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    Glitch/Easter Egg Guide by Guacamole_Man

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/05/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           TONY HAWK'S UNDERGROUND 2
                Glitches, Easter Eggs, and Other Random Little Cool Things
    Version 2.0
    By Joel Impey (Guacamole_Man)
    Date started: December 31, 2008
     CONTENTS                     >
    1. Introduction
    2. Glitches, ect.
      2.01 Just a Word...
      2.02 Methods
        2.021 The Bail Method
        2.022 The Impossible Method
        2.023 The Moon Jumping Method
        2.024 The Restart-Setting Method
      2.03 General Glitches and Easter Eggs
        2.031 Glitches
        2.032 Easter Eggs
        2.033 Others
      2.04 Training
        2.041 Glitches
        2.042 Easter Eggs
        2.043 Others
      2.05 Boston
        2.051 Glitches
        2.052 Easter Eggs
        2.053 Others
      2.06 Barcelona
        2.061 Glitches
        2.062 Easter Eggs
        2.063 Others
      2.07 Berlin
        2.071 Glitches
        2.072 Easter Eggs
        2.073 Others
      2.08 Australia
        2.081 Glitches
        2.082 Easter Eggs
        2.083 Others
      2.09 New Orleans
        2.091 Glitches
        2.092 Easter Eggs
        2.093 Others
      2.10 Skatopia
        2.101 Glitches
        2.102 Easter Eggs
        2.103 Others
      2.11 Pro Skater
        2.111 Space
        2.112 Maya
        2.113 Hell
      2.12 Triangle
        2.121 Glitches
        2.122 Easter Eggs
        2.123 Others
      2.13 School
        2.131 Glitches
        2.132 Easter Eggs
        2.133 Others
      2.14 Philadelphia
        2.141 Glitches
        2.142 Easter Eggs
        2.143 Others
      2.15 Downhill Jam
        2.151 Glitches
        2.152 Easter Eggs
        2.153 Others
      2.16 Los Angeles
        2.161 Glitches
        2.162 Easter Eggs
        2.163 Others
      2.17 Canada
        2.171 Glitches
        2.172 Easter Eggs
        2.173 Others
      2.18 Airport
        2.181 Glitches
        2.182 Easter Eggs
        2.183 Others
      2.19 Create-A-Park
        2.191 Glitches
        2.192 Easter Eggs
        2.193 Others
    3. Credits and Thanks
    4. Version History
    5. Legal Carp
    6. Frequently Asked Questions
    7. Final Note
    1. INTRODUCTION               >
    Hello everyone, and welcome to the wonderful world of THUG2 Glitches, Easter
    Eggs and other stuff! I saw that no one really put up much of a glitch list so
    I decided to make my own. Now bear with me people, this is my very first FAQ,
    and probably my last. I'm not much of a gamer, but when I started playing THUG2
    I was hooked. I found out a ton of glitches and easter eggs on my own just from
    doing random nonsense, then I found some more on sites on the net and decided
    to write a FAQ about them. Now, PLEASE NOTE that there are not many useful
    things on this FAQ, just stuff to do if you are bored and things to see and
    to make your THUG2 experience just that much better. I also only use the
    gamecube version, so there may be slight differences and bear with me for the
    controls. I expect you to know how to play the game and have fair knowledge of
    places in the level. So without further adue, on with the FAQ!
    2. GLITCHES, ECT.             >
    2.01 Just a Word...READ THIS!
    I'd just like to point out that although many of these are useless, some are
    quite comical and can even prove to be useful. In this paragraph, I will
    explain a couple of things about this section. Each glitch will have a S, F, G
    and/or 2 in front of it, which means which mode the level must be played. S
    means the goal can be done in story mode, F is free skate, G for create-a-goal
    and 2 for Two Player. If a letter is missing, that means that the glitch CANNOT
    be done in that mode. If a glitch has a M beside it, it means that you require
    the moon gravity cheat, which can be obtained by finding all the gaps in the 
    game. Happy glitch-finding!
    2.02 Methods
    I'm not talking about the trick. These methods are different ways of doing 
    glitches that can be used in almost every level. I will state before every 
    level where they can be used.
      2.021 The Bail Method
      The Bail Method is a glitch that you can use to get through most of the walls
      in the game. It's used for places in every level that you can see into, but
      can't go into, like shops and other buildings. To perform the bail method, 
      go by the place you want to get into and face the wall. Turn 90 degrees to 
      the right so that you left side is facing the wall and get as close as you
      can while still facing left. Set a restart. Go over to any rail in the level,
      and with the perfect rail cheat OFF, grind on the rail and bail off on the
      LEFT side. Make sure that it's an actual bail and you lose your combo and end
      up falling over to the left. As soon as you fail the combo and fall, hit
      pause and go to your restart. You should get pushed through the wall and into
      the area. Try it again if it doesn't work. Please note that this method won't
      work in story mode as you cannot set restarts.
      2.022 The Impossible Method
      It's not impossible, it's just referring to the trick used in game. The 
      impossible method is used for the same thing as the bail method, to get 
      through walls, although it only works in corners. It works most of the same 
      places that the bail method uses. To use it, go up to a corner, and face the
      wall you want to go through, and keep doing impossibles into the corner while
      holding forward on the control stick. You should eventually slide through the
      wall. The impossible method is very inconsistent, harder to do, and can take
      more time than the bail method. The good things, though, are that it can be
      used in two player and story mode, where as the bail method can't. My advice:
      use the bail method, and only use the impossible method when you really need 
      2.023 The Moon Jumping Method
      The moon jumping method is used to jump up walls and get you into backrounds.
      You need to use the moon gravity cheat, which you need to find all the gaps
      to use. There's a FAQ on gaps if you haven't found all of them. To get into a
      level background, go up to a wall or building (with the moon gravity cheat 
      on), and keep wall jumping. You will usually go up and up along an invisible
      wall for a while before falling over it and landing in the level's backround.
      I will state before each level where it can be done. In some cases, you'll 
      need to jump to the side when you reach the top of the building or invisible
      wall, otherwise you'll go out of bounds. I will state where this happens.
      2.024 The Restart Setting Method
      The restart setting method (RSM) is used to bypass portals and get into the
      spaces behind them. Stand in front of the portal you want to bypass, and set
      a restart. Take a step forward and set another restart. Keep repeating this
      until you activate the portal and go through it. DO NOT set a restart once 
      you go through the portal. Go back to your restart via the pause menu, and 
      press forward on the control stick and the pause button at the same time.
      If the paused screen still shows that you haven't entered the portal, set a
      restart then unpause. If you've gone through the portal, go back to your 
      restart and repeat the stuff explained in this scentence and the two before
      it until you no longer activate the portal. You should be able to enter the
      the non-playable area by walking forward. Set a restart if you want to come 
    2.03 General Glitches and Easter Eggs \
    These are things that can be done in pretty much every level.
      2.031 Glitches
      S F G 2 The Magic Spray
      Once you've unlocked the "Double Fist'n" trick, go find any place that's out 
      of bounds (water, back streets, ect.). Jump and do the trick, and keep  
      holding it throughout the entire glitch. Make sure you land on the out of
      bounds area while still holding the trick. When you respawn, you'll still 
      have some of the spray paint coming from your hands.
      S F G  Floating Bricks
      There are items that can be kicked around (bricks, statue heads, ect) that
      are found in pretty much every level, and when kicked into bodies of water 
      that you drown in, they all stay on top and "float".
      F G  On top of the Car
      Find a road that cars drive on, and set a restart somewhere where a car will
      drive over. Right as the car drives over the spot go to the restart. You will
      be teleported to the top of that car instead of inside the car.
      S F G 2  Special Spine Transfer
      Fill up your special meter, and go over to any place where you can spine 
      transfer. Jump up one of the quarter pipes forming the spine, and quickly do
      the special trick so you and up hitting the spine transfer button and the 
      last button of the special trick at the same time. If it works, the word 
      Spine Transfer will be in orange, and the special trick will be written in 
      white. You can also do this with a caveman instead of a spine transfer.
      S F G  Smartcars
      There are red smartcars in a few of the levels, and if you get off your board
      and stand beside the front end of one, you can slowly walk into the car and
      get inside of it.
      S F G 2  Eternal Crumbs
      Equip the "Don't Feed Phil" special trick as one of your tricks. Get special,
      then (still on your board), do the trick and bail. You should have the chunks
      of food still coming from your mouth. They'll stay there until you do the 
      trick again. This glitch is pretty inconsistent and doesn't seem to follow
      any pattern. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I find it works best
      if you go off a kicker or quarter pipe. You'll have to spend a couple minutes
      experimenting with making the glitch work.
      S  Freeze Your Increased Stats
      Start a new story mode on easy and DO NOT increase any rail or manual stats.
      Get to Barcelona (beat goals with the pro team mate so you don't increase 
      your stats by mistake) and get some tomatoes. Go towards the bull cage and 
      start a manual so some of those manual stat increase things come up in white.
      Still in your manual, throw a tomato at the bull. The destruction will 
      activate, and when the cutscene is over the white stat increase messages will
      still be on your screen as if you're still in a combo. They'll disappear when
      you either jump or end a combo. You can also do this in Australia (use the
      natas spin stat increase) and New Orleans (use the grind for x seconds stat 
      increase). This is a lot easier on the PS2 version as you can enter the
      "accesspass" cheat which allows you to skip levels.
      2.032 Easter Eggs
      S F G 2  Fire Hydrant Pop
      In almost all the levels, there's a fire hydrant somewhere in it. If you 
      If you Natas Spin on it for a bit of time, it will break.
      S F G 2 Random Writings
      There are random bits of writing, signs and graffiti in most of the levels
      that can reflect on some pop culture or just some funny things. There's too
      many to list, so if you want to find them, see the 6.8 Interesting Things
      section of the FAQ by Brokaliv.
      2.033 Others 
      S F G 2  Big Spray
      If you graffiti tag something during a combo, the size of the tag is almost
      S F G  Falling Objects
      Before you get into a level background, pick up some throwing objects like 
      paint cans or tomatoes. Once you in the background, throw an object towards
      the abyss. It will pass through the abyss wall and keep falling.
    2.04 Training \
    Now in the Training level I didn't find next to anything, except for one tiny
    glitch, and a little other thing.
