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    FAQ/Walkthrough by nick11link

    Version: 1.26 | Updated: 02/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    By nick11link
    I. Intro
    II. Controls
    III. Story
    IV. Walkthrough
     - Mission 1 - Combat Patrol
     - Mission 2 - Behind Enemy Lines
     - Mission 3 - Assault on Windbreak Ridge
     - Mission 4 - Operation P.O.W
     - Mission 5 - Plan of Attack
     - Mission 6 - Titans of Tundra
     - Mission 7 - Striking Distance
     - Mission 8 - Beach Head
     - Mission 9 - Invasion Force
     - Mission 10 - Gunships of the Desert
     - Mission 11 - Black Gold
     - Mission 12 - XDay
     - Mission 13 - Herman's Heroes
     - Mission 14 - Call Sign Eagle
     - Mission 15 - The Guns of Tiki Bay
     - Mission 16 - Battle of the Coral Atolls
     - Mission 17 - Bridges on the River Styx
     - Mission 18 - Road to Xylvania
     - Mission 19 - Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
     - Mission 20 - Seige of the Vladstag
    V. Campaign Bonus Missions
     - Bonus Mission 1
     - Bonus Mission 2
     - Bonus Mission 3
     - Bonus Mission 4
    VI. Closing/Credits
    VII. Contact
    VIII. Version History
    I. INTRO
    Hey there, I'm nick11link.  Me and my brother Matthew are writing this guide 
    together (he plays, I write.)  This game is really cool.  It was originally 
    supposed to be a GC version of Advance Wars, but somewhere along the lines it
    turned in to a sweet third-person shooter.  You can play as a variety of units
    like tanks, bazooka vets, jets, and turrets.  There is only a campaign mode,
    but there are several campaigns to play and for many levels more than one way
    to go.  I garuntee you you will play this game for a while!  I am here to help
    you through thick and thin, through the toughest battles and even the easiest
    (sissies...)  Without further ado, on to the guide!
    The W's and .'s should be lined up.  If not, change your browser's font to
    Courier New or Courier.  
    Also, if I give you a specific direction like west or north, chances are I am
    referring to the compass in the top-left corner of your screen.  If not, I am
    talking about directions relative to your map.  My directions are not always
    that specific, however, and if you can't find certain landmarks like bridges
    or forks in the path, check the map and find them.
    Just to clear things up, by four campaigns I mean each area you visit, like 
    the Frontier or Xylvania.  There arent four campaing modes to play...
    This FAQ is copyright 2006 nick11link.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to in
    any way reproduce this FAQ without my written permission!
    Websites that currently have permission to use this FAQ:
    Control Stick - Move the unit you are controlling
    - A Button - Fire
      Hold A Button - Charge fire (only works with certain units)
    - B Button - Jump
             - Get in MG Nests, Bunkers, Towers
             - Capture Bases
    - Right Shoulder - Crouch
      Right Shoulder + Control Stick - Free Look
      Right Shoulder + Control Stick (In Air Unit) - Change altitude
    - Left Shoulder - Lock on
                  - Rapidly press to cycle targets
      Left Shoulder + Control Stick - Strafe
      Left Shoulder + B Button + Control Stick - Combat Roll
    - C Stick - Select Unit type
      C Stick Up - Select individual Unit
    - X Button - Switch between follow mode and standby
    - Y Button - While aiming at empty space, send units to the targeted space
               - While aiming at enemy, selected units attack the enemy
               - While aiming at MG Nest, Tower, Bunker, or Capture point, send 
                 units to occupy the building
    - Z Button - Switch control of units
      Z Button at vehicle - Control Vehicle
    - D-Pad - Change from Local View to Global View, and vise-versa
    - Start Button - Open/Close Map Screen
    (NOTE:  Taken from game manual.)
    The world of Battalion Wars has a turbulent history, served by global conflict
    and only briefly interspersed with periods of tense, nervous peace.  Over time
    the great armies of the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories have 
    fought each other to a standstill.
    They now abide by a treaty guaranteeing mutual soverignty, ther two vast 
    empires seperated only by a thin strip of land--a Demilitarized Zone.  Both
    Sides monitor eachother closely, primed to retaliate in the event of a
    preemptive strike.
