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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SpideyFan914

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    Fairly Odd Parents: Shadow Showdown
    Table of Contents
    1: Introduction
    2: Controls
    3: Upgrades
    4: Walkthrough
          A: Tutorial
          B: Fairly Disastrous
          C: Dad’s Dream
          D: Take It on the Chin
          E: Get a Clue
          F: Vicky Strikes Back
          G: The Great Esc-Ape
          H: Shadow Showdown
    5: Bonuses
          A: Stickers
          B: Movies
    6: Mini-Games
    7: Credits
    This guide will walk you through the game, Fairly Odd Parents: Shadow Showdown, 
    step by step! But be warned that it may spoil the ending of it if you read 
    ahead. I hope you find this to be very useful. If you find anything wrong with 
    it, then please e-mail me at SpidermanFan914@aol.com and pray that I check my 
    e-mail soon, because I don’t do it frequently! I also promise that if you do 
    this, then whether I add it or not, I will put you in the credits unless, of 
    course, you specifically ask me not to. If anything is missing or I am not yet 
    done, then I give you my apologies....
    It’s time for the season finale of Crash Nebula!!!!!!! Timmy is very excited, 
    but then, just before it premiers – his television breaks! Timmy calls to his 
    fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, for help, but apparently their power has 
    been diminished!
    Move Around = Left Analog Stick (L)
    Rotate Camera View = Right Analog Stick (R)
    Jump = X Button (X)
    Double Jump = X + X
    Butt Bounce = X + Circle Button (o)
    Charge = Square Button ([])
    Activate Wish = Triangle Button (^)
    Switch Wish = L1 Button (L1)
    Quickly Switch Wish = L2 Button (L2)
    Not a necessity, but upgrades certainly come in handy! You will need to buy 
    them using Crown Coins, which are easily accessible, for they are scattered 
    all over the game! Then, find a fairy shop and spend away!
    Super Sneakers: 150 Crown Coins- Have a longer charge period.
    Super Bounce Pants: 200 Crown Coins- Enjoy a larger butt-bounce radius!
    Wish Star Radar: 100 Crown Coins- Shows wish stars on your new radar.
    Crown Radar: 350 Crown Coins- Shows Crown Coins on your radar.
    Special Item Radar: 500 Crown Coins- Shows Special Items (Such as Stickers) on 
    your radar.
    Four-Leaf Clover: 500 Crown Coins- Increases your health by one hit point.
    Quickly, Wanda pulls out her EMERGENCY BACK-UP WAND and breaks the glass. 
    Instantaneously, a TV screen pops out and shows the X-Fairy King Oberon and 
    Queen Titania appear, ready to teach you all about how to use Emergency Wish 
    Firstly, go up to King Oberon and you will automatically talk to him. He will 
    ask you jump on top of some bookcases. After you do that, you must jump across 
    them to reach a ladder, which you can climb by simply running into it.
    Up there, you will find X-Queen Titania. She will teach you about the wish 
    stars. You need three stars to make a wish. One is already visible just a few 
    millimeters in front of your nose! Oh, but it’s not that simple. You will 
    usually have to charge to get them! After grabbing this one, another will 
    appear on top of a bookcase. To get it, push and pull the box nearby towards 
    the bookcase and jump on top of it, then on top of the bookcase and the rest 
    will be smooth sailing. The last one is hiding behind some books. In order to 
    reach this one, you must butt bounce a button to reveal the final wish star!
    You’ve got three stars, so it’s time to make a wish! But quite unfortunately, 
    wish stars aren’t that powerful, so Timmy can’t watch Crash Nebula yet. 
    Instead, according to Queen Titania, you must wish for a magical catapult to 
    activate the targets and leave the training arena. “Wow, she sure is bossy!” 
    Activate your wish while facing the targets and repeat for the others. Once 
    you have hit all of them, a door will open for you to go home.
    ~Fairly Disastrous~
    “Quick! I’ve only missed half of Crash Nebula!” “But the TV listings say Crash 
    Nebula is on again tomorrow!” “Great! Then I’ve got 24 hours to fix my TV!”
    To find out what’s up, you poof to Fairy World, only to find that the Royal 
    Jewel, which holds the second-most powerful magic, has been stolen! Jorgen Von 
    Strangle suspects the X-Royalty’s X-Jester, Quince, who was recently fired for 
    not being funny. Now, he calls upon you and your puny muscles to stop Quince 
    and save the day!
    First of all, you will find a button which can be pressed to save your game 
    (Saving Button). This, of course, is optional, but I recommend it if you have 
    a PS2 Memory Card. Then, you will find a clubless four of clubs! It’s gonna 
    take a wish to fix this! The first wish star is in plain sight at the 
    beginning of the level. The second will be simple after you make a left past 
    the cow. And that same intersection, the final wish star is to the right. An 
    elf will be standing in your way, though. Kill him by butt bouncing once or 
    twice. Then move the block to reach your last wish star.
    Here, you will wish for some kind of suit restoration gizmo-thingy. When it is 
    equipped, walk up to a fountain which is sprouting suits. You can only hold so 
    many of one suit at a time, though. So if you run out, restock at a fountain. 
    Also, you can’t hold two different suits at once. For example, if you have 
    hearts and go up to a fountain of spades, then you will automatically lose all 
    of your hearts and restock with spades. This device can be used to resuit 
    cards, break open barrels, and kill elves in two hits. (PS: You can also 
    destroy barrels with the butt bounce, if you prefer.)
    Now that you have some kind of suit restoration gizmo-thingy, stock up on 
    clubs at the fountain a little bit ahead of the intersection and use it to 
    club the four of clubs. This will create a pathway for you to walk across. 
    Continue and a little bit farther up the road will be the Moo-nicipal town 
    hall. “You can’t get inside, but take a look, ‘cause it took someone ages to 
    Climb the steps and collect diamonds, I believe, from the fountain. Use this 
    back downstairs to make yourself a moving floating Ace of Diamonds! At the top 
    of the Hall, you will find a Fountain of Spades, which can be used to continue 
    on your way towards the Fairy Market!