      Places to jump up with moon gravity cheat to see background: none.
      Places to use the bail method: at the door/gate where Tony Hawk is in story
      mode. You can also use it at that gate at the end of the half pipe to get to
      a hole in the wall.
      2.041 Glitches
      S  Floating Tag Glitch
      For this glitch, get to the part where Mike asks you to sticker slap the wall
      to break it. Instead of doing that, graffiti tag the cracked wall and then
      bust it open. You will end up with a floating graffiti tag.
      2.042 Easter Eggs
      S F G  Break the Electrical Box
      While looking at the door that Tony is at in Story Mode, look to the left and
      you should see a white electrical box. Sticker Slap it and it will smoke and
      2.043 Others
      G  On top of the Room
      This "glitch" simply gets you on top of the little room above the first half
      pipe where you can't normally get to. Go to the "create-a-goal" option on the
      start menu, and slect any kind of goal you want. Place the PED where ever you
      like, as long as you can still get to him, and raise the spawn point and
      place it on top of the room. Now when you play the goal, you can get up
      An interesting note is that this level is quite similar to the past training
      levels, but I'm sure you already noticed that. One thing that puzzled me was
      that if you go into create-a-goal mode, and just throw around some skate
      letters, you can catch a glimpse of the level background which has a train in
      it, yet I have no idea why it is there. You never see it from inside, so it
      seems to do absolutely nothing, but you never know... Another thing to note
      is that when objects are kicked into the pool, they actually sink. This is
      the only level where I'm aware of this happening.
    2.05 Boston \
    Ahh, Boston. Never been there. Quite a few fun glitches. You can use the bail
    method pretty much everywhere in this level.
      Places to jump into backound: none
      Places to use the bail method: Head on over to the government center where
      you start you race against Paulie in story mode. Go up the steps and continue
      along the walkway until you reach a door of a white building thats beside the
      ATM machine. There is a white ledge right above the right side of the
      door. Set your restart there. Another place is by the door to Jeers (the main
      entrance, not the downstairs one where you find Jesse James). You can also go
      by the Hospital entrance and the window right beside it. The bail method 
      works almost everywhere in this level. It also works on the store right
      beside the arcade machine, as well as the ribboff bank and Big Dig Big Air
      quarter pipe. It also works on the wall in that little area with the fan and
      grind blockers. It's wall that's not facing the water. And you can also do it
      at the bottom of the appartment where the Goat Man lives.
      2.051 Glitches
      S F G 2  Into the Subway
      If you're in Free Skate or Create-A-Goal, you can get into either of the 
      subway entrances by using the RSM. In any other mode, you can only get into
      the one across the street from the library. Skate up either side of the 
      entrance (the sides are quarter pipes), and then quickly get off your board
      and grab on to the slanted blue edge of the entrance. If you grab the wire
      above, try again. Once you're hanging, shimmy towards the end of the entrance
      that disappears into the ground until you can't shimmy anymore. Tap down on
      the control stick so you fall off, and you should end up inside the quarter
      pipe. Run forward, and you should be in the subway entrance. There's not much
      room here, but hey, it's a glitch.
      F G  Behind the Building
      Use the technique described in the RSM, and do it where you go through a hole
      in a fence to get to a spot in a buidling. The hole in the fence is a little 
      ways from where you race Paulie in story mode. When behind the building, you
      have a little bit of space to goof around, but you can't go on the grass 
      beside the building because it is out of bounds.
      S F G 2  Behind the other building (Boston Jesus Glitch Part 1)
      For this glitch, go to the yellow pipe that you climb to tag the big 
      billboard in story mode. Climb all the way up, and you will be stopped by a 
      metal plate on the pipe. Simply jump when your person stands up to get on it.
      Just get up there with moon grav if you're having too much trouble. When you
      get on top of the plate, double jump once to get on the building walkway (not
      the roof). Turn left and walk along the walkway, careful not to fall off.
      When you get to the edge right before the water, turn right and there is
      another walkway. Go down it, still careful not to fall off, but this time go
      on your board. Get some speed, then boneless off the end. You will see two 
      concrete pads: a dark one close to you that is the floor of the building, and
      one right beside it that is lighter in colour. JUMP TO THE LIGHTER ONE. The
      dark one is out of bounds, and will send you back to the main level. Once on 
      the pad, you can see the background of part of the level. Set a restart.
      S F G 2  Walking on Water (Boston Jesus Glitch Part 2)
      If you're still in the same spot where the last glitch ended, stay there. If
      not, hit pause and go to "your options" and then go to your restart, which
      should be behind the building if you followed the directions in the last
      glitch. Once there, you should see a very pixely tree. If you look beside it,
      there is the border of water and the abyss, which you cannot enter. While off
      your board, jump to the abyss and keep holding the control stick in that
      direction. You should either bounce back and forth a bunch of times or get
      stuck. If you get stuck, let go of the control stick and get on and off your
      board a few times, and you should end up walking on the water. If your going
      back and forth, you should also steadily be moving slightly in one direction.
      Keep doing so. You should land on the water unharmed. THIS GLITCH IS VERY
      can skate or walk around, but DO NOT jump. The best thing to do is quickly
      set a restart if the glitch succeeds, and stay away from that A button. You
      can manual all you like, and it's a cool spot to put SKATE letters that only
      you can get. If you go towards the bridge at the other end of the water,
      you'll find you can't pass through it. To go on the other side of the bridge,
      just go to the wall on the far end of the bridge and go through it. This is
      a very fun and somewhat useful glitch.
      S F G 2  Free Fall'n
      This glitch basically lets you fall into the subway. Go to the subway   
      entrance closest to the construction site, and stand beside the quarter piped
      side closest to the library. Grab on to the blue ledge, and shimmy right   
      until you can't anymore. Hit down on the control stick. You should either: A)
      fall down until you reach the subway (which is what we want), or B), fall 
      so you're standing inside the quarter pipe. If option B happens, either get 
      out and try the glitch again, or slowly inch forward and you should fall.
      F G  Explore the Library
      This glitch lets you get in the out of bounds part of the library. Simply go
      in the alley between the red building and the library (there's a dumpster),
      stand beside the middle of the wall and preform the bail method. You'll fall
      through the wall and end up behind those bookshelves.
      S F G M  Enter the Out of Bounds Street
      Turn around from where you start the level. There's a quarter pipe and the
      half pipe truck that's on a road that's out of bounds. How do we get in 
      there? The moon jumping method? Nope. Sneaking around using the bail method?
      Still no. Then how? Find a car that goes counter clockwise around the park
      (for all you kids with digital watches that's the one in the outside lane),
      and skitch it until you have around 4,000 points and  you're special is 
      filled up. Make sure the moon gravity cheat is activated and the perfect 
      skitch is NOT. When you reach Jeers, slide off to the right of the car and
      boneless off the grey quarter pipe as fast as possible. Right before you
      start to lose speed, hit the spine transfer button and you'll spine OVER the
      out of bounds wall and into the half pipe truck. Pretty sneaky, huh? Please
      note that this won't work in story mode if you've completed the "Jump the
      Cars" Goal. You can actually achieve the "Combo on the RV Ramp" goal by
      doing a combo on the half pipe truck in this glitch.
      S F G 2 M  Fly Backwards
      Head on over to the construction site, and stand in front of the second 
      pillar to the right from when you walk in through the entrance. It has a hose
      around it. You can also use the pillar directly to the right of it. Stand 
      right up close to whichever pillar you chose so you're facing the water. Put
      on the moon gravity cheat, and jump straight up about five times. You'll come
      to a wall of plywood. An I-beam will be just above it so you can't jump 
      anymore. Try and wedge yourslef between the plywood and the I-beam while 
      jumping. You should end up flying back into the park. But don't worry,  
      there's another place to do this! Head on over to the hole in the fence, and
      go to the white building that's beside the Ribboff Bank. See the recessed 
      portion of that building? Jump up in there once, then wait barely half a 
      second and jump again. You'll end up wedging yourself in there and go flying
      backwards once more.
      2.052 Easter Eggs.
      S F G 2  The ATM Machine
      On one side of the Riboff Bank is an ATM machine. Sometimes people will use
      it. Sticker Slap it to watch a bunch of money fall out.
      S F G The Geeky Kid
      From the start of the level, turn right to get to the apartment section. Go
      up the quarter pipe of the apartment farthest from the construction site to
      get inside. Stand beside the kid who is watching TV, and do what the little
      window that pops up says (for gamecube it is press X). The geeky kid will put
      on a show for you.
      S F G  Person Dancing with a Goat
      In the other apartment, there is a person dancing to some music in front of a
      goat on a chair.
      S F G 2  Broken TV
      Sticker slap the TV in either apartment to see it turn all fuzzy and break.
      S F G 2  Clowns
      Go inside the state house where you find Ben Franklin in story mode and look
      at all the pictures in the hallway. They all show clowns. My guess is that 
      Neversoft thinks that the people in politics are just a bunch of clowns.
      S F G 2  Porta-Potty Fun
      If you go to the construction site and sticker slap the porta potty, the
      walls and roof fall off and exposes a bunch of...bodily excretions.  
      S F G  The Guitar Guy
      Go into the Subway and you will see a person that will offer to play a tune 
      on his guitar for you.
      S F G 2  Church Sign
      If you go behind the church towards the hospital, you can look up on the 
      church to see a sign that says "What's missing from ch  ch? U R" (what's 
      missing from church? You are). Sticker Slap it and it will break and spark.
      S F G 2  Red Eyes
      Look in the floor of the tea party boat and you will see blinking red eyes.
      You can get in there if you get on and off your board while standing beside
      the boat while using the Walking on Water glitch.
      2.053 Others
      For each level there is a destruction. For Boston, go to that fire bin by the
      Washington Statue to light your board on fire. Then grind on both cannons
      within a short time to watch the destruction clip.
      S F G 2 M  Get on top of the Construction Site
      Using the Moon gravity cheat, you can get on top of the Construction
      S F G 2  Random Writings
      As in every level there are just some random graffiti tags that reflect on
      some pop culture, as well as posters and signs that say funny things. There's
      way to many to list, so you'll have to look around.
      S  Cheers Reference
      Doesn't the inside of the bar Jeers (where you find Jesse James) look like
      the one from the show Cheers?
