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    Bestiary by InfamusDSamurai

    Version: 1.35 | Updated: 03/07/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    L    OOO  ZZZZZ  :  TTTTT  PPP
                    L   O   O    Z   :    T    P_PP
                    L   O   O   Z    :    T    PPP
                    L   O   O  Z     :    T    P
                    LLLL OOO  ZZZZZ  :    T    P
         The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
      A Complete Bestiary for use with both versions of the game
        By: The Infamous DarkSamurai you've never heard of
    1=Version History
    11/19 (before guide)= Wii came out, and my heart hurt when Zelda was on it.
      Have since come to terms with that.
    11/23 (0.00%)= Asked The message board about FAQ
    11/24 (0.15%)= Created ASCII art and title, developed sections, decided on
      presentation of guide. Wrote introduction. Enabled Search function through
      use of ToC labels. Added "Merchant Section" after many hours of ignoring
      the guide, then reviving my topic on the TP boards.
    11/25 (0.16%)= Added Catchphrase section to NPCs and a price list to the 
    11/26 (0.18%)= Tuned up search, on the offchance that anyone needed to know
      exactly how to find everything. Added another Thank you, made the copy-
      right clearer, and added a drop section to the monsters. Drop may or may 
      not be revised by contribution time. Added style to ASCII(formerly on
      left margin) Cut "Appearances" because of the hassle involved at looking
      at them.
    11/27 (0.21%)= Added a difficulty section to the monsters and bosses. Outlook
      is good from message board reception. Finalized trademarks, so no confusion
      there. Realized my GameFAQs dates were off, and changed VH accordingly. Cut
      drops because it just didn't matter enough to waste time looking to see if
      maybe blues dropped from the monster as well. Added weapons section, with
      high hopes of putting it to good use. Added 2 more "Thank You"s
    12/9 (0.22%)= Fixed the rating of spoilers inside the guide. Eagerly awaiting
      the release. Have been told repeatedly that this was a waste of time. Also 
      added The Wii release date to this and the ammo section to weapons. Added
      clearer descriptions to "Weapons List". Considered putting all names
      into the ToC.
    12/12 (0.22%)= GameStop pushed back the release 1 day, so now I have my GCN
      Edition. Expect ALOT of change to happen in a relatively short time. As
      always when writing, I have my trusty notebook so I'm not considered a CPU
      hog by my family. This breakthrough has made this the "Best Day Ever"
      [Spongebob Squarepants]
    12/23-24 (0.42%)= Ok so I lied about updates. Heres a whole new bundle of 
      information that I got during my playthrough. Most of this is from 
      memory though. 54:37 is my cleartime with 19.4 hearts and almost 
      all the upgrades to items. First I did the entire weapons list. 
      Then I cut Catchphrases because of the non-catchy things that NPCs say. 
      Since I'm adding names now, I'm going to go ahead and say that all enemies 
      will be named according to other LoZ titles, or what is most appropriate 
      according to appearances/actions/in-game descriptions. I.e. the monkeys call
      their leader "boss", so his name is "Monkey Boss". Also noticed severe 
      flaw in searching. Changed it from Roman Numerals to Standard Numbers.
      I almost finished the monster list after working for 5 hours(1AM-6AM),
      but I couldn't. Monster list is organized pretty randomly, which makes
      me happy I made this search friendly.
    12/25 (0.48%) Merry Christmas, I suppose. More monsters are here, as well
      as a couple thank yous for names. I had no idea there would be so many
      when I started, but I am almost done. Next is bosses. Also a note, I am
      not including hidden dig spots for monster locations. Turns out I
      couldn't finish tonight after all, due to lack of names. So many monsters
    12/27 (0.49%) I got distracted by 4 new games and being allowed to borrow
      KH2, but more is finally here. Maybe I'll get to bosses, but no promises.
    12/29-30 (0.51%) Ok, no distractions anymore. I'm wide awake and ready to get
      close to finishing this. I worked well into the night, and some of the
      morning, and I am finally close. Merchants gets a big check, but I'm not
      submitting until I double-check every store. Monsters are almost done.
    12/31-1/1 (0.70%) Today is the day I finish Monsters. Well it may go into
      2007, but I start today. It is official. At 1/1/2007 @ 7:57AM EST, I
      finished the monster section. Now to bosses. I'll go back and check 
      Merchants when I finish that. I'm about 1/4 of the way through bosses.
      Went to the Message boards to announce my accomplishment, and was met
      with "I want to see it". The outlook is promising. Oh, I almost
      forgot in my excitement, I cut the NPC section due to labor-intensive and
      lack of importance.
    1/3 (0.73%) "All things in moderation." I took a break, but I'm back.
      Added 5 more bosses.
    1/4 (0.75%) It came to my attention today that Prima gave a lot of
      crazy names to the monsters in this game. My guide will have nothing
      to do with a possibly non-Nintendo sanctioned walkthrough. No e-mails
      about names unless it strays from A.)Other LoZ titles or 
      B.)the Nintendo Power guide. 
    1/6 (0.77%) Added bosses up to "Wyvern Knight"
    1/7 (0.85%) Finalized all prices in the merchant section. <-Huge % boost
      is because section is truly complete now. Added bosses up to Moblin
      General 4.
    1/9 (1.00%) I don't have long to work on this today, but I made it past
      the Arbiter's Grounds and have edited those bosses for accuracy. I also
      edited many of the enemies that I found new or better strategies for. I
      plan on at least doing the last 3 bosses before going on to finish the
      last 1, Blizzeta. Ok I'm almost done, got the Blizzeta strategy from
      watching my brother do it and looking very closely. Seeing it reminded
      me of my own fight, making the strategy all the better. It seems I was
      able to finish after all. *added after first submission* (1.05%)
      I added strategies to the sword, frozen lancers and stalfos at the request
      of a reader. I also noticed that the last few stores are missing a
      location guide and have fixed those as well. Some bosses lacked ratings.
      I'm sorry for the number of errors in my submission.
    1/10 (1.06%) Changed wallmaster strategy a tiny bit and am now allowing
      this to be used on Neoseeker.com.
    1/11 (1.15%) Changed alot since last update, but I'm not fixing errors,
      instead I am adding to the guide. The only true edits were a name change
      and one or two strategy changes. Now I am allowing this to be used on
    1/20 (1.20%) Added a new monster, tweaked a couple I already had here, and
      gave my permission to supercheats.com. I have never recieved a confirmation
      e-mail from neoseeker to join the site, so I have taken away their right to
      use it. Only because it was never posted there sadly.
    3/7 (1.35%) A whole lot of name changes, 2 newbies, and a grim defeat on
      my part. I have now accepted Bulbin as the official name because I was
      given legit evidence that it was the official name. I am not sad, in fact
      I am proud that someone took that much time to correct me.
    2=Table Of Contents(To have easy access of FAQ, use Ctrl+F on your browser)
    1=Version History
    2=Table of Contents
    4=Your Armory (A section devoted to offensive items, second most spoilers
        d=Hero's Bow
        e=Water Bombs
        h=Gale Boomerang
        j=Marksman Arrows
        k=Bomb Arrows
        l=Ball and Chain
        m=Dominion Rod
        n=Double Clawshot
        o=Iron Boots
        p=Teeth and Claws
        q=Dark Energy Field
    5=Monster List (all creatures will have the 5 in front of their prospective
       single or double letter. 75 total)
        a=Keese                   n=Bulbin Archer
        b=Bokoblin Sentry         o=Bulbin Cavalryman
        c=Bokoblin Soldier        p=Bulbin Cavalry Archer
        d=Sprinter                q=Deku Baba
        e=Purple Chu              r=Bio Deku Baba
        f=Yellow Chu              s=Rat
        g=Red Chu                 t=Earthbound Prisoner
        h=Blue Chu                u=Poe
        i=Rare Gold Chu           v=Lanmolas
        j=Lizalfos                w=Large Lanmolas
        k=Lizalfos Shaman         x=Greater Lanmolas
        l=Armored Lizalfos        y=Blue Knuckle
        m=Bulbin Soldier          z=Red Knuckle
       aa=Silver Knuckle         an=Helmasaur
       ab=King Knuckle           ao=Armored Helmasaur
       ac=Darknut(mace)          ap=Bubble
       ad=Iron Knuckle           aq=Skulltula
       ae=Armos                  ar=Young Gohma
       af=Gibdo                  as=Mature Gohma
       ag=Stalfos                at=Skullwalltula
       ah=Skeleton Army          au=Tektite
       ai=Wolfos Skeleton        av=Shadow Insect
       aj=White Wolfos           aw=Tile Worm
       ak=Freezard               ax=Gekko
       al=Baby Freezard          ay=Scarab Beetles
       am=Frozen Lancer          az=Torch Slug
       ba=Live Bombling          bn=Twilit Soldier
       bb=Leever                 bo=Twilit Archer
       bc=Flying Peahat          bp=Twilit Roc
       bd=Mantrap                bq=Twilit Rat
       be=Big Deku Baba          br=Twilit Keese
       bf=Skull Puppet           bs=Twilit Baba
       bg=Guay                   bt=Shadow Beast
       bh=Kargoroc               bu=Magic Mask
       bi=Wyvern Knight          bv=Skullfish
       bj=Dodongo                bw=Bombfish
       bk=Shell Blade            by=Beamos
       bl=Biri                   bz=Walltrap
       bm=Phantom Rat            ca=Spitfish
       cb=Big Bees
    6=Merchants List (Because God knows we need them. Search will be 6 and the 
       letter. If there is no exchange of Rupees, it does not count as a
        a=Sera's Sundries         n=Fishing Hole
        b=Malo Mart-Kakariko      o=Flight-by-Fowl
        c=Goron's Night Vendor    p=Fantastication Tours
        d=Hot Springs Souvenirs   q=Sky Shop
        e=Barnes Bombs            r=STAR Tent
        f=Castle Town Boutique    s=Fanadi's Palace
        g=Malo Mart-Castle Town
        h=Hot Springwater Stand
        i=Watchtower Wares
        j=Coro's Lanterns
        k=Trill's Shop
        l=Zora Bombmaker
        m=Rapid Ride
    7=Boss List(location of boss or mini boss and possibly a strategy regarding 
       it's death. Search will be 7 and the letter(s). This has highest 
       spoiler potential. There are only 26 without the 1 optional.)
        a=Ook                       o=Ball and Chain Trooper
        b=Twilit Parasite Diababa   p=Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta
        c=King Bulbin 1             q=Skullkid Round 2
        d=Dangross                  r=Ancient Knuckle
        e=Twilit Igniter Fyrus      s=Twilit Arachnid Armogohma
        f=Twilit Rider              t=Wyvern Knight
        g=Shadow Queen              u=Twilit Dragon Argorok
        h=King Bulbin 2             v=Spirit Zant
        i=Giant Toad                w=Usurper King Zant
        j=Twilit Aquatic Morpheel   x=King Bulbin 4(optional)
        k=Skullkid                  y=Ganon's Puppet Zelda
        l=King Bulbin 3             z=Dark Beast Ganon
        m=Cursed Sword             aa=Dark Lord Ganondorf
        n=Twilit Fossil Stallord
    8=Copyrights and Thanks
    This is my first real FAQ. It is a very special FAQ, because as far as I know
    it is the only one of it's kind in existence. A complete Bestiary of a Legend
    of Zelda game. One would have been much needed for The Wind Waker, but instead
    someone wrote a photography guide, which is just as good. The purpose of this
    is to keep you from spending a long time fighting a common monster that you
    just can't kill, or spending hours looking through a walkthrough to find a 
    boss strategy, only to try it and have it not work. More on the boss 
    section later, but it will contain spoilers, right now I just hope you have 
    fun with this guide. Searching is easy, just tap Ctrl+F and type 
    in the number of the section plus its own letter. On a sidenote, I get 
    "giddy" at the thought of how long I waited for this (the game, not the 
    guide). All that is left for me to say is enjoy the work of almost a month.