    There are loads of pathways here! Currently, though, only three are open: the 
    one you got here from, one leading to a sticker, and the last one goes to the 
    Dairy Farm. In the center of the Fairy Market is another Fountain of Clubs and 
    a little bit off to the side is an Upgrade Market for you to buy upgrades in 
    and a Save Button. One of the remaining two paths requires magical rainbow 
    stepping stones to open the gate. Quince is found on the other side. That 
    vandal! “He’ll suck my blood!” “That’s vampire, Cosmo!” “A blood-sucking 
    vandal vampire from the other side!” “Let’s go before Cosmo uses up his entire 
    Go to the Dairy Farm (where there is another Save Button ;D) to learn that the 
    Dairy Fairy’s cows have escaped! You’ll need a wish! The first star shouldn’t 
    be all too hard to find.... The second is near a Fountain of Spades to the 
    right. Use Spade to reach it, but watch your step and time your jumps, for 
    some of the cards are moving around in circles! The Final Star is to the right 
    of the entrance. Use you Spades here to create a big path. (PS: Off to the 
    side of the button is a box containing one leaf. Collect four of these to make 
    a four-leaf clover and increase your hit points.) At the end of this path is 
    the last Wish Star.
    Your next wish is to be a cowboy! But quite unfortunately, Cosmo has never 
    seen a cowboy movie and gives you a cow suit. However, gratefully, the cows 
    will follow you when you wear this ridiculous outfit. “You should wear it 
    anyway; it’s cool!”
    So go over to the first cow (the only one currently reachable), and start 
    mooing to get his attention. Lure him onto the cow-switch to make a bridge and 
    bring him across it. Get the cow into the cow-elevator (“That Dairy Fairy 
    thinks of everything!”) and press the button to moooooooove back to the Dairy 
    Farm. Here, bring him into his stall to activate a Fountain of Diamonds.
    Use the diamonds to reach your second cow. Keep on having him open bridges 
    with cow-switches and crossing them until you reach a dead end. Here, jump the 
    river and use your trusty ol’ Diamonds to make a card bridge for the cow to 
    follow you across. Then, get him into the cow-elevator. Bring him back into 
    his stall from here the same way you did with the first one to make a Fountain 
    of Hearts appear.
    Use these to gain access to the last cow, whom is on top of the barn! Firstly, 
    climb the haystacks and go left to get some clubs then go back to the right of 
    the haystacks and use the clubs to create a card bridge – but don’t cross it 
    yet! Instead, return to the left and this time use the cow on the cow-switch. 
    Next, bring him across the bridge and then, to your left, you will find the 
    cards you have just resuited! Cross it now and get the cow into the-elevator. 
    Now press the button to lower him and continue on your way to the stall.
    A trail of magic will now open one of the gates in the Fairy Market. This one 
    leads to the Color Factory! “Without it, the world would be very gray!” But 
    someone has been meddling around with the Color Factory, so you need to repair 
    it! Collect three Wish Stars to make your last wish of the level. The first 
    one is out in the open. The second is near some suitless cards and the last is 
    across them. Watch out not to fall!
    Now, you wish for a Repair-O-Tron, which will repair just about anything! You 
    can use this to fix pathways, winged platforms, and the Color Factory!
    Use it on the path and follow this to the Color Factory’s Green Vat! “Climb up 
    and Repair-O-Tron it!” Now green will be restored!
    Follow the newly created green bridge to the Yellow Vat. But this one isn’t as 
    simple as climbing up a ladder, for there is no ladder! Instead, repair a 
    winged platform and quickly get on it. Take the first stop in which you don’t 
    stop and collect some hearts. When the winged platform comes back around take 
    it to the heartless cards and use your Clubs to get across to Repair-O-Tron 
    the Yellow Vat! Good job restoring yellow to the world again!
    Follow the yellow path up to the Red Vat. You will need to repair some pipes 
    to get there. Next repair the gear and stand on top of it. Go left and collect 
    clubs from the fountain and club the clubless card of clubs! Now Repair-O-Tron 
    the Red Vat. Congratulations on returning color to your world! The rainbow 
    stepping stones will now appear and the gate leading to Quince will open. 
    Plus, you can enjoy a ride back down to the ground on a rainbow slide!
    It’s time to face Quince! He won’t talk, so you’ll have to fight him. Look at 
    the suit he’s wearing and press the button until the fountain changes to that 
    suit. Collect it and fire away at poor Quince! He’ll send elves after you. 
    You’ve already killed some green ones, most likely, and you know that they 
    aren’t too much of a problem. But the red elves can shoot stuff at you, so 
    watch out! Either way, Quince is quite simple.
    After you win, Jorgen will take Quince for questioning.
    Congratulations! You have just beaten the game! Or maybe just the level.... 
    Anyway, Jorgen now tells you that Quince does not have the Royal Jewel after 
    all. There’s only one thing more powerful than the Royal Jewel – the 
    Fairyversary Muffin! Timmy will need to make one of these in order to wish 
    everything back to normal.
    You must catch the recipe, now! It’s easy; just chase the same way you do a 
    Back at your house, Timmy will find that he needs a Phoenix Egg, flour, salt, 
    and milk. Of course, it’s not ordinary types of those things; I just forgot 
    their full names other than that of the Phoenix Egg. Sorry. “Where are we 
    gonna get all that stuff?” “Only one place I can think of – Internet!” After 
    ordering the last of each ingredient from the only store that had them, a 
    truck pulls up. “Thank goodness for guaranteed one-second delivery!”
    But it looks like Vicky got them! She takes the milk for herself, gives the 
    salt to Dad and the flour to Mom. Then, Vicky crushes the Phoenix Egg. “We’ve 
    got loads of time to go on daring adventures!” So, it’s time to get some 
    ingredients back!
    C: Dad’s Dream
    Dad has used the salt to power his new robot.  Unable to retrieve it however, 
    Timmy finds himself needing to wake up his Dad. But he’s being kept asleep by 
    some sort of crazy TV magic! “Well, we can always do it the easy way – Get 
    inside your Dad’s dream and wake him up from the inside!”