      S  Invincible Jesse James
      Anyone notice that it's impossible to bail when using Jesse James on his
    2.06 Barcelona \
      Places to jump to into background: Jump either in front of the school to get
      on top, as well as the hospital, and jump on top of the Sants building (the 
      one for the rail rated combo) to get on top and move to your right to get
      into a shopping market. You can also do this near where you free the bull,
      but be careful to stay on the side walk as the grass is out of bounds.
      Places to use the bail method: the big glass wall of MAMO, however there's 
      not much in there, and the first floor of the hospital. Stand on the top of
      the quarter-pipe. Once you get in there, there isn't much room, but if you 
      activate your trusty moon gravity cheat and jump with your camera inside the
      hospital, you can actually see the body bag easter egg. It's as if the window
      makes the bag invisible.
      2.061 Glitches
      F G  Into the Subway and Into the Tram Tunnel
      Use the RSM to get into the subway tunnels and the tunnel that leads to the
      tram. When you go in the tram tunnel you can jump up and hide in one of the
      pillars under the world's longest bench. You can also do this in both 
      entrances to Macba and the cinema on the island. When inside the cinema, 
      there is an invisible wall. Turn on the Moon Gravity cheat and jump up it to
      get onto the exhaust pipes where you normally come out when you enter the
      cinema. This is the only part of the roof that you can skate on.
      S F G 2  Grab on the Ground glitch
      Go to the dragon statue in Parc Guell and get off your board and stand on it.
      While still off your board, go towards the fountain/mouth that is used for
      the Dragon's Breath gap. Jump just as you get the boost from the fountain,
      and you should fly up to where the tram wire is before falling back down. 
      Perform a grab trick, and keep holding it, even when you land. You should
      land still holding your trick on the ground, and now you can move around.
      This won't happen if you just get a little bit of air from the dragon's
      breath. As long as you hold the trick and don't fall in the water, you can
      move around the level like that. Some look actually quite funny. You can do
      this with any tweakable/holdable trick.
      S F G  Portable Natas Spin
      Go staight from the beginning of the level to get to the fountain in front of
      the hospital. There is a cement head on top of it, and you can knock it of to
      get a destruction bonus. The head is a kickable object, so kick it where ever
      you like. Where ever the head is, you can Natas Spin on it, except when it's
      in the sea. This can be effective to make combo lines even bigger.
      S F G  Natas Spin on a Guy's Head
      You can actually Natas spin on any of the guys' heads that drive their
      scooters down the road. Make sure to jump off before you go out of bounds!
      G  Into the Out of Bounds Area
      Create any kind of goal and place the PED down where ever you like. Then
      drag the spawn point over to the top of the tram in Parc Guell. Raise it as
      high as it can go, and then drag it over toward the part of the level that is
      the end of the road that is to your right when you start the level. It is
      beside the tomato guy in the bull costume. This area is normally out of
      bounds, but your spawn point should go over the boundary. Just place it
      anywhere in the area and you can play in that part of the level background.
      S F G 2  Invisible Board Glitch
      Go towards the catapult, and right before you enter it, bail. To bail, face
      the entrance, get a little speed, ollie, rotate your board 90 degrees and
      keep holding a grab trick. If you bail right before you enter the catapult, 
      you'll be in the air on an invisible skateboard. You'll have it for the rest
      of your combo.
      S  Steve-O's Floating Bull
      Switch to Steve-O on his mechanical bull and head up to where you found him.
      Jump and do a Yee-Haw grab and you should bail it and his bull will fall out 
      from under him. It will go straight out the window and float there as if it's
      on solid ground.
      S F G 2  Flip Without Holding Your Board
      Head on over to the catapult entrance. Enter the catapult while holding a
      grab trick, then keep holding it. When you fly out of the catapult, you 
      no longer be doing your grab trick but still be able to do rolls and flips.
      2.062 Easter Eggs
      S F G  The Bouncing Body Bag
      NOTICE: You can only clearly see this on the PS2 version, as in the XBOX and
      gamecube versions you can't see it unless you go into the first floor using 
      the bail method. Anyway, from where you start, go forward for a bit and go up
      the stairs. Use the quarter pipe to get to the second floor balconey of the
      hospital. Look in the window and see what appears to be a bloody, bouncing 
      (also described as vibrating) body bag on a stretcher. I still have yet to 
      play this game on PS2, so this info has been gathered from numerous emails.
      2.063 Others
      Collect some tomatoes from a tomato seller and head on over to the bull pen
      by MACBA. Throw your tomatoes at the bull, and guess what happens.
      S  Floating Rope
      If you've unlocked the Moon Gravity cheat, you can jump off rails or other
      stuff to get to the island BEFORE you help Peg Leg. If you go through the
      cinema and out through the AC duct, you can grind down the rope you normally
      land on. However, since Peg Leg is stuck, the rope is just floating there on
      its own.
    2.07 Berlin \
    I swear you could keep a combo going forever in Berlin, even without the
    Perfect Rail cheat. This level doesn't have much of a background, but there's 
    still some stuff to do.
      Places to jump into background: none :(
      Places to use the bail method: the fish tank at the aquarium, it's easier to
      move inside there after you sticker slap it ONCE. It also works on the top 
      part of the yellow building where you find Paulie in story mode. Stand a 
      little ways from the blue door on the top floor and use the method on the  
      2.071 Glitches
      G  Level Backgrounds
      Create any goal and drag the spawn point to the church. Bring it up to the
      spot where the secret tape is in Classic mode. Raise it as high as you can 
      from there, so it is very high. It can then pass over the out of bounds wall
      on the street in between the Aquarium and Uber Sports, as well as the one 
      between Uber Sports and DOWNZEKD!
      S  Floating Wheelchair
      Just like with Steve-O, make Paulie bail near an edge. His wheel chair will
      float in mid-air.
      S F G 2  Under the Gallerie
      Head on over to the corner of the gallerie closest to the bar with the drunk
      people. There is a walkway slope that goes up to the side of the gallerie
      near that corner. Right beside point where it starts is a concrete pillar
      with a yellow stripe running down it. Face the side with the yellow stripe 
      and get as close as you can. Quickly get on your board, then off it and you
      should end up underneath the gallerie.
      2.072 Easter Eggs
      S  Cut Chemist
      If you complete the Goal where you have to paint the mural in the church, you
      can go into the Gallerie and get the Cut Chemist to crack the windows which
      you then can break.
      S F G  The Sax player
      By the red and white tiered building, not far from where you switch with
      Paulie, is a man that offers to play the sax for you.
      S F G 2  Break the Pipe
      There is a blue pipe you can grind near the star of the level. Grind all of 
      it and it will spring a leak.
      2.073 Others
      Go up to where you find the Graffiti Tagger in Story Mode on the highest tier
      of the gold building. Grind on the ledge towards the train tracks, and hold
      the grind button. You should grind on a small yellow and black pipe. When you
      finish grinding the pipe, the cutscene will start.
      S M  Get Into the Church
      If you have it, activate the moon gravity cheat and go into the church BEFORE
      you complete the "free the spirits" goal by sticker slapping the doorway. 
      Instead, fly up one of the quarter pipes to get to the top level of the 
      church. Walk to the part with the ladders and you'll be behind the wall.
      S F G 2  Oh Wow (Double Bounce)
      This is actually pretty pathetic but still fun to see. Go through the doorway
      in Aushfarht to get onto the top of the center building. In front of you is
      the fan that you use to get to the Gallerie. There's a quarter pipe on either 
      side. Go up the one on the left and grind it towards the left. Keep holding 
      the grind button and only touch the control stick to keep your balance. You
      should end up grinding a little ledge beside the door, then falling of and
      bouncing of a pole, then bouncing off another pole.
    2.08 Australia \
    I've always wanted to visit Australia. One wierd thing about this level: you're
    on a beach, but you can't drown anywhere in the level.
      Places to jump into background: Head on over to the top ledge on the building
      that you use to Acid drop into the tide pool for a goal in story mode. Jump
      towards the yellow building to your right, and start jumping up it right
      before you hit the ground, as it's out of bounds. The other place is over
      toward the part where the cars drive out of bounds. While facing into the out
      of bounds area, go to the building on your right and stand just behind the
      rail/quarter pipe. Start jumping. If you jump all the way over, you will land
      in a tiny little area which isn't normally accessible. However, if when the
      top of the building comes in sight you jump to the left towards the out of
      bounds before you go over the wall, you can get into the area skate around
      there. You can also jump over the wall that prevents you from going into the
      outback before you destroy it using the DESTRUCTION!!.
      Places to use the bail method: Most of the shops on the upper street:
      Thunder Buns Bakery, Mumbo, SKDK Records, the store in between Mumbo and
      SKDK, and the Stein Hotel. You can only get in these shops. You can't get in
      the other ones.
      2.081 Glitches
      S F G 2  Kenny Pushes Back
      Go over to where the Kenny Koala statue is. Facing his front, jump up until
      you're between his legs. If you keep holding forward and jumping, you'll be
      teleported back a random distance.
      S  Floating Graffiti
      When you are pretending to be Nigel Beaverhausen and pissing off people, go
      over to his van by the Kenny Koala statue. Tag the door of the van then 
      finish the goals. When the cutscene starts and Nigel opens the door, your tag
      will be there and floating in the spot where the door was when it was closed.
      F G  Into the Washroom
      Use the RSM on the washrooms near the beach. You can also do this at the 
      portals to and from the outback.
      S F G 2  The Outback Background Glitch
      There are many ways to get into the tiny areas behind the outback walls. 
      First, go to the outback (duh). You can then use the bail method to get
      behind the walls. You can also use the moon jumping technique to jump over
      the walls. In create-a-goal, you can also set spawn points behind the walls. 
      S F G 2  Skate on the Beach
      Grind the wire above the beach with as much speed as possible. Jump off when
      you're over the beach and do a backflip. If you land it, you'll be able to
      skate on the beach instead of having to walk on it. 
      S F G 2  Walk Under the Walkway
      First, go to the right side of the beach when facing the water. Go to where 
      the ungrindable rail is (see 2.063 Others). Jump and grab on to the rail
      right beside it, and shimmy to the left intil you can't anymore. Press down
      on the control stick and you'll be under the walkway.