    NOTE=I am personally disappointed with Prima, because they made names up
     for monsters that were not obviously LoZ classics. This guide was done
     only by the precedence set by previous Zeldas and new (and appropiate)
     names were given based off of in-game information or appearances or at
     the very least actions. Any alterations in this guide will come from
     Nintendo Power's Guide, because to change it to fit the Prima guide will
     mean a complete overhaul of the guide.
    4=Your Armory
    The most diverse section, this needs an intro. This is for being able to find
    and use everything in Link's power. Because of that, this is second in the
    running in spoiler value. You have been warned.
    (Search Item) 4# 
    Weapon/Item= #####
      Found or Earned= #####
    Location of origins= ##### (Non-mini-boss items will have a short 
      Use-ability= ##### (Is it worth using constantly? Rating of 1-5, where 5 is
       most useable. Ranged items have tended to be easier on the Wii, where as
       up close and personal were GameCube friendly. This rating is based on GCN.)
    Upgrades to.... (For any item that gets better over time. Typically usage
        doesn't change, it just gets better at what it does.)
      Becomes ________ when combined with bow. (for all relevant items)
    Used with/Uses.... (More for ammo than anything else)
    Wooden Sword
      A little of both, earned by helping Rusl before the game starts, and found 
       in the interior of your treehouse.
    Day 2 of Ordon Village, at the very end of the day.
      A definite 5, this is the most used weapon of the arsenal.
    Upgrades to Ordon Sword, Master Sword, Sol-powered Master Sword
    Used with Wooden/Ordon Shield, Hylian Shield
    Note=Neat trick, by sheathing your sword immediately after defeating most
     enemies, you will do a small slice and twirl.
      Earned through purchase at the store
    Day 2 beginning-middle, depending on when you buy it. Requires completion of a
     few sidequests to earn the necessary rupees.
      Rating of 2. Fun to shoot, but very little dmg potential.
    Upgrades to Hero's bow. Not lost after finding Bow.
    Uses pumpkin seeds(found), or deku seeds(earned).
      Bought, from Barnes after Goron Mines
    See Barnes after finishing the Goron Mines and he will offer a bomb bag for
     120 Rupees.
      Rating of 3, its really only good against rocks unless in arrow mode.
    Upgrades to Water Bombs, Bomblings (interchangeable)
      Creates Bomb Arrows
    Hero's Bow
      Earned by fighting Armored Goron Sentry
    Refer to Mini-Boss Section
      Rating of 5, because a bow is the ultimate multi-tasker.
      Creates Marksman Arrows, and Bomb Arrows
    Uses arrows
    Water Bombs
      Bought after purifying Lanayru Province
    Three people sell this, but one is over-charged...at first. First is Barnes,
     second is a Zora literally in front of Lakebed Temple, and third is the
     Castle Town General Store(WAY overpriced, but you can change that at some 
     point after this.)
      Still a 3, but at least rocks underwater are no match now. Can have up to 15
       in a standard bomb bag.
    Upgrades to Bombs, Bomblings (interchangeable)
      Creates Bomb Arrows, but why bother? Arrows can't go underwater.
      Bought from Barnes after finishing the Arbiter's Grounds.
    Can also be bought from the Castle Town shop after Barnes starts making them.
      This gets a 4, but only because of the partial homing ability and insane
       range. 10 in a standard bag, not good at the edge of cliffs.
    Upgrades to Bombs, Water Bombs (interchangeable)
      Creates Bomb Arrows, but again, why? Only 10 in a bag.
      Earned by defeating Giant Toad
    See Mini-Boss section
      Rating of 4, it can stun shortly, bring items to you, or allow travel.
       No theft was put into this game like in Wind Waker, so be content with 
    Upgrades to Double Clawshot.
    Gale Boomerang
      Earned by defeating Monkey Boss
    See Mini-boss section
      Rating of 4. Longer stun(mostly) than a clawshot, longer range, less 
       accuracy with item retrieval. Can also turn windmills and blow leaves out
       to reveal rupees or hearts or bring guay and keese within striking range.
      Earned by defeating Cursed Sword
    See mini-boss section
      Rating of 1. This isn't even really a weapon, I don't think. It can hurt,
       alot, but only near a spinner-track. Keeps you from dying in quicksand.
    Marksman Arrows
      Made from Hawkeye+Hero's Bow
    The Hawkeye can be bought immediately after escorting Telma and Ilia from
     Castle Town or after doing the "Show me your Skills! Pt2" sidequest. 
     Only available at Malo Mart-Kakariko.
      Hawkeye gets a 0(not a weapon). The arrows get a 5, but maybe a scope
       on a Bow is overrated. Very useful if you have a low budget and can't
       find arrows, especially in the Cave of Ordeals. Can be used to take
       out Torch Slugs, Kargoroc, Bulbin Archers, Keese, Guay, or any other fast
       or small enemy.
      Already a combo
    Bomb Arrows
      Made from any bomb+Hero's Bow.
    See each respective bomb for the How-to of getting them.
      Rating of 4. This is the safest possible way of making things go boom.
       So much fun to use that it tends to be bomb/arrow expensive. I only
       recommend that you use normal bombs unless you have no choice but to
       use the other 2 types.
    No difference among the 3 bomb types, except ammo-wise.
      Already a combo
    Ball and Chain
      Earned by defeating Ball and Chain Knight
    See Mini-Boss section
      Rating of 5, but it has a lot of faults. Makes Link walk slowly, hard to aim
       ,easy to interrupt. But it has the ability to instantly kill many monsters,
       destroy Bulbin sentry towers, and break large ice blocks. Acts as a
       frontal shield against most enemy attacks unless you are aiming it.
    Dominion Rod
      Earned by defeating Ancient Darknut
    See Mini-boss section
      Rating of 4 in the Temple of Time, and 1 in the overworld. The dungeon-only
       4 is because of the focus of the dungeon involves a giant hammer. Can smack
       in a really wimpy way while controlling statues, unless the statue has a
       weapon itself.
    Upgrades to Weakened Dominion Rod, then back to Dominion after a short time.
    Double Clawshot
      Earned by defeating Wyvern Knight
    See Monsters section
      Rating of 4. Is no different in any way offensively, but does allow for
       multi-grapples in the right places.
    Iron Boots
      Reward for beating Bo in a sumo match
    Renado tells Link to go see Bo in order to best the Gorons in a feat of
     strength. After visiting Bo, he offers to teach Link the ways of Sumo. Bo
     gives you these for being a good student.
      Rating of 1. Only used as a weapon if you roll while these are equipped.
    Upgrades to Magnetic Boots at large magnets.
    Teeth and Claws
      Wolf weapons
    Go into Twilight or Transform
      Rating of 4, but there is a nice 5 hit combo and continuous bite.
    Dark Energy Field
      Given by Midna if she is with you, in wolf form
    Fight 3 Shadow Beasts in Faron Woods, kill 2 twice, then Midna lets you have
     use of her dark energy whenever you want. Killing all 3 without it is
     impossible oddly enough. 1 stays alive until she gives you this.
      Rating of 5, but being hit does cancel it. Charge it like she tells you
       to, then release after selecting the right number of targets.
    V=Monster List
    There is a little guide to reading this section,
    (Search Item) V#(#)
    Name= #####
    Location= ##### (Multiple places are seperated by commas, and if they are 
       found everywhere that will be specified as well. Hyrule Field 
       is any of the areas in the main overworld mini-map, with the exception 
       of Lake Hylia. It's the map with Castle Town in the middle.)
    Methods= ##### (A partial description and way to kill it)
    Difficulty= ##### (This a personal 1-10 of how it was for me.)
    Notes= ##### (I axed ToD and World because enemies are different among the 
    These are everywhere, they come in 3 varieties. Normal, fire, and ice.
    Anything can kill a keese...no seriously. I kicked one once w/ Iron Boots and
     it died.
    1, a very low 1 at that
    Notes= Don't bother with anything except sword or clawshot to kill these.
    Bokoblin Sentry
    Faron Woods, Hyrule Field, Forest Temple, Cave of Ordeals, Ordon Village
    These things fall to almost anything. Arrows are bad here, but the rest is
     just fine.
    2, they stand a chance in a fight, but more often than not you will kill them
     before getting hit.
    Notes= These are blue and they carry clubs. Their health is vastly smaller
     than that of a Soldier.
    Bokoblin Soldier
    Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle, Cave of Ordeals
    These are resilient, but killable. Takes 10 arrows to kill, so the sword is 
     the key to victory here. Knock it down, then finish it or use Mortal Draw.
    4, just because of their massive health.
    Notes= Red and armed with a large-bladed sword. More appear as time passes
    Hyrule Field
    The keese of Hyrule Field, they throw eggs at you and run away. Smack 'em 
     with Epona, hit 'em with an arrow, stun 'em with your rang and cut them, it's
     entirely up to you.
    1, they move fast, but not for more than a few seconds.
    Notes=The only reason to kill these is for worms(fishing tackle) that are
     stored in a bottle
    Purple Chu
    Almost everywhere
    So easy to kill, but be warned. These combine with each other, and are the
     dominant color in multi-chu fusion. Clawshot to death or cut it.
    2, they melt, but they move fast and can get the drop on you from above.
    Notes=The jelly of the Purple Chu is deadly, causing you to lose all but 1/4
     of a heart when drunk. The dominance chain is: Purple>Red/Blue>Rare Gold.
     Purple Chu also has the ability to drain 2 hearts, restore 2 hearts, or
     restore all hearts, but I wouldn't consider it a Cave of Ordeals item.
    Yellow Chu
    Caves, Cave of Ordeals
    They fall apart at the first attack, unless they have fused to make bigger
     chu. They only combine with themselves, and not often are other chu nearby
     when you see these. Keep the Claw handy, or use your sword.
    2, all chu drop on your head and move fast around you.
    Notes=Yellow jelly is flammable, and thus works well in a lantern.
    Red Chu
    All chu are the same, smack them with the right thing, be it sword or clawshot,
     and the jelly leftover is yours for the taking. Combines with others often.
    2, not as common as others but all chu fight you the same way.
    Notes= Red Jelly restores 8 hearts, a nice thing even at the end of the game.
    Blue Chu
    Even less common than reds, a smack goes a long way in the death of a blue.
     They do not combine willingly, so they are never the dominant color of a
    2, I bet you're sick of seeing chu, aren't you? Well don't worry only 1 more
     color left.
    Notes=Blue Jelly has the power to fully heal Link.
    Rare Chu
    The only guaranteed place to see this is the Cave of Ordeals, or in some
     grottos around Hyrule Field
    So uncommon, you do a double-take the first time you see one. The same applies
     ,but have a bottle ready, or it will be a waste. Never. EVER, let this
     meet up with any other Chu if you can help it, or it will be gone for good.
    4, just because of how careful you have to be around them.
