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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Redshift

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    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    This guide was written, contributed and copyrighted by me, known here as
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    A strange shadow has begun to creep its way across Hyrule Kingdom. The
    mysterious twilight threatens to blot out the light of the land, casting one
    province after another into darkness. Fortunately, one province has remained
    untouched by this shadow. Deep in the southern edge of Hyrule Kingdom, the
    villagers of Ordona can still enjoy a peaceful and modest existence raising
    livestock, selling their wares or enjoying the nature around them. However, it
    seems only a matter of time before they too fall into twilight, doomed to
    spend eternity as spirits unaware of their own fate. In such times, a young
    hero must be awakened to his destiny and fight against the ancient forces of
    evil. The goddesses have chosen such a hero, and will test his courage before
    his final battle against the mastermind responsible for Hyrule's darkest hour.
    This is a detailed walkthrough for the main storyline in the game. It will not
    go into the game's many overworld side quests too deeply, so check out the
    Side Quests section for this. New enemies and bosses, as well as new important
    items (equipment, key quest items and quest collection items), are identified
    with CAPITALIZED text. The walkthrough has been divided into these fifteen
    1.	Link's Adventure.
    2.	A Beastly Ordeal.
    3.	Monkey See, Hero Do.
    4.	The Call of Nature.
    5.	Trial by Fire.
    6.	Plight of the Zoras.
    7.	Go With the Flow.
    8.	The Usurper King's Curse.
    9.	Secrets of the Past.
    10.	Tracking the Snow Beast.
    11.	Mind over Matter.
    12.	Restoration Quest.
    13.	A City in the Sky.
    14.	The Twilight Princess.
    15.	Light and Shadow.
    Chapter 1: Link's Adventure.
    On a quiet evening just outside of Ordon Village, a young man named Link and
    his friend Rusl admire the forest around them. In a solemn tone, Rusl talks
    about the strange sadness that is felt when night falls. He then changes the
    subject, asking Link a favor. The day after tomorrow, Rusl is supposed to
    deliver something to Hyrule Castle, but he wants Link to go in his place
    because he has never had the opportunity to see it before. Link, Rusl and
    Link's horse Epona then set off for the village before night falls.
    When Link returns to his house, Rusl sets off for his own home in the village.
    Soon after, someone comes by and leads Epona down a trail back into the
    forest. Moments later, the local goat rancher Fado arrives and asks Link if he
    will help him herd the goats, which have been rather defiant lately. Fado
    notices that Epona is missing, so Link will have to find her before he can
    help herd goats.
    When you start, familiarize yourself with the controls, and then take the
    northern path back into the forest where you saw the person walk off with
    Epona. When you reach the first clearing, you'll notice on your map a large
    body of water off to your right. Continue up the trail and then turn to reach
    the Ordon Spring, where Epona and the girl can be found. This is Ilia, Link's
    childhood friend. Ilia has taken the liberty to wash Epona in the spring's
    cleansing waters. If you talk to her afterwards, Ilia will ask you to play
    music by whistling into the horse grass growing nearby. Look by the spring's
    shore for a brownish red plant, and pick it so that you can whistle into it.
    The sound will make Epona come to you. Now get on her and ride back to the
    While riding Epona, you can make her dash to get a burst of speed, but it
    isn't necessary at the moment. When you reach your house, continue south and
    ride down the trail that leads to Ordon Village. The village is small, but
    bustling with activity. You'll see Rusl practicing his swordplay by the
    stream, as well as a few other townspeople going about their business. Keep
    heading south and follow the main trail across the stream bridge. You'll pass
    a few buildings, but they can be left for now to be explored another time. At
    the end of the trail, you'll reach the entrance to Fado's goat ranch. Ride up
    to meet him.
    Fado will ask you again to herd the goats into the barn before the sun sets.
    He says that the goats have been acting skittish lately, but that will be no
    problem for you and Epona. After you agree to help him, the goat herding will
    begin. The objective is to get the goats to run into the barn. You don't have
    a time limit, so don't worry about speed. Still, if you want to get done
    quicker, it helps to try to get an entire group of goats into the barn at once
    rather than go after them one by one. The goats will run away if you get
    close, so if approached carefully, you can get them to head in the direction
    of the barn. Don't chase them too closely or else they will veer off to
    another direction. Once a goat is close enough to the barn, it will run in on
    its own. While herding, you can also whoop near a goat to get it to run
    faster. When you finish herding all ten goats, Fado will thank you, and tell
    you that he will be able to handle them tomorrow, meaning you get the day off.
    Before you can leave though, he'll set up the fences and let you practice
    jumping them. To jump over a fence, dash as you get near it. You can practice
    on the fences Fado set up, or you can jump over the exit fence and head back
    into town. The game will let you save now, and instruct you on how to save in
    the future.
    The next morning, three children will call you out from your house. From the
    window you begin in front of, use the ladder to climb down to a lower balcony,
    and then a second ladder to descend to the floor. Exit via the front door to
    get outside. Now jump or climb down to the ground and meet up with the
    children. Talo, one of the children, will tell you that a Slingshot is being
    sold at the town store, Sera's Sundries. Malo, his brother, and Beth, the
    store owner's daughter, also explain that you need rupees in order to purchase
    it. A slingshot would certainly be handy to have with you, so head into town.
    Sera's Sundries is the red-roofed building on your right as you enter town.
    Unfortunately, when you go inside, you'll learn that Sera is in a bad mood
    because she's missing her cat, which ran off after it ate the fish last night.
    She's so distraught the she won't offer to sell you anything until this crisis
    has been abated. That's fine for now, since you don't have any rupees to buy
    the slingshot with anyway. Head back outside.
    The question now is, if you were a cat, where would you be? We'll get to that
    in a moment. If you explore the town, you can chat with the townspeople and
    learn a thing or two about the area. Of particular note is Uli, Rusl's
    impregnated wife who's standing by the stream across from the mayor's house.
    Uli has a problem of her own; her baby cradle has gone missing. She hints that
    it may have floated away downstream. If you follow the stream, you'll get to a
    pond along the northwestern edge of town. Jump and swim. As you do so, look to
    your left behind the house with the waterwheel and you'll see Sera's cat by
    the river, staring hungrily at the fish swimming below. Don't bother getting
    out and trying to catch him, because he will only run away. Just keep swimming
    downriver until you get to an enclosure at the very northwestern tip of Ordon
    Village. In the center of this watery enclosure is a rock, and on top of it is
    a monkey, holding Uli's cradle! You won't be able to reach it from here
    though, but it's important to know that it's there. Swim back to town now.
    When you get back on land, head over towards Sera's Sundries. To the left of
    it, in front of the water, is a large, viney outcrop. If you approach it, a
    man named Jaggle will call out to you from on top of it. Use the Z Button to
    target him so that you can talk to him. Now climb up on top of the rock using
    the vines growing along the sides. When you get up, talk to Jaggle again.
    He'll point out Sera's cat across the river, as well as a rare type of grass
    growing on the nearby outcrop. Run toward the edge of the rock and jump out to
    this outcrop. The grass growing here is hawk grass. Like the horse grass you
    used earlier, it can be blown into when picked to make a distinctive sound. Do
    so, and a hawk will fly down from the sky and land on your arm. You can now
    'aim' the hawk at something by aligning the red targeting reticule with
    whatever you want to send the hawk after. Try it out. Your objective is to
    send the hawk after the monkey, but it won't be able to reach from this rock.
    Set the bird free, and then jump over to the top of Sera's Sundries' roof. Now
    jump to the third outcrop behind the building, where there's more hawk grass.
    From here, you'll be within range of the mischievous monkey out across the
    water. Release the hawk in its direction and it will fly to the monkey and
    pluck the cradle out of its hands, and then return it to you. Now that you
    have that in your hands, hop across the rocks and rooftop and then jump down
    to the ground. Locate Uli and return the cradle to her. She will thank you and
    say that she has something to give to you when you follow her to her house.
    Uli is obviously pregnant, and thus will walk very slow, so you can save time
    by getting ahead of her and walking up the path to her house at the eastern
    tip of town. She will then reward you with the FISHING ROD! You can use this
    item near bodies of water to catch fish.
    Now, about that cat. Go behind the waterwheel house to find it. He wants a
    fish, so you'll have to catch one for him. Walk out to the end of the small
    dock and set your Fishing Rod. Now cast it out into the water. It won't take
    long before a Greengill fish starts pulling on the lure. When it does, yank
    the controller back and reel in the small fry. The fish will be recorded in
    your fish journal before being set free. Fish are almost always returned to
    the water, but they sometimes release hearts for health. More importantly,
    you'll grab the cat's attention. Catch another fish, and the cat will grab it
    before you can set it free and dart back to Sera's Sundries with it. Sera has
    her cat back, so your objective is complete. Now all you need to do is gather
    up enough rupees to buy that slingshot.
    Return to Sera for another reward. She won't give you the slingshot, but she
    will give you a BOTTLE half-filled with milk. The Bottle is one of four in the
    game that can be used to hold certain items or substances. Milk in particular
    is a healing beverage that restores three hearts and comes in two servings.
    Once you use it up, you can use the Bottle to hold other things. Anyway, head
    back outside.
    You can find rupees in various places, but unless you know where to look,
    you'll only get cheap green ones. You can get these simply by rolling through
    the tall grass or picking up and throwing the pumpkins growing in the patches
    next to Jaggle's house (the building with the waterwheel) and Rusl and Uli's
    house. You can get a more valuable prize if you climb back onto Jaggle's
    outpost and call down a hawk. This time, once you have the bird shouldered,
    aim it towards the hive of BEES hanging from the tree behind the house that's
    across the path from Sera's Sundries, which is Fado's. When you release the
    hawk, it will knock down the hive for you. This is the safest way to get rid
    of the hive. You can also climb up the tree and knock it down yourself, or
    wait until you buy that slingshot, but this will invoke the wrath of the angry
    Bees. They'll swarm around you and sting you until they get tired, or until
    you dive into the water. Anyway, climb on top of Fado's house by going around
    the right side, to where the hive dropped. If your Bottle is empty, you can
    scoop up some bee larvae from the hive's remains. They can be used as bait to
    improve fishing, or be eaten to restore a quarter of a heart. Now climb the
    vines on the tree until you reach the upper branches. Carefully walk out to
    the end of the first branch and collect the blue and yellow rupee from its
    forks. Now jump back down and continue searching for rupees.
    Once you have thirty, go to Sera's Sundries and buy the SLINGSHOT. This is
    your first weapon, and it can be used to hit things from a distance. The
    Slingshot uses pellets, but pumpkin seeds can also be used as substitutes if
    you find them. Up to fifty can be held at a time. Anyway, return to your house
    so you can show off your new toy to Talo, Malo and Beth. On the way, you'll
    run into Rusl, who says he's left something for you in your house. Yet another
    toy perhaps? When you reach the children, they'll ask you to show off your
    shooting skills. They'll set up targets near your house for you to shoot at
    with the Slingshot. Follow the instructions as shown. Using the Slingshot
    isn't all that different from calling down a hawk with hawk grass and sending
    it at a particular object. After you hit the five targets, smash the two
    scarecrows as well. Note that you can also lock on to the scarecrows so that
    you don't have to aim.
    After you finish, the kids will remind you that Rusl left you something. You
    can meet Rusl's son Colin, who's standing next to Epona. It was him who made
    you the Fishing Rod you got earlier. To get back to your house, climb the
    ladder in front of it. Before doing that though, use the Slingshot to take
    care of the WALLTULA that has decided to visit you. These are small spiders
    that like hanging out in places that you can climb. They'll attack you unless
    you take care of them beforehand. Walltulas are very weak, so any sort of
    attack will destroy one. After you get it out of the way, climb up to your
    house and enter. Inside, you'll find a large chest. Open it to get the WOODEN
    SWORD, a gift from Rusl to you. Swords are easier to use than other weapons;
    just swing the controller. Once you get it, go back outside. If the children
    got excited over the Slingshot, you can just imagine how they'll react when
    they see you have a sword!
    As expected, the children will want you to show them how to use the sword.
    They'll ask you to perform certain maneuvers, so pay attention so that you get
    them right. The first move they'll ask you to do is the slice. Just swing the
    controller around to perform it, and give the unfortunate scarecrow that's on
    the other end of your sword a good beating. A slice can be either horizontal
    or vertical, depending on whether you're locked on to the target or not. Next,
    do the stab. Lock on to the scarecrow, and then attack while you are moving
    towards it. After this, you'll have to show them the spin attack. Just shake
    the Nunchuk to do this move. Finally, you must perform the jump attack. To do
    this maneuver, lock on to the target and then run in and press the A Button.
    If you do any of these moves incorrectly, you'll hear Malo's snide remarks and
    have to do it again. After you finish showing them your sword skills, Talo
    will spot a monkey coming out of the forest path. It's the same monkey that
    stole Uli's crib earlier. The kids want you to use your sword against that
    pesky primate, and enthusiastically give chase. Follow them into the forest.
    Beth, the least adventurous of the three, didn't make it far into Ordon Woods.
    You'll see her not far from the start of the trail, and she'll tell you that
    Talo and Malo are further along. Don't turn into the Ordon Spring this time.
    The gate to the long rope bridge is open now, so you can cross it to reach a
    new area. Malo will be standing just before the bridge.
    After crossing the bridge, you'll reach Faron Woods, which is part of the
    Faron Province. There is nothing in the first clearing, but you'll find that
    passage past the second clearing is impossible due to the gate. You're left
    with one other option: blow the horse grass growing between the two clearings
    to call down Epona. Get on her, and then use her to jump the fence. On the
    other side is Faron Spring. Keep moving down the path to your left until the
    path forks. The right fork leads to a dark tunnel that has a new enemy
    guarding it. Ignore it for now and walk into the next clearing by going down
    the left path.
    This clearing is where Coro lives. This odd man will give you a LANTERN, which
    will come in handy when you explore that dark tunnel back there. The Lantern
    can also be used to light things on fire, but it constantly requires fuel to
    run. If you run out of fuel, Coro will sell you some for twenty rupees. You
    can also store additional fuel in a Bottle. Coro suggests that you use the
    Lantern to heat up the pot of soup in front of him. Coro's Nasty Soup can also
    be bottled, but stay away from it. Coro is a horrible soup maker and drinking
    it may actually take away a heart from your health meter! Anyway, return to
    the entrance of that dark tunnel.
    The enemy that is guarding the tunnel is a DEKU BABA, a type of carnivorous
    plant. A Baba can't move much, but if you get too close, you will end up a
    snack for this creature. A couple of good whacks with the sword will defeat
    it, but if it does bite you, use the spin attack to shake it off. You can
    break open the Deku Baba's head for Slingshot ammunition. Walk into the dark
    tunnel that the Baba was blocking. You'll see Talo's play sword not too far
    in, which is a sign that he's been this way. Once you're actually inside the
    tunnel, you'll need the Lantern to see clearly. It is very helpful if you use
    it to light the torches found throughout the tunnel. Doing this will let you
    see during subsequent visits without needing to use up Lantern Oil. Further
    along is a KEESE. Keese are fairly common bat-like enemies and easily
    beatable. Hack it down and move on. After fighting another Deku Baba, you'll
    find that the tunnel is blocked off by a large spider web. Use the Lantern to
    burn it down so that you can proceed. When you reach the fork in the tunnel,
    you'll meet a RAT. These filthy vermin are just as easily beaten as Keese, and
    share their preference for dark, dank places. The way out is the left path,
    but if you go right you can get a yellow rupee inside a chest (watch out for
    the Deku Baba and the additional Keese). Don't forget to light the torches
    along the way. Anyway, take the left path and burn down another spider web to
    You will emerge in a misty clearing. This clearing is filled with Deku Babas,
    Keese and a few BOKOBLINS. Bokoblins are far more threatening than the
    previous enemies, but that doesn't say much. They are goblin-like creatures
    that ineptly wield wooden machetes. Attack quickly so that they can't
    retaliate, and finish them off with a good jump or spin attack. Anyway, you'll
    notice on your map two red spots. The eastern spot is where Talo and the
    monkey went, but the southeastern gate that will take you to it is locked, so
    you must take the northwestern path once you get through the forest. The new
    path is nothing more than a small cave with a few Keese and a Bokoblin in it.
    After you beat them, open the small chest at the end to get the small key that
    will open the other gate. Before leaving this cave though, use the Lantern to
    light the two torches on either side of the chest. This will cause a second,
    larger chest to appear on the ledge behind the small one. Climb up to it and
    open it to get your very first Piece of Heart! Get four more to complete a
    Heart Container, which adds another heart to your health meter. With that
    valuable treasure bagged, return to Faron Woods and head over to the southeast
    gate. It is being guarded by three Bokoblins (two in front of it, and another
    behind it that will attack after you open the gate), so you'll have to teach
    them a lesson in pain before moving on. Use the key to unlock the gate, and
    then proceed.
    There are two clearing on the other side, both of which have more Bokoblins in
    them. When you defeat them all, you'll be hailed by a colorful bird managing a
    shop in the second clearing. This is Trill. Trill lets you scoop up Red Potion
    and Lantern Oil into your Bottle, but if you don't leave money in his drop
    box, he'll call you a thief and start pecking at you the next time you come
    by. Also, if you don't pay him enough, he'll call you a cheapskate but spare
    you the attack. The Red Potion is useful because it restores eight hearts,
    which is much more than you even have at the moment. Anyway, you can also find
    a yellow rupee inside a chest in the northeastern corner of the clearing, but
    watch out for the Deku Baba. Head up the trail after you finish here.
    Talo and the monkey are being held captive in a cage by two Bokoblins, so it's
    up to you to save them! Run up the trail and start fighting the fiends when
    you get to the top. After you slay them, go up to the wooden cage and use a
    spin attack to set the prisoners free.
    Link leads Talo out of Faron Woods and back home to safety, Talo recounting
    his story along the way. The monkey, as it turns out, was trying to help Talo,
    and wound up being captured herself. After he runs off, Rusl will appear and
    thank Link for his efforts. He heard from Colin that Talo had disappeared into
    the woods and not returned. Rusl is worried that the forest has become a much
    more dangerous place than it used to be. He also reminds Link that tomorrow is
    the day he sets out to Hyrule Castle, musing that he may even get to meet the
    Princess Zelda.
    The game will begin anew the next morning at Ordon Ranch. Before you can go on
    your quest, Fado wants you to herd the goats into the barn one more time.
    Pluck some horse grass and call Epona to your side so that you can begin the
    task. This time, there are twenty goats. Round them up into the barn just like
    last time. After you finish, Fado will give your time for herding the goats,
    and then tell you that you should go down to the mayor's house. Jump the fence
    and ride into town.
    The mayor of Ordon Village is Bo, a heavy man who wears a pair of ornamental
    tusks on his face. He is also the father of Ilia, who is there to meet you as
    well. Bo says that the gift you are to take to the royal family is ready, so
    you can set off on your quest as soon as possible. Just then however, Ilia
    notices a wound on Epona's leg. She scolds Link for treating her too harshly,
    and then leads Epona off to Odron Spring. You can't deliver the royal family's
    gift without Epona, so you should go after her. Before doing that though,
    speak to Bo one more time. This will trigger the escape of a goat from the
    ranch. Fado will yell down as a rampaging goat charges down the path. To stop
    the animal, hold down the A Button and get in front of it. After you wrestle
    with it for a few seconds, the goat will be tossed to the side. When it gets
    back up, you can pet it, but you can't ride it. This exercise is optional, but
    will come in handy later on.
    Back at your home, Colin will talk to you. The other kids aren't letting him
    into the forest trail where Ilia went. They won't let you pass either unless
    you let Talo borrow the wooden sword. You won't need it anymore, so go ahead
    and let him have it. Colin, who admires you deeply, will thank you for getting
    the other kids to leave him alone, and then run off into the woods. Before you
    go into the woods though, climb up to your house. Inside, you'll see a ladder
    in the back that goes down into your basement. The basement is dark, and only
    with the Lantern can you explore it successfully. There's a large chest in the
    back holding a valuable purple rupee, which is worth fifty rupees. After you
    snag it, climb back out and go outside to meet Ilia at the Ordon Spring.
    The gate at the other end of the forest trail is closed again, but so is the
    one in front of the spring. Ilia is still angry that Epona is injured, and she
    won't let you in. Colin will try to reason with her, suggesting that in the
    meantime you get in through the tunnel nearby. The entrance to the tunnel is
    along the northeastern edge of the previous clearing, where the birds and
    scampering squirrels are found. Crawl into the hole and make your way to the
    other side. Halfway through you'll have to make a left turn, and there's also
    a green rupee in it that's not really worth mentioning.
    When Link emerges from the tunnel, Ilia softens up to him, having heard
    Colin's story about Talo and the monkey. She admits that Epona prefers her
    master over her anyway. Before Link leaves, Ilia asks that he doesn't do
    anything that's out of his league. It is an uplifting moment, broken suddenly
    by Epona's distressed whinnying. All of a sudden, a giant boar crashes through
    the gate, mounted by two ogre-like monsters! One of them carries a bow, and
    uses it to strike down Ilia! Before Link can react, the second monster knocks
    him unconscious with a club. The two monsters collect the unconscious bodies
    of Ilia and Colin while a third monster appears. This one is much larger and
    more terrifying, riding an armor-festooned boar that matches his master's
    disposition. The leader blows into his large horn, causing a strange portal to
    appear in the sky above. The riders then leave before Link reawakens.
    Panicking, he runs after them into Faron Woods. Before he can cross the bridge
    however, a strange black and orange wall with glowing symbols bars his path.
    Link hesitates, but is suddenly dragged into the dark wall by a mysterious
    hand. Link finds himself in the grasp of a horrific shadow demon, but is
    released promptly when the Triforce symbol starts glowing on his hand. As if
    that weren't strange enough, Link suddenly morphs into a wolf! He falls
    unconscious and the shadow being drags him away. All the while, a strange
    creature with an elaborate headdress watches in the distance....
    Chapter 2: A Beastly Ordeal.
    Link wakes up in a small jail cell, still in the form of a wolf. A chain is
    attached to his right paw, tethering him to the floor. After struggling to
    free himself for a few seconds, Link realizes that he isn't alone. The
    greenish black creature with the headdress that was watching him earlier is
    hovering in front of him with a mischievous smile. The imp speaks in a girlish
    voice, teasing Link, but telling him that she'll help him. After toying with
    him a bit more, the creature generates a ball of energy between her hands and
    fires it at the chains around Link's leg. The chain is severed, and Link is
    free to move around his cell. After this, the imp warps herself out of the
    cell and tells Link that she'll help him out of here if he can reach her.
    Needless to say, you're going to have to find an alternate exit, since the
    cell door isn't going to open. All you can really do as a wolf is dig, dash
    and attack. There's a soft spot of dirt in your cell, but that isn't the way
    out. Instead, turn towards the crate near the cell's gate. You can smash it to
    bits by attacking it. Don't just dash at it; hold down the Z Button and then
    lunge at it to perform an attack. With the crate destroyed, you can see that
    there is a small opening underneath the gate. It's too small to crawl through,
    so use your ability to dig and wriggle your way out.
    The imp, much to Link's protest, gets on him and tells him that if he wants to
    get out of here, he'll have to do exactly as she says. Link has no choice but
    to trust this mysterious being. She's actually quite helpful, and has special
    powers that will come in handy as the game progresses. You can speak to her at
    any time too, since she will constantly be by your side (or on your back) for
    the remainder of the game. Anyway, run down the hall and enter the second jail
    cell. Your companion will call out to you. She notices a lever hanging from
    the cell's ceiling. Do what she says (press the Z Button and the bite the
    lever) to pull it down, opening the gate in the corner. Now run through to
    escape the prison.
    At the end of this passage is a sewer system. You will soon spot a mysterious
    glowing light hovering above the ground. The imp will tell you to use your
    senses as indicated. As a wolf, you have an extra sense that allows you to
    detect things that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Looking at the
    glowing light through your beast sense will reveal that it is actually the
    spirit of a Hyrule soldier. You can listen to his words of hopelessness, but
    he won't seem to notice you at all. Turn left and continue. Your rider will
    explain that there are more spirits roaming around. Should you meet any, turn
    on your senses and listen to what they have to say.
    Turn right at the end of this passage. There's a SHADOW VERMIN in the water
    that you should take care of. In the twilight world, enemies undergo
    transformations that turn them into new forms. Shadow Vermin are the twilit
    counterparts of Rats, even though they look more like black squid. Give it a
    thrashing and keep moving. You'll reach a dead end, but notice that the imp's
    hair starts glowing and takes the form of an extended arm. She's pointing out
    another lever hanging above you. Just like you did before, lock on to the
    lever and pull it down. This opens a new path in front of the lever. This is
    another dead end, but you can break open the crate inside the tunnel for some
    cash. To continue through the sewers, go back to where you saw the Shadow
    Vermin and jump up onto the back ledge on your left. The gate will take you
    deeper into the sewers.
    There are more levers throughout the sewer's corridors, but most just open up
    the tunnels along the side that contain nothing more than rupees and health.
    Some also contain more Shadow Vermin, so be careful. The sewers will split off
    into four directions. Besides the path that you just came from, there's a path
    up ahead that's a dead end, a left path and a right path that's impossible to
    travel over because it's laden with a bed of nails. That of course leaves the
    left path. At the end of it is a lever that will actually do more than just
    open up a tunnel. Pull down on it to raise the gate next to it. This lets
    water flow into the sewer channels. Now you can just swim over the bed of
    nails over the right path.
    When you swim past the nails, climb out of the water and use your senses to
    listen to another spirit. It seems that even though the spirits cannot see or
    hear you, they can see the Shadow Vermin swimming around just fine. How odd.
    The vermin will now have the advantage of water over you, so don't fight them
    unless you're on one of the side ledges. At the junction, turn right. When you
    reach the lever at the end (next to another spirit), pull it down to drain the
    water out again. Turn around and run straight ahead to the other end of this
    passage. A gate blocks your way, but with the water down you can tunnel around
    it through the left-hand side.
    Talk to the soldier on the other side if you wish and turn around to exit the
    small cave. With your companion, continue through to a tall, open chamber. You
    must ascend the chamber by climbing the stairs when possible and using your
    friend's powers when necessary. Turn left and start your way up the staircase.
    You will soon get to a gap. It's small enough to jump across, but attempting
    to do so will cause the edge of it to break. Not only will you fall, but the
    gap will increase in size and make it impossible to jump across. Return to it
    and speak to your companion for help. She will dart out ahead and extend her
    ghostly hair limb. Lock on to her and jump to clear the gap. Do this a second
    time as soon as you land so that you can make it to solid ground before more
    parts of the staircase crumble away. Keep moving up the stairs, clearing the
    small gaps as you go. Soon you'll come to a large stone blocking the path.
    You'll hear the imp giggle, promoting you to call her out again. As before,
    she'll help you leap across the stone obstacle. Watch out for the Shadow
    Vermin as you continue. When you reach the top, there will be no way to
    continue unless you carefully crawl across the rope stretched between this
    part of the stairway and the next. Keep climbing and use your friend's
    abilities to clear more gaps. At the top of the tower you'll be greeted by
    SHADOW KEESE. Maul them before they swoop down on you. To escape the tower,
    climb onto the rock next to the locked door. Your friend will say that you
    might be able to figure out where you are if you reach the window above. Use
    her help to leap from rock to rock four times before you reach it. Now run out
    and enjoy the long awaited sunshine.
    That is, if there were any sunshine. The castle exterior is shadowed by a
    black twilight cloud, giving the air a strangely mystical look. This is Hyrule
    Castle, home of the royal family. The imp will point out a tower up ahead,
    where there's someone she wants you to meet. Jump down from the ledge and run
    along this walkway until you see another spirit. This one will mention
    monstrous birds flying around. You'll see them for yourself soon enough. Turn
    left and walk onto the wooden platform. The next ledge is too high to reach,
    unless you jump onto the nearby crate first and leap from there.
    Jump down to the next walkway and go right. It is here that you'll see the
    first of one of the monstrous birds the last spirit solider mentioned. This is
    a SHADOW KARGAROK, a large, headless bird that makes easily-recognizable
    trumpeting cries. Leap on it twice to defeat it, but be careful not to
    accidentally leap off the edge of the walkway when doing so. Keep moving and
    jump up to another ledge. Take care of the second Shadow Kargarok flying
    around here. At the end of the walkway is another wooden platform that sticks
    out to the side. Your companion will guide you across the gaps to the rooftop
    ahead. You need to leap several times in succession to get there. Follow the
    rooftop and turn right. Kill any Kargaroks that oppose you. At the end, climb
    up to the new tower window. Once inside the tower, jump down and take the
    stairs to the upper chamber. This is where the person your companion wanted
    you to meet resides.
    A cloaked figure is standing by the tower window. Link has some uncertainty
    about the figure, but his rider simply giggles at his behavior. The figure
    turns, addressing the little sprite as Midna. Midna in turn sarcastically
    calls the figure the Twilight Princess, and asks her to explain what is going
    on to Link. She starts her story by saying that there was once a land where
    the power of the gods was said to rest; Hyrule. However, it was transformed
    when the Twilight King invaded it. The royal forces did their best to defend
    the castle, but were overrun by the creatures that dwelt in the shadow. The
    Twilight King gave the Princess Zelda a choice between death and surrender. To
    save her people, the princess surrendered. Twilight engulfed the kingdom and
    its citizens were transformed into spirits. They now exist in fear, unaware
    that they have been turned into spirits. After the cloaked figure finishes her
    story, she reveals that she is the Princess Zelda herself. She remains in her
    physical form only because she, like you, possesses a portion of the power of
    the gods she mentioned earlier, the Triforce. Zelda urges Link and Midna to
    leave because her guard will be back soon.
    After your meeting with Princess Zelda, turn around and exit the room. Run
    down the stairs until Midna stops you. The guard, who has returned sooner than
    expected, will be coming up the stairs any second. Midna seeks an alternate
    way out and finds it in the form of the open window from which the duo first
    entered from. Outside, Midna offers Link her help once more. She will return
    him to the place where Link first entered the twilight and help him save his
    friends on the condition that he becomes his loyal servant and does exactly as
    she says. Once again, Link has no other choice but to oblige. With this, Link
    dissolves into darkness and is warped back to Ordon Spring.
    Link appears through the mysterious portal that appeared after the encounter
    with the green boar-mounted monsters. To his surprise, he is still in wolf
    form! Midna, who remains with Link as a part of his shadow, calls out and says
    that he'll remain this way for some time. Oh well. Exit the spring and listen
    to Midna once more. She won't let you back into the twilight realm unless you
    can get her a sword and a shield. These can be found in Ordon Village if you
    look carefully, but you won't be able to just walk up to your fellow
    townspeople and ask because of your frightening wolf figure. Luckily, you have
    Midna to help you out, so hurry up and head back to the village.
    The path back to town is now befouled by a BULBLIN. This is the very same type
    of creature that invaded Ordon Spring earlier and kidnapped Ilia and Colin.
    It's time for revenge. Two hits will kill the Bulblin, but you must wait for
    it to get back up before you can hit it the second time. Stay out of the way
    of its club too. Two more Bulblins can be seen patrolling the area in front of
    your house. After they are dealt with, run towards Ordon Village. Just before
    you enter, you'll be stopped by a voice belonging to one of the squirrels in
    the area. The squirrel will thank you for getting rid of the Bulblins. It's
    important to remember that as a wolf you have the ability to talk to animals.
    They will often give out helpful information. After talking to the squirrel,
    enter the village.
    Hanch, one of the villagers, is standing on the outcrop Jaggle used to nap on,
    lamenting about the fate of the children. Stick to the main path and locate
    the Cucco strutting near the bridge. The fowl advises you not to get too close
    to people because they'll think you're a monster. Next, head towards the
    waterwheel house, where Bo and Jaggle seem to be having a secret conversation.
    All you'll get to hear at first is something about a shield, which is
    certainly worth further investigation. Slowly creep up on them to continue
    hearing bits of information. The closer you get, the better you'll be able to
    hear them. If you get too close though, they'll run back into the house.
    You'll hear Bo confirm that the shield you want is in his house. Both men will
    then spot you and run back inside.
    Now you have to find a way in. Midna points out the open window that can be
    accessed from the roof, which in turn can be accessed from the pumpkin patch
    in front of Hanch's outpost. When you go there though, Hanch will inevitably
    see you, blow into some hawk grass and launch the angry bird of prey at you.
    Stay away from the lit area, which is where the hawk will limit its range to.
    Head towards Sera's Sundries and talk to the cat standing outside. He will
    tell you that in order to stop the hawk, you'll have to scare Hanch away.
    Midna will pop up and help you jump up onto the roof of the shop. From here
    you can jump over to Hanch and give him a good scare. Now you can safely get
    into Jaggle's house. Midna will help you jump over to the waterwheel, and then
    the house's roof. Enter it though the open window.
    Once inside, jump down to the floor and then hop onto the table. With Midna's
    help, you can leap up to the balcony where the shield is hanging. Charge into
    the wall to unhinge the shield, and then repeat a second time to knock it down
    altogether. You received the ORDON SHIELD! You can't use it yet, but you will
    be able to soon. Now escape through the open window next to you.
    The second item on Midna's list is the sword. When you land outside, you'll
    see Rusl and Uli outside their house. The sword you want is inside the house,
    but you have to sneak past Rusl first. Stay out of the light as before and
    creep along to the back of the house. The Cucco here will help you out by
    showing you the patches of loose earth that you can dig through. Use your
    senses to detect the patch right along the side of the house and burrow your
    way in. Inside, run over to the couch and grab the ORDON SWORD. You can look
    forward to using this weapon when you revert back to your human form soon.
    Midna's next instructions are to return to Ordon Spring. Exit the same way you
    came in and make your way to it.
    When you pass the spring, a spirit's voice will beckon you into it. Suddenly,
    as you wade into the water, strange objects will fall in place around you and
    form an energy barrier, trapping you inside! The spirit will warn you that a
    shadow being is approaching. Sure enough, a black demon-like creature will
    descend from the dark portal above you. This is a SHADOW BEAST. Although it is
    used as a scout for the twilight world, it is still a formidable enemy.
    Luckily there is only one this time. Shadow Beasts are far more dangerous in
    groups, but can easily be handled when alone. Jump at it and bite its throat.
    Attack it twice to finish it off for good. After you kill the beast, it will
    dissolve into darkness.
    The spirit of Ordon Spring will appear once the dark being is defeated,
    infusing the water with blinding light. It will take the form of a mythical
    goat, shimmering with radiant energy. This is Ordona, the spirit that watches
    over the Ordona Province. It is one of four light spirits that reside in the
    sacred springs of each major province. The Shadow Beast that attacked had come
    to take its light away and cast the province into twilight, just as they had
    the other provinces. To save Hyrule from darkness, Link must seek out Ordona's
    brethren and restore the light that once flowed from their springs. Link is
    the hero chosen by the gods, because it is within him that the Triforce of
    Courage dwells. Ordona will tell him that he will be able to regain his human
    form once he revives the spirit of Faron Spring. The spirit will then
    disappear, brining the spring back to its serene state.
    You may notice that the spring water will now heal you gradually if you stand
    in it. You can come back here in the future when you're injured to refresh
    your health. Anyway, head back to the forest trail and turn right towards
    Faron Woods. The ominous glow of the twilight barrier is still there, but you
    have no choice but to reenter the dark world. When you approach it, Midna will
    dart in ahead of you and then pull you in with her glowing appendage.
    Once inside the twilight realm, Midna will take the sword and shield and store
    them for you. She also wants you to help her obtain certain items, but she
    won't reveal anything specific at the moment. For now, you must go to Faron
    Spring and speak to what remains of its light-deprived spirit. Run forwards
    into the second clearing, where once again you will be enclosed within an
    energy barrier. This can only mean that the Shadow Beasts are about to descend
    again. This time, three of the gruesome creatures will face you. Shadow Beasts
    must be fought in an entirely different way when there is more than one. If
    you try taking them out one by one, you'll discover that they have a hidden
    weapon; when you have defeated all but one beast, the survivor will emit a
    frightening howl that will revitalize its fallen comrades. The Shadow Beasts
    are essentially invincible unless you have a way of defeating the last two at
    the same time. Midna will present her solution in the form of her energy field
    attack. Press and hold the B Button to generate an energy field, and then
    release to strike any opponents within the field at the same time. Do this to
    destroy the final two beasts after you have killed the first. The defeated
    Shadow Beasts will warp out of existence through the same portal they entered
    from. Take note of the portals that appear whenever Shadow Beasts attack,
    because they will prove useful later on.
    When you reach Faron Spring, you will meet the spirit that resides in it.
    Without its light, the spirit is nothing more than an ethereal cloud hovering
    over the water. Until you bring light back to this province, the spirit will
    neither take shape nor give the spring the ability to heal your wounds. To
    this end, the spirit gives you something known as the Vessel of Light. To
    restore the light, you must seek out the tears of light scattered throughout
    the dark province and bring them back to this spring. The vessel will allow
    you to carry the tears of light after you have found them. Each tear is within
    a special kind of dark parasite known as a SHADOW INSECT. When you find the
    insect, defeat it to get it to release the tear it holds. The fading spirit
    will use the last of its power to show you where each of the tears are
    located. Your map will now be marked with white dots that indicate where the
    tears are.
    There are sixteen tears total, meaning there are sixteen Shadow Insects that
    you have to find and kill in order to obtain them. Conveniently, the first two
    are located in the path that leads to Coro's establishment. You need to use
    your senses in order to fight these small bugs. Although relatively harmless,
    they can release jolts of electricity to protect themselves sometimes. They
    are also able to fly and dig beneath the ground, depending on the situation.
    Also, watch out for the SHADOW BABA growing inside the passage. Apart from its
    twilit appearance, this weed is really no different than its light world
    counterpart. After you have dispatched it and the Shadow Insects, collect the
    glowing blue tears that they leave behind. Continue down the path and kill two
    additional Babas.
    Two more insects can be found a little further ahead. They will dart
    underneath the closed gate that leads to the dark tunnel, so ignore them for
    now and head into Coro's clearing. There are two Shadow Insects inside his
    house, but there is no apparent way to get inside. One more bug can be seen
    crawling around on the back edge of the house, so go after it first. To reach
    it, slam into the house to knock it down, and then pounce. Now go around to
    the left side of the house and walk up the ramp behind the scarecrow. Midna
    will help you jump into one of the side windows. The fourth and fifth insects
    are inside, tormenting Coro's spirit. After you speak to him, the bugs will
    run out from underneath the furniture. Kill them and claim their captive
    tears. Now climb out via the wooden ledge along the back wall.
    You can now return to the tunnel entrance and use your senses to find a spot
    that you can dig through. Once you're on the other side of the gate, attack
    the two insects that eluded you earlier. There aren't any more of them in the
    rest of the tunnel, but you still have to fight your way through a few Shadow
    Babas, Keese and Vermin to reach the other side. That is, if you decide to
    take the normal route. As a wolf, you can use your senses to find a digging
    passage near the first torch. It will instantly take you right to the opposite
    end of the tunnel, allowing you to skip past the other enemies.
    When you get to the forest clearing, you'll find two more Shadow Insects
    hanging out on the wall to your left. If they fly away when you get near, just
    jump out at them when they fly low enough. You're more than half way there
    now. Notice that the forest clearing is now filled with dark fog. Touching it
    will make you faint and restart at the beginning of the clearing, so it's a
    good idea not to go in. Along the left end of the shore is a half-buried stump
    that protrudes out of the ground a bit. From here, Midna will be able to
    transport you across to the other side of the clearing in a series of jumps.
    You still aren't through the purple fog yet though. Run up the path here to
    the end of a ramp, and then leap out again across two thin poles sticking out
    of the water. You'll find yourself inside a hollow tree, in the company of
    three Shadow Insects. Destroy them and collect the tears. Keep walking through
    the hollow tree and have Midna help you leap over to another section of the
    clearing. You'll end up leaping over a dozen times in four different series
    before you finally reach your destination. It's best if you just ignore the
    Shadow Babas growing along the way. Also, there's a part where you have to
    jump past a swinging log. Simply time yourself so that you don't get whacked
    in mid-jump by it. When you finally get to solid ground, you'll see two more
    Shadow Insects burrowing underground. Use your senses to locate them and dig
    them out so you can kill them. There are only two insects left now. Enter the
    tunnel ahead of you to exit the murky clearing.
    On the other side, you'll be greeted by a trio of Shadow Beasts. A force field
    will secure you in as soon as they spot you. Just like before, try to isolate
    one of the beasts and kill it before finishing off the other two with the
    energy field attack. You can also try hitting all three at once with the
    energy field if you want, but it's trickier. In any case, one of the Shadow
    Beasts is already off to the side, so you may as well kill it apart from its
    fellows. After you beat them, another mysterious portal will appear in the
    sky. You'll also notice something strange that wasn't there before: a wooden
    bridge just lying off to the side. Remember its location, and keep going.
    Trill's shop is unattended, but you won't be able to take anything. Just keep
    running up the trail until you get to the spot where you rescued Talo and the
    female monkey the day before. The said monkey is there again, having been
    chased up a wooden pole by the two Shadow Insects that remain. Kill them and
    take the last two tears of light. The freed monkey will speak, mentioning its
    boss (presumably a larger monkey) and the strange creatures that have appeared
    since he went funny in the head. Of course, the monkey here is still only a
    spirit, so you should return to Faron Spring, rid this province of the
    twilight and return Coro and the monkey back to their physical forms.
    The Vessel of Light is now full, so light will finally return to the Faron
    Province. Back at the spring, the spirit Faron will appear, taking the form of
    a luminous primate. At long last, Faron will transform you back into your
    human form. As the awakened hero, you are now wearing the HERO'S CLOTHES,
    which are symbolic of the hero chosen by the gods to vanquish evil. Faron has
    been saved, but the remaining provinces of Eldin and Lanayru are still covered
    in twilight. Before disappearing, Faron tells you to seek out a forbidden
    power located within the nearby Forest Temple. This power was sealed by the
    spirits long ago, but it must be called upon to match the power of the king
    that rules the twilight. Midna also seeks this power, but for what purpose is
    still a mystery.
    Chapter 3: Monkey See, Hero Do.
    Now that you're human again, you have access to all of your previous items and
    equipment, as well as the Ordon Shield and Ordon Sword. The Ordon Sword is
    more powerful than the Wooden Sword, and the shield can be used to defend
    yourself against enemies while you have your sword out. As you walk towards
    Coro's house, Midna will explain how to use the shield as you fight a Deku
    Baba. The shield can block any attack, but don't forget that it's made out of
    wood, so keep it away from fire.
    When you reach the tunnel gate, you will see that it's locked. Head towards
    Coro's house instead. Coro can be found napping in his usual spot, and if you
    wake him he'll give you the small key that opens the gate. He will also offer
    to sell you a BOTTLE full of Lantern Oil for 100 rupees. Why so expensive?
    Well because the oil comes with the extra Bottle. Now head back to the tunnel.
    If you are low on Lantern Oil, don't use that extra Bottle just yet. If you
    lit the torches in the dark tunnel earlier, you shouldn't have trouble seeing
    anyway. After you fight your way through the enemies in the tunnel, you'll
    come out in the forest clearing. The dark fog that blanketed the forest floor
    in the twilight world is still there, so you have to use your Lantern to
    disperse it as you walk. As you approach the fog though, that female monkey
    will show up and snatch your Lantern! She isn't stealing it though; she's
    simply showing you how to get through the fog. Just follow her closely as she
    leads you through. Make sure you defeat the enemies that show up along the way
    too. The monkey will pause every few seconds to wave the Lantern around and
    make sure you're still following, but eventually you'll reach the other side.
    She drops your Lantern and runs ahead towards the Forest Temple entrance. Now
    reclaim the Lantern and follow. Since the monkey used up all of its oil, now
    you should refill it with the Bottle Coro sold to you. Also, there's a new
    chest in the forest that has a red rupee in it, so if you want it you'll have
    to go back through the forest, waving your Lantern around to keep the fog at
    bay. The chest is located at the top of a few steps near the center tree, on
    the south side. Now make your way back to the southeastern gate, or just let
    the fog overtake you and you'll start back at that spot.
    The following clearing has two Bokoblins in it. Cut them down and proceed to
    Trill's shop. If you want more oil, scoop some up from his cauldron, but don't
    forget to pay up. Further along, you'll see a white wolf with gleaming red
    eyes sitting there. As you approach it, it will seemingly prepare to attack
    you. However, when the wolf pounces, you'll be transported to snowy plane,
    miles from where you were.
    This is where you will meet the Hero's Shade, a skeletal warrior of ancient
    times who is a master of ancient sword fighting techniques. Although he looks
    frightening, the Hero's Shade is an ally who will help you by teaching you his
    ancient sword skills. Start by attacking the Hero's Shade. He will easily
    counter your move and tell you that your sword wields no strength unless the
    hand that holds it has courage. He will then begin his training by teaching
    you the first of his hidden skills; the ending blow. When you strike an enemy
    but don't kill it, it will be down on the ground but invulnerable. The ending
    blow will allow you to finish a downed opponent before it has the chance to
    recover. After knocking an enemy down, target it and press the A Button to
    perform the ending blow. After demonstrating it to the Hero's Shade, he will
    tell you that you still have six more hidden skills to learn throughout the
    course of your adventure, but his training session will end for now. Later on,
    you will come across special howling stones. As a wolf, you will have to match
    the sound they make to summon the white wolf. The wolf will appear in a
    certain location around Hyrule, and when you find it in your human form you
    will be able to meet the Hero's Shade again and learn a new hidden skill. Note
    that even though the howling stones can be activated in any order, the order
    in which you learn certain skills is always the same.
    After you finish learning the ending blow, you will return to the spot where
    you saw the white wolf in Faron Woods. Now continue to the entrance of the
    Forest Temple. The two Bokoblins are back, guarding the temple. Slay them and
    then get your Lantern out. The entrance to the Forest Temple was blocked
    before by a set of boulders, but is now blocked only by a spider web. Burn it
    down and enter.
    The Forest Temple is the first dungeon you must complete in this game. Like
    all dungeons, it has a boss, a mini-boss and a new item that must be used to
    complete it. Fortunately, this dungeon only has one floor, so it will be
    easier to keep track of your location once you find its map. Kill the Keese in
    the first passage and walk into the main entrance. The first thing in this
    room that you'll get to is a set of totem poles. By rolling into the right-
    hand one, you can bring down a jar resting on top of it and get rupees. Just
    past the totem poles is a Deku Baba, and further along near the back is
    another, plus a Bokoblin. Kill them quickly. The Bokoblin was guarding a cage
    holding your monkey friend. She just can't seem to stay out of trouble, that
    one. Use the spin attack to free her. To escape, you must climb the vines
    behind the cage to reach a door on the ledge above you. Make sure you use the
    Slingshot to get rid of the Walltulas on the vines though. Also, don't miss
    out on the yellow rupee that can be reached by climbing the vines along the
    left wall, near the front of the room. Now follow the monkey through the far
    The next room is the hub of this dungeon, although somewhat small. There are
    three more doors in this room, but not all can be used right now. Run down the
    steps and up to the central platform. A SKULLTULA will come down from the
    ceiling and attack. This is a massive skull-marked spider big enough to eat
    you and the monkey for lunch. It can block your frontal attacks sometimes, so
    try to maneuver around it to get to its softer abdomen. After you knock it
    down, use the ending blow to end its life. Now check out the rest of the room.
    Below, near the north end of the room, you'll see a curious little bug known
    as a BOMBLING. As their name implies, Bomblings will become explosive if
    attacked. They are quite dangerous, but also quite useful. After you attack
    one, it will start flashing red for several seconds before actually
    detonating. You have that time to pick it up and throw or place it somewhere
    else. You can use a Bombling to harm enemies or uncover hidden areas.
    Bomblings will also replace themselves after blowing up. Use one to blow up
    the boulder on the northern side of the room. This will reveal a small alcove,
    containing a chest that holds a red rupee. Now return to the center platform.
    Once there, ignore the chest hanging from a spider thread above you (but feel
    free to Slingshot the hanging jars for rupees) and get the Lantern back out.
    Use it to light the four torches at each corner of the center platform.
    Lighting them all causes a wooden structure to rise up from the north side of
    the room, creating a pathway to the north door. Do this after you get the red
    rupee, or else the boulder will be blocked off and you won't be able to claim
    your prize until later. Anyway, head towards the north door, but stop to open
    the chest just before it. It contains the Dungeon Map, which will show you the
    rooms you haven't visited yet. Now head on through the door with the monkey.
    You'll enter a large windy canyon filled with bridges. The monkey will try to
    run ahead across the rope bridge, but stops when she sees a much larger baboon
    on the other side. The masked baboon hurls a boomerang at her, severing the
    ropes that hold up the bridge. Your monkey friend barely makes it back to you
    as the bridge collapses, and the baboon, pleased with himself, makes a rude
    gesture at you before leaving. This oversized ape must be the boss your
    companion monkey mentioned back when she was a spirit. His actions certainly
    match her description of him having gone funny in the head. Anyway, follow her
    back to the hub.
    The monkey will now run out to the left side of the platform and jump onto the
    rope that connects to the west door. Hanging upside-down from it, she wants to
    help you swing across to the door. Jump out so that she grabs you, and then
    let go when you swing over to the door. Now enter.
    To your right here is another Bombling. Use it to blow up the boulder behind
    it. The alcove has nothing more than a few jars, but one of these jars holds a
    little birdlike being named Ooccoo. Ooccoo will join your inventory and can be
    used as an item to escape the dungeon whenever you feel like it. Actually, she
    will stay behind when used, and her son Ooccoo Jr. will warp out with you. Use
    Ooccoo Jr. to return to the room that you left Ooccoo in. They're pretty handy
    if you need to escape to refill your Lantern, for example. You can only use
    her in this dungeon, but you'll end up meeting her in the other dungeons as
    well because of her seemingly never-ending quest for something unspecified.
    Anyway, now go left to get to the main part of the room by burning down a
    spider web.
    Make a slight right and jump across the wooden walkway. Keep going until you
    see the pygmy Skulltula hanging in front of you (ignore the north door for a
    second). This is a smaller variant of the fearsome spider and much weaker as
    well. Use the Slingshot to knock it down before hopping across. The other door
    here is locked, and they key to unlock it can be reached by going through that
    other unlocked door, but there's treasure to collect first. Dive into the
    water and swim to the southwestern corner of the room. Inside a small cave
    here is a chest with a yellow rupee in it. Now, to get out of the water, swim
    back to the entrance of the room and use the steps to get up. Also take note
    of the rope bridge in the room that leads to a sealed cage. When you get the
    new item in this dungeon, remember to come back. Now go through the north
    door, without the monkey.
    This is another portion of the windy canyon. The grumpy baboon that almost
    spelled doom for your monkey friend earlier is nowhere to be seen this time.
    When you go in, the bridge ahead will rotate with the wind so that you can
    cross to the opposite side. Slash at the Keese as you go and enter the door at
    the end. In this darker chamber, all you can do is grab the small key from the
    chest on your right. Now return to the watery chamber where the girl monkey
    waits. Use the key to enter the west door in here.
    Look, another caged monkey! The first monkey will run over to its friend and
    attempt to free him, but fail. Go right and run across the bridge. When you
    get past it, the bridge will collapse. Jump or continue down to where the
    monkeys are. To free the second monkey, roll into the totem pole its cage is
    sitting on to send it toppling to the ground. The cage will break and the
    monkeys will be reunited. Suddenly, two angry Bokoblins will jump down from a
    ledge and attack you. Show them the price they must pay for leaving a caged
    monkey unattended, or for caging it in the first place. After the Bokoblins
    are destroyed, search the ground beneath the wooden platform for a chest with
    a yellow rupee. The monkeys will now run up to where the bridge was and hang
    upside down from the rope. Go up the path with them and swing twice to reach
    the door. Both monkeys will follow you as you return to the dungeon hub.
    When you return to the hub, the monkeys will each swing upside-down from the
    side ropes, giving you access to the east door as well. Make sure you kill
    that Skulltula again too. Now use the Lantern to burn down the web in front of
    the east door. When you go through, the two monkeys will stay behind.
    The new enemy in this next room is a BABA SERPENT. This mutant Baba strain
    will continue to attack you after you sever its stem. Just keep slashing away
    at it after it has been separated to kill it for good. Also in this room is a
    DEKU LIKE. This plant can be found in the southwestern corner of the chamber.
    Deku Likes cannot be defeated with any of the weapons you have with you. You
    must toss an explosive into its maw to destroy one. There are Bomblings above,
    so make haste. Go to the back of the room and climb onto the wooden walkway.
    Turn left and continue. There's a second Deku Like up ahead, but you have to
    make another left turn before it. At the top of the stairs is a Bombling
    colony to meet your needs. After grabbing one, turn around and run down the
    walkway along the wall to get over the Deku Like. Drop the Bombling into it
    and watch the repulsive plant implode. If you accidentally fall or try to jump
    before destroying it, the Deku Like will attempt to consume you, causing
    damage. Now go back and grab a second Bombling. With this one, jump across the
    gap that had the Deku Like in it and throw the bug at the rock ahead of you.
    This exposes the door behind it. Before entering, turn right here to face a
    wall of vines. Destroy the Walltulas so you can jump on and cling to the
    vines. Climb up to the ledge to reach yet another door. As before though,
    ignore it and turn right. There's another Bombling here. Use it to blow up the
    first Deku Like that you saw, which is at the bottom of the gap just past this
    Bombling. When it succumbs, jump down and open the chest that it was guarding.
    This chest contains a valuable Piece of Heart. After all that is done, you
    have a choice between three doors. The north one just goes back to the windy
    canyon, so ignore it and use the east or south door. You'll have to climb to
    the top of the room to reach them. It doesn't matter which you choose first,
    as long as you do the other right after.
    Go through the south door. There's another monkey being held captive in this
    chamber. Its guardian is a rare, monstrous plant aptly named a BIG DEKU BABA.
    This beast will swallow the small key needed to free the monkey, so it must be
    defeated in order to get it back. You can look at a Big Deku Baba as a
    combination of a Deku Baba and a Deku Like. First you must destroy the head by
    severing it from its body. Use your shield to block its strike or dodge it,
    then lash out at its stem before it rises up again. When you destroy the head
    after several slashes, grab a nearby Bombling and toss it into what remains of
    the Big Deku Baba, just like a Deku Like. The explosion will kill the plant
    and release the small key. Grab it and liberate the monkey at the back of the
    chamber. With your new friend, go back to the previous grassy chamber and use
    the east door.
    There's yet another monkey in this watery filled cavern. Like the last one,
    the cage it's being held in needs a key to open, but you don't need to fight
    anything mean and nasty to get it. Just hop down and roll into the left totem
    pole to bring down the chest with the key in it. It's getting to the cage
    that's the challenge. The path across the pond is covered in tiles, but some
    of them appear to be moving. These are actually disguised TILE WORMS. If you
    walk over them, they will spring out and knock you away. It's impossible to
    kill the Tile Worms now, so pay attention to the yellow arrows that mark their
    location and just avoid them. There are more Tile Worms on the other side of
    the pond too. To continue, you must use the Lantern to light the unlit torches
    while navigating through the maze of Tile Worms. Try to stay on the lighter
    colored dirt, where the worms can't hit you. After lighting each of the two
    torches, a wooden platform will appear. Together, they make a staircase that
    gives you passage to the back of the chamber. Climb up there and slay the
    Skulltula before rescuing the second monkey. Now, before you leave, go to the
    north end of the tiles and climb the vines here to reach a small chest. Inside
    is a ruby red rupee.
    Exit this room via the stairs near the entrance and reenter the grassy
    chamber. Use the west door to get back to the hub. Along with the two monkeys
    you just rescued and brought back, you now have four monkeys with you. Head
    north to the windy canyon. The four monkeys will once again go out and hang
    from the connecting rope. Swing from monkey to monkey until you reach the
    other side, and then enter the next room.
    This cavern is the lair of OOK, the bad baboon gone bananas. Ook is the mini-
    boss of the Forest Temple. He'll taunt you again by slapping his buttocks, and
    then hurl that deadly boomerang into the air. The boomerang will sever the
    Baba Serpent heads hanging from the ceiling, which will then start inching
    their way towards you. This ape's antics have gone far enough, so it's time to
    teach him a lesson. To begin, kill the Baba Serpents coming at you, and then
    head to the center of the room. Ook's battle strategy is to hop from one totem
    pole to another, stopping every now and then to either taunt you some more or
    hurl his boomerang. When he uses his weapon, be ready to block it with your
    shield. It won't always go for you though. Sometimes Ook will throw it at the
    Babas on the ceiling and set them upon you. Ook can jump across the totem
    poles fairly quickly, but when he stops you can roll into the totem pole he's
    on to unbalance him. There are two ways to knock him off completely. The first
    is to roll into the pole twice in a row before he regains his balance.
    Alternatively, you can wait for him to toss the boomerang. Now roll into the
    totem pole to make Ook dizzy. He won't regain his senses in time to catch his
    weapon, which will hit him and knock him down. Once Ook falls, run up to him
    and start slashing at his bright red bottom. After a good spanking, Ook will
    jump back onto the totem poles. Repeat this another two or three times to win
    the battle.
    Disoriented, Ook will slam into the center totem pole and fall over. What was
    thought to be his mask will fall off and explode, revealed to actually be a
    parasite that was controlling Ook's mind. After Ook gets back up with a
    headache, he'll see you and run away, utterly embarrassed with himself. Now go
    over to the weapon he left behind, the GALE BOOMERANG. This is no ordinary
    boomerang. It houses the Fairy of Winds, who gives it the power to generate
    small windstorms. To use it manually, aim it at an object and then press the Z
    Button when the flashing cursor appears to lock on to it. You can acquire up
    to five targets at once with the Gale Boomerang before tossing it, and all
    will be hit before it returns to you. You'll need this cool new weapon to get
    out, since you can't escape through the hole Ook dashed out of. Target the
    small fan on top of the exit door and throw the Gale Boomerang at it. The wind
    produced by the boomerang will rotate the fan, raising the gate over the door
    a bit. Repeat this two more times to raise it completely and exit.
    Once back in the windy canyon, you'll see that your monkey friends have left
    you, making it impossible to cross the gap. Turn left from Ook's room and head
    down a new path. The bridges here periodically rotate as the wind blows
    through the canyon, but you can use the Gale Boomerang to rotate them yourself
    by hitting the small fans on top of them. After crossing two bridges, you'll
    see a fifth captured monkey. Kill the Bokoblin guarding it, and then use the
    Gale Boomerang to sever the thread holding the monkey's cage up. Once freed,
    the monkey will dash away, presumably to join its friends. Now face south and
    cross two more bridges. Watch out for the Keese and enter the door at the end.
    This door puts you back in the grassy chamber where you got that Piece of
    Heart. Speaking of which, use the west door to get back to the room with the
    Tile Worms, but make sure you destroy the Deku Like in your way first. The
    Tile Worm chamber holds another hidden Piece of Heart. Now that you have the
    Gale Boomerang, the resident Tile Worms are at your mercy. Use it to rip up
    the tiles, including the hidden Tile Worms. Once they're exposed you can slash
    at them to kill them. Better yet, if they land in the water, they'll die
    instantly. After you get across the pond, target the four torches amid the
    tiles with the boomerang to extinguish their flames. This will lower all of
    the wooden steps you used earlier to reach the monkey, exposing a hidden
    alcove in the back. Open the chest to get the Piece of Heart, and then return
    to the dungeon hub.
    When you get there, you'll find two of the monkeys ready to help you get to
    the side rooms. First use the Gale Boomerang to knock down that chest
    suspended above the center platform. Inside is the dungeon's Compass. Each
    dungeon has both a Dungeon Map and a Compass. The latter will reveal the
    location of all the treasure chests in the dungeon, as well as the location of
    the boss's lair and Ooccoo, if you haven't already found her. Lastly, this
    Compass in particular will show you where the last three captured monkeys are.
    You can also use the Gale Boomerang to blow out the torches and lower the
    northern walkway if you didn't get the red rupee before. Anyway, swing over to
    the west door and reenter the watery chamber.
    Run through the room and cross that rope bridge to get to a gate. Behind it is
    a large treasure chest. The gate is operated by a set of fans around it, but
    they must be blown in a certain order for the gate to open. The clue to this
    order can be found on the floor. A zigzagging line can be seen connecting the
    fans. It shows you that you have to target the front left fan first, followed
    by the front right, back left and back right fans. You have to hit all four in
    one sweep. Once this is done, the gate will open. Inspect the ornate chest
    behind it to get the Forest Temple's Big Key. This item will open up the
    dungeon boss's lair when you reach it. Now get out of this room, using the
    north doorway.
    Cross the bridge in the windy canyon. There's a monkey waiting for you on the
    other side. It will follow you into the next room, which you explored only
    briefly before to get a small key. Now that you're armed with the Gale
    Boomerang, you can use it to rotate the bridge ahead of you. Once you're on
    the bridge, rotate it again, because the doors you want to reach are actually
    the side ones. Both are guarded by Bokoblins, but only the east one is
    unlocked, so use that one.
    The east chamber is small and seemingly empty, other than the pair of
    Skulltulas hoping to ambush you. Kill them and bring your Lantern out. There
    are holes in the floor that lead to a deeper part of this room. Use the
    Lantern to burn through the webs sealing them. But make sure you pick the
    right hole, because only one will put you on top of the platform down there
    where the monkey is being held. If you don't pick the right one, use the vines
    to climb back up. The correct hole is the one farthest north. There's also a
    Deku Like down on the ground and a Bombling nearby to go along with it.
    Destroy the Deku Like to find a red rupee. Once you free the sixth monkey,
    climb out and return to the previous chamber.
