Review by Illinoisrulz35

"There is still room for improvement but overall the game is great."

Hey. I bought this game the day it came out expecting a game that would rock and keep me busy for a while. Well, it has. But the game has some flaws. First, if you have played Thug or tony hawk 4 on the cube, and then play this game, youll notice some flaws in the controls. It takes a really long time to learn the controls of the game. When i go up for a spin, i go into a slow motion feature. The slow motion feature is actually really good. It's good for skaters wanting to learn how do do some of the tricks done in this game. The gameplay in this game is really good. The story is halarious and is a decant story. The whole classic mode idea is great also. There are lots of classic mode levels which give the game great replayabilty. This game has never left me bored yet and it doesn't seem like a game that would.. So here is the info.

Gameplay (9/10)

Again, the gameplay of the game is great. The story is real good and classic mode is good too. I foung that this game should have let you choose the team that you are on but other than that the gameplay is great. The grafity and post ng tags is real cool and was a great idea by neversoft.

Controls ( 5/10)

I would say that the controls of the game is what is lacking. Again, when you try to spin, you fing yourself in the slow motion mode. Other than that the controls are great.

Graphics (7/10)

The graphics are alright. I do think that there is some room for improvement however. They basicly look the same as Thugs graphics.

Sound (7/10)

The sound in the game is alright execpt....why do they have to put the rap in this game! Geez, i think that they should put some more rock and some less rap. This would be a BIG plus for the game's sound rating.

Replayabilty (9/10)

The replayabilty is great. If you get the game, you will be real happy and you have a game that will last for several months.

Should you buy this game (yes)

Ya. go ahead and get the game. It's great. And neversoft still has room for improvement but for the most part the game is great and i think that you should go ahead and get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/07/04

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