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    Boss FAQ by ZFS

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/18/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Boss FAQ
    By: ZFS [ZFS@comcast.net]
    Version 1.2 -- 12/18/06
    -------------------------------{Table of Contents}-----------------------------
            I. Introduction
            II. Version History
            III. Bosses
                    a.) Twilit Parasite -- Diababa [B1]
                    b.) Twilit Igniter -- Fyrus [B2]
                    c.) Twilit Aquatic -- Morpheel [B3]
                    d.) Twilit Fossil -- Stallord [B4]
                    e.) Twilit Ice Mass -- Blizzetta [B5]
                    f.) Twilit Arachnid -- Armogohma [B6]
                    g.) Twilit Dragon -- Argorok [B7]
                    h.) Usurper King -- Zant [B8]
                    i.) Ganondorf [B9]
                            1.) Ganon's Puppet - Zelda
                            2.) Dark Beast - Ganon
                            3.) Ganondorf Horseback
                            4.) Dark Lord - Ganondorf
            IV. Mini-Bosses
                    a.) Corrupt Baboon(Forest Temple) [MB1]
                    b.) Guardian (Goron Mines) [MB2]
                    c.) Giant Frog (Lakebed Temple) [MB3]
                    d.) Invisible Swordsman (Arbiter's Grounds) [MB4]
                    e.) Knight (Snowpeak Ruins) [MB5]
            IV. Wrap Up
            V. Credits
            VI. Copyright
    This is a Boss FAQ for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Zelda games 
    usually feature some bosses that are tough to defeat for some folks, so this
    guide is here to make sure you have all the necessary strategies needed in 
    order to topple these evil denizens of Hyrule. 
    If you have any sort of suggestion, or alternate strategy, to defeat these 
    bosses you're free to contact me with it and you'll be given complete credit
    for the addition. 
    Hopefully you find everything you're looking for here so that you can come 
    away with a -- ahem -- *FLAWLESS VICTORY* over these giant beasts.
    -------------------------------{Version History}-------------------------------
    Version 1.0 -- Every boss covered with complete strategies for defeating each. 
    All major grammatical errors and spelling mistakes fixed. 
    version 1.1 -- Updated boss strategies with some user submissions. Fixed some
    previous errors, both grammatical and strategical, and added in the start of 
    the mini-bosses section. Also updated the contact information at the top.
    Version 1.2 -- Updated some of the boss strategies with some more user
    submissions. Added a few more mini-bosses.
    |Twilit Parasite -- Diababa                                                   |
    |Temple: Forest Temple                                                        |
    |Difficulty: Easy                                                             |
    |Item: Gale Boomerang                                                         |
    The first boss of the Forest Temple is essentially one very huge, very nasty 
    Deku Baba -- aptly named Diababa. There are two phases to this boss, as most
    of Twilight Princess's bosses are, and both are rather simple.
    PHASE 1
    In the first phase, there will be a spider-bomb located on a central platform
    in between two giant looking Deku Babas. The trick here is to whip out your 
    Gale Boomerang that you got earlier in this dungeon and make it carry the bomb
    on the central platform into the Deku Babas. You'll want to lock-on to the 
    bomb first, then lock-on to one of the Deku Babas. When you do, the bomb -- 
    thanks to the gusts of wind -- will be smashed right into the Babas face. 
    Do this exact same thing to the other one to initiate the second phase of the 
    boss battle.
    PHASE 2
    In this second phase, the smaller platform where the spider-bomb was is now
    gone, replaced by the towering giant -- Diababa. The overal method to defeat 
    this boss is nearly the same as what you did before, except now on a much 
    grander scale.
    There are two key attacks that will really be troublesome for this part -- one
    is the spraying of a poison purple substance and the other is biting the heck
    out of you if you get too close. The first is remedied by simply holding up
    your shield or dodging. The latter is best avoided by simply keeping your 
    distance from Diababa. Something to note is that the distance you can be away
    from Diababa and still keep the Z-Targeting reticle locked on him.
    Shortly after it starts, the monkey that you saved earlier in the dungeon --
    the white one that was infected with a parasite -- will come swinging into the
    battle with a bomb in between his feet. What you have to do is, with the Gale
    Boomerang, lock-on to that bomb, then lock-on to Diababa, and let it rip. It's
    a bit tricky at first since you have to time it fairly well, but after it 
    connects, Diababa will come crashing down onto the ground. That's when you go
    to down beating the crap out of the eye with your sword.
