summary - Shoot you opponents in close combat.
    Score - 8/10
    Tactical 12:
    Another version of the shotgun, with much less damage, 8 bullet magazine
    and longer reload.You can fire during reload, but it’s not to recommend.
    Also the Tactical 12 has a slower firing rate. This weapon is quite 
    effective up close, but – contrary to shotgun – completely useless 
    at mid-range. Better than shotgun against groups, but worse against 
    single players.
    Effective range - Close. Less accurate than shotgun.
    Summary - Shoot you opponents in close combat only. Reload whenever you 
    Score - 6/10
    Dispersion gun:
    The very effective future version of the shotgun. Fully charged a
    headshot is an instant kill, even from quite a distance. It requires no 
    reload, and comes with a good amount of bullets.Don’t use this weapon 
    without full charge, unless you know your enemy is badly injured. If you 
    hit someone up close without killing them, with a charged shot, finish 
    them off with an uncharged one.
    Effective range - Close.
    Summary - Shoot you opponents in close combat with a full charge.
    Score - 8/10
    Vintage Rifle:
    Good damage with 8 bullet magazine and average reload time but 
    the least zoom of all the snipers. As for all the sniper rifles aim for
    the head and cash in on the one shot kills. The vintage rifle is also 
    the best sniper rifle on closer ranges, and thus smaller levels.
    Effective range - Mid to long range.
    Summary - Shoot your opponents in the head on medium to long range.
    Score - 7/10
    Sniper Rifle:
    About the same as vintage rifle but with a higher zoom with a smaller
    field of view. It is usually better to use one of the other two snipers. 
    Though this is the choice for a open level since it has a very good zoom 
    and you don't want to give away your position (Keep camping at the same 
    Effective range - Only long range.
    Summary - Shoot your opponents in the head on long range.
    Score - 6/10
    Sci-fi Sniper:
    8 shot magazine, good damage, slow reload and average firing rate. 
    Sci-fi Sniper is the best choice for a sniper thanks to its insane zoom 
    and secondary ballistic shield. When active it stops all projectiles 
    except explosives from hitting you in the front arc. It's more useful for
    smaller characters because huge characters can be shot around the shield.
    The shields charge lasts a couple of seconds and is rechargable.
    Be sure to kill your opponent because firing this weapon instantly gives
    away your position. Also be sure to move around, since when the opponent
    you killed respawns, he'll be sure to look for you.
    Effective range - Medium to long range.
    Summary - Shoot your opponents in the head on long range. Use the shield
    if your opponent knows where you are.
    Score - 8/10
    Very similar to the Far-sight, in Perfect dark for Nintendo 64.
    The cheapest weapon in the game. The zoom allows you to see enemies
    through walls, and shoot them. It's basically a slimmed sniper rifle 
    that pierces walls. A weapon that ruins any multiplayer game. A cheap 
    strategy in games with Mag-Charger is that the server creator plays 
    a character resistant to shock damage and thus is completely unaffected 
    by the Mag-Charger. If you join a game like this its best to quit 
    directly. To summarize the Mag-Charger: It's a good weapon, but no 
    fun. In fact it's the most annoying weapon in the entire game.
    Effective range – Medium to long.
    Summary – Hide safely behind walls, use the secondary function, 
    and blast at your opponents.If anyone fires at you, strafe.
    Score - 9/10
    Dual flareguns are one of the best weapons in the game.And it has two 
    reloading tricks.When you have fired one you change either the weapon 
    and then back or to the other firing mode. When using the later you are 
    instantly given 1 shot with 1 flaregun. Then when you have shot that you
    change back and have 2 fully loaded again. The flaregun,despite is ways 
    to twist around in the air,are a pretty accurate weapon at mid-range and 
    when using the reload trick a player could get a hell of a lot of kill 
    in no time.But as all explosives, its best not to use it in close range 
    to prevent from damaging yourself.
    Effective range - Medium. You kill yourself if you are closer and you 
    usually miss on longer.
