on The legend of zelda twilight princees how do I get to the sky?

  1. How do get to the sky on The legend of zelda twilight princess? for a miror shared.

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  1. The sky is the third to last dungeon in the game and where you go to find the last mirror shard. In order to get there you must first complete the temple of time and get the dominon rod. After you beat armoghoma (TOT boss) , you will return to the present and your rod will lose all its power. Now teleport to kakariko village and talk to the seamen (man who is next to Ilia) and he will tell you to speak to Telma (Lady who runs bar in castle town) and give her a note. Give it to her and she will then instruct you to deliver a note to the doctor (House closest to east gate of castle town). Give the doctor the note and he will tell you he had a statue of Ilia's but someone stole it, then he'll walk away. Walk to the back of his house and bush a crate to find a pool of medicine. Have wolf link remember he scent and follow it to right in front of telma's bar where a cat will admit to stealing the statue, but had it stolen from her by undead dogs. Go out the south gate of castle town at night and kill the pack of dogs to get the statue. Give it to Ilia and then you will gain access to the hidden village. In the hidden village you must kill kill all 20 boboklin and then a man will step outside his house. Speak to the man and after you finish talking take out the powerless dominion rod and show it to him. He will give you a book. Take the book to the guy in the basement of the shaman's house and he will fix the dominion rod but tell you you must find all the owl statues in hyrule to finish the book. Find all of them, finish the book and give it back to the man in the basement. He will then make the statue in the basement affect able by the dominion rod. Use the rod to move the statue in order to reveal a room with a cannon. The man will follow you so try to warp the cannon and then talk to the man twice. He will leave. Warp the cannon to Lake Hylia and talk to te cannon guy (Flyer) and he will fix it for you for 300 rupees. Finally clawshot into the target in the back of the cannon and it will launch you into the sky.

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