    Timmy’s Dad is dreaming up some weird things.... Like a giant robot! “What’s 
    it mean?” “It means he likes giant robots!” The best way to wake him will be 
    to destroy his dream. “You mean destroy that giant robot?” “Sure! It’s not 
    real! He can just dream it again if he wants!” However, Timmy must first cross 
    his Dad’s Stream of Consciousness, but the boat is kind of.... edible.... 
    Timmy will have to activate parts of his Dad’s brain which want to wake up in 
    order for it to become more.... boat-like.... (PS: There is a Save Button and 
    even an Upgrade Market at the beginning of the level.)
    But a bodyless suit is in the way and there’s no way around! You’ll need a 
    wish! All three Wish Stars are around the same place, so it doesn’t really 
    need to be explained.
    Now, what do suits fear? “Moths! Suits fear moths! Moths eat suits! That’s 
    Suit 101!” To attract the moths, Wanda gives Timmy a light bulb. “Hey! That’s 
    my idea-bulb!” “Oh, but Timmy needs it and besides, you so rarely use it!” 
    Moths can be found around the tiny lights. Simply walk up to them to attract 
    Now, get a moth and attack that suit! Behind is Timmy’s Dad’s Deep Dream, 
    where all the really weird stuff happens!
    Before getting your next moth, you should go a little bit ahead to find a Bug 
    Light. This will kill your moth if it has a chance, so you had better press 
    the button behind it to turn it off. Now go back, get a moth and have it eat 
    away at the next suit.
    Now, you should see another moth and another Bug Light, this one without a 
    switch, but instead turning on and off on its own. Take the moth and wait for 
    the light to go off, and then run! It may help to take a left and hide on the 
    platform (the Bug Light doesn’t reach that far) if you don’t think you can 
    make it. After the next suit is gobbled up, continue on your way. (PS: There 
    is a Save Button here.)
    The next suit is across a tiny lake. It would be easy, if a Moth-Eating Frog 
    wasn’t guarding the only way around. You’ll have to go through it. In order to 
    do this, take a box and push it into the lake. Using this as a jump-start, you 
    should be able to jump across without any further ado.
    OK, now there are two Bug Lights guarding the suit with one button in the 
    middle, which turns one off and the other on. First, press this and then jump 
    down to your moth (but be careful – there’s an evil thing-a-mahjongg!). Climb 
    back up the steps and walk past the first Bug Light easily, for upon pressing 
    the button earlier, this one turned off. Now, however, the next Bug Light is 
    on. Thankfully, the button is right in front of you. Press this again and then 
    go and attack that suit!
    Forget about the moths for a second. Now there are two nightlight-bugs in the 
    ground and they both must be on at the same time to proceed. To turn them on, 
    simply walk up with your light bulb equipped. Once one is on, you will be 
    timed to turn the other one on. Should be easy enough. So, err, deforget the 
    moths please.
    The last suit in Dad’s Deep Dream is being guarded by another on-off on its 
    own type bulb. Grab your moth, time yourself, and sprint past it!
    You will now see a switch. Timmy automatically pulls this, waking up part of 
    his Dad, but the boat is still.... strange.... Take a few steps back and go 
    through the now-open door to get back to the beginning of Dad’s Deep Dream.
    Make a right and catch three more Wish Stars. Two are simple, but the third is 
    being heavily guarded by another suit. Get a moth to eat him and make that 
    You need something to get past those metal doors. “Metal’s heavy.... And 
    magnetic! I wish for an Ultra Powerful Super Magnet!” “Oh dear, we’ve made a 
    mistake!” “What are you talking about guys; this is great!” “But it’s not an 
    Ultra Powerful Super Magnet! It’s a Super Powerful Ultra Magnet!” “Guys, it’s 
    perfect!” Your SPUM has many uses. First of all, it can be activated to get 
    past those pesky metal doors with ^. You may want to go back to Timmy’s Dad’s 
    Deep Dream and see what’s behind some of them (although that’s optional). 
    Also, you can use it on metal pants to get screws. If you only tap the ^ 
    button, then you will shoot out one of these screws as an attack (You can have 
    up to five of them.).
    Now go use this on the metal door near the Stream of Consciousness. Go through 
    the small tunnel and you will reach Timmy’s Dad’s Cave and Metal Dream.
    Firstly, a moth, a Bug Light, and a suit. Good news! You can shoot at Bug 
    Lights to destroy them! So, this should be easy.
    In the next room, there is a metal door, a frog, and, of course, another suit. 
    You can find a moth behind the metal door. Now, to get past the frog, shoot at 
    it and it will eat the screw, giving you a limited amount of time to get the 
    moth past him and to that suit!
    OK, now it gets deadly! Two thing-a-mahjonggs are blocking the path! Either 
    kill them or run; it’s really your choice.
    Past the thing-a-mahjonggs are more of those nightlight-bugs. But these ones 
    won’t be as simple as the last ones. You will have to hop across some moving 
    platforms to reach the second one – and you must do it within the time limit 
    or else the first guy will go out!
    Now for one more suit.... He has absolutely no protection whatsoever, unless, 
    that is, you include the four thing-a-mahjonggs. Past this guy is a moth and a 
    frog, but no suit, so just forget it. I just hope this wasn’t a glitch in my 
    You have reached the second switch and now there is only one more to pull, but 
    it’s gonna take another wish! The first two are, once again simple. However, 
    the last one is guarded by a frog, water, and a suit. Shoot the frog, grab a 
    moth, hop the water, eat the suit, and grab that star!
    This time you must wish for something to wake up tools so that they can help 
    you reach more places. You guessed – a super-irritating klaxon coming right 
    up! Blowing it will wake up objects snoozing in Timmy’s Dad’s many dreams! I 
    recommend using it to access new areas in Timmy’s Dad’s Deep Dream and Timmy’s 
    Dad’s Cave and Metal Dream to get bonuses. Anyway, there are different objects 
    “snoozing” around. One of these is a workbench. Jump on this and blow your 
    klaxon to go flying high in the air! There are also desks. When woken, they’ll 
    rise and release a chair. It will stay like this for a limited time. Then 
    there are also toolboxes. Used the same way as workbenches, only these will 
    toss you far distances!
    Anyway, go use that workbench and travel through the tunnel to reach Timmy’s 
    Dad’s Good Dream.