    Gorgi, Tsar of the Tundran Empire and supreme commander of its military forces
    will soon pass the reins of command to his son and heir, Marshal Nova.
    The Marshal has a more modern outlook than his father, and with Nova in charge
    some dare to dream that a real and lasting peace may be possible...
    But on the other side of the DMZ, General Herman of the Western Frontier is
    spoiling for a fight; it's been too long since Frontier troops saw combat.
    Brigadier Betty has a plan to get the men fighting fit and keep an eye on the
    Tundrans at the same time--this is where you come in, as a special commander
    for the "Fightin' Frontier"!
    IV. Walkthrough
    ---> Mission 1 - Combat Patrol <---
    Say hi to Brigadier Betty, the most ANNOYING person in the game.  She always
    babbles on about how to play in her high-pitched voice.  But who cares about
    her when I am here to babble on?  This mission is basically the tutorial level
    and should be treated as such.  It looks like an obstacle course, like any
    other training level.  Anyways... Press B to jump over the barbed wire.  Next 
    use L to lock on to the dummies and press A to shoot them.  After you have 
    done so, carry on.  Now is time to accquaint yourself with the free look.  
    Hold R and look at the tower with the star.  Keep on goin' to the next star.  
    Oh noes, a spy!  Chase him!  As you chase him you will come across some 
    Listening Posts.  Destroy thm and go to the next gold star.  There are some 
    Spy Balloons to kill.  Lock on to them by pressing L and shoot them.  There's 
    that spy again!  While you chase him you will come across a dead comrade.  
    Curse that spy!  Aplha Company reporting for duty!  You now have some Rifle 
    Grunts.  Make sure your new troops are following you.  Press Y while locked on
    to the enemies to make your troops kill them.  Now shoot the ammo dump to find
    a Light Recon!  The Light Recon controls just like you, minus the strafing.  
    Keep driving to the next few gold stars. It looks like the menacing Tsar Gorgi
    has a new fleet!  Time to prepare for a war!
    ---> Mission 2 - Behind Enemy Lines <---
    It's time to meet Bravo Company.  Pick them up and FINALLY kill that stupid 
    spy!  He will drop a medipack that you can pick up if you took any damage.  Go
    fight another enemy grunt or two.  Ahead are a few more grunts.  Kill them and
    go to the next gold star on the hill. Press B to take the MG Nest and 
    anihilate the Rifle Grunts that try to cross the bridge.  The bridge is yours, 
    I repeat THE BRIDGE IS YOURS!  Cross the bridge and hang a left into the 
    forest.  Use the fallen logs as cover and pick off the enemy grunts.  Make 
    your way to the next gold star.  Good ol' Herman calls in an air strike!  I 
    love a show of force too...  Take out any remaining enemies and head to the 
    next gold star.  The T-Copter gives you a shiney new tank!  Time to dish out 
    the butt whuppin'!  Leave your other units at the end of the bridge and plow 
    across with your tank.  Use it to take out the pesky Towers and Heavy Recons. 
    Call your other units across the bridge and finish the remaining Bazooka Vets.
    Another mission complete!  Bowchikabowwow...
    ---> Mission 3 - Assault on Windbreak Ridge <---
    Meet Colonel Austin, the not-as-annoying-as-Betty charachter in this game.  
    You are at Windbreak Ridge and surrounded by enemy troops.  Start the mission
    by taking your Rifle Grunts to the gold star and fighting the Tundran Troops,
    using the stumps for cover.  There are more troops to take out.  Cross the 
    bridge and claim some Bazooka Vets!  Take out the Heavy Recon with your new
    men.  Follow the road to the next gold star.  You are finally at Windbreak 
    Ridge! Leave your Bazooka Vets where you come in and take your other men to 
    the other entrance.  Put two of your grunts in the MG Nests and wait.  They 
    can easily take out the incoming Rifle Grunts.  If you did what I said, your 
    Bazooka Vets should already be at the silver star.  If not, take them there! 