    The opposite doorway in the bridge room is locked, and you have no key yet.
    You'll have to return later. Rotate the bridge so that it goes north to south,
    and then take the north door. This puts you in a large tree chamber. The
    monkey you have with you will hop over to a set of platforms on your left,
    where all the other freed monkeys are waiting. There are eight platforms, and
    only two should be empty. Midna will point out that only when all eight
    monkeys are freed will you be able to get to the boss's lair, which is
    directly ahead across the chasm. Now turn right and get on the bridge. You
    must rotate it and the next bridge to get to the east side of the room.
    There's a Bokoblin waiting for you here, so kill it. Now use the Gale
    Boomerang to sweep the Walltulas on the vine wall ahead of you away. Climb the
    vine wall to reach a platform, and then climb the second vine wall to get to a
    door. Kill the Bokoblin in front of it before entering.
    The next room is filled with water. There is a pair of Baba Serpents near the
    entrance you should get rid of. Now you'll see that to your right is a Deku
    Like blocking the way to a large chest. However, the only Bombling in the room
    is stranded on top of an inaccessible piece of rock in the middle of the water
    to your left. To get it, simply target it with the Gale Boomerang and let it
    go to have it bring the Bombling to you. Now toss it into the Deku Like's
    mouth to blow it up. The chest on the other side contains a small key that
    will open the locked door you saw earlier, but don't leave without freeing the
    monkey in this room first. Climb onto the central platform and kill the Baba
    on the other side. The vine wall in the back leads to the monkey, but the top
    is blocked off by a large boulder. Use the Gale Boomerang to retrieve another
    Bombling. This time, don't throw it at the rock, since you won't be able to
    reach it. Instead, quickly target the rock with the boomerang while the
    Bombling is still with you. When you release the Gale Boomerang, the Bombling
    will fly along with it and blow up on the rock. Now climb up the vine wall. Up
    on this ledge, kill the Bokoblin and the pair of hanging Baba Serpents. The
    easiest way to get them down is with the Gale Boomerang, just as Ook did
    during your fight with him. The monkey's chamber is blocked by another rock,
    so stand by the edge of this ledge and bring over a third Bombling to blow it
    up. The monkey will run out of its prison and join you. Now return it to the
    previous chamber.
    Only one monkey remains. Head back to the room south of the monkey chasm. Use
    the Gale Boomerang on the bridge to make it connect the east and west sides of
    the room once you get on it. Head over to the west doorway and use your key to
    unlock it.
    The final monkey is somewhere in here, but first be sure to sweep out the Tile
    Worms hiding in the floor ahead of you. Now head to the back right corner of
    the room to find a tunnel. It leads to a pit full of spiders, ranging from
    Walltulas to larger Skulltulas. Kill them indifferently. Now climb the vines
    to escape the pit. The monkey up here is being held behind a cage kept shut by
    a pair of fans. Use the Gale Boomerang to blow them at the same time. The
    monkey will run off to join its friends. Follow it to the main chamber, but
    watch out for the Baba Serpent that will ambush you on the way out. Don't jump
    down to the ground just yet. Turn left and leap over to a wooden platform with
    a chest on it. Open it to get a red rupee.
    Now you can return to the room where the monkeys have accumulated. The eight
    monkeys will scramble up the tree and run out to a branch that hangs over the
    chasm. One by one, they'll hang down from it and each other, forming a chain
    of dangling monkeys. As they swing towards you, jump out to grab the bottom
    one. Now swing over to the other side. The boss's chamber is dead ahead, but
    don't go in there unless you're ready. Break the jars open just before the
    door to find health. One also has a Fairy in it. If you're missing health,
    this friendly creature will heal you, but it has an even better use. Bottle it
    up if you have an empty one. Now you can have it heal you later on. Also, the
    Fairy will automatically restore up to eight hearts to your health meter if
    you faint, allowing you to stay in battle longer. Use Ooccoo as well if you
    need anything else from the outside world. When all is ready, enter the boss's
    The room is filled with murky purple water. Three Bomblings sit on floating
    logs within this foul pond. At first, the chamber is quiet. Suddenly, two
    enormous Baba heads rise out of the water, hungry for hero. These are the twin
    Baba heads of TWILIT PARASITE DIABABA, the boss of the Forest Temple. The
    boss's heads will sway back and forth out of reach, occasionally lunging at
    you to take a bite. Your shield will be effective in blocking this strike, but
    you can also simply dodge it. Unlike the Big Deku Baba, who used a similar
    tactic, the Diababas won't stay down long enough for you to slash at their
    stalks. You must instead call upon the power of the new item you obtained in
    this temple, the Gale Boomerang. The only way to damage the parasite is by
    feeding it explosive Bomblings with your boomerang. Target one of the three
    Bomblings floating on the bobbing logs out ahead of you. Instead of retrieving
    it though, target one of the Baba heads immediately after before finally
    releasing the Gale Boomerang. It will first fly to the Bombling and pick it
    up, and then carry it over to the Baba head's wide mouth. The bomb will
    explode, causing the Baba head to sink back below the waves. Now do this again
    to the second Baba head. Both heads will fall, but the battle is far from
    over. The water churns and a new head erupts from it, along with the two you
    just damaged. This serpentine head is the plant's main weak point, and it can
    be destroyed in the same way its twin counterparts were. Unfortunately, the
    Bomblings are no longer there to use, having sunk when Diababa's true form
    surfaced. Luckily, Ook comes to your aid, redeeming himself for the trouble he
    caused earlier. The baboon swings to the other side of the cavern and into a
    small hole in the wall. He comes out holding a Bombling by the legs, and then
    starts swinging again. This time, target Ook with the Gale Boomerang to get
    the Bomblings he holds. You don't need to destroy the twin Baba heads this
    time, but it helps to get rid of them so that you aren't attacked. Use the
    Gale Boomerang to send a Bombling from Ook to any one of the twin heads. After
    they fall, repeat the procedure on the main Diababa head. This can be a bit
    trickier, because the Diababa will sometimes be unaffected by the Bombling
    unless hit in the right way. Luckily, Ook will do a pretty good job of holding
    its attention and keeping it from attacking you. If you're having trouble
    hitting the Diababa with a Bombling, use the Gale Boomerang to bring one to
    your side. Now manually target the boss's body or head and send the Bombling
    its way. When you finally hit it, the head will collapse in front of you,
    exposing an eye inside its gaping mouth. Slash at it repeatedly until the boss
    gets back up. Following this assault on it, Diababa will spit a stream of dark
    water at you. Roll to the side to avoid this. You only need to repeat this
    procedure once more before you destroy the Twilit Parasite Diababa. The second
    time, the twin Baba heads will rise again, so get rid of them before attacking
    the main head. If you want health, break open the jars around you for hearts.
    After the second time you attack Diababa's eye, the boss will contort with
    agony and explode, leaving behind only the eyeball. The shadowy pieces of the
    creature will cohere, turning into a strange piece of armor. This is a FUSED
    SHADOW. Before you can take it, Midna will show up and grab it. This is what
    she was looking for, and what Faron said was the forbidden power needed to
    match the Twilight King. There are two more to collect though, so the search
    isn't over yet. Midna will create a portal that will let you leave the Forest
    Temple, but don't go without grabbing the Heart Container that Diababa's
    eyeball left behind. This valuable item is one of eight of its kind,
    obtainable after you defeat each dungeon boss. It will add another heart to
    your health meter and replenish all of your energy. Along with the forty-five
    Pieces of Heart (which together make nine Heart Containers) and the three
    hearts you began with, these Heart Containers will give you a possible grand
    total of twenty hearts by the time you end your game. Now, unless there are
    any treasure chests you missed in the dungeon, use Midna's portal to exit.
    Chapter 4: The Call of Nature.
    After warping out of the Forest Temple, you'll reappear in front of Faron
    Spring. The spirit will call out to you, instructing you to go west and help
    the spirit Eldin of the Eldin Province. You will find your friends here, but
    the province is still under the shadow of twilight, so you will have to
    restore light to it as you did here. There is nothing left to do in Faron
    Woods, so head towards Coro's house and continue north. The gate that was
    previously shut is now opened, allowing you to continue down the path. There
    are Bokoblins around here, but they shouldn't be much of a problem.
    You will soon enter an enormous expanse of land known as Hyrule Field. This
    plain is large, but actually only just a portion of Hyrule Field in its
    entirety. Hyrule Field stretches across three different provinces and is
    divided into six major sections. This part is southern Hyrule Field, which
    lies within Faron Province. In the distance, you may be able to spot Hyrule
    Castle, but it's shrouded behind a curtain of twilight. Your destination is
    west, so turn that way and start running. You won't be able to use Epona, even
    if you blow into some horse grass, so be prepared for a good run. There are a
    few items (such as Pieces of Heart and Golden Bugs) in this part of Hyrule
    Field that you can obtain now as well if you explore it thoroughly enough.
    Also, watch out for the new enemies. Other than Bokoblins, you will see
    KARGAROKS. These large, leathery birds behave just like their twilit
    counterparts. Slash at one once to knock it to the ground, and then finish it
    with an ending blow. You'll also see BOMSKITS. These strange little creatures
    sprint across the plains at great speeds, but aren't at all aggressive. You
    can try to stop them with projectile weapons if you deem it necessary.
    Bomskits defend themselves by leaving behind small explosives as they run.
    They also leave behind worms when destroyed, which can be bottled up and used
    for fishing. Another type of enemy will appear if you stick around until the
    sun sets. Skeletal dogs known as STALHOUNDS will emerge from the ground and
    attack you. They often appear in large packs, but are actually quite easy to
    destroy. Anyway, as you approach the western edge of the field, a funny little
    postman will come running up to you to deliver a letter. This won't be the
    last time you see him either. He warns you not to go any further because of
    the twilight barrier covering the Eldin Province, and then gives you a letter.
    You can look at it in the Collection Menu. It's from the postman himself,
    telling you to watch for him as you travel around Hyrule. Now keep going west
    (ignoring the postman's warning) until you reach the narrower pathway. The
    twilight wall is just ahead. Midna will warn before entering that going in
    will mean you will become a wolf again. You don't have an alternative though,
    so have her take you inside.
    Once you go into the twilight and turn into a wolf, you can't go back. Midna
    will appear in her corporeal form, delighting in the lovely twilit skies. Run
    down the path, but watch out for the Shadow Baba hidden in a clump of grass.
    Just past it you'll find broken pieces of the Wooden Sword you lent Talo
    before, meaning you must be headed in the right direction. Strange fumes seem
    to be coming out of the sword, so turn on your senses to investigate further.
    You can sniff the fumes to learn the youth's scent. Now, with your senses
    active, you can follow the scent and hopefully be led to where the children
    are. Your senses will reveal the orange trail of scent winding its way down
    the path. Ignore everything else around you and follow that scent.
    Soon, a trio of Shadow Beasts will block your path. Before you can continue
    following the youth's scent, you must defeat them. Kill one of the beasts
    first, and then finish off the others with Midna's energy field (or hit all
    three of them with it). The Shadow Beasts will depart, creating a portal in
    the sky. Midna will finally reveal the purpose of these portals after you beat
    the Shadow Beasts. As long as you're a wolf, you can speak to Midna and have
    her warp you to any location with a warp portal, even if it's outside the
    twilight world. This means that every time you destroy a pack of Shadow
    Beasts, you'll get a new place to warp to easily, significantly reducing your
    travel time across Hyrule. She points this out to you now because you need to
    find the bridge that's missing across the gorge here. Do you remember where
    you saw a bridge where it didn't really belong? Warp to North Faron Woods to
    check it out.
    When you reach the Faron Woods clearing, walk over to that wooden bridge
    propped up against the right wall. Midna will ask you if you want to warp back
    to Kakariko Gorge (where you just were). Do so, and she will transport the
    bridge along with you. Back at the gorge, the bridge will fall in place and
    allow you to cross.
    On the other side of the gorge, two SHADOW BULBLINS will attack you. Defeat
    these masked foes just as you would a regular Bulblin. Watch out for the clubs
    they swing at you. You can now tune your senses again to follow the youth's
    scent, but the path is pretty straightforward anyway. Keep going west until
    you get to a metal gate. Two more Shadow Bulblins are patrolling the other
    side of it, evidently trying to keep anyone from passing. Of course, they
    failed to notice the sizeable hole underneath the gate, which you can easily
    dig under. Once you get past the gate, kill the Bulblins and continue down the
    path to Kakariko Village.
    As soon as you enter this silent mountain village, three more Shadow Beasts
    will appear. Fortunately for you, two of them will usually be hanging around
    separately from the third, making it easier to battle that one and then go
    after the other two with the energy field. A new portal will be made over
    Kakariko Village after the beasts are slain. Also, the spirit Eldin will
    beckon you to her spring, which is at the southern end of the town. Eldin will
    give you the Vessel of Light needed to gather the tears. The hunt for the
    sixteen Shadow Insects begins again.
    Turn on your beast senses to locate the youth's scent again. It will end at
    the front door of a building right in front of Eldin Spring. You can't go in
    this way, so go around the right side. Soon, Midna will find a good leaping
    spot. Use her to leap three times until you reach the roof of this building.
    Stand on the clump of sticks in the center to fall through.
    Several spirits are taking refuge inside this sanctuary. Your senses will show
    that they are Colin, Beth, Talo and Malo, as well as three other people you
    haven't met before. The first is the town shaman named Renado. He is a very
    wise man who has sworn to protect Kakariko Village. His daughter Luda is also
    among them. The other man by the window is Barnes, the village bomb maker.
    Together, these people are the only ones that remain in Kakariko Village.
    Sadly, Ilia doesn't seem to be with them. While Renado tries to comfort the
    frightened children, Barnes looks out the window, keeping his eye out for the
    Shadow Beasts. His words begin to upset the children until Renado yells to
    silence him. Despite what Barnes is saying, Renado insists that the sanctuary
    is safe. He adds that this building has a cellar for further protection, which
    can be opened when the candles around the room are lit. Barnes begins lighting
    candles, but stops when Luda tells him that she saw Shadow Insects down there.
    Colin then tries to get Beth to stop crying by telling her that you're on the
    way, coming to rescue them. If only they realized you were right there beside
    Through listening to the spirits, you should have learned how to open the
    cellar where the first Shadow Insects lurk. Grab the stick Barnes was using
    and go over to the burning torch. Use it to ignite both ends of the wooden
    stick. Now run up the steps to the right of the entrance and go around the
    room, lighting the candles along the wall. If your stick goes out, run back
    and relight it. When all four candles in the room are lit, the large statue in
    the room will shift aside and reveal the cellar entrance. Jump down and go
    into it.
    Three insects are down here. Use your senses to locate them, and then kill
    them and collect the tears of light. Head to the back of the cellar and leap
    up to the top of the scaffolding with Midna's help. You will come out in the
    town's Graveyard. One more insect hides among the ancient tombstones. Dig it
    up and take the tear. There are some Shadow Keese here too. Before leaving,
    make a mental note of the two unlit torches near the back of the Graveyard.
    Now leave through the east side.
    Go back into town and head down the main road. The first building on your
    right is the general store. A Shadow Kargarok will defend its territory when
    you come near it. There's also Shadow Insect inside the store, and to get in
    you have to crawl in through the hole on the south side. Once inside, climb up
    to the back shelves, where the dark insect lurks. Now exit the store and go
    back to the main street.
    Right across from the general store is another building with a Cucco coop next
    to it. You can climb onto the building's roof by climbing onto the coop first,
    and then jumping. Jump across the adjacent rooftops until you see a thatched
    hole in one of the roofs, near some Shadow Keese. Fall through the hole as you
    did on the sanctuary roof. The Shadow Insect in this building is hiding
    underneath a crate. Locate the crate and push it to the side to flush out the
    insect, and then attack it. Midna will help you leave when you're finished in
    Across from this building, and next to the general store, is a larger building
    known as the Elde Inn. You have to find a way in, but there is none down here.
    Run back to the south side of the general store and locate the trail that goes
    up and behind it. The posted sign at the trail's entrance says it's a dead
    end, but don't let that stop you. When the trail ends, ignore the warning sign
    and make a running jump over to the top of the Elde Inn. You can enter the
    building using the opening here. Jump down when you get inside and look
    around. One of the Shadow Insects is hiding on top of the wood stove, out of
    reach. You can smoke it out by grabbing a stick from the stove and lighting it
    on fire using the nearby candle. Get on the table next to the candle first and
    jump out to it to reach the flame. Now take the burning stick over to the wood
    stove and light it up. As the bug flits away, grab it and collect its tear.
    Now go into the next room. There are two Shadow Bulblins patrolling it, so
    kill them. There is also a small chest you can open underneath the stairs. It
    contains a red rupee. Now head upstairs and take out a third Bulblin. The
    doorway up here will take you to the final room, where the last Shadow Insect
    (in this building) is hiding. Now retrace your steps to the woodstove room and
    climb onto the shelves on the south side to get back out.
    Keep moving north through town and find Barnes Bomb Shop, a big tin building.
    You can get into it by climbing on top of the small shack to its right, and
    then jumping through the window. The Shadow Insect is upstairs, so go there.
    It will be hiding inside the cabinet along one of the walls, giving itself
    away with an occasional rattle. Slam into the cabinet to bring the bug out of
    hiding. Once your business is done, climb up to the window above.
    The window puts you on top of Barnes Bomb Shop. Turn around and climb the
    steps to a dirt trail. Go left from here. You'll see a Shadow Insect dash into
    the building up ahead, which is Barnes's storehouse. You can go in the same
    way the insect did, by creeping through the tunnel on the side. You'll
    discover that the bug has hidden itself inside the woodstove in the corner. No
    amount of slamming will force it out, so you have to use fire again. Grab a
    stick from the woodstove and go over to the small fire burning across the
    room. Use it to light up the woodstove. The burning Shadow Insect will dart
    out in panic, but that will be the least of your worries. The storehouse,
    which is filled with explosives, will start burning around you. Midna does the
    intelligent thing and scrams, so you should do the same. Quickly crawl back
    out through the tunnel you entered from. Just as you escape...boom! The entire
    building blows up, reduced to rubble in only seconds. The good news is that
    when the dust settles, there will be not one but three tears of light left in
    the wreckage. Collect them all and move on.
    Instead of going back down to the main road, follow the winding dirt trail up
    to the side of the cliff and to a watchtower. There are Keese along the way to
    kill. You'll have to find another creative way into this building. Turn on
    your senses if they aren't already on and find the dig spot along the side of
    the building. The Shadow Insect in here will be easy to find. Smash up the
    pots in the corner to uncover it. There's nothing else you can do in here as a
    wolf, so dig back out.
    You've found all of the Shadow Insects in Kakariko Village, but you still
    don't have all sixteen tears of light. The others are located deeper in the
    mountains. From the watchtower, jump down the main road and head further
    north. Up ahead, the trail will split off and go left towards Death Mountain,
    home of the Gorons. The trail comes to a high wall that's too high to jump to
    unless you get help from Midna. Stand at the end of that small ramp on the
    left side to do this. At the top, you'll see the spirit of a Goron. Gorons are
    large beings with a rocklike hide. They are very powerful, but normally get
    along well with humans. However, these days, times are anything but normal.
    Keep going up the mountain trail. There won't be much opposition, other than a
    few Shadow Vermin and Keese. You'll soon reach another wall, but you don't
    need Midna's help to get up. Just climb onto the metal platforms on the right
    side. The clearing up ahead has a few steam vents in it, which will hurt you
    if you touch them. One of the Shadow Insects is also somewhere around here.
    Additionally, you can probably hear a strange whistling noise coming from the
    statue up on the ledge. This is one of the howling stones the Hero's Shade
    mentioned. After you get the tear of light, stand next to the stone and listen
    to its tune. Memorize the pattern the tune makes, and then repeat it to make
    the same noise. When you succeed, the howling stone will activate, taking you
    to another realm. Repeat the tune once more in the presence of the white wolf.
    In a brief cinematic, Link and the white wolf will howl towards the sky,
    making the same tune that the stone made. Afterwards, the white wolf will mark
    its location on your map, next to Ordon Spring. Whenever you go back there as
    a human, you can meet the Hero's Shade again and learn a new hidden skill.
    Now keep going north and follow the trail. The path will soon start sloping
    downwards towards the base of Death Mountain itself. Death Mountain is a
    fiery, active volcano constantly erupting. The dangers haven't deterred the
    forces of twilight however, because there are four Shadow Beasts waiting for
    you inside the clearing. Defeating four will not be very different from
    defeating three. You just have to kill an extra one beforehand. One thing that
    might affect how you fight is the shape of the force field that pens you in.
    Instead of being a simple circle, it will have a separate section that's
    nearly closed off from the main part, with one Shadow Beast inside. Since it's
    by itself, kill it first and then move in on the others. After the battle, you
    will be able to warp to this spot from any other location.
    Now look for the resident Shadow Insects. One should be crawling around the
    north wall. The other one is nearby, but cannot be reached from here. Climb
    onto the small yellowish outcrop along the wall to leap up to the top of the
    black metal gate. Watch out for the vent coming out of the side though. Also,
    if the volcano is erupting, it will send molten rocks out that may fall on
    you. Look for their shadows to avoid getting hit. Now follow the path in front
    of the Goron spirit, which goes right. Climb onto the rock ledge on the right
    side of the trail and use Midna to leap higher up the mountain. There's
    another Goron spirit up ahead, and a Shadow Kargarok. The Goron is overlooking
    a hot spring down below, which has your last Shadow Insect (and a few Shadow
    Vermin). When you collect the tear, you'll be brought back to Eldin Spring.
    After finally restoring the light of Eldin Province and returning to his human
    form, Link is met by the spirit Eldin, who takes the form of a shimmering
    bird. Eldin reminds Link that he still needs to seek out the dark power Midna
    calls the Fused Shadow. It is hidden deep inside Death Mountain. Already the
    mountain is suffering from the wicked evil that seems to spread wherever Fused
    Shadows lie. Link must go to the land of the Gorons and cleanse it of this
    evil. Eldin disappears after its message is made.
    Link begins to walk back to the village sanctuary, but the door opens before
    he gets there. Colin, Beth, Talo and Malo rush out to meet him, and Renado,
    Luda and Barnes follow. After recounting the story of how Renado found the
    children after they had been abandoned by their captors, Renado will go on to
    explain the problems this town has had to face recently. Most unfortunate of
    all is the inexplicable and sudden change in the behavior of the Goron tribe.
    They usually come down to the village to trade merchandise, but have now cut
    themselves off from humans completely. Renado suspects something in their
    mines is the cause of the problem. Something must be done to correct this.
    You now have two reasons to go back up to Death Mountain. One is a Fused
    Shadow, and the other is to find out why the Gorons have been in a sour mood
    lately. There's a bit of treasure hunting you can do in town first though.
    Remember the two unlit torches you saw in the Graveyard? Well, if you go back
    with your Lantern and light them, a chest with a purple rupee will appear. The
    Graveyard is home to a flock of GUAYS though, and they won't take kindly to
    the company. Guays are black birds that always attack in flocks. They are
    easily defeated, but very annoying. Fortunately, defeating the entire flock
    will come with a great rupee reward, if you have the need or patience. Avoid
    the hive of Bees in the tree as well. There are also other chests and goodies
    you can find around town if you look hard enough.
    Eventually, you'll have to return to Death Mountain. Walk up to the end of
    Kakariko Village and take the trail that leads into the mountains. As a human,
    you won't have Midna to help you leap up to the top of the wall this time, but
    you can just climb yourself. The wall is covered with mesh, so it's easy to
    climb. At the top, a Goron will stop you. He roars angrily, saying that no
    humans are allowed here. Curling up into a ball, the Goron will start rolling
    like a boulder down the trail, straight at you. Do you remember back in Ordon
    Village when the goats got loose and you had to stop them? This will be
    similar. Press the A Button as the Goron gets near to grab onto him and...bam!
    The Goron will still knock you backwards, no matter what you do or how many
    times you climb back up to attempt it. Just give up and return to town.
    You'll meet Renado just outside the entrance to the Death Mountain trail. He
    admires your valiance, but admits that even the bravest human stands no chance
    against the strength of the Gorons. Renado knows of only one man who has ever
    matched the Gorons in strength. That man is none other than Bo, the mayor of
    Ordon Village. You must go to him and tell him about the situation with the
    Gorons, and that the children of the village are safe with Renado.
    Just then, as you walk back through town, Epona will come galloping in through
    the north side, trying to shake off a duo of Bulblins on her back. The
    Bulblins quickly fall, but Epona continues to race through town, clearly
    distressed. Before Epona or anyone else gets hurt, Link jumps on her and tries
    to calm her. This is where the fun begins. You have to try to stay on Epona
    while she races wildly around town, leaning in the direction that the screen
    tells you. If you manage to stay on after a while, you can press the A Button
    to seize her and calm her completely. If you do fall off, just run back to her
    and get on again. Once calmed, you can ride Epona out of Kakariko Village.
    This will make the trip back to Ordon Village much faster and safer (remember,
    you can't warp as a human).
    Start by exiting through the southeast gate, which you have to jump over. As
    you begin your journey, the postman will come running up to you again,
    delivering a letter from Ooccoo. Now race through Kakariko Gorge and back to
    Hyrule Field. Riding Epona not only has its speed advantages, but it gives you
    defense against enemies too. If something stands in your way, just smash into
    it to send it flying. Continue riding through Hyrule Field, heading south
    until you get to the path that leads to Faron Woods. Keep riding through the
    familiar terrain until you get to Ordon Spring.
    The white wolf is waiting for you here. Approach it and let it take you back
    to the snowy battleground where the Hero's Shade will teach you your next
    hidden skill. Before he teaches it to you though, you must prove that you
    remember how to do the ending blow. The new skill is a simple one; the shield
    attack. While defending yourself with a shield, jab the Nunchuck forward to
    perform this move. It can be used to break through an opponent's defenses,
    leaving them temporarily open to attacks. It can also be used to deflect
    energy attacks. If you do a shield attack at the exact moment that an energy
    attack is upon you, the attack will be deflected right back at the opponent.
    Both aspects of the shield attack will be tested here. After the move has been
    passed on to you, head to Ordon Village.
    Not much has changed in Link's hometown. You can always go back to Fado and
    touch up on your goat herding skills (and maybe get a reward for it), but the
    man you need to see is Bo, who's standing in front of his house as usual.
    He'll take you inside his house once you talk to him. After a quick assurance
    that the children are ok, Bo will go on about the Gorons. He'll teach you the
    secret to beating them if you promise to keep it a secret. Agree to keep
    silent and he'll take you to the back room.
    Bo will show you a sumo arena in the back room. The way to earn the Gorons'
    respect is by besting them in sumo matches, and Bo will teach you how. The
    rules are simple. Basically, you have to try to push your foe outside of the
    arena, using one of three basic techniques: a strike, a grab and a sidestep.
    Use a strike on a foe trying to sidestep, a sidestep on a foe trying to grab
    and a grab on a foe trying to strike. As you can see, it works like a game of
    rock-paper-scissors. Bo will show you which buttons correspond to each move.
    After you memorize what beats what, you'll be ready to beat any Goron that
    challenges you. However, Bo won't just teach you how to sumo wrestle. You'll
    have to beat him twice in a match to prove your worth, shirtless and all. If
    you can beat Bo, you can beat a Goron. The first time, Bo will stick to one
    move, so just counter him appropriately. The second time, he'll use all three
    techniques. It is important to remember which technique to use when you see Bo
    about to make his move. If you execute the correct move, you'll have the
    advantage over him. Now you can begin trying to push him out of the ring by
    repeatedly tapping the A Button. Bo will probably recover before you finish,
    so just keep at it. Once you get him close to the edge, shove him off for a
    victory. After the second win, Bo will take you back to the first room. He
    tells you that no matter how good you are at wrestling, you have no chance
    against a Goron unless you use his secret weapon to even the odds, which he
    keeps inside a chest. Open the chest and you'll receive the IRON BOOTS.
    Wearing this footwear will make you heavier than a boulder, allowing you to
    endure such things as attacks by the mighty Gorons. The boots make you harder
    to toss around, and also help you sink quickly when in the water. Take your
    gift and leave Ordon Village. Ride back to Kakariko Village as speedily as you
    can. When you get there, you'll be treated to a cut-scene.
    Talo and Beth stand outside of the village sanctuary, talking idly. Suddenly,
    the sound of thunderous footsteps is heard. They turn to see what is making
    these sounds, but it isn't Link. To their horror, it is the sound of the
    Bulblin raiding party, charging into town on their giant Bullbos. They are led
    by KING BULBLIN, the ruthless hulk responsible for what happened to Ilia and
    the other children. King Bulblin races towards the children, but only Talo has
    the sense to run. As Beth stands transfixed with terror, Colin jumps in and
    pushes her out of the way to save her. Suddenly, Link and Epona arrive, in
    time to see the great green brute holding up Colin's limp body. With a snarl,
    the Bulblin commander leads his posse out of town through the north end.
    Quickly race after the Bulblins, heading north through the town's
    thoroughfare. At the end, jump over the gate and ride into another part of
    Hyrule Field. King Bulblin will be waiting for you in this great expanse,
    holding a large pole with Colin tied to the end of it. He blows into his
    mighty horn, summoning his cavalry of Bullbo-riding archers. Immediately
    charge after King Bulblin and his Lord Bullbo. As you chase him across the
    plains, his loyal minions will try to catch up to you, firing flaming arrows
    at you. If they overtake you, swing your sword around and start dismounting
    them. Epona can run faster than the Bullbos only when she dashes, but she
    doesn't have the stamina to keep ahead of them all the time. Not only do you
    need to outpace the archers, but you also have to catch up to King Bulblin.
    Use up your dashes as quickly as you can if he's in range. Once you catch up
    to him, start slashing at him repeatedly. Bits of his armor will fall away,
    but it will take more than just a few hits to unseat this adversary. Keep
    attacking him, all the while doing your best to avoid the cavalry of Bulblin
    archers. After repeatedly slashing King Bulblin, he will drop his horn and
    ride away towards the Bridge of Eldin to the north. He has no way to call for
    reinforcements now, so hurry up and catch up to him so you can finish him.
    When you get the bridge, King Bulblin will already be on the other side,
    facing you. A pair of Bulblin archers will shoot their fiery arrows at the
    piles of wood at either end of the bridge, trapping you inside. Now it's just
    you, the king, Epona and his beastly Lord Bullbo, and it all comes down to a
    jousting match. Race towards him with your sword out. When you get close,
    you'll be able to strafe to the sides instead of turning. Dodge King Bulblin
    and swing your sword as you race past him. If he hits you, his mighty steed
    will knock you off the bridge, and you'll have to start over. If you hit him,
    another piece of his armor will fall off. Now, when you reach the end of the
    bridge, turn around and repeat the attack. After a second successful hit, King
    Bulblin will fall off his mount and tumble down the immense drop below the
    bridge. Proclaiming victory, Epona rears up and Link brandishes his sword in
    Back in Kakariko Village, young Colin wakes up to see Link's face. He asks
    Link if everyone is ok, and then looks up to see Talo, Beth, Malo, Renado and
    Luda standing around him smiling. Colin says that he understands now what it
    is to be strong. It doesn't mean he has to be physically strong, but to be
    brave in the face of danger. He admires Link for the strength and bravery he
    has shown, and is confident that he'll be able to help the Gorons just as he
    helped him. Colin faints, and the others move in to his aid, carrying him back
    to the sanctuary. Alone, Link prepares to face the Gorons, and whatever other
    dangers may await him at Death Mountain.
    Chapter 5: Trial by Fire.
    Before you go back to Death Mountain, there is something you should check out
    here in town. The general store, which was abandoned when its previous owner
    took off, will now be managed by none other than Malo. Despite being only
    about four years old, he's quite capable of running his own business. His
    store, Malo Mart, has a few new items, including the HYLIAN SHIELD. This
    legendary shield is marked with the symbol of the gods, and unlike your Ordon
    Shield, it is made of metal so it will never burn. However, it will cost you
    200 rupees. The Wooden Shields they also sell here are there just in case you
    lost your first shield and don't have enough cash for the Hylian Shield. They
    are no different than the Ordon Shield, and once you get the Hylian Shield
    there will never be any need to get one. So, just save your rupees and get
    that Hylian Shield before heading to Death Mountain. The Malo Mart is only
    open during the day though. Also, don't bother going into Barnes Bomb Shop,
    because he's got nothing to sell ever since someone went and blew up his
    storehouse and the Gorons have cut off access to the raw materials.
    Now head back to Death Mountain, and climb the first mesh wall to challenge
    the Goron guard to a rematch. Remember, you need to have the Iron Boots on
    before you face him or else he'll knock you straight back down. With the boots
    properly equipped, grab onto him when he rolls towards you and toss him aside.
    It will be no different than stopping a charging goat. Four more Gorons will
    roll down the hill as you make your way up it. After the second mesh wall,
    you'll find yourself in a clearing, surrounded by Bulblin archers. They have
    the advantage of elevation and projectile weapons, but you can counter them
    with projectiles of your own. One hit with the Slingshot will unbalance a
    Bulblin and make it fall to the ground. You can also use the hawk grass in the
    area if you want to be a bit more stylish about it.
    Continue through the trail until you get to the base of Death Mountain. During
    the brief cut-scene, a pair of Gorons up above will spot you. One will curl up
    into a ball, while the other climbs on him. The first will then uncurl with
    force, sending his fellow up to the ledge above him so he can warn the rest of
    the tribe. This should give you an idea about how you're going to climb this
    dangerous mountain. Jump into the pit below, where two Gorons are standing
    guard. All of a sudden, a bombardment of molten rock will rain down from the
    sky. Roll out of the way as you see the shadows form under you. After several
    smaller rocks fall, a giant shadow will appear and a huge fireball will fall
    from the sky. Get out of the way quickly. The shard of half-melted rock will
    slam into the ground. This will be another important thing to remember later
    on. Now turn your attention to the Gorons. If you get near them, they'll try
    to knock you around. Use your shield to stun one briefly when it swings, and
    then strike back. The Goron will curl up into a defensive ball. Climb on him
    and wait for him to launch you upwards, just as you witnessed moments ago.
    When you get up to the next part, find another Goron and repeat the process to
    get even higher.
    When you reach the second ledge, you can go forward and jump into the hot
    spring down below. You'll find several friendlier Gorons relaxing in its
    healing waters. One Goron even has a shop set up in the back, and you can buy
    supplies if you need them. You won't get anything that good though. Now climb
    out by grabbing onto the mesh behind one of the bathing Gorons. When you reach
    the ledge again, find the hostile Goron and have him launch you up to an even
    higher ledge. The path here is blocked by a steam vent, but you can just put
    the Iron Boots on to avoid getting pushed by it. Now keep going down this
    path. Have your Iron Boots ready, because two more rolling Gorons will come
    out of the tunnel ahead. At the end of the tunnel, have the Goron launch you
    up to the one above it, and then once more to get to the entrance of the Goron
    When you get inside, six Gorons will start rolling towards you. Suddenly, a
    voice orders them to stop. From a chamber in the back, an older Goron steps
    forwards and calls you over. This is Gor Coron, an elder who has led the tribe
    ever since their patriarch Darbus was unable to due to certain circumstances.
    Gor Coron will not permit you into the Goron Mines unless you beat him in a
    contest of strength. Your training with Bo has led up to this, so don't fail
    him. Of course, when you first accept Gor Coron's challenge, you won't be
    given a chance to put your Iron Boots on before he blasts you out of the
    arena. Just put them on and demand a rematch. Now you will be even with him,
    so start wrestling. Remember, a grab beats a strike, a strike beats a sidestep
    and a sidestep beats a grab. Once you gain the upper hand, start pushing Gor
    Coron towards the edge of the arena. Eventually, you will win.
    Impressed, Gor Coron will tell you a bit more about the Gorons' troubles. One
    day, when Death Mountain suddenly began erupting ceaselessly, the four Goron
    elders and the patriarch Darbus went to investigate what was the cause. They
    saw the treasure that the spirits of light had entrusted them with. When
    Darbus touched it though, he was transformed into an unspeakable monster! The
    other Gorons were forced to lock him up after Darbus destroyed much of the
    mines. Now, Gor Coron needs your help to go to Darbus's aid. He commands his
    guards to step aside and allow you into the mines.
    Before you go in though, go to the southeastern side of this chamber and talk
    to the Goron standing in front of a doorway. He steps to the side to reveal an
    elevator. Go into it and put on the Iron Boots to activate the large switch on
    the floor, which won't press down if you aren't wearing them. This elevator
    will take you down to the bottom of mountain. When you get there, you'll find
    a large stone with symbols on it. Push it aside to find a shortcut to the hot
    spring. But there's more. Go back to the elevator and continue to the other
    side of this little chamber to find another symbol-marked stone. Push this one
    out of the way to create another shortcut, this time to the base of Death
    Mountain, where the smoldering rock shard fell earlier. Now you can go up and
    down the mountain more easily. Unless you need anything else, go back up the
    elevator and enter the Goron Mines.
    The Goron Mines make up the game's second dungeon. They may be familiar ground
    to the hardy Gorons, but even the bravest adventurer will have trouble
    navigating through its fiery, lava-filled catacombs. The Gorons aren't the
    only inhabitants of the mines either. It is filled with numerous fire-based
    enemies that you've never seen before, making it all the more important to
    pick up the Hylian Shield beforehand. The Iron Boots will play a large role in
    this dungeon as well, and there's a brand new weapon for you to collect after
    you face off against its mini-boss.
    To start out, hop down from the entrance and jump out to the first rock
    platform in the lava. Now jump to either the left or right path. It makes no
    difference, since both will put you in the same place. Just be careful as you
    jump across the gaps. The hot lava below will damage you and force you to
    start at the beginning of the room, and there are also geysers of fire that
    frequently erupt from between the gaps.
    On the other side of the lava pool, look for the metal tunnel on the left side
    of the cavern. It's barricaded by some wooden boards, but you sword will make
    short work of them. When you get inside, walk forward to find more wooden
    beams blocking the way. You can cut them down once again with ease, but going
    any further is impossible because of the jet of fire erupting from the large
    furnace on the wall. Turn back and look in the corner for a metal switch. With
    your Iron Boots on, step on the switch to press it. This will shut off the
    furnace, but only for about seven seconds. You'll hear the timer tick faster
    and faster as the furnace gets closer to reactivating. Run past it before the
    fire comes out again. On the other side, there's another metal floor switch
    that will shut off the furnace further ahead. This time, you have to run past
    it and exit the cage, and then turn the corner (right) and get through the
    flame's path again before time expires. The path is narrower here too, and
    there's a new enemy harassing you from the lava pool. After you get through
    the flames, turn towards the lava and put your shield up. There's a FIRE
    TOADPOLI in the lava. This rare creature is found only here, but is nothing
    special otherwise. It attacks by belching balls of fire at you. Use a shield
    attack to deflect them right back for a kill. No other method will work
    against the Fire Toadpoli until you get better ranged weapons. Once it is
    killed, jump across another small gap and climb up the ladder in front of you.
    On top of the metal cage, run forwards and leap over to meet another new
    enemy. TORCH SLUGS are very common in the Goron Mines, and easy to kill. One
    hit will kill one. The Torch Slug sometimes emits a burst of flame to protect
    itself, so use a spin attack to be safe. Torch Slugs are little more than
    annoying obstacles, not real threats. Behind this one is a small chest with a
    red rupee inside. Now backtrack a bit and jump over the nearest gap, then turn
    right towards the lava. Jump over to the stone platform, and then over to the
    eastern rocky ledge. Turn right again and follow the ledge to a floor switch
    and a Torch Slug. Defeat the slug and press the switch. The furnace way over
    on the opposite end of the ledge will turn off. Hurry up, turn around and
    start running north along the ledge. A bunch of Torch Slugs will fall from the
    ceiling to hinder your progress, but ignore them if you can. You'll be right
    in the path of the flame jet if you don't get to the end and make the right
    turn in time. If you do make it, run down the path to a door. Three more Torch
    Slugs will appear in front of it, so unleash a spin attack to destroy them.
    The exit is barred, but you can open it by pushing down on the large lever to
    the right of it. Climb onto the pathway steps and leap over to the lever. Put
    on the Iron Boots to press it down. Now go through the door.
    The next room is a huge cavern housing a large set of magnetic cranes that
    will come into play later. For now, run ahead to the circular platform and go
    left down the walkway. At the bottom, fight the Bulblins and take the small
    key from the chest afterwards. Now go back up to the circular platform and
    take the right path. At the top, you'll find a rotating platform. Jump when it
    is horizontal, but jump again to get past it before it flips on you, sending
    you into the lava. Do this a second time to get by another platform, and then
    use your key to take the door up ahead on your right.
    In the next chamber, go right and follow the metal path down to a stone
    platform, home to a DODONGO. These tough reptiles are only vulnerable when
    attacked from behind, but are more dangerous from the front. They spit a
    stream of fire at anything that gets in front of them, and will always try to
    face their opponent to keep their tails protected. Dodongos move slowly
    though, so you can circle around this one and strike its tail as it is
    shooting fire. Now turn west and jump across the rocky islands, but watch out
    for the lava spouts. There's another Dodongo up ahead on a metal platform. Get
    to the northeast corner of the room and take out the third Dodongo on the
    rocky shore. Along the right wall is a chain resting on the floor. Grab onto
    it and start pulling the slab of stone it's attached to out from the wall.
    When you pull it out as far as it'll go, let go. The slab will slowly start to
    retract again, so run back to the metal platform where you saw the second
    Dodongo as quickly as you can (hopefully you don't get hit by poorly-timed
    lava geysers). Directly east from here is a pathway that will begin to seal
    itself as the stone slab slides back into place. Quickly hop over to it and
    get by before this happens. Now go through the door here.
    The next chamber is odd compared to the other rooms in this dungeon because it
    is filled with water rather than lava, although it won't be the only one. The
    fence up ahead will keep you from swimming by, but jump into the water anyway.
    You might notice an opening in the fence below the water's surface. You can
    easily sink to the bottom by placing your Iron Boots on. Now clomp along the
    bottom of the pool to a metal switch on the other side of the fence. Don't
    take too long though, because an oxygen meter will appear and slowly start to
    drain as you spend time underwater. Losing all of your air means game over.
    Anyway, when the switch is pressed, you'll suddenly be pulled out of the water
    by a magnetic beam up above you. This puts you on a patch of magnetically-
    charged magnetite. As long as you keep your Iron Boots on, you can walk along
    this patch, even if you're sideways or upside-down. Go up and around until you
    reach a doorway. Put the Iron Boots away and go inside.
    This is the chamber of Gor Amoto, one of the other three ancient Goron elders.
    He gives you a key shard to take with you, which is one of three components to
    the dungeon's Big Key. The other shards are being held by the other two
    elders, so you must seek them out. Gor Amoto tells you that the patriarch is
    locked in a room deep within the mines, and only with all three shards can you
    get to him. Besides the key shard, you can also get a red rupee from a small
    chest on the back platform, and the Dungeon Map directly behind Gor Amoto. Now
    climb the ladder in the back and go right along this ledge. Before exiting
    through the door up here, inspect the pots along the wall to find Ooccoo
    trapped inside one of them. Together again, you can use her and Ooccoo Jr. to
    warp out of the Goron Mines whenever you want.
    After exiting, you'll be inside the magnetic pool chamber again, but higher
    up. You can put the Iron Boots on to walk along the magnetite walls and get to
    the opposite doorway. Both sides have Torch Slugs, but the left is less
    populated so go with that one. When you get across, proceed through the door.
    The next room is the Dodongo chamber, but you won't have to fight any of them
    this time through. Go on ahead and don the Iron Boots to push down the floor
    switch. This activates a magnetic force that pulls you to the ceiling. The
    entire ceiling is covered in magnetite, so you can walk all the way across the
    room upside down. The path won't be straightforward though, and it's actually
    more like a maze. It goes without saying that you should never remove your
    Iron Boots for any reason until you safely reach solid ground. Trudge along
    over to the northwest corner of the room first and drop down when you get
    above the hidden platform, or just follow the magnetite path down and around
    the wall. The chest here has a Piece of Heart. Now walk back up the magnetite
    wall and continue traversing the ceiling. The path to the west exit, starting
    from the east side, goes south, then along the south wall for a bit before
    intersecting with the curved path that goes towards the door. There are many
    Torch Slugs oozing along the ceiling too, but it's better if you just avoid
    them rather than confront them while dangling over lava.
    Once you get to the west doorway and use it, you'll enter the room with the
    large cranes. Proceed along the walkway to the base of one of these cranes.
    There's a switch nearby that you should press, but it's being guarded by four
    Bulblins. Take them out, and then press the switch down. This will get the
    crane to start moving again. Continue west to a circular platform, and then
    wait for the crane to pass overhead. When you see the magnetic field surround
    you, make sure you're wearing the Iron Boots. You'll be pulled up to the
    crane, which will then carry you over to a new ledge. If the crane goes left,
    stay on it or else it will just bring you to the part of the room you explored
    earlier. If it goes right, drop off when it stops over the next platform.
    You'll be welcomed by some FIRE KEESE. Fire Keese are the fiery cousins of
    regular Keese, and are really no different other than the amount of damage
    they inflict. Fight or ignore them, and then go up the walkway to another
    circular platform. You know what to do; slay the Bulblins and then use the
    Iron Boots to press the switch. Now let the second crane carry you across to a
    ledge on the north side of the room.
    As you enter the next watery cavern, several spider-like TEKTITES will start
    hopping towards you. Wait for them to get near and then use a spin attack for
    best results. Tektites can follow you across land and water, but are easy to
    kill. You may notice as you look out towards the water a submerged chest in
    the northwest corner. Dive in and put on the Iron Boots to get to the chest,
    which holds a small key. You can come up for air, but stay in the water and
    swim to the southeast corner of the room. To get inside the cage-like
    enclosure here, drop down to the pool's bottom and push a large crate out of
    the way, so you can go in through a small opening. When you surface, climb out
    and get onto the ledge on your left. Press the switch up here to activate the
    magnetic field nearby. Now use the Iron Boots to travel across the strip of
    magnetite on the wall. At the end, you can drop off onto another ledge, and
    then follow it to the end to find yet another switch. This one will turn on
    the magnetic field running horizontally below you. Walk out to the end of the
    metal plank and just drop off. You'll have nothing to worry about if you have
    the Iron Boots on. The field will pull you over to a patch of magnetite on the
    west wall. Use it to get to the upper north ledge. The small chest here has
    ten rupees inside, but more interesting is the yellow, diamond-shaped switch
    next to it. When struck with a weapon that's powerful enough, the switch will
    activate. For now, only your sword will suffice. The switch will open the
    north gate, but remain active only for a few seconds. Hurry up and hop down to
    the ledge below and go through the gate before it closes on you.
    On the other side, there's another diamond-shaped switch in case you need to
    get back through. You should be more concerned with the two Bulblins
    approaching. After you kill them, inspect the rest of the chamber. The gate up
    ahead is sealed for the moment, but you probably don't want to go near it in
    the first place because there are two BEAMOSES on the center platform. They
    appear to be ordinary statues that rotate in place, but get too close and
    they'll fire a concentrated beam of plasma from their single eye. There is no
    way to destroy a Beamos yet, so don't waste time on them. Go to the right side
    of the room and start scaling the magnetite wall. The magnetite strip goes up,
    and then splits off into two directions. First take the right path to get to a
    platform. Here you'll find a chest with a second Piece of Heart. Now go left
    to get to the upper north ledge. Walk around it until you get to a set of
    ropes, which hold the gate below shut. Use your sword to sever them and drop
    the gate. Continue on the ledge if you want to smash the pots up ahead, but
    otherwise drop down and use the exposed doorway. You need the small key to go
    through it.
    The outdoor loading dock chamber is a bit confusing. Walk forward and cut down
    the wooden beams that block the way to the wooden walkway. The Bulblin archers
    near the back will be firing arrows at you, but they're too high up to reach
    with anything you have. Avoid hiding behind any of the explosive barrels here,
    for obvious reasons. Proceed up the wooden walkway and go right at the end to
    an enclosure. There's a Beamos back here, but what you want is inside a small
    chest on your right. It's the small key that will open the west door. Go back
    to the wooden walkways to reach it. Don't miss the purple rupee chest down
    below in the water, underneath a wooden platform. You need to use your sword
    to get to it while wearing the Iron Boots. When you get it, escape the water
    by climbing a ladder on the east side of the walkway. Exit through the west
    door when you're done.
    Walk forward in the next room and leap past the rotating platform when it is
    level. Now turn right and walk up the short ramp. Before you is a giant
    rotating platform that you must now cross. It is too big to cross in one
    attempt before it flips on you, but luckily there are patches of magnetite
    embedded into it. There are two on one side but only one on the other. All you
    have to do is put the Iron Boots on and plant yourself on one of these patches
    while the platform flips you upside-down, and then continue without the boots
    when it goes right-side-up. Go into the door on the other side when you make
    it across.
    This is the second Goron elder shrine, where Gor Ebizo lives. The frail little
    Goron will give you the second key shard. He tells you that an ancient weapon
    that a hero of the past once used is up ahead, which the Gorons have guarded
    throughout the ages. You can use this weapon to help Darbus, but you must ask
    the Goron that guards it to receive it when you meet him. Open the small chest
    in the back corner after you finish speaking to Gor Ebizo to get a yellow
    rupee, and then climb the ladder to the second level. Exit through the east
    door to get back to the room with the giant rotating platform. This time, put
    on your trusty Iron Boots and start plodding across the strip of magnetite on
    the wall to reach the south door. Before going through, open the chest in the
    corner for another yellow rupee.
    When you enter the south chamber, the door behind you will seal shut. Walk
    forward to the round platform up ahead. The immense Goron that guards the
    weapon Gor Ebizo spoke of will roar in anger, saying that a human has no
    business in these forbidden grounds. This Goron is DANGORO, and he hasn't
    gotten the word yet that you're only here to help Darbus. Dangoro leaps into
    the air and slams down onto the metal platform, dropping it into the lava. The
    only way to pass is to beat him in a contest of strength, but this won't be
    like the sumo match you had with Gor Coron. This hulking creature is covered
    in archaic armor, and will be tough to hit unless you go for his unprotected
    stomach. Dangoro's weight will tilt the metal platform every which way, but
    the magnetite coating it has means you can use your Iron Boots to stay in
    place. As he gets near you, Dangoro will raise his mighty fist and wind up for
    a punch. Now quickly attack his stomach until he rolls up into a ball. He'll
    attempt to roll over you, but you can grab him like you would any other
    rolling Goron and toss him to the side, as long as your Iron Boots are on. For
    winning results, you need to hurl Dangoro into the lava. If this doesn't
    happen, get closer to the edge. Don't be afraid to take off your boots if you
    need to move around quickly, but make sure you put them on again if you start
    sliding off. Now that you're close to the edge of the platform, getting
    Dangoro into the lava will be easier. It'll take two more repetitions to
    defeat Dangoro. The mighty Goron will surrender and acknowledge your strength.
    He'll let you take the ancient hero's weapon if you help out Darbus. When the
    round platform rises again, use the south door.
    In this room, you'll find a chest in the center that contains the item Dangoro
    was guarding. It is the HERO'S BOW, an amazing long-range weapon that can hold
    and shoot up to thirty arrows. The Hero's Bow is vastly superior to your
    previous ranged weapon (the Slingshot), and can even take out those annoying
    Torch Slugs. To escape this room, aim the Hero's Bow at the ropes holding up
    the metal gate up ahead. Shoot them to cut the gate down. Now go on to the
    next chamber.
    Be careful as you go in because a Torch Slug will drop in on you when enter.
    Anyway, the room is surrounded by small alcoves, but each is blocked off by an
    inactive Beamos. You don't have to worry about the Beamoses until you proceed
    to the south end of the room. Now all of them will activate at once, so return
    to the center. From here you can use the Hero's Bow to pick them off one by
    one. Aim for the glowing red eyes when they rotate into view. After a Beamos's
    eye has been destroyed, it will become nothing more than a harmless statue.
    You can pull them out along the floor grooves to get to the alcoves behind
    them. Only two of them, the east and west alcoves, hold anything of real
    value. The east has a chest with the Compass in it, while the west leads to a
    doorway, which you should go through.
    This is the sanctuary of Gor Liggs, the last Goron elder. He gives you the
    final key shard. When you combine all three shards, the Big Key will be
    assembled. Now open the chest behind Liggs to get a chunky purple rupee. Go
    back to the Beamos room and exit by pulling out the southern Beamos that's
    blocking a doorway.
    When you enter this next stalactite-filled chamber, get your Hero's Bow and
    start sniping the Torch Slugs on the ceiling. They'll drop in on you when
    you're unprepared if you don't get rid of them now. You can also try to hit
    the Fire Keese up ahead. Proceed down the path and roll into the metal fence
    to knock it down, allowing you through. Now turn left and hop over to the
    nearby rocks. The first cluster of Torch Slugs is above you on the stalactite.
    They may drop arrows for you to use if you get low on ammo. Now jump over to
    the platform with two Dodongos. Don't waste time trying to hit their tails
    this time. Just wait for them to open wide for a fire attack before shooting
    an arrow down their throats. This will kill them instantly. Jump your way to
    the opposite side and go around the ledge. You'll reach another barred gate.
    Just keep going until you find the floor switch. Press down on it and use the
    Iron Boots to cling to the magnetite ceiling. Now walk north along this strip,
    but watch out for the Dodongo. When you get directly above the gate below, use
    the Hero's Bow to shoot a diamond-shaped switch in the alcove next to you.
    This will open the gate. Drop down and head through the door.
    Now you'll be back in the crane room. Turn right and jump over to a small
    platform, where you can get another purple rupee. Now go left along this ledge
    and use the Hero's Bow to cut down another gate that's being held up by ropes.
    Go across to find a floor switch, directly underneath a crane. Press it down
    and let the crane take you to the north wall. Go ahead and drop down, and then
    use the door here.
    This watery cavern where you fought the Tektites before is now inhabited by
    two WATER TOADPOLIS. Like their fiery cousin, they'll try shooting things at
    you. You can block their projectiles with your shield like before, but it's
    easier to dispatch the Water Toadpolis with arrows rather than bouncing their
    attacks back at them. Swim across to the north gate. Before you needed to hit
    a diamond-shaped switch on the ledge to your left to get it to open briefly.
    Just use the Hero's Bow to hit it from here, and then go through. The bow will
    help out again in the next portion of the chamber, because you can now get rid
    of the two Beamoses in here. Go through the far door to get to the loading
    The Bulblin archers will be no match for you now that you can return fire of
    similar kind. You can get rid of them all even before they know you're there.
    Be forewarned that there is one on a ledge on your left as well as the right,
    plus the ones shooting at you from the back ledge. Now go to the end of the
    wooden walkway and turn right. In the clearing where you found the small key
    earlier, shoot the Beamos and pull it out from the wall to reveal a tunnel.
    Follow it to a ledge above. Two more Bulblin archers will start shooting at
    you, but you can take them both out with just one arrow by hitting the
    explosive barrel behind them. At the end of this ledge, in a small alcove to
    your left, use the Iron Boots to press a floor switch that activates the crane
    down below. Go back down and wait with your Iron Boots on to catch a ride from
    the crane. While you're on it, get the Hero's Bow out again and aim for the
    ropes that hold up the gate in the northeast corner. The crane will dump you
    in the water if you try getting off without doing this. When you land on the
    gate, you can continue through the door or jump over to the north ledge and
    follow it west to get supplies. You'll find a Fairy inside one of the pots in
    the northwest corner. Also, your Compass will show a chest on the ledge above
    you. Unfortunately, you can't get it until you come back with a weapon you'll
    get in the next dungeon. It holds a purple rupee, which is nice, but hardly
    worth the effort of coming back here. Anyway, use the northeast door after you
    finish up here.
    This is the final room before you get to the chamber where Darbus is being
    held. Be prepared to defend yourself against Bulblin archers on the other side
    of the room. Take them out from the entrance, and then pick off the two
    warriors standing near them. Once it is safe, go around the room to get to
    where the Bulblins were. South of here is a pool of lava that separates you
    from the boss's door. Use the Hero's Bow to shoot down the gate so that you
    can cross safely. Just watch out for the mass of Bulblin warriors that come
    out from the other side. The spin attack can strike multiple Bulblins, but one
    alone won't be enough to kill them. Now go to the end of the path and enter
    the lair of Darbus.
    A boss battle is upon you once more. A giant black figure lies chained by the
    arms and legs, apparently dormant. Suddenly, the glowing gem on its fearsome
    mask starts to shine brightly, and the massive figure stirs to life. This
    infernal titan is TWILIT IGNITER FYRUS, the possessed patriarch of the Goron
    tribe. Fyrus's body begins to glow red-hot, and then finally bursts into
    flames before your eyes. He uses his immense strength to break the chains that
    bind him. Despite Fyrus's raging anger, inside him is the beloved Darbus the
    Gorons once knew, so it's up to you to dispel the evil magic that transformed
    him. Attacking Fyrus directly with your sword is foolish, so hang back and
    stay as far away as possible. He'll attack you by swinging the heavy chains
    hanging from his arm. Even if you try to hide behind the pillars around this
    chamber, the chains will simply demolish them. Another attack Fyrus uses,
    although less frequently, is a flame shockwave. It covers a wide area, but you
    shouldn't have to worry about it if you start engaging Fyrus quickly. His key
    weakness is the glowing gem on his mask. The only thing you have that can hit
    it is your Hero's Bow. First run to the opposite side of the room, and then
    aim at the gem as Fyrus tries to catch up to you. Once hit, the boss will hold
    his face in anguish and rampage around the room. Rush over to him and grab
    onto one of the chains being dragged around by his feet. Now put the Iron
    Boots so that you don't get dragged along with it. As Fyrus stomps around
    blindly, pull back on the chains to trip him. Once he's down, quickly remove
    the Iron Boots and let go of his chain. Run around his smoldering body to get
    to his face. This is when you start slashing furiously at the mask's glowing
    gem. You should be able to hit Fyrus with one or two sword combos before he
    gets back up. Now you just have to do the whole thing over two more times. Do
    this and the battle will be won. If you want to finish him off as quickly as
    possible, get an arrow ready as Fyrus starts to get back up so that you can
    stun him as soon as the gem starts shining. As in the last boss fight, you can
    get health by smashing the pots that line the walls of the chamber.
    Bellowing and staggering, the Twilit Igniter thrashes his arms around in pain.
    With a great roar, the gleaming jewel on his cursed mask explodes and a Heart
    Container falls out. Fyrus begins to shrink back to his original state,
    reverting back to Darbus. The particles of twilight around him come together
    to form the FUSED SHADOW that took control of his mind. Midna appears and
    takes it for you, and then creates the portal to exit. She tells the story of
    Zant, the King of Twilight who cast the darkness over Hyrule. As much as Midna
    despises him, she doesn't seem to care much for Zelda either because of the
    way she allowed her kingdom to fall into disarray at the hands of Zant. Now
    remember to grab the Heart Container before exiting.
    Chapter 6: Plight of the Zoras.
    The portal will take you back to Eldin Spring. The voice of the spirit Eldin
    tells you to go north to the Lanayru Province, by crossing the plain and the
    great stone bridge. It is here that you will find Ilia, the one you seek.
    Lanayru is also the last province in Hyrule that remains in twilight, so you
    must journey there to restore the light as well. Colin, Renado and Luda then
    emerge from the village sanctuary. Colin says that you must rescue Ilia, no
    matter what it takes. The children will be safe here with Renado in the
    After having restored peace between Kakariko Village and the Goron tribe,
    you'll find that the town is now inhabited by a few of the Gorons. Most of
    them will help you reach high places by letting you climb on their backs and
    launching you. The same is true with the Gorons near Death Mountain. At night,
    you'll even find a Goron child selling some expensive but valuable potions
    near the main thoroughfare. More importantly, you can now buy BOMBS from
    Barnes Bomb Shop. The bombs come in a bomb bag that can hold up to 30 bombs.
    You can purchase the bomb bag filled with regular Bombs for 120 rupees, and
    also sell them back for half price. Bombs can be used just about anywhere and
    can destroy certain objects. They're very useful, but a bit dangerous. Regular
    Bombs are the most basic kind, but there are other types you'll get to use
    later. Don't forget to stop by Malo Mart and pick up another item, the HAWKEYE
    (for 100 rupees). It lets you see objects in the distance with hawk-like
    vision. Both bombs and the Hawkeye can be combined with the Hero's Bow to make
    bomb arrows and sniper arrows, respectively. The Hawkeye is optional, but
    worth picking up. Note however that it won't be available until you play Talo
    and Malo's archery mini-game on top of the watchtower. Call Epona once you get
    these items and ride north to the Bride of Eldin, across Hyrule Field.
    As you ride, the postman will show up and bother you about something
    concerning Barnes Bomb Shop. You should already have Bombs anyway. Also, as
    you make your way across Hyrule Field, plantlike creatures called LEEVERS will
    come out of the ground and start pursuing you. Leevers attack in a coordinated
    manner, circling you until they strike in unison. The spin attack is the
    perfect method to get rid of these pests. When the Leevers start to close in
    on you, spin to strike them all at once. Anyway, when you get to the Bridge of
    Eldin, go across it.
    The small field on the other side of the bridge has a path leading away to the
    north, but bombs are needed to clear the rocks out of the way. When you do
    this, a portal will appear in the sky. A bolt of dark lightning flashes down
    and strikes the Bridge of Eldin, taking a large portion of it into the portal!