      2.082 Easter Eggs
      S F G 2  Drain the Tide Pool
      If you grind the yellow bar and the box beside it at the tide pool, the pool
      will drain.
      S F G 2  Break the Water Dispenser
      If you go over to the mini half-pipe, there is a water dispenser. Grind on it
      and it will break and spray water everywhere.
      2.083 Others
      S F G / S  DESTRUCTION!!
      There are two parts to this destruction, the first can be done in any mode
      but the second only works in Story Mode. Go over to the crane and right
      across the street from him is a yellow fire hydrant. Natas Spin on it until
      the cutscene starts. To do the next part, switch to the Aborigine, and grind
      up the crane arm.
      S F G  The Disappearing Pole
      BEFORE you activate the first part of the destruction, look beside the fire 
      hydrant and there is a pole with a white light on top of it. Next, activate 
      the destruction. When the cutscene starts, look closely at the pole. It gets
      knocked down. When the cutscene ends, the pole is completely gone.
      S F G 2  Look into the Abyss
      If you look into the doorway of SKDK, the floor is missing. There is only the
      S F G 2  Look at the Benches in the Alley
      If you look in the doorway of the Stein Hotel and look to the right, you can
      see the benches that are in the alley that leads to the outback.
      S F G 2 M  Good Air Combo "Glitch"
      Activate the moon gravity cheat and grind the ledge that has the last O in 
      COMBO in classic mode at full speed. Right before you turn onto the wire, 
      jump off the ledge and you'll go flying over the beach and the out of bounds
      area, and bounce off a wall where you'll fly back and be able to land back on
      the ledge. This is a handy spot where you can get a big air combo because you
      get so much air time.
      S F G 2  The Ungrindable Rail
      Usually all rails and ledges that are in bounds are grindable. However, if 
      you go over to the walkway closest to the beach and go to the side opposite
      of the tide pool, there will be a rail that is broken and will send you up a
      quarter pipe when you grind on it. There is a little piece of rail between 
      the edge of the quarter pipe and the rail, which you cannot grind or hang on.
      S F G  Watch a Ball Fall
      Go to the beach. There should be beach balls there. Push one as hard as you
      can towards the ocean. It should go towards the water and then fall into 
      2  Where is Sleeping Beauty?
      In two player mode, head over to the crane. If you look in the window, the 
      guy isn't there, but you can still hear him snoring.
    2.09 New Orleans \
      Places to jump into background: All 3 streets that go deeper into Nawlins,
      however, you need to jump to the side when you get to the top of the 
      Places to use the bail method: Go over to the graveyard and there should
      be a building at the end of the trolley rails with a curved quarter pipe and 
      a straight quarter pipe on each side. Stand on the corner of the straight 
      quarter pipe and the curved one closest to the graveyard and use the bail 
      method on the wall. You can also do this by the big crypt and the building 
      in the Stand on a Out of Bounds Building glitch. Go to that building and 
      there is a fan on a curved quarter pipe you can get into. You can't get into
      the McDonalds. :(
      2.091 Glitches
      G  Into the Background
      Create any goal and set the PED anywhere you like. Drag the spawn point over
      to the Big Billboard and raise it up as high as you can. You can then drag
      them over the out-of-bounds walls of the 3 streets and into the background.
      F G  Walk on Water
      Go to the edge of the water by the paddle wheel boat and set a restart. Use 
      the same method as described in the RSM, and you should be able to walk 
      through the water. Set a restart to come back here.
      S F G M  Go Flying
      If you activate the DESTRUCTION!! there will be a shaft leading to "the 
      underworld". Put on your Moon gravity cheat and spine into there to grind
      the ring. When you jump out you will go in one of four directions and one of 
      these will happen:
      1. If you jump out and are heading towards the church, get off your board and
      you can stand on the church roof. Jump off one the sides to be able to walk
      in one of the alleys.
      2. If you are jump out and are flying towards the street that goes deeper 
      into Nawlins, you will pass over the out of bounds wall and go into that
      3. If you go towards the swamp you'll land in the water. Not interesting at
      4. If you go towards the river boat, you will bounce of the abyss wall and
      you can go back into the underworld and perform it again and again. You get
      tons of air and I used this to get the 60 fliptricks in one combo.
      Which ever way you go, you get lots of air.
      2.092 Easter Eggs
      S F G  Get Flashed
      Pick up some beads and throw them at girls to have them lift their shirts up
      to reveal the word "censored".
      S F G  The Band
      Go over to the Paddle Wheel and there are some people with intsruments. You 
      can get them to play them for you. One weird thing: the song they play has a
      piano playing in it, and none of the musicians has a piano with him.
      S F G 2  The Swamp Monster
      Go to the dock at the swamp and look into the swamp. You'll see something
      moving across the swamp.
      2.093 Others
      Head on over to the cemetery and look at all the crypts. They all have skulls
      on them. Knock the skulls off the crypts within ten seconds of each other to
      see the cutscene. There are five crypts. To get the level back to normal 
      after the destruction, pull an airwalk over the church statue.
      S F G 2 M  The Ledge
      Put on that Moon Gravity cheat and head on over to the end of the trolley
      rails closest to the church. If you look to the water there's a building
      that kind of juts out into it. If you jump, you should see a white ledge on
      that building that you can get on. You can walk on it, but if you try to
      skate on it you will just float.
      S F G 2 M  Stand on a Out of Bounds Building
      If you go over to the graveyard, on the opposite side than in the Bail Method
      spot, there's a little alley between the grave wall and another building with
      a quarter pipe at the end. Moon jump up the wall of the building until you
      fall over the invisible wall and try to land on the part of the building that
      looks like a fan and is slightly raised. If you land on it you won't be out
      of bounds.
    2.10 Skatopia \
    SNOW DAY!!! That means I get to work on this today since I have this extra 
    time. Woo!
      Places to jump into background: none
      Places to use the bail method: all the fences surrounding the brown bowl at 
      the back of the level, as well as the A frame house (stand on the porch), and
      the area below it (stand on the ground below the porch). You can also get
      inside the trailer near the garage bowl.
      2.101 Glitches
      G  Play in Out of Bounds Area
      Create any goal and place the PED where ever you like. Next, drag the spawn
      point over to the top of the weather balloon and raise it as high as you can.
      Then drag it over to the beginning of the level. You should be able to drag 
      it over the out of bounds wall and place it in the area.
      S F G 2  Floating Sticker Slap
      At the beginning of the level off to the left is a little shack with metal 
      walls. If you sticker slap them they will break but your sticker will be
      S F G  Cat Stays on Your Head
      Pick up some smoke bombs and head on over to where that purple cat always
      jumps on your head. When it's on your head, throw a smoke bomb and it will 
      hit the cat. The cat will then stay on your head unless you go out of bounds,
      use the shed teleporters, or go back to where you found the cat. You can even
      Freak Out with the cat on you head, its funny to see when you hit the cat
      with the skateboard instead of your head. Also, when you do a frontflip,
      backflip, BS or FS roll, the cat will fly off you head then come back on 
      when the trick is over.
      S F G 2  Hanging Around
      Go towards the place where the bus is and note that there is the start of a 
      quarter pipe/ledge that goes all the way down the road to the sign. Near the
      start of this quarter pipe, there is a section of it that is slightly darker
      than the other sections. Jump on top of it then hang from it. Move to your 
      left until you stop. Then press down on the control stick and you should 
      flash for a second before you fall on the ground while it looks like you're
      still hanging. You can go around the whole level like this. To get back to 
      normal, simply jump.
      S F G 2  Try to Acid Drop
      Do the "Hanging Around" glitch. While you're still in that "hanging mode", go
      and get on top of any quarter pipe WHILE STILL IN THE HANGING POSITION. Now
      get as close to the edge as you can without falling into the quarter pipe.
      Click the acid drop button (R for gamecube) and you'll be in your off board
      mode instead of hanging. WITHOUT GETTING ON YOUR BOARD, go anywhere you like
      in the level. When you want to, jump and caveman (A then Z for gamecube). 
      You'll try to acid drop into the purple quarter pipe, but you'll end up going
      flying and bailing instead.
      F G  Into the Sheds
      To walk around in either the red or green shed, use RSM. You can also get
      into the Bus using the RSM or using the bail method beside it.
      2.102 Easter Eggs
      S F G  The Cat
      There is a cat that jumps on your head and will stay on for a brief second
      before jumping off.
      S  Secret Message
      Go to the arcade machine in the mine before you have completed the high score
      goal. Activate the machine to start the highscore run but before you start
      look at the ten highscore names that you have to beat. It should say:
      Put those together and you get: Tenhardcoreyearskickingyourass. When you add
      the appropriate spacing, it becomes: Ten hardcore years kicking your ass. 
      Neversoft put this year because the game was released on their tenth 
      anniversary. I don't believe there are any other messages in the other arcade
      S  Bigfoot Sighting
      Before you get the chainsaw and unlock Bigfoot, go to the very back of the
      level beside the chicken coop. You should be in front of a little wooden
      fence that if you jump over it you go out of bounds. Behind the closest tree
      is Bigfoot. Try throwing a smokebomb at him.
      S F G 2  Drain the Pool
      In front of the barn right where there's a turn in the road, there is a small
      pool filled with water. Acid drop into and the water will no longer be in
      there. The pool will refill a short time later.
      S F G 2  Chimney Boost
      On top of the house on the beginning of the level are three small silver 
      chimneys. Natas Spin on any of them and jump off to get a boost of height.
      2.103 Others
      Not much of a destruction, but when you get the chainsaw and Bigfoot grabs 
      it, he'll clear a bunch of trees, leaving a bare slope.
      S F G 2  Hide Out On the Chicken Coop
      Go to the red shack and get off your board. Jump while tilting the control
      stick forward then back to have your character jump forward then back in the 
      same jump. Do this right when entering the red shack and you will end on top
      of the chicken coop. Be careful, if you back up when you're up there you'll
      go out of bounds.
      S F G 2  Floating Natas Spin
      If you Natas spin on any of the trees, your board is floating slightly on the
      top of the tree.
    2.11 Pro Skater \
    Now I have divided Pro Skater into the level sections instead of glitches, 
    easter eggs, and others because I find it easier. For those that don't know, 
    Pro Skater is three mini-levels put together. I'm also not putting places where
    you jump into background because there aren't really any.