    The Heavy Recons that come in are easy pickings.  Leave your Vets when the 
    Recons are  gone and return to the MG Nests.  Now you are being attacked from 
    both sides! From the MG Nests there are more grunts, and on the Bazooka Vet's
    side there are Heavy Recons.  Neither are that difficult, so I shouldn't have
    to tell you how to win.  An enemy T-Copter will fly in at the flag and drop 
    off enemy grunts.  Beat them and you will get more rifle grunts and a Light 
    Tank!  Head down the road to the river crossing.  Take hold of your new Tank 
    and lead your troops to victory! Major Nelly won't accept defeat, but that's 
    too bad for her!
    ---> Mission 4 - Operation P.O.W <---
    This is primarily a driving mission, and it's pretty fun!  You start outside a
    Tundran camp where some of your men are being held captive.  Use your Bazooka
    Vets to destroy the Tank and rifle grunts.  Then your men are free take hold
    of the Light Recon and drive it to the next star.  Follow the road through the
    canyon, and take a right at the fork in the road for safety.  If you took a 
    left, you would have to fight enemy troops, and that's just a pain.  Up on the
    mountain take a HARD right and head down the hill.  Cross the bridge and keep
    on the roads.  Now's your chance to take a sweet jump!  Okay, stay calm, it's
    not THAT sweet...  Anyways, head up the next hill, down the mountain, and 
    jump the next gap.  It's a big one!  Drive right into the base, hang a left
    inside, and another right to get out.  This forest may seem big and confusing,
    but it isn't, because I'm here.  The way out of the forest is straight ahead,
    so weave in and out of the trees to get there!  At the end of the forest there
    are two ways to go.  You could drive into the enemy road block, or you could
    jump over them.  I choose jump.  Take a left when the path splits and head up
    the hill.  When you get to the end jump off.  Problem solved.  You will arrive
    at your camp.  Take control of your new Tank and bring your men back along the
    path.  There are incoming Recons, Grunts, Bazookas, and Tanks.  Use all of 
    your units on the Recons and Tanks, and tear apart the infantry with whatever
    pleases you.  A Gunship will fly in.  Oh noes!  Don't worry, your Missile Vets
    will take it out.  Mission complete!
    ---> Mission 5 - Plan of Attack <---
    To start out your forces include:  Rifle Grunts, Bazooka Vets, Light Recons,
    and Tank(s), I can't remember.  Just a note, if you lose all your infantry 
    (Rifles and Bazookas) the mission is over.  From where you start hang a right 
    and go down the road to the silver star.  The base there has Grunts and a 
    Light Tank. Bring your Bazooka Vets to take out the tank and bring in the rest 
    of your men to finish off the remaining grunts.  After you have done so 
    destroy the Ammo Dump to free some Flame Vets!  Flame Vets are strong against 
    everything.  I'm not joking, I've seen Flame Vets take out heavy tanks.  It's 
    awesome.  Okay... Once you've assembeled your men, head west from your 
    position (if you don't know which way is west, there's a compass in the top-
    left corner of the screen you can use) to a bridge.  Clear the enemy Bazookas 
    and head up the hill.  On top there's a heard of Flame Vets guarding a tank.  
    Try to stay at a distance and wipe them out, and claim your tank!  One more 
    way to kick butt!  Head back down the hill and hag a right.  The next bridge 
    is guarded by Bazooka Vets and MG nests.  Use your tanks on the MG Nests and
    infantry on the Bazookas.  Across the bridge take a left to avoid some enemies
    and keep on the road.  Watch out for heavy tanks, though.  If you took the 
    left you can ambush their tanks easily.  Defend with Flame Vets while you send
    your grunts to capture the flag.  Mission accomplished!  
    ---> Mission 6 - Titans of Tundra <---
    In this mission you will be facing Nova's Elite Tank Divison.  There are 8 
    heavy tanks in the Division, and you must destroy every one of them.  You have
    4 tanks, 6 Rifle Grunts, 5 Bazookas, 3 Flame Vets, 5 Missile Vets, and a Light
    Recon.  Head left from your starting positon and sick all your units on the
    first Heavy Tank.  Nothing to it!  Keep going on the same path.  A gunship 
    will attack, which can be taken out EASILY by your Missile Vets.  Stay on the
    path, taking out enemy infantry, and a second Heavy Tank.  2 down, 6 to go!  