    Keep this up for one or two more times and you'll have beat the Twilit Parasite
    |Twilit Igniter -- Fyrus                                                      |
    |Temple: Goron Mines                                                          |
    |Difficulty: Easy                                                             |
    |Item: Hero's Bow / Iron Boots                                                |
    The leader of the Gorons has become corrupt with power -- are you a bad enough
    dude to save him? This giant inferno is actually fairly easy to defeat, but 
    does bring some pretty vicious attacks to the table that you'll need to look
    out for. However, unlike previous bosses, there aren't really any phases to 
    to him.
    Fyus looks like a pretty intimindating figure right before the outset. He's 
    huge, he just broke free of his chains, and just touching him looks like a 
    recipe for death. But the big beast does have a weakness -- the jewel on his 
    head. In order to sent him screaming in pain, you'll need to whip out your 
    Hero's Bow and aim for his head. When you hit him, he'll run around aimlessly,
    which will allow you to sneak up behind him and grab one of the chains he's 
    dragging behind him.
    Here you'll need to grab the chain with the A button and then put on your Iron
    Boots. Link's normal weight alone isn't going to be enough to stop him, so 
    with those on, pull back enough so that there isn't any slack in the chain. 
    Fyrus will look behind at you right before he comes crashing to the ground. 
    When he does, let go of the chain, take off the Iron Boots, and make a made 
    dash to where his head is. Once there, unleash a fury of sword swings on him to
    make sure this bad dude cools down.
    There are a few attacks that he has that you'll need to look out for. The first
    is a giant fire wall that he'll send throughout the entire room. There are 
    certain places depending on his position that are "safe" and won't let you get
    hit, so just keep your distance when you see him charging up and you'll be 
    fine. The second attack is where he'll use the dangling chains around his 
    wrists as weapons. He'll use this when you get close to him and haven't hit his
    head. Once again, just keep your distance and you should be fine.
    The key to defeating Fyrus is to use your Bow and aim for the jewel on his head
    Once you connect with that he'll be confused and disoriented, just aimlessly
    running around the room. Use this opportunity to grab onto the chain behind him
    which will trip him up. Note, though, that you'll need to put on your Iron 
    Boots so that you have enough weight placed to trip him up. 
    With a few more tries, the Goron leader should have returned to his senses.
    Sam sent in an alternative suggestion to defeating Fyrus instead of grabbing 
    his chains. He suggests that after you hit him with your Bow, you don't go grab
    his chains; rather, you simply run behind another pole to get away from him and
    wait for him to recover and hit him again. Do this over and over until he 
    finally goes down. He also suggests hitting the pots around you if you're low
    on arrows when using this method.
    |Twilit Aquatic -- Morpheel                                                   |
    |Temple: Lakebed Temple                                                       |
    |Difficulty: Painfully easy                                                   |
    |Item: Iron Boots / Zora Armor / Clawshot                                     |
    Morpheel is a nice throwback to Morpha in Ocarina of Time, but has a twist to
    him that is actually quite epic. The boss is split into two phases, one which
    mirrors the Ocarina of Time battle and one which is entirely new and a bit 
    tougher but nothing crazy. 
    PHASE 1
    The first phase of Morpheel basically makes you look for the eye of the beast
    amongst a sea of tentacles -- really. Since this boss battle is entirely 
    underwater, you'll need to put on your Iron Boots so that you can get a solid
    aim on eye. When you do see the eye within your distance, whip out your 
    Clawshot and pull him toward you. Hit him once, quickly, with your sword and 
    he'll jump back into the tentacles. 
    There are some precautions to this battle though. If you get too close to the
    tentacles, Morpheel will grab you and suck the life out of you -- a good half
    heart at least. He'll also try to send out some obstacles in the form of deadly
    fish. Keep your distance and watch out for the little fishies that he'll send
    out and you'll be okay. This also means, however, that your reach with the 
    Clawshot is limited. 
    You'll also want to Z-Target the eye here. It may be a bit tough to pick out
    the eye amongst everything else going on, but doing so is infinitely easier 
    than trying to manually pick him out. Wait until he gets toward the end of a 
    tentacle and let 'er loose! A few whacks to the eye will be enough to awaken 
    the *real* beast within.
    PHASE 2
    The second phase of Morpheel is a giant eel-esque thing. Those tentacles that 
    you saw before are actually around his mouth like whiskers. You'll want to keep
    your distance entirely from the front of his mouth, because if you get close to
    it he'll suck you in and spit you back out. The goal here is similar to Phase 1
    -- stab that eye. 