      G  Get Into Places Before You Open Them
      This is the only glitch I'm writing not in a specific level, because you use 
      the glitch in all of them. In space, open the portal to Maya. Then in Maya,
      destroy the ropes to open the other part of the temple, and deface the idols
      to open Hell. Once in Hell, open the lounge portal by lipping on the ribs. 
      Go into the lounge. Create a goal, and set the spawn point in the lounge. Go 
      back to Maya and create a different goal, putting the spawn point in the 
      underground spot. Quit your game to the main menu. Go back to create a goal,
      and select "play current goals" and go back to Pro Skater. Once there, you
      can access the goals menu which will teleport you into the areas where you
      placed spawn points. To get into Hell, simply exit the lounge through the
      portal, and walk through the doorway or ollie up the quarter pipe to get out
      of the underground part in Maya.
      2.111 Space
      Places for the bail method: If you haven't opened the portal, stand beside 
      the door that's blocking it and use the bail method to walk around in the
      stars there. The portal won't teleport you to Maya though. If you did open 
      the portal, there is a ledge on top of it you can use the bail method on to 
      acomplish the same thing. You can also use the bail method in the underground
      section on either wall to get in an orange hallway. Walk towards the wall 
      that you passed through, and without going through, you should fall onto 
      another yellow floor that is under the grindable ledge. Also, at the back and
      sides of the three ship hangars, you can use the bail method.
      S F G 2 M  Into the High Speed Train Hall
      If you're on the floor that circles the perimeter of the level, on one side 
      there should be a window to a room where a train will occasionally whiz by.
      Now, if you use the bail method on the window, it won't work. But there's 
      another way to get in there. Go to Hangar number 3 and ollie up the quarter
      pipe at the end to get on a little ledge. Put on the moon gravity cheat (kind
      of appropriate, 'cause we're in space) and jump to the wall that is over the
      plane. Keep jumping up it until you see the top. Try to jump forward over the
      wall into the tunnel, because if you jump too high you'll find yourself in 
      the room with the Star Transfer gap. You can also repeat this "glitch" at the
      other two hangars to get into the red electric rooms.
      S F G M  Bounce Up From the Ground
      Throw on that trusty moon gravity cheat again, and head on over to the portal
      BEFORE you open it. Stand where you would use the bail method, right beside
      the door, and on either side of the door is a thin quarter pipe (not to be
      confused with the wider one which is also there). Skate up it and ollie 
      (don't boneless) up and a curve on the wall will send you upside-down falling
      back towards the ground. Just before you hit the ground, get of your board.
      Your head should fall into the ground and you won't get hurt and you'll just
      magically flip right-side up.
      F G  Walk Under the Ship
      When you try to walk under the spaceship, you go out of bounds. To get under
      there, use the bail method on the nose (front) of the ship. You should be
      able to walk under there.
      Easter Eggs
      This entire level is an easter egg. Not just space, all of Pro Skater.
      S F G  The Commander Alien
      Go in the space bowl deck near the top of the level to see aliens floating
      and a commander alien.
      S F G 2  Aliens Know English?
      If you go where the aliens are meditating, you'll see a green column of light
      that says "254 ARRIVAL". It's written in English. What are the chances?
      2.112 Maya
      Places to use the bail method: Go to the columns inside the temple with the 
      mesh cage around them (it's the columns you use for the spinal columns gap).
      S F G 2  Into the Background/Under the Level
      This glitch will get you into the jungle background and under part of the 
      level. Now there is more than one way to do this. First method: When you come
      out of the portal go to the monkey idol on either side. Straight behind it is
      a wall you can spine up. If you keep going straight, you'll be at the main 
      temple wall with some very high columns. Use the bail method beside the
      columns but on the wall (not the columns), and you will go into the wall.
      Without jumping, walk back in the direction you came from to go under part of
      the level. Walk towards the side of the jungle (or edges of the wall) to get
      into the background. You may have to moon jump or use the bail method to get
      through some walls, although most you can walk around. Second method: Go back
      to that wall with the three columns and throw the moon gravity cheat on. 
      Skate up the quarter pipe and ollie to get onto a ledge that you normally
      can't reach that's right above the columns. Moon jump up the wall on beside
      the ledge, and you'll soon get to a platform right over the entrance to the 
      temple but very high up. If you walk forward off it you'll fall into the
      temple. Instead of doing that, look to the side and boneless off towards the 
      sides of the jungle. You'll land in the backround. Go around in there and you
      can moon jump some walls to get into the part under the level.
      S F G  Floating Heads
      Walk around in the temple and you'll find skulls you can kick around. Before
      you open the section that's underground, kick some skulls on to of the floor
      that will be broken. Then, snap the ropes and open the section. The heads
      will stay where they were and float. Touch them and they'll fall.
      Easter Eggs
      S F G 2  Brown Sticks
      Skate through the entrance to the temple and brown sticks will be shot at 
      you from carvings in the wall.
      S F G 2  Torched while Grinding
      Right at the entrance to the temple (on the inside), on either side of where
      the sticks shoot out at you, there's a quarter pipe. Grind the ledge at the 
      top and holes in the wall with shoot fire at you.
      S F G 2  Carvings
      Look around the level to see some strange carvings. For example, near the 
      back of the level is some carvings of four of what I'm guessing are the    
      "monkey gods".
      S F G  Disappearing Mushrooms
      As soon as you come through the portal, look slightly forward and to the 
      right to see one or two beige objects on the ground (mushrooms?). Touch them
      and they'll disappear.
      2.113 Hell
      Places to use the bail method: inside the lounge, there are some windows that
      look out into Hell. Use the method there.
      S F G  Ribs Knocked Over For You
      Go towards the place where you knock over the ribs. Boneless off the quarter
      pipe towards the pentagrams that you need to sticker slap and slap them. You
      can slap them without knocking down the ribs or using the moon gravity cheat.
      When the cutscene is over, the ribs will be knocked down.
      S F G 2  Get Into the Dungeon (Into the Background Part 1)
      Go down into the hole in the middle of the level. Get off your board and go
      up to either and keep spraying it with a graffiti tag. You should get pushed
      off into the area. If that doesn't work, use the bail method on one of the 
      walls. Once in here you can see the monster or walk into the hall of hands.
      Stay where you are for the next glitch.
      F G  Skate on Lava! (Into the Background Part 2)
      A pretty sweet glitch. If you're still where you are from the last glitch, 
      stay there. If you're not, get over there. Go into the hall of hands and at
      the end there is a wall of fire. Use the bail method on it. You'll fall into 
      the base of the giant rock pillar that holds up the level. Walk out of it and
      you can walk on ALL the lava surrounding the ENTIRE level. That's right. And 
      you can jump, too. Near the edges of the level are some walls of rock that 
      you can either moon jump over, use the bail method, or simply walk around
      them. If you look in the corners of the level, there are two areas that are
      more "distant", and there is an invisible wall blocking your way into there.
      You can't jump over it or use the bail method to get through. How do you get 
      in? Simple.
      F G  In the Background of the Background (Into the Background Part 3)
      If you're still where you were in the last glitch, head on over to where the 
      giant statue is. Jump up to the wall to the left of his belly (your left, his
      right). Use the bail method. You'll fall through the wall and end up on the
      very edge of the level. You can moon jump up the wall to the abyss to get 
      into the lounge, or you can go to the corners that I talked about in the last
      glitch that you can't get into. Jump up the abyss wall underneath it, and
      you'll end up in there.
      S F G 2 M  Skate on the Wrist
      If you put on the moon gravity cheat and go over to where the ribs are, you 
      can jump of the quarter pipe and land on the giant statue's wrist without
      S F G  Floating Sticker Slap
      When you sticker slap the pentagrams, look at them after the cutscene and 
      your sticker will be floating.
      Easter Eggs
      S F G  Dance with the Devil
      Go into the lounge and there's a room you can go into to dance with the 
      S F G  Imp That Doesn't Burn
      If you go into the base that holds the level up described in the Skate on
      Lava! glitch, walk just outside and walk around the pillar to see an Imp 
      that's walking around on the lava.
      Pro Skater's DESTRUCTION!!
      Go to Maya and go up to the platform on either side of the monkey statue. If 
      you look at a ledge near the statue, there's a rope on it. Grind over the   
      rope and it will break. Break the rope on the other side of the statue as  
      well to see the cutscene.
    2.12 The Triangle \
    A rather small level, the Triangle is the bonus level in Classic Mode. It has 
    tons of easter eggs.
      Places to moon jump into background: Go to the pool recessed into the 
      mountainside and moon jump up the rock face to get on top of the mountain.
      You can also put a spawn point up here in Create-A-Goal mode.
      Places to use the bail method: Pretty much everywhere. You can use it the 
      plane that's cracked in half, the plane that's nose is a bowl, most of the
      big grindable dark green rocks, and on the brown square platform near the 
      plane (it has an alien on it). You can also use it inside the alien base
      on the windows to the easter eggs. The bail method can also be used to get
      inside both the brown and the black helicopters.
      2.121 Glitches
      F G 2  Float by a Rock
      The only glitch I've found in the entire level, this glitch doesn't do too 
      much. Head on over to the building in the side of the mountain. There's a 
      pool on the roof, and further in, recessed into the mountainside, is another
      pool. Stand beside either satellite dish (there's one on each side), and look
      straight at the mountain. There should be a little spit of rock with a palm 
      tree on it right in front of you. Walk towards it and keep holding up on the 
      control stick. You should float as long as you hold up on the control stick.
      2.122 Easter Eggs
      F G 2  THPS 3 Pirate Ship
      Is that not the same pirate ship from Skater's Island in THPS 3?
      F G 2  Skeleton
      Look inside the airplane that's broken in half. There's a skeleton sitting in
      one of the seats.
      F G 2  Escape Alien
      Look inside the first window inside the mountain base. You'll see three 
      cylinders with aliens in them, but on of the is broken and there are    
      footprints leading out the door.
      F G  Return of the Geeky Kid!
      Remember the Geeky Kid from Boston? Look inside the second window in the 
      mountain base and you'll see him fending off some aliens. 
      F G  The Bikini Girl and the Dancing Alien
      Look inside the third window in the mountain base and you'll see the bikini
      girl from Australia lying on a table. There's also an alien doctor that's
      dancing in there.