    Summary - Dual wield and shoot your opponents in mid-range and always 
    use the reload trick(s).
    Score - 6/10 Dual - 9/10
    Rocket Launcher:
    The Rocket Launcher is mostly an average weapon and every other explosive 
    firearm is a better choice. The secondary function fires all missiles in 
    quick succession which is very effective against groups of opponents, but 
    the primary fire is pretty bad.  The slow speed of the single rocket and 
    the slow firing rate and reload makes it useless compared to everything 
    else. If you miss the first rocket your opponent has enough time to kill 
    you with almost any other weapon before you can fire another one.
    Effective range – Medium, mostly. Avoid getting too close when using it.
    Summary - Fire all missiles in mid-range then change to another weapon.
    It simply takes too long to reload.
    Score - 3/10 Secondary - 6/10
    A pretty good weapon that locks on targets and follow them. A direct 
    hit is an instant kill. Best used on close to mid-range distances due to
    its rocket's slow speed. Wait until you see the text "Target Aquired" 
    before firing, otherwise you won't get the lock-on effect. It's not very
    good indoors since it always follows a direct route to the target and 
    if there is a wall in between it's not likely to hit anything but the 
    wall. There is a reload trick for this weapon. When you have fired 
    change to another weapon then change back and the weapon is reloaded. 
    Timed correctly you save a lot of time. 
    Effective range - Close, medium, or far (only when not detected). Best 
    in open areas.
    Summary - Lock on and shoot your opponents in close to medium range or
    any distance in an open area without cover. Always use the reload trick.
    Score - 5/10
    A cheap weapon that fires all its 64 bullets at once at an insane rate of 
    fire. Good to use on a far away group of opponents or to take out a 
    skilled opponent fast. Reload is very slow so make sure that you kill the 
    opponent(s) you shoot at. If you miss, take cover and reload, or you are
    most likely dead.
    Effective range - Any distance.
    Summary - Aim and shoot - it's that simple.
    Score - 10/10
    It has a pretty short reach but very good damage capability.
    Problem is that they have enough time to kill you before they are 
    killed themselves by the fire. And if they have armor, full health,
    and/or a high fire resistance, they will most likely survive the fire.
    Most effective against groups of enemies. Unlike TS2 characters ingnited 
    do not set others on fire upon contact. The flamethrower deals zero 
    damage to robots/characters with max fire proof (even with character 
    abilities set to off in the robots case).
    Use this gun to set people afire, and 
    then quickly change to another gun, and kill them off.
    Effective range - Close.
    Summary - Use in close range. Preferably against groups of opponents. 
    Set people on fire, and then quickly change to another gun, 
    and kill them off.
    Score - 6/10
    Electro tool:
    A continuous beam of electricity.
    Good amount of ammo (All in one clip, which means no reloading). Fairly
    low damage, but great accuracy. Use from afar, to gain the upper hand 
    against people wielding more powerful, but less accurate weapons.
    Don't use against characters with a high shock proof (if character 
    abilities are on).The secondary fire is a ball of lightning that deals
    good damage. Though it's virtually useless, due to its slowness. Don't 
    ever use this mode.
    A good strategy using the Electro tool is hanging 
    around an instant weapon spawn spot, containing this weapon, and rack 
    up on kills from afar.
    Effective range - Medium to far. Best at long range to avoid 
    return fire, from heavier guns.
    Summary - A killer against robots/low shockproof characters, with 
    character abilities on. An okay weapon overall.
    Score - 7/10
    This weapon works under the same principle as the electrotool, though it
    does normal damage, and not electric based one.The ghostgun damages the 
    enemy and adds a portion of that damage to your own lifebar. Kind of 
    similar to leech in Timesplitters 2.When using the Ghostgun, your vision 
    changes; your vision is obscured on the sides, giving you a tunnel view,
    which is a big disadvantage. On the other hand, you have an easier time
    keeping your beam on the enemies, as they become white, and perfectly
    visible, once you hit them. The autoaim is a lot worse than the 
    Electrotool's one, or at least I'm under that impression, since it's 
    harder to aim with which requires a lot more precision.The Ghostgun is a 
    true killer combined with the max damage powerup.