    You can't go back, and you must also deal with the gang of Shadow Beasts that
    drops in. You haven't fought these fiends in human form before, and you don't
    have access to Midna's energy field strike. Instead, use the spin attack to
    kill the last two beasts after slaying the first one. This battle is actually
    optional because there won't be an energy barrier to trap you in with the
    Shadow Beasts. Still, it's much better to take care of them now. The portal
    will remain for your use when you become a wolf again. Now head north through
    the new mountain trail, running down the Bulblins as you go. After you cross a
    small wooden bridge, you'll reach the barrier to the twilight word. Get off
    Epona and approach it. One last time, Midna will drag you into the twilight
    and you'll automatically be transformed into a wolf.
    The trail is quiet, other than a few Shadow Keese. Soon, you'll come across a
    purse lying in the road, emitting a faint purple cloud of fumes. Walk up to it
    and give it a sniff. This is Ilia's purse, so maybe you can find her by
    following the scent. You are only allowed to remember one scent at a time
    though, so you have to forget the youth's scent in order to learn this one.
    That's fine, since you'll never need to know more than one scent at a time
    anyway. Use your senses to follow the pink trail of scent. The trail will take
    you to north Hyrule Field, where you'll get a glimpse of Hyrule Castle over
    the horizon. The field is populated by Shadow Bulblins and Kargaroks, but you
    should just ignore them and stick to the scent trail. It will then take you
    eastwards to a small field just outside of Castle Town, the populated district
    that lies in the shadow of the castle. Cross the bridge and go through the
    large wooden doors to get within Castle Town's walls.
    Castle Town is filled with the spirits of the Hyruleans transformed by the
    twilight. There are so many of them meandering through the bustling streets
    that you won't be able to talk to them all. Follow the east road to the
    central square, which lies in the center of town. Go around the fountain and
    head down the west road. Here, the scent trail will end at a medical clinic,
    but begin once more by going south down a side road. Weave your way through
    the crowds of villagers and turn right along the south road. Go east, turn
    south, and then turn west again down another smaller street. The scent of Ilia
    will finally end when it reaches a place called Telma's Bar.
    Inside this cozy tavern, you'll see three spirits huddled near the front, and
    four more in the back. The ones in the back are Hyrule soldiers, but the ones
    in the front are the spirits of Telma the barkeeper, a Zora child and Ilia.
    You've found her! She's nothing more than a spirit at the moment, so you have
    to restore light to this province before you can reunite. Ilia and Telma are
    watching over the Zora child, who seems very ill. Telma mentions something
    about what the soldiers said, so go over to the ones in the back and listen.
    The soldiers have received orders to investigate what has happened to the
    spirit of the spring near Lake Hylia. This must be where Lanayru lives. Go to
    the map on the nearby table and check it out. A red dot will show up on it,
    and on your map, showing you where Lake Hylia is. Onward.
    Go back outside and follow the street west to the main south road. Go north to
    get to the central square and then turn right to reach the east road. Head
    back out through where you entered, and then cross the bridge to get to Hyrule
    Field. Directly east is another path that will take you to Lake Hylia. Along
    the way, you'll see a few more Shadow Bulblins. Ignore them, because they
    won't chase you far if you just keep running. Eventually, you'll find the
    Great Bridge of Hylia, which spans the length of Lake Hylia below. You have to
    find a way down there first though. Start making your way across the bridge.
    When you get about halfway across, Midna will notice a funny smell coming from
    the dark liquid on the bridge. Suddenly, a Shadow Bulblin archer steps out in
    front of the bridge and fires a flaming arrow into the air, followed by
    another. The arrows strike the dark liquid oil covering the bridge, which
    lights up in flames. Each strikes one end of the bridge, effectively trapping
    you inside! Before the fire reaches you, you need to find a way out, and fast.
    Quickly climb onto one of the wooden crates lying on the bridge, and then leap
    from the top of it to the edge of the bridge. From there, leap down to the
    lake below.
    After a long drop, you will land in Lake Hylia. For some reason, there is much
    less water here than there usually is, and the majestic lake is now nothing
    more than a small pond. Climb out through the east bank and listen to the
    three Zora spirits. They think that the lake's lack of water has something to
    do with its source in the Zora's Domain, but there is no way to get back up
    there without the flow of the river. Keep going east towards the colorful
    building in the background, an amusement ride run by a man named Fyer. Talk to
    his spirit when you get there. Fyer points out the mouth of the river that the
    lake's water supply comes from and the cave where the spirit Lanayru dwells.
    Both are too high to reach with the lake's water level so low. Fyer will then
    spot something across the lake. It's a Shadow Bulblin archer, hanging out
    around the north side of the dry lakebed.
    Run over to the Shadow Bulblin for a fight. The clever Bulblin will grab a
    piece of hawk grass growing nearby and blow into it, calling forth a very
    large Shadow Kargarok. He leaps onto the winged monster and begins his assault
    as the SHADOW KARGAROK RIDER. From his new position, this mini-boss will have
    the firepower of any typical Bulblin archer as well as the mobility of the
    bird he is mounted on. The giant Shadow Kargarok will circle you, while its
    rider fires flaming arrows. They're too high to reach, so avoid the arrows as
    best you can. The time to attack comes when the Kargarok itself contributes to
    the fight. When it swoops down on you, leap onto it and begin biting into it
    until it shakes you off. Now the Kargarok and rider will begin circling you
    again. When the beast comes low again, savage it a second time and the Shadow
    Bulblin archer will be thrown off his winged steed. Destroy him immediately,
    but ignore the Shadow Kargarok. After you defeat the rider, Midna will
    teleport herself to the back of the Shadow Kargarok and attempt to tame it.
    After some resistance, the beast finally calms down and allows Midna to ride
    it. She thinks that this creature will be able to take you up to the lake's
    water source. It grabs you in its clutches and begins flapping towards the
    river mouth.
    You have the ability now to control the Shadow Kargarok and navigate up the
    Zora's River. To steer this cumbersome beast, move the cursor in the direction
    you want it to go. You can also dash for a burst of speed. The river has
    plenty of room to maneuver in because of the lack of water. The ride won't be
    entirely smooth though. Shadow Bulblin archers posted throughout the river
    will be firing bomb arrows at you, but they can be ignored for the most part.
    Further on, their attacks will cause large pillars of stone to fall in your
    path. If you get hit by a rock or archer, the Kargarok will drop you and
    you'll have to start at the beginning again. When you reach the end of the
    river, pull up and dash towards the brightly-lit exit hole.
    The Shadow Kargarok will dump you at the Upper Zora's River, and then fly
    away. The only resident in this area is the spirit of Iza, Coro's brother. She
    runs a boat rental shop here, but is irritated by the lack of water like
    everyone else. Simply hop down into the dry riverbed and go east. The path
    will start to get icy as you continue east. It will take you to the Zora's
    Domain. The home of the Zoras is vacant and completely frozen over. This must
    be why the river and lake are dried up. The source of the water here in the
    Zora's Domain is frozen, so no water can flow downstream. After you take care
    of the Shadow Keese, head towards the frozen waterfall on the north side.
    Stand in front of the ice pillars here to call out Midna, who will help you
    leap upwards. After several leaps, you'll reach a ledge. Go right, but watch
    out for the falling ice stalactite. Pass it, go to the end of the path and
    leap across the gap again. Be careful though, because more stalactites will
    come unloose as you jump from spot to spot. When you reach the top of the
    waterfall, continue north towards the elaborate archway in front of the Zora
    Three Shadow Beasts are waiting inside this icy chamber. When they spot you,
    the force field that accompanies them will seal off the far one. Head to the
    left and go around the field to get to the loner, and then come back to finish
    off the other two. Another portal will be made. Now grab the hearts that the
    beasts left behind if you need health.
    Midna will tell you to look down under the ice's surface. Dozens of spirits
    are trapped underneath like frozen statues! Use your senses to get a better
    look at them. These spirits are the spirits of the Zoras. Midna wants to help
    them, but there is no way you can get them out unless you thaw out the ice.
    She suggests warping away so that you can find something warm enough to do the
    trick. If you recall your trip to Death Mountain, you may remember that hot
    shard of rock that fell from the volcano. That should still be hot enough to
    work. Warp to Death Mountain and walk up to the molten rock. Like last time
    with the bridge of Kakariko Gorge, Midna will take the rock with her when you
    warp back to the Zora's Domain. With a great crash, the searing rock will
    smash through the ice-locked palace, sending a torrent of steaming water
    Now that things are relatively back to normal, you can go back to Lake Hylia
    to meet Lanayru. You can listen to the Zoras if you want, but head south
    downriver when you're done. You will be stopped just outside the palace by a
    voice calling you. A Zora spirit will appear behind you. Unlike the spirits of
    regular Hyrule inhabitants trapped in the twilight realm, this is a true
    spirit; that of a departed Zora Queen who in life was named Queen Rutela. She
    was the mother of the Zora prince who is now destined to take the throne. His
    life is in danger however, so Rutela asks you to help him. When the dark ones
    first descended upon the village, she sent her son Ralis to Hyrule Castle so
    that Princess Zelda could be warned of the danger. Unfortunately, Rutela was
    then executed and Ralis was attacked on his way to the castle. If you help
    Prince Ralis, she will bestow upon you a power that will allow you to swim and
    breathe underwater like a Zora. With the twilight still covering Lanayru
    Province, there is nothing you can do about this yet, so return to the lower
    part of Zora's Domain.
    After jumping down the waterfall, the river current will carry you all the way
    back to Lake Hylia. Not only that, but you'll be right in front of the
    entrance to Lanayru Spring. Go inside to see the fading light spirit. Lanayru
    will give you the Vessel of Light, so you can start collecting tears of light
    once more. When you exit the cavern, you'll see one of the Shadow Insects
    scurry up the bridge on your right. Chase it to a clearing and then kill it to
    collect the first tear. Keep going east and cross the second bridge to get to
    a larger clearing.
    A force field will appear and trap you here, signaling the forthcoming
    appearance of a pack of Shadow Beasts. Through a new portal in the sky, three
    of them will descend. These beasts will try to distance themselves from one
    another to make it harder for you to kill them off. The easiest way to do this
    is to kill the farthest one from where you entered from first, and then get
    the remaining two to come after you. When they get close enough, blast them
    with the energy field.
    After you finish up with the Shadow Beasts, locate the earthy path on the
    southwest side of the clearing and head to the side of the cliff. From there,
    turn left and jump off the end of the low ramp to a small island. Go south and
    jump to the next island, and then to the piece of land on your right. Climb up
    to the grassy clearing and hunt down the insect that lives here. Now jump back
    down to the portal clearing and run north across a wooden bridge, in the
    direction of Fyer's building. One of the Shadow Insects is hovering in the air
    behind the building. Wait for it to swoop, dodge it, and then attack. There's
    a chance that the bug will sink to the bottom of the lake but don't worry, the
    tear will float back up eventually. The final insect in this area is on the
    west side. If you start swimming in that direction with your senses on, you
    may begin to see its faint glow, as well as that of a Zora spirit hanging
    around. You'll find the Shadow Insect hovering along the shoreline.
    There are no more Shadow Insects left in Lake Hylia, but you only have a
    fourth of the total count. The remaining ones are spread out across Lanayru
    Province. Your map will show that several of them are located in the Zora's
    River. The only way to get them is to call Midna's pet Shadow Kargarok using
    the hawk grass growing by the lake (there is some by the western shore and
    some by Fyer's shack). You can't blow into it as a wolf, but you can howl and
    try to mimic its sound, similarly to a howling stone. The bird will swoop in
    and pick you up, and your second journey upriver will begin.
    There's a lot less space to fly in now that water fills a large portion of the
    riverbed, but it's manageable. Keep your senses on to locate the Shadow
    Insects hovering in the air. To get their tears, simply lock on and dash
    through them. If you miss, the insects will chase after you, giving you
    another opportunity to hit them. You could always run into something on
    purpose and start from the beginning too. Anyway, there are Shadow Bulblin
    archers here and there too, but no falling rocks. After you get the eighth
    tear of light, cruise the rest of the way to Upper Zora's River, where the
    Shadow Kargarok will drop you off.
    Another Shadow Insect can be found somewhere around Iza's boat rental shop. It
    will be nowhere to be found until you listen to Iza's spirit. At this time,
    the insect will dash out from underneath the house, scaring Iza. Quickly
    dispatch it can claim the tear it holds. Now go to the other side of the river
    by running across the walkway in front of Iza's shack. Head right and climb up
    to the top of the outcrop to find the second howling stone. When you activate
    it, the white wolf will appear just outside the walls of Castle Town. Now jump
    down to the grassy clearing beneath you. Two Zora spirits up ahead will dive
    into the water when you listen to them and take a torch-lit tunnel that leads
    to Hyrule Castle. They are searching for Prince Ralis. You'll have to follow
    them soon, but you still need to find the Shadow Insects in the Zora's Domain.
    Head east along the edge of the river to get there.
    Four more insects are found here in the lower part of the Zora's Domain. Two
    of them are flitting about in the air in the center of the pool. Swim over to
    them and use the lily pads to jump at them. Now swim to the western bank and
    climb up the trail to find the third bug. You can also find a yellow rupee
    inside a chest by following this trail all the way up. The fourth bug is on
    the other side of the water. Swim over there and climb out of the water in
    front of the large block of ice. Avoid touching it, or else you'll freeze over
    for a bit and lose health. Instead, turn left and listen for Midna's giggle
    when you get in front of the vine wall. She will help you jump up to a path.
    Follow it, make another jump, and then repeat until you get to a waterfall.
    You can keep going to reach a grassy ledge with a red rupee chest on it, but
    the way to find the bug is by turning around at the waterfall and continuing
    across the rocks that go south. Eventually, you'll reach a slope with green
    rupees on it, and then finally get to a cavern dug into the side of the basin.
    The Shadow Insect you seek is flying around in this cavern. After you get it,
    warp to the throne room of the Zora's Domain.
    One more Shadow Insect is hanging out high up on a wall on the southwest side
    of the throne room. Slam into the wall to get it to fly around, where it will
    be within your reach. Now you have all the tears of light within the Zoras'
    territory. Your map will show that at least one more is in Castle Town. Swim
    back down to the Upper Zora's River and take the watery passage lit by torches
    that flows southeast. This channel will carry you to northern Hyrule Field.
    Climb out of the water via the steps and head east towards the path that will
    take you to Castle Town. If you're having trouble with directions, use your
    senses to follow the scent of Ilia, which is still strong enough to detect.
    Just outside of the east wall of Castle Town, a portal will open in the sky
    and three Shadow Beasts will confront you. At least now you'll have an easy
    way to get back to the castle. Go across the bridge and enter Castle Town.
    The last Shadow Insect is in front of Telma's Bar, so head that way. You'll
    find the creepy critter hiding behind some crates in the corner of the alley.
    When you get the last tear, Midna notices something strange. There are no more
    Shadow Insects shown on the map, but you only have fifteen out of the sixteen
    tears of light. Suddenly, your map will reveal the final tear in the center of
    Lake Hylia. Why didn't it show up before? Warp to the lake to find out.
    There's something big and nasty swimming below the surface of Lake Hylia.
    Whatever it is, it has the last tear of light, so muster up your courage and
    swim over to the platforms floating in the middle of the lake. When you get
    there, the water will begin to bubble and churn. Then, from the depths of the
    lake, a giant ball of electricity flies out and hovers in the air in front of
    you. Quickly turn on your senses to see this new foe. When you do, you'll wish
    you hadn't. The creature before you is the TWILIT BLOAT, an enormous parasite
    bloated and repugnant. This so-called feeder of darkness is the mother of all
    Shadow Insects. It holds the very last tear of light you'll ever have to
    collect in this game, so it is only justified that you must get by the biggest
    and meanest Shadow Insect of all to obtain it. The Twilit Bloat will dive-bomb
    you with a full shroud of electricity, so jump to the side to avoid it. After
    it passes, it will hover low to the ground without its protective sparks. Take
    this opportunity to leap onto its swollen body and start attacking it. The
    bloat will shake you off and then fall into the water. Get back on one of the
    floating platforms. Now the bloat will begin swimming across the lake's
    surface, taking opportunities every now and then to graze the platforms and
    knock you into the water. Wait for it to start flying again. Past experience
    with tougher enemies will tell you that repeating this process twice more will
    finish the bloat off. This will turn out to be only partly true. After the
    third attack, the Twilit Bloat will land in the water and float belly-up. The
    orange appendages on its abdomen will stick out of the water. These are the
    bloat's weak points. However, when you attack one, it will restore itself
    almost immediately after. The only way to hit all six at the same time is with
    Midna's help. Use the energy field to envelop the creature's six appendages,
    and then release to strike them all at once. This will finish off the feeder
    of darkness for good. The defeated Twilit Bloat will burst and the tear of
    light within it will be released. Grab it to complete your collection.
    Phew! Return to Lanayru Spring to restore light to this province and finally
    rid Hyrule of the dreaded twilight. Lanayru, a spirit who takes the form of a
    shining water serpent, will appear before you. It will give you the location
    of the Fused Shadow you seek. It lies hidden within a temple at the bottom of
    Lake Hylia, but before you get it, you must bear witness to a disturbing
    vision that Lanayru is about to show you....
    Long ago, when the world was in chaos, the three goddesses of Hyrule descended
    upon the world and gave it life and order. The land where they first appeared
    was known as the Sacred Realm. It was where the legendary power of the gods,
    known as the Triforce, was said to rest. For ages, the people of Hyrule lived
    peaceably. Soon though, individuals who wanted the power of the Triforce
    sought the Sacred Realm, and a great battle ensued that turned friends into
    foes. Here emerged the interlopers, who wielded great magical powers. They
    drew their power from the Fused Shadows and attempted to take control of the
    Sacred Realm, defeating anyone in their way. But before long, the goddesses
    ordered the spirits of light to intervene. On their command, they sealed the
    Fused Shadows and stripped the interlopers of their power....
    Lanayru finishes her tale with a warning. Those who do not know the danger of
    wielding the power of the Fused Shadows will, before long, be ruled by it. The
    fate of the individuals who had mastered this power before is still unknown,
    but there are pieces to this mystery you still need to find before getting a
    better understanding of it all. Anyway, go back outside after you finish
    speaking to Lanayru, but don't hesitate to soak up in the healing spring water
    if you're hurting from the battle with the Twilit Bloat.
    You now know where to find the last Fused Shadow, but you have no way of
    getting to the bottom of Lake Hylia. It's too deep, so you'll never make it if
    you try to sink with the Iron Boots. Remember though, the ghost of Queen
    Rutela told you that if you helped her son Prince Ralis, she would give you
    something that would allow you to swim and breathe underwater. Now that the
    twilight has been dispersed and the light restored to Hyrule, you can go back
    to Castle Town to meet up with Ralis and Ilia in Telma's Bar. The only problem
    is you have no way of getting back up the river. You are human now, so you
    can't warp, and blowing into the hawk grass near Lake Hylia will have no
    effect (for now). So, your only other option is to find Fyer and see what his
    multicolored building is all about.
    When you talk to Fyer, he'll jabber on about the Zoras and their underwater
    temple for a bit before he realizes you're a customer. Pay him ten rupees and
    he'll let you into his shack. Complete with fun balloons and carnival music,
    the shack will turn into a cannon that will blast you to the top of Lake
    Hylia. For now, this is the only way to get out of the lake. You'll land in
    front of a building overlooking the lake. Go inside and climb or jump
    downstairs. There are plenty of Cuccos down here, which are part of the
    resident Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl mini-game. You should check it out when you
    have free time. Otherwise, just exit through the door next to the ladder.
    Climb up the stairs outside to reach the path to Hyrule Field. Before doing
    anything else, find some horse grass and use it to bring Epona to your side.
    Now ride north to east Hyrule Field, and head towards Castle Town.
    Although you still can't return to any of the other previously-explored
    provinces, there is so much you could do and get here in the Lanayru Province.
    You could head to northern Hyrule Field and use bombs to open the path to the
    Zora's Domain, and get a new bomb bag by helping Iza clear out the Upper
    Zora's River. First though, you'll have to rescue her from a trio of Shadow
    Beasts. Using the spin attack, you can defeat them and make a portal to Upper
    Zora's River. Iza will invite you into her shack and explain her ordeal. Help
    her out to get the bomb bag. Remember, a bomb bag can only hold one type of
    bomb, so you'll want extras by the time you have access to other kinds of
    bombs. Play her mini-game the next time you speak to her to get the Giant Bomb
    Bag, doubling the capacity of your bomb bags. North of Iza's boat shack is
    Hena's (Iza and Coro's sister) Fishing Hole where you can try your luck at
    fishing with lures. Even with your own simple Fishing Rod, you can fish up a
    BOTTLE from the bridge on the west side of the Fishing Hole, which is
    certainly worth the detour. You can get your third hidden skill, the back
    slice, by finding the white wolf outside of Castle Town's walls. This is an
    interesting move that involves rolling around your opponent to get at their
    unarmored back for damage. Now, at the very least you'll want to find Agitha
    in the eastern portion of the town's southern road and upgrade your wallet.
    Agitha absolutely loves Golden Bugs, and if you bring her one, she'll give you
    the Big Wallet (which doubles your money holding capacity). Bring her more
    Golden Bugs and she'll reward you with rupees to fill your new wallet. For
    every bug you give her, she'll give you a purple rupee, or an orange rupee if
    it completes a male-female pair. There are twelve different kinds of Golden
    Bugs total, and a male and female for each one. Furthermore, you can collect a
    few more Pieces of Heart before completing your next objective. When all is
    said and done, return to Telma's Bar in Castle Town.
    When Link enters the bar, he overhears the end of a conversation between Ilia
    and the town doctor, Borville. The doctor refuses to help the sick Prince
    Ralis because he doesn't know enough about the Zoras to know what to do. Ilia
    pleads with him, but to no avail. She walks right by Link, but doesn't even
    seem to recognize him. What's going on? Telma then says that perhaps the
    shaman in Kakariko Village will be able to help Ralis. The Hyrule soldiers are
    enthusiastically eager to help, but all run away in cowardice when they hear
    that the road to Kakariko Village may be infested with dangerous monsters.
    Only Link remains. As Ilia runs to collect her belongings, Telma approaches
    Link. She seems aware that Link knows Ilia, but then explains that her
    peculiar behavior is the result of memory loss. She can't even remember her
    own name. However, Telma goes on to say that Ilia found Ralis unconscious on
    the side of the road and did all she could to save him. Now it's up to Link to
    ensure that Ralis arrives safely at Kakariko Village.
    Since the Bridge of Eldin was destroyed, the only other road you can take to
    the Eldin Province is across the Great Bridge of Hylia. From the top of an
    outpost overlooking the bridge, Telma will spot a large Bulblin patrolling the
    bridge on the back of his heavily-armored Bullbo. King Bulblin is back!?
    You'll just have to deal with him again when you reach the bridge. Telma, Ilia
    and Ralis will ride alongside you and Epona in a horse drawn wagon. Your map
    will show a red line that indicates the route you should follow. Just ride
    south and head towards the Great Bridge of Hylia when you get to the clearing.
    Telma will stop when you reach the bridge. King Bulblin wants a rematch and he
    won't let the wagon pass unless you beat him again. The battle will be
    different this time though. King Bulblin is wearing two large bucklers on
    either arm that will make passing sword attacks useless. However, he left one
    part of himself unprotected: the front. Instead of getting your sword out when
    you get close to King Bulblin and Lord Bullbo, take out the Hero's Bow and aim
    for the Bulblin's body. If you need arrows, Telma will provide you with some
    when you pass by her. One arrow will cause King Bulblin to roar in pain, but
    it won't defeat him for good. You have to hit him a second time to finish him
    off. After the first hit though, King Bulblin will try to swerve from side to
    side as he charges you down, making it more difficult to aim properly. But
    with a steady hand and good eye, you should be able to shoot him a second
    time. King Bulblin will sway back and forth as Lord Bullbo charges out of
    control. The massive boar slams into the side of the bridge, sending King
    Bulblin plummeting into Lake Hylia. A key flies out of his hand and straight
    into yours. This is the key that will open the gates that block access to
    southern Hyrule Field.
    You may have bested King Bulblin once again, but the dangerous journey to
    Kakariko Village is far from over. As you ride south across the bridge,
    Bulblin archers will begin shooting at you from the cliffs. Try to pick them
    off with the Hero's Bow. They will be a threat not only to you but the wagon
    as well. If it gets hit, it will begin to burn. When this happens, target the
    wagon and use the Gale Boomerang to extinguish the flames before the fire
    meter fills up. You'll soon reach the gate to south Hyrule Field. Dismount
    Epona and use the key you got to open it. Get back on quick and ride into the
    Bullbo-riding Bulblin archers will appear from the south, shooting burning
    arrows at you and the wagon. While you certainly don't want the wagon to catch
    on fire, the Bulblins aren't the real threat here. It is the Kargaroks flying
    overhead that you should worry about. These winged terrors will fly overhead
    and drop bombs on the wagon. The bombs will continue to knock the wagon off
    course, making progress impossible until the Kargaroks are all dealt with. The
    Bulblin riders will just keep appearing too. Fortunately, the terrain of
    southern Hyrule Field isn't as smooth as that of the Bridge of Eldin area you
    fought them in last time, so it won't be uncommon to see a Bullbo running into
    a tree or ledge and sending its riders flying forwards. Just concentrate on
    the Kargaroks and keep your Hero's Bow and Gale Boomerang ready at all times.
    Remember to pick up extra arrows from dispatched archers if you begin to run
    low on ammo. After the last Kargaroks have been shot down, the wagon will
    resume its course towards Kakariko Village.
    Another Bulblin riding party and bomb-dropping Kargarok will catch up to you
    as you try to cross Kakariko Gorge. Do the same here as you did in south
    Hyrule Field. The Kargarok is your first priority, but don't ignore the
    archers if they start to gang up on the wagon and set it ablaze. When the last
    enemy has been dealt with, ride towards the village gate and use the key to
    open it. Finally, you'll reach Kakariko Village.
    From within the Elde Inn, Link and Colin stand outside of Ralis's bedroom.
    Renado emerges and tells them that he will be fine as long as he rests.
    Unfortunately, Ralis doesn't yet know about what happened to his mother. Ilia
    and Luda stay by his side while Link and Colin go out to talk to Telma and
    Renado. Ilia's loss of memory is upsetting to Colin, but Renado assures him
    that in time she will regain it. Meanwhile, he tells him that it would be best
    for him to stay here with her. Telma then follows Renado to the village
    sanctuary, leaving Link alone again.
    The spirit of Rutela will appear suddenly in front of the Elde Inn. It appears
    that she wants you to follow her. When you approach her, Rutela will drift
    silently through the air towards the sanctuary, and then the Graveyard. Head
    to the back of the Graveyard and watch as the late Zora queen floats into a
    strange stone marked with Zora symbols. The stone disappears, revealing a
    tunnel. Crawl through it to discover a hidden grotto. This is the grave of the
    Zora king that perished alongside Rutela. Swim over to the other side of the
    watery cave and listen to Rutela's words. She is deeply grateful for the aid
    you gave Ralis, and rewards you with a garment that her husband left behind in
    his grave. The grave slides back and reveals a hidden compartment. Inside is
    the ZORA ARMOR. While wearing this armor, you will be able to dive underwater
    and swim without worrying about coming up for air. It has an unfortunate side
    effect of making you more vulnerable to ice and fire attacks, so don't wear it
    when facing enemies of that element.
    Midna will remind you that even though you just saved the Zora prince, it will
    all be in vain if you don't get the last Fused Shadow and stop Zant. The Zora
    Armor will allow you to reach the temple at the bottom of Lake Hylia, where
    the Fused Shadow lies. Before you go there though, head back to Kakariko
    Village and visit Barnes Bomb Shop. If you've been keeping up on your mail
    reading, you should know that Barnes has announced a new type of bomb at his
    shop. Now he's selling WATER BOMBS, which are designed to work underwater. If
    you don't have a second bomb bag, sell your regular Bombs back to Barnes and
    then fill up on the Water Bombs. Note that you can only hold half as many
    Water Bombs as regular Bombs. Now return to the Zora gravesite and use the
    Zora Armor to dive underwater. If you wish, you can try out your new
    explosives on the boulder resting at the bottom of the grotto for a red rupee.
    Another set of boulders lying at the north end of the pool will expose a
    hidden passage when bombed. This convenient waterway will take you directly
    back to Lake Hylia. With no more detours to distract you, it's time to go
    after that last Fused Shadow.
    Chapter 7: Go With the Flow.
    The hidden temple that lies at the bottom of Lake Hylia will be marked on your
    map. Make sure you have the Zora Armor on and dive into the lake's depths to
    reach the temple basin. At the bottom, you'll meet a few Zoras patrolling the
    entrance. They won't object to you entering the temple, and the one floating
    by the south end will even sell you Water Bombs for 90 rupees. As long as you
    already have a filled bomb bag and aren't reckless with your supply, you
    probably won't need to get them. Still, he's there for your convenience. Now
    notice the bubble jets spewing out of the lakebed. These will carry you up and
    away if you get too close, unless you have the Iron Boots on. There's one at
    the north end of the temple entrance that is plugged by bomb-able rocks. Set a
    Water Bomb on it to get the flow of bubbles going again. The jet goes straight
    up to the Lakebed Temple entrance, which is also blocked by a boulder. Since
    you can only use Water Bombs while walking with the Iron Boots, the only way
    to unblock this entrance is to set a bomb on the bubble vent. The jet will
    push it up to the boulder in front of the entrance. When the bomb blows, swim
    up to the exposed entrance.
    The Lakebed Temple was once known as the Zora Temple back when the tribe
    inhabited it. It was overrun by a wide assortment of watery creatures, so the
    Zoras were forced to seal off the entrance. To you, this temple is a new
    dungeon with new enemies, a new boss and mini-boss and a brand new item that
    will open up a superfluity of exploring opportunities.
    Swim along the submerged tunnel until you emerge into a grotto filled with
    coral. There are a few new foes to tackle in here. Scooting along the bottom
    of the grotto is a SHELL BLADE. Put your Iron Boots on and sink to the bottom
    to confront this bivalve. The hard shell of a Shell Blade protects it from
    most sword attacks, but you can strike its insides if you attack with a spin
    attack or horizontal slice. You can also try to toss a Water Bomb into its maw
    for pleasing results. Further up the tunnel, you'll see a few floating BARI.
    These jellyfish are protected by an electrical field, so nothing you have
    right now can defeat one. Swim around them and head upwards towards the end of
    the tunnel.
    When you surface, you'll be in the Lakebed Temple's entryway. This cavern is
    the home of a few CHUS. Chus are jellylike globs that ooze and leap along the
    ground. They come in five different colors: purple, yellow, red, blue and
    gold. When a Chu is defeated, it will leave behind a sample of its jelly. It
    pays to have an empty Bottle on hand and scoop up the valuable jelly before it
    evaporates away. Each type of jelly has a different property, and depends on
    the color of the Chu that left it. Keep an eye out for the ultra rare golden
    Chus that leave behind the miraculous Rare Chu Jelly, but watch out for the
    Purple Chu Jelly, which can restore one heart, restore all hearts, take away a
    heart, or leave you with just a sliver of health remaining. When fighting
    Chus, try to defeat them before they get too close to one another. Otherwise,
    they'll merge and turn into purple Chus, which have less valuable jelly. Also,
    as more Chus merge together, they'll make a bigger entity that has to be split
    apart with attacks before it can be defeated for good. In this cavern, you'll
    see a few red Chus near the back of the cavern. Slice them up and harvest
    their jelly before they coalesce with the purple ones. You can also find two
    small chests around the room. One has a set of twenty arrows inside while the
    other has ten Water Bombs. The door at the north end is sealed, but run up the
    steps to it anyway. In front of it, you'll see a lever hanging down from the
    ceiling. Leap out from the balcony to reach it. When the lever is pulled down,
    the door will unseal, allowing you to go through.
    When you walk forward in the next cavern, a stalactite will fall from the
    ceiling. Midna advises you to shoot the rest of them down to avoid any
    accidents. This will actually help you reach the far door. Use bomb arrows to
    take down all four hanging stalactites. There are some Tektites and HELMASAURS
    wandering around the cavern floor. Helmasaurs look like small rhinoceroses
    with an armored steel shell covering their front. If they see you, they'll
    charge at you. Luckily, they can't turn very well while running and are easy
    to dodge. To attack them, maneuver around to their backsides and slash away
    (the back slice is great here). When one is killed, its shell will be left
    behind and can be picked up and thrown at other things. Climb the stalactites
    you shot down to get to the back of the cavern. You can climb up to the
    northwest corner to find a chest with ten Bombs inside. Also, you can exit by
    going through the north door.
    The door takes you to a large chamber with water swirling around beneath it.
    The bridges connect to the central hub, but this one is being patrolled by a
    LIZALFOS. A vicious lizard warrior wielding a sword in hand and an axe from
    its tail, the Lizalfos is a formidable foe. It will come in and start slashing
    with its sword, and then try to swing its tail around to knock you back with
    the axe. The Lizalfos also carries a small shield, but it is otherwise
    relatively unprotected. Use your superior sword skills to take it down. If all
    else fails, blast the Lizalfos with a bomb arrow. Now run along to the end of
    the bridge and enter the Lakebed Temple's hub.
    This enormous chamber has two stories and a grand staircase that connects
    them. Each floor is round, but divided into segments that are separated by low
    walls. The upper west door is locked, but you needn't worry about that yet.
    Run down the staircase to the first floor and go right. Keep running around
    the room, killing the Tektites as you go. You'll pass the lower east door and
    reach a small chest with arrows inside. Now go back until you're at the
    southern side of the chamber. Look towards the center. Up ahead, in the
    central structure, is another locked door. There's also a lever hanging in
    front of you. Jump and grab it so that the staircase rotates into position
    beneath you. Now climb back up to a new portion of the upper floor. When you
    get there, turn left and walk to the end of the passage, past a locked door.
    You can find Ooccoo inside a small pot here. Turn around and head to the east
    side of the upper chamber. There's another lever in front of the door here
    (which is open, but leads to a dead end). Pull down the lever to bring the
    staircase around. It will be going east to west again, but in a different
    direction. Climb back down to the bottom floor and go through the west door,
    but pick up the Dungeon Map to your right here.
    Cross the bridge patrolled by a Helmasaur to get to a misty chamber on the
    east side of the dungeon. There is a large cog in this room holding up a set
    of platforms, but until you get the cog rotating the platforms will stay put.
    Get your bomb arrows out again and shoot down the stalactites in the room.
    There is one right in front on your right and another further in the back, to
    the left. Now locate the tunnel that's on your right from the entrance and
    walk down to a stony path. One of the stalactites you shot down will now be
    plugging a water geyser that would've been in your way otherwise. Grab onto
    the vines on the center pillar and climb around to another ledge. Face
    southwest and jump over to a rock platform. Then, wait for the second
    stalactite that you brought down to get pushed up by the geyser beneath it.
    Use it as a platform to reach the other platform behind it. Here you'll find a
    chest with a small key inside. Now exit the room, either by running and
    climbing back the way you came, or jumping to the ground below and climbing
    out by a set of steps and a vine wall near the entrance (watch out for
    Return to the central hub chamber and climb the staircase to get to the
    eastern side of the upper floor. Turn left and run around the western side,
    just above where you came in. Use your small key to open the door and run
    across the connecting bridge to reach the upper portion of the misty cog
    This room will look very different from its lower portion. Kill the Tektite
    hopping around and go left. You can see that it's a dead end, but there's a
    small chest in the corner to inspect. It has Water Bombs inside. Now run to
    the other end of the passage. It too is a dead end, but you can use bomb
    arrows to remedy this. Aim upwards and shoot down a pair of stalactites
    hanging above you. The one closest to the inner wall can be climbed on to
    reach a patch of vines that is too high to reach from the floor. Climb up a
    ways and then sidestep along the vines to get on top of the low wall. From
    here, you can jump out and grab a lever on the other side that will raise the
    gate below you, giving you easy access between both segments of the passage. A
    bit further on you'll find a large boulder blocking your way, but before you
    blow it up, enter the door along the left wall.
    You'll be on top of the large cog that was above you when you were in the
    lower part of this room. Don't fall between the gaps, or else you'll have to
    backtrack a long way (or simply use Ooccoo to get in front of the door you
    most recently entered from). Anyway, go across the room and use the door on
    the opposite side. A Lizalfos will be waiting for you, so defeat it quickly.
    The next passage has dead ends both ways, but some Keese and Chus to deal
    with. Rummage the chest at the east end of the passage for a small key. Now go
    back through the center chamber and use a bomb to clear away that boulder that
    was blocking the north path. Slice your way through the attacking Helmasaurs
    and go through the western door.
    When you enter this new room, you'll be greeted by an odd little bug-like
    creature. It will taunt you and then run for the safety of a large bubble.
    This foe is called a CHU WORM. It is relatively harmless, but hard to get at
    while it is cocooned inside its water bubble. Use a bomb arrow to blow away
    the bubble, and then move in for the kill. Soon you will get a new item that
    will make defeating Chu Worms (and other enemies) much easier. There are two
    other doors in this room. The lower east door just takes you back to the dead
    end passage where you found the key, so unlock the western door and go
    You've reached the west water tower. Jump down into the pit on your right and
    immediately climb the vines to get to a ledge. Climb over the small barrier
    and start running up the spiral waterway. A few Tektites will come after you
    as you climb up, but well-timed jump attacks are a great way to get rid of
    them without having to stop. You may notice red and gold medallions on the
    walls too, but these won't come into play until later. At the top of the
    tower, open the small chest to get ten regular Bombs. Now turn left and climb
    either of the two ladders along the sides of the stone archway. From the top,
    leap out and grab a lever. A gate above you will open, letting water into the
    room. The water will begin flowing down the tower's waterway and fill up the
    basin at the bottom. You can't get that chest on the ledge up ahead, so turn
    around and enjoy the fun ride to the bottom of the tower. The water will
    remain trapped at the bottom of the tower unless you open the floodgate next
    to the door you had to unlock. Swim out to the center structure and jump from
    there to a hanging lever. The floodgate will open and water will start flowing
    throughout most of the Lakebed Temple.
    Climb out of the water and return to the small room where you had to fight the
    Chu Worm. Follow the water path to the right-hand doorway. The passage here
    won't be a dead end anymore because the flow of water will get the waterwheel
    turning again. Just slip underneath it as it turns. Unfortunately, the passage
    beyond it will still be a dead end, and there's nothing you can do about it.
    You can however tackle some Chus for jelly and smash the pots to uncover a
    Fairy. Return to the previous chamber and cut through the center of the room
    to get to the eastern passage. You'll notice that the large cog below you will
    be rotating as a result of the water flow. The platforms that hung from it
    will be moving with it, so you can reach new doorways when you return to the
    bottom floor. Do that by going back to the central hub chamber first.
    The water will spill into the center flood pool here, raising the water level
    up enough so that you can jump down and reach a platform that surrounds the
    central structure. Be careful when you go down there though, because there's a
    shoal of SKULLFISH swimming around. These nasty skeletal fish will swarm you
    and take chunks out of your health. The easiest way to get rid of them is by
    using the Gale Boomerang from the perimeter ledge, but you can also try
    fishing them out with the Fishing Rod. Skullfish won't be recorded into your
    journal, but they will release hearts when you set them back. Anyway, there's
    a chest in a small alcove in the center structure that has a red rupee in it.
    The locked door above you is still too high to reach though, so you have to
    bring in the water from the east side of the Lakebed Temple. First though, you
    have to return to the lower cog chamber. Climb out of the flood pool by
    grabbing onto the vines along the walls, and then get to the lower western
    door (you'll have to pull on the lower south, and then upper east levers to
    get the staircase in the direction you want it to go). Cross the connecting
    bridge to reach the cog chamber.
    The three round platforms will be rotating around the room, so run out to the
    end of the ledge and jump to one of them when it passes. Let it take you to
    the northern ledge, where you can use a door. The small passage leads to
    another door. Before you go through, turn left. Slice and dice the Chus and
    open the chest at the end to get a small key. Now check out the northern door.
    It isn't locked, but there's a set of gates behind it that will prevent you
    from going too far into the room. Return to the cog chamber.
    Hop on one of the round platforms and let it take you to the western doorway
    this time. This leads to another part of the small passage you were just in.
    Use your key to open the locked door ahead, but avoid the nearby Helmasaur.
    When you go through the door, put on your Iron Boots and start clunking across
    the submerged tunnel. Give the Bari plenty of room so that they don't
    electrocute you. You'll pass two bubble jets coming out of the side walls.
    With your Iron Boots, you can walk directly into the jets and find chests in
    each alcove. One has a red rupee, while the other has five Bombs. Keep walking
    or swimming through the passage until you reach a boulder. Lob a Water Bomb at
    it to expose an opening in the wall. Head through and kill the Shell Blade.
    Now continue to the end of the passage and come up through an opening.
    You'll emerge in the chamber you couldn't get to before from the other side.
    The room is filled with shallow water, but nothing too menacing appears at
    first. When you climb out of the tunnel though, its entrance will seal off and
    a pair of TOADOS will show up. Kill them quickly before they nip at you. The
    Toados will keep falling from the ceiling. Midna is uneasy about them, and
    will tell you to look up to see where they're coming from. Gripped to the
    ceiling is a giant DEKU TOAD, releasing Toado spawn from its back. The
    disgusting creature will then let go and land in front of you with a sickly
    splash. The beast will belch loudly and then shake off a mass of Toados from
    its back. The Deku Toad guards the dungeon's new item. Start out by killing
    the advancing swarm of Toados. In the meantime, the Deku Toad will simply
    shuffle around, minding its own business. The mini-boss's slimy skin will
    protect it from any sword attacks, so concentrate on its spawn. After every
    last Toado has been vanquished, the Deku Toad will belch again and then leap
    back into the air for a devastating belly flop. The creature's enormous shadow
    will appear around you, so duck and roll out of the way before you get
    crushed. When it lands, the dazed Deku Toad just sit there with its tongue
    flopping out. Run in and perform a sword combo to damage it. After the Deku
    Toad collects itself again, it will push out another wave of Toados. The
    Toados often release hearts when killed, in case you're low on health. After
    killing them all, the Deku Toad will leap up into the air again and try to
    land on you. Avoid it again and attack its tongue when it lands. There's an
    even easier way to defeat the Deku Toad, but you'll have to spend bomb arrows.
    After you damage the toad's tongue, it will belch to let out its spawn. If you
    fire a bomb arrow into its mouth when it does this, the Toados won't appear
    and the Deku Toad will be dazed again. Whichever method you use, repeat the
    process a third time and the Deku Toad will croak.
    The utterly repulsive Deku Toad will writhe in pain, and then spit up a ball
    of unpleasant slime. The slime falls away and reveals a chest, as the Deku
    Toad bursts into darkness. Open the chest to get the CLAWSHOT. The Clawshot is
    a long chain with a claw attached to the end of it. You can use it to pull
    small objects like pickups in towards you, or latch onto other objects and
    pull yourself up to them. You can even hang suspended by the chain while
    attached to something and move up and down along it. To open the gates that
    barred you from entering through the south door, fire the Clawshot at the
    medallion hanging from the ceiling. Your weight will pull the medallion down
    and activate a lever, opening the gates. You can exit the room now and go back
    to the tunnels that connect to the western cog chamber. Are the two Helmasaurs
    giving you trouble? Use the Clawshot to rip off their metal shells, leaving
    them completely vulnerable (but still capable of attacking). Go across to get
    to the cog chamber.
    To cross this room quickly, turn left immediately and use the Clawshot to pull
    yourself up to a small ledge with pots, just below the vines. Now pull
    yourself to the east exit by shooting the medallion above the ledge. When you
    reenter the connecting bridge, you can have more Clawshot fun by pulling
    yourself to the walls outside of the bridge and dropping into the vast water
    reservoir. There's nothing of real value down here; just some Bari, Shell
    Blades and a swift current. On another note, you can now defeat a Bari by
    using the Clawshot to rip out its brain. This is just as fun as it sounds, but
    don't use the Clawshot while the Bari is emitting its electrical field or else
    the shock will travel through the chain and hit you. The Clawshot can also
    stun Shell Blades and leave their innards exposed for sword attacks. After
    you've finished exploring, return to the east side of the reservoir and climb
    up onto the rock platforms. From there, claw back up to the bridge by shooting
    the vines above it and dropping down.
    Ok, now that you have water flowing into the central hub from one half of the
    dungeon, it's time to get the water flowing through the eastern half. Climb up
    to the second floor of the room and go back around to the west side. From the
    balcony in front of the door, use the Clawshot to pull down a medallion in
    front of you, where the levers would normally be. The staircase will rotate so
    that it still points east to west, but lead down to the lower east door. Water
    will begin flowing down the stairs and into the east channel, which will make
    the waterwheel that blocked you earlier to start moving. Before going through
    though, you can get two things. The first thing is a Piece of Heart. Aim the
    Clawshot at the medallions on the chandelier hanging over the staircase and
    lower yourself onto it. You can open the chest here to get the heart piece.
    The second thing to get is a red rupee, which is all the way back at the top
    of the western water tower. For those willing to go get it, you can use the
    Clawshot to ascend the tower easily against the flowing current, though you
    still have to wear the Iron Boots in between. When you get to the top, fire
    the Clawshot at the medallion on the far wall through the waterfall and get
    the chest. Now return to the central hub and use the lower east door.
    The bridge takes you to the eastern cog chamber. Like its western counterpart,
    it has a lower section and an upper section that is further divided into a
    center chamber and the perimeter passages. Jump out to the first round
    platform, kill any Keese nearby, and then shoot the Clawshot medallion
    underneath the large cog above you. From there, lower yourself to a stone
    platform. The chest on it has some Water Bombs. Now aim north and claw
    yourself to a rocky pillar covered in vines. Climb sideways to a ledge drop
    off. Turn east, and then do the same on a viney pillar just ahead. From this
    ledge, you can reach the northeastern door by clawing onto the vines on the
    wall, and then climbing towards the ledge.
    You'll find yourself in one of the surrounding passages. The west end has a
    waterwheel, so you can't pass until you get water flowing through the chamber.
    There's also a Chu Worm hanging around. You can pull it out of its bubble with
    the Clawshot and then kill it before it makes its retreat back to safety. Go
    to the east end of the passage and prepare your bomb arrows. Shoot down the
    stalactite, which will then fall on top of one of the geysers. When the water
    recedes, climb onto the stalactite and wait for the geyser to erupt again.
    When it does, jump over to the ledge and drop down to the next passage. Watch
    out for the Tektites and claw yourself up to the exit door.
    You've reached the base of the eastern water tower. Before continuing, kill
    the two Chu Worms here. There is no door to the tower itself; just the closed
    floodgate. That doesn't do you any good to get through, but you can get by
    using the Clawshot. Pull yourself up to the vines to the left of the flood
    gate and then drop down on the other side.
    The pool at the bottom of this tower has Skullfish in it, so avoid going in.
    Use the Clawshot instead to get to the vines on your right. They'll let you
    reach the waterway that spirals up the tower. It is designed almost
    identically to the western water tower, but there are large pieces of it
    missing. You'll need to call upon the Clawshot to pull yourself across, by
    shooting the medallions on the wall. As you cross the first gap, watch out for
    the powerful water geyser that will knock you down if you get hit. Also,
    rather than Tektites along the way, there'll be Helmasaurs. Disarming them
    with the Clawshot is fun, but getting them to charge straight off a ledge is
    even better. When you get to the top, you'll find a chest with Bombs inside,
    and a stone archway similar to the one in the west tower. Climb up it and jump
    to the lever. Like before, the lever will open up a floodgate and let water
    flow into the tower. Before going back down, shoot the medallion on the east
    wall to reach a chest with the long-awaited Compass inside. Now go back down
    to the base of the tower. Once there, swim out to the center structure and
    leap from it to another lever. This will open the floodgate down here, which
    will let water run through the rest of the Lakebed Temple. Return to the area
    where there were two Chu Worms earlier. Use the left-hand door.
    In this passage, jump into the water and prepare to battle a Shell Blade and
    some Bari. Put the Iron Boots on and stomp over to the end of the sunken
    corridor, where you'll find a chest in the corner. It has a red rupee. Now
    climb out of the water on the other side and duck beneath the waterwheel as it
    turns to get to the next passage. The end of it is barred, but there's a door
    on your right.
    Go through the door to find the upper side of the cog chamber. Both cogs are
    spinning, which will make the platforms below you revolve around the chamber.
    For now, head to the opposite side of this room. Two Lizalfos wearing skull
    masks will attack you. Don't be afraid of them; the masks these warriors wear
    are purely decorative and they are no different from regular Lizalfos. First
    make your way over to the southwest door. The passage it leads to has a chest
    on your left with a red rupee inside, but seems like a dead end otherwise.
    Pull out the Clawshot again and look up towards the west end. There's a lever
    here that you can pull down with the Clawshot, and doing so will raise the
    gate and let you out. But you're not done yet, so go back to the cog chamber.
    Now make your way over to the northeast door, using the Clawshot to hook onto
    the vines. This chamber has already been explored, but you can continue left
    and run beneath the waterwheel to reach a chest full of Water Bombs. Now go
    back to the spinning cogs again. From the northeastern ledge, claw yourself
    onto the pillar of rock with vines and drop down onto the ledge. Now shoot the
    medallion on the northwestern wall to reach another ledge. There's a small
    chest here that has another red rupee. After you get it, look down towards the
    smaller rock platform below you. There's a patch of vines that you can pull
    yourself down to. Now climb to the side and drop onto a small ledge. From
    here, you can see the western spinning cog. There are two platforms hanging
    from it, but one medallion that you can shoot with the Clawshot. When the
    medallion comes around, aim and shoot. Let the cog carry you around in a
    circle until you pass over the small rock platform on the east side of the
    cog's support pole. Don't worry about the Keese until you're on this platform.
    You can now attach yourself to a medallion underneath the other spinning cog,
    and let it carry you to the doorway on the east side of the chamber.
    You should end up in a cavernous grotto at the very east end of the Lakebed
    Temple's first floor. Take a dive into the water and go all the way to the
    bottom. Underneath a rock shelf near the north end of the deep pool is an
    opening that leads into another pool. Kill the Shell Blade and Bari, turn
    right and then swim towards the other end of this pool. Now go up towards the
    surface, but stop when you see a boulder on the wall that can be bombed. You
    needn't waste Water Bombs to get it out of the way though, because there's a
    colony of BOMBFISH in front of it. These guys look like Water Bombs and are
    like the Bomblings of the underwater world. In some places, Bombfish can be
    fished with the Fishing Rod. Like the Skullfish, they won't be added to your
    journal, but they will be placed in your bomb bag as Water Bombs. To use one
    here, pull it in with the Clawshot and then set it by the boulder before it
    explodes. Now swim through the exposed opening and sink down to the bottom of
    this next area. Head south again and use an explosive to get rid of another
    boulder. A Shell Blade will greet you on the other side. Kill or ignore it,
    and then head for the surface. After climbing out onto a ledge, use the door
    next to you.
    The small chamber south of the grotto has a Chu Worm inside, so dispose of it.
    Now aim the Clawshot up towards the ceiling and shoot the medallion hanging
    from it. It is part of a lever that will open up a hole in the floor, directly
    beneath you. Carefully lower yourself down to the bottom chamber. The ledge
    here can only be reached from the room above you. The large chest sitting on
    it has the dungeon's Big Key. Now put on your Iron Boots so that you can dive
    in the water and properly deal with the Skullfish milling around. Afterwards,
    find the door.
    Swim through the Bari-infested waters until you get back to the grotto. In the
    first chamber, you can head to the surface if you want a chest with Water
    Bombs, but otherwise use the second opening to the next passage. Now head
    north and climb out of the water. Follow the ledge back to the exit door. When
    you return to the cog chamber, make your way over to the west side and take
    the connecting bridge back to the hub chamber. Water will fill up the flood
    pool underneath the staircase until it is level with the ledge on the center
    structure that has a locked door on it. You can jump in and use the Big Key to
    confront the boss now, but there's one more chest you still have to get in the
    western cog chamber. Head that way by using the Clawshot to pass over the low
    walls of the hub chamber's lower level. When you get to the lower western
    door, you'll see that the water canal in front of it is dry. Pull the lever in
    front of the door to rotate the staircase, allowing water to flow down it and
    through the canal. Now follow the water's path to the western cog chamber.
    The water you just let into this room will fill up the basin and raise a
    floating bridge on the south side. Swim over to it and go across to get to the
    south ledge, which you didn't have a chance to explore earlier. Just watch out
    for the Tektites, which are capable of leaping across the surface of the
    water. The passage has a set of gates blocking off whatever is on the other
    side, but there's a switch on the floor that will open them. However, the
    gates will only remain open if the switch is continuously pressed down. As
    soon as you step off, the gates will close again. To solve this dilemma, stand
    on the switch and bring out your Clawshot. Through the open gates you should
    be able to see a medallion on the back wall. Shoot it with your Clawshot to
    pull yourself in. You'll make it through before the gates can close on you.
    Now open the chest here to get a Piece of Heart! Watch out for the mean and
    nasty Lizalfos back there too. To get back out, shoot the medallion on the
    ceiling, above the other side of the gate.
    Head back to the central hub chamber and find a spot to dive into the flood
    chamber. Before you attract too much attention from the Skullfish, climb onto
    the center platform and open the boss's door. Don't drop into the hole in the
    center of this small room without smashing up the pots and uncovering a Fairy.
    Now put the Iron Boots on and take the plunge.
    The lair of the Lakebed Temple's boss is a colossal subterranean chamber
    deeper than the rest of the dungeon itself, and almost as wide. Even with the
    Iron Boots equipped, it will take several seconds to reach the sandy bottom.
    Despite its vastness, the chamber seems empty save for the electric blue
    tentacle protruding from the sand. When you touch the bottom, and eyeball will
    slide up through the translucent tentacle, and then back down. Then, more
    tentacles appear, until finally the sand shifts to expose the enormous, tooth-
    filled maw of TWILIT AQUATIC MORPHEEL. As soon as you can, remove your Iron
    Boots and swim away from the deathtrap that is Morpheel's many tentacles and
    teeth. Now put them on again to secure yourself to the ground. The Morpheel's
    only weak spot is the single yellow eye coursing through its many tentacles.
    It is too dangerous to approach the eye as is and attack it, because the
    Morpheel will simply coop you up and bring you into its mouth. After chewing
    on you for a bit, it will spit you out with one heart less. So instead, stay
    at a reasonable distance and prepare the Clawshot. When the eyeball comes into
    view, target it and fire your weapon. If you are successful, the Clawshot will
    grab the eyeball and yank it straight out. It will then be brought to your
    side, vulnerable to your sword slices. Attack it quickly before it bounces
    back to its owner. Round two will begin. This time around, the Morpheel will
    release a bunch of Bombfish. They aren't for you to use against the Morpheel;
    in fact their only purpose is to get in your way when you try to use the
    Clawshot on the Morpheel's eyeball. They will become volatile when you reel
    them in, so quickly toss them aside and try again. When you do grab the
    eyeball, pull it in and attack it again. Do this once more to complete the
    first phase of the battle.
    Slowly, Morpheel's tentacles will retract into the sand, followed by its
    mouth. Then, the ground begins to rumble ominously. The Twilit Aquatic
    Morpheel erupts from the chamber floor, body and all. The serpentine leviathan
    swims around the arena, and the second phase of this boss battle begins. Your
    Iron Boots will be all but useless now, so put them away. As the Morpheel
    cruises around the room nonstop, paddle towards it and keep your Clawshot
    ready. When you get close enough, you'll be able to lock on to Morpheel's eye,
    which is now planted on top of its fishy skull. Although you may not be able
    to reach the eye with the Clawshot at first, you'll still be able to swim
    alongside the Morpheel with ease as long as you stay locked on to it. When you
    get close enough, fire the Clawshot. If it connects with the boss's eyeball,
    you'll be pulled in on top of its head. Stay latched to the Morpheel and start
    cutting away at it until you get shaken off. Now start swimming again so that
    you can repeat this procedure. The Morpheel won't actively attack you much of
    the time, preferring instead to slam through the pillars and hoping that the
    pieces will fall on you. Occasionally, it will veer towards you with its mouth
    wide open, so swim away to avoid getting eaten. Once you have attacked the
    creature's eye three times, it will be finished.
    The Morpheel will blindly swim around the chamber, roaring in pain. It will
    then slam into one of the walls before slowly sinking to the bottom. A hole
    will appear where the Morpheel's head hit, through which the water in the
    chamber drains out of. Then, the Morpheel's eyeball bursts and releases a
    Heart Container while the remainder of the boss itself dissolves and forms the
    last FUSED SHADOW. Midna appears and collects it, telling you that however
    dangerous your journey has been so far, it was necessary to find all three
    Fused Shadows. Now she has the power to defeat Zant, the Twilit King whose
    power is a false one. Midna uses her own abilities to create a portal back to
    Lanayru Spring. Take the Heart Container and leave.
    Chapter 8: The Usurper King's Curse.
    Link materializes in front of Lanayru Spring. He turns to leave, but stops
    when he sees an imposing figure clad in dark robes and armor. Zant is here!
    Lanayru thunders out of the water with a ball of shimmering light in its jaws.
    The spirit prepares to strike down the wicked Twilight King, but Zant counters
    by unleashing a destructive blast of magic. Link is knocked backwards and
    Lanayru falls back into the spring. Zant then smothers the light of the spirit
    and the cavern is cast into the shadow of twilight once more. Suddenly, Midna
    appears. Effortlessly, Zant suspends her in midair and strips her of the Fused
    Shadows. He calls Midna a traitor, who responds by saying that he does nothing
    but abuse the magic of his ancient tribe. To this, Zant laughs and tells her
    that his powers are derived from a god, not the ancient magic that Midna
    speaks of. He prepares a ball of crimson energy to strike Midna, but Link, in
    his wolf form, intervenes. He absorbs the blast and is knocked backwards.
    Midna watches as a shard of dark magic sinks into Link's head. Then, Zant
    speaks to Midna once more. He reminds her that Link is one of the light
    dwellers who oppressed their people. Midna will never be anything more than a
    shadow in his world, but if Zant can take over the land, the darkness will
    blot out the harsh light and their people will be at home again. Zant raises
    his mouthpiece and whispers into Midna's ear through sinister fangs. He still
    needs her and her powers, but for now he will return her and Link to the world
    of light they so covet. Using his telekinetic powers, Zant brings Midna to the
    front of the spring and forces Lanayru to rise up from the water again. The
    sprit lets out a blast of light energy, and Midna takes the full force of it.
    Zant turns, but finds that Link is gone too. Then, in the outskirts of Hyrule
    Castle, Link and Midna reappear, safe from Zant's wrath. Link realizes that he
    is still in wolf form, even though they are back in the world of light. Then
    he sees Midna lying across his back, ashen and breathing heavily. The voice of
    the spirit Lanayru is heard, telling Link to seek out Princess Zelda. She
    holds the key that will unlock Link from his beastly form, and the power to
    save Midna.
    It is urgent that you reach Princess Zelda, so sprint across north Hyrule
    Field. Stalhounds and Bulblins will try to come after you, but just ignore
    them and head south towards Castle Town. When you get there, run through the
    streets towards the central square. The people of Hyrule will scream and run
    when they see your beastly form, but don't worry about that. The north road
    that leads up to the castle is being guarded by a pair of soldiers, so you
    can't go that way. Instead, seek help from the cats scampering around the
    central square. One will mention Louise, Telma's cat. Head south towards the
    direction of the bar.
    The door to Telma's Bar will be open, but you'll get kicked out as soon as you
    try to enter. Run back to the alley, where you'll meet Louise. She'll hop down
    from an open window and confirm your identity as Link with a sniff. She then
    spots Midna, lying half-dead on your back. Midna wheezes and says the
    princess's name. Louise tells you that the bar's attic is connected to an old
    castle waterway. You can go in through the window and sneak by. To reach the
    window, push the large crate along the back wall towards the bar. When it is
    right up against the other stacked crates, climb onto them and enter through
    the window.
    You will be on a ledge, overlooking the rest of the bar. Don't fall or make
    any noise (by smashing pots), or else the patrons will see you and kick you
    out. Instead, go left and crawl across the rope stretched between this ledge
    and the next. Turn and crawl across another rope, and then creep along the
    side ledge. Finally, use the last rope to get to the back corner. While
    crossing, you can overhear the conversation being held amongst the men and
    women sitting around the table below. When you make it by, climb up to the
    back window and go through.
    This passage connects to another home. You will come out in a room filled with
    gold coins and jewels, but flooded due to the rain. A floating lantern will
    drift around the room, while a golden statue of a man with a cat on his head
    sits on his throne. Go over to the statue to find that you can speak to him.
    He tells you to get rid of the ghost haunting his room. He must be referring
    to the lantern. You may have seen similar lanterns in certain places around
    Hyrule, but now you can turn on your beast senses to reveal their true nature.
    The lanterns are in fact being held by spectral fiends called IMP POES. With
    your senses on, target the one in the room and pounce. The Imp Poe swings a
    large scythe from one hand while it holds its lantern from the other. After
    you attack twice, the Poe will fall to the ground. At this time, the glowing
    soul of the ghoul will be vulnerable, so quickly press the A Button to leap
    onto your foe and rip it out of its chest. If you don't do this in time, the
    Imp Poe will recover and begin fighting again. After you get rid of the Poe,
    speak to the golden statue again. He is actually a man named Jovani. Long ago,
    he sold his soul to a dark creature in order to gain his tremendous wealth,
    but instead found himself, and his cat Gengle, turned into a solid statue of
    gold! He needs your help to break the curse. By bringing him twenty Poe Souls,
    his curse will be lifted. You'll get a Poe Soul from each of the sixty Poes in
    the game that you defeat. When you have enough to help Jovani, you can reenter
    his room by digging through the ground in front of his house (which is along
    Castle Town's southern road, parallel to Telma's alley). He will help you now
    by opening a large treasure chest in the center of the room, which is in fact
    a passage to the waterway Louise told you about. Go through it.