    Gun down the next gunship and follow the roa dthrough the forest.  There is a
    third tank guarding a bridge.  Wipe it out and cross the bridge, killing the
    Rifle Grunts.  More gunships!  You know what to do...  Another tank is waiting
    for you.  Jeez, does it ever stop?  Once it's gone follow the road to the top
    of the hill.  Atop it are hoards of Rifles, Bazookas, and a gunship.  While
    your Missiles are taking down the gunship use your other units on the infantry
    units.  Two more Heavy Tanks come in!  Man, Nova really wants you dead!  They
    aren't too tough, however.  Pick off the Rifle Grunts for some health pickups
    and keep following the raod.  Ahead is the last tank, guarded by grunts and a
    gunship.  This is the last stretch!  When all the units are gone the mission
    is complete!  Schweet!
    ---> Mission 7 - Striking Distance <---
    Time to get acquainted with the Artillery units!  You will use them a LOT in
    this mission, hence the name.  Also entering the fray are Assault Vets, super-
    tough Rifle Grunts that are good against any land unit.  Head down the hill
    and join up with your new units.  Throughout the mission your artillery will
    stay on this side of the river.  Give them a test by having them take out all
    the MG Towers on the other side of the river.  With them out of the way, you
    can take your other units across the river.  You can either swim across the
    river, which the enemy grunts will do, or head right and cross the bridge.  I
    will head right, and so should you!  Make sure the MG Towers are gone and head
    across the bridge.  A gunship will fly in, which will promptly attack your
    artillery!  Send your Missile Vets back with the artillery, and leave them 
    there, because more gunships will fly in throughout the mission.  Take out the
    tanks and infantry across the bridge and take the first capture point.  Once
    you have it down a timer will start!  Quickly head left, taking out the enemys
    there and taking the capture point.  More gunships will fly in, which your
    Missiles should take out...  Don't worry too much about the artillery now, 
    since they are next to useless if the MG Towers are gone.  If not, take them
    out at the third and final capture point.  It's not heavily guarded, so take
    out the enemy units and take the final capture point!  Assuming you have done
    this in under five minutes, the bomber squadron will fly in, and the mission
    is accomplished!  The plot thickens...
    ---> Mission 8 - Beach Head <----
    That's a Heavy Recon your drivin' there commander!  Head around the road to 
    the fort and wipe out the tank with the forces you will join there.  Then you
    should hold off the first wave of enemy units that come in.  When you have 
    done so, positon your Artillery units at the door of the fort facing the shore
    of the beach.  They should stop most enemies from getting in the fort.  More
    enemy units will fly in.  Whatever you do, DON'T let the Acid Gas units get in
    the base.  They will DESTROY your Artillery.  Put rifle grunts in all the MG
    Bunkers and prepare for battle!  Take the Recon down to the beach and take out
    the incoming enemies.  Don't forget your Artillery, they have a long enough
    range to take out enemies from the fort.  Also bring some infantry with you,
    but keep the Assault Vets in the fort.  They will kill any enemies that can
    get in the base.  If any vehicles run low on health, there are Blue Jerry cans
    inside the base.  Eventually they send in Light Tanks, so take 'em out!  The
    Xylvainians are going to send in some bombers, so Herman gives you an Anti-Air
    unit.  These are like souped-up Missile Vets.  Use your new units to blow the
    snot oyt of any units that get near the base, especially air onew.  The whole
    heard of bombers will fly in!  Just be persitent and you will win the battle!
    ---> Mission 9 - Invasion Force <---
    Ooh, a plot twist!  You are armed with a Heavy Tank, two AA Units, and various
    infantry units.  Take an immediate right and take out the Rifle units.  Take a
    left and kill the Artillery Units by the bridge.  Cross it and use your AA 
    Units to wipe out teh gunships.  Go to the silver star and make all your units
    kill the two Heavy Tanks.  More units will cross the bridge, but they are weak
    and you can take them down.  When they are gone lead all your units back to 
    the gold star.  Some gunships will fly in, but they are just cannon fodder to
    your AA units.  Keep all your units inside the fort and wait for the incoming
    assault.  The first wave consists of some Rifle Grunts.  While your other men
    take care of them, control an AA unit and watch the skies for any incoming T-
    Copters.  If you see one take it down BEFORE it touches down.  That will save
    you the trouble of fighting more infantry...  The enemy will send in some more
    Heavy Tanks.  Try to hold them off as best you can!  Assuming you aren't a 
    total idiot, you should have most of your units left.  The X-ers will also 
    send in some infantry.  Easy pickin's!  Don't kill the Tundrans, they are with
    you now!  Ugh, soon the enemy sends in MORE Heavy Tanks.  I recomend that you
    control one of your tanks and wipe the Heavy Tanks out.  Make your AA units
    take down the incoming T-Copters.  Eventually your timer runs out.  When it
    does, make your way to the gold star.  Just try to hold off the enemy units 
    until Nova's Evac Wing arrives.  Mission Complete!  
