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"Time to Split!"

I loved Timesplitters 2, and I was anxiously awaiting this game. To be honest, I was worried this new one might have ended up being no good, a lot of game sequels end out worse then the original, like in my opinion Halo 2 (loved the first one, hated the second) and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (which I still like, but I think the original was much better). But Free Radical did it, this game is a lot of fun, and will last you hours.

Graphics: 7/10
To be honest, their not great, the textures are nice, and the guns are really cool and detailed, but the characters are pretty basic, no fur effects for the animals, humans look cartoony, and robots don't look metallic at all. But, to be fair, they are definitely better then they were in the previous games, so really, it's in improvement, but it's still outdated. But there is a plus side, none of the characters are blocky, collision detection to my knowledge works well, and enemies are definitely not as choppy as they were in the past to games as well. And the cutscenes are fairly smooth.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is another First Person Shooter game, but don't let that fool you, it's not just any first person shooter that's been done a million times before, the game is fairly unique to any other shooters out there. About half the weapons you will only see in this game, such as the baseball bat, the hand grapple tool, all of the futuristic weapons, the injector, and many more weapons. The story mode has bosses, and the missions are fun and don't drone on like almost every first person shooter out there. And multiplayer mode may have familiar settings, but they all work so well in this game. And who can forget, 150 characters to play as, and you start with a whole lot of them, and unlocking them is a ton of fun as well. There's capture the flag, virus, bag tag, deathmatches, assault, gladiator, monkey assistant, and a few others as well. You and your friends will have countless hours of fun playing this game, even more then you did with the previous games in this series.

Story: 8/10
The story isn't exactly very creative, but the cut scenes throughout the game make it very humorous, fresh, and entertaining. And the characters are always worth many laughs, as well as the enemies. Basically, you play as Cortez, a character that look a lot like Vin Diesel if I do say so myself. With the time crystals all collected, it's up to cortez to deal with the timesplitters army before they are even created. This requires you to travel through many time periods, most of them taking place in the past to start with, and then ending off in the future. Overall, the plot is a good one, and will always keep you wanting more.

Sound/Audio: 9/10
Most of the music is really anything special, you'll probably drown it out anyway, but the sound effects are real professional (unless you turn human gun effects on, making everything hilarious yet stupid), everything sounds as if it really could be going on. And the voiceovers are really nice too, but if you play vs mode a lot, they can start to get on your nerves hearing all of these annoying screams and grunts.

Overall: 9/10
I really enjoyed this game, and I still am by unlocking all the characters and playing multiplayer with my friends. Plus with bots included, you don't need friends over to play new games with, unlike Halo. Free Radical really outdid themselves, and I congratulate them on making such a fun game.

Buy or Rent: Buy
This game is going to last you a while, longer them most games out their, buying is your best bet, you'll have a ton of fun with this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/24/05

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