    Effective range - Medium to far. Best at long range to avoid return fire.
    Summary - Use continous fire against the same opponent for the greatest 
    effect. combine with max damage powerup to have the ultimate weapon.
    Score - 6/10
    Harpoon gun:
    Average rate of fire, good damage, small magazine and medium reload time.
    The greatest downpart is that the projectile is slow, and drops over
    distance. Virtually useless in open areas. Especially against strafing
    opponents. Shooting from afar, it's good to aim slightly above the target.
    use this weapon only as a last resort, in narrow areas. Also any lag at 
    all will make this weapon entirely useless.
    Effective range - Close to medium.
    Summary - Use in close to mid-range 
    Score - 2/10
    Almost no damage whatsoever, but 2-3 hits, in quick succession, and your
    opponent will blow up and explode.Make sure to stay away from expanding 
    victims, as their explosion will cause severe damage to anything around 
    them.. Since it takes time before victims explode from the Injector, they
    will have plenty of time to kill you off while expanding, thus, Injector 
    is not a very effective weapon.
    Effective range - Medium. Too far away, and your darts will be horribly 
    inaccurate, due to their slow speed. Too far, and you'll most likely 
    explode along with your victim.
    Summary - 2 hits, in quick succession equals 1 kill. Use in close to 
    mid-range and shot until your target grows and explode.
    Score - 3/10
    Timed Mine:
    Basically a slow grenade, that sticks to things, instead of bouncing off
    them. Use it to cover your escape with a bag (here, good timing is 
    important, though sometimes even the presence of a mine is enough to 
    fend of any pursuers, not willing to risk being killed) or stick it on 
    your opponent.
    Effective range - Throw at medium range.
    Summary - Stick on a opponent or throw it on the ground as you escape 
    with the bag or likewise.
    Score - 3/10
    Proximity Mine:
    Useful in deathmatch, elimination and team based modes when 
    friendly fire is turned off.It's a very cheap weapon but pretty 
    easy to detect - especially if used incorrectly. Most people throw
    them on the ground, but sticking them to the ceiling and walls - 
    preferrably behind a corner - is a lot better. That way your opponent 
    might just run straight into them. Remember not to walk on your own 
    mines and keep a look out for your opponents mines.
    Effective range - Just throw them somewhere and don't accidently step
    on them.
    Summary - Place them at a choke points or behind you when you have the 
    bag.Be sure to be out of reach when it activates.
    Score - 10/10
    Remote Mine:
    Throw it at the doorway of you base or at the chokepoint that 
    lead to your camping place. When an opponent comes running blow him into 
    tiny little pieces.If your quick on switching between throwing and 
    detonating, you can use them offensively in direct combat, but that 
    requires a lot of training. Its greatest donwpart is that it's the most 
    suited for team games. You won't score many kills with it in a deathmatch
    or similar.
    Effective range - Just throw them at a strategic spot and wait for a 
    unlucky victim.
    Summary - Throw and detonate or camp in an area and cover the entrance 
    with mines.
    Score - 8/10
    Fuse based - does not directly explode through contact with objects.
    Use these to cover areas or throw into groups of opponents.
    The splash damage does good damage, and a direct hit always results in 
    a kill.In an open level it can be good to have one fully charged at all 
    time, ready to be thrown as soon as you spot your opponents. Throw the 
    grenade in a upward angle for greater distance and make sure to throw 
    any spare grenades at chokepoints and areas where opponents are likely
    to appear.
    Effective range - Medium; Longer ranges is possible if you charge,aim 
    well and throw in an upward angle in a area with high roof/no roof.
    Summary - Use according to the situation.See above.
    Score - 10/10
    Plasma Grenade:
    Same as grenades but holding down the button before throwing won't 
    affect the fuse time. The plasma grenade also sticks on objects and
    players, instead of bouncing off them. If you have good aim you should 
    try to stick them on mid-range or far away opponents; succeeding in this
    will always result in a kill. Other than that the same rules as for 
    normal grenades apply.