    ---> Mission 10 - Gunships of The Desert <---
    You start this mission armed with a Heavy Recon and 3 Missile Vets.  Try your
    best to destroy the grounded gunships before they take off.  If they do get
    off the ground, gun them down anyways!  Follow your radar to the next silver 
    star.  Jump across the bridge and claim a gunship (yes!) and 3 Heavy Tanks.
    Wait for your Missile Vets to swim across the river.  When they are with you
    take the helm of the gunship and fly over the road.  Take out the rockets and
    Heavy Tank in your way.  Take the rest of your infantry and Tanks to the next
    silver star and claim a few more units.  Leave your gunships behind and take 
    the rest of your units into the camp.  Take out the AA Units, Tanks, and the
    Rockets with everything but your gunship.  When the AA Units are gone it is
    safe to bring in the gunship!  Send infantry to the capture points and use the
    gunship to stop incoming units.  Once both of the flags are your the mission
    is complete!  Wow, that was a short one!
    ---> Mission 11 - Black Gold <---
    Whelcome to the Primary Nerocite Extraction Points!  Leave your gunships 
    behind after you take out the first miniguns and Heavy Tank.  Go right at the
    fork in the road and take out the rockets and rifles with your Recon.  When
    that is done head to the first gold star.  There is a Heavy Tank and some 
    rockets ahead, but for now take out the Ack-Acks and use all your units (even
    the gunsip) to take out the first search light.  Do the same with the second
    search light and keep going down the road.  Cut across the mountain (kill the
    Heavy Tank) and kill the Ack-Acks and search light.  Return to the split in
    the path you saw earlier and cross the bridge.  Watch out for the miniguns,
    they can take down your gunships if you aren't careful!  There is a Heavy Tank
    or two at the end of the bridge.  Go straght to the first search light, which
    is guarded by a few infantry.  Destroy it and head right to the final search 
    light  Kill the rockets and search light.  You are now in the clear to bomb 
    the towers!  Control a Bomber and leave every other unit behind.  Fly north to
    the first tower.  When you are over it drop as many bombs as you can!  Repeat
    this to take it out.  Keep going north and take out the second tower.  Tsar
    Gorgi will provide you with cover while you kill the final tower.  Bowchicka-
    ---> Mission 12 - Xday <---
    Welcome to the Coral Atolls!  This is a really cool mission. You start out 
    fighting!  Clear the path of Rockets and take your tanks to kill the Artillery
    Units.  Every unit should be gone before you go.  Follow the road, taking out
    the MG Toweres and Acid Gas.  When the deed is done raise the Frontier Flag to
    receive some moremen and a tank.  Continue up the hill.  It is guarded by a
    Tank and some grunts.  When they are gone kill the MG Tower and free the men.
    Continue down the other side of the hill, taking out any rockets or grunts.
    There are some Light Tanks to take out  as well.  Leave your other men outside
    the fortress and free the Frighters.  There are 4 gunships flying in from the
    beach at the fort.  Your fighters and missiles make quick work of them.  Use 
    your fighters to take out the artillery.  One Strato-Destroyer and four more
    gunships will fly in.  They are TOUGH!  Always shoot the Strato-Destroyer in
    the back, because that is where their fuel tanks reside.  If you run low on
    health the gunships drop blue jerry cans.  Once the air units are gone you 
    will have won!
    ---> Mission 13 - Herman's Heroes <---
    Mmm, three targets there are.  Destroy them you must, mmm...  Sounds simple?