    The first part of this one includes a suit, a moth, and a desk. Klaxon the 
    desk, grab the moth, and quickly climb the desk to kill off this naughty suit!
    You will now find some more nightlight-bugs. They are far apart and have a 
    crooked pathway in between them. If you’d like, then klaxon a tool box about 
    halfway in-between the two to be ricocheted towards the second one!
    Now, there is a slide! This is very fun! At the bottom of it, however, beware 
    two thing-a-mahjonggs!
    Next, you should find a series of workbenches, toolboxes, and floating 
    platforms. Klaxon the workbenches to reach the toolboxes and floating 
    platforms. Here, stand on the toolbox, wait for the platform, and then use 
    your klaxon! Do this until you reach the other side.
    This part is crazy! There is a suit guarded by a desk, some on-off on their 
    own Bug Lights, and a few thing-a-mahjonggs! Firstly, kill the thing-a-
    mahjonggs. Then, destroy the Bug Lights. Finally, klaxon the desk. Now run as 
    fast as you can back to the moth, grab it, run towards the desk again, climb 
    it, and the suit is dead meat!
    After that part, which must be the craziest thing in the level, there are a 
    few more thing-a-mahjonggs for you to kill and another series of workbenches, 
    toolboxes, and floating platforms. Cross that to find some painful screws 
    closing and opening. There’s a toolbox, but time your klaxon or else risk 
    losing some hit points.
    OK, I take it back – THIS is the craziest part of the level! There’s a suit 
    being guarded by a desk, thing-a-mahjonggs, and, worst of all, a door (which 
    is a lot worse than it seems)! Firstly, klaxon some workbenches to get past 
    the door. Then kill the thing-a-mahjonggs. Now, there are some nightlight-
    bugs. Light up the first one and the second can be reached by klaxonning a 
    workbench. You may have to use a floating platform too, though. Once both 
    nightlight-bugs are lit, the door will open. Now klaxon the desk and do your 
    Finally, you will reach the last switch. The boat is normal – but what about 
    Only someone with wings can get the fuel! So choose between Cosmo and Wanda 
    and prepare for a bumpy ride, which is slightly slow.... You need to collect 
    at least 8 or 9 fuel packets, but try for all 10, just in case. Don’t forget 
    to shoot at random! You’ll want to hit those pesky enemies, turning them into 
    anything varying from a piano to your favorite ice-cream flavor! But 
    seriously, I just shoot at random, even if your strategy is a little bit 
    Once you have the fuel, you can ride the Stream of Consciousness to Timmy’s 
    Dad’s Giant Robot Dream by stepping onto the back of the boat! The Giant Robot 
    will begin chasing you, so run! Run! Run for your dear life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But 
    be sure not to fall into holes and/or get crushed by falling pillars in the 
    meantime! Every now and then, there will be a small opening with a wrecking 
    ball, a button, and some metal pants. If you have time, then I suggest 
    restocking on screws. As soon as the robot gets close, though, the button will 
    become butt-bounceable! Press it to attack the Robot, knocking it down so that 
    it loses its head (literally)! Attack the head with screws from the SPUM and 
    when the Giant Robot regains consciousness, begin running again! Repeat until 
    you win.
    Finally, Timmy’s Dad will wake up after his Giant Robot Dream. “Timmy! I had 
    the craziest dream! And you were in it! Oh, but you were a very naughty 
    stressed figment of my imagination!” Now, Timmy’s Dad apologizes for the 
    inconvenience (not that he knows the half of it) and gives you the salt.
    Congratulations are in order! For you have just defeated a Giant Robot, woke 
    up Timmy’s Dad despite the weird TV magic, got some salt for your Magic 
    Fairyversary Muffin, completed the level, and got one step closer to finding 
    the Royal Jewel, catching the thief, and watching Crash Nebula! So.... 
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! You have just defeated a Giant Robot, woke up Timmy’s 
    Dad despite the weird TV magic, got some salt for your Magic Fairyversary 
    Muffin, completed the level, and got one step closer to finding the Royal 
    Jewel, catching the thief, and watching Crash Nebula!
    ~Take It On the Chin~
    Timmy now remembers seeing the Phoenix Egg once before – in an old Crimson 
    Chin Comic Book! “This is it! Issue #133 of the Phoenix Egg Saga: ‘Chin Alone’ 
    – A classic issue!”
    Crimson Chin: “H2Olga’s flooding the city – but why?”
    H2Olga: “You will soon find out Crimson Chin! Behold! The power of the PHOENIX 
    Crimson Chin: “My power – draining into that fiery egg!”
    H2Olga: “And once I flood the city, I will destroy this egg, along with the 
    power of the Crimson Chin! MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!”
    Timmy and his godparents now enter the book, to find that H2Olga is using 
    polluted water to flood the city and give her enough power to quench the egg. 
    “So the water’s evil?” “Even one per twenty jillion gallons of it can be 
    harmful to me!”
    You start off near H2Olga’s lair, but can’t get in yet. (PS: Both a Save 
    Button and an Upgrade Market can be found here.) You’ll first have to stop the 
    flood. It appears to be coming from two big pipes. You’d better block the 
    water flow then! In order to do this, you will have to use some wishes! Two of 
    your three are actually found here and, surprisingly, you can choose which 
    order to use them in! I suggest making your wishes first, then proceeding 
    throughout the level. This should make it a lot faster and easier to get some 
    stickers if you want them.
    So first, make a left. Jump over the buses and catch your first star. Continue 
    on your way to catch the next one. Climb the steps and your wish will be 
    slightly out of reach. To get there, move the box over to the chimney-pipes. 
    Next, jump across them and make your wish.
    This wish is for a pogo-stick! Very fun to use! It’s also great for those 
    people who love the air! And this one can be activated by pressing either ^ OR 
    X, not just ^! The only bad thing is that it makes you sluggish and you can’t 
    even sprint.... (PS: Don’t over-estimate your jumping distance – this stays 
    the same! But don’t worry; your next wish will take care of that....) (Another 
    PS: Try butt-bouncing with this thing equipped – its sooooooooo much fun! And 
    also, you’ve just gotta use it while saving; should give you some kicks!)
