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"This is a great game"

Another installment in the Tony Hawk series and I must say, this game is great. The gameplay and controls are awesome. The sound and graphics are phenomenal and there is a lot of replayibility in this game. The story mode might be too easy but more on that later on.


Alright, this is what makes the name a game. Lots of create a modes here. First you must create a character for story mode, and the options are almost endless. You can truly customize any way you want. Then there's create a park, I had so much fun creating levels and gaps that if this were the only mode I probably would have still bought it. Seriously, this mode is great. Next we have create a graphic. This is a fun way to ' leave your mark ' throughout a level and can also be used in the middle of a combo. There are lots of graphics and pictures to choose from so that's really cool.


Tony Hawk's Underground 2 has all the moves from the previous games, but with some added new ones. First let me talk about Focus. This new mode lets you ' slow down time ' so to speak so you can land some clean tricks. It's also pretty cool to see how the moves are done, and it also gives you more points when you land a combo. As for the actual controls, it's easy to learn even for beginners. It adds a smooth flow to the game, from grind to manual, then manual to air, it's all good.


Tony Hawk's Underground 2 features two modes, story mode and classic mode. In story mode, you (your created skater) are chosen by Tony Hawk and Bam Margera to skate in a 'World Destruction Tour' where you are supposed to cause as much destruction as you possibly can. The goals in story mode differ greatly. Some goals have you searching for secret characters and other goals have you doing insane stunts. Some levels share some particular goals such trying to get a high score on the arcade machine and also looking for the 'spat' signs to tag over. Overall, story mode is fun but maybe a bit too easy for veteran players (such as myself). On to classic mode. This mode is great. You play in levels that are in this game and other classic levels from the previous Tony Hawk games. The goals are fairly easy, you have 2 minutes to get goals such as collect the SKATE and COMBO letters, get 100,000 points here, and collect 5 this and that. Classic mode is where this game really shines. Overall, the story is good.


One word is needed for sound: WOW. The soundtrack is amazing (well maybe two words). The songs are listed by three different genres, punk, hip-hop, and rock/other. Some bands/artists include Jimmy Eat World, The Doors, and Cut Chemist. The sounds for skating are also great. Grinds and ollies sound the way they should sound but the only flaw I hear are the voice actors. Tony Hawk sounds like he's tired at some points and that drags down the excitement factor at points. Other than that, the sound/music is great.

The graphics are clean, and the levels look sharp. Lots of color in this game but thats a good thing. Lots of good looking ramps and buildings make this a fresh and fun new experience every time. The graphics in my opinion are good, nothing to complain about.


Lots of it. You can try to get every goal in story mode and classic mode, you can also try to get every gap in every level. Creating new levels is also fun, and making goals for those created levels is the topping on the cake. Have your friends try to complete your goals. Overall, lots of replayability and you'll have blast with this game.


There are a lot of different modes for multilplayer, such as trick attack, king of the hill, scavenger hunt and HORSE. Multiplayer is about average and it should last a couple of weeks if not months.


This game is great and I highly recommend buying it, or least rent it. This is one of my favorite games and I am a true a true gamer. If you like skating games without even knowing how to ollie (like me) then this is the game for you!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/22/05

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