    Notes=Rare Chu Jelly has the power to full-heal and give a short Dmg Boost.
     It doesn't last as long as Great Fairy's tears. Look for a silver chu
     in Snowpeak Trail dig points, but you will need B&C to knock it down. It
     is in between some stalactites and its shimmer can be seen when you find
     the right one. They get destroyed in the process, but you get a Chu, so
     it evens out.
    Castle Town Outskirts, Every Dungeon after Goron Mines (Except Palace of
     Twilight), Cave of Ordeals
    Your sword is your friend here, but bombs and bomb arrows are quite effective
     at dispatching these guys. They have a shield, but it seemed like they forgot
     it when I fought them. They have a large axe on their tails. They run right
     at you, so bomblings away if it is safe.
    4, not hard, but annoying enough to warrant that they be partially difficult.
    Notes=They drop like flies under bombs and the mortal draw
    Lakebed Temple, Temple of Time, City in the Sky, Hyrule Castle,
     Cave of Ordeals
    A partially more difficult form of Lizalfos. Skulls for masks, and bone armor
     are their trademark looks. Actually knows about its shield. Same killing
    5, use shield bash like you've never done it before or mortal draw. Bombs
     pretty much guarantee a kill.
    Notes=Stronger and faster, but essentially the same as before. Travels in
     groups, so kill from a distance if you can.
    Temple of Time, City in the Sky, Hyrule Castle, Cave of Ordeals
    An incredibly difficult Lizalfos, there is no easy way out. Knocking down
     only angers them, unless you have excellent timing. It's bigger, faster,
     and covered in thick platemail that doesn't come off when you hit them.
     Your only option is to Helm Splitter them to death or wait for openings. 
     It can block Mortal Draw as well, so be careful around these.
    7, one of the hardest fairly common enemies you will encounter.
    Notes=I got lucky on the first one I met, I was able to do a Draw on it. If
     you bide your time or charge at them, it doesn't matter, as long as you kill
     in a reasonable amount of time. At least they are loners most of the time.
    Bulbin Soldier
    Almost everywhere after seeing them in Kakariko Village
    Your Bow is the key to wiping out armies of these, as it one-hit kills...
     always... period. If you are low on arrows, smack them around with the
     sword. They don't carry shields, only clubs and are horribly inaccurate 
     alone. If they come at you in groups, stun with a boomerang blast and
     jump strike. Becomes Bulbin Cavalryman on Boarback.
    4, I've never seen one of these alone in the literal sense.
    Notes=Likes to have an Archer or a Boar nearby so that you are distracted, and
     can't kill them as easily. Any arrow is fine, but the archers make it hard
     to aim properly.
    Bulbin Archer
    Almost everywhere after seeing them in North Hyrule Field
    Snipe these annoying punks as soon and as fast as you can. Arrows are like
     the plague to these things. You can either practice with normal Bow or
     use Marksman Arrows for an easier time, but it is rather important that
     these are the first to die. They are highly accurate, but a little on the
     dumb side, shooting at you when you are well out of range. Becomes Bulbin
     Cavalry Archer on Boarback. Also uses Sentry Towers to get the one-up
     on you.
    5, they can hit you well before you hit them if you aren't careful. They spawn
     in the same places always after the first time you see them there.
    Notes=This is why I gave the scope a 5, but I've also practiced with the 
     normal bow so I can save the 100 Rupees for better things in a second game.
     These make great target practice.
    Bulbin Cavalryman
    North Hyrule Field, Gerudo Desert(not permanently)
    A Bulbin Soldier riding a Boar, it is susceptible to the same things, only
     it is harder to catch. Best fought on horseback.
    6, they are hard to kill because if you hit them with your sword they fall
     off and are open to a finishing blow. Resist the urge and wait for them to 
     stand up, then shoot or wait for it to get on its Boar again. Another
     good strategy is to get off of your horse, and target the closest one.
     Since movement isn't restricted by a saddle, you can follow it with
     the cursor until it is dead.
    Notes=They charge at you with a giant pig and this guy trys to smack you in
     the head. I would prefer it if you shot them personally, but it is your game.
     Less common than Archers.
    Bulbin Cavalry Archer
    North Hyrule Field
    A Bulbin Archer riding a Boar, far more annoying than its counterpart. Less
     accurate than a normal archer, and dependent on its Boar instead of trying
     to kill you. Arrows still rip through these like tissue paper.
    5, it isn't as much of a threat as its counterpart. Very common.
    Notes=An arrow goes a long way, since these tend to drop packs of ten, and
     it only takes 1 or 2 with careful aim.
    Deku Baba
    Caves, Forest Temple, South Entrance of Castle Town
    Slingshot is good for stunning, but sword lets you kill in 2 hits. Boomerang
     seems to kill in 1 hit, but not always.
    2, it can't chase you beyond the extent of its stem. Grabs you and holds
     you in place.
    Notes=These drop ammo for your slingshot, and are very easy to see and kill.
     Sometimes they hang from the ceiling.
    Bio Deku Baba
    Forest Temple, South Entrance to Castle Town, Cave of Ordeals
    Cutting it off the vine isn't good enough to kill these, you have to hit them
     again after you knock them off. Will follow you or try to get back to its
     roots. Same strategy to knock it off as before, but go for the kill shortly
     afterward. If it grabs you, use a spin attack to instantly kill it.
    3, it may chase you and hold you in place, but it still has relatively low 
    Notes=A deku with an attitude. Gust is very useful against the ones on the
    Anywhere that skulls can be found, Cave of Ordeals
    A land-bound keese. So weak that anything can kill it easily.
    1, because I have to give my rating of 1-10
    Notes=Great for hearts and money
    Earthbound Prisoner
    Arbiter's Grounds(only 4)
    Has to be fought as wolf. Use 2 jump attacks on it, then finish it.
    4 against the first 3, then 5 against the last one. 
    Notes=4/5 required poes in the "Save Jovani" Sidequest
    Everywhere(Only 56)
    Has to be fought as wolf. 2 jump attacks or 1 dark energy strike, then
     finish them. They are the floating lanterns around Hyrule.
    3, Dodge their scythe strikes, then attack in the opening that it leaves.
     You will often lose the targeting cursor after you knock them down.
    Notes=Only 1 of these HAS to be killed. The rest are completely optional.
     20 gets you a bottle of fairy's tears, though. Also the other 4 are
     directly above this entry, and all 60 gets 200 rupees.
    Gerudo Desert
    Comes at you from underground, grapple and you will be set. It makes them 
     bounce helplessly in front of you. 1-hit kill from Master Sword.
    3, just grapple and smack
    Notes=It will never leave you alone. Period. Sometimes killing one spawns
     a Greater Lanmolas.
    Large Lanmolas
    Arbiter's Grounds
    Exactly like the lanmolas from the desert. Grapple->Smack twice->dead
    4, it has more health and has the advantage of a stone floor to prevent a
     successful grapple.
    Notes=Pull these as far from the quicksand as you can. Falling in costs you a 
    Greater Lanmolas
    Gerudo Desert
    This is an "every once in a while" kind of monster. If you happen to see one,
     just grapple and beat it to death with your sword.
    4, it takes 2 hits to kill.
    Notes=I've only seen these nearby the warp point, and only after killing
     a few normal lanmolas. It can hurt you pretty badly if you let it.
    Blue Knuckle
    Cave of Ordeals(Floor B48)
    A sword-wielding Knuckle in blue armor. Back Slice this monster into oblivion.
     Also use Helm Splitter if you can, because that gets you behind it. Moves
     slow with armor, but fast with it off. Cannot be killed with armor on.
     Helm Splitter only works  against "with armor", but a back slice can break
     guard against "without armor".
    9, this guy takes a long time to kill without using back slice. Hits hard and
     guards against almost everything. Draw does not work on him.
    Notes=Give yourself a pat on the back if you kill him easily. Back slice is
     key, but make up your own strategy.
    Red Knuckle
    Cave of Ordeals(Floor B48)
    A sword-wielding Knuckle in red armor. Same strategy as above. Member of
     Delta Knuckle
    9, again he will take awhile without back slice.
    Notes=Another pat, as there is only 1 more to go in this trio.
    Silver Knuckle
    Cave of Ordeals(Floor B48)
    A sword-wielding Knuckle in shining white armor. Member of Delta Knuckle
    9, I recommend isolating each one of these 3 so it isn't as bad.
    Notes=You've finished off the last of the 3.
    King Knuckle
    Cave of Ordeals(Floor B49), Hyrule Castle(entrance to throne room)
    A large, sword-wielding knight in black armor. Like all Knuckle variants,
     the back slice is key to winning. Also you can wait for him to attack the
     ground with his sword and use the opening for a 4-hit combo. Fights with
     another of himself. The strongest of the Knuckle. Openings against
     unarmored Kingnut include the thrust, the kick, and the 2 to 3-hit combo
    9, as long as you are careful to stay out of shield bash and kick range, you 
     will be fine.
    Notes=This guy is the last thing standing between infinite Great Fairy's
     Tears and you. There are wyvern knights in here, so see their strategy
     in the miniboss section. The one at Zelda's doorstep will be alot easier.
    Cave of Ordeals(Floor ?B47?)
    A hammer-wielding knight in black armor. All Darknut/Knuckle are fairly
     predictable, but this one fights differently due to a different weapon.
     The new attack is a swing in front of it. The rest is the same in this
    9, slightly harder than others but not enough to warrant another point.
    Notes=The hammer is a lot bigger than the sword, so the "Arms Toss" attack
     is harder to avoid. It can be blocked, but it cause a short stun.
    Iron Knuckle
    Hyrule Castle
    A sword-wielding knight in black armor. All Knuckle fight the same except
     the hammer-wielder. Back-slice or wait for openings, then swing away.
    9, just because it takes awhile to kill. Capable of killing you easily, if
     you aren't ready to fight one.
    Notes=By now, you've killed so many of these that the strategy you invented
     is burned into your brain. Keep up the good work.
    Temple of Time, Cave of Ordeals
    A statue brought to life by a evil crystal in its back. Attack that, with 
     bombs or arrows or a 3-hit combo. Groups of Armos are borderline deadly, 
     because Armos only have 1 weak-point. Can be stunned by ball and chain.
     Bounces randomly upon death.
    5, reaching the crystal is easy in a big room, but be careful in a small
    Notes=This can be killed with very little harm to you, if you play your cards
     right. Sneak up behind it, and as soon as it wakes up, attack the crystal
     3 times with your sword.
    Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals
    This isn't the lovely Gibdo from Ocarina of Time that were easy to kill. 
     Nope, these Gibdo are capable of causing you a very big headache. They
     scream to paralyze like before, but now they have armor and a sword that
     Cloud Strife would envy. Not much can stop them from attacking, and big
     groups guarantee some pain on your part. You can stop the paralyze by
     moving around, and you can leave it with a spin attack on the GCN. 
     Otherwise you might consider running, because only hard hits stop them.
     Alone, you can Continuous Bite one 3 full times to kill it. In a group,
     Dark Energy before the stun scream and 2 hits will make it go away. The
     ultimate way to kill them is with Mortal Draw. Ball and Chain can kill in
     2 hits, once when you throw and again when it comes back. Bomb Arrows are
     also good if you want to stay out of range, but they are expensive to use.
     Jump Strike secret technique is effective from a range.
    7, it may be slow but it is strong and it can stun as beforementioned.
    Notes=God, I hate these. The spin attack does not work on the Wii version
     of the game.
    Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals
    A skeleton knight capable of reviving itself when it falls. This can be cured
     by throwing a bombling at it, shooting it with a bomb arrow, or knocking
     it down and placing a bomb nearby. It posesses a shield and a short sword.
     Also can be destroyed quite easily with the ball and chain. First hit will
     knock it down and the second will destroy its bones, most often on the
     return trip.
    5, more intimidating than difficult.
    Notes=Any of the sword special moves can handle this. Pick your favorite.
    Arbiter's Grounds, Hyrule Castle, Cave of Ordeals
    A group of skeletons armed with spears. 2 hits to kill one, and so many at 
     once that you end up killing 6 or 7. 
    3, only a nuisance, really. Be careful though, each hit is worth 1/2 heart.
    Notes=An excellent way to get money, as 5 and 10 rupees drop often.
    Wolfos Skeleton
    Hyrule Field(Night only), Cave of Ordeals
    A wolfos that died, then was reborn as a skeleton. Very easy to kill, just hit
     it once or twice with your sword and all will be well.
    3, these are seen anytime after you first enter Hyrule Field
    Notes=Great source of money. You have to kill a group of these, all at once,
     to get a wooden statue to be used in story quest "Ilia's Memory".
    White Wolfos
    Snowpeak Ruins, Snowpeak Mountain Path
    Arctic wolfos that patrol the blizzards of Snowpeak Mountain. Very evasive,
     very hard to kill unless smacked by Ball and Chain. Takes 3 jump attacks
     as wolf, stays far out of range of Dark Energy Field unless cornered. Then
     it can 1-hit kill.
    6, as they run and jump away. Very fast also.
    Notes=The environment is your enemy here. Wolf until you get the Ball and 
    Snowpeak Ruins, Cave of Ordeals
    A sturdy, ice-breathing dragon made entirely of ice. The good news is that it
     can't chase you. The bad news is that it has powerful lungs for a block of
     ice. Ball and Chain is literally your only hope unless you are nearby a 
     cannon. Even death offers you no respite from it, as it becomes a random
     number of Baby Freezards upon being shattered.
    6, even with the B&C. 2 hits to kill with that or 1 blast from a cannon.
     Frozen status is a constant 1/4 heart drain, and even touching this gives
     you that. Beware the breath, and both means can be done from a safe 
     distance thankfully.
    Notes=I'm sorry for the pun, but I shudder to think of any room with more
     than 2 of these. In the Cave, there is a room with exactly 2. In said
     room there are also Phantom Rats, Ice Bubble, and 5 Frozen Lancers. Good
    Baby Freezard
    Snowpeak Ruins, Cave of Ordeals
    The remnants of a Freezard. Not always in the same room as them, though.
     They slide, alot, but they have really low health for when you see them in
     the game. Ball and Chain is great for this, but 2 sword hits gets the job
     done. Bomb Arrows work well, but are expensive. The ones near ledges are
     almost patheticly easy to kill, just knock it off. Can inflict frozen status.
    4, annoying but not a threat at all.
    Notes=These are pretty rare alone, but between 3 and 8 appear when a Freezard
     dies. It might be a set amount, I haven't tested it yet.
    Frozen Lancer
    Snowpeak Ruins, Cave of Ordeals
    A being made of ice that can create javelins from the moisture of the air 
     around itself. These guys throw their weapons at you, and sometimes hit
     anyway because they throw at an arc. High health but very fragile. Throws 
     fast, attacks fast, just plain pains in the neck. Using jump attack with
     the wolf is an excellent way to avoid being hit by other lancers, as it
     destroys the multiple lances being thrown at you.
    6, prone to causing high damage. Even the shield isn't capable of stopping
     everything it does. The good news is that 1-hit kills are certain with the
     Ball and Chain. The bad news is that they fight in groups more often than
    Notes=Hit hard and hit fast or you might get a game over at the end of it 
    Lakebed Temple, West/East(Wii) Entrance to Castle Town, City in the Sky, 
     Cave of Ordeals
    A small dinosaur wearing an iron mask. 3 ways to kill it. First is Clawshot,
     Attack. Second is Dodge its charge, jump attack. You can also use Back
     slice on these to 1-hit kill. Low health.
    3, an uninspired monster at best. Always knocks you down if you do not block.
    Notes=Fun to kill, especially with its own mask. Throws are preset distances,
    Armored Helmasaur
    City in the Sky
    A Helmasaur whos mask has become part of its body as it grew up. You can use
     either the wait and jump strategy or a Back Slice on these.
    4, pathetic considering this happens in the 7th dungeon.
    Notes=Big...very big. Only annoying near ledges.
    Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals
    A flying skull that poses as a normal skull. Comes in 3 flavors, burning,
     freezing, and original. Must first be knocked out of air, though it can
     be killed in the air. Bounces away from you when it loses its wings. It
     will get its wings and status effect back after a certain time.
    4, chasing one is a new experience. You can finish if you catch it before it
     goes airborn.
    Notes=A more dangerous form of the skull shaped pots. Icy Bubble has freeze
     status, but I don't think that Fiery effects anything past Zora's Armor.
    Forest Temple, Caves, Path to Hyrule Castle Waterway, Cave of Ordeals
    A large spider with skull markings on its body. Capable of frontal blocks,
     but its abdomen is always a weak point. Cannot be "finished" after learning
     shield bash. You learn bash, and it learns block. Waiting for it to start
     an attack leaves it open for hits, using bash has the same effect.
    4, a very slow attacker. I have only been hit once or twice by one. Harder
     to kill as a wolf, but only because of no shield bash.
    Notes=Not many of these around, but the few that are can be frustrating
     if no bash is used. A size difference exists, and the only way I noticed
     was that large cannot be finished.
    Gohma Larva
    Temple of Time
    The just hatched egg of Armogohma. These run around the Temple like they own
     the place, so show them who is boss with anything you prefer. I found that
     my Ball and Chain could handle alot at once while leaving me safe. Thin legs
     and a white abdomen.
    2, never alone but great for hearts and, get this, arrows. So easy to kill.
     So easy.
    Notes=They are often the reason a door or gate cannot be passed. The abdomen
     of a spider is the really big part after the legs.
    Mature Gohma
    Temple of Time
    These are more tarantula-like then their younger counterparts. Red body and
     purple legs. A few sword hits and you will be fine.
    2, don't expect much from these if you are good with the sword.
    Notes=There aren't many of these around, so don't worry about them being a
    Ordon Village(not for long), Forest Temple
    A vine loving spider that charges at you when you attempt to climb past it.
     1 pellet or a gust from the boomerang takes these out, as well as an 
     attack from the Clawshot.
    1, can only be knocked off by the 3 means of killing them.
    Notes=They die like real spiders.
    Hyrule Field, Goron Mines, Lakebed Temple
    A bouncing, 4-legged, 1-eyed creature that is quite annoying. Blues have
     more health than reds, and arrows are 1-hit kill to both kinds.
    3, at best. Don't try this on horseback unless you have a bow. They can
     stand on water.
    Notes= Red tektites like the land, Blue tektites like water.
    Shadow Insect
    Any Twilight before Arbiter's Grounds.(only 35)
    These little bugs have swallowed the light of Hyrule, and they can only be
     sensed by a certain wolf. Killing them before getting a vessel of light
     leaves the light in easy reach, for when you come back. They electrify
     their bodies while running away or attacking, and only need one bite to
    2, they are hard to find in most cases.
    Notes=For every one of these that you kill, you are one step closer to
     never seeing spirits again. That's supposed to be good, but I couldn't
     help but feel a pang of regret.
    Tile Worm
    Forest Temple, City in the Sky
    A worm that sends you flying if you step on its tile. The only way to
     kill is to knock out of ground with Boomerang, and then hit with whatever
     you prefer. The Gust-O'-Matic auto targets them, so they aren't hard to
    4, not so bad the first time. The second time you see them, they may make
     you repeat rooms.
    Notes=They peek out from under the tile to see if anything is coming, and
     hide when something gets close enough to hurt them. The tiles are 
     different sizes in the City, so it is easy to find them.
    Lakebed Temple, Cave of Ordeals
    A worm-like bug that hides itself in a large bubble of water. Surface
     Tension makes this almost immune to everything, but bombs or clawshot
     handle the problem at hand quite easily. If you clawshot, it runs back
     into the sphere.
    4, not as bad as some enemies. It stalks you relentlessly if you do not
     kill it.
    Notes=More of a shock than a nuisance. It got its own cutscene.
    Scarab Beetles
    Arbiter's Grounds
    A swarm of small black bugs that attach themselves to you. 
     Spin attack to get them off, or sword to kill them first. They cause
     "weight" status.
    1, rather harmless until they attach to you.
    Notes=They attack when you open something or get near them. They chase 
     relentlessly until they are on you or dead. Wait until all of them are on
     you then Spin Attack to finish with gusto.
    Torch Slug
    Goron Mines, Some caves, Cave of Ordeals
    A burning slug that loves ceilings. Has a short fire burst around itself
     as a defense. Can be finished without attacking, but takes 1 hit to kill.
     Slingshot is useless, but arrows can save you from falling in lava.
    1, only deadly near small ledges and lava pools.
    Notes=A great way to fall to your death, if you aren't careful. Otherwise,
     have fun.
    Live Bombling
    Forest Temple
    An explosive insect, used mainly for opening walls. It tackles you, or
     follows you around. It has no drops, and is for all intents and purposes,
     a bomb.
    2, explosions are painful.
    Notes=Hitting it or blocking its attack will both make it go into bomb mode. 
     You have been warned.
    North Hyrule Field, Gerudo Desert(near fortress), Cave of Ordeals
    A small green monster that looks strangely like a plant. It and 2+ friends
     spin around you until they see an opening, within which they charge you.
     Two hits from the sword or a spin handles them easily enough.
    2, don't bother with anything but your sword, as they move fast.
    Notes=Often they aren't with or even nearby other types of monster, so it
     isn't a problem to kill them.
    Gerudo Desert, City in the Sky
    A completely harmless flying seedpod. Only a peahat because it looks like
     the ones from previous games. Clawshot on it to go to a new place.
    0, has no offensive capabilities in it's power.
    Notes=It can be targeted, so clawshot away.
    Forest Temple
    There are only 3 of these that I ever saw, and they can only be killed
     by feeding them a bomb bug. If you fall in, it is 1/2 heart damage.
    3, as 2 of them are part of a puzzle in a room. The 3rd is just hangin'
     out with some Skulltula.
    Big Deku Baba
    Forest Temple, City in the Sky
    A fusion of a deku baba and mantrap. Only 2 of these. Kill the Deku to open
     up the mantrap. Hit the deku when it tries to slam down on you, then toss
     a bomb into the mantrap to get whatever is within it. The deku doesn't
     come back.
    4, the deku is annoying, but that's it. Every slam on you knocks you down.
    Notes=It has a key in the Forest Temple.
    Skull Puppet
    Faron Woods, Lost Woods, Sacred Grove(during Skullkid mini-boss)
    A wooden puppet summoned by Skullkid to slow down progress through the
     Lost Woods. Kill them fast or pay with your life. If you kill all at the
     same time, there will be a delay in the next assault. Disappears when
     Skullkid gets hurt.
    4, they attack in waves.
    Notes=A fabulous way to get full money, but you cannot leave to spend it.
     Also drops arrows and hearts.
    A little bit of everywhere thats outside.