    Effective range - Medium; Longer ranges is possible if you charge, aim 
    well and are in an area with high roof/no roof.
    Summary - Stick it on your opponent or throw some at a group 
    of opponents.
    Score - 7/10
    4 [Levels]
    Vietnam: Mostly an open level, mostly designed for automatic weaponry. 
    This stage works well for all game modes. Certain parts of this level are 
    changed when playing Assault on it.
    Hotel: A narrow level, perfect for Shotgun/Flaregun spamming. Red base 
    generally has a distinct advantage on this level.If you're an experienced
    player, however, there are ways to go around that.Shoot at radiators to 
    make lethal gas slip out.
    Venice: A mixture of narrow passages and large open areas. You can ride
    on the gondolas traveling around the level. Note that only people playing
    on 50 hrz can make the jump through the window of blue base.Be sure to 
    grab the full armour near red base whenever you can.
    Temple:A linear, tunnel-shaped level. Make sure to pick a weak 
    starting gun if playing capture the bag, otherwise none of the teams 
    will be able to score.The left passage from red base is a long tunnel, 
    taking you to a bridge with view over the large middle room of the level.
    Since you also get a full armour here, this is the ideal spot to camp 
    with a powerful long range weapon, in a team deathmatch.This is an 
    advantage for red base, but blue has got immediate access to a full 
    armour, which evens things out.
    Disco: A circle-shaped open level, designed for intense action. 
    This is the optimal level for Machinegun x 2 abuse. Be sure to express 
    yourself on the various instruments spread around the level.
    Subway: Quite a linear level, consisting mostly of corridors and a main
    room. This level means camping heaven for blue team, if they lock red in
    their base. The pro of being the red team, is that you can pull the 
    levers in your base, to summon the subway train.This is useful for many 
    things, such as killing enemies on the tracks, covering teammates who are
    being shot at from across the stage, and preventing enemies from getting 
    a bag lying on the tracks. Though be careful not to kill teammates with 
    Zeppelin: A very large and linear level, consisting of three floors. 
    You'll find yourself engaged in long range combat quite often. Make sure
    to bring a long range weapon when venturing up on the roof.This level is
    full of shields, so make sure you grab one before engaging in combat. 
    Be careful falling of the zeppelin, or walking into its lethal fans.
    Mars Prison: A wide, fairly open level, where most weapons - ranging from
    sniper to shotgun - can come in handy. Red team starts indoors, with 
    access to a lot of weapons. Blue team has less weapons, and start out in 
    the open, but they get a full armour.Kruger x 2 is a balanced starting 
    weapon on this stage. Works for Assault too, where it's slightly 
    enlargened - the attacking team will start outside of the prison itself, 
    and will have to break through its walls.
    Siberia: A huge, open level which requires long range weaponry to
    ensure success. Take you opponents out with long range weapons such as
    soviet rifle and sniper rifles. Even though this level is the only one 
    that has a vehicle, using it is suicide. You only get one weapon in red
    base, which makes it completely inferior. I would recommend you to play 
    blue/green versus yellow in TDM, for a more balanced match.
    Bunker: A myriad of small rooms and tunnels, designed mainly for close
    combat. Bunker can be pretty confusing at first, but you will get the 
    hang of it after some time. You would want to have a shotgun/
    Tactical 12-gauge/Dispersion Gun on this level, but Flaregun is also 
    decent (the reason why it's not exactly your optimal choice is because 
    you'll end up commiting suicide with it quite often on this level, due to
    the limited space).Grab health whenever you are nearby one - this level
    is not exactly stacked with it.It doesn't really matter what base you 
    pick - this level is almost symmetric.
    VR: An open level, where close range weapons are virtually useless. You 
    will find Machinegun x 2 the superior gun on this level, as you seldom
    get far away from the enemy to gain anything from the Soviet's superior 
    long range capabilites. There is an Assault version of this level, which 
    is completely different, except for the tile, of course.