    This phase will really test your ability to swim and to use your Clawshot. 
    Since Morpheel is always moving around -- and he's fast -- you'll need to get
    as close to him as you can. The eye is located right on the back of his head 
    and you'll need to get within range of your Clawshot so that you can latch onto
    his back.
    Once you get onto his back, just start stabbing the Wii Remote like crazy so
    that you can get in as many hits as possible on his eye before he shakes you 
    off. Keep this up until you damage him so much that he loses his direction and
    slams into a wall, a signal that you have defeated this crazy sea monster.
    |Twilit Fossil -- Stallord                                                    |
    |Temple: Arbiter's Grounds                                                    | 
    |Dificulty: Medium                                                            |
    |Item: Spinner                                                                |
    Stallord is one of the coolest, one of the most fun boss battles in the entire
    Zelda series. He's also your first true challenge in Twilight Princess. An old
    criminal long past, he's revived again to do battle with you. He's split into
    two different phases, and you'll primarily be making use of your new item, the
    PHASE 1
    The first phase starts off in this large, circular arena that is filled with 
    sand. Stallord will be in the center of all this sand. Your goal here is to 
    literally break his back. You do this by ramming into his spine at the very 
    center of the room -- it's what is holding him up. 
    Some key things to note are the grooves located all around the top of the arena
    These grooves will allow you to pick up plenty of speed before jumping off of
    them to ram into the Stallord's spine. The hazards of this, though, are the two
    spiked spinners running around the track. They'll try to knock you off and out
    of your way, but can avoid this by jumping off of the tracks before they reach
    After you hit the Stallord the first time, he'll summon this dead criminals 
    that almost serve to make the arena like a pinball machine. If you hit one of
    them, you'll go bouncing all over the place. They're cleverly placed too. He'll
    only stand about three hits from your Spinner before he's down and out, but
    during that time you can expect him to guard his weakpoint well with those 
    dead criminals. Manuever right around them to the open point and continue
    smashing away. Once he's down and out, you'll initiate the second phase.
    PHASE 2
    This second phase is a bit harder to handle, but fun and manageable all the 
    same. A giant circular platform will rise as the sand disappears. The head of
    the Stallord will come to life and you'll start the second phase. Here, you're
    going to be basically jumping from wall to wall to avoid all sorts of attacks.
    As you spin along the circular platform's grooves, the Stallord head will make
    his way into the picture and start shooting these large fireballs at you. To
    avoid them, you just jump off of the grooves and onto another wall. Keep this
    up until you catch up to where the Stallord head is and make *another* leap of
    faith to nail him in the head. This will cause him to fall to the ground where
    you can then proceed to beat him down with your sword.
    After you knock him out once, there will be a set of spiked spinners that will
    run along the central platform similar to you. And they will also run along the
    outer wall after you hit him a third time. You'll have to jump back and forth
    between the walls to avoid these. They don't pose much of a threat and you can
    generally see them coming well in advance. 
    Once you've hit the head a few times, the Stallord will finally be defeated
    and you can claim your prize.
    |Twilit Ice Mass -- Blizzetta                                                 |
    |Temple: Snowpeak Ruins                                                       |
    |Difficulty: Medium                                                           |
    |Item: Ball and Chain                                                         |
    There is something oh so satisfying about beating down a corrupt and possessed
    Yeti, wouldn't you say?
    The friendly, yet sickly, Yeti that told you all sorts of different directions
    for the location of the Twilight Mirror fragment is your opponent here. This 
    can be a bit tough if you head into the battle with little hearts, but knowing
    her tricks can always help you out!
    PHASE 1
    The first phase in this battle fits well with her "Ice Mass" subtitle that's
    above her name. During this portion of the battle you'll want to use the Ball
    and Chain item you found to chip away at the giant piece of ice until it's 
    broken down into almost nothing. Once you start swinging the Ball and Chain, 
    it'll do a good job of blocking you from getting rammed, so if you prefer to
    just do that, it works. 
    After a few hits from the powerful Ball and Chain, the ice mass should be 
    dwarfed down into but a cube! That'll head into the second part of the battle.
    PHASE 2
    This phase is a bit harder and bit more complicated than the last. There are a
    few attacks that she'll use that could be troublesome. The first is dropping
    spiked ice from the ceiling, which come slamming down wherever they lock-on to
    you running around the ice. The best solution to this is just to mix up your 
    position and keep constantly moving. If you do, the ice spiked won't be able to
    do you any harm.
