How the heck?

  1. At pro sk8er lvl how do u get to the other areas?

    User Info: hartalan

    hartalan - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok this is easy first when you are in the space one look or face the white wall where the ship front is then get in there and get to the top of one side go around the corner and grind the rail then olie on the next rail up it is near the center of the room keep grinding up to the next rail and agail do this quickly then depends what side you are on olie and sticker slap the light if thereis no red light try the other way then come back the way you went before and dont grind the rails untill you are passed where you were last time and hit that red light then a scene will happen after the scene go where the spaceship went do this you will be in the next area.

    When in this area go behind the big statue and you will find a rope climb it not the one in the center of the room then grind the two ropes that are holding the ball in its place one on each side then a scene. When you first got in that area a guy said something about something ignore himand go back where you were befor when you first entered look straight like you just came throgh the portal and there is one picture carved into the wall on the left and right spray paint thouse them go inside to the left or right there will be more of those on the far walls then go back where you were before when you cut those two ropes for the big ball to fall and there will be the last one behind the statue on the top floor spray paint that one and another scene. Go back to that big hole in the floor and climb the rope hanging over it and make your way across into that portal.

    The go to that devil guy on the top floor telling you to nadaspin the broken bones get off your skate board and look up at the broken ribs nadaspin both of them then wall plant the things byrideing your skateboard on them and you will be let into the back room

    hope you can under stand!

    User Info: gbsfsvdfd2524

    gbsfsvdfd2524 - 8 years ago 0 0

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