    Small birds that attack one or two at a time. 1-hit from sword kills.
     Fun to kill with Ball and Chain. Can be stunned and brought to you
     at the same time by Gust Boomerang.
    1, if you have trouble with them, leave the immediate area.
    Notes=The ultimate in money-making. Killing an entire group has Rupees
     spawn, and leaving the area(where it loads) makes them respawn. Killing
     again makes the same amount of Rupees drop, and can be done this way
     for hours.
    Hyrule Fields, Hyrule Castle Rooftops, City in the Sky
    Large birds that attack quickly and run away. Best killed by sword, but can
     be knocked off to their death. That includes canyons, by-the-way.
    4, expect to waste arrows if you want them dead that way. Can be finished.
    Notes=2 hits from Ordon Sword and 1 from Master. Drops 5 and 10 Rupees often.
    Wyvern Knight
    City in the Sky, Hyrule Castle, Cave of Ordeals
    A dragon in armor with a grapple point for a shield. See Mini-boss section
     for strategies. Sometimes you fight 2 at once.
    6, you'll see why later.
    Notes=Not very many of these around, so have fun while it lasts.
    Goron Mines, Caves, Cave of Ordeals
    A small red dragon with a thick hide that breathes fire. Its weak point is
     its tail, easily reached with bow or sword. Wait for the fire-breath,
     then attack. *SECRET* At the cost of drops, they can be 1-hit killed by
     shooting an arrow into its mouth when it starts to or is breathing fire.
    3, any well-timed jump is good for getting around it. Breath can be blocked.
    Notes=More dangerous in groups, but not deadly. Can hang from ceilings,
     but will not drop onto you.
    Shell Blade
    Lakebed Temple
    A large clam that charges until blocked, when it reveals its weakness.
     Attack the very muscle that is its life with your sword. You can
     shield bash or clawshot to have them open up whenever you want.
    3, cannot be killed while swimming.
    Notes=You can avoid these entirely if you want, they stay on the bottom.
    Lakebed Temple
    A large electric jellyfish. Can only be killed by clawshot. Wait until
     it isn't surrounding itself with electricity to shoot.
    4, many tend to block the path to important places. Electric stops you from
     doing anything.
    Notes=Killing results in a 5 or 10 rupee and a heart...ALWAYS.
    Phantom Rat
    Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals
    An "invisible" rat that attaches itself to you, causing weight status. Can
     only be killed by wolf-spin attack. Targeting other rats in range prevents
     the spin from working, but does allow you to kill them. Can only be seen
     by the "sense" ability.
    4, weight status is deadly in the right places.
     IN ARBITER'S GROUNDS IS NOT A GLITCH. I heard that on the message boards
     of GameFAQs.com for a week. Use your senses as a wolf, and don't run there
     as the real person.
    Twilit Soldier
    Twilit Eldin Province, Twilit Lanayru Province, Twilight Palace
    A bulbin soldier enveloped by the power of twilight. Resist the urge to
     jump attack as wolf, it takes 3. Use the nifty 5-hit combo, it only takes
     2 of them. Or better yet, use dark energy field. Has more health because of
     the transformation.
    5, as slow and dumb as before, but it has lost its weakness to arrows.
    Notes=You only see these once where you can kill with blade, so get good
     with wolf-mode.
    Twilit Archer
    Twilit Lanayru Province, Twilight Palace
    A bulbin archer transformed by the power of twilight. Less likely to waste
     arrows. Stays out of dark energy range in most cases, so beat it up.
     Again, no jump attacks even though it only takes 2 to kill this. 
    5, be careful of the arrows, wolves don't wear armor(normally).
    Notes=Only seen as hylian once, so be wary. Arrows no longer 1-hit kill.
    Twilit Kargoroc
    Twilit Hyrule Castle Rooftops, Twilight Palace, Twilit Lanayru Province
    A roc transformed by the power of twilight. It can balance itself in the
     air, and has a better attack pattern than its light counterpart. Takes 2
     jump attacks to kill. If it is low enough, 1 dark energy hit.
    4, not a threat because not many exist.
    Notes=Be careful of long falls, they like being near dangerous edges.
     By the time you see them as human Link, you will have Sol-Powered
     Master Sword.
    Twilit Rat
    Twilit Hyrule Castle Waterways, Twilight Palace
    A rat transformed by the power of twilight. Is no different from a normal
     rat, but seen before normal rats. Looks a lot like squid. If they mob you,
     then try to kill them one at a time while dodging, as the spin with wolf
    1, just watch for when they are in water.
    Notes=Unless you hit more than one, they get crushed in-between wolf-mode's
     fangs. Nice touch.
    Twilit Keese
    Any Twilight
    A keese transformed by the power of darkness. Is no different from a normal
     keese. Jump attack is only method of easy death.
    1, be wary of its dive, it hits then goes out of range.
    Notes=More crushing by teeth, I like to see that. It does take time, though.
    Twilit Baba
    Twilit Faron Woods, Twilit Eldin Province, Twilight Palace
    A deku baba blah blah darkness. I know you probably know that by now. 
     2 attacks and it is finished. The same as a normal deku, but no pellets
     when it dies. Dark Energy Field insta-kills. The ones in TP can chase you.
    2, but barely.
    Notes=These are just there to hinder you, kill it and move on.
    Shadow Assassin
    Everywhere in the overworld but not for long, Twilight Palace
    A twili that Zant transformed himself to serve as part of his dark army.
     Capable of turning other creatures into Shadow Assassin, mainly people.
     Comes in groups of 1,3,5,or 7(depending on where they are fought), most
     notably 3. They must ALL be killed at the same time, or at least the last 2, 
     or the last one will revive the others. It is susceptible to continuous 
     bite. Running away is not an option, because an energy field appears 
     around you making an arena. Sometimes killing them is a puzzle 
     because of this.
    7, slow they may be, but weak they are not. High health until introduced
     to dark energy field.
    Notes=You must fight these in order to get dark energy field, or any of the 
     portals that allow warping around.
    Magic Mask
    Twilight Palace
    Zant's mask of choice, animated and capable of shooting magical fire. It must
     be stunned by it's own fire for you to get close enough to hurt it, but
     that is not required to kill it. It teleports around or disappears, 
     depending on where it is fought. Shield Bash reflects it back.
    4, not a problem in any way.
    Notes=These act as "keys" to some doors, by killing them you get to open
     the chest with the key.
    Lakebed Temple
    A small piranha-like fish that attaches itself to you and has seemed to
     have lost its skin. Acts very much like Guay, since they leave you alone
     when you go to far away. For every one latched onto you, it will either
     hit seperately for 1/4 heart or cumulative damage. They can only be taken 
     off by a spin attack. Can be grappled from out of water. They can be fished
     out of the water, but only give 1 heart. They drag you to the bottom and
     drown you if you do not have your Zora's Armor equipped.
    2, getting hurt stops a spin during charge-up.
    Notes=Like most underwater enemies, they can be avoided entirely.
    Lakebed Temple
    No doubt the inspiration for the Water Bomb, these come at you until they are
     hit or they are blocked by a shield. Upon being stunned, the countdown
     begins. Grab and throw or run away, because they will explode at the
     same speed as a Water Bomb.
    2, explosions still hurt and it seems these were added to reduce bomb
     usage in Lakebed Temple.
    Twilight Palace
    A large hand whose sole purpose in existence is to take back the Sol.
     Cannot be killed, but must often be stunned in order to escape with
     the Sol. 2-3 Arrows or 3 clawshot hits and you can run away.
    1, you have to start over if it can grab the Sol, but you can 
     just stun it and grab the Sol back before it returns to its chamber.
    Notes=I never gave it the opportunity to get the Sol, so should you.
    Goron Mines, Temple of Time, some Caves
    A large statue with a single eye, it has proximity sensors that can detect
     any intruder within range of its beam. After seeing you, it will fire a
     laser at you and will not stop firing until you are out of range or
     can no longer be seen. The only way to kill them is to disable the red
     eye that fires the laser. Shoot it with an arrow, or aim VERY carefully
     with your B&C.
    2, not a big threat but can knock you down with the beam.
    Notes=Some of them can/have to be moved to access new places.
    Arbiter's Grounds, Temple of Time, Hyrule Castle
    Little spiked columns that can only be seen on some spinner tracks. A key
     factor of the Stallord battle. Only vulnerable after gaining control of
     the hammer statue in the Temple of Time, just use your dominion rod's
     "statue ability" nearby. No drops to my knowledge.
    4, these....are....annoying. Since they can only be killed in one place, 
     and they often stand between a long walk and a door, they get a 4.
    Goron Mines, some Caves
    A catfish-looking monster that spits rocks covered in the substance it is
     currently in. You can shoot, but why use the ammo? Just Shield Bash the
     rock back into it.
    2, might be hard if you chose not to/did not find the 2nd sword ability.
    Notes=Will appear after getting Hero's Bow in the timed switch room,
     where Beamos are on the other side of the timed door. 
    Big Bee
    At any beehive
    A bee that seeks to defend its home. Can be destroyed like Scarabs, hives
     can only be destroyed after being fetched with a clawshot. Exception is
     Ordon Hawk at the very beginning.
    1, just there to prevent easy access to Bee Larvae.
    Notes=Annoying at best, cannot be caught like their LttP counterparts.
    6=Merchants List
    This is gonna be different, mostly.
    (Search item) 6# 
    Name+Name of store= ##### (Name then 2 spaces and name of shop)
    Town and directions to them= ##### (From where you enter the area the most)
    Products and Prices= ##### Rupees (It will be a list style to ease 
       confusion. Mini-game guys will have cost to play in this spot. For 
       the sake of space, I will not include methods of finishing them.)
    Sera  Sera's Sundries
    Ordon Village, the first house you see after entering from Link's House.
     Unlocked by finishing "Where's my cat?" story quest.
    Slingshot+50 pellets    30 Rupees 
    Bee Larvae(10)          10 Rupees
    Lantern Oil             20 Rupees
    Milk(2)                 20 Rupees
    Malo  Malo Mart-Kakariko
    Kakariko Village, just before Barnes Bombs. Look for Malo's picture. 
     Unlocked by defeating King Bulbin 1.
    Hylian Shield(1-time)   200 Rupees
    Wooden Shield           50 Rupees
    Hawkeye(1-time)         100 Rupees
    Arrows(10)              10 Rupees
    Red Potion              30 Rupees
    Hyrule Castle Bridge    1000 Rupees(donated after Lakebed Temple)
    Castle Town G.Store     2000 Rupees(After bridge, donated)
    Castle Town G.Store     200 Rupees(if water is delivered to Goron)
    Young Goron  Goron's Night Vendor
    Kakariko Village, across from Death Mountain Trail's entrance.
    Lantern Oil             20 Rupees
    Red Potion              30 Rupees
    Blue Potion             100 Rupees
    Goron Shopkeeper  Hot Spring's Souvenirs
    Death Mountain Trail, at the Hot Spring. Hard to miss, as it is very big.
    Arrows(10)              10 Rupees
    Milk(2)                 20 Rupees
    Lantern Oil             20 Rupees
    Wooden Shield           50 Rupees
    Barnes  Barnes Bombs
    Kakariko Village, after Malo Mart but before Goron's Night Vendor. Look for
     the picture of a Bomb.