    Once they have all landed it's a good idea -- if you can -- to try to slip in
    an attack from the Ball and Chain. This will destroy some of the ice spikes and
    make the number less the next time she uses this technique. This *also* helps
    for the next part of her attack, which is to entrap you with those very spikes.
    After you have avoided all of the spikes, she'll lift them out of the ground
    and they'll hover above you in a circle. They'll come crashing down to trap you
    so that Blizzetta can slam into the middle and cause some massive damage. The
    best idea here is to just stop when you see them hovering above and pull out
    your Ball and Chain. Once they land, let it loose and break some of the ice 
    spikes and quickly roll out of there before Blizzetta crashes down. 
    Once you do *that* you'll have to quickly turn around and use the Ball and 
    Chain on Blizzetta while she's stuck in the ice. She won't be there for long
    and if you miss her, you'll have to go through these sets of attacks once again
    until you get another chance. 
    Hit her a few times to chip away at the ice shield sort of thing that's keeping
    her safe and she'll be brought to her senses in defeat. 
    |Twilit Arachnid -- Armogohma                                                 |
    |Temple: Temple of Time                                                       |
    |Difficulty: Medium                                                           |
    |Item: Hero's Bow / Dominion Rod                                              |
    Anyone remember Gohma from Ocarina of Time? This is that...on steroids!
    Armogohma is basically this giant spider that *really* is asking to be squashed
    What better way to do that than to take over a massive statue with a ginormous
    hammer? I can't think of a way better way to do it!
    PHASE 1
    There are technically two parts to this boss, but you're basically going to be 
    in this phase for most of the battle. What you'll notice with the environment
    around you are four statues in every corner of the room with light shining down
    in front of them. This part is pretty key because when Armogohma walks on the
    ceiling over these parts of the light is when you need to take her down.
    To bring Armogohma to justice what you're going to do need to do is use your
    Hero's Bow when she is in front of these statues. When you hit her, she'll fall
    to the ground in front of them on her back. You'll need to whip out the 
    Dominion Rod here and take control of the statue she's in front of. When you do
    make an attacking motion to drop the hammer onto Armogohma's stomach, creating
    a devastating blow.
    After you do this, she will lay some eggs -- typical spider fashion -- and 
    there will be a ton of little baby spiders that you encountered earlier in this
    dungeon. The best method to taking these annoying critters out is wait until
    they get really close to you and show them what's up with a Spin Attack. Make
    sure to take all of these annoyances out so that you don't have to deal with 
    them. Also make sure that you don't get hit by Armogohma's beam of energy, 
    which will take off one heart per hit. You can get an idea of when it's coming
    by the time it takes her to charge it up. 
    Continue knocking her down in front of statues, taking over statues, and 
    dropping their hammers and Armogohma will be defeated in no time...maybe...
    PHASE 2
    This is perhaps the funniest phase 2 to a boss ever. While she poses no real
    threat here, there will be tons of little baby spiders carrying around the eye
    of Armogohma with some silly music playing in the background. Just deliver one
    solid hit to the eye and the battle will be over. Blasted spiders.
    *NOTE FROM JOSHUA*: "In the second phase, you can simply shoot the eye three
    times with the bow to win. You don't even need to get close enough to get hit."
    |Twilit Dragon -- Argorok                                                     |
    |Temple: City in the Sky                                                      |
    |Difficulty: Medium                                                           |
    |Item: Double Clawshot                                                        |
    Argorok is one of the most unique and epic boss battles in the game. But then
    again, when *isn't* fighting a dragon during a thunderstorm epic? For the most
    part, Argorok isn't too challenging, but does provide a really cool experience.
    PHASE 1
    The biggest thing to note about the platform that you're fighting on has four
    huge walls in each corner -- and all of them can be latched onto with the use
    of your Clawshot. Right when you take control of Link, you're going to want to
    immediately use the Clawshot to get onto one of these walls. When you do, the
    dragon will start looking your direction and charging up his fiery breath. To
    dodge this attack, use your second Clawshot to get onto another wall. 
    When the dragon is done breathing fire, he'll be too exhausted to defend 
    himself. This is when you're going to want to target his tail, which is golden
    and can be latched onto with the Clawshot. Aim toward the tail from the wall
    you're hanging on and let 'er rip! Your weight alone, though, isn't enough to
    bring this guy down, so equip your Iron Boots while still holding on to bring
    him crashing into the ground, removing some of his armor.
