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"Another Tony Hawk game?"

Lets see....There have been 4 Tony Hawk Pro Skaters and then they switched to Tony Hawk Underground. This is the second Tony Hawk Underground but it is basically the 6th one in the series and I would say one of the worst and here's why:


The gameplay is sort of the same. No real differences. Controls have changed a little but it is pretty easy to pull off any tricks as long as you press buttons. Honestly, there is like nothing extremely new and innovative here. You just accomplish a goal/objective when you're told to and that's that. If you are playing this without playing the previous Tony Hawk games then everything will probably feel new to you. This game offers create this and create that(skater, park, etc.) but it's nothing too great. I'm not going to in depth with the story but all I can say is that it is not that exciting. THUG 1 had a better story to it and this game does not do that well storywise. Just play it for the skating not the story. This game lacks the pro skaters and instead has more characters that are just jokes. The only thing I liked most about gameplay was multiplayer. These games are better played against other people than by yourself. Use single player to unlock more stuff but stick with multiplayer for fun.


Again, simple controls. There are some new things like spray painting which has no real good use to it and is pretty pointless. You can get the hang of the controls in less than 10 minutes of playing. Tricks are not too hard to pull off unless you want to do a certain trick that requires certain button presses then you may have to practice a bit. If you are like me where it does not really matter what you do as long as you press a couple of buttons and get a few tricks in then the controls are easy to use. Overall the controls do not hinder gameplay so they are not bad but they offer nothing new so they are just average.


This is where the game lacks the most. Not much effort put into graphics here. We know these systems can do more graphics wise but I guess they did not know that when designing this. The graphics are not horrible but they could be better and should have been better. That's what I am trying to say.


THUG 1 came out like last year and now this game comes out. Talk about rushing it. You can even notice the lack of effort put forth in this game. It's basic everywhere(story, gameplay, controls, etc.). This game does like nothing new for the series. THPS2 offered better gameplay, THPS3 gave us better graphics and online play, THPS4 changes the style of gameplay, THUG 1 gave us a new story style to work with, and then we have THUG 2 which just does nothing really. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice game. It's just that compared to the others this one is not really the best.


-Just like the previous games


-Too much like the previous games except for mild changes in story and overall style where we get nothing new or innovative.

Buy or Rent? Rent for now. If you are a fan then buy just to add to your collection. I would just say rent. You can beat the story, play some multiplayer, and do other things all within a rental period.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/05/04

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