Review by ryanm32

"THUG 2 is the same great formula we have seen many times before"

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is nothing new for those fans of the series before. Everything you expect to see is here, and actually not much more.


Well, the in game sounds are nothing special, but I have to give major props to the stellar soundtrack in the game. They have a bit of everything for everyone including tunes from Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra. The soundtrack is absolutely incredible, and makes skateboarding to it that much more entertaining.


Completely average visuals here. The create-a-skater portion leaves nothing behind, with very well done character designs. The level graphics are average, and nothing that will blow you away.


Gameplay is where it counts the most, and tony Hawk's Underground 2 delivers. For fans of the series you know the whole drill. You skate for money and progress. What makes THUG 2 a tad more special is the idea of two separate single player modes of play. For those people who were disappointed with THUG 1 and its story mode, you also get the classic mode. Classic mode and story mode are both included here, and here is where the whole game doubles in length. they are both very well done, and the classic mode here is the same thing seen in previous games in the franchise. Now, their is not much more to say in the gameplay aspect. You do missions, get money, and continue progressing through the mediocre story. the story mode in this version is pretty lame, and uninteresting. Especially the other characters which are very annoying, and take away from the development of the character your playing. You do not get connected to your character at all, and find yourself dealing with Bam Margera and his posse more than your own developing character. Story mode is not very good here, but classic mode more than makes up for it, and for many of the fans of previous Hawk games, none of you will be disappointed.


This is no perfect title. The graphics are sub-par, but the classic mode and story mode in the game are almost like two games in one. Many things can be customized such as your character and other features which were in other games. Not much is upgraded here, but you will be pleased to see a new game, new levels, and new fun entertaining tricks you come to expect from Activision and their slowly developing franchise.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/01/05

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