      2.123 Others
      Look for a black helicopter. It's not hard to find. It will have 2 missiles
      on one side and one missile on the other. Grind on the missile on the side
      that has two missiles to activate the cutscene. You can now enter the 
      mountain base.
      F G 2  Activate the Triangles
      This is where the level gets it's name. Scattered around one section of the 
      level are three brown triangles on the ground. Grind on the edges of all   
      three of the triangles an a giant triangle made of blue lasers will come rise
      up. It's grindable.
      F G 2  The Little Space
      I'm not even sure what it is, so I'm just calling it a space. Go over to the
      end of the walkway closest to the pirate ship, and look at the wall of the 
      brown half pipe. There's a little space you can walk into with an arrow 
      pointing up painted on the end wall. Jump to get onto the half pipe.
    2.13 School \
    Now, school and Philly are the two classic mode levels with not much to do in 
    them. So there's not much for glitches and easter eggs, as far as I found, so
    if anyone find anything, please tell me.
    Places to jump into background: none
    Places to use the bail method: The big screen by the pools
      2.131 Glitches
      F G 2  Floating Sticker Slap
      At the section where the pools and diving boards are, there are several 
      lantern-pole-things. Sticker Slap them and your sticker will float. If you
      graffiti tag the lanterns, they'll float too.
      F G  Into the Hole
      At the end of the ditch underneath the walkway bridges, there is a hole that
      you can go through that will bring you back to the start point while the word
      WHOA comes up on your screen. Use the RSM to be able to walk around a bit
      in the hole.
      2.132 Easter Eggs
      F G 2  The Screen
      Go back to the place with the pools and behind the diving board is a giant
      projection screen that will occasionally display the words: "Ditching is 
      bad... Homework is cool. Your teachers rock... Tagging will get you a cool
      job someday!" Now of course, my first idea was to tag the sign. Tagging, 
      sticker slapping or wallriding the sign will make a spark-like noise.
      2.133 Others
      F G 2  Get on the Roof Without the Moon Gravity Cheat
      In the very center of the level, there are three long buildings, two of them
      which you can easily get on to the roof of. However, the highest building,
      the closest to the gym, is very hard to get on unless you use the moon 
      gravity cheat or set a spawn point up there in Create-A-Goal. To get up 
      there, go over to the building with the large kicker and the kid that you 
      rescue from the hospital in Boston, which is right beside the gym. Get 
      special, then no comply off the end of the kicker and onto the grey awning.
      Without losing speed, at the edge of the awning boneless towards the building
      then jump off your board. Wall jump and you should reach the top of the 
      building. This for sure will take more than one try.
    2.14 Philadelphia \
      Places to jump into background: there is only one spot, and it's explained in
      the Follow the Cars glitch.
      Places to use the bail method: none
      2.141 Glitches
      F G 2 M  Follow the Cars
      If you look at the cars, they go into tunnels in buildings and you can't 
      follow them. But wait! What's this?! There's a glitch you can use!! Go over 
      to the tunnel on the right when you first start the level, it's the one with
      the taller building. Put on your moon gravity cheat and jump up the wall just
      to the left of the tunnel. When you get above the tunnel, move slightly to 
      the right so you're jumping directly over the tunnel. Keep holding forward as
      soon as you get over the wall, and you'll come to a dark spaces of the road
      that has a wall in your wall. Double jump to get over the wall (it's tiny),
      and you'll be in the background of the level! This is the road where the cars
      circle around to go to the other tunnel. You can't do this on the other 
      tunnel because the wall is too short to have you pass over the out of bounds
      2.142 Easter Eggs
      Are there any?
      2.143 Others
      Get on top of the balcony building that's by the ramps for the world's most 
      obvious gap. There is a wheel on the balcony. Grind on it and the fountain
      will drain.
      G  Floating Garbage Bins
      Create any goal and drag either the PED or the spawn point over to the part
      where the road dips down (right beside the corner with the rail). Rotate the 
      camera so it's at the edge of the level so you're looking inside the level. 
      Zoom out as far as you can. Floating in the abyss are two random garbage   
      cans, and you cannot see them from inside the level and seem useless. You  
      can't reach those garbage cans.
    2.15 Downhill Jam \
      Places to jump into background: Right before the halfpipe there is a long 
      kicker on the left wall. The stone wall should be flat. Jump up here to get
      to a small spot.
      Places to use the bail method: down to the bottom of the level where there is
      a hole in the wall of the building that has all the people on it. There are 
      three large electrical boxes in there, two of them have blinking red lights.
      Use the bail method to get in there.
      2.131 Glitches 
      F G 2  Stick to Sign
      Go to the pillar of earth with the element billboard on it. Stand on top of
      the billboard. Fall behind the billboard so you try to wedge yourself in
      between the billboard and the pillar. You should stop in mid-air and float.
      It appears as if you're sticking to the sign. Get on your board while still
      floating and you'll go flying.
      F G 2  Don't Rewind
      There's a part of the level at the bottom you can't get on because if you try
      you'll be teleported to the top of the hill and the word Rewind! will come up
      on your screen. To get into this section, walk on the edge of the platform so
      you're close to the water and walk around the pillar that holds up the   
      banner. You can now go in that section. It's that simple.
      2.152 Easter Eggs
      Again, I'm not sure there's any...
      2.153 Others
      F G 2  DESTRUCTION!! 
      Not much of a destruction, but it makes the level look different all the  
      same. If anyone played this level on the original THPS, one of the goals was
      to open five valves. The first valve is on two high pipes right at the   
      beginning of the level, the second is on a large kicker not far from there,
      the third is on a suspended pipe that goes over the halfpipe (you can get on
      it using the kicker explained in the places to jump to background section),
      the forth is on the stone pillar used in the Stick to Sign glitch, and the
      final one is near the bottom of the level. On the part where the road splits
      into two parts, take the lower one. The last valve is on the wall. When the 
      valves are opened, water will spray from various points in the level.
      F G  Hurt A Lot of People
      Go over to the bottom of the level, and get on top of the building with the
      black electrical boxes in it. There are a whole bunch of people lined up 
      along a rail; grind the rail and you will hit all of them. Fun to watch.
    2.16 Los Angeles \
    If LA's not famous for movies, it's gotta be for gaps, ledges, and glitches.
    There's quite a few glitches, and with 74 gaps, it'll keep you hunting.
      Places to jump into background: quite surprisingly, only one. The other   
      backgrounds can be accessed using glitches that don't need the moon gravity 
      cheat. Anyway, go over to the end of the freeway near the eastern quake rail.
      When facing the background (there's a bulldozer there), jump up the building 
      on the left as high as you can (it's pretty high). Then, when you get as high
      as you can go, jump off and se if you can land on the out of bounds part on 
      the freeway. Set a restart if you want to come back here. Then, go to the end
      of the freeway and jump off and you'll land down on the little piece of land
      with the bulldozer.
      Places to use the bail method: Where do I start? Okay, right when you start 
      the level, turn left and there will be a building with a wall that's notched.
      Use the method there. The next place is on the building right beside it. Use
      the method on the doors on the curved corner. In case you haven't noticed, 
      I'm listing the buildings in order of going around the level clockwise. Once
      inside the building, you can jump up the wall to get to a different section 
      with a blue floor. The next place is on the door of the building with the  
      chain in front of it's doorway. You can get to a small area in there. To get
      to the fourth place, go through the production drop doorway and get off your
      board. Walk along the top of the sign and get on the ledge of the building
      beside it (the building is light brown and in the direction of the bunker  
      section. Use the bail method on the wall there. You'll fall before ending up
      in a blue room. The fifth place is the doorway to the Cherries Building.
      Another place is over by the building with the Doors billboard on it. Jump up
      onto the roof and look around on the wall. Pat of it is a lighter brown than
      the rest of the building. Double-jump up the light coloured wall and grab the
      ledge. Get on top of it. Use the method on the wall there. There's one of
      those ice lattes there in classic mode. Next place: if you head on over to
      the Morehead Hotel, you'll see there's a entrance in the middle, and then two
      hotel towers on either side. On either tower, get on the ledge that's above
      the ground (use the firetruck to get to it), and use the method there. You'll
      fall into a yellow room. The next place is the entrance to the carwash 
      building, where it's blocked off with that black fence. Use the method to get
      in there. It says CARNITAS-BURROS-CHIMIS right above it. The last two places 
      are the Liquor Store and the green Huge Discount store right beside it, but 
      you can get into those buildings with a different glitch as well.
      2.161 Glitches
      F G 2  Into the Blue Room
      Right from the start, turn around and walk up to the top of the quarter pipe.
      Walk left until you can't anymore. You should be at a corner between a white
      and blue building and the brown building. Get on your board and do nosegrabs
      or impossibles into the corner. You should end up it a pale blue room behind
      the brown wall. To get out of there, exit through the brown wall. This glitch
      may take a few tries.
      F G 2  Yellow Gap Glitch
      Get on top of the yellow structure. If you look, the holes in the roof are 
      arranged like this:
      * * * * * * *
            * <-- This hole
      The one hole on the bottom (closest to the yellow cutter wall) is the one we
      want. Fall in it and hold the grab ledge button. You'll instantly get two
      yellow fall gaps and one yellow cutter gap.
      F G  Invisible Wire
      Get on top of the highway bridge BEFORE you start the earthquake. There's a
      green sign hanging off it on one side. Hang on to the side of the brige, then
      let go and hold the grab ledge button to grab the sign. Let go of the sign 
      and hold the grab ledge button and you'll be hanging from an invisible wire.
      You can grind it, too, but it's not very long.
      F G 2  Invisible Ledge
      Go to the building that's the fourth place when I list the places to use the
      bail method. You should be on the ledge that's high up. Hang from the longest
      ledge (the main one), and shimmy all the way to the left. You should be 
      hanging from an invisible ledge.
      F G  The Ever-So-Famous Skitch Glitch
      Now, if you haven't found this glitch, you've either not played the game very
      much or you just didn't feel like looking for it. Hop up onto the highway
      bridge. Go over to the end by the liquor store. You'll be stopped by an
      invisible wall, and not go out of bounds. Find a car going in the direction
      of the invisible wall and skitch it. You'll pass straight through the wall 
      without harm. Simply end your skitch and you'll end up in a huge area of the
      background you can explore. 
