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"Double fun!"

King Arthur one of the best movies I ever watched, when I saw this game I was so excited to play it, and I was not disappointed.

The storyline is just amazing, it tells you the story of king Arthur and his knights who served the roman army. Arthur's knights are just about to get their freedom after long time service, but before they even have the chance to celebrate, they have got one more task to complete.

The story is told by taking cut scenes from the film and some computer generated. The game divided into chapters following the same events happened in the movie.

You can play as any one of the main five characters from the movie, of course including Arthur and Lancelot. Each one has his own special moves and attacks, before each chapter you will be given the choice of picking one of two characters to play the chapter with.

The game's environments are so similar to some of the movie's areas, it's really neat and capture the look of the film. Characters are so highly detailed and look realistic, backgrounds are nice and colorful.

Once again the music and sound are taken directly from the movies, which is a brilliant idea. Sound effects are well done you can hear the swords clashing and enemies crying/screaming.

Combat in king Arthur is so engaging, you have your melee attack which you will use more often, melee attacks are performed by pressing one of three buttons, and one special move. Ranged attacks are done by using bows and arrows, it is a very powerful attack. Finally you have your horseback mode, here you will be riding your horse and using you sword to attack, or using your own horse to stomp and kick enemies.

You can upgrade your characters after you beat a mission using the points you get depends on how many enemies you have killed in this certain mission, there are several categories to upgrade, like speed, strength.

The game is challenging and difficult, sometimes you will be facing a countless number of enemies, here your skills will be tested. Another thing made the game even harder, it is when you die during a mission, the game forces you to replay it from the start all over again.

Speaking of difficulty level, you have a way to decrease it and make the game even more fun to play, it is by using the co op mode, it is just a multi-player mode, here you can let your friend play with you through the missions, it is very helpful and fun.

Overall king Arthur is a great game with even a greater story, it offers a very engaging game play, excellent graphics, and fun co op mode, I like to recommend this game to everyone even for those who haven't watched the movie.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/08/05

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