    Bombs(10.20,or30)       3 Rupees per Bomb (After Goron Mines)
    Water Bombs(5,10,or15)  6 Rupees per Bomb (After purifying Lanayru)
    Bomblings(1,5,or10)     6 Rupees per Bomb (After LT, letter comes after AG)
    Bomb Bag(normal,1-time) 120 Rupees, has 30 bombs inside.
    Charlo  Castle Town Boutique
    Straight shot from warp entrance, 
    Boot Shine              10 Rupees (required to enter)
    Bombs                   3000 Rupees (not listed)
    Water Bombs             6000 Rupees (not listed)
    Pocket Bomblings        9000 Rupees (not listed)
    Arrows                  2000 Rupees (not listed)
    Red Potion              3000 Rupees (not listed)
    Blue Potion             10000 Rupees (not listed)
    Magic Armor             100000 Rupees (No seriously, it is. not listed)
    Charlo  Malo Mart-Castle Town
    Same place as before. Technically, you own this store....
    Water Bombs(15)         45 Rupees
    Bomblings(10)           50 Rupees
    Arrows(10)              5 Rupees
    Red Potion              15 Rupees
    Blue Potion             50 Rupees
    Magic Armor             598 Rupees (just under 99.5% off of first price)
    Goron Father  Hot Springwater Stand
    South Entrance of Castle Town, unlocked after fixing bridge and bringing
     him water.
    Hot Springwater         20 Rupees
    Goron Family  Watchtower Wares
    Enter the fountain area from the warp point and go STRAIGHT DOWN. If you
     do not see any tables or people, you are in the wrong place. Go through
     the double doors.
    Red Potion              40 Rupees (Young Goron, ground floor)
    Lantern Oil             30 Rupees (Young Goron, second floor)
    Arrows(30)              40 Rupees (Adult Goron, balcony)
    Coro  Coro's Lanterns
    The only house in Faron Woods.
    Lantern Oil             20 Rupees (Put in bottle or in lantern)
    Bottle of Oil(1-time)   100 Rupees
    Lantern                 Free
    Trill  Trill's Shop
    The stall in front of the Forest Temple. You can rob it, but only once.
     Tripp will remember you and attack you until you leave the stall. If
     you can manage to get close enough to pay off the debt, he will stop.
    Red Potion              30 Rupees (or free if you want, but only once.)
    Lantern Oil             20 Rupees (Dare you take it?)
    Zora Bombmaker  (No name for shop)
    In front of Lakebed Temple
    Water Bombs(full bag)   90 Rupees
    Iza  Rapid Ride
    Right beside the Upper Zora's River warp point.
    Canoe+Inf.Arrows        20 Rupees
    Hena  The Fishing Hole
    Up the hill from the Upper Zora's River warp point, the door in the 
    Canoe w/ lures          20 Rupees
    Canoe w/ guide&lures    100 Rupees
    Roll goal(near door)    5 Rupees
    Falbi  Flight-by-Fowl
    Go south from Castle Town and follow the downhill fence after the fork. 
     There is a nice view of the Gerudo Desert nearby the door.
    Ticket to Isle of Riches20 Rupees
    Fyer  Fantastication Tours
    A hard-to-miss, extremely colorful house in the middle of Lake Hylia.
    Flight-by-Fowl          10 Rupees
    Gerudo Desert           10 Rupees(First is free)
    Special-Repairs         300 Rupees(1-time only)
    Ooccoo Salesman  Sky Shop
    Ooccoo(the one from all the dungeons) leads you here at the beginning of
     City in the Sky.
    Arrows(10)              10 Rupees
    Red Potion              30 Rupees
    Blue Potion             100 Rupees
    Bombs(30)               90 Rupees
    Lantern Oil             20 Rupees
    Purlo  STAR Tent
    Go south as soon as you enter Castle Town. The tent is quite colorful and
     3 girls are standing just outside of it.
    STAR Lv.1               10 Rupees
    STAR Lv.2               15 Rupees
    Fanadi  Fanadi's Palace
    Directly across from Telma's Bar, the first door you see in that alley.
    Career Fortune          10 Rupees(hint at progress)
    Love Fortune            10 Rupees(hint at heart piece)
    7=Boss List
    Almost the same as before, but not exactly. These ARE in order.
    (Search Item) 7#(#)
    Name+Type= #####->##### (Boss or Mini-Boss)
    Location= #####
    Prize= ##### (Dungeon Item or Heart Container)
    Methods= ##### (A short paragraph on a functional way to get the kill)
    Difficulty= ##### (My rating of 1-10)
    Forest Temple
    Gust Boomerang
    When you first enter his room, he laughs at you and cuts 2 Bio Deku Baba off
     of the ceiling. From now on, if you do not stop him, he will cut them off
     of the ceiling. It just so happens that stopping him is how he gets hurt.
     Wait for him to either throw it at you or throw it at the ceiling, then
     roll into the pillar he is standing on. It cannot be done during a lock-on.
     Smack him until he stands up and repeat 2-3 times(depending on attacks).
    Rating of 3.
    Twilit Parasite Diababa->Boss
    Forest Temple
    Heart Container+Fused Shadow
    Entering the big key door, it will show 3 bomb bugs and 2 large tentacles.
     Knock out both tentacles by targeting the bomb bug, then targeting it.
     Now Diababa will surface. Evade its attacks until Monkey Boss comes to
     the rescue with bomb bugs. Target him, then target Diababa's head and
     wait until he turns around at a wall to throw your boomerang. If it
     hits correctly, Diababa will fall, leaving its eye open for attack. Hit
     it however you want, but if you want to see a finishing blow on a boss,
     use jump attacks. In between your beatings, the 2 tentacles from the
     beginning will try to bite you or Diababa will shoot the poison water
     it lives in at you.
    Rating of 4, can be annoying if you do not time the boomerang right.
    King Bulbin 1->Mini-boss
    North Hyrule Fields and Eldin Bridge
    Access to Lanayru Province, Goron Mines, and Malo Mart-Kakariko
    Returning from the "See Bo" story quest will trigger a cutscene in Kakariko
     Village where the king bulbin does...something. This makes Link
     mad, so he chases king bulbin to Hyrule Fields. Now your goal is to
     chase him on horseback and kill him. Everytime you hit him he loses an
     armor piece, until he has none. If the goons give you trouble, stop and kill
     them. He will wait and mock you until he sees that his life is in danger
     again. Successfully stripping him of armor leads to a brief cutscene
     where both of you jump onto Eldin Bridge, then an archer lights up the
     barrier between you and escape. Now you must joust him. Lead him one
     direction until just before he can hit you, then go toward the other side
     while hitting him with your sword. 3 times of that and he falls into
     the ravine under the bridge.
    Rating of 6, the joust is annoying for inexperienced horseback fighters
     (like me).
    Goron Mines
    Hero's Bow
    This boss is said to be the hardest one in the game. It is beyond me
     why anyone says that. First he will break the large platform you
     are on, making it easy to slide around. Equip the boots to avoid this
     issue, as it is magnetic. Get him close to an edge, with your back to it,
     and wait until he tries to punch you. It leaves him wide open for a stunning
     hit, like the end of a 4-hit combo. He will ball himself up and start 
     rolling at you. Remember this? Use the action "Grab" to stop his roll
     and throw him into the lava. Do it again, but the third time he is quite
     angry with you. The new opening is both fists over his head. You have less 
     time to hit him with this new attack, but the rules haven't changed. Hit
     him, grab him, throw him overboard. After that he will complain about
     being hurt and THEN you tell him the elder gave you the ok. Musta missed
     the memo.
    Rating of 5, it isn't that hard, but it is difficult to lure a Goron twice 
     your size to an edge of a platform.
    Twilit Igniter Fyrus->Boss
    Goron Mines
    Heart Container+Fused Shadow
    Upon entering the big key room, you will see a large figure in shackles.
     You get closer only to see it burst into flames. The chains get hot, and
     then it breaks them. The crystal in his forehead begins to glow, and that is
     where the fight begins. Get to safety, and aim for the crystal. He will
     go on a rampage around the room, and now is the time that you grab the
     chain on his leg(at the end) and equip your Iron Boots. He topples, leaving
     an opening at the very crystal you shot him in. Sword away and he will stand
     up. Rinse and repeat, but he does get faster and you can Finishing Blow him.
     Be careful of his chains, he is very accurate with them and they can
     break pillars around the room.
    Rating of 5, sometimes the crystal is hard to see, so be careful.
    Twilit Rider->Mini-boss
    Twilit Dried-up Lake Hylia
    Access to Upper Zora's Domain
    Listen to Fyer talk about lack of customers and the shrine, and he
     will casually point out a Twilit Archer in his hopes for business. Then
     he will freak out, and that's your cue to be a hero and kill it.
     Walk over to it, and it will use Hawk Grass to summon a Twilit Kargoroc. It
     will then start riding it. Wait until it swoops down to attack, then
     jump attack it. It swoops after trying to grab you twice in its claws.
     Do this 3 times and the archer will fall off. He will make a beeline
     for the grass, so kill it before it can board its mount again. After that,
     Midna will ride it and control it so you can investigate why the
     Lakebed is dry.
    Rating of 4, it attacks fast so be on your toes. Once it is off, there
     is no difference between this guy and normal archers.
    Shadow Queen->Mini-boss
    Twilit Lake Hylia
    Eliminating the last of the twilight in Hyrule
    Catch the last tear(wherever you found it) and Midna will complain about
     there only being 11 tears on the map. She will ask to see it and says
     that it is odd that the last one just appeared. Go to the marked place
     and climb on a raft. She will appear in a short cutscene, and swim around
     the raft, then jump out of the water. Wait until it attacks, but do not
     get hit as that knocks you down, and jump attack into a continuous bite.
     She will then go around your raft and all the other rafts in the electric
     charge that all the other insects have. Resurface and then repeat at
     least 2 more times. After that, you will have to hit all 6 "tentacles"
     on its abdomen at once. Can obviously only be seen in sense mode.
     Get the last tear, and go where you are bidden by Lanayru.
    Rating of 5, a fight near water is a dangerous one as a wolf.
    King Bulbin 2->Mini-boss
    Great Bridge of Hylia
    Safe access between Castle Town and Kakariko Village
    This time he thinks he has figured out the game, because he is wearing
     2 gigantic shields on each arm. 2 arrows in a row or Bomb Arrow him
     and he falls out of the way.
    1, might have been hard if you didn't have a bow.
    Giant Toad->Mini-boss
    Lakebed Temple
    You come up through the hole in the floor, only to have it lock behind you.
     Thats when the Tadpoles fall from the ceiling. They are 1-hit kill, don't
     see them as a threat yet. Look at the ceiling and you will a large blue
     mass, that is when she falls down. The game here is kill the tadpoles.
     There is alot, but they drop hearts if you take a bad beating. When they
     are dead, she will try to jump onto you. Avoid it and she will be stunned,
     with her tongue lolling out. Attack at will, then she will wake up. Now
     we have a crossroads. You can repeat this, or you can stun her again. 
     Wait until you can target her tongue(she will be standing) then shoot
     a bomb arrow at it. It will have the explosion animation, but she will
     also swallow the bomb, thus stunning her again. 3 liberal beatings on
     her tongue, and she will vomit(yes, throw-up) the chest and die. Go
     to the big grate and target the yellow octagon with a red center, then
     go from there.
    Rating of 3, I expected more from a big amphibian. She CAN be finished.