    You will have to continue doing this until all of his armor breaks off. When 
    there is very little left, he'll shake the rest of it off and the second phase
    of this battle will begin.
    PHASE 2
    The second phase is similar to the first in what you're going to need to do.
    But, instead of going after his tail, you're going to be aiming for his back. 
    The rain will immediately kick in during this portion, too, which will give 
    rise to some Peahats (the things that are floating in the air). Use your Double
    Clawshots and the walls to get high enough so that you can lock-on to one of 
    these Peahats and get a better shot at Argorok. 
    You'll probably want to use Z-Targeting here when it comes to moving all around
    the battleground. It's faster and it'll allow you to easily avoid the dragon's
    attacks. Once your hanging onto one, Argorok will begin his fiery breath 
    attack that circles all around the area. Quick move from one Peahat to another
    avoiding this until he's worn himself out. 
    When he's tired and recovering his breath, keep going around until you're 
    behind him with a good view of his back. Either manually, or through the use
    of Z-Targeting, aim at his back with your Clawshot. You'll be latched onto his
    back where your goal is hit him as much as possible with your sword. Keep doing
    so until he falls to the ground.
    After he gets knocked down the first time, repeat the strategy that you just
    did. He's going to eventually switch up his attack pattern. Instead of going
    in one direction with his breath of fire, he'll quickly change it on the 
    fly to try to catch you off guard. Just take it easy and switch your direction
    before he hits you with it. Once again, he'll be out of breath and just asking
    for you to beat him senseless with your sword.
    Do all of that once more to defeat Argorok. 
    |Usurper King -- Zant                                                         |
    |Temple: Palace of Twilight                                                   |
    |Difficulty: Medium                                                           |
    |Item: All Gained                                                             |
    You're finally getting toward the end, ready to take out the root of all the 
    evil plaguing Hyrule. Zant is interesting because he is both his own unique
    boss battle and a combination of all the other boss battles you have faced up
    until this point. He has various forms and phases, each mimicking an earlier
    fight but adding in a new twist. In the end, you'll be fighting Zant in a 
    one-on-one duel in front of the trapped Hyrule Castle.
    This boss is reminiscent of the battle with Diababa. It works very similar to
    that in the weapon you'll be using the Gale Boomerang. Equip that and lock-on
    to Zant. All you need to do is throwing the Boomerang at him and he'll stop
    floating around and be open for an attack. 
    He does have an attack he'll use, which is throwing these balls of energy at
    you, but it's very easy to avoid and it's blockable by your shield. Keep in 
    mind that he'll use this attack throughout the duration of these battles.
    This phase puts you right back in the room where you tackled the giant Goron
    that you threw off the platform and into the burning lava. Zant's gimmick this
    time around will be to warp around the room and make the platform move all
    around. Although it's recommended to use the Iron Boots if you're having 
    trouble balancing yourself, it's not all that necessary. Watch out for his 
    energy attack by blocking it with your shield. He'll soon wear himself out and
    be open for a fury of sword slices. Attack him a few times here and it'll be
    time to switch the battleground again.
    This phase puts you in the watery deeps of Lakebed Temple. You're going to need
    to equip your Zora Armor to breath and also your Double Clawshot and Iron Boots
    There will be many different Snake Helmets all around the bottom. They'll be
    closed off until one of them opens up to show Zant inside. When he is exposed,
    he'll launch an energy attack at you and then wait a few seconds before 
    disappearing. Use your Clawshot to pull him out of the Snake Helmet and deliver
    some blows with your sword. He'll run back into the helmet and the process will
    repeat. Continue doing this until Zant switches the scene once more.
    Remember the mini-boss in the Forest Temple? Yeah -- that's this. Zant will 
    work very similar to the way the monkey did, jumping from pole to pole and then
    stopping to throw an energy attack you. Work your away around the energy attack
    and wait for him to stop jumping. Roll into the pole he is standing on twice, 
    not once, to knock him off. Once he's fallen, beat him down with your sword. 
    He'll jump back onto the poles. Repeat the process a couple more times and 
    it'll be time for another scene change.
    This phase takes you right back to where you fought Blizzetta. That means 
    you'll need to use your Ball and Chain. Each time you hit him, Zant will get
    smaller and smaller until he's basically like an ant. When he's in his smallest
    state, hit him with either the Ball and Chain again or your sword to reset his
    size. Keep this up until he changes the scene for the final time.