    Anyway, after getting the Pogo-Stick, walk (or pogo – whichever you prefer) 
    back to the beginning of the level and this time, take the other path. Catch 
    your first star on the outskirts of jail and the other one actually IN the 
    joint! Then jump down, move the block, and be on your way – but watch out for 
    the robot! Climb the ladder to reach the jail’s second story and a star on the 
    lamb! OK, so he’s already doing time, but you get it....
    This time Timmy wishes for the Crimson Wing! This will let him levitate for a 
    short period of time (the arrow is your fuel, but it automatically recharges 
    in-between uses). First, let me clarify something. It’s a common mistake for 
    people to mix up “fly” and “levitate”. Levitating does not include heights at 
    all (It’s like hovering!); flying does. So in other words, you can’t use the 
    Crimson Wing for heights; that’s the job of the Pogo-Stick! However, I still 
    prefer this wish – but that’s just me.... Now, to get back on task. If you can 
    collect Crimson Wing Fuel while using it, then your fuel will completely 
    refill, allowing you to hover for a longer period of time. Oh, and one more 
    thing – don’t try using this in combination with Pogo-Stick, nor even while 
    you’re in mid-air. It doesn’t work. I know. I’ve tried. Also, if you want to 
    end your flight early, then just press ^ a second time.
    Anyway, you now must use your Crimson Wing to get all over the place. Not much 
    to say here. It’s all pretty much self-explanatory. So, anyway, once you get 
    to the last jump, you will need to do “some serious winging”! There are two 
    fuels in your path. Hover, grab them and drop! Now, wing it over to the big 
    faucet and move the block underneath it to stop the flow. “Ah, I love comic 
    book logic! Since the flow of water has stopped, the water level is actually 
    decreasing!” Now either take the elevator or (if you’re impatient) just jump 
    back down to the ground and go back the other way.
    It’s really quite the same here, only using your Pogo-Stick instead of your 
    Crimson Wing. After all this stuff, head for the ground, ‘cause you’ll see a 
    button appear underneath all of that water! Press it and then hover into 
    H2Olga’s Lair!
    H2Olga is at the top of Water Works. After using the Crimson Wing for a few 
    feet, you will find a room with a Save Button, a watery hippo, and three more 
    wish stars! Collect the first one in the center. The next requires using your 
    pogo in one of the corners. And the last one can be found by hovering to the 
    opposite corner and then pogoing upwards.
    Now you need something to defeat those hippos with. “They’re made of water, 
    right? So wish for a gigantic bendy straw!” “Cosmo, don’t encourage Timmy to 
    drink evil-doers!” Finally, the trio decides upon a Freeze-Ray! This will stop 
    enemies in their tracks and, not only does it disable them, but you can also 
    jump on the enemies afterwards!
    Use your new wish to get to the next room, where there is a button which will 
    change the water level! Press this and then go down and move the blocks. When 
    you raise the water level again, hover across your blocks to the other side.
    Run through this area with two enemies. Now, hover across the water. Press the 
    button to lower one water level, but raise the other. Drop down and you will 
    see a tunnel. Go through this. Now, climb the ladder and press the next 
    button. Water level will now rise in this room. Hover across the barrels and 
    pogo north.
    Now, freeze all enemies, jump across them, and hover over the moving platforms 
    (they move up and down).
    In this next room, you find the Crimson Chin! “Gosh, he really has lost his 
    powers!” “Haven’t you ever read this book? That happens all the time!” You 
    will automatically free him. “You’re in no condition to fight H2Olga, so I’ll 
    have to do it!” “What are you talking about? He’s a grown man! And you’re just 
    a ten-year-old boy!” “Cosmo, it’s OK! The entire point of sidekicks is to fill 
    in when powers get lost!”
    Now you should be in a room which seems oddly familiar. “We passed a room like 
    this on the other floor, remember?” “Yeah! You have to use the pump to inflate 
    the elephant! Wait, no.... That’s not right....” Press the button and “If the 
    water level rises in here, then where did it come from?” “My guess is Canada!” 
    “When you lowered the water level, the crates became moveable.” “Or you can 
    just look for the elephant.” Move them. “What do we do when the crates aren’t 
    high enough?” “Feed the elephant peanuts?” Use your Crimson Wing now to get 
    around everything and to another crate in the room where the water level 
    should be low. Push this down and then in a good spot. Climb the ladder once 
    again and press the button. Now just hover across. You’re almost up to H2Olga! 
    Just freeze an enemy and you’ll be there! (PS: There should be a Save Button 
    around here.)
    “Where’s H2Olga? Maybe we’re early!” “On the contrary, you’re too late, 
    Cleft!” “Wow! She’s huge!” “I have almost absorbed enough power to quench the 
    fire of the Phoenix Egg!” “Oh yeah! That’s why we’re here! I knew there was a 
    good reason!” H2Olga is actually quite simple. There is a pathway to walk on. 
    Freeze any enemies you must, jump over any holes H2Olga makes, don’t get hit 
    by water, and press every button you find. After all three buttons, you win! 
    Yup, that simple. No twists to it. No! I’m not lying! Seriously! Just press 
    the buttons already, will you! They cause sewer pollution to destroy her!
    “You’re all washed out H2Olga!” “Wow! Great cheesy line, Timmy! Keep it up!” 
    Crimson Chin will now appear. “Time to give you back your powers, CC!” “Yeah! 
    We wouldn’t want Chin in our muffin!” “I’ll ignore that cryptic comment, 
    Captain Cosmo!” So H2Olga’s in jail, Crimson Chin’s got his powers back, and 
    you have a new Phoenix Egg! Good job!
    ~Get a Clue~
    Jorgen Von Strangle has asked for your assistance in the investigation. So, 
    it’s time to check out Oberon and Titania’s house and the room where the Royal 
    Jewel was stolen from. Apparently, this is behind the Door-That-Never-Opens. 
    “Mind if I dusted your knob for fingerprints?” “Yes.”
    You start off in front of the door and meet the Chamberlain, who tells you 
    that Oberon and Titania are out of town. There is also a Save Button and an 
    Upgrade Market here.