    After sliding down a water drain, you'll land in a sewer chamber. The place is
    crawling with Rats, so stay on the ledges to fight them. Now go to the north
    side of the chamber and pull the lever down. The gate next to you will come
    up, so you can go through. The water will carry you to another large chamber.
    Climb out of the water and rush up the steps to fight a pair of Skulltulas.
    One has a web blocking the next passage, so you need fire to burn it down.
    Grab a stick lying on the ground and bring it to one of the torches along the
    walls. After it is lit, carry it to the web and burn it down.
    Run through the passageway and immediately light the torch in the corner once
    you emerge in the next chamber. Your stick will go out if you don't hurry, but
    by lighting the torch you'll have access to fire here. You need it again to
    burn down a web on the left side of the chamber. First though, take care of
    the Keese and then light up the other two torches for an even more convenient
    fire source. Now climb the stone steps with a burning stick in your mouth and
    get rid of the second web. You won't need fire in the next chamber, so discard
    your stick and prepare to fight a few more Keese and some Bulblins. Run
    northwest until you get to the base of a tower. You may notice a shallow
    depression in the middle of the floor. Dig through the soft ground to reach
    the next area.
    You'll land in a cave. Run down the passage ahead and turn left to reach a
    flooded tower. If this area looks familiar to you, it's because these tunnels
    are the sewers you explored when you first met Midna. Take out the Rats and
    the Bulblin, then start climbing up the stairs. Midna can't help you get
    across the gaps this time, but there are ropes to creep across. Watch out for
    the Bulblin archers as you climb higher and higher. At the top, get rid of the
    final few enemies and walk out the open door to the castle's rooftops.
    Bulblins are everywhere now, but the path to the princess's tower is the same.
    Go to the end and turn left, and then use the crate to reach a ledge. When you
    get to the passage patrolled by Kargaroks, a fierce wind will be blowing on
    and off across the rooftops. Turn right and continue until you get to a gap.
    The bridge across is broken, but the wind that blows around will push it up
    for a few seconds. You can jump and cross the bridge before the wind dies down
    again. Now turn to the right and leap down to the tiled roof below. Follow the
    familiar path to Zelda's tower, killing a Kargarok on the way. When you reach
    the tower, climb up the steps and enter through the open window. Lastly, climb
    up the staircase to Zelda's chamber.
    Link enters and deposits Midna carefully on the floor. Princess Zelda, still
    wearing her dark cloak, approaches and examines her feeble form. Midna insists
    that Zelda tells Link how to break the curse that has been placed on him
    instead. He is the one Zelda needs to help save the world from evil. Zelda
    runs a hand in front of Link and the Triforce symbol on her hand glows
    brightly. However, the princess cannot help him. The magic that has
    transformed him is not what turned him into a wolf the first time. To break
    Zant's wicked spell, Link must travel to a sacred grove deep within the forest
    guarded by the spirit Faron. Here he will find the Master Sword, a blade that
    evil cannot touch. With it, the darkness that cloaks Link like a veil will be
    cut. Midna then speaks from the floor. Her final request is that Zelda tells
    Link where he can find an item known as the Mirror of Twilight. Zelda stares
    fixedly at her, and then tells her that she has begun to understand just who
    Midna really is. She says that despite the darkness Zelda brought upon the
    land, it was Midna that suffered, and Midna who unselfishly acted in their
    stead. The princess then offers her final gift to Midna. She begins to glow,
    and Midna realizes that Zelda is transferring her life force to her. She tries
    to get Link to stop her, but it is too late. Zelda's body fades away, and
    Midna is restored to full health. After a few moments pass in silence, she
    turns to Link and tells him that they must go to Faron Woods straight away.
    Together, they warp from the castle and appear in Hyrule Field. Then, when
    they begin to leave, a prism of golden energy appears and encases the entire
    castle. This must be more of Zant's evil work! Midna grimaces, but then turns
    and leaves with Link.
    You must now reach Faron Woods so that you can find the Master Sword, the
    legendary blade of evil's bane. The benefit of still being a wolf is that you
    can get from place to place by warping with Midna, even outside the twilight
    realm. Speak to Midna and select North Faron Woods as your designation.
    Head north towards the Forest Temple. Before you reach the narrow path that
    leads to the temple's entrance, your friend monkey will leap down to meet you
    from the cliff on your right. She is being pursued by a gang of PUPPETS, who
    will then turn their sights on you when they spot you. These spindly
    marionettes are easy to destroy and not very dangerous. After they're taken
    care of, the monkey will tell you how she ended up getting chased by them. She
    discovered a lovely forest grove on the other side of the cliff, but was
    chased out by the Puppets when she tried to go in deeper. This grove must be
    the place Zelda told you about. Head towards the cliff that the monkey emerged
    from. From a small outcrop, Midna will be able to help you leap to another
    section of the cliff. After a few successive leaps, you'll land on a platform
    next to the Forest Temple trail. Keep leaping until you reach a hidden tunnel
    on the other side of the cliff.
    Some Keese will attack you inside the tunnel entrance. On the other side,
    you'll find a large ravine that can only be crossed by bridge. The two bridges
    are controlled by the wind that blows through this ravine. When they point in
    your direction, jump over and get on the second bridge. Now wait for it to
    rotate so that you can get to the west ledge. A set of ropes connects it to
    the area up ahead, but be careful when crossing. The swinging logs will knock
    you off if you don't go at the right time. On the other side, you'll find a
    howling stone. Take the opportunity to activate it (the white wolf will show
    up somewhere south of Castle Town), and then continue down the path.
    Enter the Sacred Grove, an ancient forest that has preserved the secrets of
    past generations for ages. The initial clearing doesn't seem to lead anywhere,
    but there's another howling stone nearby that you can activate. This stone is
    different from the others because it has a Triforce symbol hewn into it. Howl
    its tune to activate it. It won't be the white wolf who appears this time, but
    a funny little sprite known as the SKULL KID. This little guy is the guardian
    of the Sacred Grove. He'll giggle and blow into his horn, sending dry leaves
    into the air. Four Puppets will then show up from the forest canopy and
    advance on you, as the Skull Kid runs away into a newly-created path. Skull
    Kid wants to play hide-and-seek with you, but you'll have to deal with his
    wooden minions along the way.
    Run down the forest trail into the next clearing. Skull Kid is nowhere to be
    seen, so stick to the right wall and head down another path to a third
    clearing. Your quarry will perpetually summon Puppets to attack you, but they
    are so easy to destroy that they will be nothing more than a minor annoyance.
    In the third clearing, you'll hear Skull Kid blowing his horn, so he must be
    hiding around here somewhere. You'll find him on the ledge in the back. Plow
    through any Puppets in the area and then tackle Skull Kid. He'll giggle, and
    then teleport away. Follow him back to the second clearing. Access to the
    Sacred Grove's entrance is now cut off, but there's a new tunnel on the other
    side of the small pond. Go to the next clearing, ignore it, and head to the
    right down yet another path. Skull Kid will be hiding somewhere in this next
    clearing. To find him, jump into the water, swim through the waterfall and
    then climb up to a hidden ledge. After beating him down again, he'll dash away
    down the previous path. Chase after him. Stick to the main trail and keep
    passing through clearings until you reach one with a large stone brick wall
    ahead. Skull Kid will be dancing on a branch up above you, out of reach. To
    get him, go down the tunnel to the right of the stone wall. It'll take you to
    one of the other clearings. Dash to the back and climb up the wooden steps to
    a log bridge that goes back around to the previous clearing. Head across to
    find Skull Kid for the third time. Once again, he'll flee and make a path
    through the stone wall. This little bugger won't give up! Fortunately, his
    game is just about at an end. After following him through, you'll emerge
    inside an ancient ruin. Leap down to the courtyard, where Skull Kid is
    Skull Kid is a little frustrated that you managed to beat him at his own game,
    so he blows into his horn again and summons a fresh wave of Puppets. If you
    try to attack him now, he'll just teleport away in a flurry of leaves before
    you can hit him. He's vulnerable only when he blows his horn to call forth
    Puppets. This means that you have to get rid of the existing ones before Skull
    Kid tries to summon more. Once there are no more Puppets left, look for Skull
    Kid. As he blows into his horn, dash up to him and pounce. Whenever Skull Kid
    takes a hit, any Puppets that are in the area will be destroyed. However,
    Skull Kid himself will just teleport to a new spot, and then bring out a fresh
    horde of Puppets. If you strike him three times though, he'll finally give in.
    The guardian of the Sacred Grove will let out one more giggle and then bid you
    farewell. A new path will open up to the west. Go through to reach another
    courtyard. The ruins on your left lie completely destroyed, but there are a
    few things of interest to your right. You will see a pair of large statues
    standing near the end of the courtyard, and a Triforce crest on the floor near
    the center. When you step onto the crest, you'll be prompted to howl the song
    you played to call out Skull Kid earlier. When this tune is repeated,
    something extraordinary will happen. The floor around you will fall away, and
    the guardian statues along the wall will come to life! They leap to either
    side of you, and then tell you that the only way to reach the Master Sword is
    by successfully guiding them back to their original locations. The floor has
    been converted into a grid of square blocks, and with every movement you make
    across them, the statues will mimic you. You just have to move in such a way
    that the statues will eventually return to the squares that they originated
    from. You can turn in four directions and leap to the next square if there's
    one in front of you. One of the statues will mirror your movements exactly,
    while the other will do just the opposite. So if you turn to the left, one
    statue will turn to the left and the other will turn to the right. There are a
    few rules that you have to keep in mind though. You cannot move if there are
    no squares in front of you, but you can move if there are no squares in front
    of the statues at the time. They won't fall; they'll simply hop in place.
    Also, if the statues are forced to move to the same square, they'll simply
    bounce off each other and land on the square they were just on. You can use
    this information to manipulate the movements of one statue and not the other,
    or yourself but not the statues. The last thing to keep in mind is that you
    cannot share a square with a statue, and if you try you'll have to redo the
    puzzle. It's a fun one, but if you get impatient or frustrated, here is the
    solution: left, down, right, right, up, left, up, up, left, down, down, right
    and up. Upon the completion of the puzzle, a path will open behind the two
    statues and the floor will be restored to normal. Continue forward to where
    the MASTER SWORD rests. Approach its pedestal and check it out.
    The Master Sword will start glowing until a burst of light radiates from it
    and sends Midna flying. Link braces himself against the force of the energy,
    and it begins to envelop him. The pure light of the Master Sword forces the
    shard of evil magic that Zant imbedded into Link's head out, and he turns into
    a human again. While Link extracts the Master Sword from its pedestal, Midna
    examines the dark shard, pondering whether or not she should leave such a
    dangerous item here. On the other hand, its transformational powers could come
    in handy. After Midna pockets the item, she approaches Link and asks him to
    accompany her to find the Mirror of Twilight she mentioned to Princess Zelda.
    It is the last potential link they have to Zant. She disappears into Link's
    shadow, and he turns to leave the Sacred Grove.
    Your powers have increased tremendously now. Not only do you wield the
    legendary Master Sword, which is the most powerful blade in Hyrule, but you
    also have the ability to transform and warp at will! This opens up a multitude
    of exploring opportunities. You can warp right now to any of the portal
    locations around Hyrule, but don't miss out on the hidden treasures here in
    the grove. You won't be able to return until later in the game. You can
    explore the ruins of the temple to find a Golden Bug, and the clearing where
    you faced Skull Kid for a Piece of Heart and a few Poe Souls. The rest of
    Hyrule also has tons of things for you to pick up. Go to Castle Town and head
    to the field south of it to find the white wolf, who will teach you a hidden
    skill known as the helm splitter. Warp to Kakariko Village and talk to Gor
    Ebizo inside Malo Mart to learn how you can help him fix the bridge west of
    Castle Town and help Malo set up a shop in the central square. If you do, you
    can eventually buy the MAGIC ARMOR from Malo's new shop for 598 rupees. This
    intriguing body armor protects you from any enemy attack, but it drains your
    rupee supply and greatly hinders your movement if you run out. However, if you
    ever run out of room in your wallet and find a chest with a rupee you can't
    get because of that, just put the Magic Armor on until you have enough room in
    your wallet to hold the rupee! This comes in handy when completing dungeons.
    You could also get the third bomb bag at the Zora's Domain (by blowing up the
    rock that you used to melt the throne room), and BOMBLINGS to fill it from
    Barnes Bomb Shop. As items, the Bomblings that aided you before can be placed
    on the ground and sent after enemies like a remote controlled explosive. You
    can hold up to 10 Bomblings in a bomb bag or 20 if you have the Giant Bomb Bag
    upgrade. Speaking of upgrades, you can put your Clawshot to good use and get
    the Big Quiver for holding more arrows by playing the mini-game in the purple
    tent on Castle Town's eastern road. And lastly, if you go back and explore
    every corner of Hyrule for Poes, you can collect enough Poe souls to partly
    break Jovani's curse. With twenty Poe Souls, Jovani will be able to move
    around, but he'll still be made of gold. You need to return all sixty Poe
    Souls to completely set him free. Still, you'll be rewarded for your efforts
    with the fourth and final BOTTLE, filled with the mystical Fairy's Tears!
    After your treasure hunt is over, return to Telma's Bar so that you can begin
    your new quest to find the Mirror of Twilight.
    Chapter 9: Secrets of the Past.
    Telma has a group of visitors staying in her bar. They, along with Telma
    herself, are part of a resistance group dedicated to restoring justice to
    Hyrule. Among them are Shad, Ashei and an unidentified man in a mask. Telma
    says that there is one more member, whose name is Auru, investigating a
    disturbance near the Gerudo Desert out east. Check the map on the back table
    where the men and women are sitting to find out where he is. Currently, Auru
    is hanging out around Lake Hylia. Exit Telma's Bar and warp as soon as you are
    out of sight of any civilians.
    When you reach Lake Hylia, go south across a small wooden bridge and up a
    ladder. On your left, at the end of the cape, you'll find a howling stone.
    Transform into a wolf so that you can activate it. The white wolf will show up
    in an unexplored region out east, so you can't get him yet. Afterwards,
    transform again and head southeast up the grassy path. At the end, you'll come
    to a tall tower with a ladder along the side. Start climbing. At the top,
    you'll meet Auru.
    Auru is here investigating strange events that have been occurring in the
    Gerudo Desert. He tells you that the desert has a forsaken prison where the
    worst criminals in Hyrule were once kept. The prison's spires can still be
    seen over the horizon, and you may have also seen them while howling with the
    white wolf. Furthermore, Auru mentions that a mirror was used when a criminal
    was sentenced to death. Could this be the Mirror of Twilight? Auru suspects
    that the prison has something to do with the evils that have plagued Hyrule,
    so he came to investigate. However, passage to the desert is impossible by
    land, so you must find another way to get there if you want to check things
    out yourself. After you share your intentions to enter the desert with Auru,
    he tells you that perhaps Fyer can help you out with a little persuasion. Auru
    once saved Fyer's life, so he owes him a favor anyway. He gives you his memo
    to give to Fyer, which will sway him to launch you up to the desert. Head back
    down to Fyer's shack and show him the memo. He'll offer you a free oasis
    flight, so head into his cannon when he moves out of the way. Rather than
    launching you up to Falbi's house, the cannon will send you eastward towards
    the Gerudo Desert. In the future, you can have Fyer launch you that way again,
    but you'll have to pay up.
    Before you set out towards the abandoned prison, Midna will appear before you
    and tell you an interesting story. It involves the story that Lanayru told you
    before you went to find the third Fused Shadow. Long ago, the people that
    tried to take control of the Sacred Realm were apprehended and then banished
    by the gods to another realm where darkness prevailed. This realm came to be
    known as the Twilight Realm. The banished people adapted and evolved into a
    race known as the Twili. It is the tribe that both Zant and Midna belong to.
    The Twili led a peaceful existence until Zant took control of the tribe with
    powers unknown to the rest of them. Midna was exiled from the realm, so she
    began looking for the Fused Shadows to match Zant's strength. While the Twili
    remained trapped within the Twilight Realm for all eternity, there did exist
    one link that connected them to the world of light. This link was the Mirror
    of Twilight. This is Midna's only remaining chance to return to the Twilight
    Realm and stop Zant. Hopefully, the prison at the far end of the desert holds
    what she needs.
    The Gerudo Desert is quite large, but don't be intimidated by its size. Most
    of it is just barren wasteland with nothing to offer. You can find a few
    goodies if you search hard enough though. For example, there are hidden
    underground caverns in some places marked by three skulls that form a nice
    little circle around each other. You can usually find rupee chests and Imp
    Poes in them. A few Golden Bugs also live among the desert's arid dunes.
    Anyway, start heading east towards the prison. Soon, several creatures will
    begin to move in on you. These creatures are MOLDORMS, which are capable of
    swimming through the sand dunes at high speed. The Clawshot is the best way to
    stop one of these pests, followed by a sword combo. There are a lot of them
    though, so you'll find it easier simply to avoid them. The desert also has
    deep fissures running through it that may cut across your path. You must go
    around them. Lastly, you'll find that the desert sky is dotted with creatures
    called PEAHATS. Plantlike and harmless, Peahats serve as mobile, living
    Clawshot targets. You may even see some growing on the gnarled trees here and
    there. Although they can help to get across the fissures, they won't truly be
    useful until you get to the southeastern corner of the Gerudo Desert. Go
    around the northeast basin and start heading that way.
    You may notice a strange 'tower' protruding from the sand at the southeast end
    of the desert. When you get there, use the Clawshot on the Peahat tree growing
    on the mesa to get up, and then again on the floating Peahat to reach the next
    ledge. As you step across the top of the mesa, a force field will materialize
    around you. The usual trio of Shadow Beasts will show up and snarl at you, but
    you shouldn't have any trouble beating them (especially since you have both of
    your forms to choose from). A portal will now be available at the Gerudo Mesa.
    Now head towards the rocky steps that lead to the base of the tower you
    spotted. Lo and behold, this is the missing piece of the Bridge of Eldin!
    Let's put it back in its place. When Midna asks, warp to the previously
    unusable warp spot where the bridge belongs. Midna will carry the piece along,
    which will then fall into place when it gets back to Hyrule Field. Return
    promptly to the Gerudo Mesa. Now that the bridge piece is out of the way,
    you'll notice a newly exposed cavern entrance. This is the Cave of Ordeals.
    You're welcome to try out this optional and challenging enemy-filled
    labyrinth, but you don't have the proper equipment yet to go all the way. Save
    it for after the seventh dungeon. You have the warp portal made and the Bridge
    of Eldin back in place, so resume your journey northwards towards the prison.
    As you travel across the flatlands, you'll come upon a Bulblin camp. It's easy
    to see at night because of the fire they have going. Also, it is surrounded
    with several wooden structures. As you run in, a lookout will spot you from
    the top of one of these structures. The Bulblins around the fire will hop on
    their Bullbos and charge after you. Quickly target them as they come near and
    shoot them with arrows. Bomb arrows can also be used to stun the Bullbos and
    dismount their entire crew. Once you've finished off the riders, it's time to
    go after the archers in the towers. Rather than picking them off from the
    ground, find one of the Bullbos and get on it. A Bullbo handles just like a
    horse, except it's a lot harder to control. You can charge, but only once at a
    time. A charging Bullbo can't jump over obstacles, but rather simply smashes
    through them. You can use the Bullbo to demolish any and all wooden obstacles
    around the Bulblin camp, including the archer towers. Be careful not to crash
    into anything too solid though, or else your Bullbo will get knocked out
    temporarily and you'll be thrown off. After you're satisfied with the
    destruction you have caused, smash through the northern barrier. Once you
    breach the gate, dismount your Bullbo (or crash it), and climb the stone
    steps. There are a few simple treasures down some of the side pathways here,
    but your primary interest for the moment should be the white wolf sitting in
    front of the main pathway. Meet up with the Hero's Shade to learn the very
    cool mortal draw technique, which is a risky but powerful way to finish off an
    enemy. When you come back to the desert, head up the path behind where the
    wolf was waiting.
    The prison is just ahead, but first you have to get by another Bulblin camp.
    This one is a bit more fortified than the minor establishment you passed and
    wrecked in the desert, so try to be subtle when going through. If you are
    spotted by any Bulblin sentries, an infinite swarm of reinforcements will be
    sent upon you. The perfect tool for stealth in this situation is the Hero's
    Bow paired up with the Hawkeye. Use the sniper arrows to pick off the first
    archer on the tower ahead, and then advance. The main gate is closed, but
    there's a path in front of it that goes around. Kill the Bulblins that attack
    and turn left. In the area around the corner, climb onto the crate along the
    back wall and silently pick off any Bulblins that walk by the openings.
    Afterwards, go back to the main gate and take the right path. There's another
    archer around the corner, in the clearing with the Bulblin tents. Continue
    through it and head to the northwest corner, to yet another clearing. As you
    enter, an archer will spot you from way off in the distance, west of your
    location. Look for the source of the oncoming burning arrows and strike him
    down. Now head west. The path will slope downwards and go in front of a large
    wooden barricade adorned with Ordon goat skulls. It needs a key to open, so
    continue past it to the next clearing. If you shot the Bulblins through the
    peep hole earlier, this area won't be as tumultuous. Go to the northwest
    corner of the Bulblin camp to find a lone Bulblin in front of a roasting
    Bullbo. There's something sparkly on the Bulblin. Kill him and then inspect
    his corpse for a small key. It will open the gate you just passed. Don't leave
    without cutting up the Bullbo though, because there's a Piece of Heart hidden
    inside. Backtrack to the gate and use the key to unlock it. Now push it open
    and head inside.
    This shed appears to be empty, other than the lone Bullbo ruminating in the
    corner. Then, a dark figure steps out of the shadows, holding an enormous axe
    as big as your body! Your nemesis, King Bulblin, is back. With two quick
    swings, he dispatches the Bullbo and then knocks you to the ground. There is
    no question that the axe he carries is very powerful and should be avoided.
    Luckily, even King Bulblin will have trouble carrying the thing, so you can
    easily outmaneuver him. Should you actually get hit, prepare to lose three
    hearts. The best way to prevent this is to hit King Bulblin as he is raising
    the axe over his head, thus interrupting the process and dealing damage.
    Hidden skills such as the back slice work wonders too. After several strikes,
    King Bulblin will give up and stalk away, nursing his arm. As soon as the back
    gate shuts behind him though, that lowlife brute will set the shed on fire.
    Fortunately, the Bullbo in here will regain consciousness and allow you to get
    on it. Quickly steer it towards the entrance gate and ram through. The Bullbo
    will charge through a pathway and take you to the prison's entrance. Jump off
    and run up the crumbling steps to a doorway marked with the Hyrule crest. This
    is the entrance to the prison and your fourth dungeon, known as the Arbiter's
    The Arbiter's Grounds was abandoned long ago, but the undead forms of past
    criminals still hold grudges against any who trespass their territory. A wide
    assortment of these ghastly fiends awaits you in this dungeon, as does the
    Mirror of Twilight that Midna set out to find and a very cool new item that
    will help you reach it. A bit of forewarning through; the undead foes that
    thrive in the sand aren't the only things you have to fear, but the sand
    itself as well!
    Start by running down the passage and into the first chamber. After the brief
    cinematic, take a look around. The sand that fills most of the chamber is
    unstable, and if you step into it, you'll slowly begin to sink into it.
    Furthermore, you will move slower and slower the further you sink. If you are
    fully consumed by the quicksand, you'll restart at the front of the room.
    Being a wolf makes it easier to cross, but the only way to stay truly safe is
    to clamber onto the stone portions of the floor as soon as possible. And
    whatever you do, don't put on your Iron Boots! The sand pit in the middle of
    the chamber is even deadlier, so avoid it at all costs. If you get sucked in,
    there is no escape from it. Bring out your Clawshot so that you can continue
    through the room, and to get rid of the Moldorms swimming around in the sand.
    There's no way you can make it across the room by foot, so turn to the right
    slightly and fire away with the Clawshot (your target is the medallion on the
    wall). Drop down onto the stone platform. Now turn towards the center of the
    room and jump to the platform just barely outside the edge of the sand pit.
    Jump to another platform from there. There's another sand pit up ahead, so
    jump to the square stone block to your right. This block will start sinking
    when you step on it, so hurry up and jump to the stone floor along the wall.
    Now turn yet again and run across the quicksand to another piece of stone
    floor. The gate up ahead blocks the exit door, but there's another area in the
    northwest corner yet to be explored. Run around the bars that form the
    enclosure and find a secure piece of ground. Four STALKINS will come up from
    the sand here and come at you. These diminutive skeletal warriors are easily
    defeated, and rely on their numbers rather than individual strength to
    overcome foes. A spin attack is great for enemies like these. Like most undead
    enemies, Stalkins leave behind decent amounts of cash for you to grab. Anyway,
    there's a chain in the back that will open the north gate when pulled on. It's
    tricky though, because it's lying in the middle of the patch of quicksand. Get
    the Clawshot out again and use it to pull the chain handle to you. You'll then
    be able finish pulling it out from safe ground. When the gate opens, head
    north and go up the stairway. The door up here is locked. Turn right and cut
    your way through the wooden beams to get into a small side chamber. Run across
    the sand and pry open the chest at the end to get the key. After you get it, a
    swarm of POISON MITES will attack you. These mites are harmless, but cling to
    your body and slow you down. This can be deadly if you're trying to get across
    the sand. There are various ways to shake them off, but only with a spin
    attack can they be killed. The Lantern will also repel them. Go back to the
    locked door. Before proceeding, get the Lantern out and fill it with oil from
    the cauldron in the left alcove. You will need it in the next room.
    Use the Lantern to illuminate this dark chamber. Make your way across the
    quicksand patches and keep your sword ready to ward off the Stalkins. Several
    dozen of them will rise up from the sand from several locations. Execute
    multiple spin attacks, or be jabbed by their spears. At the north side of the
    room, use the Lantern to light a pair of metal torches on either side of the
    barred door. Doing this will remove the bars and let you through.
    You've reached the central ceremonial hall. There is a large gateway at the
    top of the stairs on the opposite side, as well as four torches with glowing
    blue flames burning on either side of it. When you approach the center of the
    chamber, four floating lanterns will come in from the back gateway. They move
    into position next to the four blue torches. The lanterns take the fire from
    the torches, and the gate at the top of the steps shuts. Then, the lanterns
    begin floating around you. Three of them will dash away in multiple
    directions, but one will remain. The lantern looks a lot like an Imp Poe's, so
    switch to your wolf form and turn on your senses to see what's going on. Sure
    enough, the lantern is in the hands of a POE. This phantom is a larger, more
    menacing type of Poe. It does not carry a scythe, but still attacks by beating
    you silly with its lantern. It is harder to take down than a regular Imp Poe
    as well. Even while viewing it with your wolf senses, the Poe is invulnerable
    to attack most of the time. Only when it prepares to launch its attack and
    begins to glow blue can you hurt it. Jump on it and begin biting into it.
    After you get thrown off, wait for it to start glowing again before attacking
    a second time. After this, the Poe will collapse and expose its soul. Tear it
    out to finish it off and add another Poe Soul to your collection. The souls of
    the four larger Poes in the Arbiter's Grounds count towards your 60-soul total
    for Jovani. The vanquished Poe will drop its lantern, and the blue fire inside
    will float back to one of the torches next to the stairway. The Poe also left
    behind its ethereal robes, and they're kind of stinky. Give them a whiff to
    learn the Poe's scent. Now you can use your keen beast senses to track down
    the other three Poes that fled with the blue flames needed to open the gate.
    Inspect the rest of the chamber first though. The back corners on either side
    of the staircase have chests, but you must cross some quicksand to reach them.
    Better yet, simply use the Clawshot to hook onto the medallions along the wall
    and avoid the sand altogether (in the left corner, anyway). The chest in the
    left corner has a Piece of Heart, while its right-hand counterpart has the
    Dungeon Map. Watch out when you go to claim the map, because there are BUBBLES
    flitting around it. Bubbles disguise themselves as skulls, but then sprout
    wings and come at you when you approach. A couple of good sword slashes or
    projectile weapons will kill one. There are two variants of Bubbles, known and
    fire Bubbles and ice Bubbles, that you will meet later on. Anyway, head back
    to the center of the room and turn back into a wolf. Use your senses to follow
    one of the Poe scent trails to a patch of dirt along the west wall, south of a
    door. Dig through the dirt to uncover a chain handle. Pull it out to reveal a
    hidden stairway in front of the west door. Climb down and use the door at the
    The small chamber on the other side is littered with skulls. First take out
    the Bubble hiding among them. The rest of the chamber seems empty, but there
    is a large rotating lever attached to the central column that can be pushed or
    pulled. Push it clockwise to rotate the circular walls of the chamber in a
    similar fashion. The opening in the wall will line up with a hidden alcove on
    the north side, and a new adversary will come out. Arguably one of the
    creepiest enemies to lurk in the foul corners of Hyrule, the REDEAD KNIGHT
    carries a large sword along with it. The sword isn't the ReDead Knight's most
    potent weapon however. If you get too close to the ghoul, it will let out a
    frightening scream that will paralyze you with fear for a few seconds; just
    long enough for the ReDead Knight to get a free shot with its blade.
    Projectiles like bomb arrows are preferable, but sword attacks will work if
    you manage to get close enough to the ReDead Knight without the thing
    screaming at you. If there is any good to come from a ReDead Knight, it's the
    red rupee it tends to always leave behind. Anyway, ransack the chest in the
    alcove that the ReDead Knight emerged from to find a small key. Don't leave
    the chamber just yet though. As you face out from the clove, look up to see an
    opening in the ceiling. It will be there only when the walls are rotated into
    their current position. Use the Clawshot to pull yourself up to the upper
    level. The pathways up here are dictated by the way the room is rotated down
    below. Right now, you should be able to go through the north door after taking
    care of the scavenging Rats.
    Walk into the center of this eerie, blue-lit chamber. The walls around you are
    lined with Poe lanterns. The scent of one of the Poes has led you here, so it
    must be hiding among the lanterns. Turn into a wolf and use your senses to
    find it. Watch out for the two Bubbles in the back too. After you have
    discovered the Poe, it will attack you. Defeat it just like you did the first
    one, and yank out its soul. The burning fire from the Poe's lantern will
    escape and return to the central ceremonial hall. Go back to the rotating
    chamber and drop down to the bottom level. Now push the large lever
    counterclockwise to move the walls back to their original position. Exit
    through the west door to get to the ceremonial hall.
    Two of the flames have been restored, but two more Poes are still at large.
    Your senses will show that one went east, while another went through the west
    door. Since the east trail is too high up to follow, go through this west
    door. Not surprisingly, it leads to the upper part of the rotating chamber.
    This time, the north door will be sealed behind the wall, but the west door is
    now exposed. Use the key you got after the fight with the ReDead Knight to
    open it.
    The room up ahead has another sand pit in it that will suck you in if you get
    caught in it. There is a pathway of stone blocks on your right that leads to
    the far ledge, but spikes will shoot up from the ground and block you off when
    you try to go near. You must find a way around the spikes to reach the ledge.
    When you get there, kill the Bubble flying around. Now take a look at the
    ledge you're on. There's a depression in the floor where that large metal box
    on your left can be pulled down to and moved. Grab it and pull it northwards
    until it falls into place. The way up to the next ledge is open, but don't go
    yet. Push the box into the space behind it so that it forms a bridge between
    the two ledges. Now climb the steps and onto the ledge on your right. Avoid
    the spiked contraptions along the wall and grab the chain handle lying next to
    you. Start pulling it backwards. As you pull, the chandelier blocking the path
    ahead will come up. However, you won't be able to pull the chain all the way
    out unless you put the box in between the two ledges just now. You will not
    have room to pull on otherwise. After you pull the chandelier all the way up,
    quickly run through the path beneath it. The chandelier won't stay up for very
    long and will come crashing down on you if you don't run past it in time. On
    the other side, head up the stairway and kill the oncoming Bubbles. One is a
    fire Bubble. The flames that cloak it deal more damage to you than a regular
    Bubble does, but it is otherwise pretty much the same.
    When you reach the top of the stairs, you'll see a large statue in the middle
    of the chamber. There's a lever attached to it that can be used to rotate the
    walls like in the first ReDead Knight chamber. Before doing that though, head
    around it and open the chest in the far alcove to get the Compass. Now go back
    and rotate the statue clockwise. The north and south pathways will seal off,
    but the east and west are now exposed. The east door is locked, so head down
    the west corridor. Hack through the wooden beams to get through. A ReDead
    Knight will come up challenge you. Defeat it quickly and open the chest behind
    it for the key. Now go back and open the east door.
    The next passage has a river of loose sand flowing through. You may also hear
    the distinctive rattling of a Poe's lantern. One must be in here somewhere.
    Your beast senses will tell you to go around the passage, so turn right and
    then make a left. A battalion of Stalkins will come at you from up ahead. Slay
    the buggers and keep moving. As you turn the corner, a ReDead Knight will join
    the fight. Try to keep a safe distance from it while avoiding the sand as
    well. Turn another corner to find more Stalkins and another ReDead Knight.
    After they have been taken care of, it's time to go after the Poe. Transform
    and use your senses to locate the scent trail. It will end at a patch of dirt
    along the wall near the second ReDead Knight. Paw through it to uncover a
    chain. Now pull it out. The wall on your left will slide back. The third Poe
    is hiding inside this small chamber. Attack him and claim his glowing soul.
    The Poe's blue flame will zoom off, so go to the end of the passage and open
    the door.
    When you turn the corner in the next room, jump down into the shallow pit and
    turn again to find a chest hidden along the south side. Open it to get a key
    to the east door. When you get the key, the room will darken. Suddenly, the
    sound of several unseen enemies will be heard, and you'll start moving at a
    very slow pace. Turn into a wolf if you aren't one already. Midna will start
    freaking out about something. Turn on your senses to discover the cause of
    this affliction. Several dozen GHOUL RATS are clinging to you, holding you
    down. Like Poison Mites, Ghoul Rats don't harm you, but slow you down
    considerably. They can only be seen and fought while you are a wolf and have
    your senses attuned to them. Use a spin to get rid of them. Now jump out of
    the pit and head towards the east door.
    When you pass through, jump to the chandelier ahead in the central ceremonial
    hall and then to the opposite door. In the next chamber, turn and go down the
    left path to the bottom floor. As soon as you drop off from the ledge, push
    the box like the one you saw earlier into the space behind it. This will open
    up a path along the wall that makes it possible to return here from the lower
    west door. It also allows you to climb up and pull the chain out from the
    wall. Watch out for the Moldorms that will jump out at you from the sand, and
    pull the chain outwards to raise the chandelier behind you. When it goes up
    all the way, let go of the chain and run to the south end of the room. Open
    the chest to get a red rupee. Now face west and use the Clawshot to get over
    to the lower west door. Follow the path along the north wall to return to
    where the chain lies. As you head up, kill the Bubble in the tunnel and open
    the chest near the end for another red rupee. Now climb onto the metal box
    again and start pulling the chain. When the chandelier goes up for a second
    time, let go of the chain and run into the very center of where the chandelier
    was resting. When it falls back down, it will fall around you but you will be
    safe within the gap. Now climb onto the edges of the chandelier and jump to
    the eastern ledge. Use the door here.
    You'll enter a small room with several alcoves surrounding it. Cut your way
    through the wooden obstacles and go into the center. Now approach the skeletal
    warrior lying on the floor along the back wall. The doors will lock and the
    warrior will awaken. This is a STALFOS, a fearsome enemy that carries a large
    sword and defends itself with a shield. The Stalfos will use its shield to
    block your strikes, so utilize your hidden skills to get through its defenses.
    Bomb arrows also work. When the Stalfos goes down, all that will be left is a
    pile of bones and armor. However, it won't be long before the Stalfos
    reassembles itself and begins fighting again. Stalfos are just about
    invincible, unless you prevent them from coming back from their ruined state.
    After you take down a Stalfos, back up and lay a bomb next to it to finish it
    off for good. Bomblings are especially useful for this purpose. The doors will
    unseal after you have reduced the Stalfos to dust. Now search through the many
    alcoves for treasure. The two chests contain Bombs, which you can use if you
    don't have anything else to fight the Stalfos with. Use the south door when
    you're finished.
    Climb up the steps. The next chamber looks like some sort of shrine dedicated
    to the snake goddess statue in the back. Cross the quicksand to reach it.
    There's a large sealed doorway on your right, and a set of metal torches in
    front of the goddess statue. Perhaps lighting them with the Lantern will
    unseal the door. There is a particular order and number of torches that must
    be lit though. If you light any of the incorrect torches, a swarm of Stalkins
    will appear from the sand. To discover the proper order, turn into a wolf and
    use your senses. The Poe's scent trail will show up, brushing past the front
    torch and the far right one before disappearing into the sealed door. This
    tells you that you have to light the front torch first, and then only the far
    right one. Use the east door after the stone slab slides out of the way.
    The final Poe is in this room, hiding among the other lanterns like the second
    one you tackled. Use your senses to find him hanging out by the south wall.
    The last Poe won't go down without a fight. He begins by duplicating himself
    three times, making a total of four phantom Poes. They will begin circling
    you, until finally they stop to strike all at once. When this happens, only
    the real Poe will glow blue. Once you have identified him, pounce quickly.
    After the first attack, the Poe will summon more copies of himself and repeat
    the process. Strike him once more to knock him down, and then leap upon him to
    grab his soul. The final flame will drift towards the north door. Follow it to
    find yourself in the room with the chandelier you had to pull up. From the
    ledge, use the Clawshot to reach the east door and return to the ceremonial
    The last blue flame will rejoin the others on the torches. The back gate will
    open, so run up the steps and head through. When you reach the next chamber,
    kill the fire Bubbles and then take a look down the right path. The Big Key
    chest is sitting on the platform up ahead, but you can't reach it due to the
    deathtrap of sand in the floor. There's a door at the far end though, so when
    you come back around from that way you'll be able to get the key. For now,
    take the east door.
    Drop down to the bottom of the Bubble-infested shaft and find the lever
    attached to the central column. Pull it clockwise once to move the floor down
    a bit. A doorway to the south will be revealed. It's locked though, so you
    have to find a key first. Go back to the lever and start pushing it
    counterclockwise. Push the floor up until it locks into place three times. The
    chest will be in an alcove on the south side. When you to it though, spikes
    will shoot up in front of it and block you. You'll have to go around. Head
    into the east alcove and run through the tunnel to reach the chest. With the
    small key in hand, go back and rotate the lever clockwise to reach the bottom
    again. The other alcoves don't really have anything of value, but you can work
    your way up with the rotating lever if you choose. Unlock the bottom door and
    go through afterwards.
    The next chamber is somewhat large, but filled with sand traps and hidden
    spikes. The spikes form a maze that you must navigate through to reach the
    other side. What's worse is that there are also Ghoul Rats in here that will
    impede your movement as you try to go across the quicksand. Since being a wolf
    makes it easier to cross the sand anyway, switch now and turn on your senses.
    Stick to the left side of the chamber, and then cut through the middle when
    the spikes don't let you any further. Now head up the left wall until you
    reach the southwest corner. Look for a chain on the floor to your left. It is
    attached to a stone panel. Pull it out to unblock the south path. Hurry
    though, because the panel will start to slide back into place after you let
    go. Run around the nearby spikes and dash through the passage before it is
    sealed off again. There's also a ReDead Knight in the area, but he may not
    give you trouble if you run past him fast enough. In the next passage, turn to
    the left and run down the sandy corridor. Stay close to the center of the path
    to avoid the spiked spinners traveling along the wall tracks. Poison Mites
    will show up, so pause when you reach solid ground to get rid of them. At the
    end, cross the sand to reach an alcove on your right. Ooccoo is in a jar here.
    Now use the door on your left.
    The circular chamber up ahead has a huge rotating bar laden with spikes. It
    will take a good chunk out of your health if it hits you. Run clockwise with
    the spiked bar to avoid running into it. The west alcove is sealed off, so
    keep going around the room until you reach the north one. Jump into the
    chamber beyond and start fighting the pair of Stalfos. After finishing them
    off with explosives, go into the western alcove here and prepare to fight a
    third Stalfos. Because of the sand, there isn't a lot of room to fight this
    one in. However, defeating it will unseal the western path back in the chamber
    with the rotating spike bar. Make your way back to it, but make sure you don't
    get impaled by the spikes. Follow the new sandy path by jumping from platform
    to platform. They sink as soon as you land on them, so move quickly. The last
    thing you want in this situation is for a swarm of Poison Mites to appear, but
    unfortunately that will happen here. Bring out the Lantern to keep them away.
    When you reach the end of the passage, jump across the gap and climb up to a
    door on the north side of the chamber. Go inside when you're ready.
    This is the domain of DEATH SWORD. The doors will seal shut as soon as you
    step foot inside. There's a gigantic sword stuck in the floor in the middle of
    the room, held down by several ropes. You may be reluctant to cut it loose,
    but it must be done. Only one rope has to be severed before the fiend of the
    sword awakens. The remaining ropes burn away in a flash and the giant sword
    comes out of the ground. This blade is big enough to cleave a Bullbo in two,
    and floats around the room swiping at you. None of your weapons will be
    effective, but perhaps your beast senses will shed new light on the matter.
    Death Sword himself is a translucent ghoul wielding the giant blade. Like the
    four Poes you fought earlier, Death Sword is invulnerable and any attack will
    simply result in you passing through him harmlessly. Wait for him to make the
    first move. When the fiend swings his sword and flashes blue, pounce on him
    and begin biting him. After the first assault, Death Sword will become
    completely visible to normal view. There's no point in staying as a wolf now,
    so switch back to a human. Death Sword is a robed skeletal entity with a
    horrid face that will send even a Goron running and screaming like a
    schoolgirl. That and the humongous sword are all he has going for himself
    though, as you'll find him to be one of the easiest mini-bosses to handle. As
    he wafts around the room trailing dark fog, take aim with the Hero's Bow and
    shoot him. Arrows alone will work fine, so don't waste a bomb arrow. Death
    Sword will now begin circling you. Target him and wait for him to slow down
    enough for you to get another hit. When you shoot him a second time, Death
    Sword will collapse to his knees. Start wreaking havoc on his unsightly skull.
    When he rises again, the process will begin anew. You don't want to take too
    long before hitting him with arrows, or else he will go invisible again and
    you'll have to turn into a wolf to get him back to the normal plane of vision.
    Strike him down twice more to win. During your battle, Death Sword will
    unleash a couple of attacks to defend himself. If he manages to close in on
    you after circling around, he'll bring his sword down and knock you backwards.
    If you can dodge it, you'll be able to attack Death Sword's skull as his sword
    remains planted in the ground. Also, while he's hovering, he'll sometimes
    conjure up balls of poisonous fog and hurl them at you. These can be dodged or
    blocked with the shield. Anyway, after dealing the finishing blow to Death
    Sword, he will collapse and dissolve into a cloud of dust and locusts.
    Exit the arena and head to the back of the chamber. Open the chest to claim a
    new item, the SPINNER. It is a handy tool with multiple purposes; while it
    specializes as a method of transportation, it can also be used as a key to
    activate certain mechanisms, and even as a weapon. You can ride the Spinner
    and hover along the ground briefly, making your travels across the quicksand
    in the Arbiter's Grounds much safer. Don't count on it for too long though.
    The Spinner only lasts if you use it to travel along the special tracks found
    throughout the dungeon and other places around Hyrule. While traveling, you
    can spin again to leap off. You can also spin while on the ground to damage
    attacking foes. You must use the Spinner to get back to Death Sword's arena so
    you can exit. When you are about to attach to a Spinner track, make sure
    you're traveling in the direction you want to go on the track because you
    can't change directions after you get on. Ride to the outer walls of the arena
    and drop down in front of the door. Now exit. When you reach the previous
    chamber, look for the Spinner track on your left. Ride it to the sandy area to
    the east, but jump off before it reaches the end. You must hover across the
    sand and reach the opposite track. Ride it up to the east doorway.
    Oh dang. You'll need the Spinner almost exclusively to get to the top of this
    next chamber, which is enormous and goes up three floors. Walk down the first
    path and ignore the first Spinner tracks that you see. Instead, use the
    Spinner to glide across the loose sand to reach the chest up ahead on the
    left. It contains Bombs. Now glide further down to open a similar chest with a
    red rupee. Further ahead (east), you'll see a Spinner track on your right that
    goes up and around to the left and a separate track just visible around the
    corner on your left. Glide over to this second track and ride it to a stone
    platform. Use your Compass to locate the nearby chest, which has a yellow
    rupee. Now spin back to the first track that went upwards. Make sure you go in
    that direction when you get on it. The track will take you up and around, then
    dump you in a pit with a rotating spike bar. Avoid it and keep hovering to the
    end of this pit. At the top of the incline, you'll find yet another chest.
    First though, defeat the Stalfos in front of it. The chest, although small,
    has a Piece of Heart inside. Now ride the track behind it clockwise so that
    you don't get walloped by the rotating spike bar as you zoom past. When you
    exit the pit, the track will end. Jump over to the piece of track running
    parallel to yours, and then again to get back to the main piece. This one will
    dump you in a circular piece of track in one of the room's corners. You'll go
    around and around endlessly unless you manage to go clockwise. Hop off the
    Spinner and wade over to the stone block in the center of the sand pool so
    that you can enter the track again in the right direction. You'll then be
    taken an area at the north end of the room. Turn left and run to the end of
    this section. Two Stalfos will come after you as you head towards the chest in
    the corner. After defeating them, open the chest to receive a yellow rupee.
    Now take the nearby track (in either direction; just be aware of the small gap
    if you go counterclockwise) to the west end of the room. Here you'll find a
    ramp that goes up to a pair of Spinner tracks running parallel to each other.
    They'll take you to the exit. The trick is that there are spiked spinners on
    the track. There are three on the left side and two on the right. Dodge them
    as you zoom along by jumping to the opposite track. If you can't avoid them
    and get knocked down, just ride the track below back up to where the parallel
    tracks start. At the end, go through the door.
    The large chest with the Big Key is dead ahead. Grab it, and then ride the
    Spinner track on either wall to get to the room where you first saw the chest,
    north of the ceremonial hall. The only place you haven't gone to yet is the
    area north of here, but there doesn't seem to be any way over there. Look down
    towards the middle of the floor and locate the slot that's shaped like the
    Spinner. Stand on it and get the Spinner out so that it falls into the slot.
    To spin this contraption, keep tapping the B Button repeatedly. The gears
    showing through the floor will begin to spin rapidly, and then the walls will
    shift. Now the north passage will open up.
    The room ahead has a Spinner track that spirals upwards around the walls. Use
    the Spinner to glide over to the base of the track. As you ride upwards, take
    note of the central structure. When you get high enough, leap from the track
    to land on top of the structure. If you take the track all the way up though,
    you'll find some skulls with a Fairy inside. Anyway, drop the Spinner into the
    slot on top of the central structure and start spinning it. Eventually, the
    two torches next to you will ignite. More importantly, a new spiral track will
    come out of the sand and position itself alongside your platform. You can take
    this track up to the top of the room. Use the Big Key to gain entry into the
    boss's chamber.
    Enter this gloomy chamber and step down to the center of the arena, where the
    very large and very intimidating skeleton of a horrific monster lies half-
    buried in the sand. All of a sudden, Zant will pop up out of nowhere and stand
    before you on the skull of the ancient monster. He is surprised that you are
    still alive, but assures you that this will be the last time he sees you that
    way. Zant magically creates a black sword, and then plunges it into the
    monster's skull. Its dark energy diffuses through its skeleton and Zant
    disappears as suddenly as he appeared. Slowly but surely, the reanimated
    skeletal monster begins to stir, and then rises up with a great roar. This
    creature is TWILIT FOSSIL STALLORD. He is a frightening sight to behold, but
    is actually made of brittle bone that can easily be broken apart with the
    Spinner. And that's just how you're going to go about fighting him. The edge
    of the sandy arena has a Spinner track that goes all the way around. Get on it
    as soon as the fight begins. If you stay in the sand, you'll be dragged into
    the center of the arena. You're allowed to go on the outside edges of the
    chamber for health, but you need to use the Spinner track to get your speed
    going for your assault against Stallord. The boss himself will still be buried
    halfway in the sand, so don't worry about him coming after you. Just watch out
    for the streams of plagued breath that he will occasionally spew out. Also,
    there are several spiked spinners racing along the track with you, so don't
    get hit. To attack Stallord, boost off the track and head towards him. In
    defense, Stallord will call up many STALTROOPS from the sand. Staltroops are
    immobile corpses that don't attack you, but make it more difficult to reach
    Stallord's spinal column. There won't be that many the first time, so avoid
    them and crash your Spinner into Stallord's bones. His spine will shatter
    partially, and the boss will sink deeper into the sand. Now go back and hit
    him a second time. This time through, more spiked spinners will appear on the
    outer track, and more Staltroops will be summoned when you try to go near
    Stallord. The same will hold true for the third round. The sheer amount of
    Staltroops will make it difficult to get through to Stallord's spine, but keep
    After the third hit, Stallord will claw at the air and sink into the sand.
    That seemed easy, but don't celebrate just yet. Now the sand will sink and the
    chamber floor will be exposed, with Stallord's skull resting at the bottom.
    Ignore it for the moment and locate the Spinner slot in the middle of the
    floor. Start spinning it. A new platform will start to rise from the floor.
    Like the walls around you, there are Spinner tracks that spiral around this
    platform. When the platform finishes coming up, Stallord's head will awaken
    again. The floating skull will push you off the platform and down to the
    floor. Now it's time to take down this monstrosity for good. If you thought
    the first phase of the battle was exciting, get ready for a thrilling Spinner
    race with the boss in round two! Start by riding up the tracks on the center
    platform. Stallord will dash around the corner and disappear from view. Simply
    let the Spinner carry you upwards towards the top of the track. Eventually,
    you'll catch up to the circling Stallord. He'll fly backwards ahead of you,
    shooting balls of fiery breath at you. To dodge them, leap from the inner
    track to the one running along the outer wall. Stallord will shoot more
    fireballs, so you must keep jumping back and forth between the tracks. If you
    manage to avoid his assault, you'll eventually get close enough to Stallord
    for an attack. Just boost off the track and spin straight into Stallord's
    skull. The two of you will fall to the ground. While the boss's skull lies
    immobile on the floor, unsheathe your sword and go medieval on the dark blade
    protruding from his forehead. Stallord will eventually get back up and float
    away. Get on the inner tracks again and repeat the procedure. This time,
    spiked spinners will zoom alongside you on the inner tracks. Before you get
    hit by one, boost over to the outer tracks and then boost back when the danger
    has passed. Because each boost causes you to go lower on the tracks, the
    spiked spinners will increase the time it takes to catch up to Stallord at the
    top. Not to mention, you have to avoid them and the fireballs Stallord shoots
    at you. After striking him successfully however, you'll only have to repeat
    this once more to win. During the third round, the spiked spinners will appear
    on both sides of the track and make your life even more difficult. Dodge them
    when necessary and get to Stallord's skull one last time. Once more, boost
    into his skull and then attack the dark sword when you bring him to the
    Stallord's skull will fly into the air and then come crashing down. It
    explodes and the sword that was planted in it flies up and lands in front of
    you. It too then bursts, revealing your Heart Container. Then, a stone bridge
    will extend from the outer wall to the center platform and an exit gate will
    open up. Midna tells you that the Mirror of Twilight is nearby. Grab the
    container and head through the new gate. After you save and get outside, turn
    left along this corridor and run up the steps. There are gaps in them, but
    they are easily managed. When you get to the top, step through an archway on
    your right and follow the new corridor to the Mirror Chamber.
    The grand Mirror Chamber is dominated by the stone statue of a serpent goddess
    (presumably the same one you saw in the Arbiter's Grounds). The snake coiled
    around her seems to have Spinner tracks along the outside. As you approach the
    statue, a portal will appear overhead, and five Shadow Beasts will descend
    upon you. The force field they create won't seal you in anywhere, but rather
    cut off access to the Spinner track. Before you worry about where the track
    leads to, deal with the Shadow Beasts. They'll be joined by some Keese too,
    but shouldn't be too much trouble. After you get them out of the way, get the
    Spinner out and start zipping upwards along the goddess's statue. At the top,
    you'll be deposited into a Spinner slot. You know what to do. When the
    mechanism is activated, the spires of the Arbiter's Grounds will extend
    upwards and pull the chains attached to them. Out of the sand comes a large
    slab of stone, as well as a platform with a cracked mirror frame. Behold, the
    Mirror of Twilight.
    Midna stares in disbelief at the mirror's frame. All that is left is a single
    MIRROR SHARD. Zant must have destroyed it while he was here, before Link and
    Midna arrived. Then, Link and Midna look up to see a group of robed spirits
    standing on the spires overhead. They are the sages who have guarded the
    Mirror of Twilight throughout history at the command of the goddesses. They
    tell Link and Midna that the mirror was fragmented by magic. Dark magic
    possessed only by one man. Not Zant, but someone far more insidious. His name
    is Ganondorf. In ancient times, Ganondorf was a warlord who commanded a band
    of thieves who sought the powers of the Sacred Realm, just like Midna's
    ancestors. However, Ganondorf was brought to justice, and sentenced to death
    by the sages here in the Arbiter's Grounds. They attempted to execute him by
    chaining him to the stone slab that is in the Mirror Chamber now, and impaling
    him with a sword. But to their astonishment, Ganondorf was protected from
    death by the Triforce of Power that dwelt within him. He began to use his
    untapped powers to break free from his bindings. Before the sages could stop
    him, Ganondorf was able to kill one of them with his bare hands. In
    desperation, the sages turned to the Mirror of Twilight. They invoked its
    powers, and a dimensional rift was created. This rift took Ganondorf to the
    Twilight Realm, and then sealed itself off. The lingering spirits of the sages
    now suspect that Zant is using power derived from Ganondorf to fulfill his
    evil plans. Midna says that it is too late to stop him now that the only link
    to the Twilight Realm is destroyed, but the sages tell her otherwise. Only the
    true leader of the Twili could have completely shattered the mirror. Zant,
    whose power and leadership is false, could only break it into large shards. He
    proceeded to scatter the other pieces across Hyrule in hopes that the Mirror
    of Twilight could not be reassembled. However, the sages know where he hid
    them; one is in a snowy mountain peak, another in a sacred grove and the third
    in the heavens. Link should be able to gather the three remaining pieces, but
    he must be prepared for a powerful magic that dwells within them. Now it's
    time to hunt for these Mirror Shards and reassemble the Mirror of Twilight.
    Chapter 10: Tracking the Snow Beast.
    In the future, after you complete this and the next two dungeons, warp to
    Castle Town and return to Telma's Bar to find out where to go next. This time,
    Telma will tell you that Ashei, the young woman who was with the others around
    the back table before, went north to Snowpeak. Go over to the map on the table
    and check it out to find out exactly where she went. A red dot will be marked
    on your map at the Zora's Domain. Warp there and head down to the lower
    waterfall basin.
    When you land in the deep pool, swim to the east shore and walk into the icy
    tunnel behind the Zoras. This tunnel will take you to Snowpeak, an icy land in
    the Peak Province. Up ahead, you'll find Ashei staring out into the blizzard.
    At first, she looks like a terrible snow monster, but it is only a mask she is
    wearing for protection against the cold. Ashei came to Snowpeak because of the
    stories she was recently told by the Zoras. A beast that inhabits the frigid
    mountains has been seen lately near the Zora's Domain. Ashei managed to spot
    the beast herself and draw a quick sketch of it holding a red fish. She gives
    it to you, and warns you not to travel further into Snowpeak. Heed her advice
    and return to the river.
    Walk up to the Zoras near Snowpeak's entrance and show them Ashei's sketch.
    They'll inform you that the fish the snow beast is holding is a Reekfish.
    Supposedly, only Prince Ralis has been able to catch them. Perhaps the prince
    will be able to help you out, but you won't find him in the Zora's Domain.
    He's still in Kakariko Village, mourning his deceased mother. Warp to Kakariko
    When you get to the village, head towards the Graveyard. Go to the back and
    crawl through the narrow tunnel to reach the Zora grave. Prince Ralis will be
    standing in front of the grave on the other side. Swim over to him and talk to
    him. Ralis will offer to help you, so show him the sketch Ashei gave you.
    Ralis will inform you that the Reekfish the snow beast is holding is a rare
    species only found in the Zora's Domain. However, because its diet consists
    exclusively of coral, even the most skilled Zora fishermen can't catch it.
    Ralis's earring is made of this coral though, so he has the ability to catch
    these rare fish. He'll give you his Coral Earring so that you can catch them
    as well. This item will attach to your Fishing Rod and improve the quality of
    your catches, in addition to allowing you to catch Reekfish. The fish are only
    found near the Mother-and-Child Rocks in the waterfall basin. Exit the grotto
    and warp back to the Zora's Domain.
    The Mother-and-Child Rocks Ralis mentioned are two rock formations on the
    western side of the waterfall basin. Swim to the shore behind the rocks and
    get your newly-improved Fishing Pole out. Catching a Reekfish won't be
    difficult once you start fishing. When you get a bite, pull the fish onto
    shore, where it'll start flapping around. The fish certainly lives up to its
    name; fumes of orange fishy scent are wafting into the air from its body.
    Before the Reekfish reaches the water, transform into a wolf and sniff it. In
    exchange for the Poe's scent, you'll learn the Reekfish scent. Now you can
    follow the scent trail left behind by the snow beast's catch. Not
    surprisingly, the trail will snake across the river towards the entrance to
    Leap down to the edge of the icy lake below and start following the Reekfish
    scent across the ice floes. Avoid falling into the freezing water. You'll lose
    a heart and start over if you go in. The scent trail will eventually reach the
    other side of the lake. Start bounding up the snowy slope. The harsh blizzard
    blowing around you will make your ascent up the mountain dangerous. Stay in
    your wolf form at all times. If you don't stick closely to the Reekfish's
    scent trail, you'll get lost and have to restart (although no health will be
    deducted). For this reason, you couldn't venture far into Snowpeak before
    despite the fact that the entrance has been unblocked for some time now. Even
    within the proximity of the scent trail though, you'll face dangers. Icy
    beasts called WHITE WOLFOS will come out of the snow and attack you. White
    Wolfos are vicious and relentless, but easy to take down. These beasts will
    continue to assault you as you move up the mountain. Eventually, the trail
    will come to an impassable cliff. Simply move around to the right and go up a
    small slope. Then start climbing the rocky steps to get to the snowy ledge
    above you. The trail will once again reach a cliff. Go around again and find
    the ledge that it continues on. This path will take you a pair of ICE KEESE.
    These Keese have icy bodies that can freeze you solid on contact. While
    frozen, you'll lose health and remain immobile, so finish the Ice Keese off
    quickly. The path ahead goes up a snow bank though, and there's no way to
    pass. However, if you slam into the bank hard enough, the snow will fall and
    you'll be able to proceed. Keep following the scent trail after this. Sooner
    or later, you'll come to a howling stone at the edge of a slope. Go ahead and
    activate it. This time, the white wolf will appear in Kakariko Village's
    Graveyard. That's a shame, since you were just there to find Prince Ralis.
    Don't worry though; you'll get a chance to get your next hidden skill soon
    without having to climb up the mountain again. Press onward and avoid the
    White Wolfos and Ice Keese in the area. Finally, the scent trail will end at
    an underground cavern at the base of another cliff. Dig into it.
    This cavern is rather simple, but has its dangers. Avoid making contact with
    the blocks of ice along the sides, which will freeze you. You'll come to a
    ladder, so switch back to your human form. Rather than climbing though, simply
    use the Clawshot to grab onto the bluish vines on the ceiling above you. Now
    start climbing the stone steps and vine walls, fighting Ice Keese as you go.
    At the end, you'll reach a door marked with the immense handprints of the snow
    beast. Push it aside and exit.
    The snow beast is up ahead on your left at the top of the hill, holding a
    struggling Reekfish in his hands. Before you can reach him though, force
    fields will manifest around you. A new set of Shadow Beasts will be kind
    enough to provide you with a warp portal as soon as they sacrifice themselves
    to your sword. After wasting them, the blizzard will subside and reveal a
    splendid view of the Peak Province's mountains. Now that you have a portal
    made, you should return to Kakariko Village and learn the sixth hidden skill
    (the jump strike). Upon your return to Snowpeak, turn into a human, rush past
    the fluttering Ice Keese and approach the hulking figure of the snow beast.
    Don't be afraid of this big guy. Even though he looks intimidating, he's a
    friendly yeti that lives in the mountains. His name is Yeto, and he speaks
    Hylian (English) fairly well. When you talk to him, he'll ask you if you're
    here on a spiritual journey. If you say yes, he'll tell you a joke, but it
    doesn't matter which response you choose. After he hears about the Mirror
    Shard, he'll tell you that he found a broken shard one day while hiking in the
    mountains. He'll show it to you if you follow him to his home. Yeto will break
    off a frozen leaf from the nearby tree and use it as a sled to ride down the
    mountain trail ahead of him. You must do the same to follow him. After he
    zooms off, slam into the same tree to knock down one of its frozen leaves. Now
    approach the fallen leaf and get on.
    You get to sled all the way down the mountain slope on your frozen leaf.
    Handling the sled can take a bit of getting used to, but the path is simple
    and straightforward. While sledding, hold the A Button to crouch down and
    increase your speed. Also, release it to jump up into the air and clear gaps.