    In this final phase, you'll fight Zant right in front of the trapped Hyrule
    Castle. This is pretty much a one-on-one duel with the man himself; no real
    gimmick to talk about here. 
    He has a few attacks that he'll use in this final confrontation -- one is the
    stanard slices from his two blades on his arms and the other is a vicious spin
    attack. The latter is hard to avoid because it can break your guard fairly 
    easily. Jump out of the way and use your shield to block both of them though.
    After the spin attack, Zant will often be left very dizzy and that's the 
    invitation to rock him hard with your sword. He'll have other openings when
    he's running toward you and just stupidly trying to swing his blades as well. 
    Once you've hit him enough times, he'll fall to the ground and you'll be warped
    back to the Palace of Twilight. Zant defeated.
    |Ganondorf                                                                    |
    |Temple: Hyrule Castle                                                        |
    |Difficulty: Medium                                                           |
    |Items: Master Sword                                                          |
    The final, epic battle with the King of Evil himself -- Ganondorf. This battle
    is very long and pretty tough if you don't know how to handle him. There are 
    multiple phases and forms to this one. You really need to prepared for what's 
    in store before you attempt this one.
    The first phase has Ganon possessing Zelda for a throwback to Ocarina of Time.
    You'll never have to directly attack Zelda; instead, you'll play a good ol' 
    game of tennis with here...sort of. She'll charge up a giant ball of energy 
    that she'll fling toward you. What you have to do is hit it back at her with
    the Master Sword. You keep doing this until she's the one who misses and it 
    hits her. This part can be pretty challenging with the Wii Remote, but it's 
    nothing too bad.
    The key attacks to watch out for, the energy attack aside, are a giant glowing
    triangle -- almost Triforce-esque -- that will emitt energy before having 
    an explosion of sorts. It's pretty easily avoidable, but pretty devastating if 
    you're hit by it. The other attack is her attack where she goes flying trough
    the air with her sword pointed out. She'll mix them up a bit in between the 
    energy attack where you hit it back and forth.
    There are two phases to this one form. In the beginning, what you'll need to do
    is use your Bow to hit him in the head as he charges toward you. Due to how 
    fast he is, this will need to be really quick. After you hit him, you'll also
    need to get out of the way because his momentum will keep carrying him forward
    toward you. After hitting him and moving out of the way, attack his chest like
    crazy until he gets back up and disappears. 
    The next time he comes back there will be many different warp points that will
    appear, but he'll only come out of one. You'll know that he's coming by the 
    blue glow that one of them will give off. Hit him in the head once again and
    beat at his chest. 
    Eventually, he'll start dodging your Bow attacks by warping away. He'll try to
    literally smash you by dropping from above on your location. Get out of the 
    way and then swich into your wolf form. It's Sacred Beast v. Dark Beast -- who
    Remember that almost seemingly pointless goat herding in the beginning of the 
    game when you talked to the Mayor in Ordon Village? That returns here. As a 
    wolf, you're abilities are limited, but Midna will help you out with her giant
    hand...thing. This time, when Ganon comes charging toward you press the A 
    button right before he smashes you and you'll be interlocked in a battle of 
    strength. Throw him to the side, much like the goat, and then start biting at 
    his chest with your dash attack. Repeat this process until he's defeated.
    *NOTE FROM JOSHUA and CHRIS*: "It's possible to fight this whole fight as the
    wolf. In fact, it's quite a bit easier if you have the timing down to wrestle
    him to the ground, since you can even get away without any damage."
    This battle takes place on Hyrule Field while you're riding Epona, along with
    Zelda. The key here is to chase Ganondorf around while avoiding his attacks
    and lining him up well enough to give Zelda a good enough shot with her Light
    Arrows. This is probably the toughest part of the fight with Ganondorf simply
    because it can be trouble controlling the horse. 
    The major attack that Ganondorf will use while in this phase is his summoning
    of his dead companions, or dead spirits, to attack you. This usually occurs
    when you're gaining ground on him and lining up for an attack. You need to 
    move around it slightly, but still stay on course so that Zelda can hit him 
    with the Light Arrows. The other attack he uses will be when he's chasing you
    around; he'll try to knock Link off of the horse with his sword attack. 
    Once Zelda has stunned him with the Light Arrows, it becomes your job to start
    hitting him with the sword. Do this multiple times to head into the final 
    showdown with Ganondorf.
