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"THUG 2 is out, should you care"

THUG2, should you care?

No, you should not care unless you enjoy Jackass the show mixed with Hawk the skater. Tony Hawk Underground Two is Neversofts next game in the Tony Hawk series. It does not truly deserve a six, I am just giving it a six because this is useless sequel. If you have ever played Madden or any EA sport game, you know how it goes, there are a few updates here and there but nothing terribly important to merit your fifty dollars. Tony Hawk American Wasteland is out, why not waste your money on that? BUT, if this is you first time playing a Hawk game it gets a high mark like around a nine.

Graphics 9/10
The cities you skate in look great, and they are actually well made. Nothing will truly drop your jaw, but the game runs at a solid frame rate while having a huge space to roam and look and throw apples at. There are also people just skating around or standing around as if living their normal lives, its a nice touch to the otherwise lonely skater scene. But, this Gamecube and the other consoles this game appeared on will not really get better graphically for a while. The next Hawk game that comes out after Wasteland should be on the Nintendo Revolution and truly amaze you. When you fall your characters animations show pain and blood comes out, in fact, the animations for this game are well done and look more realistic than ever before, good job.

Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay in this series has stayed the same as it always has. I will not explain all the moves and tricks you can do, but they are all in here. And, there are now two story modes as to no disappoint old Hawk fans. If you have never played a Hawk game before, its like this, you do Street Fighter sweeps, such as pressing down and then forward on the control stick, while pressing a trick button, and you do a move. Then, you build your special meter up, and execute the combination to do your characters special move, and try to get the most points, and well get the most points and have fun. You can also now throw apples at people, and jump off of your board and run around. You can freak out, after you take a spill, but its not a big deal at all and strangely, instead of having to fix your board or go find it....a new one just slides under your feet.

Story 9/10
As I touched on before, if you played a Hawk game, this is the only thing new. There is a new story mode, where you go around doing Jackass like stunts, did you buy this game and have no clue what Jackass is? I will not spoil it for you if you are that inept towards MTV and its wild television shows. You basically just do stupid stuff, cause damage, have fun, and go to the next goal. Then, there is a standard story mode, where you just play like you have every other Hawk game.

Sound 8/10
If you like to skate, and like "skater music" then this music will fit your bill, I think the Xbox version has custom soundtracks, so that may tilt which system you get this game for. The sounds are all on point, hitting the ground looks painful, cars look like cars and such blah blah.

Extras 10/10
This game has something that other games should really have. There s a create a character and create a park and move mode....why don't basketball games have this option? How come I can not create my own basketball court, have one side with eight foot rims and one with 12 foot rims? I do not know, but I do know the extras in this game are nice. There is also a code setting, so no need to get a Gameshark just go to Gamefaqs and insert the codes baby.

Overall 8/10
These Hawk games have a loyal following, but I do not understand why they sell so well. Madden sells well each year, because people are to lazy to update the rosters. But in Hawk, its basically the exact same game as it ever was. I am really tired of game after game being pumped out, this game basically has BAM doing stupid things to make it a new game. The Nintendo Revolution will usher a new way to play games in the year 2008, I hope that the next Hawk game can truly be revolutionary, not just a switch in the button controls, adjusting the physics, or improving graphics. What Hawk really needs, is the Wiifit board in conjunction with the Wiimote to give you the realest skating experience without the bruises!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/07/05, Updated 01/06/08

Game Release: Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (US, 10/04/04)

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