    Try to avoid the Ice Keese and various other obstacles, including pine trees
    and ice shards. You can find rupees scattered throughout the trail, but most
    of the good ones are in hard to reach places. There's a shortcut after the
    pine tree clearing that you can take by leaping onto the snowy ledge on the
    right side, but it's risky. Should you fall off the edge of the cliff, you'll
    have to restart your journey. Don't worry about staying close to Yeto; chances
    are he'll already be way ahead of you. Your destination is the purple dot on
    the map. When you get to the end, you'll be able to see Yeto's home. He lives
    in a luxurious mansion deep within the mountains. Yeto himself seems to have
    already gone in without you, so run up the steps and head inside after you
    finish the sled ride.
    Although large and spacious, Yeto's mansion is in a state of disrepair.
    However, it is so big that it counts as your fifth dungeon, called Snowpeak
    Ruins. Expect to see plenty of ice-based enemies and hazards, and don't do
    anything foolish like wear the Zora Armor. Several areas within this dungeon
    have icy floors that make movement a bit difficult and even play a part in
    some of the puzzles. Don't be afraid to go to Yeto for help though, once you
    find him shortly. To begin, walk through the entrance hall and take note of
    the Imp Poe in the middle. Quickly transform into a wolf and nab this guy's
    soul. There are Chus in here as well, but it's unlikely that you'll find any
    valuable ones. Since the stairs to the sides are smashed and broken, use the
    door at the north end when you finish up with the Poe.
    The room up ahead is the living room, where you'll meet Yeta. She is Yeto's
    wife, and the only other friendly inhabitant of the mansion. She'll beckon you
    closer, saying that she's sick and can't move much. Ever since she received
    the Mirror Shard from Yeto as a gift, Yeta has been feeling ill and strange
    monsters have appeared in their home. She tells you that the mirror is locked
    in the third floor bedroom, and then provides you with the location of the key
    by giving you the Dungeon Map. Yeta's memory isn't all that great, but she's
    pretty sure that the key is in the room marked with the red dot on the map.
    She'll point you in the direction of the west door, so take it.
    You'll enter the kitchen, where Yeto is happily brewing some soup for his sick
    wife. He'll invite you to try it, so go ahead and climb up next to the
    bubbling caldron and dip an empty Bottle in. The Simple Soup is made primarily
    of Reekfish meat, and restores two hearts when consumed. After you collect
    some, explore the area behind the shelves along the south wall. Run to the
    back corner and pick up the jars until you find Ooccoo. Now take the
    northwestern doorway.
    The cold storage room is frozen over, and there's a door on your right that
    you must go through. The only problem is that it is sealed shut, and the only
    way to unseal it is if you hold down to switch on the icy floor with
    something. You can use your own weight to press it, but you have to find
    something else if you want the door to stay unsealed after you step off. This
    is where the crates in the room come in. These large crates can be pushed, and
    will slip and slide across the ice until they hit something solid. You have to
    move one of them onto the switch so that the gate remains unsealed. There are
    three crates, but one is iced over and can't be touched without suffering the
    damage. Also, there's a block of ice covering another switch in the middle of
    the ice floor. Both it and the frozen crate will come into play later. The
    floor is slippery, so take extra care when walking near these objects. Start
    by pushing the southeast crate to the left. Now push the northwestern one to
    the right so that it touches the frozen crate. Then push this same crate down
    towards the south side. Now you can push the first crate back to the right.
    It'll be stopped by the newly positioned second crate, and you'll be able to
    push it down onto the switch. Exit the room through the lower east door.
    The passage ahead is blocked by ice, so turn into a wolf and burrow underneath
    the east wall where there is snow. You'll come out in a large courtyard. It is
    overlooked by a balcony where the third floor bedroom door is located. The
    eastern half of the courtyard is blocked off by a wall of ice, so you can't go
    there yet. Also, since the place is covered in thick snow, it would be ideal
    to be a wolf so that you won't have to plod through it. This also makes
    fighting the White Wolfos easier. These ones are tougher to take down than the
    ones you fought earlier, and their agility makes them quite formidable. After
    you destroy them all, open the chest at the south end for a red rupee. Further
    north, you'll see another chest buried in the snow with only its top visible.
    You can excavate it by digging around it. This chest has a small key in it.
    Now transform and go through the west door. It'll put you on the north side of
    the passage you couldn't get through just now. Your key will unlock the door
    at the end, but first you have to battle a pair of MINI FREEZARDS. These
    enemies are blocks of ice that slide around icy surfaces. They may look easy
    to beat (and actually are), but they can be quite annoying. This is because
    contact will instantly cause you to freeze and lose health. Even worse, when a
    Mini Freezard is struck with a sword, it will slide away at high speed and
    ricochet off the walls, making it even more dangerous. A second hit will
    shatter this enemy. The jump strike and spin attack are also useful for taking
    them out when they appear in groups as they often do. Lastly, explosives work
    as well as long as they don't make direct contact with the Mini Freezards and
    The door at the end of the passage will take you to a small and unimportant
    room. The floor here is icy and slick, and there are more Mini Freezards to
    deal with. The two doors here will seal until you defeat them all. Take the
    northwestern door afterwards to a new room. The chest Yeta placed the key in
    is up ahead in the next room, visible through the window. Before you can get
    to the opposite door though, it seals and two ice warriors drop down for
    battle. CHILFOS are tall, gangly creatures that are made completely of ice.
    They use spears made of ice to attack you. From a distance, a Chilfos will
    throw its spear like a lance, but up close it will jab you hard with it. This
    makes then very annoying and difficult to overcome. Keep your shield out and
    use techniques like the back slice and spin attack to take them down. After
    enough hits, the Chilfos will shatter and the doors will unseal. Take the
    south one to the chamber where the chest is sitting. The chest is on your
    right, so go over and open it. But, as Midna helpfully points out, that isn't
    a key that's inside. Rather, you'll get an Ordon Pumpkin. Yeta's memory must
    have failed her. Your only choice is to return to her. Use the south door as a
    shortcut back to the cold storage and climb on top of the heavy crates on your
    right to get over the shelves and to the kitchen..
    Yeta is confused about the pumpkin. Then she remembers that she actually left
    the key in another room at the north end of the mansion. The way to it is
    through the north door, which Yeta will unseal for you. But what do you do
    with your Ordon Pumpkin? Go back to the kitchen and speak to Yeto. He'll take
    the pumpkin from you and add it to his soup cauldron. Now his soup will be
    upgraded to Good Soup, which restores four hearts. Fill up on it before moving
    The north door from Yeta's living room will take you to the east side of the
    courtyard. Another pack of White Wolfos will be here to play with. Be careful
    when fighting them near the north end of the courtyard, because you don't want
    to get too close to the FREEZARD in front of the doorway. This ice monster is
    larger and even more dangerous than the mini variety. It expels a blast of icy
    breath that will freeze you solid in an instant. You can't defeat it yet, so
    just keep your distance. Since you aren't able to go through the door it's
    blocking, turn to the east wall instead. There's a locked door here, but no
    key in sight. Go through the opening in the northeast corner instead. There's
    a door on the other side to take.
    The room ahead is a frozen cellar. There's a cannon on one side and a
    cannonball on the icy floor up ahead. Battle your way through the Mini
    Freezards and pick up the cannonball. Now turn left and go around the block of
    ice to find a passage that goes south. Go to the end and make another right
    turn. There are more Mini Freezards in this area, so don't be too reckless.
    When you reach the north end, you'll find the cannon. There's a piece of paper
    on the wall nearby that tells you how it works. Just insert the cannonball
    inside through the back end and then put a bomb in after it. The explosion
    will shoot the cannonball out of the cannon. Furthermore, the cannon itself
    can be rotated to point in any direction. If you shoot the cannonball without
    rotating the cannon, it will smash through the ice block in the northwest
    corner and allow you to search the chest there for more Bombs. You also have
    to retrieve the cannonball after it is used. Take it back to the cannon and
    drop it in. Now grab the cannon's handles and rotate it 90 degrees to the
    left. It will be pointing south now. Drop a bomb into it and watch as the
    cannonball smashes a path through the ice blocks, exposing the southern door.
    Trot along and use it.
    You'll enter a room that's missing most of the floor. Watch out for the
    bottomless pit underneath; it's a doozy. To cross the room, you'll have to
    walk across the wooden beams connecting the supports. Start on your left,
    going southwards. Make sure you destroy the Mini Freezards up ahead before
    jumping across the gap. A fun way to deal with them is to use the Clawshot (or
    similar projectile weapon) to send them flying off into the abyss below. There
    are also a few Ice Keese in here to take care of. After clearing the first
    gap, slide down the small incline. There's another up ahead, but stay away
    from it unless you want to slide off and fall. Turn to the right instead and
    leap over to the beams nearby. Jump again to go right and open the chest here
    to find a red rupee. Now turn left and get to the back corner. A large chest
    here holds the Compass. Go back through the room by walking to the north end
    of this ledge and using the Clawshot on the medallion next to the door. Now
    return to the courtyard.
    Your search through the northeast corner of the first floor didn't produce a
    key, but the Compass will help you with that. It shows that there is a chest
    buried near the locked door in the courtyard. After dealing with the White
    Wolfos population, dig through the small mound of snow twice to fully uncover
    the chest with the key inside. Now go through the east door. This corridor has
    a ladder on your left that takes you to the second floor. However, there's a
    Freezard perched at the top, so there's nothing you can do about it. Anyway,
    you'll notice that the Compass has also revealed the location of the mansion's
    cannonballs. You'll be using them a lot, so this helps to keep track of them
    all. There are three here. You need to get them into the courtyard so that the
    cannon there can be used. You can't carry them through the door though, so
    seek an alternate method. To the left of the door is a metal contraption that
    consists of a lever and a scoop. This is a cannonball transporter. Grab the
    lever and pull it down to lower the scoop. Now pick up one of the cannonballs
    and place it in the scoop. Return to the courtyard afterwards. There is
    another transporter on this side of the wall as well. Pull down this lever to
    bring the cannonball through to this room. Now carry the ball to the cannon
    sitting along the west side of the room. Since it is currently pointing south,
    deposit the cannonball and then lay a bomb after it. The cannonball will
    shatter the block of ice along the south wall. Pick up some Bombs in the
    alcove. Now get the cannonball and return it to the cannon. You'll need to
    rotate it so that it points north towards the Freezard blocking the door to
    the room where Yeta claims the key is. Insert the cannonball once more and
    then follow up with a bomb. Say cheese, Freezard. The cannonball will demolish
    the monster, and the door will be unblocked. Watch out though; when a Freezard
    is destroyed, several Mini Freezards will be left in its place. If you're
    lucky, the cannon blast will take out most of them for you as well. Fight or
    avoid what remains, and then head through the door.
    This thin passage cuts through and armory and leads to the chamber with the
    key you're after. Only two immobile suits of armor stand in your way. As you
    scoot around the first and walk behind the second towards the end, the door
    will seal on you. Heavy footsteps begin to approach. Suddenly, the suit of
    armor behind you is smashed aside by a heavy metal ball, attached to a chain
    which is in turn in the hands of the other suit of armor. The deadly warrior
    advances, swinging the impressive ball of steel in circles around him. This
    foe is the DARKHAMMER. Outfitted with heavy iron armor and carrying the god
    among weapons, this enemy will be tough to overcome. As he swings the iron
    ball around himself, Darkhammer will steadily advance. His weapon is a
    hurricane of destruction that makes it difficult to reach his body. One option
    is to use the Clawshot on the ceiling to get behind Darkhammer, where his
    exposed tail lies. Even though there are medallions on the ceiling, any part
    of it is Clawshot-friendly. Another way to get to the mini-boss's tail is to
    wait for him to throw his ball at you. When he does, dodge it to avoid heavy
    damage. It'll take several moments for Darkhammer to pull back his weapon, so
    rush behind him and attack while he is vulnerable. Lastly, you can run right
    up to Darkhammer and stay within the circular path of the ball to avoid
    getting hit. Use a back slice to strike his tail. Unlike previous mini-bosses,
    Darkhammer's battle doesn't occur in cycles of three. Instead, this warrior
    simply fights until he has no energy left. Although he is dangerous, it won't
    take many successive hits to bring him down. When he finally collapses, he'll
    burst and leave behind his mighty weapon. Walk up to it and take it. The BALL
    AND CHAIN is now yours to use! This weapon is heavy and hard to move around
    with, but insanely powerful. It can shatter hard ice with ease and plow
    through armored enemies with little resistance. Like Darkhammer, you can swing
    it in circles to damage anything foolish enough to come near, or toss it
    forward to strike an enemy further ahead. When used this way, the Ball and
    Chain will hit an opponent on the way out and on the way back in. Lastly, it
    can even be used as a shield while in your hands to block attacks. After
    taking the Ball and Chain, use the north door.
    The storage chamber up ahead has blocks of ice in the back. Use the Ball and
    Chain to pulverize them. The chest on the other side should hold the key to
    the bedroom. Alas, it contains another ingredient from Ordon. This time, it's
    goat cheese. Midna is a little miffed about this, and you'll have to go back
    to Yeta once again. Before leaving, take out your anger on the various objects
    in the room. The Ball and Chain can be used to smash pretty much everything
    else in the room, and doing so on the suits of armor will uncover an orange
    As you pass through the courtyard, you can use the Ball and Chain to smash
    through to the west side, although it serves no purpose right now. The weapon
    will also mess up the White Wolfos pretty easily. Before returning to Yeta,
    don't forget to revisit the frozen cellar (where you used the first cannon) to
    smash through the ice along the walls and pick up a red rupee inside a chest.
    Mini Freezards beware of the Ball and Chain's might! Oh, and don't bother
    going into the eastern corridor next to the courtyard to get rid of the
    Freezard at the top of the ladder. Even though the Ball and Chain can destroy
    these icy monsters, this Freezard is too high up to reach. Anyway, go back to
    the living room when you're all set.
    Yeta can't seem to remember where the key really is. While she ponders about
    it, head into the kitchen and give Yeto your latest ingredient. The Ordon Goat
    Cheese will change the Good Soup into delicious Superb Soup, which restores
    eight hearts! If you are low on health, keep refilling your Bottle and
    drinking the soup until all health is restored, and then take one more serving
    for the road. Now go back to Yeta. She now remembers at last where she put the
    key, and she's pretty sure about it this time. She points out a room on the
    second floor. To get there, you'll have to go through the living room's east
    door. But wait, there's still treasure to be had! Go instead to the mansion's
    entrance hall.
    Near the front of the room, there are eight Darkhammer-esque suits of armor
    along the wall that can be smashed up with the Ball and Chain. One of them
    will release an orange rupee, while another conceals an Imp Poe. Furthermore,
    two others guard chests. After they are out of the way, the chests can be
    ransacked for yellow and red rupees. Ok, now head back to the living room and
    use the east door.
    The next room has a Freezard caged behind the block of ice. Before worrying
    about it, turn left and use the door there. You'll be back in the eastern
    corridor, where you found the stockpile of cannonballs. Push the crate ahead
    of you into the gap behind it to get access to the cannonballs. Pick one up
    and carry it to the cannonball transporter on the south wall. Pull the lever
    down and insert the ball into the scooper. Now go around to the caged
    Freezard's room and pull the second lever down to bring the cannonball in.
    Leave it for now, and get the Ball and Chain ready. To get to the Freezard,
    smash the block of ice next to its cage and start walking up the inclined
    path. The Freezard will start spewing its stream of icy breath back and forth,
    and the only way to get a clear shot at it is to stand in front of the gap in
    the cage. This puts you in danger of being frozen by the Freezard, so quickly
    smash the beast up with the Ball and Chain. It'll take two hits to shatter it.
    You don't have to worry about the Mini Freezards that are left behind, since
    they can't escape the cage. Further up the path, you'll find another cage with
    a Freezard inside. Defeat it in the same way you defeated the first. At the
    top of the path, smash down another block of ice with the Ball and Chain to
    expose a cannon and some Ice Keese. Go back downstairs to retrieve the
    cannonball, and then place it inside the cannon. Don't worry about it for now
    though. Turn to the right and enter the small side room here. A section of the
    floor is badly damaged, and striking it with the Ball and Chain will destroy
    it completely. You can jump through this hole to the first floor store room
    and find a chest with a Piece of Heart. This room connects to the entrance
    hall, but there's an impassable gap between you and the door. To exit, use the
    Clawshot to pull yourself up by the medallion on the east wall above you. The
    west door here is locked, so go back to the main part of the room and use the
    door up ahead in the northeast corner.
    Immediately after you come in this next room, target the Chilfos on your right
    and smash it to bits with your Ball and Chain. One hit will destroy the
    Chilfos, but the speed and range of its attacks can be troublesome even with
    your latest weapon. The next thing you'll want to do is break off the chunk of
    ice on the west wall to expose a Clawshot medallion. That's there in case you
    fall into the room below, where you found the Compass. Now stand in the middle
    of the southern side and look out towards the center. There's an iron
    chandelier hanging ahead of you. Target it, and then blast it with the Ball
    and Chain. This will make it start swinging back and forth. When it comes
    near, jump out to it. Then, when it gets to the opposite side, jump to the
    north balcony. Take care of the Ice Keese and open the chest for a small key.
    Now use the Clawshot to pull yourself back across the gap using the medallion
    you just exposed. Return to the previous room and run across to the side
    chamber with the damaged floor. The door on your right here can be unlocked
    with your new key.
    You'll emerge at the top of the staircase in the mansion's entrance hall.
    Start by smashing the ice on your right to find another medallion, in case you
    fall to the first floor. Head west and use the Ball and Chain again to get the
    chandelier in the gap ahead to start swinging. Be careful though, because
    there's a Chilfos on the opposite side to meet you. Before you use the west
    door, stand on the chandelier and look south. There are two more chandeliers
    between you and the south entrance. If you use the Ball and Chain to get them
    both swinging, you can cross and reach the ledge on the south side. The chest
    on it has a Piece of Heart. Along the way, Ice Keese will attack you. Try not
    to let them take up too much of your time, or else the chandelier will lose
    momentum and you won't be able to reach the ledge or next chandelier. After
    you grab the heart piece, make your way back to the upper northwest corner and
    use the door there.
    The next room is completely iced over, making the entire floor slippery. The
    enemies here give you an even chillier reception. There are several Mini
    Freezards huddled near the center of the room, making excellent targets for
    your Ball and Chain. On the other side, you can use the Ball and Chain again
    to smash through the ice and find an Imp Poe. You should be able to coax it
    out of hiding without smashing the ice if you so choose, but that would
    deprive you of wrecking ball fun. The door leading east, further north of
    where you came in, is locked. The only other door here is the northwest one.
    Go through it.
    In the upper part of the cold storage room, there's a door on your right that
    remains sealed unless you press its corresponding switch, much like the first
    door down below. Start by going right and pushing the crate off the edge of
    the balcony so that you have a way of getting back up here after you finish
    the puzzle down below. Before you begin pushing the crates around, use the
    Ball and Chain to smash the ice covering the third crate and the second switch
    on the floor. Now start by pushing the crate that is currently on the first
    switch northwards. Don't worry about the door down here; you can put a crate
    on its switch easily after you put one on the second switch. Now push the
    crate that is directly north and east of the first crate's former position
    westwards. The third crate in the northeast corner can now be pushed south,
    then west, and finally north so that it touches the first crate. This crate in
    turn can be moved in the exact same way so that it lines up behind the third
    crate, and on top of the switch. The upper door will unseal, but you have more
    work to do if you want to unseal the bottom door for whatever reason. Just
    slide the crate north of the one on the second switch back down to the south
    side, and then push it into the alcove with the first switch. Afterwards,
    climb back up to the upper floor and use the door along the east wall.
    Welcome back to the courtyard. Turn left and deal with the Chilfos tossing ice
    spears at you from the wall up ahead. Afterwards, jump to the top of the same
    wall and follow it up to the ledge where two more Chilfos are hanging out. Be
    careful not to fall while combating them. Next, get the Clawshot out and shoot
    the medallion on the wall in the next room, north of your location. Drop down
    and use the door here.
    Start in the next room by smashing the ice on the wall next to you to free up
    another medallion. Hopefully you won't need to use it. Now use the Ball and
    Chain to swing the chandelier ahead of you. Once you get on it, turn towards
    the south and hit another chandelier. Use this one to reach the south balcony.
    The small chest here has a small key. Now use the door behind it to return to
    the cold storage room. Make your way across and reenter the frozen room where
    you found the last Imp Poe and the Mini Freezards. Your new key will unlock
    the door on your left.
    The room directly above Yeta's living room has two big Freezards in it. These
    guys won't move in a methodical pattern like the caged ones you saw earlier.
    Instead, they'll look right at you and expel their icy breath. Don't
    underestimate the range of this attack either. Use the Ball and Chain to smash
    them and the Mini Freezards they leave behind to bits. One Freezard is along
    the north wall, while the other is on the east side. Both block separate
    passages. Ignore the north door for the moment and go to where the second
    Freezard was stationed. Two crates on the wall can be pushed outwards to
    create a path between this room and the room with the Freezard cages. Jump
    down and go to the cannon in the back. If you didn't load it earlier, go
    downstairs and use the cannonball transporter to get one from the nearby
    corridor, and then place it in the cannon. It must be rotated so that it
    points west. When you fire it, the cannonball will be shot into the other
    room. Climb back up after it. Now place the cannonball into the transporter
    and go through the north door next to it.
    Once again, you'll be in the courtyard. And once again, you may want to smash
    the ice on your right to expose a convenient Clawshot medallion. Afterwards,
    pull down the lever on the cannonball transporter to the left of the door to
    get the cannonball. Now load it into the cannon at the end of the ledge. This
    cannon is pointed diagonally towards the southwest. Rotate it until it points
    northeast. Now place a bomb in it and watch the cannonball fly through the air
    and smash the Freezard at the top of the ladder in the eastern corridor. Jump
    down to ground level afterwards and use the west door. Climb the ladder on
    your left inside the corridor, and then take out any surviving Mini Freezards
    at the top. The pathway up ahead will take you to Yeto and Yeta's bedroom,
    where the Mirror Shard is being held. However, you still need that key to open
    it. Take the door on your right here.
    This door leads to a snowy chapel. As soon as you enter, the doors will seal
    you in. Look up to see several stalactites of ice hanging from the ceiling.
    Try to destroy them with the Ball and Chain before you get too near. You
    aren't in danger of getting impaled by falling ice stalactites, but they will
    fall and turn into Chilfos if you don't get rid of them. After you take out
    the first few, the rest of them will probably fall anyway and fill the room
    with Chilfos. Start swinging the Ball and Chain and take out each Chilfos one
    by one. The pews here can be used as cover against their lances, but they
    won't last against your own Ball and Chain. This actually works to your
    advantage. You can get as close as you can to a Chilfos as long as there is a
    pew in between the two of you, and it won't be able to attack. In turn, you
    can smash right through the pew and decimate the Chilfos instantly. The
    trouble arises when you get multiple Chilfos attacking you from different
    directions. After you defeat every Chilfos, the doors will unseal. Open the
    north door and look to the right to find a chest. At long last, you'll get the
    Bedroom Key from it. It acts as this dungeon's Big Key. Go back through the
    chapel and return to the courtyard.
    Yeta will be standing outside the chapel door. She had some of Yeto's soup,
    and is feeling better now. She will take you up to the bedroom door, but you
    don't need to follow her since she walks pretty slowly. When you get to the
    door, use the key. Yeta will go in after you.
    The piece of the Mirror of Twilight is hanging on the wall on the other side
    of the bedroom. Yeta will waddle over to it and stare at her own reflection.
    She continues to stare, mesmerized by the mirror's beauty. Suddenly, she
    begins to tweak. An ominous darkness fills the room, and Yeta continues to
    twitch. Then she turns to face you with a chilling shriek. Her face transforms
    into that of a horrid monster with gleaming red eyes and saber-like fangs. The
    mirror has possessed her! Windows shatter and icy wind blows into the room.
    Ice and snow begin to form around Yeta, and she is turned into TWILIT ICE MASS
    BLIZZETA. With a crash, Blizzeta lands in front of you and the floor ices
    over. It's boss time. Blizzeta starts off as a big block of sculpted ice.
    She'll twirl around the room and slide across the floor, bouncing off the
    walls and causing pain when she hits you. Bring out the Ball and Chain and
    start whirling it around. As Blizzeta slides near, smack her with it. The ball
    will break large chunks of ice off of the ice mass, but it will continue
    sliding and spinning even faster. With every successive hit, Blizzeta will
    decrease in size but gain speed. After a few hits, her shape will change to a
    more angular swirling mass of ice. Occasionally, she will summon several dozen
    Mini Freezards and fling them towards you. These will disappear as soon as
    they hit you or the walls, but should be avoided nonetheless. Finally, after
    bashing her around enough, Blizzeta will shatter and Yeta will reappear. She
    is still under the spell of the Mirror of Twilight, so the battle won't finish
    here. A new ice structure will form around Yeta, and the battle will reach its
    second phase. This time, Blizzeta will float above you, out of your reach. To
    keep track of her, look for her reflection in the icy floor. In addition to
    the main ice mass, Blizzeta will have several crystalline shards of ice
    surrounding her. These will line up and start hovering directly above you. In
    moments, they will crash down onto you in succession. Keep running to avoid
    getting hit. After the last one falls, turn quickly and use the Ball and Chain
    to smash away as many of them as you can before they rise up again. They'll
    release hearts when destroyed, and there will be less of them to avoid next
    time. Now the ice shards will form a ring above you and crash down again. This
    time, they'll surround you and keep you from escaping Blizzeta herself. She
    will attempt to land in between them and crush you. If you managed to destroy
    any of the shards before, you can escape through the gaps in the ice shard
    circle. Once you do that, quickly turn and use the Ball and Chain to strike
    Blizzeta while she is on the ground. She won't stay down for more than a few
    seconds, and smashing her will be near impossible if you get hit right before
    she lands. If you can't hit Blizzeta, at the very least try to destroy more
    ice shards. The next time they fall around you in a ring, the gap will be
    wider and getting out of Blizzeta's way will be easier. If you take too long
    to hit her or manage to destroy all of the shards though, Blizzeta will create
    a full set of them again. Try to leave one or two of them intact to avoid
    this. After Blizzeta goes back up into the air, she will repeat her attack
    pattern. First dodge the train of ice shards, and then dodge Blizzeta herself
    so that you can bash her with the Ball and Chain again. Each hit will smash
    off a large piece of Blizzeta's mass. After the third hit, Blizzeta will be
    gone for good and the room will return to normal.
    From Blizzeta's remnants, the MIRROR SHARD reforms and falls into your hands.
    Midna pops up and takes it. She is concerned about the Mirror of Twilight's
    powers and its effects on innocent people like Yeta. She urges you to find the
    other Mirror Shards before more people get hurt. After that, she'll create the
    portal. Just then though, Yeto will burst through the door. Upon seeing his
    unconscious wife, he'll storm across the room and pick her up in his arms.
    Yeta slowly reawakens, back to her normal self. Yeta asks about the mirror,
    but Yeto tells her to forget it. He tells his wife to look into his eyes and
    see the beauty within him. Yeta doesn't need a mirror as long as she has her
    loving husband. Aw. The two embrace, and a torrent of hearts spills forth.
    Lastly, a Heart Container is produced from their love. Walk over and grab the
    hearts and Heart Container, and then leave the yeti couple to enjoy their
    moment of happiness.
    Chapter 11: Mind over Matter.
    You now have two shards of the Mirror of Twilight in your collection, counting
    the original piece still waiting in the Mirror Chamber. Recall that the sages
    said the remaining Mirror Shards were hidden in a sacred grove and in the
    heavens. It should be rather obvious where the next one is located. Warp to
    Castle Town and check out the map in Telma's bar to confirm the location of
    the next resistance member, who is none other than Rusl. He's standing in
    North Faron Woods, where the girl monkey told you about the Sacred Grove the
    first time. Warp there next.
    Rusl will be waiting for you on top of the outcrop near Trill's shop. He tells
    you about the temple deep within the Sacred Grove, supposedly built by the
    ancestors of the Hylians. The temple was said to be built to guard an ancient
    power. Rusl would like you to investigate the grove, so agree to his request.
    To help you get across, he will call his trusty companion by whistling the
    hawk grass melody. Instead of a hawk though, or a Kargarok for that matter, a
    golden Cucco flaps into his hands! Rusl claims that his unlikely companion is
    quite the flyer, and will help you get across the gorge. Pick up the Cucco and
    jump off the ledge behind Rusl. As long as you keep the Cucco in your hands,
    you can glide ahead and reach the platform sticking out of the trail to the
    Forest Temple. Another similar platform further along can be reached next.
    Finally, hop across to the tunnel that leads to the hidden ravine. When you
    get inside, put the golden Cucco down and get the Gale Boomerang out. Target
    the fan on top of the wooden bridge ahead of you, and shoot the boomerang to
    rotate the bridge. Now use the Cucco to float over to it. Drop it again, and
    use the Gale Boomerang to reposition the bridge. Now you can reach the rocky
    ledge on your right. The next part is tricky. Do you remember those swinging
    logs that you had to get through last time? If not, just look at what's in
    front of you. This time, you must float past the logs using the Cucco without
    getting hit. Jump as soon as the log swings by. After landing on the platform,
    repeat this maneuver to get to solid ground. Go ahead and leave Rusl's golden
    companion behind and enter the Sacred Grove.
    When you approach the center of the first clearing, Skull Kid will appear from
    the forest canopy and giggle mischievously. He blows his leafy horn, and four
    Puppets appear. It looks like Skull Kid wants to play another game of hide-
    and-seek. This time, you can play as a human and use your weapons against
    Skull Kid and his minions. Fortunately, the feeble Puppets are as easy to
    dismantle as ever. Chase Skull Kid to the next clearing. Before, Skull Kid
    would take you from one clearing to the next, and open the way to some of them
    after you found him. This time, you can explore the entire maze right from the
    start. How do you keep track of where Skull Kid is hiding then? The lantern he
    carries will bathe the forest around him in orange light, so you can tell if
    he is in the next clearing by looking for this light. If you don't see it,
    turn around or move through the clearing without wasting time searching. As
    before, you can also listen for the sound of his horn and his playful giggles.
    Start his game by taking a hard right turn from the second clearing. Skull
    Kid's light will be visible here. He will hide behind the tree in the back
    right corner, so flush him out and peg him with and arrow. Now he'll run off
    again. In the next clearing, you might want to look for the resident Imp Poe
    and add his soul to your collection before moving on. Chase Skull Kid through
    the next few clearings until you find the one with a pair of torches. Lighting
    them both with the Lantern will cause a chest with Bombs to appear. Collect
    them and move to the clearing nearby with the pool of water and the logs
    sticking out of it. Skull Kid will be dancing happily on top of one of the
    logs, so take aim and hit him with an arrow again. Next, Skull Kid will run
    away and hide in the clearing with the tree bridge, which is between the
    second clearing and the one with the Bomb chest. However, you will have to
    chase him through many other clearings first before he stays put in that one.
    When you can finally hear his giggles and horn, climb onto the tree bridge and
    look up towards the trees. Skull Kid will be hanging out on one of the upper
    branches. Shoot him once more. Skull Kid will open the tunnel at the end of
    the tree bridge, so follow him. In the next clearing, take the path straight
    ahead. Lastly, jump down into the new clearing and prepare for another face-
    off with Skull Kid and his Puppets.
    Skull Kid will pop up on top of the center stone and throw a small tantrum
    before summoning a few Puppets. Waste them, and then look up towards their
    master. Before he sics more Puppets on you, aim your Hero's Bow at him and let
    an arrow fly. He will vanish and reappear on a high branch. With a blow of his
    horn, a wave of six Puppets will appear. Destroy them and look around until
    you spot Skull Kid again. Try to hit him before he is able to teleport or
    summon more Puppets. If he does call out more, get rid of them all so that you
    can get a clear shot at Skull Kid. The third time, do the same. Finally, Skull
    Kid will surrender and tell you about a 'secret place'. After his departing
    words, a path will open in front of you. Take it to reach the south end of the
    Sacred Grove's ruined temple.
    This part of the temple was inaccessible to you before. Go left and push the
    stone block there off the ledge so that you reach the area below. Up ahead of
    you, you'll see a statue similar to the ones that were guarding the Master
    Sword during your first visit. This one is standing guard in front of an
    ancient door that doesn't seem to lead anywhere. Jump down the steps on your
    left and head through the passage to reach the main courtyard with the two
    statues. Walk past them and enter the chamber where you found the Master
    Sword. When you get to the pedestal from which you drew the blade from, strike
    it into the ground by pressing the A Button. Instantly, the guardian statue
    that was in front of the strange door will vanish. Withdraw the Master Sword
    and return to the courtyard.
    As you step past the two statues, Shadow Beasts drop from the sky. Even the
    Sacred Grove isn't safe from the reach of these foul monsters, but at least
    you get a portal out of this battle. Five beasts will appear this time, along
    with a large flock of Keese. Wipe out the Keese first, and then get rid of the
    Shadow Beasts. This is the last time you'll ever have to fight the Shadow
    Beasts in this manner, and the last portal left to be made. After the battle
    is over, run to the back of the ruined temple and climb up to where you saw
    the door. Approach the door and open it to step into the realm beyond.
    Rather than a question of where you are, it is a matter of when you are. The
    door will transport you back through time, when the ruined temple around you
    was still standing. This is the Temple of Time. Walk down the steps to the
    entrance hall below. Immediately turn left if you want to find a Golden Bug in
    the corner. If you have been getting all of the bugs as soon as possible, then
    this snail will be your final one. Whenever you get the chance, return to
    Agitha in Castle Town to get the Giant Wallet. Anyway, head north past the
    guardian statues and enter the chamber where the Master Sword once rested.
    Like you did before (or rather, back when you were in present time), strike
    the pedestal with the Master Sword to unlock a new path. A mystical staircase
    of blue light will appear before you, leading up to the stained-glass window
    ahead. Suddenly, Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. will run past you and go up the steps.
    The window disappears as they run through. Follow them and go through the
    entrance of the next dungeon.
    The magnificent Temple of Time was built by the ancestors of the Hylians.
    Along with their ancient architecture, the temple contains new enemies and new
    puzzles that must be solved in order to reach the Mirror Shard that is hidden
    here. Don't be daunted by the number of floors this dungeon has. Even though
    it has more of them than any other dungeon you have explored before, the path
    through it is fairly linear.
    Enter the grand, cathedral-like entrance chamber. Ahead of you, there is a
    large golden, bell-like object. Go around it and walk to the other side of the
    room. The ornate gate here is flanked by a single sentry statue. Midna thinks
    it odd that this statue doesn't have a match like the others you saw in the
    entrance hall. She thinks it would be a good idea to investigate with your
    senses. That's your cue to turn into a wolf, activate your senses and poke
    around the area where the second statue should be. Sure enough, the ghostly
    form of an identical statue is standing there. Midna says that in order to
    open the gate, the statue that originally stood there must be returned. Turn
    around and survey the rest of the room. Dual stairways go up from either side
    and lead to a door above the one you entered from. However, both stairways are
    too high up to reach at the base. Next to the steps in front of the golden
    gate, there are two square daises with pots and statuary. The east one has a
    switch on it that will raise a step that will allow you to reach the eastern
    staircase. However, something else must be used to hold it down because it
    won't stay pressed when you step off. Any of the pottery or the small, hollow
    statuette on the western dais can be used. Run over to the eastern staircase
    and climb on. Now go up it to reach the upper south door. Ooccoo will be
    waiting for you at the top of the stairs. Before she joins you, she mentions
    that the temple was built by her people long ago. Ooccoo's people are the
    ancestors of the Hylians!? Anyway, it appears that whatever Ooccoo has been
    looking for all this time is close by, so she will stick with you once again
    and help you warp to the present-day Sacred Grove and back. Now you'll notice
    that the door up ahead is locked. Bummer. Go down the western staircase, but
    don't jump off at the end. Two ornate torches sit side-by-side at the bottom.
    Whip out your Lantern and set them ablaze. A chest will appear between them.
    Open it and grab the small key inside. Now run back to the upper south door
    and unlock it to reach the next room.
    Walk ahead and check out the YOUNG GOHMA prowling around. This hairy beast is
    one of a diverse group of creatures recognized by their spider-like appearance
    and single, staring eye. It is at a young stage in its life, and not very
    difficult to defeat. A single smash with the Ball and Chain will kill it. Now
    look around. Another Young Gohma is waiting for you in a corridor to the west,
    but a set of gates keeps you locked in and the Gohma out. However, there is a
    switch in the middle of the floor that will make the gates retract when
    pressed. You need something to hold it down while you continue through. Start
    by standing on the switch and killing the Young Gohma with arrows or something
    like that. Now run along and find a pot to place on the switch. If you went
    ahead and smashed them all, return to the previous room and come back. Once
    the pot is in position on the switch, the west and south gates will retract.
    The south alcove has a chest with 30 arrows in it. There is another alcove to
    the east, but all it contains is another strange golden bell. You can strike
    it with the Ball and Chain to make it drop a red rupee, but its true function
    will remain a mystery for now. Now run past the west set of gates, but stop
    right afterwards. Yet another gate up ahead blocks your path, and it too is
    controlled by the floor switch in the chamber. However, it is inversely
    functional to the other gates, so when they are open it will close. Since you
    can't go back and remove the pot without the other gates closing on you, stay
    where you are and shoot it with the Clawshot or arrow. Now run up the steps
    behind the second gate.
    The steps will go up to the right, and then veer to the left again. Between
    the stairs and the next chamber, you have to face four Lizalfos. Use your
    various sword techniques to cut them down. The hexagonal chamber at the top is
    similar to the one down below, but has more alcoves along the sides. The ones
    on either side of the entrance have windows and small pots or statuettes,
    while the one across from you has a golden bell. The north exit is blocked by
    a gate controlled by two switches in front of it. Lastly, there's an alcove on
    the west side with a strange statue. Approach this statue, but be cautious. It
    will come to life and attack when it senses you. This is an ARMOS. It attacks
    by making short hops towards you and pounding its hammer down when it gets
    close enough. It moves slowly, but makes up for this in defense. An Armos's
    only weak spot is the crystal on its back. Move behind it and start slashing
    away, or just finish it in a single hit with the Ball and Chain. Afterwards,
    the Armos will malfunction and go berserk, hopping around and slamming its
    hammer franticly for a few seconds before exploding. After you defeat it, a
    chest will appear where the Armos was standing originally. Open it to claim
    the Dungeon Map. Now work on putting something on the switches. Watch out for
    the Keese that dwell in the windowed alcoves. Also, there's a small chest in
    one of these alcoves that has a red rupee for you to plunder. Use either pots
    or statuettes to press the two switches in front of the gate, and then head
    through when it opens. More Keese will attack you in the next passage. Make a
    right and head towards the door at the end.
    Walk through the door to get to a very large and spacious chamber with
    multiple floors. The enclosure in the center is closed off by electrical
    energy beams, so you can't get inside there yet. Go around the perimeter of
    the floor level and start picking off the Lizalfos. Additionally, there is a
    white Beamos near the entrance that should be disposed of. Now head around to
    the south side of the room and start climbing up the stairs. When you pass the
    second floor, you will need the Spinner to get further up the staircase
    because a large section of it is missing. At the top, there is a door to your
    left with a lock on it. Turn right and walk towards the circular platform in
    the center. The outer walkway has a set of spiked spinners running through it,
    so don't stick around too long. In the very center, there is a large lever
    that can be used to rotate the platform beneath it. Before you do that though,
    go around the spiked spinner walkway counterclockwise to find a small
    statuette sitting on an alcove. Pick it up and carry it to the south side of
    the walkway. Here you will find two switches. Place the statuette on one of
    them. Another statuette must be found to place on the other switch, so go back
    through the walkway and step inside the center platform. Push the lever
    clockwise to reach the bottom floor. Down here you will find the second
    statuette. Before going back up though, take the time to eliminate the BABY
    GOHMAS scuttling around the enclosure. These are larval Gohmas just barely
    hatched. They are timid and weak creatures, preferring to run away rather than
    fight (although they occasionally come close to bite you). Many weapons will
    get rid of them, but perhaps the most efficient is the Spinner. It can be used
    to plow right through the swarm of disgusting larvae. Killing them all will
    deactivate the energy beams at the west end of the enclosure. Now go back and
    pull the center lever counterclockwise to get to the second level again. Carry
    the statuette over to the south set of switches and place it on the second
    switch, but be careful of the spiked spinners. A platform behind them will
    come up rapidly, probably before you can even reach it. Just pick up a
    statuette to lower it again, and then stand on the platform. From there, place
    the statuette on the switch again and let the platform push you up. Now you
    can use the south door on the fifth floor.
    The chamber you enter will seal when you step in. There are two Armos standing
    guard in this room, and they must be defeated before you can leave again.
    Creep around them if possible and try to finish them off before even awakening
    them. After they are both destroyed, a chest will appear in the east alcove
    and the seal over the exit will be removed. Open the new chest to get a small
    key. Before leaving, climb to the back of the room and open the chest there to
    get a red rupee.
    When you return to the previous chamber, go around the center platform and use
    the key to open the east door. The corridor that connects to the higher floors
    is very long, but divided into sections. In the first part, there is a green,
    diamond-shaped switch on your left. When shot, it will turn red and the low
    gates in this room will move. Some gates will close, others will open. The
    switch can be shot again to reverse the function. With this in mind, you can
    methodically move through the room as long as you keep the switch in sight.
    Before you shoot it, walk forward and defeat the Beamos along the north wall.
    Stand in its immediate area afterwards and shoot the diamond-shaped switch.
    The gate ahead will slide to the left, exposing a new path but cutting off the
    one after it. Move on and stand in the gray circle on the floor. Once again,
    take aim and shoot an arrow through the golden ring to turn the switch green
    again. The second north gate will open. Before going through, remember to use
    the Ball and Chain to pound a red rupee out of the golden bell in the south
    alcove. Anyway, destroy the second Beamos and loop around to reach the far end
    of the room. The staircase is blocked, so you'll have to shoot the diamond-
    shaped switch one more time. First though, open the chest in the alcove to get
    the Compass. If you don't do it beforehand, you won't be able to reach it when
    the gate slides to the right. Afterwards, shoot an arrow through the golden
    rings and hit the switch again. Take the staircase that is revealed.
    A Lizalfos will show up as you pass through this staircase. Another one
    wearing a skull mask will come after you as you enter the next part of the
    long corridor. This section is designed similarly to the previous one. The
    red, diamond-shaped switch along the east side of the room controls the
    position of the gates here. Stand in the area below and shoot it once to open
    the first set of gates. Move on to the next area and prepare to fight a
    Lizalfos and a DYNALFOS. The latter enemy is an ill-tempered lizard warrior
    wearing hard armor and carrying a shield, a heavy axe and three wicked tail
    blades. Dynalfos are hard to overcome, and are more proficient with battle
    techniques than simple Lizalfos. They block your sword strikes and even the
    shield attack with ease. Use the more advanced maneuvers taught to you by the
    Hero's Shade to take this guy down. After the battle, fire at the diamond-
    shaped switch again. Don't bother going in the area to the north, because
    beams of energy block the way. In the third area, take down another Dynalfos
    before it causes too much damage. Hit the diamond-shaped switch one more time
    afterwards to reach the staircase that will take you to the exit door.
    The next chamber is crawling with Gohmas of both ages. Tackle the bigger ones
    first, and then proceed to eliminate every last larva. When the Gohma scourge
    has been taken care of, a chest with a purple rupee inside will appear in the
    northwest corner. For more cash, smack the golden bell in here like you did
    the previous ones. Now climb the stairs along the north side to reach a fancy
    set of golden scales. In order to move past them, you must use statuettes to
    balance out your weight as you step on them. One statuette is equal to half
    your weight, so two will be enough to balance the scales. Pick up the
    statuette on the first scale. The right one will go down as you step on, but
    you can throw the statuette onto the left scale to join its match already
    sitting there. When the scales balance out, step onto the left one. It will
    sink down, but not so much that you aren't able to reach the ledge on the
    other side. Ignore the south door for the moment as you move ahead and use the
    Clawshot to reach a platform on the southeast side. There is another statuette
    up here. Pick it up and carry it all the way around to the golden scales. Set
    it down wherever, and then go back to the floor level. Yet another statuette
    can be obtained by knocking it off one of the pillars near the entrance with
    the Ball and Chain. It may take several hits to get it down though. After the
    statuette drops, carry it to the scales as well. Place both of the new ones on
    the right set and step on. Now throw them both over to the left scale so that
    they outweigh you and push the scale you are on upwards. From this height, you
    will be able to reach the Clawshot medallion on the ceiling. Shoot it, then
    drop down onto the top of the center structure and follow the thin ledge to
    the east wall. With the Spinner, travel counterclockwise around the room until
    you reach the western ledge. There is an Imp Poe in the area, as well as a
    chest at the far end of the ledge with a red rupee inside. Take the west door
    after you collect these rewards.
    You will enter a chamber with an Armos and two Helmasaurs inside. The
    Helmasaurs, being the faster and more aggressive enemies, should be dealt with
    first. Then move in on the Armos. After the area is secure, Clawshot yourself
    up to the back ledge. There is a simple chest near the back with a red rupee.
    Surprise, surprise. There are also four switches on the floor that need to be
    pressed in order to open the alcove underneath this ledge with the Big Key
    chest inside. As before, the switches need to be held down with objects in
    order for the gates to remain open. Use the nearby statuettes and Helmasaur
    shells (you can pull them up with the Clawshot). After you get the gates to
    stay open, jump down and grab the Big Key. Don't think you can go and fight
    the boss now; you still need to find that missing sentry statue and return it
    to its place. Return to the room with the golden scales and leap down to the
    south door. Go through.
    The set of corridors ahead begins with an enclosure dominated by a Beamos and
    several spiked spinners. The spinners move in circles around the Beamos,
    giving you all the more reason to keep your distance. Shoot an arrow from afar
    to destroy the Beamos's eye, and then carefully run past the spinners to reach
    the west side. Climb the staircase here to get to the next area. Here, you
    must deal with a few Lizalfos before continuing. Be careful; the area ahead is
    laden with deadly traps. Spiked beams roll along the floors, and a very sharp
    blade is swinging like a pendulum to the south. Do your best to avoid the
    first beam and the swinging blade to reach the chest on the other side. There
    is a key in it. Now traverse the area again and get to the northwest corner.
    The statuette here will be needed, so pick it up and carry it around to the
    floor switch nearby. If the spiked beam hits you along the way, note that the
    statuette will be heavy enough to stop it in its tracks while on the floor.
    Anyway, place the statuette on the switch to deactivate the electrical beams.
    Now climb the stairway.
    In this chamber, you have to fight your way through a multitude of Baby Gohmas
    and two Armos. Defeating the Gohmas will produce a chest on the north ledge
    containing a purple rupee, while defeating the Armos will open the east gates.
    Ignore the floor switch for now and climb up to the east ledge. Go around the
    golden bell and open the door at the end with the key you got earlier.
    As you step through, the door will close and seal. The chamber you enter is at
    the very top of the Temple of Time, and it is in here that the lost sentry
    statue sits. It is on a ledge in the back of the chamber, silhouetted against
    the sunlit, stained-glass window. Something else is standing in the center of
    the arena as well however. When you approach it, the armored figure turns
    slowly and then brandishes his massive sword in an aggressive manner. This
    mighty foe is the DARKNUT. He utilizes the most advanced swordplay known among
    any enemy you have yet encountered. On top of that, he carries a large buckler
    that will put most of your sword techniques to shame. The key to winning is to
    hit the Darknut when he doesn't have his buckler ready. This opportunity only
    comes when he tries to attack you with his massive sword. Target the knight
    and begin circling with your shield out, ever alert for signs of an attack.
    Don't get too close to him, because he knows how to perform a shield attack
    and expose you to his attacks. When he is about to strike, sidestep or roll
    out of the way, and then attack. You will probably only be able to hit him no
    more than a few times before he raises his buckler again. You can use jump
    attacks, spin attacks and back slices to hit him. If you succeed in damaging
    the Darknut, a piece of his armor will fall off. With patience, similar
    tactics will continue to whittle down the Darknut's black armor until only his
    underarmor remains. The second phase of the battle will then begin. The
    Darknut will hurl his sword, narrowly missing you. Then, he unsheathes a
    second blade and advances. In this form, the Darknut's attacks and movements
    will be faster as he is no longer burdened by a heavy sword and armor.
    Nevertheless, the same techniques used before can be used again to damage him.
    He won't have his buckler anymore, but he can still use his sword to parry
    your attacks. Sometimes, he will be able to block attacks like the back slice,
    but stagger in the process. If this happens, immediately follow up with more
    attacks. You should be able to hurt him a few times before he recovers. Like
    before, the shield can be used to block his attacks, but watch out for his
    kick. He uses this as a shield attack to get through your defenses. If you're
    having trouble with this guy, put the Magic Armor on to save health. When you
    finally do hit him enough times, he will fall to the ground defeated.
    The gates underneath the sentry statue's ledge will retract, allowing you to
    open the chest sitting there. This contains the DOMINION ROD, a mystical
    artifact that is used to control various statues. Aim the rod at the sentry
    statue and fire to emit a ball of green light. The light will fill the core of
    the statue and bring it to life. Under your control, the statue will copy your
    movements until you release it. If you move forward, the statue will also move
    forward. If you turn to the right, it will do the same. Also, if you swing the
    Dominion Rod again, the statue will swing its hammer. Your task now is to
    guide the statue back to the first floor chamber where its duplicate waits.
    However, you can't take the statue through doorways, so you must use the
    golden bells found throughout the dungeon to transport it from room to room.
    While the statue is in the same room as one, it will glow green like the
    statue itself. When you guide the statue to the plinth beneath the golden
    bell, the bell will come down and transport it to the designated plinth in the
    next room. Do this now in this room for the exit to unseal itself.
    When you return to the previous room, the golden bell ahead of you will come
    down and deposit the sentry statue. Note that the Compass will let you keep
    track of it if you decide to leave or move on without it. For kicks, you can
    try out the Dominion Rod on the statuettes along the walls. They have no
    useful secondary function (like how the sentry statue swings its hammer), but
    are still controllable. Anyway, go back to the sentry statue and take control
    of it. Walk forward until you reach the gate. Here, you can use the Dominion
    Rod to swing the statue's hammer and smash the gate. The statue's hammer can
    also be used to smash other things, like most enemies, pottery and even you!
    Make sure you aren't right in front of it when you swing. In order to get the
    statue out of the Armos arena, you will have to use the switch in the middle
    of the floor. When pressed, it will bring down the south step and allow the
    statue to get on. Release the statue for the time being and find a pot to
    place on the switch. Now coax the statue over to the step and release it
    again. To raise the step, shoot the pot you placed on the switch with an
    arrow. Both you and the sentry statue should be out of the arena now. Guide it
    downstairs and into the next room.
    The electrical barrier is up again, and the switch is on the other side.
    Luckily, the statue is unaffected by the barrier, so stand about ten feet
    behind it and use the Dominion Rod on it. Now walk it forwards until it
    reaches the switch. You need the space between yourself and it so that you
    don't run into the electricity. When the statue steps on the switch, release
    your control over it and head through before awakening it again. Guide it past
    the rolling spike beams carefully. The statue can block the beams and protect
    you, but you can also simply destroy them with its hammer. In the next area,
    pound the Lizalfos with the statue's hammer and then proceed down the next set
    of stairs. When you reach the bottom, hammer away at the spiked spinners
    circling the Beamos. Even the Beamos itself can be smashed to bits. A floor
    switch will be revealed where it once stood. Pressing it will raise the
    platform to the south and allow the sentry statue to reach the golden bell.
    However, you need to be cleverer about this. First, guide your statue onto the
    platform. Now, let it go and take control of one of the statuettes on top of
    the nearby pillars. Once you get one down, place it on the switch. With the
    platform raised, you will be able to guide the sentry statue underneath the
    golden bell so that it can be taken to the next room.
    Enter the golden scale chamber and reunite with your statue on your left. Now
    walk it down to the first scale and place it on. The sentry statue weighs as
    much as four statuettes, so you must collect that many of them and place them
    on the right-hand scale in order to get your statue through. Start by throwing
    the one on the left scale over to the right one. Now climb back to the south
    ledge and find the opening that you can leap from. Once on the ground, go all
    the way around the room until you are on the other side of the golden scales.
    There, use the Dominion Rod to bring down the three statuettes on the ledge on
    your right (assuming you are facing the scales from this side). Now toss them
    onto the right scale so that they outweigh the sentry statue. Once the left
    scale has been raised, use the Dominion Rod to bring the sentry statue across.
    When it gets to the right scale, toss all of the statuettes onto the left
    scale to bring it up. Now the sentry statue can be guided down the stairs and
    underneath the bell. Watch out for the Gohma swarms down there though.
    Go downstairs in the next passage and turn to find the sentry statue on the
    other side of the golden fence. Before you do anything with it, fight the
    nearby Dynalfos. Even this skilled warrior will be easy to beat after the
    Darknut battle. Anyway, don't waste time shooting the diamond-shaped switch
    with arrows. Instead, lead the sentry statue around the fence and use its
    hammer to smash the movable gates. Don't forget to plaster the Lizalfos and
    Dynalfos in the next area too. When you join up with the sentry statue, guide
    it back through the electrical barrier and leave it on top of the floor switch
    back there. This will deactivate the barrier. Now move through and control the
    statue again. This time, use it to smash the wall on your left. The area on
    the other side has a chest with a Piece of Heart inside. Now guide the statue
    back through and down the south steps. In the next room, continue smashing
    through the gates and the Beamoses so that you can get to the golden bell with
    ease. After you have sent the sentry statue on its way, go around to the
    southwest door and head through.
    Upon returning to the large chamber with the central platform and walkway, the
    sentry statue will show up somewhere above you. Before fiddling with it,
    locate the statuette in one of the nearby alcoves, and then retrieve the one
    on the bottom floor. You will need both to raise the platform that will let
    you get to the south door. It's worth the toil though. In the south chamber,
    first deal with the Gohma infestation. Then head to the back and use the
    Dominion Rod to take control of the statuette within the east side channel.
    Guide the statuette to the end of the channel and leave it on the switch. The
    same must be done with the other channel, but there is no statuette in it.
    Just get one from the main area and throw it in. Now guide this statuette onto
    the second switch. When both switches here are pressed simultaneously, a chest
    will be revealed in the western alcove. Open it to get the dungeon's second
    Piece of Heart. Now go back to the previous chamber.
    Back to business. Return to the central platform and turn the lever
    counterclockwise to reach the highest floor. Fetch the sentry statue that has
    been waiting patiently up here and bring it back to the center. Now rotate the
    lever clockwise until you reach the very bottom. Lead the statue out of the
    center platform and proceed to smash up the Baby Gohmas down here. If you
    haven't noticed yet, the statue's hammer creates a small shockwave that can
    dispatch multiple enemies like Gohmas in one hit. Anyway, escape the enclosure
    after all of them have been plastered. Now go around the room and kill
    everything else, including the Beamos and the second swarm of Baby Gohmas that
    appears when you destroy it. Also, go around to the east side of the room to
    find a sealed alcove. There are two ways to get through the gate, both of
    which require the Dominion Rod. You can control one of the statuettes on the
    ledges above and have them placed on the switch behind the gate so that it
    retracts, or you can just have the sentry statue smash it to bits. Either way,
    you'll be able to fight the Poe hiding in the alcove. Defeat it and capture
    its soul. Next, bring your statue over to the north side of the room and place
    it beneath the bell. Now move on through the west door.
    Run down the steps and turn left. The way into the next room is blocked by
    another set of gates. Fortunately, you can get by with the Clawshot. Shoot the
    medallion above the gate and drop down on the other side. Now kill the enemies
    and pick up the sentry statue at the northwest alcove. Lead it down the next
    flight of stairs and smash your way into the next room. Finally, take the
    statue to the west alcove where the bell sits, and go through the north door
    after it has been transported.
    At long last, you have reached the entrance chamber where the sentry statue's
    twin awaits. Run down to the center of the room and use the Dominion Rod to
    escort it back to its post. When it gets there, the gate the statues are
    guarding will glow green and open. Now you can use the door up ahead. It leads
    to a passage that connects to the boss's lair. Before you can fight the boss,
    you must get through the assortment of traps laid out before you. Start by
    destroying the Beamos in front of you with an arrow. If you can, try to take
    out the ones way in the back too (the Hawkeye helps greatly). To proceed, jump
    across the gap but don't get hit by the spiked spinner moving along the ledge.
    Next, navigate through the path of another spinner, a rolling spiked log and
    two swinging pendulum blades. Before you go past the blades though, make sure
    you pick up one of the statuettes along the sides. Take it to the switch on
    the floor, just past the second blade. When placed on it, the gate up ahead
    will open. However, the one beyond it will close. Don't worry about it yet.
    Jump across the gap and go past the first gate. Now turn and use the Dominion
    Rod to control the statuette you just placed on the switch. Move backwards a
    bit to get it off. Now the first gate will close, but the one between you and
    the boss's door will open. Cut down the pair of Young Gohmas and smash the
    pots in the vicinity for health and a Fairy. When you are ready, go through
    the door.
    The lair of the Temple of Time's boss contains four giant statues that look
    like they can be controlled with the Dominion Rod. Also take note of the rays
    of light streaming through the holes in the ceiling. As you walk in, one of
    them suddenly goes out. Something must have covered it up! The boss, TWILIT
    ARACHNID ARMOGOHMA, is crawling around the ceiling with her single beady eye
    focused on you. Armogohma is the mother of all Gohmas. During this fight with
    her, keep the Dominion Rod and the Hero's Bow ready at all times. Armogohma
    will never come down from the ceiling and actively attack you, preferring
    instead to hit you from a distance or sending her spawn after you. Unlike the
    younger versions, this Gohma can fire a beam of plasma from her eye and follow
    you around with it. Avoid this like you would avoid the laser of a Beamos. You
    can tell when Armogohma is about to fire her beam because the room will start
    glowing with orange light. Armogohma's other technique is to produce egg sacs
    and drop them on the arena. These egg sacs will immediately hatch into Baby
    Gohmas. Quickly take care of them before you are distracted from the main
    threat. To attack Armogohma, you must hit her eyeball with an arrow when it is
    opened. This only happens when she is about to launch a laser attack. Wait for
    her to stop scuttling around, and then open fire before the eye is able to
    shoot its beam. When you hit Armogohma, she will drop to the ground on her
    back. She will always land in front of one of the giant statues around the
    room. Before the boss wakes up, run over to the statue next to her and use the
    Dominion Rod on it. These statues can't be moved at all, but you can wave your
    Dominion Rod around to have them deliver a devastating fist smash. Do this
    when Armogohma is twitching on the floor to crush her. She will recover before
    you can smash her further with the giant statue's fists and retreat to the
    safety of the ceiling, but all you need to do is hit her two more times like
    this to defeat her. After the final blow, the battle will seemingly be won.
    However, Armogohma has one more trick up her hairy leg. Her outer exoskeleton
    explodes, but another entity is left in its place. This smaller version of
    Armogohma is surrounded by a small army of Baby Gohmas. Fortunately, she's a
    joke. All she does is dart around the room trying to avoid you. Just manually
    shoot three arrows into her and you will defeat her for good. A Heart
    Container falls from her carcass, followed by the third MIRROR SHARD. Take
    them both and use Midna's portal to get out.
    The portal will take you to the restored Temple of Time. You are finished with
    the dungeon, but there are two more treasures that you can obtain before
    returning to the present. Leave the Master Sword chamber and get the Dominion
    Rod ready. In the entrance hall, there are two owl statues on either side of
    the staircase that you can control and move out of the way to reach hidden
    alcoves. Each alcove has a treasure. The one on the west side has a chest with
    a Piece of Heart. This chest was actually visible back in the Sacred Grove,
    but it had already been opened by your past self. Interesting. Anyway, the
    other owl statue guards an imprisoned Imp Poe. Set it free, but then harvest
    its soul. Now you can go back to the present-day Sacred Grove.
    Chapter 12: Restoration Quest.
    As you step foot into the Sacred Grove, Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. will show up.
    Ooccoo congratulates you for obtaining the Dominion Rod, the item she had been
    looking for in her travels. Unfortunately, when the rod passed into the
    present time, it aged along with the temple. Now its powers have faded and it
    is nothing more than a fancy-looking stick. Ooccoo had hoped to use it to
    return to her home in the sky. She also mentions some sort of spell that would
    restore power to the Dominion Rod, and statues that it would affect. After
    these words, she and her son dash away. Midna tries to call them back for more
    information, but it's too late. Anyway, it seems that the gateway to the sky,
    where the final Mirror Shard is supposed to be, will be revealed when you
    somehow restore power to the Dominion Rod. To do this, you have to learn the
    spell Ooccoo spoke of. If none of this makes sense to you right now, don't
    worry. Just warp out of the Sacred Grove and head to Telma's Bar once more.
    You will receive a letter during your travels from Renado about a breakthrough
    he has had with Ilia's memory. Incidentally, Shad has also gone to Kakariko
    Village. After checking in at the bar, warp to the village and enter the
    sanctuary where Renado lives. Inside, you will see Renado, Ilia, Darbus and
    Gor Coron. Speak to Renado to learn about what is going on. It seems that Shad
    is in the basement investigating an ancient statue that is down there that may
    be linked to the heavens. Additionally, Renado learned that when Ilia was
    rescued, she overheard someone talk about a rod of the heavens. So, in order
    to restore Ilia's memory, and ultimately restore power to the Dominion Rod as
    well, you must find out exactly what happened to her. To start, Renado gives
    you a letter to take to Telma. He thinks that you should work backwards and
    retrace Ilia's steps to piece together the mystery. After he is done, exit and
    warp back to Castle Town.
    When you get to Telma's Bar, hand Telma the letter Renado gave you. After
    reading it, she tries to recollect how Ilia came to her bar in the first
    place. It was Borville, the town doctor, who found her and brought her in.