    In this final phase, you'll have one epic showdown with the King of Evil 
    himself. There are golden walls all around you, so you can't run away or get 
    assistance from Zelda. It's you Link v. Ganon in a sword duel. There are some
    skulls and the like around you that you can use to get some hearts if you're 
    low on health, if you need it. 
    There's no way to describe the amount of sword attacks that Ganondorf uses in
    this final battle, but be forewarned that he has a repertoire to match Link's. 
    You'll have a real struggle getting around him and looking for an opening, but
    there are times when he will charge forward and initiate a "chance" sequence.
    Here, you'll want to mash the A button down repeatedly to knock Ganondorf off
    of his guard and then have an opening to deliver some blows.
    After a tough fight, you'll eventually knock Ganondorf onto the ground. This is
    the time where you deliver the final blow. Much like with normal enemies who
    you knock onto the ground, press the A button to see Link jump into the air and
    slam his sword into Ganondorf's chest, which will end the battle.
    All that's left to do is watch the ending. Congratulations you have just beaten
    Twilight Princess!
    This section of the FAQ will cover the mini-bosses that are found in each of 
    the nine dungeons. These are usually very easy, but it's worth it to include 
    ways to beat them nonetheless. After defeating each mini-boss, you'll usually
    get the dungeon's key item. 
    |Corrupt Baboon                                                               |
    |Location: Forest Temple                                                      |
    |Item Received: Gale Boomerang                                                |
    This crazy baboon made you go through the *entire* Forest Temple to find a 
    bunch of monkey's to save so that you could reach him. Are you going to stand
    for that? I don't think so.
    There are a few things to look out for when fighting this guy -- first, he'll
    use the Gale Boomerang to attack Link; second, he'll use the Boomerang to cut
    the roots that are holding the Hebi Baba's on the ceiling above. The first is
    a rather harmless attack that is easily avoidable, but the second can cause 
    some trouble if you're caught up in watching the Baboon's movements.
    The tons of poles in this room are going to be the key to defeating this 
    corrupt Baboon. First, you'll want wait for him to stop jumping from pole to
    pole. After that, he'll throw his Boomerang at you -- very easily avoidable --
    and that's when you strike. Roll into the pole he is standing on to make him
    lose his balance. When he loses it, the Boomerang will come back to smack him
    in the face, knocking him down to the ground.
    While knocked out, beat his bright red ass with your sword. Repeat this entire
    process a few times and the fight will end up the parasite on top of his head
    falling off and disappearing. Pick up your reward -- the Gale Boomerang -- and
    get out of there!
    |Guardian                                                                     |
    |Location: Goron Mines                                                        |
    |Item Received: Hero's Bow                                                    |
    This mini-boss pits you against a huge Goron clad in armor. He guards the 
    Hero's Bow in the next room and apparently hasn't gotten the memo from the 
    elders that you're here for it. The key item you'll be using in this battle are
    the Iron Boots. These will hold you onto the platform when it rocks back and
    forth, not to mention giving you enough strength to throw the Goron.
    The battle takes place on a magnetic platform that is floating over lava. Since
    he is so heavily armored, you're not going to be able to injure him until he 
    leaves an opening for you to do so. When he winds up to attack, start hitting 
    him like mad with your sword. Once you hit him enough times, he'll roll up into
    a ball and start charging at you. 
    Once he starts rolling up into a ball, you're goal here will be to do what you
    did against the Gorons while coming up Death Mountain -- grab him with the A
    button and fling him to the side. In this case, you'll want to throw him into 
    the lava. You're going to want to be near the edge of the platform, too, so 
    that you can throw him far enough.
    After doing these about three total times, the armor around his head will fall
    off and you'll have beaten him -- he's hardly a mean guy without the armor!
    |Giant Frog                                                                   |
    |Location: Lakebed Temple                                                     |
    |Item Received: Clawshot                                                      |
    It is quite fitting that in the Lakebed Temple under the water you would be 
    facing off against what looks like a giant frog who has eaten one too many
    flies. This battle, like most of the others, is pretty simple once you know 
    what you need to do.
    There are two attacks that you'll need to watch out for here -- first, this 
    frog will use its enormous size to try and squash you. It's rather easy to 
    avoid simply because you'll see his huge shadow before he comes crashing down
    onto his stomach. Second, the frog will occassionally let loose the eggs on its
    back, which then will grow into annoying tadpoles that attack you. The best way
    to take care of this is to use your Spin Attack to destroy the lot of them all
    at once. 