    Spaceport: Another linear level. Since there are few different routes to
    take to the opponent's base, and because of the distance between the 
    bases, you will find scoring in a capture the bag almost impossible.This 
    level is recommended for Zones or DM. The spawning points are messed up 
    when playing TDM, so you will spawn randomly. This is not necessarily a 
    glitch; it could be implemented on purpose, to make TDM more interesting,
    on this otherwise large level.
    Chinese: Yet another complexed level, designed for close combat. Red team 
    is a little too superior on this map. Especially in capture the bag.
    Shooting at the pipes down in blue base will make lethal gas come out. 
    This is a good way of defending yourself from vastly overequipped enemies.
    Mexican Mission: A small, close combat focused level which requires
    quick reflexes and close quarter weaponry such as Flaregun and 
    shotguns. Unless you use the recommended weapon set, red base is vastly 
    superior for capture the bag. A minor detail is that you can crack the
    pots by shooting at them. Also, shooting at the bell will make it ring.
    Training Ground: Completely linear. Since you only have one route to 
    travel, it's almost impossible to land a bag score against skilled 
    opponents on this level. If playing capture the bag, make sure you set a 
    time limit, and use a very weak starting gun. This map is mainly 
    recommended for Zones and DM. This level generally isn't much fun when 
    playing TDM, as it's too camp friendly.Included Assault. The only thing 
    different in this version is the adding of stationary guns and 
    Makmaker Level: Depends on the map, of course. Learn the 
    layout quickly, or else you're bound to lose. Be wary that some immoral 
    people make levels where the team they are on have a unfair advantage
    against the other. If this happen, it's best to quit and join another game.
    5 [Sportsmanship]
    Below follow the most important guidelines for playing fair online.
    1. Don’t play as small characters (characters that can’t crouch online)
    These are:
    2. Don’t close host mid-game.
    3. Don’t kick people unless you are certain they are using the no reload
    cheat,  are flying (using the fly cheat), or are constantly talking crap 
    on the mic.
    4. Always set up a time limit, to avoid having to close mid-game. This is
    especially important during capture the bag and elimination matches.
    5. Don't overstack teams - always make both teams equal in amount of 
    6. Do no abuse glitches. The only glitch that is accepted by the mayority
    of the community is the quick reload tricks/glitches.
    For Virus:
    Think of Virus as team based; don’t shoot the infected if you are one 
    yourself, and vice versa. Try to cooperate with your teammates to save 
    yourself from being infected/ infect the non-infected.
    For Bagtag:
    If you don’t have the bag, don’t attack anyone but the one currently 
    holding it (unless they attack you first; in that case, kill them  
    indiscriminatly).When you have the bag, however, void of any persuers by 
    blasting them away.
    For Assault:
    Blue (defending) team is generally superior in this mode. Therefore, 
    always take turns being blue/red - never pick blue twice in a row. If a 
    lot of other players hurry to pick red (attacking) however, you are, of 
    course, forced to going blue. A general rule is also, that if there is an 
    uneven amount of players in the game, it's better to make red team bigger
    than blue, rather than the opposite.
    6 [Q&A and acknowledgments] 
    Well, I'll need questions to answer right? My mail is at the bottom.
    I want to acknowledge the following people:
    DeusMortem - Also known as Guds Skyfall. One of the best and more
    mature players online. He worked with me on this FAQ (Or to be exact, he
    corrected everything that was wrong with it).
    ThAce6 - My best mate and an excellent TSFP player. Without him I 
    wouldn't have bought this game or perhaps not played any videogames at 
    FailureWarning - You helped me when I began to make this FAQ and your
    help was much appreciated.
    Oh, and my family too.
    7 [Legal] 
    This FAQ is the legal property of Mutant1988 and Deusmortem.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Topic must be "TSFP Multiplayer FAQ" or anything vaguely relevant
    otherwise it goes in the trash.

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