    Telma will give you an invoice to give to the doctor. With a little persuasion
    of this kind, the doctor might be able to give you additional information as
    well. Go outside again and run up to the western road. The medical clinic is
    just within the town's western wall. Inside, you will see Borville. Give him
    Telma's invoice. Borville can't pay Telma the money he owes her, but he'll
    mention more about Ilia. When she was found, she had a wooden statue with her.
    However, Borville accidentally spilled some medicine on it, so he put it
    outside to dry. Then, it was stolen. Borville can't do anything else to help
    you, so he shuffles back to his office and resumes work. While he's busy,
    maybe you should poke around a bit. Go to the back of the clinic and turn left
    at the end. There's a box along the wall that seems to be covering up a green
    substance. Grab the box and slide it to the left to get it out of the way. The
    green stuff will start emitting fumes. Turn into a wolf and sniff around. This
    is the medicine Borville spilled on the statue. Forget the Reekfish scent and
    learn the medicine scent. Now you can follow the smell and locate the stolen
    statue. Climb onto the wooden box and use it to reach the back shelf. Now run
    past the pottery and exit through the window at the end of the shelf.
    You will emerge on a balcony overlooking the street below. Jump down and take
    the alley that goes south from the clinic. Since you need to be a wolf to
    follow the scent, don't worry about the frightened screams of the townspeople
    as you streak past them. Anyway, follow the scent to the south road, and
    finally to the alley in front of Telma's bar. That's where you'll find Louise.
    It was she who stole Ilia's wooden statue because she figured it would be
    important for her memory restoration. Unfortunately, she had it stolen from
    her by a pack of skeletal dogs that lurk in the field just south of Caste
    Town. Louise must be referring to Stalhounds. You'll have to fight them in
    order to get the wooden statue back.
    Exit Castle Town through its southern gate and enter the grassy field at the
    bottom of the steps. Since Stalhounds only come out at night, you will have to
    stick around for a bit if the sun is still up. In the meantime, there are two
    chests in the area that you could get with orange rupees in them. At any rate,
    when dusk comes and the Stalhounds emerge from the ground, start taking them
    out. They won't relinquish the wooden statue until all of them are destroyed.
    Remember, Stalhounds are exceedingly feeble, so the best way to take them out
    is by destroying multiple foes at once. Midna's energy field or the spin
    attack will work great. Once the last Stalhound is destroyed, the wooden
    statue will pop out. Warp back to Kakariko Village immediately.
    Go to Ilia and show her the wooden statue. As she looks at it, she will begin
    to remember pieces of her recent past. She remembers that before being found
    by Borville, she was held captive somewhere with someone else. That person
    helped her escape and gave her the statue, but Ilia is unable to remember who
    that person was or where they were. Just then, Gor Coron exclaims that he
    knows where the statue came from. He recognizes the statue as one belonging to
    a tribe of people who have protected the Hylian royal family long ago. They
    live in a secret place, but Gor Coron will tell you where that is. He tells
    you to go north from the Bridge of Eldin and follow a path that leads to the
    tribe's village. Darbus will go on ahead to get rid of the rockslide that is
    supposed to be blocking the path. After this, the location of the village will
    be marked on your map. Hurry out of the sanctuary and warp to the Bridge of
    When you reach the bridge, run north towards Lanayru Province. Go through the
    mountain trail until you get across the small wooden bridge. Make sure you
    take care of the Bulblins around here. Now look for the ledge on your right in
    front of the entrance to a cave. This is the path that leads to the village.
    Run in to find Darbus smashing through the rockslide. When you get near him
    (in human form), he will break through the rocks at last. He then turns and
    tells you that he smells evil about. He suspects that the village has been
    overrun by Bulblins, and advises you to get rid of them all before they spot
    you. Walk ahead to get to the Hidden Village.
    The Hidden Village is an abandoned ghost town. Its sole human survivor is the
    person who was imprisoned with Ilia before, but a band of twenty Bulblins has
    also taken residence here. As you step underneath the entryway at the north
    end of the village, you'll be able to see the Bulblins posted throughout the
    village. It's time for a showdown against these foul beasts. Combine your
    Hawkeye and Hero's Bow to make sniper arrows, and then start shooting down the
    Bulblins standing in the thoroughfare and on the side balconies. Then, aim far
    for the Bulblin perched on top of the tower at the south end. Most of the
    Bulblins here were stupid enough to station themselves in front of or near
    explosive barrels, so you can shoot them instead and possibly take out more
    than one Bulblin with one arrow. Just by standing near the entrance and using
    sniper arrows, you should be able to take out around twelve of the twenty
    Bulblins. Now walk forwards and enter the first building on your right. Take
    out the Bulblin standing on the staircase, then return outside. Next, go south
    a little more and smash through the windows of the building next to the last
    one you entered. In here, you will find three more Bulblins. One is on the
    ground, another is on a balcony in the back and the third is on the roof (you
    can shoot him through the hole in the ceiling near the back). Continue to move
    south down the main road. Across from the last building you raided, there is
    another one with a Bulblin standing in front of the upstairs window. Take him
    out, and then shoot the one hiding in the alley to the left of this building.
    The final two Bulblins are inside. Remember not to leave the village or save
    and quit before you kill all twenty Bulblins. Otherwise, the count will reset
    and you'll have to kill them all over again.
    When you finally kill all twenty Bulblins, the door of the building at the
    south end of town will open, and a tiny old woman will come out. This woman is
    Impaz. She is the last remaining member of the tribe who protected the Hylian
    royal family. Impaz will tell you a bit about the village, and then ask if
    your name is Link. Of course it is! Impaz heard of you from Ilia. Even though
    she helped Ilia escape, Impaz cannot leave here because of her duty as the
    royal family's protector. She asks you to return a charm that Ilia gave her to
    keep her safe. Take Ilia's charm and head back to the village entrance. Midna
    won't let you warp or transform until you are safely out of view of Impaz. As
    soon as you get back to the mountain trail, return to Kakariko Village again.
    Pop inside the village sanctuary and hold out the charm in front of Ilia. This
    item will help her regain her memory at last. She remembers you, and how the
    two of you have been childhood friends for a long time. She thinks back to the
    days spent together in Ordon Village. Then, Ilia gives you back her charm. It
    was supposed to be a gift for you, which she had planned to give before you
    left on your journey. The charm is actually a HORSE CALL, which can be used to
    call Epona from any location that you would be able to ride her normally.
    After the scene, Ilia will tell you one more thing, concerning the Dominion
    Rod. She told you before that she overheard something about the rod of the
    heavens, but it was actually about the messenger to the heavens. Supposedly,
    Impaz has been guarding something sacred that only this messenger would be
    allowed to have. Since you have the Dominion Rod in your possession, you must
    be the messenger Impaz has been waiting for, and she has the key to reaching
    the heavens and the final Mirror Shard. Go outside and warp back to the Bridge
    of Eldin, or use your new Horse Call to bring Epona to your side. Ride north
    and reenter the Hidden Village.
    The Hidden Village is now overrun with cats. Lots of cats. If you want to know
    why they are here, smash through the windows of the longer building on the
    west side of town to reach a grassy garden in the back. You'll meet a Cucco
    here who will ask you (if you are a wolf) to play his cat hunt mini-game for a
    reward. Also, the last howling stone is in this garden. Activate it and find
    the white wolf sometime afterwards (near the entrance to Hyrule Castle) to
    learn the great spin. This technique makes your spin attack incredibly
    powerful if your life energy is full. After learning the great spin, you will
    have mastered all seven of the Hero's Shade's hidden skills, and he will bid
    you farewell for good. Anyway, your primary objective in the Hidden Village is
    to show Impaz the Dominion Rod, so enter her home and do that. Impaz is
    startled when she sees the rod. She says that it was used in ancient times by
    the messenger to the heavens when they needed to communicate with the Oocca
    that lived there. Impaz recognizes you as the new messenger to the heavens and
    gives you a tome known as the Ancient Sky Book. It is written in ancient sky
    writing, but some of the pages are missing. Take this book back to Shad as
    soon as you can.
    Shad is in the basement of the sanctuary in Kakariko Village, studying the
    statue down there. When he was a child, Shad's father told him the tales of
    the Oocca, and ever since he has been obsessed with finding their home in the
    sky. The owl statue he is scrutinizing looks just like the owl statues you saw
    in the Sacred Grove, except this one has additional writing on it. Shad says
    that the statue is written in sky writing, which is the writing of the Oocca.
    However, the statue here needs some sort of phrase to awaken. Unfortunately,
    Shad doesn't know the phrase. It's his lucky day though, since you have the
    Ancient Sky Book in your hands. Get it out and show it to him. Shad looks
    through it until he finds what he is looking for. After he mutters few words,
    the statue...does nothing. Disappointed, Shad leaves to go study the other owl
    statues he has seen around Hyrule. Before going, he marks your map with the
    location of these statues. Then, after Shad leaves, the Dominion Rod starts to
    glow. Its power has been restored! The phrase Shad muttered must have been the
    spell that would give the rod its power back. However, you still need to find
    out how to awaken the owl statue down here, since the Dominion Rod won't work
    on it. The Ancient Sky Book is missing sky characters, so it is up to you to
    investigate the other owl statue around Hyrule and see if you can get any
    additional information.
    If you want to visit each statue in order of the provinces they are in, warp
    to South Faron Woods first and head north towards Coro's house. Nearby, along
    the right side of the clearing, you'll see a large boulder that can be bombed.
    When you blow it up, walk into the hidden enclosure. The first owl statue is
    along the back wall, behind the tree. Use the Dominion Rod to control it, and
    then move it out of the way. The statue was standing on a glowing symbol on
    the floor. Release it and inspect the symbol. This is a sky character. It will
    be recorded in your Ancient Sky Book. Each of the other five owl statues hides
    a sky character, so you must use the Dominion Rod to get them out of the way.
    Additionally, you can use each owl statue to reach treasure chests that are
    nearby. In this case, if you move the owl statue into the hole in between the
    tree and the mossy rock nearby, you can jump across as a wolf with Midna's
    help and reach a Piece of Heart. Not bad at all.
    Warp to Kakariko Gorge after you finish in Faron Woods. Your map will show
    that there are four owl statues in Hyrule Field, distributed among the Eldin
    and Lanayru Provinces. One is here by the gorge, so run north to the area
    crawling with Chus. There is a ledge behind them that is in front of a rocky
    enclosure. Near the back, between two other ledges, you will see the owl
    statue. Move it out of the way to get the second sky character. For the chest
    that can be reached with this statue, guide it to the left and leave it in the
    gap between two other ledges. Now go to the end of the ledge and use the
    statue to jump across the gap. Retake control of it and guide it along the
    ledge towards the right, jumping over the gap it was located in originally and
    finally leaving it to rest in the second large gap. Jump on top of the statue
    and to the next ledge once more, and go around the bend to find the chest with
    an orange rupee.
    Your next stop is the Bridge of Eldin. Head north to the end of the bridge and
    use the rod to take control of the statue on your right. After you move it
    aside and read the sky character, bring the statue off its ledge and guide it
    all the way to the south end of the bridge. Be careful not to let the statue
    fall, or else you'll have to leave the area and come back to reset its
    location. When you get to the south end of the bridge, coax the statue down
    through a gap along the east edge of the wall. Position the owl statue in such
    a way that you can use it to jump to the opening in the bridge tower. When you
    get inside it, climb the ladder in the back to reach a chest with another
    Piece of Heart. Be careful of the Bulblin archer up there too. Afterwards,
    warp to Castle Town.
    The next two statues are within walking distance of each other, and easily
    reachable from Castle Town's warp point. First, take the south road directly
    down to a ruined amphitheater overlooking Lake Hylia. The amphitheater is
    empty save for two Bulblins, some Guays and a possible Imp Poe. Take out the
    enemies, and then use the Dominion Rod to get the owl statue down from the
    pillar. Since the pillar is too high to reach, you'll need the owl statue's
    help to get to it. Position it between it and the amphitheater's second-lowest
    rise. Now jump across to the top of the pillar and read the sky character.
    You'll have to do the same thing at the other end of the amphitheater to get
    to the chest with an orange rupee in it on top of the second pillar. To get
    the owl statue over there, maneuver it through the maze of rubble. Now exit
    and head back to the field.
    Hug the cliff as you head towards the Great Bridge of Hylia. When you get in
    front of it, face north again and head towards the ledge in the back. The owl
    statue is perched on a high ledge on the right. Use the Dominion Rod to get it
    down, and place it directly below the vines hanging from the top of the cliff.
    Now get the Clawshot out and use it to propel yourself to the vines. Drop down
    from them to land on the statue, and then leap over to the ledge and collect
    the sky character. From down on the ground, you probably saw that there was
    another ledge on the other side of the left wall. If you want the orange rupee
    that's there, stay on the ledge and maneuver the statue with the Dominion Rod
    so that it's in front of the wall dividing the ledges. Now jump onto the
    statue, and then back over to the left ledge. Open the chest to get your
    The final owl statue is in the Gerudo Desert. Warp to the Gerudo Mesa and
    start going west towards the collection of angular ruins off in the distance.
    You will find the owl statue on top of one of these ruins. Use the Dominion
    Rod to get it down, and then place it in between the two north blocks. Now
    climb on top of the northwestern one and leap over to the one that had the owl
    statue on it, using the owl statue itself to reach it. At last, the Ancient
    Sky Book will be complete. Wait 'til Shad sees this. But you still have 100
    rupees to add to your wallet here. Stay on top of the block and shift the
    statute into the space between the northeastern and southeastern blocks. The
    blocks are vaguely cross-shaped, giving you room to maneuver the statue in.
    When you leap over to the southeast block, repeat the process to get the
    statue in between it and the block with the chest on it. Now jump across and
    open it to claim the orange rupee.
    After you have everything, go back to Kakariko Village and enter the
    sanctuary's basement. Shad will see that your Ancient Sky Book has more
    characters in it than it did before, and decides to comb through it one more
    time. He finds a phrase and recites it to the owl statue. This time, the
    symbol on the statue's belly glows green and disappears with a flash. Now the
    statue can be controlled like the others. After Shad walks away to ponder over
    this breakthrough, get the Dominion Rod and move this owl statue out of the
    way. There's a hidden chamber behind it. Take the steps down to this chamber.
    The walls here are painted with images of the Oocca, and there is a large
    cannon sitting in the center. Shad comes in and looks at the cannon
    delightedly. He reckons that this is the Sky Cannon he read about in his
    father's books. It is supposed to be strong enough to blast someone into the
    heavens. Walk up to the cannon, and Midna will want to speak to you. She'll
    ask you if you want to warp out with it, but will tell you that she won't be
    able to do anything until Shad is out of the room. Go to Shad again and speak
    to him. He'll get out of your way and start back up the stairs. Before
    leaving, he advises that you get the Sky Cannon repaired if you're going to
    think about using it. Indeed, the cannon is in poor shape. To fix it, you'll
    have to find someone who knows a thing or two about cannons. Fyer is the man
    for the job. Stand by the Sky Cannon again and have Midna warp it to Lake
    When you get to the lake, the Sky Cannon will land beside you in a mangled
    heap. Transform back into a human before heading towards Fyer's shack. When
    you reach him, he will spot the Sky Cannon and ask for a tour of your new
    device. He'll walk back to the warp point with you and inspect the cannon.
    Fyer can see that the cannon is quite old and probably doesn't work, so he'll
    offer to fix it for 300 rupees. Ew. Well don't worry about the cost; those
    chests you picked through along the way should have provided you with enough
    cash. After you pay Fyer, he will tinker around with the Sky Cannon until it
    is finally fixed. Now you're ready to reach the heavens. To use the Sky
    Cannon, go around back and shoot the Clawshot at the medallion inside its
    rear. You will be pulled into the barrel. Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. will also show
    up at the last second and hitch a ride with you. The cannon will stand up on
    its hind legs, point upwards and then blast you up into the sky.
    Chapter 13: A City in the Sky.
    The City in the Sky is an ancient conurbation built and inhabited by the Oocca
    race. It is held aloft in the atmosphere by giant propellers on its underside.
    Because the Oocca have the ability to fly, the city wasn't exactly built with
    human movement in mind. This means you will be relying heavily on the Clawshot
    and the new upgrade found here after thwarting the dungeon's mini-boss. You
    will also be able to use the friendly Ooccas themselves to get from place to
    place in certain situations. There is a diverse variety of enemies here too,
    but most of them are old foes from previous dungeons. Some haven't even been
    seen since the Forest Temple. Nevertheless, keep your eye out for a few new
    Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. will be the first to meet you once you splash down in
    the central pool. They are willing to give you a tour of their beloved city,
    until something startles them. A giant dragon wearing black armor soars
    overhead, and then disappears from view. The city is under attack! Another
    Oocca scrambles out of the grass in fright. Then, Ooccoo and her son flee with
    the newcomer towards the store at the end of the west path. Climb out of the
    pool and follow them, but avoid the Baba Serpent growing in front of the
    store. Inside, you can speak to Ooccoo, who's standing on the left side of the
    counter. She wants to go with you through the city, and will let warp back to
    this shop whenever needed. You can also buy stuff like ammo and potions from
    the other Oocca in here. When you're all set, go back outside. The area you
    landed in is outdoors, so you will be buffeted by fierce northerly winds from
    time to time. If you need to, have the Iron Boots on hand to weather the
    effects of the wind. You can go south from the central pool to find a second
    Sky Cannon. Use it to get back to Hyrule if you wish. Lastly, don't forget to
    check out the pool itself and grab the Bombs and rupees (twenty of each) from
    the chests at the bottom. Afterwards, head north. Once again, avoid the Babas
    and don't get pushed off the edge by the gales. To get past the gate at the
    end of the path, hit the diamond-shaped switch above it with an arrow or the
    Clawshot. Head through the door afterwards.
    In the next building, you'll find a few Ooccas strutting around. The gap ahead
    is too large to get across, so you will need the assistance of one of these
    Ooccas to get by. They function just like Cuccos, but are even better because
    you can use the Clawshot to pull one into your hands if it is out of reach.
    Anyway, grab the nearest Oocca and glide across the first gap. Be careful of
    the tiles on the floor. The regular gray ones are stable, but the bluish ones
    will start to sink and then fall away to Earth if enough pressure is put on
    them (like your weight or a bomb explosion). Watch out for the Helmasaurs in
    the area too; their head butts can knock you straight off the ledge. When you
    defeat them, use the Clawshot to pull yourself up to the viney pillar on your
    right. From this ledge, you can glide via Oocca to the north end of the room,
    but you'll need to Clawshot one down from the east wall. After you get across,
    deal with the two Helmasaurs and climb onto the ledge to reach the north door.
    Go through.
    The following room is the dungeon's central hub. You'll see a new enemy known
    as a HELMASAURUS up ahead. The Helmasaurus is a larger relative of Helmasaurs,
    and behaves similarly. Its shell is strong enough to resist removal with the
    Clawshot, so the only conventional way to defeat it is by slashing at its
    backside. If you'd prefer not to fight it though, you can try to coax it onto
    one of the blue tiles and then watch as it falls to its doom. Now feel free to
    look around. If you wish, use the Clawshot to pull yourself up to the grated
    windows in the corners; there's a Fairy in a jar in the northeast one. It is
    also the closest to the east door, which is inaccessible from the ground. To
    get over there, jump and land on the nearest blue tile, or use the Clawshot to
    fetch an Oocca. You could also use the opening in the southeast window to get
    to the area on the other side of the door. Anyway, if you took the doorway, go
    right and use the Clawshot on some vines to get to the ledge just below the
    window entrance. There's a Spinner slot in the back that must now be used. Get
    the Spinner out and spin the slot to extend a bridge that spans the gap
    between this building and the east one. Now go back in front of the doorway
    and cross the bridge, but watch out for the Kargaroks and fierce wind coming
    from the north. When you reach the end, go through the door there.
    Start by smashing the pots along the right wall for cash and supplies if you
    want, and then walk towards the gap up ahead in this room. There's a chest in
    the corner, but the ledge it's on is blocked by a railing. Just point the
    Clawshot at the ceiling and shoot the medallion that is directly overhead.
    Once you are hanging from it, drop or lower yourself down to the chest and
    open it. It has a small key inside. The rest of the room should be ignored for
    now, so go back to the left ledge using the grating on the north wall. Go back
    to the windy bridge that you crossed to get here.
    After you make your way across the bridge, a cut-scene will start playing.
    Trouble arises when the black dragon you saw earlier swoops down from around
    the corner and slams through the bridge. The bridge, which you worked so hard
    to build, is now destroyed. You can't go back to the eastern building until
    you have better equipment. The dragon will fly away for the time being, so
    just return to the central hub.
    To get back to the main part of the room, use the Clawshot to pull yourself to
    the vine-covered pillars up ahead. Now climb sideways until you are over a
    secure piece of floor, and then drop down. Start heading towards the west
    doorway next. The path is laden with unstable blue tiles, so be quick to
    cross. After going through the door, you'll find yourself in another windy
    gorge. If you'd like to avoid trouble with the Kargaroks later on, start
    taking them out with sniper arrows. There is no bridge here, or any other way
    to cross for that matter, so you'll have to make one again. Turn left and head
    down the path here. After you cut down the Baba Serpent, go to the end of this
    path to find another Spinner slot. Use it like you did before to extend the
    bridge. Now go back and head across to the west building. Use your key to open
    the door, and step inside.
    In the next chamber, there are large fans on the north wall blowing strong
    winds across your path. You could always use the Iron Boots to get through,
    but it's a better idea to go left from the entrance. Take out the Helmasaur up
    ahead and walk to the end of the ledge. Now turn towards the fans. As you can
    see, the second one is blowing wind over a section of blue tiles, so using the
    Iron Boots would have simply led to disaster anyway. There's a third fan at
    the far end of the room in a similar situation, but it can be shut off by
    hitting the red diamond-shaped switch behind the column in front of the second
    fan. Since the fan's wind will make your flimsy arrows useless, use the
    Clawshot to hit the switch. Now go back around to the north side of the room
    and plod through the first windstorm while wearing the Iron Boots. Defeat the
    Helmasaur, and then use the Clawshot on the vines up ahead to whisk yourself
    by. Before going through the southwest door (which was blocked previously by
    the third fan), step through the west door and grab the Dungeon Map from a
    chest on your left. Now go back to the fan room and use the other door.
    When you get to the next room, go forwards and turn right to follow the path
    of gray tiles. Jump at the end to get to the next path, and then go across a
    second time. Make sure you don't jump when the wind column blows through, and
    avoid getting pestered by the Keese too. Keep going west and walk out to the
    end of a thin ledge. Up ahead, a Tile Worm lies in wait. Remember that they
    can be uprooted using the Gale Boomerang. Do this so that this worm doesn't
    knock you off into space. Jump across when the wind settles down afterwards.
    Next, turn right and jump to the end of another thin ledge with tiles. There's
    a second Tile Worm up ahead, so be careful. If you want a chest with yellow
    rupee inside, turn and start walking east when you reach the north wall. Jump
    to the ledge up ahead and open the chest. Otherwise, just go west again. Keep
    heading towards the west wall, jumping gaps, avoiding wind columns and
    defeating Keese and Tile Worms when necessary. Once there, turn left and jump
    to the lone blue tile up ahead. Quickly leap to the next ledge and head
    towards the southwest door. Go through it when you get there.
    This door takes you into a small square chamber. As soon as you go in, it will
    seal behind you. You have to clear the room of enemies before it will open
    again. Up ahead, you'll see a pair of Dynalfos. Take them out with bomb arrows
    from afar, or try to trap them on a falling blue tile for quick victories.
    Otherwise, just run in and clash blades. After they both die, the exit will
    unseal. More importantly, a gate above the south wall will open and expose a
    small alcove. You can get up there using the Clawshot on the vines. The alcove
    contains only a trio of Ooccas. However, there's also a strange spherical
    ornament hanging above them. It can be grabbed onto with the Clawshot, and
    your weight will then pull down the lever it is attached to. Now a column of
    wind will start blowing through the center gap every few seconds. Pick up an
    Oocca and sail away towards the upper north door, just above the entrance
    door. If timed correctly, you will catch the wind and be pushed up high enough
    to reach the door.
    Many Ooccas inhabit the next room, and they will be needed to get through.
    Turn right and face the gap ahead. This gap isn't bottomless, but if you fall
    you'll need to Clawshot your way back out. Anyway, a strong wind blows up
    through the gap every couple of seconds, so you'll need to catch it with an
    Oocca to get to the far ledge. Before you do that though, use the Clawshot to
    pull down another lever near the entrance. Doing so will open an alcove on the
    south wall, where you'll find a chest with a red rupee inside. Use an Oocca
    and some wind to reach it. Now use the Oocca to get across the room. If you
    can, glide across the second gap (there's a Helmasaur down there) and try to
    reach the east end of the room. Inspect the chest on this ledge and receive a
    purple rupee. Grapple to the medallion on the south wall to get to the ledge
    between the two gaps. Now you need to sail over the opening in the north wall,
    so retrieve an Oocca with the Clawshot if you left the last one down in the
    gap. Walk into the wind column with it and glide over to the other side of the
    wall. Now you want to head over to the northeast side of the room. A fan in
    the floor of the pit here will help you get there, but watch out for the
    Helmasaur in the area. When you get to the northeast ledge, look up to find a
    Clawshot lever. Pull it down with your weight to activate it. Now the
    northwest fan will start up. Glide back to that side of the room and use an
    Oocca to get pushed up though an opening in the west wall. When you reach the
    area on the other side, locate and use the north door.
    You've reached the dungeon's west wind tower. It looks complicated, but don't
    worry about the many ledges and medallions for now. Just grab an Oocca and
    start sailing towards the bottom. The Keese won't cause too much trouble for
    the most part, but the biggest hazard here is the wind. It blows through the
    openings in the tower and can easily push you and your Oocca out into
    nothingness. It helps to fly in a spiraling pattern to avoid having to land or
    to steer clear of the wind gusts. The Iron Boots can make things easier too.
    Just put them on and plummet until you are near the bottom, but don't fall all
    the way through. Remove the boots beforehand and glide over to the lowest
    western ledge. Now go through the door.
    This small chamber has a fan in the center of the floor blowing upwards, and
    pots along the sides that can be smashed for health. The fan appears to have
    no purpose other than to hurt you if you get too close, but that will change
    after you pull down the lever behind it. The Clawshot alone won't work, since
    the lever is a bit sturdier than the other ones you've seen. Put the Iron
    Boots on to add to your weight and pull it down. The fan will shut off. Now
    drop down through the gaps in between its blades to reach a large chamber
    An AERALFOS will swoop past you when you touch down. This winged Lizalfos is
    the mini-boss of the City in the Sky. It fights with a sword and a shield like
    a regular Lizalfos, but has wings that give it speed and maneuverability that
    its earthbound brethren lack. It is also more resilient and tougher to defeat.
    The Aeralfos will start by hovering in front of you. It is too agile to hit
    now, even with the Hero's Bow or Clawshot. However, the shield it carries has
    a Clawshot medallion on it, so keep the Clawshot ready at all times.
    Eventually, the Aeralfos will break the stalemate and try to swoop down on
    you. As it prepares to do this, it will put its shield out in front of it and
    beat its wings rapidly. Before the creature strikes, fire the Clawshot and
    pull it in for some punishment. Start slashing away at it as soon as it is
    close enough. If you have full health, don't hesitate to hit it with great
    spins. Soon, the Aeralfos will regain its senses and continue fighting on the
    ground. Even here, it will be too fast to hit most of the time. Just try to
    dodge its attacks and get hits in whenever you can. After some time, it will
    retreat to the air again. Now just repeat these tactics until the Aeralfos
    decides it has had enough with simple air strikes. It will fly out through the
    openings in the walls and disappear from view. Keep looking from opening to
    opening until you spot the Aeralfos preparing for another dive-bomb attack.
    Target it quickly and reel it in with the Clawshot. Resume your previous
    methods of attack until the Aeralfos flies off again. Throughout the battle,
    you can get health from the pots around the room. Just watch out because there
    are unstable sections of floor along the walls. If you wish to finish this
    battle quicker though, it will be worth picking up the extra health so that
    you can unleash the great spins on the Aeralfos. After you finally sap away
    the last of the mini-boss's energy, it will explode and an alcove will reveal
    itself to the east.
    Use the Clawshot to hit the medallion and reach the alcove. Now walk to the
    chest and open it up to see what's inside. It's a second Clawshot. It will be
    paired up with the first one to form the DOUBLE CLAWSHOTS! What's so special
    about a second one? Well you still get to use the pair for anything a single
    Clawshot was good for, but now you can use the second one while hanging from
    the first. This means being able to reach places that were previously out of
    reach to you. Go to the end of the ledge here and use the Double Clawshots to
    reach one of four medallions on the ceiling. While hanging from it, Clawshot
    again to the medallion closest to the west side of the room. Now you can aim
    for the vines hanging down from the central opening, where you dropped in
    from. After reaching them, climb to the small chamber above this room and exit
    through the east door.
    It may seem like a daunting task to get back up to the top of the wind tower,
    but the Double Clawshots make it simple work. Turn to the left and Clawshot
    yourself to the nearest medallion. Now point the next Clawshot at the
    medallion further up, and keep propelling yourself clockwise and upwards
    around the tower. When you get near the middle, you'll see an ornamental lever
    that can be pulled down. Use the Clawshots to do so. A white gate along the
    east wall a little farther down will open. Lower yourself from the lever until
    you are level with the alcove. Now use the second Clawshot to pull yourself to
    this new alcove by targeting the medallions on the wall. As you zoom through,
    the gates will close behind you and prevent you from returning. You will still
    be able to use the door here though.
    To get through the next room, you will need to use your Double Clawshots
    again. The floating columns in the space ahead have medallions on their sides,
    and are just far enough apart that you can move from one to the next with the
    Clawshots. However, they aren't strong enough to fully support your weight,
    and will start to fall to the ground like the blue floor tiles you've been
    seeing. Luckily, you can minimize the time you spend hanging from a falling
    column by simply holding the Z Button. You will automatically target the next
    medallion and be able to pull yourself to it by shooting without having to aim
    for it manually. Do this to reach the other side of the room. When you get to
    the last column, drop down. Now open the chest on this ledge to get the
    dungeon's Compass. Go through the door when you finish.
    This door will take you back to the windy gorge that separates the west and
    central buildings of the city. This time though, you will be underneath the
    bridge you extended earlier. While you will be able to avoid the Kargaroks
    circling above the bridge, there are Baba Serpents growing from its underside
    that pose a problem. You also need to find a way to cross. Fortunately, the
    Double Clawshots solve both dilemmas. Shoot them at the patch of grating
    underneath the bridge. When you pull yourself to it, shoot the next Clawshot
    at the nearest Baba Serpent. If you hit the stem, the shot will be enough to
    detach the plant and send it falling. Now pull yourself to the grating that
    the Baba was growing from. Keep doing this until you get to the other side.
    Then, from beneath the bridge, Clawshot yourself to the vines on your right
    and climb up to the ledge. Now go around to the door that takes you back to
    the main hub.
    With the Double Clawshots, you can easily make your way to the east door of
    the main hub without having to use an Oocca or climb out through the window
    opening. Just shoot the medallion underneath the column hanging above the
    chasm, and then shoot the second medallion above the doorway. The east wind
    gorge is also easier to travel through with the Double Clawshots. The Peahats
    floating between the two buildings make excellent targets. It would be a good
    idea to move quickly or shoot down the Kargaroks with arrows beforehand so
    that you aren't harassed as you go from Peahat to Peahat. Use the door on the
    other side to get into the east building.
    Run ahead into the room you got a small key in before. You are about to put
    your Double Clawshot skills to the test to get all the way through this room.
    Stand by the edge of the ledge and shoot the Clawshot down to a medallion
    attached to an unstable white column. Remember to speed-target by holding down
    the Z Button. Propel from column to column until you get to the one in the
    southwest corner. It too will begin to fall, but there's a ledge right below
    you. Just drop down. Now face north and shoot through the opening in the wall,
    at the medallion on the other side. You should be able to face the south wall
    from this medallion. Look up and shoot either of the two medallions above you
    on the wall. From here, you can reach an alcove with Baba Serpents to the
    north by shooting the grating on one of the walls. You can get a chest with
    arrows this way. Now shoot the leftmost of the medallion pair on the south
    wall and use it to reach the east balcony, by shooting more grating on the
    wall. There's an opening here that lets you get through to another chamber. Go
    right towards the pots if you want to find a red Chu and some blue rupees.
    Otherwise, stand on the west ledge and Clawshot to a piece of grating down
    below. Drop down to a ledge and face east again. On the ceiling up ahead,
    right below the ledge with the Chus, you'll see a pair of Baba Serpents
    staring hungrily at you. One of them is on a Clawshot medallion, but you
    should get rid of them both anyway. Now pull yourself up to the medallion.
    Once you are hanging from it, lower yourself down until you can hit the
    diamond-shaped switch hidden along the north wall. Activating it will open the
    white gate on the south wall, and let you reach the medallion on the other
    side. Now Clawshot up the square shaft here, using medallions and grating.
    When you get to a ledge in front of a door, turn back south and locate the
    chest at the end of a thin ledge. Carefully jump across and back if you want
    the red rupee it contains. Likewise, there's another chest in the northwest
    corner you can get before going through the door. You'll have to jump across a
    few gaps and get rid of the Tile Worm to reach it and the Bombs it contains.
    When you are all set, go through the northeast door.
    You will enter a circular chamber with a grassy platform in the center. Walk
    out and meet an enemy you may have long ago forgotten: Big Deku Baba! This
    wicked plant is back with vengeance, and it has brought along a few Baba
    Serpents with it too. Fortunately, Big Deku Baba doesn't have any new tricks
    to pull on you, and can be thwarted just as it was in the Forest Temple. When
    it attacks you, jump to the side and start cutting away at its exposed stem.
    You can also go straight for the head if you want. Just make sure the
    overgrown Baba doesn't knock you out of the sky. When the Big Deku Baba's head
    is destroyed, the body will remain and behave like a Deku Like, another enemy
    from the Forest Temple. Get a bomb out and toss it into the plant's maw. When
    it ingests the explosive, the Big Deku Baba will be destroyed for good.
    Now it's time to start climbing to the top of this chamber. Face east and
    shoot the Clawshot up to a medallion located on a white column. Once you reach
    it, quickly point north and shoot the vines up above you before the column
    falls. Climb to the top of the vines and turn to face another Baba Serpent.
    Its purpose in life is to guard a simple chest on the ledge behind it. The
    chest is very easily missed because for some reason it won't be marked with
    the Compass. However, it only contains a yellow rupee. Go back afterwards and
    use the vines to get down. When you safely reach the ledge, run along and
    climb up a step. You have to get across by very carefully walking on the thin
    ledge ahead of you. You can also hang from it by your hands and sidle across.
    Don't forget to open the chest sitting halfway through for arrows. Also, try
    to defeat the Baba Serpent up ahead before you get to it. Just sever its stem
    and let it come towards you, and it will then fall through the gap between it
    and you. Past it, you'll reach another thin ledge that must be sidled across.
    Take out the Keese roosting up ahead before you attempt this. When you get
    across, kill the Baba Serpent and open the chest on the grassy ledge to
    receive a Piece of Heart. Now turn around and go back in front of the ledge
    you just crossed. Look up and target the medallion on the white column above
    you. Like the others, this one will start sliding off the wall soon after you
    land on it, so be quick. Turn east and shoot another medallion, and then point
    the Clawshot at the vines further up before this column falls as well. Once
    you reach the highest ledge, look out towards the center and shoot the
    medallion hanging from the ceiling. From it, you can lower yourself to a
    walkway that leads to the exit. A Dynalfos will attack you here, so waste it
    before it knocks you around. Now exit through the south door.
    The next room is a garden complex filled with Peahats, among other forms of
    fauna and flora. You will need the Peahats' help to move across the low walls
    that divide the gardens. Hack and slash the Baba Serpents nearby, and then
    target the first Peahat cruising from one side of the south wall to the other.
    While hanging from it, let it carry you to the other side of the wall. Drop
    down afterwards, and then repeat the procedure with a second Peahat a bit
    further west to get to the southern garden. Kill the Baba here and move to the
    east end of this ledge to find a chest with a red rupee inside, well-hidden in
    the tall grass. Now head to the opposite end and wait for the Peahat traveling
    over the grassy pit. As it moves all the way south, target the Peahat floating
    over a secluded island platform with a large tree. Here, you can open a chest
    in the back for a purple rupee and grab the soul of the Imp Poe floating
    nearby. After you claim both prizes, use the same two Peahats you used to get
    here to get back to the gardens. The one that is moving will take you to the
    next area. It will move over a high archway with a thin crack running through
    it. Lower yourself down enough so that you don't hit the archway. Your
    Clawshot chain will simply move through the thin crack and you'll be able to
    get to the other side. Once you do, target the Peahat nearby and pull yourself
    to it. Note that if you fall, you'll land in the grassy pit with Helmasaurs
    and a Helmasaurus (use the vine wall to get out, but watch out for Walltulas).
    Anyway, the next Peahat will take you across another wall. Lower yourself so
    that you pass through the opening in the wall. You will finally reach the
    southwest garden. Drop down into the grassy pit here and find the chest in one
    of the corners, which contains more Bombs. Avoid the Baba Serpents and return
    to the upper ledge by using the Clawshot to pull yourself up to the metal bars
    on the east wall, or the Peahat. Now exit the garden complex through the west
    Now you will be back in the east wind gorge, but from a higher elevation. A
    new set of Peahats will allow you to reach the roof of the city's central
    building. Target the first one nearby to pull yourself up to it, and then the
    next one. Four Peahats later, you'll be hanging over the middle of the gorge.
    Do you want a Piece of Heart? Of course you do. Instead of reaching for the
    next Peahat, turn left from the fourth one and target the one leading to a
    ledge to the south. When you reach this ledge, you can reenter the Peahat
    gardens and open a chest on a previously-inaccessible area to get the Piece of
    Heart. Now return to the wind gorge and make your way to the roof of the
    central building.
    After going through the door, walk around this grassy rooftop courtyard and
    eliminate the two Dynalfos prowling around. Then, go to the northeast part of
    the room and Clawshot up to the vines growing on the wall. Climb them to reach
    a grassy platform. Before you go any further, get the Hero's Bow out and kill
    the perching Kargaroks in the area. Two are on your right, while a third is on
    your left. Now, to move on, you must transform into a wolf and creep across
    the ropes that are connected to the central tower. Once you get on the ledge
    that surrounds it, go left. You'll reach some vines that allow you to get to
    the ledge further ahead. Kill the Walltulas on them first, and then climb
    around to the second ledge. Open the chest here and grab the red rupee inside.
    Now you can turn into a wolf once more and climb across the second rope up
    ahead. After you do that, go across yet another one to reach the west ledge.
    In addition to a chest with a purple rupee inside, you'll find another Imp Poe
    here. Battle it and add its soul to your collection. Unfortunately, the door
    you want to take can't be reached from this ledge, so go back down to the
    ground and climb up the vines in the northeast part of the room. Transform
    again and go across to the central tower. This time, go right along the ledge
    and continue across the series of ropes until you get to the door on the west
    side of the tower.
    The small chamber inside the tower has a large turbine rotating with the wind
    coming from the grated floor, and two Helmasauruses. The wind will push you
    away from the center, confining you to the outer edges of the chamber. The
    Helmasauruses on the other hand will have no trouble moving through the room.
    Take the big guys down with spin attacks to the rear when they get close. Now
    put the Iron Boots on and use them to walk through the center of the room.
    When you get to the other side, open the dark chest and pocket the Big Key.
    There is also an ornamental lever hanging above the chest. Clawshot it and use
    the Iron Boots to pull it down. This will stop the fan below the floor that's
    blowing the wind up through. Now go to the south side of the room and locate
    the small hole in the floor. Don't just drop through; look up and target the
    grated pipe above you with the Clawshot. Once hanging from it, slowly lower
    yourself down through the hole.
    You will reach the chamber with the large fan. Land on the outer ledge and
    kill the Helmasaurs. Also, there's a chest with a red rupee here, and a door
    that takes you back out to the rooftop. To continue however, move to the north
    end of the room and shoot the grated ceiling above the opening through the
    halted fan blades. Lower yourself through to the central hub chamber, but do
    not let go. Turn to face north now, and use the second Clawshot to propel
    yourself to another lever hanging from the ceiling of this room. Like the last
    one, you will need the Iron Boots to pull it down. A large fan on the north
    wall will start spinning now. Go ahead and drop down, and then use the north
    door at the top of the steps.
    The wind from the fan you just activated will blow through another gorge to
    the north, and the large turbines will start to rotate slowly. The surface of
    these turbines can be attached to with the Clawshots, and now that they are
    rotating you can reach the city's north building. As with the other gorges,
    you should probably take down the Kargaroks soaring through the air before you
    try to go across. Now shoot your Clawshots at the first turbine's grated
    surface. While you cling to it, the turbine will slowly rotate around to face
    the next turbine. Before you miss your chance and move back to where you
    began, target the next turbine and fly to it. Keep doing this until you reach
    the other side of the gorge. Lastly, target the grating covering the inactive
    fan above the north doorway, and drop down. You can find a chest hidden behind
    the fan's blades containing a red rupee. With all of the dungeon's chests
    collected, hop down to the doorway and use it.
    Two Aeralfos are inside, ready to strike. The Aeralfos and the Darknut are the
    only two mini-bosses to appear again after the initial battle (you will
    encounter additional Darknuts near the end of the game), but they can be
    defeated in the same way as before. Concentrate on a single Aeralfos at a time
    and wait for it to raise its shield in preparation for an aerial strike. Pull
    it down with the Clawshot and start swinging your sword wildly. Once the first
    one is defeated, go for the second one. While there are still two of them
    around, keep moving to avoid any surprise strikes from the one you aren't
    looking at. After the fight is over, go around the room and collect health
    from the jars. Both Aeralfos also leave behind purple rupees. Anyway, you must
    now get to get to the top of this chamber where the boss's door is located.
    Face south and Clawshot up to the circular grating covering the outside fan.
    From it, propel yourself to the turbine in the center of the room. The turbine
    isn't moving, and needs to be in order to continue. Target a diamond-shaped
    switch just above the fan grating. When it is activated, the turbine you are
    on will start to rotate. As it moves, try to catch the second turbine in the
    northeast alcove. Timing is crucial, since both turbines will be moving and
    you have a limited window in which to target the next one. You can drop down
    onto the alcove if you want to break the jars along the wall, but you need to
    continue ascending by clawing onto the next turbine. The next one is in the
    center of the room, above the first, while the one after is in the northwest
    alcove. There is a blue Chu up here, so get its jelly if you want before it
    merges with the other purple Chus. From the last moving turbine, you can drop
    down and smash the lone pot to uncover a Fairy. Then, you can reach the halted
    turbine at the very top of the chamber. From its surface, shoot the Clawshot
    again at another diamond-shaped switch to the north to get this turbine moving
    again. As it rotates around, shoot the medallion on the south wall and then
    drop down in front of the boss's lair. Take a breather to prepare for battle
    before going through the door.
    You will emerge on a windy balcony. You still have yet to reach the top where
    the black dragon nests. Look for a pillar on your right with grating on it.
    Use the Double Clawshots to get to it, and then pull yourself to the vines
    growing on the pillar nearby. Climb these vines up to the rooftop. As wind
    blows across the grassy arena, the great black dragon that has been attacking
    the city soars down and confronts you. The boss of the City in the Sky is
    TWILIT DRAGON ARGOROK, and it's about to get what it has had coming to it.
    After it presents itself with a great roar, Argorok will fly high into the sky
    and begin circling the arena. You mustn't let it get away! There are four
    spires around the arena that you can Clawshot onto. Pick two that are close
    together and propel yourself as high as you can to one of them. Then target
    the other spire and keep climbing even higher. Alternate between the spires
    until you get to the top of one. Argorok will fly in and face you now,
    breathing a stream of fire in your direction. Quickly target the great
    dragon's Clawshot-shaped tail armor. If you successfully latch onto Argorok,
    put the Iron Boots on immediately. As you hang from its tail, the Iron Boots
    will weigh Argorok down and drag it towards the ground. The dragon crashes
    into the grass and chunks of its black armor fly off. After it recuperates
    itself, Argorok will take off again. Now repeat for the second round. Try to
    reach the spires before Argorok comes by and tries to slash you with its
    talons. When you go as high as you can go, attach yourself to the dragon's
    tail again and pull it down to the ground with the Iron Boots. After the
    second drop, a bright pink jewel will be exposed on Argorok's back. This must
    be the boss's weak spot. As the dragon rises into the air again, it sheds what
    remains of its black armor and reveals its scaly reddish hide. Rain and
    lightning appear from the sky, and Peahats suddenly begin to sprout from the
    earth. A total of eight of them come up from the soil and float up to the top
    of the arena. The second phase of the battle begins now. Like before, start by
    climbing to the top of the four spires. Once you get there, target the nearest
    Peahat and shoot it with the Clawshot to get even higher. The Peahats have
    formed a ring around the arena, and are close enough together so that you can
    fly from one to another relatively quickly. As you hang from a Peahat, Argorok
    will fly in and start hovering in the middle of the Peahat ring. Shortly
    afterwards, it will begin to expel its stream of fire in a wide arc, hoping to
    knock you back down to the ground. Quickly swing from one Peahat to the next
    to avoid getting scorched. Argorok will stop turning, but you must keep moving
    to get behind him. When you are facing the dragon's back, target it with a
    Clawshot and pull yourself to it. Now start hacking away at Argorok's weak
    point as furiously as you can until it falls to the ground. Once again,
    Argorok will fly away afterwards. You must hit the weak spot two more times to
    defeat the boss. However, as the battle rages, Argorok will get even more
    aggressive. It will breathe fire on you as you try to climb to the top of the
    spires, and it will sometimes turn suddenly as you swing from the Peahats and
    force you to change directions in order to avoid the fire blast. When you
    deliver the finishing strike to the Twilit Dragon Argorok, it will roar in
    pain before folding its wings and falling to the ground. Before it even hits
    the ground, Argorok explodes and a Heart Container falls from the smoke.
    As the weather clears up, winds swirl together and form the fourth and final
    MIRROR SHARD. Midna grabs it and stores it away, congratulating you for
    finding the last one. She says that Zant's inability to completely destroy the
    Mirror of Twilight is proof that he is no king, and for that Midna is
    determined to stop him. She opens the exit portal and waits for you. Quickly
    grab Argorok's Heart Container and exit. After saving, you will appear in
    front of the city's Sky Cannon. Clawshot into the back of it to get launched
    back down to Lake Hylia.
    Chapter 14: The Twilight Princess.
    The pieces of the Mirror of Twilight have all been assembled, so you can
    return to the Mirror Chamber with Midna and put a stop to Zant's sorcery.
    Before going though, you have a few other options to look into. Your
    formidable arsenal now consists of almost every item in the game, giving you
    the ability to find and ransack every last chest around Hyrule. One other item
    you can pick up now is the Giant Quiver, which is won after you play the
    second version of the same mini-game you received the Big Quiver in. This
    quiver can hold up to 100 arrows! In addition, you can now fully explore the
    Cave of Ordeals in the Gerudo Mesa and unlock the powers of the Great Fairy
    that dwells within it. Completing this grueling cavern will allow you to
    prepare for the tough battles against the masterminds of evil that lie ahead.
    There you can also find and collect the last three Poe Souls to give to
    Jovani. With 60 Poe Souls, you can fully break his curse and be rewarded with
    a silver rupee. This rare gem is worth 200 rupees! And, after you find Jovani
    in Telma's Bar later on, you can come back to his cat Gengle and receive
    additional silver rupees as many times as you want, but only if your wallet is
    empty. After you have every last item there is save for a Heart Container and
    two Pieces of Heart, warp to the Mirror Chamber to continue your quest.
    Approach the Mirror of Twilight's frame. The three shards that Midna had been
    storing will float and twirl into place, and the Mirror of Twilight will be
    restored. It begins to glow, and the chains that bind the ceremonial stone
    slab dissolve into dust. A ray of mystical light shines from the mirror onto
    the stone, creating a wormhole into the Twilight Realm. After Midna says a few
    things about her former way of life, the spirit sages appear behind them. They
    blame themselves for everything that has happened, underestimating the
    abilities of Ganondorf and overestimating their own. They ask for forgiveness
    from Midna, the Twilight Princess. Midna is surprised that they knew all along
    that she is the true ruler of the Twili, a fact she hasn't shared with Link.
    After Zant struck her down with a curse that turned her into the diminutive
    form she is now, Midna fled the Twilight Realm hoping to find help. Her
    culture held a belief that a hero would come in the form of a sacred beast, so
    when Midna found Link in Faron Woods, she decided to use him to get revenge on
    Zant. She only cared about saving her own world at first, but changed her
    attitude after seeing the selfless risks and sacrifices made by Link and
    Zelda. Now she is determined to save both her world and the world of light.
    Midna believes that upon defeating Zant, the curse on her will be broken and
    she will be able to revive Princess Zelda. Now, step on the light symbols in
    front of the mirror to project a staircase. Walk to the end of it and warp
    through the wormhole to enter the Twilight Realm's Palace of Twilight.
    The Palace of Twilight is the eighth dungeon. It is an eerie place, isolated
    in the endless void of the Twilight Realm. Zant has taken over and is
    commanding his army of twilit fiends from the summit of his majestic palace.
    In order to reach him, you will have to infiltrate the palace's east and west
    wings to obtain a source of power that will dispel the darkness that abounds
    here. You can return at any time to the normal world simply by using the
    wormhole created by the Mirror of Twilight.
    As you start, Midna will ask you for one final favor. She doesn't wish to be
    seen by her people in the impish form that she is, so she wants to remain
    hidden as a part of your shadow while you are a human. Walk towards the
    circular courtyard up ahead. There are several Shadow Beasts standing around
    here, but they aren't what they appear to be. Midna informs you that they are
    the Twili, but they have been transformed into these gruesome forms by Zant's
    magic. They haven't been fully mutated into monsters yet, so perhaps there is
    still time to save them. There are three paths to choose from, but only one
    can be taken. A large gap prevents you from going west, while the north ramp
    is blocked at the top by a strange cascade of dark fog. Go east instead, and
    pass the lone Twili standing in front of the door to the palace's east wing.
    Open it and head through.
    Enter the east wing and start attacking the Shadow Babas and Shadow Keese near
    the front of the room. When you go further down the steps, a new enemy will
    appear from the back of the room. A large floating mask identical to Zant's
    headwear appears in the dark fog. This is a ZANT MASK. It is a peculiar enemy
    that hovers above the ground and shoots balls of crimson energy at you from
    its 'mouth'. A Zant Mask also has the ability to teleport short distances in a
    flash, usually after it has launched its attack or been damaged. To defeat the
    Zant Mask, you can try using your shield attack to deflect the energy balls
    back at it, and then attack it while it is stunned. You can also simply run up
    to the Zant Mask and attack normally before it disappears. It will take four
    or five slices to defeat it. After you destroy the Zant Mask, a chest will
    appear in the back alcove. It has a key, which opens the door on the ledge
    behind it. To get up there, you will need to shoot the red Clawshot medallions
    on the wall. Also, take note of the four side alcoves hidden behind curtains
    of strange black fog. If you touch the fog, you will automatically be turned
    into a wolf and Midna will tell you that the fog contains shadow crystals
    created by Zant's magic. You can still go through all but the northeast alcove
    to find yellow rupees inside pottery, but the real prize can't be obtained
    yet. Clawshot up to the back wall and use the small key to go through the
    The second chamber has more dark fog blanketing most of the floor. There's
    also a Zant Mask hiding in it. Leap down and start attacking it in wolf form.
    The energy field strike, followed by regular dashes, should destroy the mask
    quickly. Turn on your senses if you want to see more clearly through the fog.
    After the Zant Mask is gone, more chests will be revealed. One is in the back
    alcove like the last one was, while another appears in a left alcove just
    before the fog. Open it first to get the Compass, but watch out for the Shadow
    Vermin that show up to defend it. It may seem odd to get the Compass before
    the Dungeon Map, but there's a reason for this. Next, run through the fog and
    open the back chest to get another small key. Now use the Clawshot to reach
    the leftmost medallion on the back wall. Instead of dropping down to the exit
    ledge, turn and use the second Clawshot to reach another medallion on the west
    wall nearby. Lastly, propel yourself to the one on the ceiling that is now
    within reach. Lower yourself or drop down to the west ledge. Here you can get
    to a chest after fighting a pair of Shadow Babas. The chest contains an orange
    rupee. After you grab it, Clawshot back to the north ledge and go through the
    exit door.
    You will enter the uppermost chamber of the east wing. There is a strange
    stone hand in the back gripping a glowing ball of light. Jump down from the
    ledge and approach it. As you do, force fields appear to block you off from
    the back pedestal and the exit. Then, a glowing green hologram of Zant himself
    flickers into view in front of you. This is PHANTOM ZANT. He creates a ball of
    magical energy and tosses it into the air. It becomes a portal from which a
    large swarm of Shadow Keese descends. Start the battle against Phantom Zant by
    destroying the Shadow Keese with a well-timed spin attack. Phantom Zant will
    teleport around the room, trying to confuse and frustrate you. In the
    meantime, he will keep you busy by summoning more twilit creatures. Sometimes
    he can call out Shadow Babas and Shadow Vermin in huge swarms in addition to
    the Keese. When Phantom Zant prepares to summon them though, you can attack
    him before he has a chance to teleport. Otherwise, you will just be chasing
    him around the room aimlessly. Zant will only summon a new wave of enemies
    after the first one is gone completely, so either destroy them all or just
    wait for them to disappear on their own. When you spot Phantom Zant next, rush
    in and start slicing away at him. If you are quick enough, you can stop the
    onset of a new enemy wave. After damaging Phantom Zant enough times, he will
    give up and disappear, leaving behind a cloud of dark fog in the center of the
    room. The door will unseal and the force fields will disappear as well.
    Run around the cloud of fog and approach the back pedestal. Midna tells you
    that the luminous sphere held in the stone hand's clutches is a Sol. It is the
    source of power in the Twilight Realm, equivalent to the Sun of the light
    world. Midna asks you to take it back to the palace entrance. Swat the hand
    with your sword so that it releases the Sol. Now pick it up and carry it
    towards the center of the room. The radiant light from the Sol will push back
    the dark fog and reveal a small circular slot on the floor. Before you can
    reach it however, the stone hand that held the Sol lights up with red symbols
    and comes to life. The guardian of the Sol is ZANT'S HAND, and its only
    purpose in existence is to keep the Sol secured in this room. Zant's Hand will
    drift slowly through the air towards the Sol. When it reaches it, the hand
    will try to slam down and grab the Sol before taking it back to the pedestal.
    To stop this, you must move quickly and leave the room before Zant's Hand
    descends. If you can't avoid it, shoot it with three bomb arrows to stun it
    briefly. As you place the Sol into the circular slot, a staircase will appear
    that will allow you to get to the exit ledge. However, it will only stay up as
    long as the Sol remains in the slot. Since you need to bring the Sol with you,
    first climb the staircase and then use the Clawshot to retrieve the Sol before
    Zant's Hand does. Fight or ignore the Shadow Vermin that show up to stop you,
    and head through the exit with the Sol in your hands.
    You won't get far into the next room before Zant's Hand forges a path through
    the north wall. It's still after you, and isn't about to give up. If the hand
    manages to take the Sol from you, you can Clawshot it back before it reaches
    the north wall again. Look for the hand's shadow and just move out of the way
    if it's about to snatch the Sol. With the Compass, you can keep track of the
    Sol by locating the red dot on the map that represents it. Anyway, run down to
    the center of the room and place the Sol into the circular slot. The fog will
    dissipate around the Sol. When the Sol is placed in the slot, another
    staircase will be made. Hack through the Shadow Vermin and leave the Sol for
    now. Run up the staircase from the west side and then turn to reach the east
    ledge. When you reach stable ground, bring the Sol back into your hands with
    the Clawshot. Now run south and throw the Sol over the step that you can't run
    up, or simply drop it and Clawshot it back after you climb onto the step. Run
    to the end of this balcony and jump down in front of the south door. Go
    through it with your Sol.
    There will be no tricky puzzles to solve in the next room, but you still have
    to worry about the relentless Zant's Hand. Now that you have the Sol with you
    though, you can explore the alcoves behind the dark fog. The northeastern one
    has a ledge in the back with a chest and a Clawshot medallion. You should be
    safe from Zant's Hand once inside the alcove, so set the Sol down and bring
    out the Clawshot. When you reach the chest, open it to get a Piece of Heart.
    Now take the Sol back to the main part of the room and race towards the south
    door. Dodge attacks from Shadow Babas, Vermin and Keese as well as Zant's
    Hand, and reenter the outer palace grounds.
    As you walk into the open twilight air, the light from the Sol will transform
    the Twili standing by the door back to his original form. The Sol's light must
    have driven out Zant's evil magic. Zant's Hand is no longer pursuing you, so
    take the Sol back to the center courtyard and use it to transform the other
    four cursed Twili. Afterwards, place it into one of the two circular slots in
    the middle. There is one more Sol to bring back, and it is located at the end
    of the west wing. The first Sol will cause a light platform to appear on the
    floor to the west. Step on it so that it begins moving across the chasm. When
    you reach the other side, jump down and use the door behind the cursed Twili.
    The west palace wing is similar to the east one, and the second Sol is at the
    end of the third chamber. Jump down from the ledge and destroy the Shadow
    Keese. There is dark fog ahead, but no way to get through on the other side.
    Look to the sides and use the Clawshots to reach any one of the four
    medallions on the wall. From it, pull yourself up to the medallion on the
    ceiling. Now lower yourself down so that you can drop down onto the light
    platform as it floats by. When you land on it, turn north and jump to the
    stone platform with two black orbs. A Zant Mask will appear near the back of
    the room. It's too far away to hit with deflected energy balls, so just do
    your best to avoid it until you get closer. Jump across to the next moving
    light platform. This one and the ones beyond it move from side to side, so
    time your jumps carefully. When you reach the fourth one, try to kill the Zant
    Mask without falling off into the fog. Defeating it will cause a chest to
    appear in the northwest corner. Jump to the ledge and open the chest to get a
    small key. Now open the small chest in the opposite corner for a purple rupee.
    Two more chests are in the room, but they can't be gotten yet. Just use the
    key to unlock the north door and head through.
    Jump down from the ledge in the next room and prepare to fight two advancing
    Shadow Beasts that emerge from the fog ahead. When you kill them, the shriek
    of a third will bring them back. The other is hidden inside the fog, so you
    must fight the beasts in wolf form. Rush in and attack the third Shadow Beast.
    Force fields will lock you inside the fog until all three are defeated. After
    one is down, use the energy field strike to bring down the others. The fun
    won't end there though. Now a Zant Mask will show up near the back of the
    chamber. The force fields will disappear now, so you can head through the fog
    and use your human form to defeat it if you want. Next, two more Zant Masks
    will show up in the fog. Run in to turn into a wolf again and use your senses
    to locate the masks quicker. Hurt them with the energy field or just pounce
    repeatedly before they teleport. After the third mask goes down, a chest will
    appear in one of the side alcoves. Go back to the north end of the room and
    transform into a human. Use the Clawshots to reach a medallion above the back
    ledge. From it, turn and shoot another one on the ceiling. There are four
    medallions in a line here, and additional ones in the chamber's side alcoves.
    You can propel from one to another to reach all of these alcoves. Some only
    contain pots, but two on each side have chests. Propel to the northeast alcove
    and grab the purple rupee from the chest. Pull yourself to the center alcove
    on the west side next for another purple rupee. Lastly, go to the two alcoves
    farthest south on each side to get a small key and the Dungeon Map (kill the
    Shadow Keese fluttering around). Now swing back to the north ledge and unlock
    the door to the next room.
    You have reached the second Sol chamber. Before you can grab it though, you
    must face off against Phantom Zant one more time. He will seal you into the
    center of the room with force fields and summon a fresh wave of enemies. The
    second time around, Phantom Zant is tougher to defeat because of his improved
    battle tactics. The enemies he summons are different than last time. Now he
    will call down Shadow Babas first, and then follow up with swarms of Shadow
    Vermin and even Shadow Beasts when you finish off the Babas. Phantom Zant will
    also attack you with multiple balls of red energy. They can be blocked with
    the shield or even deflected, but don't count on them hitting Phantom Zant.
    The strategy to defeat him is still the same. When he prepares to call forth
    an army of twilit monsters or his energy attack, run up to him and slice
    repeatedly. Remember not to chase him while there are still other enemies
    around, or else he will simply teleport before you can reach him. When you
    execute the finishing blow, Phantom Zant will once again disappear and leave
    behind a cloud of fog in the center of the floor. Run to the back pedestal and
    release the second Sol from the grasp of Zant's Hand. It will awaken like the
    last one did and begin floating incessantly towards the Sol. Run to the center
    of the room and push back the fog so that you can place the Sol in its
    circular slot. Shadow Vermin and a Shadow Beast will attack you as well, but
    ignore them if you can. Once the Sol is in place, climb up to the top of the
    new staircase and then use the Clawshot to bring the Sol back. Exit before
    Zant's Hand gets too close.
    In the next room, push through the fog and place the Sol in the center slot.
    Zant's Hand won't be far behind. As before, ignore the Shadow Keese and Beast
    that now inhabit the chamber. The slotted Sol will create a staircase around
    the center pit, but it's too high to reach from the ground. The good news is
    that if you created it in time, the staircase will block Zant's Hand and trap
    it in place. Go back to the north side of the room and target the medallion on
    the wall with the Clawshot. Next, shoot for the second one down on the
    ceiling. From this one you can lower yourself onto the staircase. Head to the
    south balcony and pull the Sol back into your hands. Lastly, jump down and go
    through the south door.
