Review by zombiesmusher01

"Very bad game. Thats all I can say."

Graphics: Let me start off with the graphics, okay? The graphics in this game were lack-luster. The character models looked cheap, but not that bad. Their face animations were pretty low quality, their bodies themselves looked okay and just about everything else about them looked...meh. The environments looked pretty good, but as you can see didn't save its score. The trees stand in one place, the grass doesn't move, water looks pretty bland. Its all average, really. Something you'd expect from a average action game. But there obviously were some problems. Sometimes everything turned choppy and rugged, mouths didn't move on some occasions and arrows never fired out of the bow when shot. 3/10

Sound: Actually the sound quality was pretty good. The voice-overs, though still below average were donme with at least some work sounded okay, the fighting sounds pretty good. Screaming slashing and dying; Your average for an action game. There are some problems though, like stupid one liners, horse hooves sometimes don't make the sound at the correct moment and stuff like that. No biggy though just annoying. 4/10

Story: Your king Arthur and you gotta save stuff. Thats about all there is to the storyline here folks. I couldn't catch much else from when I beat the game but it isn't anything Genre-turning. Afterall, it is an action game. Don't expect much. 2/10

Game Play: Lord of the rings the Two towers all over again folks! You pick a character (Same type of selection as Lord of the rings.) then fight enemies and complete objectives in missions. Your fighting style changes with each character; but not by much. Its all hack, block slash slash block counter shoot. Thats really it. If you've played Lord of the rings the two towers then you will know what I'm talking about. Its an Adventure/Quest/Beat em' up game. What did you expect? Michael Jackson having a duel Matrix style with Bill Clinton? There /is/ some horse combat, but its rancidly bad. BAD! With this the game tries to sell, but it ends up digging its own grave. It is bad, seriously. You slash and the horse kicks. Your basically god on a horse; you hardly die. Objectives range from protecting a carrage to holding off enemies to attacking enemy camps. Nothing special. 3/10

Replay: Very little replay value here. There is a multiplayer, but that's just horrible. You pick a character and with about three little mini-warriors on your side you fight your friend who has the same soldiers but a different character. And then theres Co-op...arg. Its Single-player with a dash of poison to the eyes. 2/10

Final: Rent it if your in the mood for one bad action game. But don't buy it, whatever you do don't buy it! Well, good day to you all! And good bye. Checj out my other reviews too while your here.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/22/05

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