    Twilit Aquatic Morpheel->Boss
    Lakebed Temple
    Heart Container+Fused Shadow
    Fall to the bottom of the water in the hole, and you will see a single
     tentacle in the sand. A cutscene will start the second you touch the bottom
     showing an eye in the tentacle. Several more tentacles appear, as well as
     a large mouth. Now the fight begins. Grapple the eye and hit it, you only
     get 1 chance each time. Be careful of the tentacles, they grab you and put
     you into Morpheel's mouth, a time and heart expensive action. It is
     possible for you to stay out of tentacle range at the cost of poor 
     clawshot accuracy. After the first hit, bombfish appear out of Morpheel
     to aid in its defense. They do that by posing as alternate grapple points,
     but it isn't as bad as it sounds, the eye moves faster then them. 2 more
     hits and then the tentacles will retract and Morpheel will come out of the
     sand. Morpheel is big, big enough to have someone say it was a ripoff of
     "Shadow of the Colossus", and only has one weakpoint, its eye. You can reach 
     that by swimming slightly above its path around the room, then targeting
     the eye and swimming close enough to grapple. Avoid the face because it
     can suck you in, and after grappling do the special 4-hit combo on its eye. 
     Do that 2 more times, and Morpheel will slam into a wall and dry out 
     the room. Its eye will turn into the HC and its body will become the FS.
    Rating of 5, be careful of bombfish on the first form.
    Sacred Grove Entrance
    Access to Sacred Grove
    Note:This strategy will not include the chase through the Lost Woods.
    Go through the last door Skullkid opens for you, and you will see a
     clearing. Jump down into it and he will appear with his horn. He blows
     into it and 4 puppets appear. Kill at least one of them to force
     Skullkid to summon more, and use that time to hit him. He will jump
     away any time he can see you coming, or after he is hit. After the
     first hit he will summon 5, distract him as before. Hit him again, he
     will jump away and summon 7 puppets. Hit him one last time and he leaves
     but not without opening the way to the Sacred Grove. Yes, the puppets
     do drop items when they are destroyed by you hurting Skullkid. And
     this fight is done as a wolf because of a story point.
    Rating of 3, keep it occupied and go for the "kill"
    King Bulbin 3->Mini-boss
    Gerudo Fortress
    Access to Arbiter's Grounds
    He has abandoned his mount in favor of a one-on-one encounter. His 
     attacks are 2 swings in front of him and a slam on the ground with his
     hammer. Both leave him wide-open for a beating. But there are easier ways.
     Helm Splitter your way behind him and smack him, or use Back Slice to
     hit him twice then combo. 3-4 times of that and he will go down. Get on the 
     boar and ride toward the gate you went through to start the fight.
     This guy has no form of armor at all, so openings are no longer
    Rating of 4, take the road easiest traveled and use sword skills on him.
    Cursed Sword->Mini-boss
    Arbiter's Grounds
    Upon entering this room, you will see a large sword rooted in the ground
     and tied down with rope. The rope is covered in demonic seals. That is
     where this boss gets its name from. By cutting the rope, you unleash
     the curse placed in it. This embodies itself as a large robe with a bull
     skull for a head. After you have cut the rope, the fight begins. It
     starts with just the sword floating around and attacking you. This means
     you will have to use sense as a wolf, but that isn't the focus of this
     fight, it is just the way it starts. If it takes no damage it will
     revert back to this state. Jump attack and use continuous bite to knock
     it into the normal sight range when it swings at you, then go hylian
     and shoot it in the face. It will fly around the room and then attack
     the ground, giving you an opening. This is different than its attack
     action, where it slowly circles you, then swoops in with its sword.
     Use this time to either Mortal Draw or go crazy on it. This can be
     done without getting hurt once, if you have good aim. You can also
     hit it just before it can attack the ground. Repeat 2 more
     times, and a short cutscene will show this guy evaporating into a
     swarm of flies.
    Rating of 3, this is one of the reasons I said to practice archery.
    Twilit Fossil Stallord->Boss
    Heart Container+Access to Mirror Chamber
    This is a dark room with a large skeleton in the middle. Link will step
     forward into the darkness, and then Zant will appear. He will threaten
     your life, then stab the skull in the very center of it with a sword
     he summoned before your eyes. Zant leaves, and the eyes begin to glow.
     It is now that the fight begins. You will see some zombies staggering
     around the arena, and more appear everytime you "hurt" Stallord. This
     is done by riding the spinner on the outside rim of the sand, then
     catapulting yourself into its spine with the jump attack of the spinner.
     It doesn't matter how fast you go as long as you hit it. Stallord can
     breathe fire and smack you with its claws when you are in range, which
     will be hardly ever. In the beginning there will be wallriders, but
     more aren't added, thankfully. They only appear on spinner tracks and are
     immune to all means of damage. Also many more zombies appear. Hitting
     the second time spawns a great deal more zombies. The 3rd hit is the
     last. Now the sand will drain away and you have to activate the tower.
     The second form will begin with you being knocked into the large ditch
     around the raised central platform. Spinner tracks are the only way up,
     but they are also the only way to stun Stallord. Ride until you can see
     it, and it will shoot fireballs at you. Dodge by going to the opposite
     side, and do so until you are beside or almost beside it. Jump into
     it to knock it and yourself down to the bottom again. Attack the sword,
     then it will get back up and fly away. Staying on the bottom makes
     Stallord shoot the same fireballs at you, but as soon as you are on
     the spinner tracks, it will run away as fast as it can. Now there
     are wallriders on the main track, but do not stay on the secondary
     track for long or you will not get high enough up to dodge Stallord's
     fireballs AND stun it. Getting close to Stallord makes all the
     wallriders disappear, thankfully. Repeat the beating and head back
     to the tracks. Now the wallriders are on both sides. Avoid them until
     you see Stallord, then do as before. When the last hit is thrown, the
     skull will rampage around the room until it lands in the middle of the
     platform, where you have suddenly been transported. The sword will become
     an HC, and the body will simply disappear.
    Rating of 5, both of the non-boss enemies listed here are not in the main
     Bestiary because one is immortal right now and the other is only seen
     here. There are no strategies to killing one and therefore no need
     to mention it outside of this strategy.
    Ball and Chain Trooper->Mini-boss
    Snowpeak Ruins
    Ball and Chain
    Walk toward the door on the other side. A cutscene will happen showing that
     one statue was living and the other was just there for show. Being one of
     the most painful mini-bosses, it would be in your best interest to avoid
     being close to him. Now for the strategy. You must grapple past him, but
     still be close enough to attack when he throws the B&C at you. Dodge
     roll, then hurry to his buttock area and unleash the hylian wrath upon
     his backside. 2 jump attacks or 1 4-hit combo per dodge. You MUST clawshot
     past him or he will simply follow you around with the chain swinging
     over his head. You only have a short time to hurt him.
    Rating of 5, you can be hit by the chain in mid-grapple or on the return
    Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta->Boss
    Snowpeak Ruins
    Heart Container+Mirror Shard
    Yeta looks into the mirror...and then suddenly a great evil possesses her.
     It is now that you must fight Blizzeta, who wields the most harmful
     LoZ status effect, frozen. It starts quite simple, Blizzeta incases herself
     in a large block of ice. Hit that 4 times with the Ball and Chain and
     she will spawn multiple Glacierlings that can hit you and cause frozen.
     The thing is, they die when they hit the wall, so they aren't much help.
     Hit her 4 more times, but it isn't as easy as the first 4. Now Blizzeta
     makes a concious attempt to dodge the Ball and Chain while still
     keeping up her attack. She slides around while you attack, but still
     aims for you in the end. After you have dealt the last blow to the large
     ice block, a cutscene will show Blizzeta form an ice cage around 
     herself. She will summon 6 large ice blocks and the camera will go over
     head. Use the reflection to dodge the blocks and try to destroy 1 or 2.
     They will go back into the air, then land in a circle around you. If
     you cannot get out, then the cage will hit you. Run to safety, anywhere
     out of the circle, then target Blizzeta and use the B&C on her. Repeat
     2 more times, and the cage will fall apart. Yeto will run in, and start
     trying to wake up his wife. An very large number of hearts appear, then
     you can claim your container.
    Rating of 4, The glacierlings are 1-time only, but frozen drains hearts at
     a high rate.
    Skullkid Round 2->Mini-boss
    Sacred Grove Second Entrance
    Access to Temple of Time
    Note:Strategy does not include chase through Lost Woods
    Now that you can fight with sword and other such tools, Skullkid will
     seem like a minor annoyance. Aim and shoot. He can't dodge arrows, or
     just doesn't, but that doesn't matter. He still summons 4,5, and 7
     puppets. Hurting him still kills all puppets, who drop arrows now that
     you are human. You don't even have to wait for it to summon more puppets.
    Rating of 1, another good reason to practice archery.
    Ancient Iron Knuckle->Mini-boss
    Temple of Time
    Dominion Rod+Super cool statue(in dungeon only)
    This is your standard Darknut, but it doesn't have as many tricks. It 
     is also the very first Darknut. There are 2 ways to go about stripping 
     a Darknut of its armor. The first is to wait for openings in its 
     defense(namely attacking you). The second is to get behind it and 
     swing away, though it can turn around much faster than it can walk. Getting 
     behind it can be done by the always effective Back Slice, or slightly
     harder Helm Splitter. I recommend the back slice because it can 
     block shield bash. After you have taken off its armor, it will throw
     its sword at you, then draw a rapier. Now this is where it loses the
     tricks up its sleeves. The first is that it doesn't 2 hit then thrust, ever.
     It does one or the other. It can still kick you out of a block, but it
     will not do kick->2-hit or kick->full combo or even kick->thrust, it
     will only kick. It will still use a long-range jump attack if you get far
     enough away. The idea is to avoid damage when it makes an opening by
     attacking you, then attack it. That is why it has such gimped attacks
     compared to other Darknut variants, and why it is different in the case
     of the Bestiary. But it has the same weaknesses as other Darknut.
     You can effectively back slice your way through its defense, and then
     land multiple hits on it. Do that about 3 times, and you will have killed
     your first Knuckle ever with minimal damage.
    Rating of 4, the "wait for an opening" method can take up to 30 minutes.
    Twilit Arachnid Armogohma->Boss
    Temple of Time
    Heart Container+Mirror Shard
    Nothing happens when you enter this room...at first. Step into the
     light to see Hyrule's biggest spider cover up the light. See that eye?
     Wait for Armogohma to stop over one of the large lights in front of
     the ominously familiar statues, then shoot it in the eye right
     before it can unleash a stream of fire toward you. Run to the statue
     that it is immediately in front of, then possess the statue and use
     your "Possess attack" only available with Dominion Rod. It can hurt
     you if you aren't careful, though. Now it will get up, run to the
     ceiling and lay multiple eggs. They all hatch, and serve as a distraction
     to keep you from nailing mommy in the eye. Repeat 2 more times, and keep
     in mind that Armogohma does get faster with its fire-beam, and lays eggs
     each time. Now the game's equivalent of the "Congratulations" music
     plays...but it isn't quite over yet. Turns out Armogohma's eye was
     just the spider controlling the armor. Follow it around and attack
     it, then it will die. Be careful of all the young gohma in its "posse".
    Rating of 3, its a gohma....need I say more?
    Wyvern Knight->Mini-boss now, common enemy later
    City in the Sky
    Double Clawshot
    Fall to the bottom of this room, and this guy will fly in through a window.
