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"Could the Newest game in the Tony Hawk Series Stand Up to the Other Ones?"

The Tony Hawk series has been around for a while now. In fact since the early PS1/N64 days, so with each new game don't you expect change? With Tony Hawk's Underground 2, I didn't see that much change, but it is still a solid game.

Gameplay: 7/10
The game plays almost just like the first Tony Hawk's Underground. The change?? This time around they added a new classic mode where you can play like you did in the first 3 Tony Hawk games. Other than that, no new modes were added, which is a huge disappointment. Story mode is another bummer. The main reason is that it's way to short, and not that much of a challenge. Anyone could easily beat it within four hours. Classic mode on the other hand may keep you wanting to play more. Trying to hit every gap and see what you unlock is highly addicting. But still, the best part of the gameplay once again is the multi-player. They've added one new game, which is by far the most fun game in multi-player mode. The game is Scavenger Hunt, and if you have a friend, you'll be playing for hours. The Create-a modes are still there, but unlike the previous T.H.U.G, they've removed Create-A-Deck, which is another mistake. Character wise, this game is lacking. I was under the impression the whole point of the Tony Hawk games was to have pros..well in this they have about 6 pros, and every other character seems to be thrown in there for a joke. Throughout the game you will unlock these characters and say to yourself "What the...what are they doing in a Tony Hawk game??"

Story: 6/10
The basic story is your just some skater guy, and out of nowhere some van pulls up and Tony Hawk and Bam Margera get out, and pull you in, and before you know it your on a "World Destruction Tour." From there on it's Team Hawk VS. Team Bam, and along the way pointless characters are thrown in, and weird challenges come up. It's a nice, fun concept, but it just feels to rushed.

Graphics: 5/10
The graphics are very disappointing. They have actually gotten worse since the first Tony Hawk's Underground. The character models look sloppy, and they look like puppets when their talking. The only good part about the graphics are the level designs. The levels are somewhat big, and nice looking. The worst part though is all the graphical glitches you'll run in to. Sometimes you'll go straight through a wall and come out the other side, or sometimes you'll get trapped in midair. Neversoft rushed a little to fast with this game, and should have payed more attention to the graphics.

Audio: 8/10
Once again, the audio is good. They have expanded the playlist a little bit, and offered some more choices of Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra. That's right, you heard me, their songs are in this game. You can choose exactly what songs you want to play, like the first T.H.U.G. The character voices are alright to. When you create a character you can finally choose what voice you want them to have!! That part of the voice acting is good, but the pro's voices are not so good. Some of the pros were alright, but Tony Hawk just sounded bored sometimes, which will make the player bored.

Controls: 9/10
The controls are very smooth, just like T.H.U.G. This time though, you don't have to drive cars, which is a plus. The good controls gives you a big sense of speed, and air when your doing a trick. Very nicely done.

<Rent or Buy?
If you love the Tony Hawk games, I would rent it before you buy it. If you haven't played any Tony Hawk game, then I suggest going for Tony Hawk's Underground 1.

-Fun Classic mode, and multi-player
-Music for anyone, so you can pick anything you want to play
-Near perfect controls
-Nice level design

*Same old Tony Hawk game, nothing new
*Somewhat disapointing characters
*Rushed, unclear story
*Non-updated graphics
*Story mode is short

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/03/04

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