    The key to defeating this frog is to attack its tongue. There are a couple of 
    chances you'll get to do this too. The first is when he falls from the ceiling;
    when he does, he'll be knocked out for a bit with his tongue just hanging out.
    Z-Target the tongue and just go to town on him with your sword. He'll recover 
    before long and then get back up. What you'll want to do here is make sure your
    bombs are equipped. He'll open his mouth to scream and that's when you shut him
    up by tossing a bomb in there. It'll explode inside of him and he'll be knocked
    out once again.
    Repeat this process a grand total of three times to defeat the giant frog. Your
    reward will be the Clawshot, which is one of the coolest weapons in the game.  
    |Invisible Swordsman                                                          |
    |Location: Arbiter's Grounds                                                  |
    |Item Received: Spinner                                                       |
    At the start of this battle, you'll see a sword stuck into the center of the 
    area with a bunch of strings attached to it. When you get near the sword, it'll
    react and "awaken," seemingly floating in the air and impossible to strike.
    That's when you use your *senses* to figure this out. Really, it's wolf time.
    Transform into the wolf quickly and you'll see this giant skull sticking out of
    the robe, which is the swordsman. The objective here is to avoid his strikes 
    and attack him when he starts glowing purple. It's very similar to how you 
    dealt with the Poes earlier in this dungeon. After you attack him in your wolf
    form he'll be visible to the human eye, so switch back to normal Link.
    During this part what you're going to want to do is make sure you don't have to
    repeat the first step. It's *really* easy, but if you're not able to it's not
    a big deal since its just to save time. 
    When you're able to see him with Link, you'll want to whip out your Bow to hit
    him. This'll be enough to send him into a frenzy where he swirls around the
    arena getting closer and closer to you. Just stay in the middle and wait until
    you're able to Z-Target him. When that moment comes, hit him with your sword
    until he recovers. 
    Here, he'll go floating in the air for a few seconds. Make sure you hit him 
    with your Bow just once and he'll go swirling around the area again. If you 
    don't hit him, you'll have to repeat the wolf form. 
    Once you've hit him enough times, he'll disappear for good and you can claim
    your prize.
    |Knight                                                                       |
    |Location: Snowpeak Ruins                                                     |
    |Item Received: Ball and Chain                                                |
    The battle with the Knight gives you perhaps your coolest weapon yet *and* 
    poses the biggest challenge. When you enter into the room, you'll be meet with
    a giant ball and chain coming flying at you -- luckily there's knight armor
    right behind you to take the hit. That should set the tension for the battle.
    The Knight basically only has one attack, which is throwing the huge Ball and
    Chain at you. Since he's completely encased in armor, you're going to need to
    find his weakpoint -- the tail. But getting behind him isn't particularly easy
    because he swings the ball and chain around him constantly, effectively cutting
    you off from running behind him.
    What can you do?
    Simple. You'll notice that the ceiling is nothing but grating. Use your 
    Clawshot when the Knight gets close enough to you to go flying past him safely.
    He'll turn around and then launch his Ball and Chain at you. Make sure you 
    dodge this attack because your shield won't be enough in this case. After you
    dodge the attack, quickly run behind him and hit his tail a few times before 
    he's able to recover. 
    Repeat the process one more time and you'll have defeated the Knight and can
    claim his weapon! 
    -----------------------------------{Wrap Up}-----------------------------------
    Well, that about concludes this Boss FAQ. Hopefully you have gotten all the 
    necessary information you needed to take down these monsters of Hyrule. If you
    have any questions or comments, you can shoot me an e-mail and I'll be happy to
    Also, if you have any strategies or corrections you feel need to made, I'll be
    happy to look over them and add them into the FAQ with full credit given to you
    But yeah, it's been fun and hopefully you got what you came here for!
    - Nintendo: Pretty typical, but they deserve some credit for creating what I 
    consider the best game of all-time. Amazing work.
    - GameFAQs: Always been an enjoyable place and great for allowing stuff like
    this to be hosted on their site for the masses to enjoy.
    - Joshua for his submissions on how to beat the second phase of Armogohma and
    the wolf form in the Dark Beast -- Ganon phase of the final battle.
    - Chris for his submission on the wolf form in the Dark Beast -- Ganon phase
    of the final battle.
    - Sam for his submission on an alternate method to defeating Fyrus.
    - Jack for reminding me that the spiked spinners run along the outer wall after
    you hit Stallord a second time.
    Copyright 2006 Dustin Sutton
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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