    There is only one room left to go through before Zant's Hand stops chasing
    you. Leap into the fog and push it back with the Sol. Stay by the north end of
    the pit and stand near the black orb down here. The Sol's light will make it
    glow brightly, and two light platforms will show up on either side of it.
    These will take you back to the platforms above. Jump back across the light
    platforms until you reach the stone platform with the two black orbs. Use the
    Sol's light to brighten the orbs. Another light platform will appear beneath
    your feet and carry you to the south door. You still can't get the two chests
    here, so go back to the palace grounds.
    When you return to the courtyard, the lone Twili standing by the door will
    change back to normal like the others. Walk ahead and use the light platform
    to reach the center courtyard. Place the Sol in the remaining circular slot
    alongside the first one. The Sols both disappear, and golden light begins to
    radiate from the Master Sword. The power of the Sols has been transferred to
    the Master Sword by the guardian deities of the Twilight Realm! Midna says
    that you are truly the chosen one to have the gods of both worlds on your
    side. Now you can cast back the darkness that Zant has plagued the palace
    with. This power will only remain in the Master Sword while you are in the
    Twilight Realm however. Before you continue though, you can use the improved
    Master Sword to get those two chests in the first chamber of the west wing.
    Ride the platform back across the chasm and reenter through the door.
    Just by swinging the Master Sword, you can repel the dark fog around you. The
    spin attack will push it back the farthest, so use it and walk into the fog
    pit. The light from the Master Sword will reveal two light platforms that
    weren't there before on either side of the room. Stand on the west one to be
    taken upwards, and then jump across to the alcove in the wall before the
    platform starts heading south. The chest in this alcove has the last Piece of
    Heart in the game (assuming you have been collecting them all as soon as you
    were able to). Now do the same with the east light platform to reach the east
    alcove. The chest here has a purple rupee inside. Return to the palace grounds
    afterwards. If you didn't get the first Piece of Heart from the east wing
    before, you can also do that now with the Master Sword's light.
    Once you have all the chests in the palace's first floor, take the north ramp
    from the central courtyard. After meeting another Twili, you will have to stop
    before a wall of dark fog. Defeat the three Shadow Kargaroks roosting in front
    of it, and then stand on the red symbols on the floor. From here, use a spin
    attack to force back the fog. You only have a few seconds before fog covers
    the path again, so jump across quickly. The fog will push you into the chasm
    if you try to foolishly jump through it. On the other side, go through the
    Enter the next palace chamber and run ahead to defeat the approaching Shadow
    Keese and Vermin. There is more dark fog ahead, so push it back with a spin
    attack. When you get through, fight the Shadow Baba at the top of the steps.
    There are two blue spheres on either side of the Baba that look similar to
    Sols, but don't house the same amount of energy. They cannot repel dark fog,
    but you still must take them to the circular slots in the center of the room.
    Remember to stop and push the fog back with spin attacks before going through
    with the spheres. When they are both placed in the slots, they will gain
    enough power to push back the fog, and a staircase will be made. Watch out for
    the Shadow Vermin swarms that show up afterwards. Climb the staircase to the
    northeast ledge and slay the Shadow Keese here. Now use the Master Sword to
    activate the light orb. A platform will appear and carry you across the room
    when you step on it. It will take you to the west ledge, where you will find a
    Shadow Baba and more light orbs. Before using them, fight the Baba and the
    Zant Mask that shows up soon afterwards. Now that the Master Sword contains
    the Sols' light, it is strong enough to destroy any enemy of the Twilight
    Realm in a single hit, from Shadow Kargaroks to Zant Masks. Wipe out the first
    mask, but prepare to fight three more that show up by the light orbs. Destroy
    the last one to make a chest appear by where the first Zant Mask showed up. It
    has a small key inside. Now go back and stand in between the three inactive
    light orbs. With a spin attack, you can activate all three at once and create
    another light platform. Fight the Keese when you reach the east door, and then
    head through once it is unlocked.
    Shadow Kargaroks are everywhere on this third floor balcony. Run to the left
    and go east towards the Shadow Beast. Batter the enemies with your sword, and
    then activate the two light orbs at the end of the ledge with a spin attack.
    Ride the light platform to a ledge south of where you came in from. All that
    is here is a Zant Mask and a set of light orbs that will create the platform
    for your return to the main part of the courtyard. Don't leave without
    destroying the Zant Mask. All of them must be defeated before one of the
    room's chest shows up. Additional Zant Masks will appear when you go back to
    the balcony. More will continue to appear until at least half a dozen have
    been destroyed. Then, a chest will appear to the north. Open it to get the
    small key to the northwest exit, but don't leave yet. Go back and face the
    large wall of black fog. With a spin attack, the fog will part long enough for
    you to jump to the hidden ledge behind it. There are three Shadow Kargaroks
    roosting here, so kill them before they take flight. Now bring out the
    Clawshot and point it at the medallion on the north wall. Shoot yourself up to
    it, and then propel yourself to the south medallion further up the wall. Work
    your way up like this until you can attach yourself to a medallion on the
    ceiling. Lower yourself from it to a ledge with the Big Key chest on it. Now
    part the dark fog and leap back down to the ground. Use the small key to go
    through the exit door.
    The cavernous chamber on the other side of the door is filled with dark fog.
    Before you can reach it however, you must defeat a group of Shadow Beasts.
    They will trap you with force fields when you come through. Bring them all
    close and then unleash a spin attack to devastate them. After the force fields
    free you, run to the back of the room, hacking through the fog. There are four
    light orbs hidden in it. Use a spin attack on them to make a light platform in
    the center, and then ride it upwards. As you move up, four more light
    platforms will appear out of nowhere around you. Jump to the east one and let
    this one take you across the room. Like before, more platforms will show up as
    you ride. Jump to the one on your left to be taken to a ledge with a Shadow
    Baba. If you take the right platform, it will take you to another ledge that
    has some pots, but it won't take you to where you need to go. Still, you can
    Clawshot to the Shadow Baba ledge from either light platform when they get
    high enough. Now jump to the next light platform next to the Baba's ledge. It
    will carry you westwards towards a set of three ledges, but it won't get close
    enough to jump from. Clawshot to them instead by shooting the wall medallion
    and defeat the Zant Mask hovering nearby. After you smash the pots in the area
    for hearts, propel to the medallion on the south wall, and then use it to get
    to the one hanging from the ceiling above. Lower yourself from this medallion
    so that you drop onto a light platform moving beneath you. It will ferry you
    across to a ledge on the east side of the room. There is another Zant Mask
    here, so dispose of it. Afterwards, a chest will show up in the corner. It has
    a small key. Also, a new light platform will appear in front of the middle
    ledge. Jump to it and ride it up to the exit door. Climb the steps and unlock
    it, then go through.
    Zant's throne room is guarded by a final wave of Shadow Beasts. Defeat the
    first three that show up one after another. Next, slice through the fog up
    ahead and prepare to be penned in by a force field. Three waves of four Shadow
    Beasts will descend. Defeat them all to make the force fields and dark fog
    disappear. Smash up any jars for last-minute health, and then head to the back
    to enter Zant's throne room.
    Zant is seated in the palace's throne at the top of the steps. Midna smirks
    and points out the irony in the fact that she and Link only reached this place
    thanks to the magic curse Zant placed on Link before. Zant dismisses this and
    tells Midna about the true nature of his magic. As he says this, his mask is
    pulled back to reveal his Twili face. He talks about how his race regressed
    into stagnation after being secluded in the Twilight Realm for so long. He
    blames the Twili royal family for what happened. Zant begins to act childlike,
    letting out maniacal shrieks and jumping up and down in anger. He was insulted
    when Midna's father, the king of the Twilight Realm, didn't choose him to
    follow in his stead. Zant had endured serving the royal family because he
    believed he would be the next to rule with the ancient magic of his ancestors.
    In his anger, Zant reached for the heavens and found a god. This god appeared
    before him, and revealed himself to be the spirit of Ganon, who had been
    entombed in the Twilight Realm by the sages long ago. Ganon gave Zant magical
    powers that allowed him to overthrow the king and take control of the Twilight
    Realm. However, his dark deeds didn't stop there. His master desired power
    over the twilight and the light worlds both, so Zant set out to spread
    darkness across Hyrule.
    Now, it's time for battle against the USURPER KING ZANT! This will be the most
    complex boss battle you've had yet. Instead of fighting you in the throne
    room, Zant will use his magic to transport you to one of various arenas from
    bosses and mini-bosses you faced in the past. He will fight similar to how the
    respective boss or mini-boss fought, but add his own unique twists. In each
    stage, you can find jars of health that will help you use great spins to dish
    out more damage when the time comes. The first battle setting is the lair of
    Twilit Parasite Diababa, the boss that once lurked in the Forest Temple. Zant
    will hover in midair above the polluted water, shooting balls of crimson
    energy at you at a rapid rate. As soon as he finishes a volley, he'll teleport
    to a new spot. Stand at the shore and prepare the Gale Boomerang. This weapon
    helped you defeat Diababa and it will help you again to get through this stage
    of the battle against Zant. Target him while dodging his energy balls and
    shoot the Gale Boomerang at him. If you hit Zant before he teleports, he will
    fall into the purple water and start hopping towards the safety of the shore.
    Quickly run up to him and start attacking him without mercy. After he
    teleports back into the air, repeat one more time to complete the first stage.
    Zant will then take you to the Goron Mines. You will be in the room that you
    faced Dangoro in. Zant will jump up and down, causing the magnetite platform
    to tilt. If you are worried about falling, put the Iron Boots on so that you
    don't slide into the lava. If you try to attack Zant while he hops, he'll
    teleport away before you can reach him. Wait until he fires a round of energy
    balls before rushing in to attack. He will tire out after his attack and be
    left vulnerable for a few seconds. After slicing him up two times, you will
    once again shift settings. Now you will be in the watery lair of Twilit
    Aquatic Morpheel. Put the Zora Armor on so that you don't drown. Zant will
    come out of the chamber floor inside an enormous Zant Mask. When the mask's
    mouthpiece opens, Zant will unleash a storm of red energy upon you. Put the
    Iron Boots on to plant yourself on the ground and raise your shield to block
    Zant's attacks. Now use the Clawshot to yank him out of the giant mask. He
    will try to swim back to safety, but you have enough time to attack him.
    During the second round, three giant Zant Masks will appear, but only one will
    have Zant inside. When you hear Zant's insane cackles, look for the mask with
    him inside. After he finishes firing energy bolts at you, pull him out with
    the Clawshot and slice away. When Zant transports you again, you will find
    yourself in the chamber where you faced Ook the baboon. Like Ook, Zant will
    hop from the top of one totem pole to another. He will pause only to teleport
    or shoot his energy balls at you. Since this is the only time he stays still
    for longer than a second, this is when you need to try to knock him down. Roll
    into the totem pole he's on twice to unbalance him and send him for a tumble.
    Attack him before he recovers, then rinse and repeat. The fifth setting of
    this battle is the frozen arena of Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta. Zant will grow to
    the size of Blizzeta herself and float above you. Look at the reflection in
    the icy floor to keep track of him. Instead of shooting his energy balls at
    you, Zant will try to stomp on you. When he comes down, roll to the side.
    Immediately get the Ball and Chain ready and smack Zant's foot with it. He
    will hobble in pain, getting smaller and smaller with each hop. Chase him and
    attack him once he shrinks to a tiny size. He teleports afterwards, so just
    repeat the process one more time. Finally, Zant will transport you to a new
    arena, but not in the Palace of Twilight. Instead, you will appear in front of
    the south steps of Castle Town, enclosed by a square force field. Zant will
    brandish a pair of daggers and start swinging them wildly. Block him with your
    shield or try to roll out of the way so you can attack him back. Zant can also
    use a twirling spin attack, where he will spin rapidly and try to slice you to
    shreds. If you can block this for long enough, Zant will get tired and he will
    be vulnerable to your sword. However, as the battle intensifies Zant will
    teleport sporadically and try to throw you off guard. Keep fighting until Zant
    can finally take no more. He collapses to his knees and lets out a shriek
    before you are teleported back to his throne room.
    Back in the Palace of Twilight, the Fused Shadows that Zant took from Midna
    will return to her, but her form will not change. The curse hasn't been
    broken. Zant is sitting in his throne collapsed from the battle. He tells
    Midna that his curse will never be broken as long as his master is still
    alive. Ganon has already descended upon the world of light, and as long as he
    lives he can continue to revive Zant. In anger, Midna unleashes the power of
    the Fused Shadows and destroys Zant's body. She then stares in disbelief,
    saying that she only used a fraction of her newfound powers. However, there is
    no time to lose. They must return to Hyrule Castle and save Zelda, as well as
    defeat Ganon. Even though Midna is still in her cursed form, she should be
    able to revive Zelda using the powers of the Fused Shadows. She creates the
    portal to exit. Remember to grab the eighth and final Heart Container left in
    front of the throne. When you warp back to the palace courtyard, use the
    Mirror of Twilight's wormhole to get back to the world of light.
    Chapter 15: Light and Shadow.
    Before you try to rescue Princess Zelda, make sure you have all items and
    weapons in the game. You should have 20 hearts, a quiver with 100 arrows,
    three filled and fully-upgraded bomb bags, seven hidden skills, four Bottles
    filled with Fairies, Fairy's Tears, potions or Chu jelly and 50 pellets for
    the Slingshot (although it's doubtful you'll use it). If you have everything
    you need, warp to Castle Town and head north from the central square to reach
    Hyrule Castle's entrance. The castle is still imprisoned within a golden prism
    of energy, but Midna will take care of that. She combines the Fused Shadows
    and places them over her head like a helmet. Then, Midna is transformed into
    an enormous glowing creature with seven powerful arms. She leaps onto the
    golden prism and produces a spear made of energy. Midna then plunges the spear
    into the prism and it begins to shatter like glass. Now you are free to enter
    Hyrule Castle. After Midna returns to her familiar state, walk past the first
    set of wooden doors and push through the second to enter the castle grounds.
    Hyrule Castle is the final dungeon. There is no dungeon item to collect; only
    an army of Ganon's minions and the king of light and shadow himself. Before
    you can enter the castle itself though, you will have to move through the
    outer grounds to collect a few small keys. You enter in the front courtyard,
    in front of a tall sculpture. There are Kargaroks flying around, so keep your
    sword ready in case any decide to swoop. You can enter whichever side grounds
    you want first, but go left since the west one leads to the Dungeon Map. As
    you take the western path to the courtyard entrance, a yellow force field will
    form around you. A team of Bokoblins will trap you inside until you defeat
    them all. Start with the first two, and then defeat the other three or so that
    come through the force field. After you defeat them all, the force field will
    vanish. Head to the end of the path and push open the door to get to the
    western grounds.
    This area is filled with Bulblin and Bokoblin forces. Stay near the door to
    remain out of range of the Bulblin archers' arrows, and use your own bow to
    shoot them off their towers. When the Bokoblins come to you, unleash great
    spins to slay them. There are explosive barrels here and there among the
    wooden barricades, so be careful where you swing you sword. You'll want to
    head around the west path next, but it's blocked by the Bulblins' barricades.
    Head north instead and take the left path up ahead. At the end, look for an
    opening on the right side that leads to a Bullbo pen. Hop on and use the
    Bullbo to crash through anything wooden or living, but be careful not to run
    into any explosive barrels. Smash through to the far west path next, and then
    head north through more wooden obstacles. You will hear the whoops of
    additional Bulblins up ahead, but just use your commandeered Bullbo to
    demolish their posts. There's another Bullbo just before the final clearing
    that you will use soon. Dismount the first one and head to the center of the
    last clearing. There's a wooden gate up ahead that must be opened, but doing
    so can be a bit tricky. There are six pillars in the middle of the clearing
    with fans on top, and blowing certain ones in a certain order is the key to
    opening the gate. The clue to their order is well-hidden underneath a pile of
    leaves right in front of the door. Use the Gale Boomerang to blow all the
    leaves away and reveal a stone Triforce crest on the floor. There is a green
    line running through the crest in a zigzag pattern, indicating which fans must
    be used and in what order. First you need to target the top fan, followed by
    the middle left, middle right and center bottom. Hit them with the Gale
    Boomerang in this order to open the gate. Now walk into the back chamber and
    open the chest to get the Dungeon Map. There's also a ladder on your right
    that you can climb to reach the top of the stone wall. If you follow it all
    the way to the end, you can find another chest containing a yellow rupee. From
    here you can leap down to the Bulblin area, but don't go yet. Return to where
    the fan columns were. If you check your map, you'll see a large area hidden on
    the other side of the wall, but with no apparent way to reach it. Turn into a
    wolf and activate your senses to locate a dig tunnel along the north wall. If
    you dig, you'll tunnel through to the castle's secret graveyard.
    The gloomy graveyard is haunted by spirits of departed soldiers and cursed
    fiends who are out to get you. Walk forward to bring out a gang of Stalkins.
    Spin attack before they swarm you. Keep moving, but take note of the things
    around you. There are two owl statues locked behind a gate on the east wall,
    and a pair of torches in front of the gate that will raise it when lit.
    However, the rain will put out any fire you try to light them with. You'll
    have to work out another solution to this puzzle. Watch out for the Stalfos
    near the gate. Go west and head to the far end of the graveyard. There are
    three more Stalfos near the back, so use the Ball and Chain to smash them up.
    Also, there's another gate sealing off the enclosure within the wall. Try
    searching for more clues by reading the two large gravestones next to the
    south wall. One will state, "In the land...where the rain stops...the statue of
    time...moves". The other is less cryptic, telling you that the "cursed
    swordsman...sleeps before...the sacred tree". Turn north now and locate the
    tree in front of the wall. The spirits you must seek are invisible unless you
    use your wolf senses, so transform and activate them. You will see five cursed
    spirits of dead swordsmen standing around a half-buried boulder and pointing
    at it. Turn back into your normal form and use a bomb of some kind to blow up
    this boulder. Underneath it is a switch. Press it to open the west gate. Now
    you can go into the west wall enclosure and see what's inside. There are three
    chests (one with an orange rupee, one with a red rupee and one with a green
    rupee), some pots, a cauldron full of Lantern Oil and a torch. Since this
    torch is sheltered from the rain, take the Lantern out and light it. If you
    are in need of oil, dip your Lantern into the cauldron. The lit torch will
    somehow stop the rain outside, but not for long. Quickly run to the other side
    of the graveyard and light the two torches in front of the east gate before it
    starts raining again. When they are lit, the gate here will open. The two owl
    statues behind it are now yours to command. Start by reading the old piece of
    parchment on the wall behind them. It reads,
    Use the Dominion Rod and take both statues over to where you entered the
    graveyard from. If you turn into a wolf and use your senses, you will see more
    cursed spirits pointing at the wall. Place the owl statues into the slots on
    the floor near where the spirits are pointing to create platforms to the wall
    above you. You can climb up from the southeast corner steps, and then leap
    across each owl statue to get to a ledge on top of the wall. Go to the back
    and pull out the chain left of the gate here. After the gate opens, run in and
    open the chest for your prize. It's a small key. Midna will point out that
    there is nothing left for you here, so find the dig spot and return to the
    western grounds.
    When you pass the clearing with the fan columns, locate the Bullbo in the
    corner and mount it. Ride your piggy back through the western grounds and
    return to the castle courtyard. Now head to the east end of it. Even though
    you can use your key to open the castle's front door, there is more to be
    obtained from the eastern grounds. As you near it, another force field will
    trap you in the courtyard and several Bokoblins will attack you. Defeat them
    so that the force field disappears, and then enter the eastern grounds.
    These grounds aren't as complicated as the western ones, but designed in a
    similar way. Walk out into the middle of the grassy clearing and prepare to be
    attacked by more waves of Bokoblins. Like before, they will seal you within a
    yellow force field until you defeat them all. After cutting through four or
    five waves, you will be free to go through the doorway that the first
    Bokoblins came out of. Enter the eastern side passage and go to the end to
    find a gate on your left. It can be opened by pulling the chain on the wall
    next to it. When the gate goes up, go through to the back of the grounds.
    As you run towards the back corner, you'll pass over a square stone arena.
    Almost immediately, a yellow force field will form around you and you will be
    trapped inside. Moments later, the beastly King Bulblin will jump down and
    grunt. He's holding a small key around his waist and the same enormous axe he
    had in the Gerudo Desert in his hands. He's come to play one last time!
    Fortunately, you can beat King Bulblin easily if you follow the same strategy
    used last time. He uses his enormous axe not only to clobber you with, but to
    defend against frontal assaults. Luckily, his back is unarmored and
    unprotected, so roll around him and start slicing. Don't let up until King
    Bulblin manages to face you again. Remember to block his axe swings, unless
    you feel like losing three hearts. The battle will be over soon enough,
    especially if you can use great spins. King Bulblin then surrenders and hands
    over the small key. He speaks to you, saying that he only fights for the
    stronger side. Now that you have proven yourself (multiple times), he will no
    longer be your enemy. He rides out of the castle on his mighty Lord Bullbo,
    and Midna is left somewhat surprised to find out that King Bulblin had any
    intelligence. But anyway, now you have two small keys. The one you got in the
    graveyard is actually not necessary for reaching Zelda's throne room, but you
    need it to get access to an incredible treasure trove near the end of the
    dungeon. Anyway, check out the chest in the back corner for a red rupee, and
    then exit by climbing the stairs behind the opening in the south wall. From
    the top of the wall, turn right and leap down to a ledge in the first
    clearing. There's another red rupee chest here too. Now return to the castle
    courtyard and use one of your keys to open the front door.
    The entrance hall is a stately chamber with several chandeliers hanging from
    its ceiling. Walk into the main part of the room to be enclosed by a yellow
    force field. A total of five Bokoblins will come at you from both sides,
    followed by six Lizalfos. Destroy them and the force field will vanish.
    Torches along the balconies around the room will light and brighten up the
    room, and a chest will magically appear on one of the balconies. With the
    force field gone, you can walk to the outer edges of the room and climb up the
    stepped platform to the west. This leads nowhere, but allows you to reach the
    chandelier above the northwest balcony with the Clawshot. Drop down from the
    chandelier after you fly up to it and open the chest that appeared to get the
    Compass. Now turn and Clawshot up to the chandelier further east. Lower down a
    bit so that you can see the next one, and then use the Double Clawshots'
    capabilities to reach a third chandelier. Drop from it and use the door on the
    north balcony.
    The next chamber is where you will fight a Darknut. Unless you went through
    the Cave of Ordeals, this is the first one you've had to fight since the mini-
    boss battle in the Temple of Time. As the warrior advances, a force field will
    surround you. Stay focused on the Darknut and wait for him to swing his large
    sword. Dodge with a roll and back slice him to remove pieces of his armor.
    Keep attacking until the Darknut throws his sword at you and draws his smaller
    one. Without his heavy armor and shield, the Darknut will rely on his sword to
    block attacks. However, you can still use back slices to damage him. After
    enough punishment, the Darknut will collapse. Also, a chest will appear on the
    back ledge. To get up there, you'll need to raise the steps in front of it.
    The two torches on the west side of the room can be lit up to make the first
    few steps rise, but this isn't really necessary to reach the ledge. The back
    step (which will take you up to the ledge) is controlled by the single east
    torch that's next to a bowl of Lantern Oil, and it starts off at the ground.
    Also, since the east torch is already lit, it must be put out to make the step
    go up. First stand on the back step but make sure you are in view of the
    torch. Now use the Gale Boomerang to blow it out. Don't accidentally leap off
    the step as it takes you up to the back ledge. Open the chest that appeared
    when you killed the Darknut and receive a purple rupee. Now you can go either
    right or left to a set of corridors. You really only need to go one way since
    they both connect eventually, but it's best if you explore both passages.
    Start by taking the east passage (right).
    The first east hall has two skull-wearing Lizalfos guarding the sealed doorway
    at the end. They are no big deal, so waste them. The far door still won't
    unseal though. To solve this puzzle, a fresh eye is needed. Turn into a wolf
    and activate your senses. You will see several cursed spirit swordsmen facing
    one of the paintings on the east wall. Transform back into a human and use the
    Hero's Bow to sever the strings of the painting. Like the other paintings in
    the room, this one has a diamond-shaped switch behind it. However, only the
    one that the spirits were facing will unseal the door. If you hit any of the
    other switches, a load of Chus will drop down. After unsealing the south door,
    go through it.
    Two Darknuts are ready for battle in the next hallway, and only by defeating
    them can you use the next two doors. En garde! Fighting two can be especially
    tricky since they each demand focused attention. You can circle them so that
    one will always be closer to you than the other, allowing you to work on him
    without getting beaten around by his companion. If one of them still has a lot
    of armor on and gets in your way of the one you've already been fighting,
    continue maneuvering in a circle so that you can finish off the first. Another
    strategy is to coax one to the other side of the passage without getting the
    other one's attention. That way you can fight both alone. When defeated, these
    Darknuts may leave behind orange rupees! Now use the door that takes you to
    the southeast balcony of the castle's entrance hall, along the right wall.
    Open a chest to your left and pocket the purple rupee. Now go to the other end
    of the balcony and press down the switch there. A chest will appear on the
    northeast balcony, but you can't get to it unless you go back down to the
    floor. It's better to wait until you have an easier way to get back up. Return
    to the Darknut hall instead. Ignore the door opposite from you and head back
    to the north hall where you fought the first Darknut. Use the western door.
    The first western hall is dimply lit. Head to the end and check out the four
    unlit torches along the walls. Like the first east passage, the door at the
    end of this one is sealed until you figure out the puzzle here. The torches
    have to be lit in a certain order for the door to unseal. You can discern this
    order by trial and error; when you light one incorrectly, it will go out
    almost immediately after. However, even the correct torch won't stay lit
    forever. Alternatively, you can shoot down the painting on the east wall to
    reveal a tablet that depicts the correct lighting order. You have to be
    reasonably quick once you figure out the order (start with the southeast
    torch, and then light the northwest one, the northeast one and finally the
    southwest one). Oh yea, watch out for the Keese that swoop down when you light
    the first torch. Anyway, go through the south door after you have unsealed it.
    The end of this passage is guarded by two Dynalfos. Take them out from afar
    with a bomb arrow before you are noticed. If they do spot you, they'll use
    their shields whenever you try to shoot them and you will have to slice them
    up normally. In any case, the two side doors will unseal after they are
    defeated. Go out through the door along the northeastern wall. You will come
    into the entrance hall again. Step on the switch between the two torches on
    this balcony to lower a chandelier nearby. Now you can get to this area easily
    in case you leave or quit by clawing the chandelier from the floor level, and
    then the one above this balcony. Also, you should get that chest that appeared
    in the northeast balcony before. Leap down to the floor and use the Clawshot
    to propel up to the chandelier on the east side that is within range. Lower
    down a bit so that you can reach the chandelier above the balcony. Now drop
    down and open the chest. It has an expensive silver rupee inside! After you
    bag it, jump back down and use the chandelier that you lowered with the switch
    to reach the hallway with the Dynalfos. Run across to the opposite doorway.
    You will find yourself outside, on top of the walls that divide the outer
    castle grounds. Walk towards the stone tower ahead of you. Force fields trap
    you on the walkway and an Aeralfos appears before you can reach the base of
    the tower. Ready the Clawshots so that you can take down this winged menace.
    Wait for the Aeralfos to raise its shield before a dive-bomb strike to shoot
    it with the Clawshot. Then attack it once it is on the ground. Keep this up
    until the Aeralfos expires. With the force fields gone, go to the base of the
    tower and open the chest. There's a small key inside, once again leaving you
    with a pair. Afterwards, go back to the entrance and head east up the walkway.
    There's a door at the top of the incline that you must take to proceed, but
    don't go through yet. When you come down from the other side of the ramp,
    you'll see a door on your right. This goes back to the Darknuts' hall. Since
    there is no need to go back there, turn right and start walking towards the
    other tower at the end of this walkway. The chest with the Big Key is in the
    tower straight ahead. As you walk towards it, Lizalfos will rush out from the
    tower and Bulblin archers show up from its windows. Just before one of their
    arrows reaches you, a hawk flies by and grabs it. Then, the Bulblins are shot
    down and the Lizalfos are blown away by an explosion. Rusl, Auru, Ashei and
    Shad have arrived down on the castle grounds to help. Now go ahead and open
    the chest with the Big Key. Go back up to the north door at the top of the
    ramp and open it using one of the small keys.
    Go into the next room, which is a large chamber with a floor that's missing a
    large portion of its tiles. As you walk in you will be slowed down by Ghoul
    Rats. Switch to your wolf form and activate your senses so that you can spin
    them off. While your senses are activated, you may also notice more cursed
    spirits standing in the room. Each is facing and pointing in a certain
    direction. They will safely guide you through the tile maze. If you step on a
    tile that isn't in the path that the swordsmen point to, it will fall beneath
    your feet and you will tumble into darkness. As you make your way across the
    room while watching where the swordsmen point to, keep in mind that there are
    gaps to jump across. For this reason, make sure there aren't any Ghoul Rats
    left by the time you start the journey. When you get to the end, turn right to
    find a ruined staircase. Just jump across the gaps until you get to the very
    As soon as you reach the next landing, force fields will form behind you and
    across the next path. Fortunately, all you have to do to make them disappear
    is wipe out the pair of Lizalfos here. Smash the skulls for health if you want
    before continuing up the staircase that's on your right. The next staircase is
    in even worse condition than the last, so there's no way you can make it
    across the large gaps by jumping. Instead, use the Double Clawshots to propel
    from torch to torch along the walls. Each torch has a metal covering that you
    can latch on to. First shoot for the one on your left, then the one on the
    right wall further ahead. Lastly, pull yourself up to the last one and drop
    down when you get to the top. Like before, you'll have to defeat the Lizalfos
    on this landing before continuing up the staircase. The last staircase has
    Spinner tracks along the sides. Also, the tracks have spiked spinners on them
    that will make it harder for you to ride up to the top. You can start on any
    side and ride up until you have to switch lanes. Dodge each spiked spinner
    until there aren't any between you and the top of the staircase.
    Finally, you'll get to the top where the boss door is on your right. You have
    one final servant of Ganon to defeat before you can confront him. It's a
    Darknut fully clad in bronze armor. He will also pen you in with a yellow
    force field. Defeat him just like you defeated his companions downstairs. This
    Darknut will leave either an orange rupee or three hearts behind. Now you can
    go through the boss's door and face Ganon. But first, you'll notice another
    locked door to the west. This is the treasure trove that could only be opened
    if you collected all three keys from the castle. Go through the door if you
    still have a spare key and start opening all thirteen chests inside. There are
    eight small ones lined up along one wall and five larger ones against the
    other. Starting with the small ones, you'll get a blue rupee, a yellow rupee,
    a red rupee, 20 Bombs, 20 arrows, 20 Bombs, a green rupee and 30 arrows. From
    the larger chests you'll receive a purple rupee, 10 Bomblings, a silver rupee,
    50 seeds and an orange rupee. You can also get additional rupees and supplies
    (including a Fairy) by smashing the pots and crates lying around. That's an
    amazing haul! Now return to the previous chamber and unlock the door that
    leads up to the throne room. Once outside, climb the final staircase and enter
    through the towering doorway at the top.
    Link and Midna walk into the throne room to find Princess Zelda's body
    displayed between the pieces of the Triforce crest above the throne.
    Ganondorf, the evil king of darkness, welcomes them to his new castle. He gets
    to his feet, holding the same ceremonial blade that was used by the sages to
    try to execute him, and still sporting the glowing gash on his chest that
    resulted from it. Ganondorf ridicules Midna and her people, claiming that they
    are pathetic beings that Ganondorf only used to gain strength. As skilled as
    they were, they lacked true power; the kind of absolute power only those
    chosen by the gods wield. It is because of this power that Ganondorf sees
    himself fitting to become the king for this world. Midna tells him that she is
    going to risk everything to try to stop him. Ganondorf then starts to turn
    himself into particles of twilight and moves against Zelda. Midna rushes up to
    protect her from Ganondorf, but to no avail. His particles fly past Midna and
    enter Zelda's body. He is using Zelda's soulless body as a vessel for his own
    spirit. Zelda awakens and sends Midna flying across the throne room. Link
    tries to rush to her side, but he is sealed in by a yellow force field. The
    possessed Zelda walks towards him and brandishes her sword. It's time to
    GANON'S PUPPET ZELDA is the first of four forms Ganon battles you in. Zelda
    will stay airborne throughout the battle, holding her treasured sword and
    using it to call forth her attacks. Don't bother trying to shoot her with
    projectiles; she'll just drift to the side every time you make an attempt.
    Instead, you have to use one of her own attacks against her. Zelda uses three
    attacks. One involves lunging at you with her sword held out in front of her.
    Dodge her blade or put your shield up to protect yourself. Zelda can also
    create a large triangular field of golden energy on the floor where you stand,
    causing damage after a few seconds. If the triangle appears beneath your feet,
    quickly flip to the side before the energy is discharged. The other attack
    that the possessed princess uses is an energy ball attack. When she raises her
    sword above her head, energy will spark and crackle from the tip of her blade
    before she whips the ball at you. While this energy can be blocked and even
    deflected with a shield attack, you won't get it to hit Zelda unless you
    rebound it with a swing of your Master Sword. However, Zelda can bounce the
    energy ball back at you as well, so you will have to hit the ball back and
    forth several times before you finally strike her. Stay alert and maintain
    enough distance from Zelda so that you have enough time to accurately hit the
    flying ball of energy. Once Zelda is hit with her own energy attack, Ganon
    will sustain the damage. You don't even need to attack with your sword once
    Zelda is stunned. Just repeat the same strategy two more times whenever Zelda
    uses her energy ball attack. You can run around the edges of the room and
    smash the pots to uncover health (and in one case, a Fairy), but you should
    probably save this for the second part of the battle.
    Zelda screams in Ganon's voice while Midna prepares to use the magic of her
    Fused Shadows. She once again transforms into a seven-armed monster of energy
    and uses her arms to exorcise Ganon from Zelda's body. Ganon disperses into
    many dark particles, but they gather again and begin to form the shape of a
    man. Slowly though, the shadowy shape of Ganon grows and takes the form of an
    enormous beast with a mane and tusks. Ganon has used his magic to become DARK
    BEAST GANON! He charges, and then bounds through the room. Roll to avoid being
    run over. After Ganon plows through most of the throne room's architecture, he
    vanishes into thin air. Now red portals will start appearing in the room
    before fading away seconds later, one after another. Get the Hero's Bow out
    and start watching the portals carefully. One will eventually appear that
    turns blue. Moments later Ganon will appear from it and charge straight at
    you. Immediately fire an arrow into the glowing gem on his forehead. Ganon
    will stumble and lie on his side for a few seconds with his gashed stomach
    exposed. Run forwards and start attacking this area. If you can't shoot an
    arrow in time, roll to the side before Ganon hits you. Also, you should avoid
    his brief slide when he collapses after being hit with an arrow. Anyway, after
    attacking Ganon's stomach enough, he will roll back to his feet and start
    tromping around again. After he vanishes from existence, watch his portals
    until you spot the blue one that he charges out of. Sometimes Ganon will try
    to crush you by appearing above you and falling on you. His great shadow will
    appear around you just before he lands, giving you time to roll out of the
    way. After repeated arrows and stomach assaults, Ganon will change his
    strategy. He will vanish if you try to shoot an arrow at him after he appears
    from his portal. No matter how many times you try, you won't be able to hit
    him. Midna will eventually call for a change in strategy on your part. You
    must match Ganon's beastly form with your own. Change into a wolf immediately.
    Now, whenever Ganon charges from his portal, you will be able to grab him with
    Midna's hair appendage and wrestle him to the side like an Ordon goat or a
    Goron. After tossing Ganon aside, leap onto his exposed belly and start biting
    into the glowing gash. You could also try to envelop him with Midna's energy
    field for a quick but powerful strike, or transform into a human and attack
    him as you did before. After Ganon recovers, do this a second time and you
    will defeat him. But oh no, the battle is not even near its end....
    After Ganon falls, he begins to dissolve and burn away. Suddenly, Midna starts
    glowing. The life force that Zelda imbued her with before escapes her and
    floats back to the princess's body. Zelda awakens. Their touching reunion is
    interrupted when Ganon reforms into a ball of fire much like the one he
    appeared before Zant as. Wasting no time, Midna assembles the Fused Shadows
    and grows into her monstrous form. Link tries to stop her from sacrificing
    herself, but Midna warps him and Zelda out of the throne room before he can do
    anything. They both reappear in a part of Hyrule Field, safe from whatever is
    happening inside the castle now. They watch for a few seconds. Then, Hyrule
    Castle explodes! When the dust cloud settles, Ganondorf emerges on horseback
    to meet them in the field. He's holding Midna's headdress in his hands, which
    he then crushes and drops to the ground. Ganondorf rides forward with his
    sword raised high, flanked by a cavalry of ghostly riders. Link prepares to
    fight him, but Zelda has another idea. She calls upon the spirits of light and
    transports Link and herself to another plane just before Ganondorf reaches
    them. In this realm of light, Ordona, Faron, Eldin and Lanayru appear and turn
    their shining light into light arrows for Zelda. Link takes Zelda by the hand,
    and together they return to face Ganondorf.
    With Zelda's light arrows, you are ready to take on Ganondorf on horseback.
    You will be riding Epona with Zelda sitting behind you with her arrows.
    Ganondorf will ride around on his black stallion, sometimes coming in to try
    to knock you off Epona and other times summoning more phantom riders to do his
    bidding. You can attack the riders to fend them off, but the best strategy
    with them is to simply slip between them and otherwise ignore them. This
    battle will be very similar to the first time you faced King Bulblin, but you
    won't actually have to attack Ganondorf until Zelda uses her arrows. However,
    you must help Zelda by staying close to Ganondorf and targeting him so that
    she can hit him with a light arrow. Try not to veer away too wildly or else
    Zelda won't be able to get a good shot. His steed is faster than Epona, so you
    will have to dash a few times just to keep up with him. If Zelda's arrow
    connects, Ganondorf will be stunned long enough for you to burst ahead and
    attack him with your sword. You can only attack him while he's stunned, so
    don't just ride ahead and try to attack him at any time. If you get knocked
    off your horse by Ganondorf or one of the phantom riders, just get back on as
    soon as you can. All you need to do is stun and slice Ganondorf two or three
    additional times to knock him off his mount.
    Ganondorf gets to his feet and takes out his sword. He laughs and states his
    desires to use his foul blade to blot out the light forever. A yellow force
    field surrounds you and the dark lord, keeping Zelda and Epona out. It is
    time; the final duel against the DARK LORD GANONDORF! You will battle him to
    the death in an epic clash of steel. First of all, note that you can't go
    outside of the force field but you can get health from the skulls lying
    around. One even has a final Fairy inside. Now is also the time to use up any
    Fairy's Tears or Rare Chu Jelly you've been saving, and to spend all of your
    rupees wearing the Magic Armor if you want. Ganondorf is the most skilled
    swordfighter in the game, making Darknuts seem like a joke in comparison. He
    uses a wide variety of techniques that are sometimes difficult to block with a
    shield. He can spin, twirl, jump, kick and stab depending on where you are
    positioned. Most of your regular attacks will be parried easily by Ganondorf,
    and even most of the hidden skills you spent many sessions learning from the
    Hero's Shade are ineffective. Don't just rush in and start attacking Ganondorf
    blindly, because he'll simply block you and kick you to the side. Fortunately,
    the back slice will get through Ganondorf's defenses more often than other
    attacks. Keep circling him so that you don't get pinned against the force
    field and so that you can find an opportunity to strike. If you manage to hit
    Ganondorf, keep stabbing and slicing like crazy until he meets you with his
    sword. Sometimes a particularly good attack will cause Ganondorf to fall down
    for a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to get more free hits on him.
    The last thing you can try is a new maneuver known as a chance. You will be
    prompted to "chance" when Ganondorf rushes at you with both hands on his blade
    handle. If you do it in time, your blades will lock and you will be able to
    push Ganondorf back by pressing the A Button furiously and repeatedly. When
    you successfully knock him back, don't waste any time in attacking while he's
    down. As the battle progresses, Ganondorf's billowing cape will start to tear.
    You are near the end at this point. If you manage to knock him down again, you
    may be able to finish him off with an ending blow to the chest. If that
    happens, then you've won! Congratulations, you beat The Legend of Zelda:
    Twilight Princess!
    Ganondorf is defeated, but not dead yet. He gets up with the Master Sword
    still impaled through his chest, and warns Link that this is not the end. The
    history of light and shadow will be written in blood. After he utters his
    final words, the Triforce symbol on his hand fades away. An image of Zant
    shows his neck breaking, which causes Ganondorf's eyes to turn pale and blank.
    The king of darkness dies on his feet. Link then turns and faces the horizon.
    The four light spirits are there, but another figure is seen against the
    sunset. Link runs as fast as he can to see his courageous friend. The curse on
    Midna is broken, and she is now reverted to her original form. Instead of
    having a short impish figure, she is tall and slender wearing elaborate black
    robes. Link is left speechless upon seeing her like this. After the credit
    scenes, Link, Zelda and Midna stand by the Mirror of Twilight. Midna says her
    farewells to the heroes and then turns to enter the Twilight Realm. She uses
    her powers to destroy the Mirror of Twilight after it takes her back to her
    home. Link escorts Ilia, Colin, Talo, Beth and Malo back to Ordon Village so
    that they can go back their normal way of life.
    You can't save after the game ends, so you'll always end up in front of Hyrule
    Castle when you load your game again. Even though you've beaten the game, you
    can always go and try to beat Ganon as many times as you choose, or collect
    any items you might have missed. Otherwise, there isn't much you can do other
    than return to the Cave of Ordeals again for an extra challenge or try to fish
    up new records in Hena's Fishing Hole. Enjoy.
    Treasure Hunt.
    This section provides a brief explanation on how to get just about every
    single important item in the game. These include equipment items, Bottles,
    upgrades, Pieces of Heart, Poe Souls, Golden Bugs and more. Rupee chests are
    -Wooden Sword-
    After you purchase the Slingshot from Sera's Sundries, Rusl will leave the
    Wooden Sword for you at your house.
    -Ordon Sword-
    In wolf form, after obtaining the Ordon Shield, head towards Rusl's house in
    Ordon Village. The sword is inside his house, but you have to get by Rusl and
    Uli first. Sneak around to the back side of their house and use your senses to
    locate a dig spot next to the house. After burrowing through, grab the Ordon
    Sword lying on the couch.
    -Master Sword-
    The Master Sword is hidden deep within the Sacred Grove. After chasing Skull
    Kid through the woods and fending off his Puppets, he'll lead you to the
    ruined Temple of Time. After a brief battle with him, Skull Kid will reveal
    the entrance to the Sacred Grove. Here you must howl the melody that you
    played earlier to make Skull Kid appear. This will transform the clearing into
    a puzzle, where you must figure out how to return the guardian statues of the
    Sacred Grove back to their original squares on an entire grid of them. One
    statue will move in the same direction you do, while the other one will move
    in the opposite direction. Hop from square to square until you get the statues
    back to their original spots. Now the path to the Master Sword's pedestal will
    be opened.
    -Ordon Shield-
    The first time you return to Ordon Village as a wolf, Midna will ask you to
    find a shield and a sword for her. Head towards Bo's house and quietly listen
    to his conversation with Jaggle. Now turn back and head to Sera's Sundries. On
    the way, Hanch will attack you with his pet hawk, so keep your distance. Have
    Midna help you up to the roof of Sera's Sundries, and then jump over to where
    Hanch is standing to scare him away. Now leap over to the waterwheel and then
    onto the roof of Jaggle's house. Go in through the window. Once inside, jump
    up to the back balcony and slam into the wall twice to knock the Ordon Shield
    off the wall.
    -Hylian Shield-
    After you defeat King Bulblin for the first time on the Bridge of Eldin, Malo
    will take over the Kakariko Village general store. You can buy the one-of-a-
    kind Hylian Shield from him for 200 rupees.
    -Hero's Clothes-
    When you restore the light to Faron Province and return to your human form for
    the first time, you'll automatically have the Hero's Clothes on.
    -Zora Armor-
    Escort Prince Ralis, Ilia and Telma to Kakariko Village from Castle Town.
    Afterwards, the spirit of Queen Rutela will appear before you. Follow her as
    she leads you to the village Graveyard. She will make a stone in the back
    disappear, exposing a tunnel. Now crawl through to reach the hidden grave of
    King Zora. Swim to the king's gravestone and Rutela will give you the Zora
    -Magic Armor-
    To get this rare trinket, you must first fix the bridge from western Hyrule
    Field to Castle Town. To do this, you just have to donate 1,000 rupees to Gor
    Ebizo inside Malo Mart. It doesn't have to be all at once, so you can use your
    Golden Bug money if you want. Anyway, once the bridge is repaired, Gor Ebizo
    will ask for yet another donation of 2,000 rupees this time. This is so that
    Malo can buy out Chudley's shop in the southwest corner of Castle Town's
    central square. 2,000 rupees may seem like a lot, but the price will be
    reduced to a mere 200 rupees if you've already gotten Piece of Heart #22.
    After you make your donations, Malo will be in charge of the Castle Town
    store, and you can buy the Magic Armor for a discounted 598 rupees.
    -Fishing Rod-
    To get this item from Uli, you have to find and return her cradle. Climb onto
    the outcrop next to Sera's Sundries, where Jaggle is sitting. Now jump to the
    roof of Sera's Sundries and then to the rocks behind it. You'll find some hawk
    grass here. Whistle into it to call down a hawk. Now aim it at the monkey
    northwest of your location. When you release the hawk, it will fly towards the
    monkey and snatch the cradle out of her hands, and bring it into yours. Return
    it to Uli for your reward.
    This weapon is up for sale at Sera's Sundries for 30 rupees, but you have to
    find Sera's cat for her first (see Bottle #1).
    Visit Coro in Faron Woods, and he'll give you the Lantern for free.
    -Gale Boomerang-
    This weapon is claimed after beating the parasite-infected Ook, mini-boss of
    the Forest Temple. As the ape dances from the top of one totem pole to
    another, keep an eye on him and wait for him to throw his boomerang. Now roll
    into the totem pole he's standing on to wobble it and daze Ook. When the
    boomerang comes back to him, it will hit him and knock him off his perch. Run
    in and slash at Ook's bright red buttocks with your sword.
    -Iron Boots-
    When Renado sends you back to Ordon Village to speak to Bo, Bo will give you
    sumo wrestling lessons. He teaches you that in sumo, a grab beats a strike, a
    strike beats a sidestep and a sidestep beats a grab. You must beat Bo twice in
    a sumo contest before he gives you the Iron Boots.
    -Hero's Bow-
    The Goron guardian named Dangoro will give this to you after you beat him in
    battle. First of all, you must be wearing the Iron Boots to match his
    strength. As Dangoro raises his arms to hit you, attack his exposed stomach to
    make him roll into a ball. Dangoro will now try rolling over you, but you can
    simply grab him and toss him aside. If you get him to land in the lava, he'll
    sustain damage. Toss him in again like this twice more to win.
    This item becomes available at the Malo Mart after you try Malo and Talo's
    archery mini-game (see Piece of Heart #9). It costs 100 rupees.
    In the Lakebed Temple, you'll have to fight a slimy amphibian called the Deku
    Toad. This beast will release Toados to come after you. After you get rid of
    them all, the Deku Toad will leap into the air and try to squash you. Avoid
    him, and then attack his protruding tongue after he lands. Now, when the Deku
    Toad opens his mouth to belch and release more Toados, shoot a bomb arrow down
    his throat to stun him again and make the battle easier. In a few rounds, the
    Deku Toad will be finished and surrender the Clawshot.
    This tool is left behind by the fiendish Death Sword of the Arbiter's Grounds.
    At first, only the giant sword it holds can be seen. Switch to your wolf form
    and use your senses to reveal its spectral body. Death Sword will then assume
    a corporeal form after you attack. Switch back to a human and shoot Death
    Sword with arrows. It will start to circle around the room. When it closes in
    on you, shoot another arrow to stun it. Death Sword's skull will now be
    vulnerable to sword attacks. Repeat this a few more times to win. Now run to
    the back of the chamber and open the chest to get the Spinner.
    -Ball and Chain-
    The Ball and Chain item is taken from the Darkhammer after you defeat it in
    the Snowpeak Ruins. To take down this formidable knight and claim the ultimate
    weapon, you have to avoid having it used against you first. As Darkhammer
    swings the Ball and Chain around, keep your distance and wait until he tosses
    the ball at you. Dodge it, and then find a way to get behind Darkhammer. You
    can do this by shooting the Clawshot at the ceiling to zip past him, or just
    simply run around him before he pulls back his weapon. Once you get behind
    Darkhammer, start attacking his unarmored tail. Do this until Darkhammer
    -Dominion Rod-
    This prize is in the hands of one of the game's toughest enemies; the Darknut.
    He is the Temple of Time's mini-boss. To defeat this guy, you have to cut off
    his armor. When he attacks you, dodge his sword and start attacking him with
    various sword techniques. The Darknut will quickly recover and block your
    attacks with his buckler, but you should be able to hit him a few times
    beforehand. Each hit removes a piece of his armor. After all of his black
    armor has been removed, he will use a thinner sword and continue fighting with
    improved speed and accuracy. Keep attacking him like you did before.
    Eventually, the Darknut will be defeated and you will be free to take the
    Dominion Rod.
    -Horse Call-
    Rescue Impaz from the gang of Bulblins hanging out in the Hidden Village. Just
    go through town and eliminate all twenty of them. After this, Impaz will come
    out of her house and speak to you. She will give you Ilia's Charm. Just take
    it back to Ilia in Kakariko Village, and she will give it back as the Horse
    -Double Clawshots-
    The Double Clawshots will replace the single Clawshot after you find the
    second one in the City in the Sky. You have to beat a highly-skilled winged
    Lizalfos known as an Aeralfos to get it. This enemy has a medallion attached
    to its shield, and can be pulled down for sword attacks with the Clawshot.
    However, the Aeralfos is too agile to be hit by this unless you catch it off
    guard. When the Aeralfos is about to dive-bomb you, it will put its shield out
    in front of it. Now is the time to catch it with the Clawshot. When you pull
    it in, start attacking it. Later in the battle, this Aeralfos will try to
    confuse you b flying around out of view and then launching a surprise attack
    from the openings in the arena walls. However, it will still be susceptible to
    the Clawshot when it appears. After the Aeralfos is defeated, pull yourself up
    to the ledge and open the chest containing the second Clawshot.
    -Bottle #1-
    After you get the Fishing Rod, go to the river bank in Ordon Village where
    Sera's Cat is hanging out. The cat wants fish, so catch a Greengill for him.
    The first one you fish up will get the cat's attention, but he won't grab it.
    Simply catch another one. The cat will grab the fish and return to Sera's
    Sundries. Sera will gladly hand over a Bottle with milk now that she is
    happily reunited with her cat.
    -Bottle #2-
    Restore the light to Faron Province, and then visit Coro for a second time in
    Faron Woods. He'll sell you Lantern Oil for a pricey 100 rupees, but it comes
    with the extra Bottle.
    -Bottle #3-
    When you visit Hena's Fishing Hole, you can pick up this Bottle without even
    having to go lure fishing. Just take your regular Fishing Rod to the small
    wooden bridge on the west side of the Fishing Hole. Cast it into the small
    pool on the other side of the bridge, and eventually you might fish up this
    -Bottle #4-
    Return 20 Poe Souls to Jovani and his curse will be partly broken (he'll be
    able to move, but he'll still be made of gold). For your efforts, he'll give
    you a Bottle. The best part of all is that it comes filled with valuable
    Fairy's Tears.
    -Big Wallet-
    Bring just one Golden Bug to Agitha in Castle Town, and she'll give you the
    Big Wallet.
    -Giant Wallet-
    Bring all 24 Golden Bugs to Agitha and she'll give you the Giant Wallet.
    -Big Quiver-
    Go to Castle Town's eastern road and locate the big purple tent, called the
    STAR Tent. Inside, you will meet a man named Purlo. Pay him ten rupees to play
    his game, once you have the Clawshot of course. The trick to this game is to
    collect all of the glowing stars floating within the metal cage. The cage can
    be grappled onto using the Clawshot, so you can reach the floating stars by
    flying through them. However, you only have 30 seconds to pass through all of
    the stars. The stars come in different colors, but this is irrelevant to the
    game. To win, you have to learn how to hit multiple stars in one pass so that
    you conserve your time. This game isn't hard to catch on to once you start
    playing. With victory comes the Big Quiver.
    -Giant Quiver-
    This upgrade is obtained just like the last quiver. You have to beat the
    second STAR Tent mini-game after you obtain the Double Clawshots. The concept
    is identical, but you have to pay fifteen rupees to play and you get 1:20
    seconds to collect all of the stars. The extra time is given because there are
    many more stars this time. Propel from one side of the cage to the other
    quickly, passing through as many stars as you can. Remember to aim for the
    clusters so that you can get three or four at a time. When you win, Purlo
    hands over the Giant Quiver. You can also try to beat your own score again to
    earn orange rupees.
    -Bomb Bag #1-
    The first bomb bag comes filled with 30 regular Bombs after you purchase it
    from Barnes Bomb Shop for 120 rupees. This can be done as soon as you beat the
    second dungeon.
    -Bomb Bag #2-
    Head up to the Upper Zora's River sometime and go over to the grassy hill
    north of Iza's boat rental shop. A group of Shadow Beasts will appear and
    attack you. After you get rid of them, Iza will invite you into her shack for
    your troubles. Speak to her to learn of her other problem. The river that she
    usually offers rides through is blocked by rubble, so she asks you to use the
    bomb arrows she gives you to clear it up. First shoot the rock pile blocking
    the river behind her shack. Now get in the boat and start paddling down the
    wild river. After some time, you'll meet a Zora who's working with Iza.
    Another rock fall up ahead is blocking the river. Shoot the obstruction with
    more bomb arrows until the water can flow freely again. When you finally reach
    Lake Hylia, the Zora will let you keep the bomb bag Iza lent you.
    -Bomb Bag #3-
    Anytime after you get Water Bombs, go to the Zora's Domain and sink into the
    deep pool of water beneath the warp point. Make sure you have Iron Boots and
    the Zora Armor equipped. The molten shard that you crashed earlier is still
    there, but it has cooled down. Walk up to it and lay a Water Bomb next to it
    to blow it to smithereens. Inside is...a Goron!? This poor fellow wound up
    trapped inside the lava shard, and then somehow found himself a long way from
    home! At least he'll repay you for setting him free with the third bomb bag.
    -Giant Bomb Bag-
    After helping Iza clear the debris out from the Upper Zora's River, she'll
    offer you another river run. Her mini-game involves canoeing down the river
    and shooting the colorful pots located throughout it with bomb arrows. Each
    yellow pot you destroy will give you a single point, while the red ones are
    worth two. Be careful though, because hitting a rock or other obstacle causes
    you to lose a point. If you make it to Lake Hylia with 25 points or more, you
    win the Giant Bomb Bag.
    -Piece of Heart #1-
    This piece should be collected the first time you go through Faron Woods, when
    there's no deadly purple fog in the forest clearing. Go into the northwest
    cavern here and fight the Keese and Bokoblin to get to a chest with a small
    key. With your Lantern, light up the two torches on either side of it. Another
    chest will appear behind it on the ledge. This one contains the first Piece of
    -Piece of Heart #2-
    In the grassy chamber in the Forest Temple just east of the hub, climb up to
    the top of the room and find the south doorway. Stand in front of it, but face
    away. There should be a Bombling on your left. Pick it up and drop it into the
    gap just behind it. This will blow up the Deku Like down below, which was
    guarding a small alcove. In it is a chest with this Piece of Heart, and a
    random Bombling.
    -Piece of Heart #3-
    In the Forest Temple, after you get the Gale Boomerang, return to the room
    with the Tile Worms and water. Use the Gale Boomerang to extinguish the four
    torches near the back of the room. Doing this will bring down the wooden
    platforms in the back, exposing a chest behind them. Open it to get the piece.
    -Piece of Heart #4-
    In the southern part of Hyrule Field (Faron Province), locate the small wooden
    bridge in front of the cluster of trees. South of the bridge, look for a tree
    with a Piece of Heart sitting on its branches. Use the Gale Boomerang to
    retrieve it.
    -Piece of Heart #5-
    Just like Piece of Heart #4, this heart piece can be retrieved from and
    inaccessible spot with the Gale Boomerang. After restoring the light of Eldin,
    go into Kakariko Gorge's southeast portion and look out towards the rock in
    the middle of the gorge. It is easily recognizable because of the round
    medallion on its side. The Piece of Heart is sitting on top of this rock, so
    use the Gale Boomerang to fetch it.
    -Piece of Heart #6-
    Return to Ordon Ranch once you get Epona (preferably during your trip to get
    the Iron Boots) and talk to Fado. Herd the twenty goats back into the barn one
    more time and he'll hand you a Piece of Heart. This will be no harder or
    easier than the second time you did this near the beginning of the game.
    -Piece of Heart #7-
    This heart is in the chamber within the Goron Mines where you first encounter
    the Dodongos. After obtaining the first key shard from Gor Amoto and returning
    to this chamber from the upper floor, use the Iron Boots to activate a floor
    switch. This powers up the magnetic field that will pull you to the magnetite
    ceiling. Walk along the ceiling to the northwest corner of the room to find
    this piece inside a chest.
    -Piece of Heart #8-
    In the Goron Mines, after you activate the first diamond-shaped switch in the
    room just south of the loading docks, use the Iron Boots in the second part of
    the chamber to climb up a magnetite strip on the right wall. At the top,
    continue following it to the right to find a ledge with this Piece of Heart on
    -Piece of Heart #9-
    After completing the second dungeon (Goron Mines), climb up to the very top of
    the Kakariko Village watchtower. Talo will be up here, acting as a lookout.
    He'll ask you to go back down to Malo and show him how the Hero's Bow works.
    You'll end up next to Malo by Eldin Spring. He wants to see how good you are
    with the Hero's Bow, and asks you to shoot a target up ahead. This one is easy
    to hit. The next is farther back but not that much more difficult. Lastly,
    Malo will have you shoot a thin pole that's all the way up on top of the
    watchtower, next to Talo. This one is hard to see, much less hit. But if you
    concentrate and do it, Malo will reward you with a Piece of Heart. Note that
    if you fail too many times, Malo will suggest that you use the Hawkeye that
    you can buy at his shop. This will make hitting the pole easier, but you won't
    get the heart piece unless you do it unaided.
    -Piece of Heart #10-
    When you get Bombs, go to Eldin Spring and set one next to the gray boulder
    blocking off the cave nearby. Now go in (don't mind the Cuccos) and walk to
    the end of the path to reach a hidden pool of water. Dive in and use the Iron
    Boots to sink to the bottom. There's a chest here that contains the Piece of
    -Piece of Heart #11-
    Another Piece of Heart can be found by using bomb arrows near the Eldin
    Spring. Just above the entrance to the nearby cave is a cluster of rocks.
    Combine the Bombs with the Hero's Bow and shoot the rocks apart, exposing a
    Piece of Heart. Use the Gale Boomerang to get it.
    -Piece of Heart #12-
    Go back up the Death Mountain trail on foot after you complete the Goron Mines
    dungeon. The Gorons you meet will be more than willing to boost you up the
    mountain. When you reach the second Goron, have him boost you up, but face the
    right side instead. When you get blasted upwards, grab onto the side of the
    ledge. Now climb up and follow the ledge all the way north. You'll see a young
    Goron hiding out on top of a stone archway, but the real prize is inside a
    small cave on the right side of the path. Drop down it and open the chest here
    to get the Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #13-
    Go to the southern end of Kakariko Gorge after acquiring explosives and search
    the back wall for a patch of discolored rock. Bomb it open to find a hidden
    cave. The cave is dark and requires the Lantern for better navigation, and to
    burn down the spider webs that block your way. It will split off into
    different paths several times, but if you want to find the Piece of Heart, go
    left twice, right once and then left once again. Even then, you must defeat a
    Skulltula and light a pair of torches for the chest to show up. You can also
    find a few other enemies, chests with red and orange rupees and a Poe (which
    you can't do anything about if you come here as soon as you are able to) if
    you explore this cavern thoroughly enough.
    -Piece of Heart #14-
    Enter Hyrule Field (the Bridge of Eldin area) from Kakariko Village's north
    side. Up ahead, you'll see a bomb-able rock at the base of a ramp. Use any
    sort of bomb to blow it up. Run up the ramp and jump over to the vines on the
    rock wall ahead. At the top here, use bomb arrows to blow up another rock
    that's on a ledge across from you on your left. After it's out of the way,
    jump over and try to grab onto the vines that the rock was on top of. From
    this ledge, go left again and leap down to a ledge overlooking the gorge. The
    chest with the Piece of Heart inside is on the lowest part of this ledge.
    -Piece of Heart #15-
    After restoring the light to Lanayru Province, talk to Fyer in Lake Hylia and
    pay him ten rupees to have him launch you up to Falbi's building. Go
    downstairs and pay Falbi twenty rupees to play his Flight-by-Fowl mini-game.
    The objective of this game is to use a Cucco to fly over Lake Hylia and reach
    the so-called Isle of Riches (which is nothing more than a platform floating
    near Fyer's cannon shack). Grab a Cucco and jump off the balcony in front of
    Falbi. As long as you hang on to the Cucco, you'll float slowly down towards
    the Lake. The Isle of Riches has several levels, with a chest on each one. The
    prize in each chest gets better the higher up you land. To get them all in one
    go, try to land on the topmost platform. It rotates, so you need careful
    timing and coordination to land on it. The chest on this platform has an
    orange rupee. The next level down has a chest with the Piece of Heart. Then,
    in order as you go down a platform, you'll find a purple rupee, a red rupee
    and a yellow rupee.