      F G 2  Hanging Around
      Head on over to the purple half pipe. There's a large purple tower with a  
      purple quarter pipe on one side with a wire just above it. Grab onto that  
      wire, and shimmy left until you hit the wall and can't shimmy anymore. Hit  
      down on the control stick and it'll look like you're hanging but you can move
      around the level, just like in the Hanging Around Glitch in Skatopia. 
      F G 2  I Believe I Can Fly!
      If you're still "hanging around" from the last glitch (what a pun!), get on 
      top of one of the purple quarter pipes that make up the purple halfpipe while
      you're still in that hanging position. Get as close to the edge as you can 
      without falling into the quarter pipe. Click the acid drop button (R for 
      gamecube) and you'll be in your off board mode instead of hanging. WITHOUT
      GETTING ON YOUR BOARD, go anywhere you like in the level. When you want to,
      jump and caveman (A then Z for gamecube). You'll try to acid drop into the 
      purple quarter pipe, but you'll end up going flying and bailing instead. I 
      like to use this glitch in King of the Hill, because when someone is about to
      steal the crown, you can instantly fly away. It's quite funny to see.
      F G  Fall Through the Bridge
      Perform the "Skitch Glitch". The part of the highway bridge you're on is 
      slanted at quite an angle. Watch the cars come down it. Run towards a car and
      hold up on the control stick so you're running into the car. Then jump while
      still holding forward. You'll be floating. Let go of the control stick and
      you'll fall through the bridge.
      F G 2  Get Into the Background
      Head on over to the place where the trailers are. If you jump over them   
      you'll go out of bounds. When facing the trailers, to the right of them is a 
      blue and white building with a square platform on it. The ledge of the   
      platform has a ice latte on it in classic mode. Wallride the wall then get
      off your board and grab the ledge of this platform on the building. Get on
      top of the platform but DON'T walk forward. Instead, hug the wall on your
      right and walk forward. When you get to the corner, again hug the wall and
      walk towards the street. You should fall off the platform and onto the road.
      You should be able to walk in the background area.
      2.162 Easter Eggs
      F G 2  The Secret Message
      Right when you start the level, there are three curvy ledges that go down a 
      set of stairs. Manual the entire middle one. It's actually pretty hard, so
      go into focus mode. If you do it, a secret message will come up on the screen
      and a voice will say, "Yeah! Woo-Hoo!". I'm not telling you the message 
      because that would spoil it for you. This is VERY hard to do in two player as
      you can't use focus control.
      2.163 Others
      There are four quake rails scattered around the bunker area. Completely grind
      all of them and the cars on the highway bridge will disappear and the bridge
      will break. To get to the first rail, go straight from the beginning until 
      you get into the building. The rail is on the left side. From there, go once
      you get down the stairs turn right and you'll see a rail in behind a bunch of
      blue and yellow mailboxes. Grind the rail. The next rail is straight up the 
      stairs from there, on the side of the road that leads to the bunker. The last
      rail is right beside the second place to use the bail method.
      F G  Send the Car off the Bridge
      Once you've activated the DESTRUCTION!!, get on top of the bridge and near 
      the carwash on teetering on the edge of the bridge is a black car. Do a combo
      on it (grinding it's easy), and it will fall off the bridge and onto the  
      street below. You can kick the wheels around after.
      F G 2  The Floating Bridge
      If you look at the bridge after the DESTRUCTION!!, you'll see that part of  
      bridge that's completely broken off from the rest of the bridge has no  
      pillars holding it up.
      F G  Hot, Hot, Hot!
      Right beside the firetruck is a flaming garbage bin. Jump in it and you'll be
      teleported to the beginning of the level and your board will be on fire. 
      However, your special meter will not empty as it does when you go out of 
      bounds. In two player mode, you can jump in the can and nothing will happen.
    2.17 Canada \
    Quite a fun, very large level. It's got lots of glitches. But, just let me
    point out, you can't skateboard on snow (you shouldn't be trying to imitate
    anything else in this game anyway).
      Places to jump into background: None
      Places to use the bail method: Use it beside the cabin near the beginning of
      the level to get in there.
      2.171 Glitches
      F G 2  Invisible Ledge
      Activate the hydraulic ramp so it raises.  Right under the ramp that was
      formerly part of the halfpipe, is an invisible ledge you can hang from and 
      grind on.
      F G 2  Get On Top of the Mountain (Under Canada Part 1)
      There's a stream that runs through the middle of the level that goes from the
      mountainside to the ocean. Go to where it goes up the mountain side. Now, if
      you keep wall jumping up the ice without touching the actual rock of the  
      mountain, eventually you'll end up on top of the mountain still on the   
      stream. The abyss is right at the end of the stream. Set a restart if you  
      can. If you just can't seem to get up there, use the moon gravity cheat. If
      you haven't unlocked the moon gravity cheat, simply go to Create-A-Goal and
      you should be able to drag a spawn point up the stream and place it on top.
      F G 2  Get in the Stream (Under Canada Part 2)
      Ok. This part can be a little tricky at times. It involves a lot of jumping
      up abyss walls. An abyss wall is that thing you run into that will send you
      running in the opposite direction when you hit it. It's where the playable
      part of the level completely ends. To jump up one, you don't need the moon
      gravity cheat. Just get off your board and keep tapping the jump button while
      tilting the control stick in the direction of the wall. Now, the stream and
      mountain end at one of these walls. Jump up the wall and head in the 
      direction towards the ocean (opposite of the parking lot). Eventually the  
      abyss wall will disappear and you'll start falling. Pull back on the control
      stick and you'll hit the wall again. It should run perpendicular to the one
      you were just on. You should be able to look into the mountainside from  
      behind the mountain. Jump in that direction so you're inside the mountain.
      You should be able to see a small blue platform in there. Try to land on it.
      If you don't and fall into the ocean, repeat the glitch from on top of the
      mountain. If you do land on the blue platform, set a restart.
      F G 2  Get Under Canada (Under Canada Part 3)
      While you're on the blue platform, walk forward a little bit. You'll actually
      be walking on the water of the stream. Being careful not to hop out, walk
      along the left edge of the water. There's an abyss wall along the edge of it.
      It will end eventually. Go to the left so you go off the edge, and you should
      end up on a very large white platform. Head in the direction of the white  
      rock where the secret tape was, and you'll hit another abyss wall. Jump up it
      and you'll end up on a large brown platform. Go towards the skatepark and 
      you'll be under it. Go to the edge of where it meets the water. You should
      see something like this (helicopter view):
         \C 1
      A   \ 1 @ D
    _______\1______           A: The white platform under Canada (where we want to 
            \  C                 be)
        ____ \________        B: The brown platform (where you start)
     E 1                      C: The water (bad)
       1        B             D: The place beside the totem pole (out of bounds)   
       1                      E: The abyss (non-playable)
       1                      @: The totem pole
                              \, 1 and _: places where something starts and another
                              ends. In other words, the ones surrounding section
                              E are abyss walls.
      I know it's a terrible depiction, but it's the best I could come up with. The
      brown platform's corner (the one you should be at, it's under the skatepark)
      is partially surrounded by abyss and partially surrounded by the ocean. Walk
      off the edge over the water right where the abyss ends so you can hit the  
      abyss wall represented by all the \'s. Jump along it towards the totem pole
      area. Now if you thought the last glitch was hard, this is even tougher. Jump
      along the abyss wall in the direction of the A section. Now, the wall beside
      the totem pole should be right in front of you. Be careful not to go through
      or else you'll have to start over. You'll actually at one point have to go 
      uncomfortably close to the water to get under the ground with the totem pole
      on it. If you keep holding left on the control stick, you should fall through
      onto a white platform that goes under most of Canada. SET A RESTART so you
      can come back here without having to do this ALL OVER again.
      F G 2  Walk on the Edge of the Rock
      Not really a glitch, more of just a gap in the programming. If you go to the
      corral section, and look towards the structure with the moving ramp, you'll
      look at the three trees to the left of it. In between the first and third  
      trees, jump over the corral quarter pipe and onto the cliff leading down to 
      the ocean. You won't go out of bounds.
      2  Where is the Half Pipe Kid?
      Go over to where the half pipe kid should be and you'll notice he's not 
      there. Pull a lip trick right where he should be. You'll hear the "Oh no, I
      don't wanna die", but you won't see him fall off. Instead, you will (very
      slowly) fall off into the water. You'll go through the water and for about 
      half a second see the big white platform that goes under Canada. Then you'll
      pop back up near the mechanical ramp as if nothing happened. The cool thing 
      about this glitch: you don't have to restart to do it again.
      2.172 Easter Eggs
      F G  The Half Pipe Kid
      If you go over to the mechanical ramp at the far end of the level, you'll
      notice a kid standing on one of the quarter pipes. Pull a lip trick right
      where he is and he'll fall into the ocean and say, "Oh no! I don't want to  
      F G 2  Yellow Message
      I don't usually point out the Random Writings in levels, but this one is just
      too funny. If you go towards the mechanical ramp there's a bowl area under
      some of the walkways. On some snow there is written "NEVERSOFT RULES". It's 
      in yellow. I hope everyone here knows what yellow snow means.
      F G  Secret Message
      Go on either one of the white rocks in the middle of the ocean (the secret
      tape was on one of them). Natas spin or grind the pointy part of the rock to
      see a secret message.
      2.173 Others
      F G  The Mechanical Ramp
      If you go straight behind you from when you start the level and keep going in
      that direction, you'll come to a wooden structure with a walkway and a half
      pipe (and the half pipe kid). On one side of the walkway is a brown generator
      box. Grind the rail right beside it and the half pipe will raise and turn
      into a ramp.
    2.18 Airport \
    I've been sick for the past week and a half so I haven't worked on this at all 
    since... Anyway, the airport has quite a bit of background, but pretty much all
    of it you can't get into :(
      Places to jump into background: none
      Places to use the bail method: Right when you start the level, turn around  
      and you'll see some doors with an area behind them. Use the method there. 