    Climb the stairs after speaking to the door and then head right. You will soon 
    reach a series of three rooms, each one with its own Wish Star. The first 
    room’s star is right there. Not much to explain. In the room to your left, 
    there are four buttons. Press all of them at the same time to release your 
    star. One button is in a corner; the next one is on a bookcase; from there, 
    you can continue jumping along some glass displays; and the last one involves 
    climbing some pillars to reach a clock. I recommend getting the third button 
    first, then the fourth, then the first, and finally, the second one. This is 
    probably the easiest way to do it so that none become unpressed. The last star 
    in the last room can be received by moving a block next to the bookcases and 
    then jumping across them to reach a star on a clock.
    Timmy just knows that there must be some other way into the room which once 
    possessed the Royal Jewel – like from above. “We have wings, so we can just 
    fly.” “But I don’t! I need stairs! They’re fundamental to my ability to move 
    up and down!” “I have an idea!” “Oh boy! I love it when Cosmo thinks laterally 
    – it’s a whole new definition of lateral!” You now wish for a Mansion-Upside-
    Downer! MUD can be used to make the ceiling the floor and the floor the 
    ceiling! This will work on you, Cosmo, Wanda, a certain boss, and boxes!
    Go back into the room in the beginning of the level and use your MUD to get 
    through a secret door in the ceiling (or floor with the MUD). Upstairs, you 
    can now find out that the thieves are.... OBERON AND TITANIA!!!!!!! “But it 
    was just hearsay! And inadmissible as evidence!” “So let’s find some 
    admissible evidence!”
    Go through the door (not the one that leads to the bottomless pit and topless 
    ceiling) to find a gigantic magical loom! There are two stars on the loom and 
    one on a bobbin at the end. “Bobbin’s my favorite word! Bobbin! Bobbin! 
    This time Timmy’ll wish to be a ghost! “Careful what you wish for, Hon! We 
    don’t want to do this the hard way!” Now you can slip through grates in the 
    walls, floors, and ceilings! Plus, many knights are apparently scared of 
    ghosts! Because of this, you can now chase them around and make them freeze by 
    “boo”-ing when close enough.
    Slip through some grates now to get back to the beginning quickly. But this 
    time, climb the stairs and make a left through the grates! Chase a red knight 
    onto a red platform to free a wish star and then grab it. A door will now open 
    into the next room featuring a red knight, red platform, blue knight, blue 
    platform, and another trapped star. Do the same thing here and then proceed to 
    a room with a red knight, red platform, blue knight, blue platform, green 
    knight, green platform, yellow knight, yellow platform, and your final trapped 
    It’s time to get to the bottom of this mystery, so Timmy now wishes Magnifying 
    Glass which lets him see invisible things. “Haha! We should call this – a 
    MAGIC-fying Glass! Haha! Get it?” “No.... No we shouldn’t....” “I don’t think 
    so either and if you say that again, then I’ll turn you into candelabra and 
    light all your heads!” This will reveal a hidden trail to the thieves, 
    invisible platforms for you to stand on, and a few pictures which you can go 
    through (even without your Ghost Costume)!
    Follow the trail into the room with the bottomless pit and topless ceiling to 
    find some platforms for you to jump across into another similar room (only 
    with a floor and a ceiling) where you will need to use the MUD to get onto the 
    platforms and then jump across them to a holographic picture.
    You will now be in Oberon and Titania’s bedroom. Using the MUD, push a block 
    next to the Cat Picture. Now jump through it into a slightly confusing 
    passageway where I have forgotten which direction to go in a million times. 
    Just look at the arrows on the floor if this happens to you. You may have to 
    use your MUD a few times. Just be sure to bring the block at the beginning of 
    the passageway with you. Near the end, you’ll need to jump on it in order to 
    Once you’re done here, go through the hole in the floor to get behind the 
    Door-That-Never-Opens! Here is a big red ghost – the boss! Dodge his laser-
    eyes and try to get him over a block. When he turns invisible, use your MUD. 
    If he was on top of the block, then it should fall on him so that he’s hurt! 
    But the box will then break. Do this four times (one for each box), you will 
    Oberon and Titania are now revealed! “Where’s the Royal Jewel?” “Ha! We’ll 
    never tell you who has it!” “Aha! So you gave it to someone else!” The two of 
    them plan to rule the world! “One is royalty. Royalty should rule. If one 
    cannot rule, then one must create a new magical realm!” But they poof away to 
    escape before any further interrogation.
    So, you now know who stole the Royal Jewel and Cosmo found a muffin tray! But 
    you still need the rest of the Magic Muffin ingredients. So be on your way to 
    stop this peril!
    ~Vicky Strikes Back~
    Weird TV Magic (or WTVM for short) has now sucked Vicky into it and caused her 
    to become an evil empress who has complete control over everything but Earth! 
    However, a strange Shadow suddenly appears and tells her to start the 
    countdown for her Babysitter ray, which will allow her to have control over 
    the Earth as well! Only one person can stop her – Timmy Turner!!!!!!
    In this amazingly well-done level, you will start off on the surface of the 
    alien planet, outside of Vicky’s space Palace. But they always have secret 
    underground entrances! Even if this one isn’t so secret.... It’s right of you, 
    Inside is a Save Button, a Wish Star, some lasers, a big gap which you cannot 
    jump over, and two pods which will teleport you. First, grab the star, dodging 
    the lasers, of course. Then take the green side of the pods to two more Wish 
    Stars. One pod leads to some moving platforms for you to jump on and the other 
    to a floor which will crumble beneath your feet!
    Once you get all three stars, Timmy wishes for the one thing that every space 
    hero needs – a jetpack! It’s used the same way as your Crimson Wing was (more 
    info under “D: ~Take It On the Chin~”). Only this one will help with both 
    distance and height! It’s like a Crimson Wing and Pogo-Stick combined – just 
    Use you new Jetpack to “phwoosh” above that gap you passed earlier and get 
    into a big room! Apparently, Cosmo now smells something.... Yugoniom! Or 
    however it’s spelled! “It’s a gas that becomes solid when exposed to gamma 
    This room has a load of platforms on it. Plus lasers (avoid at all costs!) and 
    a swarm of enemies for you to beware while using your Jetpack! There is also 
    one wish star in here. Grab it and scram!
