Big Chest in south of Castle Town?

  1. there are three chests total in this area which you can just get to without digging:

    1. Well there is the chest in the canyon on the west side (which you need the double clawshot for)

    2. Then there is the one where you have to find the EXACT SPOT in order to clawshot your way up on top of the east tower, to then tightrpoe walk, then hand-sidle, then tightrope walk again.

    from big chest #2 you can clearly see that there is no possible way of jumping from the hight you're at...

    There is one last chest in that game that i need to get then i will be a true Zelda fanatic. So help me get the chest in the middle of the southern Castle Town feild?

    User Info: DARK_CLAW

    DARK_CLAW - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok this one looks hard but once you understand how to do it, it's easy. First, go in front of the chest, then climb up the RIGHT side of stairs and stop when you pass the last one. Then get your clawshot out and look towards the tower thing with the flag on it and you should see a circle thing that you hook on to. Clawshot on the circle and STOP!!! and don't climb up. Drop down to the ledge and now get your spinner/top thing out. Barely go left and then use the spinner/top thing and you should get on a rail(Aim towards the small, slim wall). While your spinning on the rail, time it just right and jump off. You should get in the area where the chest is(if you timed it right). And TADAA!!! you get the chest containing an orange rubee(100).

    User Info: king7348

    king7348 - 8 years ago 0 0

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