    Good.  You have 6 Rifle Grunts, 5 Flames, 5 Mortars, and a Heavy Recon.  Take
    control of the heavy recon, cross the bridge, and go right.  There are a few
    wimpy infantry to destroy.  When they are gone, head up the hill.  Some of 
    your Missile Vets are being held captive, and they are an absolute must for 
    this mission.  Two MG Nests and a Watchtower are guarding the base in which 
    they are being held.  Your mortar units can take 'em.  Infantry also reside in
    the base.  Be careful, they can take out your Recon.  Take care of the enemies
    and free the Missiles.  2 gunships fly in, so gun them down with your new
    Missiles.  Capture the flag and ditch the base.  Go straight down the west 
    side of the hill to avoid some Heavy Recons (which will come back soon anyway)
    and head to the base.  Use the Mortars once more to destroy the Towers around
    the base.  Run in and free some more men.  With the new Bazooka Vets destroy
    the Heavy Recons.  That was easy!  A gunship will fly in.  Gun it down with
    your Missiles and capture the flag.  When that is done follow the road to the
    third and final base.  Immediately free the Solar men.  They shoot LASERS!!!
    Destroy the Munitions Dump and head for the next gold star.  You will meet 
    infantry, Tanks, and Watchtowers.  From here you can hold your own until the
    mission is complete!
    ---> Mission 14 - Call Sign Eagle <---
    This one's a toughie.  The whole mission takes place in the air (for you.) But
    you don't have to worry, because I'm here.  You start this mission in control
    of a fighter.  Press the control stick forward to gun it to the silver star.
    Have your men stop as many T-Copters as possible from landing.  I managed to
    take down all of them, because I'm uber-leet.  Meanwhile, on the other side of
    the map, two bombers fly in!  Head to them fast because they will attempt to
    destroy Herman's men!  When the Bombers are down you will get one of your own
    to use.  Take the newly-accquired Bomber and destroy the Artillery and Tanks
    heading down the road.  Also take advantage of your gunships.  Your fighters
    should take care of any enemy air units.  Up ahead are a bunch of Towers and 
    MG Nests.  Use a gunship to wipe them off the path.  At the fortress there are
    some Tanks and Artillery to take out.  Do so, then switch to a fighter and
    search the map for T-Copters.  If you find one, gun it down because they just
    mean more trouble for your gunsips.  Someone must like you, because a new
    Strato-Destroyer is sent in.  For you, numbnuts.  Control it ASAP!  Seriously,
    a Strato-Destroyer can take down ANYTHING, becaue it is armed with bombs, 
    missiles, and machine guns.  Use it and your other air units to completely
    slaughter the enemy Strato-Destroyers.  When all the enemy air units are gone,
    the mission is complete!
    ---> Mission 15 - The Guns of Tiki Bay <---
    You start with 6 Rifle Grunts, 2 Assault Vets, and 2 Bazookas.  There are also
    Solar units not under your control.  This mission introduces Battlestations,
    which you must see to truly understand.  Head north to the silver stars, which
    are Ack-Acks.  These guys can take down air-based units.  When you destroy 
    them the X-ers send in a Battlestation, which is a Strato-Destroyer on wheels!
    It's only real weakness is air-based units, like your Gunship.  When it and 
    the other units are gone, leave your Gunship behind and head to the next gold
    star.  There are Ack-Acks there along with hoardes of Rifles, Miniguns, and MG
    Nests.  Take out the Ack-Acks first so you can bring in the Gunship for 
    reinforcement.  It appears they have another Battlestation! Head to the center
    island for more reinforcements.  They are heavily guarded, so control your
    Gunship for a better view.  Take out the Ack-Acks from a distance, and guide 
    the rest of your units to the center island.  Once you have the new AA Units
    you can gun down the Fighters flying around the island.  While the AA Units
    are taking down the fighters, lead all your men to the Battlestation and take
    it down.  It may be hard, but it is totally possible if you lost your Gunship,
    so just be persistent and the mission will be complete!