      Other places include the stalls in both washrooms and both telephone booth
      things (the silver things that curve into an arc you ride over). All of the
      suitcase x-ray black things can be accessed by the bail method. It can also 
      be used on the helicopter, but there's not much in there. Also, if you have 
      the moon gravity cheat or you have amazing tony hawk gamer skills, just  
      outside the men's washroom at the beginning of the level is a sign that has
      the men's washroom symbol. Get on top of it. Use the bail method once you're 
      on it to get inside the big Neversoft Eye sign. Also, at the end part of the
      level, turn left and go to the gate/silver quarter pipe that's the farthest 
      down (it's on your right). Get on top of it and use the bail method and  
      fall on top of one of those loading halls that connect to the airplane.
      2.181 Glitches
      F G  Into the Baggage Placement Thing
      Right from the start of the level, there's a conveyor belt thing behind the
      counters on each side of the main hall. The one on the right leads you to the
      helicopter, and if you go through the one in the left you'll end up at the
      end of the level (this is called the "Airport Drop"). Stand right in front of
      the airport drop one (the one on the left), and use the RSM. If you do it
      right, you can walk around inside the thing. There's not much room, but hey,
      it's still a glitch.
      F G 2  Walk Below the Level (Sort Of)
      I mean "sort of" as in you only get to a small area, not all of the area  
      under the level. There's a big area under the level, but I have yet to find a
      way to get into it. If you find out how, PLEASE CONTACT ME! But until then,
      you'll have to use this glitch. Anyway, from the start of the level, on the
      right side, right beside the baggage conveyor that leads to the helicopter,
      is a red and black Hawk Shorts billboard. There are also locker-like things
      right beside it. Now, right where the counter ends and goes into the wall,
      which happens to be right beside the billboard, is a little notch in between
      the wall with the billboard (blue wall) and the wall up against the counter
      (it's grey and says hawk air on it). If you can understand this horrible 
      description, you'll see that in this little notch there's a very thin blue  
      wall. Use the bail method to get through it. Once through, walk forward  
      slightly and you should fall down on to a long, winding platform that is the
      ledge above the counter's reflection. You can walk around on it. To get out,
      just jump up the abyss wall. If you're in two player mode, use the impossible
      method instead of the bail method.
      F G  Into the Baggage Claim
      Go to the baggage claim and stand right beside the place where the bags would
      come out. Stand right beside it at the point where it's at the edge of the 
      moving part. Use the bail method and you should fall inside the black   
      conveyor belt area. Go down to the bottom and use the bail method again. 
      You'll fall inside the baggage claim.
      F G 2  Useless Area?
      Head on over to the women's washroom (the one in the middle of the level).
      The place has an entrance and an exit, and there's a rail at each. Stand at
      the very beginning of the rail that leads out through the exit (the part  
      that's closest to the middle of the washroom). Use the bail method while 
      facing perpendicular to the rail so you end up going through the rail and the
      wall right beside it. If you're in two player, use the impossible method in 
      the corner between the wall right beside the rail and the place where the
      urinals would be if this was a guy's restroom. Take two or three steps 
      towards the end of the level, careful not to exit the wall. You'll fall into
      a little room (a storage room?) where one of the walls faces outside, but, as
      you guessed it, is an abyss wall, and the other three walls are normal. 
      There's absolutely no way out of there, and no non-glitch way to get in 
      there. There's also nothing in there. It seems like it serves no purpose to
      the game. And once you're in there, you can't get out unless you go back to 
      your restart. Meaning if you're in two player mode, you'll have to restart.
      F G  Floating Sticker Slap
      At the end of the level, there's a bunch of flags on rails on the walls.   
      Sticker Slap one, and then grind the rail so the flag disappears. Your   
      sticker will be floating.
      F G 2  Walk on Two Airplanes
      Head on over to the end of the level, and when you get down the escalator  
      slope head left. After the first set of brown seats, there's a gap in the 
      wall with a silver quarter pipe. It should have a B right above it. Use the
      bail method on the back wall and you'll fall through to outside the airport.
      Use the impossible method if you're in two player mode. There's an airplane
      right there, and another one off to the right you can also get to. There's
      not too much space, but you can still walk on the airplanes. To get back out,
      stand under the silver quarter pipe and jump up the abyss wall.
      2.182 Easter Eggs
      F G  Beep Person
      Inside the women's washroom there's a person standing beside on of the 
      stalls. I have no clue if it's a guy or girl. Walk into him/her and he/she 
      will fall over and make a bleep sound as if he/she was cursing at you.
      2.183 Others
      F G  The Flags
      At the end of the level, there are flags on rails. Grind through them to see
      a message for each one.
    2.19 Create-A-Park \
      Places to jump into background: obviously none
      Places to use the bail method: Use the bail method to get into pretty much 
      every single building and other item.
      2.191 Glitches
      F G 2  The Original Jesus Glitch
      It's original because it's the first walk on water glitch I figured out.
      Funny story about how that happened, but I'm here to explain glitches, not
      tell stories. It doesn't just work on water, it works on all surfaces that
      would normally kill you (water, lava, spike pit, acid). Place any of these
      surfaces on your map and raise or lower the edges around it so you can hang
      on to the edge of the water. Simply pull yourself up from the edge and you'll
      be able to walk on the surface.
      F G 2  Get Outside the Level Area
      It doesn't give you much room, but hey, it's a glitch. Raise a corner of the
      map only once, and then lower the rest of the side only once. When you grind
      the ledge that's in between the raised and lowered portion, quickly get off
      you're board and you can move along the edge of the map.
      2.192 Easter Eggs
      It's Create-A-Park, so I'm not sure there's any...
      2.193 Others 
      F G 2  The Church Message
      Put a church on your map and look at what the sign on it says.
    3. CREDITS AND THANKS         >
    This section is here to give credit to the people who deserve it:
    My sister: for actually buying me the game for Christmas
    My Gamecube and Wii: for putting up with my many hours of gaming
    psycopathic pyro2010: for finding the Floating Graffiti glitch in Australia
    Johnathon Saravia: for finding the Invisible Board Glitch in Barcelona
    Mikey: for finding the walk on water glitch in Boston
    ShaQ1nJ and waterbizzoy77: for finding Part 1 and 2 of the Into the Background
    Glitch in Hell
    derek yamchuk: for finding the invisible wire in LA
    Dillon Ulrich: for finding the Fall Through the Bridge glitch in LA
    Iwant2eatpizza: for finding the floating sticker slap glitch in Skatopia
    amcgee000 and chris: for finding out how to get the cat to stay on your head 
    in Skatopia
    Neversoft: for making the game (duh!)
    nick jackson: for finding the special spine transfer glitch
    MrGuy: for finding the walk on water glitch in New Orleans
    rick asher: for finding the Floating Sticker Slap glitch at the School
    autrui: for making the gap guide. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have gotten
            that moon gravity cheat.
    Brokaliv: for letting me talk about his interesting things section
    kohlbern and Jeff C: both for each emailing me a report of the body bag in 
                         Barcelona being clearly visible in the PS2 version.
    Sloaniss: for letting me use the xbox version of the game (and for being an
              awesome Nazi Zombies partner).
    c.hoff2251: for finding the Eternal Crumbs glitch, the Freeze Your Increased
                Stats glitch, the Flip Without Holding Your Board glitch in 
                Barcelona, and the Fly Backwards glitch in Boston.
    ...and YOU!: for taking the time out of your busy day to read this.
    If you want to be on this list, just send me (via email) something you think
    this FAQ needs (a new glitch, easter egg, other, or even if you catch a 
    spelling mistake), and I'll post it on the FAQ and your name will be in the 
    4. VERSION HISTORY            >
    Version 1.0: Febuary 16, 2009: Version 1.0 IS DONE!! Finally! I'll post it 
                                   within a week or so. Contains all the glitches
                                   and stuff I could find.
    Version 1.3: August 16, 2009: Added a couple more glitches, solved the body bag
                                  mystery, fixed some spelling and grammar errors,
                                  and added a few names to the credits.
    Version 2.0: September 5, 2009: Added some more glitches, fixed some spelling
                                    mistakes, added some decorative borders to some
                                    titles, and added the 2 and M indicators on the
    5. LEGAL CARP                 >
    That's no typo! Anyway, this is an official document which contains the hard 
    work of me (Joel Impey). Nobody may copy this document for public use, unless
    with my permission. That means you can only put it on, say, a word document to 
    look at so you don't have to go on to GameFAQS everytime you want to look at
    this guide. But NOTHING else. You are more than welcome to ask if you can post
    this on your website, just email. I will most likely say yes unless you've
    seriously wronged me in the past. This document is not to be published in any 
    form of media publication unless you have the permission of me before hand. The
    websites listed below have permission to have this guide published on their
    sites. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright, which I believe
    is illegal. This document may not, under any circumstances, be altered or 
    changed by anyone EXCEPT for myself. No part of this document may be used by 
    anyone without my permsission. If you do use this document with my permission,
    you MUST give all credit to me. Thank you for reading this.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2009 Joel Impey
    GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker: www.neoseeker.com
    Pastel Forum (not that they'd want it): www.pastelforum.com
    Game Winners: www.gamewinners.com
    Super Cheats: www.supercheats.com
    These are questions that people have asked me, and I tried my best to answer 
    them. If you have any questions about anything in this guide, please contact 
    me. I'll try my best to answer your question.
    Q: Why do most of the glitches not have an S on them?
    A: Well, that's obviously because the levels they are on can't be played in 
       story mode.
    Q: You list S, F and G, but you don't mention anything about classic mode. Why?
    A: That's because Classic mode is pretty much identical to free skate, at least
       glitch-wise anyway, so if the glitch has a F beside it, it can be done in
       classic mode.
    Q: What the heck is the abyss?
    A: I heard the term on a few websites. It's the place in all the levels where
       the game's programming will not, under any circumstances, let you enter. 
       They're surrounded by abyss walls, which is a place at the edge of the 
       playable area and the abyss which you will automatically change direction
       and turn around when you run into it. You can jump up these walls to 
       infinite heights by getting off your board and rapidly hitting the jump 
       button while tilting the control stick towards the wall so you keep hitting
    Q: How do I get into the McDonald's in New Orleans?
    A: I don't know! I've tried and tried many different ways to get in there, and
       so far I've found none. If you know how PLEASE CONTACT ME.
    Q: How do I contact you?
    A: Via email. My email address is at the top of the page. Email me what you 
       want to say. Make sure that the subject is THUG2, otherwise I most likely
       won't answer it. And NO SPAM!
    7. FINAL NOTE                 >
    I'm hungry.

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