    Firstly, jetpack off to the left. Past this tunnel is a huge room! In here, 
    you will find some teleporters which are not yet active, a narrow pathway 
    encircling the area, a load of moving platforms, some Jetpack Fuel (handy), 
    and one big hole which not even your Jetpack can stand up against! If you feel 
    as if your life is in danger, then you’re in the right place! So head over to 
    the left and butt-bounce that enemy! Now jetpack up the tiny platforms. There 
    are three of them. At the last one is void of moving platforms. So wait for 
    one to get close and then jetpack there. Repeat this until you reach the top 
    of the room. Remember to take it one level of platforms at a time! You can’t 
    skip any! You WILL fail and the platform you were standing on could easily 
    leave during your absence, so don’t try any shortcuts.
    The last platform is still again. Press the button. From there, you must do a 
    load of jetting! You will know which way to go in because there are several 
    Jetpack Fuels and even a few checkpoint platforms for you to rest on. At the 
    top of all this, you will find your star! And a few teleporter platforms – oh, 
    so NOW they become active! Anyway, use them (or fall if you want to have fun) 
    to get back to the ground (or die if you miss) and return to the previous room 
    (where Cosmo smelled Yugoniom).
    Jetpack to the other side of this room and go through this tunnel to reach a 
    much safer room (the electricity under the mining ship can’t hurt you). First, 
    jetpack onto the mining ship, choose left or right, and then just follow the 
    arrows. On the next level of the ship, wait for a platform to come close and 
    then jet on top of it. Do the same with the next one. If you can’t find a way 
    out then to a different platform at the same height as yours. Eventually, you 
    should find one with an arrow pointing upwards. Jet up to the third level of 
    the mining ship. Here, you do pretty much the same thing, but the platforms 
    are numbered less and in different places. Seriously though, it doesn’t 
    matter. This level’s even EASIER because you can jetpack up on any high 
    platform to reach to the ship’s last level! Here, it’s very easy. Just circle 
    around until you see an arrow pointing outwards and a big drop! But that drop 
    does have a little bit of distance, so jetpack there. Here, your final star 
    “If I remember correctly, and it would be a first, gamma rays make Yugoniom 
    solid!” “OK then, I wish for Gamma Rays!” “One bucket of Gamma Rays, coming 
    right up!” Wanda’s eyes shrink – look at her! It’s quite comical! Anyway, she 
    instantly takes charge and simply allows Timmy’s suit to emit Gamma Rays when 
    he wants it to! Plus, the shielding inside of his suit will protect him from 
    any harm! “Good thing us fairies aren’t affected by harmful radiation! That’s 
    why we don’t tan!”
    Teleport or drop (just don’t get lost underneath the mining ship like I once 
    did) and go back through the tunnel. Jetpack right and activate your new Gamma 
    Suit! “I smell Yugoniom! Or is it Yogurt?” Thankfully, it was Yugoniom, so 
    Cosmo didn’t waste us a precious wish! If you’re close, the Yugoniom will 
    become a surface which you can easily stand on – but be careful! Look where 
    you’re going and be sure not to fall in any holes where Yugoniom is non-
    existent! That’s your first rule if you’re a driver on the road! Be sure to 
    know where some weird alien gas does not exist!
    Now, go into the elevator and you will finally see a door to Vicky’s Lair! But 
    it’s behind glass! You need to get there first and you’ll need another to do 
    so, so make a right and Cosmo will recognize another bizarre alien planet 
    feature – “It’s a Pinballistic Velocitizer!” “A pinball-what?” “A Pinballistic 
    Velocitizer! It can be used to fire Pinballistic Ejectile Podules to explore 
    new places!” “If we had one of these Podules, could we use it to explore the 
    place?” Believe me. Wanda’s gonna regret that – but I doubt you will! (This is 
    my favorite wish in the whole game – you’ll love it!)
    Make a left through the only unlocked door and use the Gamma Suit to see a 
    maze of Yugoniom! Be sure to look where you’re going so you don’t fall! Also, 
    there are some enemies floating around here which you cannot even kill. 
    Thankfully, you can jump over them. Or, if there’s a little lonesome piece of 
    Yugoniom, you can hide there and wait for the enemy to pass. But whatever you 
    do – MEMORIZE THEIR PATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, touch 
    any non-Yugoniom platforms you see – if you die, then you will go back to the 
    last one you touched. Other than that, the only hard part of these mazes is 
    that you can only see some of the Yugoniom at a time. So just be patient, 
    watch out for baddies and DON’T FALL!!!!!!
    The first wish star is past the first maze. There are absolutely no twists 
    here in any way whatsoever, other than the ones in the Yugoniom.... Second 
    Wish Star – guarded by lasers at the end of the maze! There is also some 
    moving Yugoniom! So wait for it and jump! Once you get to the button slam and 
    that and get to the end of the maze as fast as possible! But don’t forget to 
    watch where you’re going. If you are having trouble with this, then after you 
    press the button, immediately pause and select skip scene. This should buy you 
    a second or two. The final maze and the final Wish Star are completed and 
    captured basically the same way as the last one was. The only main difference 
    here is that there are a greater amount of enemies and the path from the 
    button to the end is longer.
    It’s wishing time! “OK, guys! I wish for a PEP!” Cosmo now poofs up one of 
    those Pinballistic Ejectile Podules he was talking about earlier. “It’s a 
    ball. That I go inside of. Err.... Great....!” You must use this high-speed 
    unbelievably-fun gizmo-wish to be shot from a Pinballistic Velocitizer.
    Also, you will probably need to butt-bounce wedges to rotate them. These can 
    be used to knock your Pinballistic Ejectile Podule into a different direction. 