    ---> Mission 16 - Battle of the Coral Atolls <---
    In this mission you finally get your own Battlestation.  It is a toughie, 
    however, so be prepared.  Your starting forces include a Bobmer, 6 Rifles, 4
    Flames, 4 Missiles, and a Battlestation.  Follow the path and watch as your
    Battlestation slaughters any enemy units in the way.  Use your Missiles to 
    destroy the Gunship.  When the area is clear cross the bridge.  After you have
    done so clear the Ack-Acks to protect your bomber.  Simply follow the path up
    the hill to their Battlestation.  With a Bomber and a Battlestation of your
    own, this guy is a piece of cake!  Head across the next bridge.  Take a right
    and plow through the barbed wire.  MAKE SURE your Missile Vets take down the
    gunships!  Also take out the Battlestation, Heavy Tanks, and Ack-Acks.  Go to 
    the silver star and free some Solar men.  Make them capture the flag.  If you
    are low on health, destroy the tents scattered around the island.  Either way,
    head to the west side of the island and cross the bridge.  Destroy the Heavy
    Tank.  Use your battlestation to obliterate the artillery.  Take your men with
    you!  When the enemies are gone return to the flag and capture it.  Mission
    ---> Mission 17 - Bridges on the River Styx <---
    This mission, like others, is hard.  You are on a timer for the most part, and
    if you slow down too much at any time, it may cost you the mission.  Your 
    starting forces include 3 Heavy Tanks, 6 Rifles, 8 Assaults, and 4 missiles.
    Take control of a tank and follow the path left.  Kill the MG Nests and send
    your infantry across the bridge to take out the Rockets.  They are a big pain
    to your Tanks.  When it is safe take your Tanks across the bridge and destroy
    the MG Towers and MG Nests.  Use your Missiles to gun down the Bombers (your
    Assault Vets can help too.)  Go through the gap to your right and head to the
    gold star.  Have your Missiles capture the flag while your Tanks destroy the
    Towers and other men take the infantry.  When you have your flag raised cross
    the next bridge and destroy the Rockets.  Sometimes a Bomber might fly in, 
    which your Missiles should take down.  Head north to the next gold star, which
    is guarded by Towers and various other units.  Capture the array, and Herman
    will send in reinforcements.  When you get them head west on the road.  Take
    out the enemies on the other bridge.  Your main priority is the Artillery,
    which will try to take out your Tanks.  When all the enemies are gone, clear
    the skies and head to the next gold star.  A trap!!!  Now is not the time to
    be a sissy.  Just charge up to an enemy and slaughter it.  All your units 
    should stick close to an enemy, to avoid Artillery fire.  Don't worry, Herman
    sends in air reinforcements (which you can't control.)  By now you should be
    able to hold your own.  After you have wiped them out, run north to the final
    gold star and enter Xylvania!
    ---> Mission 18 - Road to Xylvania <---
    Wait, I thought you were in Xylvania!  Hmm... A plot twist!  This mission 
    introduces the Iron Leigon, a group of undead soldiers spawned by Countess
    Ingrid.  Your starting forces include a Battlestation, 6 Bazookas, 6 Rifles,
    6 Assaults, and 6 Missiles.  Follow the road and destroy the Pillboxes.
    Pillboxes are like MG Nests that shoot rockets.  Head up the hill and destroy
    the Artillery and Pillboxes.  Ingrid sounds kind of wierd...  Go down the
    other side of the hill and head on the road.  Kill the infantry and Gunships
    and continue.  There are more Rifles and Bazookas along the way.  Climb the
    hill to the next base.  Take down the Gunships and enter.  Destroy the Flame
    Vets first to save a lot of trouble.  Also destroy the Heavy Tank and Rifles.
    More Gunships will fly in, which your Missiles should gun down.  When they are
    gone continue down the road and kill the two Pillboxes stationed at the gate.
    There are also Heavy Tanks, infantry, and more Gunships.  Further down there
    are more Pillboxes.  Pick up any health and continue down the road.  At this
    point you may lose your Battlestation, which is okay.  You can complete the
    mission without it, but it will be more difficult.  Kill the Pillboxes, Heavy
    Tanks, and Gunships along the way.  Eventually you will reach the gold star.
    Destroy the statues and the mission is complete!