     He has a shield made of a grapple point, so wait for him to charge up
     for a dash and then grapple so he cannot dodge it. He will come right
     at you and be stunned, now is your chance to smack him around. What's
     more, it will stay on the ground for a short time, so you have the
     chance to shield bash. After 2 rounds of damage, it will fly through 1 of
     the windows, then start going really fast through them all. Suddenly,
     it will stop and charge up again. Grapple->Unholy Beating->Clawshot x2
     You can force them to show their shields with an arrow.
    Rating of 3, later on you will fight 2 of these at once.
    Twilit Dragon Argorok->Boss
    City in the Sky
    Heart Container+Mirror Shard
    Use the double clawshots near the door on a grate, then grapple onto a
     vine and climb up. Argorok is armored, and we need to deal with that ASAP,
     so get your Iron Boots and grapple up one of the 2 sides, going from pillar
     to pillar until you can target it or you are at the top. Grapple onto
     it, then Iron Boots until you touch the ground again. The impact makes
     some of Argorok's armor fall off. Leave the boots on, because its wings
     create gale-force winds near the ground. Repeat this 2 more times, and
     then this dragon will be angry. Angry enough for the situation to require
     a thunderstorm, according to the designers. Now some flying peahat appear,
     climb up the pillars and grapple them. Be quick, this dragon breathes fire.
     Which, in turn, is its biggest weakness. Go around on the peahat until
     Argorok tires itself out by breathing fire, then latch onto its back.
     Now do the exact same thing you did to Morpheel. Do it again, but he
     follows you with fire this time. 3rd time, he will almost always put
     fire between the 2 pillars you are using, unless you are fast. Go around
     the peahat until it finishes its first breath, then double-back for
     the second breath. It turns toward you to insure a hit if you cannot go
     the other direction fast enough. Go for its back once it is tired, and
     you should be done. It will fall out of the sky slowly, then gain one last
     burst of energy and go high into the air, where it will truely die.
    Rating of 6, grappling to the next level.
    Spirit Zant
    Twilight Palace(stairs), Twilight Palace(Sol-powered elevator)
    Sol                      Sol and Sol-Powered Master Sword(when brought back)
    Summons T.Keese, kill    Summons T.Baba, kill a few then go at it when he
     them all and wait for    raises the large ball over his head. Being slow
     him to bring the         now results in Shadow Beasts being summoned.
     large ball over his      It should take 3 4-hit combos to finish him
     head, then attack.       off. He warps around. His death leaves 
     If you are to slow,      behind a large cloud of dark crystals that
     then the large ball      cover the Sol Switch. Removing the Sol 
     summons T.Deku. Kill     wakes up the Wallmaster.
     a few, then resume
     the attack. It should
     take 3 4-hit combos.
     He does warp around.
     His death leaves a
     wide open space of
     dark crystals that 
     cover the Sol
     Switch. Removing
     the Sol wakes up the
    Rating of 2(for both), as poorly thought out a mini-boss I have yet to see.
     The summon cycles repeat, like first->second->first->second. He only
     has 2 for each place.
    Usurper King Zant->Boss
    Varies, first seen at Twilight Palace.
    Heart Container+Complete Fused Shadow Armor(Midna only, equipped in CS's)
    Note=This strategy will be a little different, as Zant warps you around.
     It will have strategies listed for each place visited..
    Diababa's Room=Zant will warp around, cackling at you and hitting you
     with machine-gun bursts of magic. It can be blocked until almost the end.
     Hit him with Gust Boomerang to knock him into the poison water and stun him.
     Takes 3 times.
    Goron Sentry's Room=Zant will try to knock you off balance, Iron Boots
     on the magnetized floor, then run over to him without boots before he
     can warp again. Takes 3 times.
    Morpheel's Room=1 giant mask in the middle, grapple onto Zant and hit him.
     Now 3 giant masks appear, pick the right one or you will get hit before
     you can reach him.
    Blizzeta's Room=Giant Zant tries to fall on you, avoid him like you
     avoided Blizzeta's ice blocks. Hit his foot with ball and chain, then
     chase the steadily shrinking Zant. Takes 3 times.
    Monkey's Room=Find the pillar he is on, then roll into it twice. Hit his
     butt until he stands up again. Takes 3 times.
    South Entrance to Castle Town=The real fight begins here. Zant draws 2
     swords....and begins flailing about wildly. You can hit him during this
     or you can wait until he spins himself dizzy and smack him around then.
     At the end of each damage phase where you get a full combo, he will
     start warping. Not much at first, but after the second time it will be
     something along the lines of Flail->Warp->Spin->Warp->Spin->Warp->Flail...
     you get the idea. Wait for the dizzy, then finish him off.
    Twilight Throne Room=A cutscene happens here, and after all the work you
     just did....the end of that sentence is a spoiler I'd rather not reveal.
    Rating of 5, By far the longest and most memorable, maybe even funniest,
     boss fight in any Legend of Zelda.
    King Bulbin 4->Optional
    Hyrule Castle
    Small Key
    He has become wise to your fighting style, and frontal blows are earned now.
     Use Back Slice liberally, and smack him around. That or wait for openings.
     Beating him allows unlocking the secret supply room if you have already
     gotten the graveyard key.
    Rating of 4, Helm Splitter is also very useful here.
    Ganon's Puppet Zelda->Boss
    Hyrule Castle Throne Room
    No Reward
    The cutscene will explain the name. This is classic Zelda final boss, reflect
     its own attacks back at it. Only one of the two orb attacks can be sent
     back, the larger one. If I remember correctly, it was LargeOrb->SmallOrb
     ->SwoopingAttack. The large orb is sent straight at you, but the small orb
     can go around you and has high homing ability. The swooping attack is
     1 dive toward and/or past you, then a second dive toward and/or past you.
     It should take about 3 hits. YOU MUST REFLECT IT BACK WITH YOUR SWORD! If
     you want to take advantage of either an easter egg or a glitch, you can
     also use a bottle, but shield bash is not an option.
    Rating of 5, watch out for the small ones.
    Dark Beast Ganon->Boss
    Hyrule Castle Throne Room
    No Reward
    Zelda will run to safety, and Ganon will emerge from the shadows as the
     mirror of his soul. A giant boar of all things...anyway, aim for the big
     crystal in his forehead and he will collapse nearby. Notice the gaping
     hole in his piggy chest? Aim for that, and he will wake up from his stun 
     after a number of hits. Do that 2 more times, and then Ganon will
     figure out that the bow is the reason for his pain. He will start
     teleporting right when you shoot at him. If you keep this up, Midna
     will tell you to go wolf, but if you do that beforehand you won't have
     to hear from her. Let him charge at you from one of the gates that are
     appearing randomly around you. Face toward him, and when you see the
     action command "Grab", use it to throw him to the ground. Attack the
     gaping hole again, but dark energy field is not recommended for this
     as it has a charge time. Repeat 2 more times and it will be over. His
     warp cycle gets a little crazy after the first wolf hit, look for the
     purple warp point each and every time he disappears. If you miss the
     chance to hit him as either form, he will run around the room twice, then
     go toward you again. I'd say that I expect more from a giant boar, but
     Ganon cannot stand up to the might of the Hero. But, wait...
    Rating of 4, I love that Nintendo loves bows.
    Dark Lord Ganondorf->Boss
    Flaming Hyrule Fields
    The End
    Note:Since the actual boss fight is after the horseback scene with Zelda,
     it will not be included with the strategy.
    Fazed by the light arrows and knocked off of his mount, Ganondorf draws the
     very sword that allowed you to kill his beast form. A ring of fire appears
     around you and him, then the dual begins. Ganondorf is a exaggerated
     Knuckle, I'm sorry to say. Fight him as such, unless you killed them
     without your sword. The rules of the game are fight to the death. As
     always with such things, I value the Back Slice for its quick approach
     and excellent execution. Another good move is the helm splitter, but
     Ganondorf is a master of the frontal guard. No matter how you hurt him,
     his health level is critically high, making it necessary to use the 
     once in the entire game "Chance" action command. Follow the on-screen
     instructions to knock him off of his feet...but you have to hurt him
     quite a bit before it can be used. In the end, if you come out on top,
     you will have the chance to use the first sword skill, the Finishing
     Blow. While he can be killed through a non-stop attack, I have heard that
     it takes awhile and you have a better chance of winning with "Chance".
     Congratulations, you have just finished The Legend Of Zelda:Twilight
    *SECRET*If you want to use this easter egg, here is how you do it. Take out
     your bobber fishing rod and hit Ganondorf with the hook. His attention
     will go away from the fighting and toward the rod. Use this time to beat
     the fear of the goddesses into him, and repeat when necessary.
    Rating of 3, I was disappointed by this fight, as were many others.
    8= Copyrights and Thanks
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Copyright 2006 Nintendo
    This Guide Is Copyright 2006 Josh Johnson, aka DarkSamurai2004. Any 
    reproduction in whole or in part on any site or in any written media 
    other than GameFAQs.com, supercheats.com or Twilight-Princess.org
    is strictly illegal, without express written permission.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Thanks to: 
    The GameFAQs message boards for their help, 
    Nintendo(even though they made everybody wait 2 years), 
    FinalFantasy2389 for merchant idea.
    BluePhoenix IV for CatchPhrase idea, even though I cut it.
    SlayerDude4462 for general love of the idea and answering my thank you.
    presea_lover for the excellent rating idea, and the weapon location section.
    SolidSnake97 for help with the City in the Sky's boss's name
    yoshi447 for the peahat's name.
    Kyra_No_Kitsune for the bubble's name.
    Explopyro for names of torch slug and SP ruins boss.
    Lance123 for name of biri 
    Dark_Fire11 for name of shell blade.
    Lesotheron1 for names of shellblade and biri, even though they were already
    My older brother, who helped me with the strategy for ball and chain knight.
    Spaam_me_please for extra tips on the sword, the Ball and Chain Stalfos
     strategy, and wolf strategy for frozen lancers.
    Chrispy for the change in clawshot hits from 5 to 3 on a wallmaster.
    BradRepko for a change on Arms Toss and a re-dead strategy.
    Alcyone for Glacierlings and Glacier Dragon's name change, strategies for
     Purple Chu, Rare Chu, Moblin Cavalryman, both Babas, Re-Dead, Baby
     Freezards, both Helmasaur, Bubbles, Skulltula, Blue Tektites, T.Moblins,
     T.Rats, Skullfish, and Wall Master and tips for Gust Boomerang and Ball
     and Chain.
    LUKE for an extra tip against armos.
    THREESWORDZOLO for pointing out enough info to merit another monster added,
     the wallrider.
    A.A. for yet another re-dead edit. For the most annoying enemy, they die so
     many ways....           The vague name listed here is for the privacy of the
    Bran ER for a name change. Creeper Spider->Skullwalltula
    trickyloki03 for easier Wyvern Knight strategy
    paul_heh_heh for telling me I was unclear on the number of Poe Souls.
    ffghd dfgfdg for numerous e-mails with varied info, including: name changes
     and with actual facts to back them up(good show), new monsters, incorrect
     name references(on my part, should have worked a little harder), and 
     proving to me there is more to armor than just destroying it.
    blackbirdomega for pointing out I was unclear on when T.Rocs appear to human
     form and that beamos are capable of being killed by B&C.
    Nate for add-on to Gold Chu about the one-of-a-kind silver chu.
    This guide was written by DarkSamurai2004(Josh Johnson) of GameFAQs.com
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