    Then, there are also walls which will turn you PEP around by curving it! Not 
    to mention the Pinballistic Calibration Doors, which will block your PEP from 
    going passing! When your shot, all of these will work together to, hopefully, 
    launch you into a Pinballistic Target to open doors even Pinballistic 
    Calibration Doors! Not to mention Pinballistic Sensor Doors, which will not 
    open unless you are in you PEP. These usually lead to Crown Coins, Stickers, 
    etc. And I haven’t even gotten started on ramps, which will launch you high in 
    the air! “OK guys, so I have my – err – Pinballistic Ejectile Podule.” “Or 
    Pinball.” “Gee, thanks Wanda! I have my Pinball! How do you I use it?” “You 
    can ride around in it for fun! And whenever you see a Pinballistic Velocitizer 
    -” “- or spring -” “- roll inside of it to be shot out dangerously high 
    Now, go through the doors to reach the room just before the beginning of the 
    Yugoniom Mazes. Bounce the wedge until its two points point to the Spring and 
    the ramp leading towards the Switch. Now, roll into the spring, and you will 
    launched out to the wedge, bounce off, jump the ramp, and hit the switch, 
    therefore opening up another door. Enter this.
    “What is this place?” “I’m guessing it’s a Pinballistic Callibration Array!” 
    “Cosmo, are you making up?” “Yes!” “I have an idea! I’ll explore and talk to 
    you guys if I need help!” “And then I’ll make more stuff up!” Bounce the first 
    wedge to make it face the next wedge, which should already be facing the 
    correct direction. Now roll into the spring to open up the Pinballistic 
    Callibration Door! Bounce the wedge at the beginning again for it to face the 
    now-open door. Everything else is already in place. So this time when you’re 
    launched, you’ll bounce off two or three wedges, turn around in the wall, hit 
    a target at the end of a ramp to open up the door onto the next area.
    In this room, there there are Pinballistic Callibration Doors to open, one 
    locked, er, Door-Door, and three switches around the room. Hit the first wedge 
    so that it faces the first switch and go then go the spring to be flung right 
    into it. Then hit the wedge again to face the PCD. Hit the next wedge until it 
    faces the next switch and repeat. Then go back and hit to face the third 
    wedge, which should already be facing the final switch. Use the spring one 
    last time to open the door and get behind the glass!
    But the door to Vicky’s lair is still shut. You must do something with either 
    Cosmo or Wanda much like you did in Dad’s Dream to open the door.
    Vicky is pretty easy to tell the truth. First, access your Gamma Suit. Now, 
    run around the room and hit all buttons – dodging the lasers, of course. After 
    all three are pressed, a Pinballistic Velocitizer will appear at the entrance 
    for you to use with your Pinballistic Ejectile Podule and hurt Vicky! Repeat 
    until you win. But be careful – each time you do damage, Mark the Alien will 
    destroy some of the Yugoniom. If you get hit too much or fall off, then you 
    will start at the last non-Yugoniom platform and all buttons will un-press.
    “This isn’t fair! My Babysitter Ray only says 6% - Aren’t you supposed to wait 
    until it’s practically finished before bursting in and ruining my plans?” 
    “Lesser heroes, maybe. But Crash Nebula always believes in efficiency!” And 
    so, you defeated Vicky, saved the Earth, and obtained the Mooncalf Milk! 
    ~The Great Esc-Ape~
    Mom has the flour! And now, she’s looking for the cooking channel, but all she 
    can find is a boring monkey documentary! WHICH COMES TO LIFE!!!!!!!! Now, an 
    ape takes over the world! And just when it can’t get any worse, our good ol’ 
    friend Mysterious Shadow returns and tells of a prophecy that a “guy with one 
    sandal, a lion-shaped birthmark and a silly pink hat will overthrow. Well, the 
    hat at the very least.” You guessed it – Timmy!!!!
    You find yourself in a cage, but there is a crate with a banana symbol on it. 
    Push or pull the crate to the side of the cage. Then jump on the crate and get 
    out of the cage. Then get the star that is running away. After that go right 
    next to the cage and you’ll a political rebel ape in a cage. He tells you that 
    the monkey doesn’t like the new tyrant ape leader because he rations bananas. 
    He also asks for your help and tells you the rebel password: “Back to 
    bananas!” You may notice that there is a button with a paw symbol. If you step 
    on this the door will open, but if you go off the door will close. Not a 
    problem. We will go back to this dilemma later. Then go left of him and jump 
    on a few crate and jump on top of a cage. Go ahead and jump on in. There you 
    will find a star. To get out, move the crate onto the red button. Next exit 
    the cage and go straight until you find crates and barrels. Now, jump on the 
    crate with the bone symbol. Continue to jump on up until you get to the 
    barrels. Then jump straight onto the next crate, then the next one, and 
    finally onto the cage. You may need to double jump at points. Now free the 
    monkey and star by butt bouncing on the cage. Then you get a wish.
    You wish for a banana launcher. To function this, hold triangle and you will 
    see a meter slowly empty. The less red in the meter, the farther you will 
    launch a banana when you release. You may notice that you only have 10 
    bananas. Not a problem. You may notice many banana trees throughout the level. 
    Bounce when near these to receive bananas. You can bounce these as much as you 
    want. There’s one in this very room!
    Now we are back to the button that I mentioned earlier. Throw a banana at the 
    button. Watch as the monkey follows the banana and steps on the button. Then 
    you can go through the door.
    The next room will be filled with ape guards. If you go in the flashlight zone 
    it will turn red and you will be in danger of getting caught. If you do get 
    caught, you will have to start this room over, but you will not have to 
    repress buttons, etc. If you throw a banana then the ape guards turn and get 
    distracted. Go through the opening, quickly run to the right and go all the 
    way until you hit the wall. Then turn left and there will be a ladder. Go up 
    the ladder and butt bounce on the button.
    There is a banana tree if you need one. Now go in through the door which was 
    opened and there will be a guard. This part might get tricky. Throw a banana 
    into the corner and quickly run past the guard. Go around the fence and free 
    the monkey. Step on the button and don’t go off. While on it, shoot a banana 
    through the now-open fence and the monkey will go through. Try not to shoot it 
    near the guard because then the monkey will go there. Go around the guard 
    again and lure the monkey to that button you passed earlier.
    Go through the door and you find a monkey across a moat. Throw a banana across 
    the moat on the button. The monkey will go on the button and the drawbridge 
    will be lowered. Cross the drawbridge. In this room there is a gigantic monkey 
    statue which you will need to open somehow. Cosmo tells you to go up. Also in 
    this room    

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