    ---> Mission 19 - Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers <---
    Almost there!  To start you have 10 Rifles, 6 Flames, 4 Heavy Tanks, and 2 AA
    units.  Control an AA and head up the road to the grunts.  Kill them and 
    Gunships will fly in.  Use your AA units to take them down.  When they are 
    gone head into the large field.  Go right and destroy the Heavy Tanks.  Watch
    out for Gunships and head up the hill to the right with a flame vet.  Kill the
    Bazookas and free the Fighters.  When they are free head northwest on the 
    road.  There are Heavy Tanks and infantry along the way.  Head up the hill and
    down into the crater.  Your AA and Solar Fighters should take down the 
    Gunships before you enter.  Switch to a tank and head in.  Quickly destroy the
    Obelisks.  Destroy the Cenotaph and the mission is complete!  Enjoy the video!
    ---> Mission 20 - Seige of the Vladstag <---
    This is it, the last mission in the game!  You are basically finishing off the
    last of Vlad's forces, which are hiding at the Vladstag (hence this mission's
    name.)  You start out with 6 Rifles, 6 Flames, 6 Mortars, 6 Missiles, and 3
    Heavy Tanks.  You also have 8 Tundran Rifles not under your control.  Head 
    north on the road.  Destroy the infantry while the gunships take out the 
    Pillboxes.  Have your Missiles destroy the Bombers while your Rifles capture
    the flag.  When the gate is open run through and have your tanks destroy the
    artillery.  Run up the hill and take out the Searchlights.  The Gunships will
    fly in and destroy the Pillboxes.  When the road is clear head up the hill.
    Capture the next flag to open the gate.  Betty will send in reinforcements.
    Destroy the Bombers while she does so.  As soon as you have them head through
    the gate and up the next hill.  It is guarded by buttloads of Pillboxes and
    Rifles.  Destroy the rifles and Bombers while Nova's Gunships take out the
    Pillboxes.  Capture the third flag and head up the hill.  Destroy the Rockets
    and get to the gate.  Destroy the Searchlights and Nova's Gunships can help
    destroy the Battlestations and Pillboxes.  Watch for Bombers while any
    remaining infantry capture the two flags.  When you are done sit back and 
    enjoy the ending!!!
    ---> Bonus Mission 1 <---
    In this mission you have a chance to play as the Tundrans.  You have 6 Rifles,
    4 Missiles, and 3 Heavy Tanks.  From the start follow the road left and sick
    your units on the Heavy Tanks.  Continue down the road and grab the 4 Light
    Tanks.  Go to the right of the base and take out all 4 Heavy Tanks--Don't 
    worry, they're easy.  Watch our for Gunships and return to the gold star at 
    the base.  There is a small Rifle squadron.  Take a right around the forest
    (watch out for the Gunship!) and claim more Rifle Grunts, take your units 
    across the bridge, wrap around the forest and take out their Bazookas.  A 
    Heavy Tank will drive in.  Use all your units to kill it.  Watch out for their
    Gunship (if it isn't already gone.)  Kill the final tank to finsh the mission!
    ---> Bonus Mission 2 <---
    ---> Bonus Mission 3 <---
    ---> Bonus Mission 4 <---
    I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did!  This guide wouldn't be possible
    without these people:
    CjayC - Making GameFAQs in the first place.
    My Bro - Helping me write the FAQ.
    Me - Writing it.
    You - Reading it!
    Kuju - Making such a great game!
    Nintendo - Publishing this game!
    Various others - Hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks a bundle to all these people!
    If there is something wrong with the FAQ or you want to add a tip, fell free
    to send it to the e-mail adress below.  MAKE SURE THERE IS BATTALION WARS FAQ
    IN THE TITLE!  Seriously, if there isn't, I won't even bother to read it.  It
    would also be great if you didn't send me any spam or something like that,
    because all you're doing is wasting my time.  Thanks a bundle, here's my 
    e-mail adress:
    Version 0.5 - First released version.  Other missions on the way.
    Version 0.6 - I can't beleive I forgot the contact information!  Also added a
                  few more missions, and changed some of the format.
    Version 0.8 - Added a few things here and there, and two more missions.  Only
                  four more to go!
    Version 0.92 - For the sake of a fan (yes, I alredy have some) I have decided
                   to add Bonus Missions.  The first one is now in.  Two more
                   missions left!!! TWO!!!
    Version 1.25 - First complete version!  Ready for entry...
    Version 1.26 - Updated to my new GMAIL!
    Good Riddance!

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