    -Piece of Heart #16-
    From the warping point at Lake Hylia, go east across a small wooden bridge and
    climb the ladder to the ledge above. You'll find a large boulder against the
    wall. Bomb it open to reveal a cavern. This dark cavern is quite long and
    filled with all sorts of enemies. There are chambers within it that have more
    boulders blocking off different paths or alcoves. Make sure you have plenty of
    bombs and Lantern Oil before attempting to complete this cave. If you run out
    of oil, you can get Yellow Chu Jelly from the Chus inside. Before you get to
    the end, you'll find chests containing arrows, bombs, seeds (for the
    Slingshot), one yellow rupee, two red rupees, an orange rupee, two purple
    rupees and the Piece of Heart. You'll also find three Poes. If you come here
    before getting the Master Sword, just avoid them while you get everything else
    and come back later for their souls. At the end, step into the rays of light
    to exit the cave.
    -Piece of Heart #17-
    One Piece of Heart can be obtained by finding and speaking to Charlo, a man in
    green robes along the eastern road of Castle Town. You can donate rupees
    (fifty or thirty at a time) for his cause. Every time you do, he'll tell you
    something good will happen to you soon. After donating a total of 1,000 rupees
    to him, a Piece of Heart will float down from above. This may seem like a
    large sum, but you could always use the wads of cash Agitha gives you for the
    Golden Bugs.
    -Piece of Heart #18-
    Visit Hena's Fishing Hole at the north end of Upper Zora's River. You'll have
    to rent a boat to get out to the middle of the pond, where the stone archway
    is located. Paddle out to the archway's east side, and then cast your pole
    towards the Piece of Heart sitting on top of the rock protrusion. Now reel it
    in and add it to your collection. You could also wait until you have the
    Clawshot and save yourself the rental fee.
    -Piece of Heart #19-
    As soon as you get the Clawshot, return to the central hub chamber of the
    Lakebed Temple. Use your new device to latch onto one of the medallions on the
    chandelier hanging above the staircase. Pull yourself up and open the chest
    sitting on the chandelier to get a Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #20-
    This Piece of Heart is found in the Lakebed Temple. It can only be obtained
    after you get the water flowing into the central hub chamber from both sides
    of the dungeon. When you return from the eastern area, head down to the first
    level's western side and use the Clawshot to pull down the lever, rotating the
    staircase so that water flows into the lower western area. Now go back to the
    lower western cog chamber. The water will fill up the chamber and raise a
    floating bridge that you can cross to reach the southern ledge. Once you get
    there, stand on the switch on the floor. It must be pressed down continuously
    for the gates along the back to stay open, but you can zip by before they
    close by using the Clawshot to pull yourself through. Watch out for Lizalfos,
    and open the chest to get the heart piece.
    -Piece of Heart #21-
    After you take the Master Sword from the Sacred Grove, return to the ruined
    courtyard where you fought Skull Kid. Bomb the large boulder in the center of
    the courtyard to expose the entrance of an underground cavern (a Poe will also
    spring out, so be careful). The cavern is filled with Baba Serpents. After you
    defeat them all, including the one hanging from the ceiling near the back, a
    chest will appear. Guess what's inside.
    -Piece of Heart #22-
    After you have fixed the bridge that leads to west Castle Town (see Magic
    Armor), cross it to find a Goron lying on the other side. The Goron is too
    exhausted to work, so he needs you to pour a barrel of hot water on him. Go
    back to Kakariko Village and speak to Gor Liggs, just outside Malo Mart. He'll
    give you a barrel of hot spring water to take to the other Goron. You'll start
    at the south end of Hyrule Field, and you have to run across it and throw the
    barrel at the Goron before the water cools. Stay along the outer edge of the
    field as you head northwest because the Leevers closer inland will ruin your
    run worse than the Bulblins and Kargaroks (which you can take care of with
    arrows anyway). If you take too long, the water will cool and be ineffective.
    When you cross the east bridge and reach the Goron, target him and toss the
    barrel of water at him. It will fully revitalize him. He then sets off across
    Hyrule Field to get his supply of spring water to sell in Castle Town. When he
    rolls back through, he'll give you a Piece of Heart. Also, from now on, you
    can buy Hot Springwater from the Goron in town.
    -Piece of Heart #23-
    When you return to Lanayru Spring with the Clawshot, head around either side
    of the cavern and use your weapon to latch onto a patch of vines on the walls
    ahead. Now follow the path to the back of the cavern and open the door to find
    a small chamber. Aside from the two small chests in here that contain ammo,
    there's a larger chest with a Piece of Heart. It appears when you use the
    Lantern to light the two torches next to the smaller chests.
    -Piece of Heart #24-
    This piece is the reward for winning Plumm's mini-game at Lake Hylia. Plumm is
    a colorful bird who appears whenever you go near the hawk grass growing around
    the lake. She only lets you play her mini-game if you are a wolf though, and
    will simply ignore you if you are human. Her mini-game is free, and fun too.
    To play, howl the hawk grass tune to call down the giant Kargarok that Midna
    befriended back in the twilight days. The Kargarok will fly you upriver. Along
    the way, you will see large balloons shaped like fruit. You get points by
    flying through these balloons and popping them. The watermelons are worth one
    point, the oranges are worth three points and the strawberries are worth ten.
    You need over 10,000 points by the time you get to Upper Zora's River to win
    the Piece of Heart. How do you get so many points? Well even though each fruit
    balloon gives a certain amount of points, that amount doubles if you pop two
    of the same kind of balloon in succession. So popping a single orange will
    give you three points, but if the next balloon you pop is also an orange,
    you'll get six points for that balloon, for a total of nine points with just
    two balloons. This can be done up to ten times in a row before the doubling
    factor resets. So with the orange balloon example, you could get up to 3,069
    points if you pop ten of them in a row. Obviously though, it is the strawberry
    balloons that you'll want to go for. After you pop the first strawberry, avoid
    everything else until you get your 10,000 points. It'll come quite quickly if
    you don't mess up. If you hit something and your Kargarok drops you, you'll
    have to restart regardless of how many points you had. Plumm will also give
    you an orange rupee every time you beat your own record in subsequent games.
    -Piece of Heart #25-
    The best time to get this piece is after the Bridge of Eldin has been restored
    (by finding the missing piece in the Gerudo Desert and warping it back). Warp
    to the Bridge of Eldin and ride north into the small field. Along the cliff
    face in the back is a Clawshot medallion. Pull yourself up to it and drop onto
    a ledge. Follow the path up to the mouth of a large cave. This is the lava
    cave. Run to the end of the metal pathway and prepare the Iron Boots. Your
    goal is to jump down and land in the horizontal magnetic beam down below so
    that it pulls you to the far wall. However, its pull will be too weak if you
    simply drop down from the end of the walkway, so you have to jump out first
    and then put the Iron Boots on as you're falling. After you make it to the
    wall, drop down and follow the next path upwards. Kill the Bulblins and jump
    down at the end to another magnetic beam. Remember to put the Iron Boots on as
    you fall, or else you'll plummet into the fiery inferno. This beam will take
    you to a small alcove. As you walk out from it, search the area on your left
    for a red rupee chest (guarded by a Dodongo). Walk out to the end of the
    alcove and jump down one more time to another magnetic beam. This one will
    dump you in front of a pair of torches. Light them with the Lantern if you
    want an orange rupee. Your real prize is further along the path, next to the
    Dodongo. It is a chest with a Piece of Heart. After claiming it, find the exit
    that will transport you out of the cave. Use the Clawshot back outside to get
    to the Bridge of Eldin again.
    -Piece of Heart #26-
    At the northwest corner of the Bulblin camp in front of the Arbiter's Grounds,
    you'll come upon a roasting Bullbo over a fire. Cut the piggy up to release
    small health hearts. After repeated assaults, it will burst open and drop a
    Piece of Heart. I guess you can call that a hearty meal.
    -Piece of Heart #27-
    You can snag this Piece of Heart as soon as you finish off the first Poe in
    the Arbiter's Grounds' ceremonial hall (the central chamber). Go to the back
    left corner and Clawshot yourself across the sand pit, or struggle through it
    to get to the chest that has the piece.
    -Piece of Heart #28-
    This heart piece is in the huge room within the Arbiter's Grounds with a bunch
    of Spinner tracks (right before getting the Big Key). From the lower entrance,
    follow the tracks east and get to the one on the right side that goes up and
    around to the left. It will allow you to reach an area with a rotating spike
    bar. Run to the west end of this area to find the chest with the piece inside.
    There's a Stalfos guarding it though, so get rid of it first.
    -Piece of Heart #29-
    Go to the Bridge of Eldin and head north down the mountainous trail. After you
    cross the small wooden bridge with all the Bulblins nearby, get the Spinner
    out and locate the track on the rock up ahead on your left. Ride it down to a
    secluded grassy ledge. Now turn into a wolf and dig through the patch of dirt
    here to get to a cavern. Inside, you'll face three Stalfos. There is a small
    chest hidden in the grass, in case you need Bombs for the Stalfos. After you
    get rid of them, a chest with a Piece of Heart inside will appear in the back.
    -Piece of Heart #30-
    Warp to Castle Town. Now head west down the path towards the Great Bridge of
    Hylia. At the junction beforehand, turn to the left and use bombs to clear the
    boulders blocking a hidden path with roaming Lizalfos. Go up until see a
    Spinner track on the left wall. This track isn't necessary, but it and the
    subsequent strips of track help you reach the far end of the passage (you can
    use more bombs to get access to this area from north Hyrule Field). The last
    track along the east wall goes up and takes you south, so get on. You'll fly
    from one track to another, but all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the
    ride for the first few jumps. Then, you have to manually jump from track to
    track before it breaks off. At the end you'll reach a hidden ledge with a
    Piece of Heart (in a chest).
    -Piece of Heart #31-
    After you get the Ball and Chain in Snowpeak Ruins, go to the room east of
    Yeta's living room. After you get past the caged Freezards, turn to the right
    at the top to find a small side room. The floor near the east wall is cracked
    and damaged, so you can break through with either a bomb of some sort or the
    Ball and Chain. Drop down to find a Piece of Heart in a chest, and then use
    the Clawshot to get back up.
    -Piece of Heart #32-
    Soon after you get Piece of Heart #31 in Snowpeak Ruins, you'll get a key to
    the door west of the hole in the floor you smashed through. This door lets you
    reach the upper staircase of the entrance hall. Use the Ball and Chain to hit
    the metal chandelier ahead of you. As it swings back and forth, jump on. Now
    look to the left, towards the south end of the room. Two more chandeliers hang
    from the ceiling here. Continue jumping from one to the next, using the Ball
    and Chain to get them swinging first. At the end, leap to the ledge and open
    the chest to get the Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #33-
    After you complete the fifth dungeon (Snowpeak Ruins), return to the warp spot
    at the summit of Snowpeak. Yeta and Yeto will be standing near the tree with
    the frozen leaves. If you speak to them, they'll challenge you to a sledding
    race to the bottom of the mountain. First, you'll race Yeto. He takes the
    simplest route and doesn't do anything fancy, so it shouldn't be too hard to
    beat him. If he gets ahead of you, get your sword out and swing at him to
    unbalance him briefly. Also, just because he doesn't take any shortcuts, that
    doesn't mean you can't. In fact, you should in order to find out the fastest
    route down the mountain for the next race. If end up losing, you can just ask
    for a rematch at the bottom. When you win, warp back up to the top of Snowpeak
    after you are out of sight of the yetis. They'll both be waiting by the tree
    already. This time, challenge Yeta to a race. Yeta is far more skilled at
    sledding than her husband and beating her will require a lot of skill. She
    will take almost every shortcut there is, including the major one after the
    pine tree area. This means that you need to master the shortcuts too. If you
    get close to her, remember to slow her down with your sword. Once she gets
    ahead of you, it will be hard to catch up. If you crash even once, you're
    done. The last curve before the mansion is especially tricky sometimes, but
    you'll be able to beat Yeta with practice. She will give you a Piece of Heart
    as a token of your sledding skills.
    -Piece of Heart #34-
    This piece is in a cave in north Hyrule Field. Bombs and the Ball and Chain
    are required to get it. At the north end of the field, above the waterway
    entrance from the Upper Zora's River, there is a patch of rock blocking the
    cave. Use explosives to get inside. The inside of the cave is further blocked
    by a large piece of ice. Smash them away with the Ball and Chain to enter the
    icy puzzle chamber ahead. If you enjoyed the puzzle with the sliding crates in
    the Snowpeak Ruins, then you'll have a ball here. This cavern is made up of
    three such puzzles, with the Piece of Heart waiting at the end. You must solve
    one puzzle before moving on to the other. This is because the gate up ahead
    will remain sealed unless you put a crate on the switch that's on the icy
    floor. The first room is simple. Start by facing north and push the southeast
    crate next the southwest one. Push the southwest one north next, and then
    east. Next, push that same crate again south, where it will land north of
    another crate and just south of the switch. Lastly, push the southern crate
    west, north, east and south in that order to get the switch. Now on to the
    second puzzle. This one is a lot trickier, because there are two gates with
    two switches that must be pressed. To begin, push the southwest crate north.
    The crate in the northeast corner should be pushed south next. Then, push the
    one that started in the southeast to the west. Follow that up by pushing the
    crate that is now east to the north, and then west. The crate that is between
    the other two should now be pushed east, then south, then west, and finally
    north. This will press one of the switches. Now push the northern crate east,
    the southwestern crate east, the northern one south, the southern one west and
    the northern one south. The switch will be released, but not for much longer.
    You should have two crates next to each other along the south edge, and
    another nearby on the east side. Now follow these instructions: push the
    southwest crate north, and the south crate west, north and east to press a
    switch again. Slide the eastern crate towards the south side next, then west.
    The northwest crate should now be pushed south and east. You're almost done
    here. Finally, push the southwest one east, north, west and south. Both
    switches will now be pressed and the two gates to the third chamber will open.
    Go forth and begin the third puzzle. This one has a large square ice floor
    with the switch directly in the center and three crates in all but the
    northwest corner. Solving this puzzle won't take as much time as the last, but
    it still requires brainwork. Thankfully, the original arrangement is easy to
    reset if you mess up. To start things off, push the northeast crate south and
    the southwest crate north, east and south. All three crates will be lined up.
    The crate in the middle should be pushed west next. Now push the southeast
    crate north and west, the east crate north, the southwest crate north as well,
    the northeast one west and south, and the northwest one east. Lastly, push the
    south crate to the east and the northeast one to the south and finally to the
    center. The last gate will open. Phew! Now go to the back of the cavern and
    open the chest with the hard-earned Piece of Heart inside.
    -Piece of Heart #35-
    This Piece of Heart is in the Temple of Time, in the area with the Dynalfos.
    After getting the Dominion Rod, use it to control the sentry statue or the
    statuettes in the back area and move it onto the floor switch in front of the
    diamond-shaped one. With the electrical barrier deactivated, run through and
    then regain control of the statue. Now either shoot the diamond-shaped switch
    or use the sentry statue's hammer to smash through the left gate. In the area
    on the other side there is a chest with a Piece of Heart in it.
    -Piece of Heart #36-
    The Temple of Time's second Piece of Heart is in the room south of the big
    chamber with the rotating platform. The first time, you came here to get a
    small key. Return with the Dominion Rod and run to the back of the room. Along
    the sides are channels that statuettes can travel along. Only one has a
    statuette already in it though. To get one in the other channel, bring one
    over from the main part of the room and throw it in. Now use the Dominion Rod
    to guide both statues down to the end of the channels and place them on the
    switches there. When they are both pressed, a chest with the Piece of Heart
    will appear in the room's western alcove.
    -Piece of Heart #37-
    Technically, this Piece of Heart is located in the Sacred Grove, but it is
    actually inside the Temple of Time's entrance hall (the first room you go into
    after passing through time). It is before you enter the actual Temple of Time
    dungeon. Anyway, you need to Dominion Rod to get it. Use it to control the owl
    statue west of the staircase and move it out of the way. Now explore the
    hidden alcove behind where it was standing and locate the chest. The opened
    chest is visible in the present-day version of the same area.
    -Piece of Heart #38-
    Go to the Hidden Village sometime after having rescued Impaz and speak to the
    Cucco in the garden behind the west buildings. Remember to transform into a
    wolf to do this. The Cucco will ask you to speak to all the cats in the
    village. If you make friends with them all, the Cucco will reward you. There
    are twenty cats milling around the Hidden Village, and all of them must be
    spoken to at least once. Although the village isn't that big, this task is
    harder than it seems because it is nearly impossible to keep track of which
    cats you have already met and which you haven't. Many of them have similar
    coloring and they sometimes move around. Like when you were hunting down the
    Bulblins earlier, you won't be allowed to leave or exit and still keep your
    cat count. In other words, if you find nineteen cats and then exit the Hidden
    Village, enter Impaz's house, activate the howling stone in the garden or save
    and quit, you will have to find all twenty over again. You will be permitted
    to transform between human and wolf, although you must be a wolf to speak to
    the cats. Remember to search everywhere in the village, including the upper
    balconies. Some of the trickier ones include the one in the far southeast
    building (next to Impaz's house) hidden behind barrels, the one in the back
    alley behind the building next to this one, and the one along the south edge
    of town. As long as you search every building and every alley, you should be
    able to find them all. Also, the cats inside Impaz's house don't count (as
    mentioned above). If you're having no luck keeping track of the cats, there's
    a simple trick you can do to make sure you aren't running into any you've
    already talked to. Just pick up each cat in human form after befriending it
    and put it somewhere where it can't go and mix in with its fellow felines,
    like the garden where the Cucco is waiting (the added benefit to this location
    is that you can watch the cats playfully swat the Cucco around). Some of the
    cats are a bit timid around humans though, so let them see you as a wolf first
    to get them to approach you. When you finally find and befriend all twenty,
    return to the Cucco. He will make a Piece of Heart appear in front of Impaz's
    -Piece of Heart #39-
    Go to Coro's house and investigate the rock in the northeast corner of the
    clearing. Use a bomb to blow it up. In the area behind, you'll see an owl
    statue against the back wall. Bring out the Dominion Rod and use it to control
    the statue. Move it into the shallow hole that's in between the nearby tree
    and the mossy rock in front of it. Now, from the top of the boulder, transform
    into a wolf and use Midna to leap onto the statue and to the tree branch.
    After a few more successive leaps, you will reach a ledge. Walk forwards to
    enter the foggy Faron Woods clearing from a high ledge. Open the chest at the
    end of the ledge and grab the piece.
    -Piece of Heart #40-
    Take the owl statue that is at the north end of the Bridge of Eldin all the
    way to the opposite side, using the Dominion Rod. As you face south, guide the
    statue into a rocky pit between the bridge and the eastern bridge tower. It
    will help you get across to the opening in the tower. When you jump through,
    find the ladder in the back of the tower chamber and climb up to the top.
    Dispatch the Bulblin and open the chest for the Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #41-
    This is one of two Pieces of Heart in the City in the Sky. After you defeat
    the Big Deku Baba, you'll have to climb to the top of its chamber. There is a
    part where you must sidle across a thin stone ledge by your hands. As soon as
    you pass this ledge, run to the end of the enclosed platform and kill the Baba
    Serpent hanging from the ceiling. The chest just past it has the heart piece.
    -Piece of Heart #42-
    In the City in the Sky, after you get through the Peahat garden complex, you
    will be in a wind gorge with more Peahats. Use the Double Clawshots to swing
    from one to another until you get to the fourth one. Turn left and target the
    first of a series of more Peahats that leads to a door south of where you
    entered from. It will take you back into the garden complex. Turn right and
    open the chest there to get this piece.
    -Piece of Heart #43-
    After you receive the Double Clawshots, go to Kakariko Gorge. Turn south from
    the bridge, and then head east up the grassy hill. As you keep to the edge of
    the gorge, you will soon see a rock coming out of it with a Clawshot medallion
    on it. Shoot this medallion to pull yourself to it. Now turn and shoot the
    second medallion on the cliff wall a bit further down. Lastly, shoot the vines
    growing on the second, smaller rock next to the first. Now creep around to a
    ledge where the chest sits. Open it to get the final overworld Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #44-
    This piece is in the first room of the Palace of Twilight's east wing. You
    can't get it the first time you pass through, so return when you have a Sol or
    Sol-powered Master Sword. Use the Sol light to cut through the curtain of dark
    fog that conceals the upper east alcove. More fog blankets the floor on the
    other side of the curtain, making it impossible to remain in human form
    without Sol light. You can now use the Clawshot to reach the back ledge and
    open the chest with the Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #45-
    The Palace of Twilight's second Piece of Heart is in the first room of the
    west wing. After you return when you have the light-infused Master Sword,
    force back the fog covering the floor and locate the light platform on the
    west side. Stand on it and let it take you upwards. Before it starts moving
    sideways, jump to the alcove in the west wall and open the chest there to get
    the heart piece.
    -Heart Container #1-
    This container is obtained by beating Twilit Parasite Diababa of the Forest
    Temple. Use the Gale Boomerang to sweep Bomblings into the twin Baba mouths.
    Then, the boss's head will come out of the water and attack. Ook will also
    join the battle to help you. He'll supply you with Bomblings. Target him with
    the Gale Boomerang, and then target Diababa before letting go. The Bombling
    will be sent to the boss's head and blow up. Stunned, Diababa will fall and
    leave its eyeball vulnerable to sword attacks. Slice it up before the boss
    recover. Do this twice more to win.
    -Heart Container #2-
    Beat Twilit Igniter Fyrus to get this item. Fyrus is the boss of the Goron
    Mines. Start the battle by shooting him in the eye with an arrow. As he
    staggers around, grab onto the chains dragging from his feet and put the Iron
    Boots on. Pull back to cause Fyrus to stumble. Now run around him and start
    attacking his face before he reawakens. Two more attacks like this will finish
    -Heart Container #3-
    The boss of the Lakebed Temple, Twilit Aquatic Morpheel, will relinquish this
    prize when you beat it. During the first phase, stand near the boss's
    tentacles and use the Clawshot to rip out the eyeball moving though them.
    Attack the eye before it returns to the boss's body. During the second phase,
    Morpheel will emerge from the ground and swim around the chamber. Target it
    and swim towards it until your Clawshot is within range of the boss's eye.
    Shoot the eye and pull yourself to it. Now attack Morpheel's eye until it is
    -Heart Container #4-
    After reaching the end of the Arbiter's Grounds, you'll face a reanimated
    skeleton known as Twilit Fossil Stallord. Take the Spinner out and travel
    around the arena by staying on the Spinner track that encircles it. When you
    get you speed going, boost off and try to hit Stallord's spine with the
    Spinner. It will crack and the boss will sink into the sand. After three
    successive hits, the second phase of the battle will start. Use the Spinner
    slot in the floor to set up the new arena, causing Stallord's head to attack.
    Ride the Spinner tracks along the inner wall of the arena to catch up to
    Stallord. Jump from this track to the outside one to avoid the spiked spinners
    and Stallord's fireballs. When you get close enough, boost the Spinner into
    Stallord's skull. When he hits the floor, run up and attack his weak point. Do
    this again twice to win the battle and earn the Heart Container.
    -Heart Container #5-
    Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta, the alter ego of Yeta and boss of Snowpeak Ruins,
    must be defeated in order to obtain this heart. As the ice boss spins around
    on the floor, bash her into the walls with the Ball and Chain. Slowly but
    surely, pieces of her structure will fall off and her size will reduce. When
    you reach the second phase, you must avoid the new ice shards Blizzeta summons
    as she floats above you. After they strike, Blizzeta will do the same. Dodge
    her and then turn to whack her with the Ball and Chain. Three hits will smash
    her up for good. In the subsequent scene with Yeto and Yeta, a Heart Container
    will be produced when the two yetis hug each other.
    -Heart Container #6-
    This Heart Container is the prize received after beating Twilit Arachnid
    Armogohma, the Temple of Time's boss. As the spider crawls around on the
    ceiling, wait for her to open the yellow eye on her back. When the eye opens,
    shoot it with an arrow. Armogohma will fall to the ground in front of one of
    the four giant statues in the room. Quickly get close to the statue, enough so
    that you can hit it with the Dominion Rod. Then, swing the rod again to cause
    the statue to slam its fist down on Armogohma. Do this twice more and
    Armogohma will turn into a smaller spider that runs around on the ground. Just
    shoot her with arrows until she finally dies.
    -Heart Container #7-
    Beat the Twilit Dragon Argorok that terrorizes the City in the Sky. Start by
    using the Double Clawshots to reach the top of the spires around the arena,
    and then Clawshot over to Argorok's tail when it flies in to inspect you.
    While you hang from the dragon, put the Iron Boots on to bring it down to the
    ground. Parts of its armor will fall off when it slams into the arena. Do this
    one more time to expose the jewel on Argorok's back; the boss's weak spot. Now
    Peahats will appear above the arena. Propel yourself to them and fly from one
    to another until you are behind Argorok. Clawshot yourself to the dragon's
    back and start attacking the jewel. Repeat until Argorok is destroyed.
    -Heart Container #8-
    The final Heart Container is obtained by defeating Zant, the Usurper King of
    the Palace of Twilight. Zant will take you to past boss and mini-boss setting
    to fight you, starting with the Forest Temple's boss arena. Use the Gale
    Boomerang to unbalance Zant and force him into the poisoned water. When he
    hops to shore, run in and attack. Repeat until he takes you to Dangoro's lava
    pit. Zant will stomp around and try to send you into the lava. When he attacks
    you with crimson shadow balls, dodge them and run towards him. Attack with
    your sword before Zant teleports. When it comes time to shift settings again,
    put the Zora Armor on because you'll be within Twilit Aquatic Morpheel's
    submerged chamber. Zant will appear inside a giant Zant Mask. Put the Iron
    Boots on and use the Clawshot to pull Zant towards you. After successfully
    damaging him the first time, Zant will disappear and then come back with three
    giant Zant Masks. He will appear randomly in one of them. Clawshot him out and
    start slashing him. You will then be transported back to the Forest Temple,
    where you battled Ook. Zant will hop from one totem pole to another, stopping
    only to attack. Slam into the pole he is on twice to knock him to the ground,
    and then strike. Zant will take you to Blizzeta's arena next. Watch for him
    through the icy floor's reflection and jump out of the way when he tries to
    stomp on you. Then hit him with the Ball and Chain. Zant will hop around in
    pain and shrink to a very small size. Quickly run up to him and slice him up.
    Finally, Zant will take you to the field south of Castle Town, enclosing you
    within a force field. He will attack you with twin daggers in a crazed and
    maniacal manner. Block with your shield and retaliate with your own sword
    skills. When Zant uses his twirling spin attack, wait for him to get tired
    before attacking him back. Keep it up until you win and are transported back
    to the Palace of Twilight.
    -Poe Soul #1-
    The first Poe you ever fight is in Jovani's house. It is at this time that
    Jovani tells you about his whole ordeal with the Poes. So if you're hunting
    Poe Souls in the first place, you should already have this one. On another
    note, this Poe Soul is one of five that you are required to collect before
    proceeding in the game.
    -Poe Soul #2-
    Go into the ruined courtyard where you battled Skull Kid before reaching the
    Master Sword. Once you have the power to transform at will, use an explosive
    to blow up the boulder in the center of the courtyard. An Imp Poe will glide
    out from beneath it.
    -Poe Soul #3-
    This Poe lurks in the foggy clearing in Faron Woods. To reach it, you must use
    Midna's help to jump through the vile bog until you get to the large tree
    hollow in the center. The Imp Poe is in here.
    -Poe Soul #4-
    Hang around south Hyrule Field until sunset. Then look for the Poe's lantern
    on a grassy hill just south of the field's wooden bridge, near the center.
    -Poe Soul #5-
    Go to Kakariko Gorge and run to the top of the cliff right next to the wooden
    bridge. The Poe lurks around the tree next to the fence at nighttime.
    -Poe Soul #6-
    This Poe is found in the same cavern as Piece of Heart #13. Once inside the
    cave, the path will branch off a few times. Take this path to reach the Poe:
    left, left, right and right. Remember to bring the Lantern, not only to see
    better but to burn down the spider webs in your way.
    -Poe Soul #7-
    This Poe haunts the Kakariko Village Graveyard at night.
    -Poe Soul #8-
    There's another Imp Poe in the Graveyard, but more cleverly hidden. Find the
    gravestone on the left side that you can push back. Push it to release the
    entombed Poe.
    -Poe Soul #9-
    Climb up to the top of Barnes Bomb Shop and follow the path to his storehouse,
    or rather, the remains of it. An Imp Poe can be seen hovering over the rubble
    at night.
    -Poe Soul #10-
    This Poe likes to hang out in front of the watchtower in Kakariko Village, but
    he only comes out after the sun goes down, like the majority of his fellows.
    From Barnes' storehouse, follow the trail up the side of the cliff to get to
    the watchtower.
    -Poe Soul #11-
    Climb up the Death Mountain trail until you reach the second Goron. He will
    gladly launch you up to the top of the wall behind him, but you can also try
    to reach for the ledge on your right instead. After you reach it, go south a
    bit to find the Imp Poe (at night).
    -Poe Soul #12-
    There's a Poe that appears over the steps south of Castle Town at night. Take
    him down.
    -Poe Soul #13-
    This Imp Poe floats around the grassy slope of Lake Hylia's southwestern
    corner. Of course, he only comes out at night.
    -Poe Soul #14-
    From Lake Hylia's warp point, head up the southwest path. Then, turn left and
    jump to a small island. Go south and jump to the next island, and then to the
    piece of land on your right. Climb up to the grassy clearing and look for the
    Poe that lives here at night.
    -Poe Soul #15-
    One Poe is floating around the tower where you met or will meet Auru, in Lake
    Hylia's southeastern side. Search him out at night.
    -Poe Soul #16-
    This Poe is in the very long cavern on the south side of Lake Hylia (see Piece
    of Heart #16). It is found in the cavern's third junction chamber.
    -Poe Soul #17-
    This Poe is in the very long cavern on the south side of Lake Hylia (see Piece
    of Heart #16). It is found in the cavern's eighth junction chamber.
    -Poe Soul #18-
    This Poe is in the very long cavern on the south side of Lake Hylia (see Piece
    of Heart #16). It is found in the cavern's final chamber.
    -Poe Soul #19-
    You'll encounter this Poe on the second platform of the famed Isle of Riches
    in Lake Hylia at night. To reach it, a Cucco from Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl
    attraction must be used. Speaking of riches, don't forget to get the fourth
    Bottle with Fairy's Tears from Jovani after you have your twentieth soul.
    -Poe Soul #20-
    Like Poe Soul #19, you need to pay Falbi and use his Cuccos to reach this
    soul. Instead of flying out towards the lake though, turn 180 degrees as soon
    as you launch with your Cucco. Along the north edge of Lake Hylia, you'll see
    a high ledge with grass growing on it. When the sun sets, attack the Imp Poe
    on this ledge.
    -Poe Soul #21-
    Ride south across the Great Bridge of Hylia towards Faron Province. When you
    pass underneath the giant tree and across the wooden bridge, you will then
    come to an area with high cliffs. On the left side, you should be able to see
    boulders sitting on some ledges of these cliffs. Use bomb arrows to blow them
    up. Now, with the Clawshot, shoot the medallion that is revealed to reach the
    cliff. Turn around and use bomb arrows and the Clawshot again to get to the
    next ledge, and then the Clawshot one more time to get to a ledge with tall
    grass. There is a Poe here at night.
    -Poe Soul #22-
    Go to the field east of Castle Town (where the warp portal drops you) and head
    south to find a crumbled amphitheater. This area houses a flock of Guays and,
    if you come at night, an Imp Poe.
    -Poe Soul #23-
    From Castle Town's warp location, run towards north Hyrule Field. Near the
    eastern side of this field, you will see a few trees with clumps of grass
    growing in their midst. Turn into a wolf and use your senses to find the spot
    to burrow into. When you land in the cavern, you will find several Deku Babas.
    Additionally, there are two Imp Poes in here.
    -Poe Soul #24-
    (See Poe Soul #23).
    -Poe Soul #25-
    At night, you'll find a Poe bobbing around the middle of the stone bridge in
    north Hyrule Field.
    -Poe Soul #26-
    This Poe is on the wooden bridge just outside of Castle Town's western walls.
    Look for him when it gets dark.
    -Poe Soul #27-
    Warp to the Upper Zora's River and swim to the south bank in this area. A Poe
    will come out at night here.
    -Poe Soul #28-
    This is one of two Poes found in the waterfall basin of the Zora's Domain.
    Swim to the western bank and climb up the grassy slope until you find the Poe
    lurking up here (at night).
    -Poe Soul #29-
    Swim to the east side of Zora's Domain's waterfall basin and climb out. Now
    use Midna to help you jump across a series of rocks. Behind the waterfall,
    you'll find this nighttime Poe.
    -Poe Soul #30-
    You'll find this Imp Poe in the Gerudo Desert's southwest corner, along the
    side of a cliff. Explore the area at night and claim the Poe Soul.
    -Poe Soul #31-
    This Poe is found at night just outside the entrance to the Cave of Ordeals,
    where the piece of the Bridge of Eldin stood.
    -Poe Soul #32-
    Head to the western edge of the desert basin in the Gerudo Desert and locate
    the Peahat tree growing on a sandy dune. Use the Clawshot to reach this area
    and hunt for the resident nocturnal Poe.
    -Poe Soul #33-
    After you take Poe Soul #32, dig into the sandy area where the three skulls
    are nearby. The cavern beneath you has two more Imp Poes in it. The entry
    point in this cave is enclosed by large boulders, giving you very little space
    to fight anything, much less a pair of Poes. If you can, switch to your human
    form and use bombs to get more fighting room. Now take both Poe Souls, one
    after the other.
    -Poe Soul #34-
    (See Poe Soul #33).
    -Poe Soul #35-
    North of the Gerudo Desert Bulblin camp, you can climb up the rocky steps to
    reach a path that leads to the larger Bulblin encampment. Before you go into
    that area, head to the right from the point where the white wolf here is
    found. At night, an Imp Poe will show up at the end of this path.
    -Poe Soul #36-
    After your battle with King Bulblin outside of the Arbiter's Grounds, you'll
    need to use a Bullbo to escape the burning building King Bulblin trapped you
    in. The Bullbo will charge through the camp and take you to the Arbiter's
    Ground's entrance. Turn back towards the camp and return to the place where
    you fought King Bulblin. A Poe will appear after the battle, and only at
    -Poe Soul #37-
    This Poe is found just outside the entrance to the Arbiter's Grounds at night.
    Look to the right at the top of the steps.
    -Poe Soul #38-
    This is one of the four larger Poes you encounter in the Arbiter's Grounds.
    You must defeat them all in order to release the blue flames that they
    captured with their lanterns and open the path through the ceremonial hall.
    The first one is in the ceremonial hall itself. Another is in the room north
    of the rotating lever chamber's upper floor (the chamber is west of the
    ceremonial hall). The third Poe is in a corridor in the Arbiter's Grounds'
    western area, with ReDead Knights and Stalkins in it. You must pull a chain
    out from the wall to find it. After reaching the east side of the dungeon,
    you'll find the last Poe in the room following the Stalfos chamber. Keep in
    mind that all of these Poe Souls are required to continue through the dungeon.
    -Poe Soul #39-
    (See Poe Soul #38).
    -Poe Soul #40-
    (See Poe Soul #38).
    -Poe Soul #41-
    (See Poe Soul #38).
    -Poe Soul #42-
    Climb up Snowpeak from the Zora's Domain side and look around after dark when
    you pass the snowy boulders. Since you may already be using your senses to
    follow the Reekfish scent trail, the Poe's figure will be easily visible.
    -Poe Soul #43-
    After you claim Poe Soul #42 in Snowpeak, run back west along the upper ridge.
    At the end you will find a pine tree growing all by itself. A Poe keeps it
    company at night until you nab its soul.
    -Poe Soul #44-
    After you climb up the first rocky steps on Snowpeak, follow the path to the
    right and then take the next left path to reach a snow-covered slope with a
    pair of trees growing on it and Ice Keese flying around. An Imp Poe comes out
    around here after dark.
    -Poe Soul #45-
    When in front of Yeto's mansion (Snowpeak Ruins), turn away from it and
    transform into a wolf. There's a Poe at the top of the large rock on your
    right on the other side of the bridge. Since you must cross deep snow to reach
    it, being a wolf would be ideal. Walk around this rock and climb its spiraling
    ledges. When you get to the top, fight the Poe. Despite being an outdoor Poe,
    this one appears regardless of the time of day.
    -Poe Soul #46-
    You'll find this Poe as soon as you enter Snowpeak Ruins. It's probably the
    easiest optional one to come across.
    -Poe Soul #47-
    After you get the Ball and Chain in Snowpeak Ruins, come back to the dungeon's
    entrance hall where you fought the Poe for Poe Soul #46. Near the south
    entrance, there are eight suits of armor standing along the walls. Smash them
    up with the Ball and Chain to uncover the hiding Imp Poe, among other things.
    -Poe Soul #48-
    This Poe is also in Snowpeak Ruins. Go to the room on the second floor that is
    above Yeto's kitchen. It is completely covered with ice, and the entire floor
    is slippery. After bashing the Mini Freezards, use the Ball and Chain to smash
    the ice blocks along the west wall. The Imp Poe will come out from the hidden
    -Poe Soul #49-
    After you complete the fifth dungeon (or play though it enough to get the Ball
    and Chain), return to the top of Snowpeak and go into the cavern that you had
    to go through on your way up. Near the bottom, you will see two blocks of ice.
    Each block is encasing a torch, so you'll need to use the Ball and Chain to
    free them before they become useable. One of the ice blocks is also trapping
    an Imp Poe. After you collect its soul, don't forget to light the torches for
    an additional reward.
    -Poe Soul #50-
    During your second game of hide-and-seek with Skull Kid, take the right path
    from the second clearing and continue through the clearings until you reach
    one with a waterfall (it won't be too far along). Head underneath the
    waterfall and start climbing the steps on your right. The Poe is lurking in
    the same spot that Skull Kid hid in during your first visit. Note that you can
    also come back here anytime after the second visit to find the Poe.
    -Poe Soul #51-
    An Imp Poe hangs out in the chamber where the Master Sword was found. Come at
    night to find it.
    -Poe Soul #52-
    This Poe is found in the Temple of Time. You'll see it in the chamber with the
    golden scales, in front of the door to the Big Key room.
    -Poe Soul #53-
    Another Poe can be found in the large chamber with the central elevator
    platform in the Temple of Time. When you come back with the Dominion Rod and
    the sentry statue, head to the east alcove on the bottom and use the statue's
    hammer to bust through the gates that seal it off. Alternatively, you can do
    things the 'proper' way and use the rod to control the statuettes on the
    ledges next to the alcove's gate. Guide them onto the switch on the floor
    there, and the gates will draw back. Either way, you can now get the Poe
    skulking in the alcove.
    -Poe Soul #54-
    Leave the Temple of Time dungeon, but don't exit back to the present-day
    Sacred Grove yet. Stay in the entrance hall and use the Dominion Rod to
    control the owl statue to the left of the staircase. After is has been moved
    aside you can get the Imp Poe that was trapped behind it.
    -Poe Soul #55-
    You will get this Poe when you visit the Hidden Village after the cats
    populate the town. It won't appear right away though, so you may have to play
    the cat hunt mini-game (see Piece of Heart #38) or activate the howling stone
    first. Use the Clawshot to hook onto the mesh hanging from the first upper
    balcony on your left while facing south from the town's entrance. Run around
    the corner of the building and tackle the Imp Poe. This is the last Poe to be
    found outside of a cave or dungeon.
    -Poe Soul #56-
    You'll find this Poe within a secluded island platform in the City in the
    Sky's Peahat garden complex. The third Peahat you have to use here will be
    moving north to south. When it reaches the southern end of its journey, you
    will be within targeting range of another Peahat floating over the island
    platform. The Imp Poe lurks in the shade of the big tree here.
    -Poe Soul #57-
    In the City in the Sky, when you get to the roof of the central building,
    Clawshot up to the northeastern platform where a rope connects to the central
    tower. Transform and crawl to the tower ledge. Now go left and use the vines
    up ahead to reach another ledge. Further ahead, you'll find more ropes.
    Transform into a wolf again and follow these ropes to a ledge on the western
    side of the building. The Poe floats around this area.
    -Poe Soul #58-
    This Imp Poe is in the 17th level of the Cave of Ordeals. It shares its domain
    with a pack of Stalhounds. You need the Spinner to get this far into the cave.
    -Poe Soul #59-
    This Imp Poe is in the 33rd level of the Cave of Ordeals, along with a group
    of ReDead Knights. You need the Dominion Rod to get this far into the cave.
    -Poe Soul #60-
    The final Imp Poe is in the 44th level of the Cave of Ordeals. There are four
    Dynalfos here too. You need the Double Clawshots to get this far into the
    cave. If you have collected all 60 Poe Souls, return to Jovani to receive a
    potentially-unlimited supply of silver rupees!
    -Golden Bug (Male Ant)-
    This bug is on a tree on the right side of the Kakariko Village Graveyard,
    near the back.
    -Golden Bug (Female Ant)-
    To find the female ant, go into the building on the west side of Kakariko
    Village, across the street from the Elde Inn. This building was entered
    earlier form a hole in the roof when you were searching for Shadow Insects.
    Now a new type of bug inhabits the inside of it, near the center of the floor.
    -Golden Bug (Male Mantis)-
    Look for this bug on the north bridge tower of the Great Bridge of Hylia.
    Usually it is on the inside.
    -Golden Bug (Female Mantis)-
    After you cross the Great Bridge of Hylia (heading south), you will pass under
    the roots of an enormous tree. The female mantis is clinging to the roots on
    the left side, so pull it down and add it to your collection.
    -Golden Bug (Male Butterfly)-
    The male butterfly is enjoying itself in a patch of flowers in the field east
    of Castle Town. Look for it near the entrance to the ruined amphitheater.
    -Golden Bug (Female Butterfly)-
    Go to the east end of the field where the Castle Town warp portal is located
    and use the Clawshot to reach a vine-covered ledge. The female butterfly is
    fluttering around the flower patch up here.
    -Golden Bug (Male Phasmid)-
    Head to the Bridge of Eldin and check the west wall of the south bridge tower
    to find this bug. Use the Gale Boomerang or Clawshot to get it down.
    -Golden Bug (Female Phasmid)-
    North of the Bridge of Eldin, there is a rocky ledge with a Clawshot medallion
    on it. The female phasmid lives further up the ledge, so use the Clawshot to
    get up.
    -Golden Bug (Male Dayfly)-
    This Golden Bug is in the middle of the Gerudo Desert. Because the desert is
    so big, it can be hard to track this one down. It is south of a horseshoe-
    shaped rock with a small chest on it, and north of a wooden barricade located
    along the desert's southern edge.
    -Golden Bug (Female Dayfly)-
    The female dayfly is found in a shallow trench near the Gerudo Mesa warp
    portal. Jump down to the desert and walk west a bit to find it.
    -Golden Bug (Male Stag Beetle)-
    As you head north from Castle Town to north Hyrule Field, stick to the stone
    path until you reach a boulder and a Lizalfos. There is a tree on the other
    side of the boulder where the male stag beetle likes to hang out. It is
    clearly visible at night as soon as you come into the field.
    -Golden Bug (Female Stag Beetle)-
    This one is just above the entrance to the ice puzzle cave in north Hyrule
    Field (see Piece of Heart #34).
    -Golden Bug (Male Ladybug)-
    Head down Castle Town's south steps and turn towards the large rocky
    protrusion west of them. The female ladybug can be found around here.
    Sometimes it is on the ground, but the Clawshot/Gale Boomerang is required if
    it is higher up on the rock.
    -Golden Bug (Female Ladybug)-
    Go south of Castle Town to reach the stone steps. Go down one flight and then
    search the small trees on the east side for the female ladybug.
    -Golden Bug (Male Grasshopper)-
    Search the south area of west Hyrule Field (between Kakariko Village and the
    Bridge of Eldin) until you find this Golden Bug. The grasshoppers are hard to
    catch because they jump away when you get close. Use the Gale Boomerang to
    bring it close.
    -Golden Bug (Female Grasshopper)-
    Look for this bug in the northeastern part of west Hyrule Field. Use the Gale
    Boomerang on it before it leaps away.
    -Golden Bug (Male Beetle)-
    This bug is on a tree in south Hyrule Field. The tree is between a pair of
    rocky outcrops that are near the wooden bridge in the middle of the field.
    -Golden Bug (Female Beetle)-
    This Golden Bug is found on a tree in south Hyrule Field. Check the grove
    growing on a ledge on the west side of the field, north of the trail leading
    to the Eldin Province. The bug is on the tree furthest north. Use the Clawshot
    or Gale Boomerang to retrieve it.
    -Golden Bug (Male Pillbug)-
    The male pillbug is just south of the Kakariko Gorge bridge, crawling around
    in the grass. It can be tricky to spot during the day unless you use your wolf
    -Golden Bug (Female Pillbug)-
    Go across Kakariko Gorge to the north side of the bridge and travel west along
    the edge until you reach a small group of trees and a flower patch. This
    Golden Bug is found at the base of one of these trees.
    -Golden Bug (Male Snail)-
    This 'bug' is found clinging to the underside of the passage at the south end
    of the ruined Temple of Time. Use the Gale Boomerang to get it down.
    -Golden Bug (Female Snail)-
    After you pass through the door in the Sacred Grove that takes you back in
    time, head down the stairs of the temple's entrance hall and look for the
    snail crawling on the left side of the staircase.
    -Golden Bug (Male Dragonfly)-
    Go to the Zora's Domain waterfall basin and crawl out onto the western shore.
    Go south up a grassy slope to find the male dragonfly.
    -Golden Bug (Female Dragonfly)-
    You'll find this bug flittering around Iza's boat rental shop in the Upper
    Zora's River. Use the Gale Boomerang to bring it close if it is out of reach,
    but be quick because it'll fly away.
    -Fused Shadow #1-
    The first Fused Shadow is sealed away in the Forest Temple. Beat the boss to
    obtain it.
    -Fused Shadow #2-
    Defeat the boss of the Goron Mines to obtain the second Fused Shadow.
    -Fused Shadow #3-
    To add the final Fused Shadow to Midna's collection, beat the boss of the
    Lakebed Temple.
    -Mirror Shard #1-
    Use your Spinner in the Mirror Chamber to reach the top of the snake goddess's
    statue. Use the Spinner again inside the Spinner slot at the top to unearth
    the Mirror of Twilight. The only piece of it that is left will be shown in
    your Equipment Menu as your first Mirror Shard.
    -Mirror Shard #2-
    Your quest to reassemble the lost pieces of the Mirror of Twilight begins at
    Snowpeak Ruins. Beat this dungeon's boss to get the second shard.
    -Mirror Shard #3-
    To obtain the third Mirror Shard, defeat the boss of the Temple of Time
    -Mirror Shard #4-
    The final Mirror Shard will be yours when you complete the seventh dungeon,
    City in the Sky.
    Cave of Ordeals.
    The Cave of Ordeals is an optional cavern in the Gerudo Desert that offers
    valuable rewards for those brave enough to enter it. The cave is available to
    explore as soon as you move the Bridge of Eldin back to its proper location
    from the Gerudo Mesa. However, you won't be able to fully explore it until you
    pick up the Spinner, Ball and Chain, Dominion Rod and Double Clawshots (each
    of these items will allow you to progress ten levels further into the Cave of
    Ordeals). The best time to attempt the Cave of Ordeals is before you complete
    the eighth dungeon.
    Be prepared for a fifty-level onslaught of the game's toughest enemies. It is
    a good idea to come equipped with full bomb and arrow ammo, as well as plenty
    of bottled Fairies and all seven hidden skills. Another very important piece
    of equipment to bring with you is the Magic Armor, and plenty of rupees to
    power it. Because this item is optional, it's easy to forget about it.
    However, having the Magic Armor with you will help greatly during some of the
    harsher final levels of the Cave of Ordeals.
    Each level of the Cave of Ordeals can only be progressed through by defeating
    all enemies in it. The door to the next level will then open. The enemies will
    start out being relatively easy, especially for the point in the game in which
    you can first enter the cave. Later on, you'll encounter tougher enemies,
    including some mini-bosses from past dungeons! Not all enemies in the game
    will make an appearance, but there will be enough to keep you busy. Also,
    after you complete the Cave of Ordeals once, you can go back for a second run
    to find that there are more enemies in some of the levels.
    What do you get for beating the Cave of Ordeals, other than a sense of great
    satisfaction? The gift of Fairies, of course. The tenth, twentieth, thirtieth,
    fortieth and final level are rest levels, where you will meet the Great Fairy
    rather than fight any enemies. This powerful fairy will not only allow you to
    progress further into the cavern, but also release Fairies into each spring in
    Hyrule for you to collect later on. For example, if you make it to the tenth
    level and speak to the Great Fairy here, smaller Fairies that you can put in
    your Bottles will appear in Ordon Spring. Fairies are otherwise very rare, so
    this is a great way to get access to them. When you get to the fiftieth level,
    your reward will be even greater. The Great Fairy herself will appear in the
    spirit springs, and if you speak to her while carrying an empty Bottle, she
    will give you the amazing Fairy's Tears. You can only hold one Bottle of
    Fairy's Tears at a time, but you can keep coming back for more if you use up
    the first one. This is a great way to prepare for the game's final battles!
    There are also three Imp Poes within the Cave of Ordeals that have souls for
    you to collect, and caches of rupees that can be obtained from other enemies
    here and there.
    This is the rundown of all fifty levels within the Cave of Ordeals:
    1.	The first level contains only a single Bokoblin. Jump down, laugh at him
    and then cut him to pieces.
    2.	Here you'll face three Keese and three Rats. The spin attack is useful
    3.	There are three Baba Serpents hanging from the ceiling. Use the Clawshot
    to snip them down where they won't be able to reattach themselves.
    Afterwards, jump down and slay them, as well as the fourth Baba growing
    on the ground.
    4.	Three large Skulltulas will attack you in this level. If you can, try to
    use back slices to hit their softer abdomens. You should have enough
    room to fight them one at a time.
    5.	Jump down and run towards the three Bulblin archers in this chamber.
    Keep your shield out to avoid getting hit, and then close in for attack.
    You could also use your own archery skills to dispatch them from the
    entry ledge.
    6.	Start by killing the Torch Slugs on the ceiling. Use the Clawshot so
    that you don't use up arrows. There are more slugs down on the floor, so
    jump down and start clawing them one by one.
    7.	Drop to the bottom of this dusky room and prepare to combat five Fire
    Keese and two Dodongos. The latter are more dangerous, but easily taken
    care of with arrows. When the Dodongos open their mouths to shoot flames
    at you, shoot an arrow down their throats for instant death. The Keese
    shouldn't give you much trouble.
    8.	This level is home to five Tektites. Get them all to come close to you,
    and then perform a spin attack or great spin to slaughter them all.
    9.	You will see two Lizalfos standing in the middle of the chamber here,
    and they can easily be killed from the entrance with bomb arrows or the
    like. If you choose to go down and fight them, two Bulblin archers will
    ambush you from beneath the entry ledge. If you already killed the
    Lizalfos, then you will be better able to counter the arrows of the
    Bulblins. After you defeat them all, continue.
    10.	Jump down and approach the swirling light in the center of the shallow
    pool. This is the Great Fairy. When you speak to her, she will take her
    true form as a young woman with long hair and large, translucent wings.
    She rewards you for getting this far by releasing Fairies into Ordon
    Spring. She also warns you that in order to proceed, you'll need
    something that lets you walk on walls. If you don't have the Spinner
    yet, there is no point in continuing. In this case, talk to the Great
    Fairy again and ask to be taken back to the surface. Otherwise, move on.
    11.	You may notice Clawshot medallions on the ceiling here, as well as a
    Spinner track that goes around the room. If you wish, shoot one of the
    medallions with the Clawshot and lower yourself down. The Rats in the
    room will crowd the spot beneath you, hoping to devour you. Drop down
    and destroy the disgusting creatures. Then take care of the three
    Helmasaurs. The exit is behind an enclosed wall, so you will need to
    Spinner to reach it. Get on the track from the west side and drop off as
    you pass over the exit.
    12.	This level has a giant purple Chu in it. You will need to cut it up into
    many smaller Chus before it is gone for good. Kill them quickly before
    they merge again. Spin attacks are useful for separating the larger Chus
    and killing the smaller ones all at once. Don't bother collecting the
    jelly either, since there are better things you should have entered with
    13.	There are four Chu Worms to kill here. Yank them out of their bubbles
    with the Clawshot and proceed to carve them up. Bomb arrows also work by
    destroying their bubbles entirely and leaving them more defenseless than
    they already are.
    14.	There are a total of fifteen Bubbles in this level. They will pretend to
    be lifeless skulls until you get close. The spin attack is the most
    useful technique here, as simple slices will just cause them to lose
    their wings temporarily and hop around on the ground. In that case, you
    can try ending blows to finish them. An orange rupee can be found under
    the soil here.
    15.	Ten Bulblins will attack you next. These guys wield clubs, so they'll
    have to come close to you in order to do any harm. When they do, unleash
    a spin attack to wipe them out. Finish off the rest with jump attacks.
    16.	This level is not much different from the second (Keese and Rats), but
    it's darker and there are more of them. At least the Rats leave behind
    bigger rupees for your Magic Armor.
    17.	A huge pack of Stalhounds and a fiendish Imp Poe await you here. It is
    highly advised that you transform into a wolf to deal with them all.
    Midna's energy field can get rid of most of the Stalhounds, but you'll
    need to use your senses to combat the Poe. After two strikes, target it
    and yank its soul out of its chest.
    18.	Watch out for the Leevers here. As they circle around you and close in,
    unleash a spin attack to defeat them all. If you are a wolf still, then
    the energy field strike also works wonders. Before leaving, turn into a
    wolf if you aren't one already and use your senses to find a spot to dig
    in along the south wall. You will uncover a heart. Now go on.
    19.	There's a lone purple Chu oozing around the floor, but as soon as you
    jump down, a massive horde of additional Chus will join it. Included are
    a red Chu, a blue Chu and a yellow Chu, so move quickly if you want
    their jelly. If you aren't quick enough with a sword and Bottle, tough
    luck. Anyway, proceed to eliminate the Chus before they merge into a
    20.	The Great Fairy will meet you here again. This time, Fairies will be
    released in the Faron Spring. Now you have two places to go when you
    need to fill up your Bottles with Fairies. From this point on, you will
    need something that allows you to break through massive, frozen blocks
    of ice (the Ball and Chain). Continue if you have it.
    21.	There's another Clawshot medallion here if you discover that you don't
    have the Ball and Chain and need to get out. Anyway, go down and fight
    the gaggle of Bokoblins and Ice Keese. They number at five each. With
    the Ball and Chain, break through the block of ice that's covering the
    22.	More Rats and more Keese. At least that's what it seems at first. As you
    start hacking through the opposition, you will begin to slow down until
    you can't move very effectively. Ghoul Rats infest this level as well,
    so transform and use your senses to view them. Spin to get rid of the
    Ghoul Rats clinging to you, and then attack the remaining ones normally.
    While you're at it, dig in the center to find three hearts.
    23.	What seems like an empty chamber is actually the tomb of an entire
    platoon of Stalkins. They'll emerge all at once from the soil as soon as
    you come down from the entry ledge. Spin attacks will finish them
    quickly, but don't let them poke you with their tiny spears.
    24.	The ReDead Knights are back! Five of these unsightly fiends lie in wait
    here, and will rise up when they sense you nearby. One of the most
    effective weapons to use against them is the Ball and Chain. It takes
    only two hits with it to kill a ReDead Knight, meaning you only have to
    throw the ball once for each one (the ball will hit them on the way out
    and on the way back in). Try not to awaken too many at once, or it will
    be hard to avoid their paralyzing screams.
    25.	The Bulblins here have gone as far as setting up a sniper tower in this
    level, where a single archer will be shooting at you even before you
    drop down to the ground. Ten more archers and warriors are down below.
    Target the archers first before defeating the warriors with a spin
    26.	There are three Stalfos in this level. Forget explosives or sword combat
    and get the Ball and Chain out. This powerful weapon is strong enough to
    dismantle a Stalfos in one hit, and a follow-up strike will get rid of
    the piled remains. Make sure you defeat them completely before they
    27.	Get the Gale Boomerang or Clawshots ready when you enter this chamber.
    Three Skulltulas are hanging from their silk threads, hoping to ambush
    you. You can cut them down with these weapons and fight them normally
    down below. Also, several Bubbles are waiting for you at the bottom.
    Don't leave without unearthing the heart in this room.
    28.	Six Bokoblins and two Lizalfos stand in formation here. Take them out
    from the entrance with bomb arrows. You can take advantage of your
    enemies' stupidity, because when one falls to a bomb arrow, the others
    will rush in to see what happened. This will put them close together and
    make them vulnerable to another bomb arrow. Leap down and finish off
    what remains. Note that the red Bokoblins are a bit tougher to take down
    that the weaker purple ones, so you may need to utilize an ending blow
    or two to get things over with.
    29.	Stalfos return, this time with Stalkins and fiery Bubbles. There are
    only two Stalfos this time, but ignore them until you eliminate the
    weaker enemies. Afterwards, bash each Stalfos with the Ball and Chain to
    destroy it.
    30.	Meet up with the Great Fairy again so that she releases Fairies into the
    Eldin Spring. She then warns that you need a power that lets you become
    the master of lifeless statues in order to move on. Only with the
    Dominion Rod can you proceed, and only if you have already restored its
    power after it was taken from the Temple of Time. If so, use the exit.
    31.	Stay where you are on the entry ledge and get the Hero's Bow out. Use
    arrows to pick off as many of the five Beamoses down below as you can.
    When their eyes rotate into view, shoot them. Afterwards, leap down and
    get rid of the ones that you couldn't hit. You must also take out the
    Keese flock before moving on. Now get the Dominion Rod out and use it to
    control the two owl statues on either side of the exit. They are
    standing on switches that keep the gate closed, so they must be moved
    before you can continue. Escape via the Clawshot medallion above the
    entrance if you don't have the Dominion Rod.
    32.	This level is filled with all sorts of fiery enemies. There are six
    Torch Slugs crawling on the ceiling, and several Fire Keese and fiery
    Bubbles down below. Also, you'll face two Dodongos when you jump down.
    Use arrows on the slugs and Dodongos, and then wipe out the rest with
    spin attacks and slices.
    33.	This foggy level contains four ReDead Knights and a single Imp Poe. Both
    of these enemies require individual attention to defeat, so it can get
    tough here. Try not to jump down directly from the ledge, because one of
    the ReDead Knights is hiding there. Instead, leap out to the side before
    confronting it. Also, try to stay by the chamber's edges to avoid
    attracting the Poe's attention. Use explosives or the Ball and Chain on
    the ReDead Knights, and your wolf form on the Imp Poe. After you collect
    its soul, continue.
    34.	While this place seems empty at first, the enemies are either invisible
    or waiting to drop down on you. You will probably be able to hear the
    sounds of the Ghoul Rats and Chus anyway. It will be very difficult to
    collect any good Chu jelly here, because the Ghoul Rats will make it
    almost impossible to reach the red and blue Chus in time before they
    coalesce. After turning into a wolf and using your senses to locate and
    defeat the Ghoul Rats, start slicing up the Chus. There's a heart buried
    in the ground for you too, in the southeast corner.
    35.	The enemies here are all ice-based. There are about a half dozen Ice
    Keese flittering around and a big Freezard stationed in the very center.
    Put on the Magic Armor if you don't want to suffer from being frozen
    solid. You will still freeze if you get struck by an enemy, but you
    won't lose precious health. After the Ice Keese are taken care of, take
    the Ball and Chain to the Freezard and smash it twice. Afterwards you
    will still have a few Mini Freezards to take care of. Eliminate them all
    with the Ball and Chain too.
    36.	Like the last level, this one also has icy enemies. This time, four
    Chilfos will fight you. Using bomb arrows from the ledge is probably the
    safest way to go, but you can also pulverize the Chilfos with the Ball
    and Chain. Strike quickly before they hit you with their ice lances.
    Keep in mind that the Chilfos will also stab you with their lances when
    you get close enough. Move on afterwards.
    37.	Leevers and icy Bubbles make for an odd combination, but they both share
    a weakness to the spin attack. Draw them close before unleashing this
    strike. Don't let the Bubbles touch you unless you want to become a
    38.	The icy reception continues, and this time you have to fight almost all
    of the ice enemies you've encountered so far. This includes ice-based
    Bubbles, Ice Keese, two Freezards and four Chilfos. Not to mention, Mini
    Freezards will replace the big ones after you smash them up. It is
    almost impossible to avoid getting frozen, so you should look into
    wearing the Magic Armor. Don't stay put for too long, and start by
    slashing at the Keese and Bubbles. Then get the Ball and Chain out so
    that you can face off against the Chilfos. Try to stay close to the wall
    underneath the entrance so that you can't get hit by the Freezards'
    breath. Save the Freezards for last, unless you want to make more room
    to fight the other enemies in. After the tough battle, the exit will
    39.	Whoa, two Darknuts! These warriors will make the previous level seem
    like a walk in the park. It will be easier (but still very difficult) if
    you manage to lure one in within combat range without alerting the
    other. Don't just jump into the middle of the arena like an idiot; stay
    close to the wall and creep around to the side until one of the Darknuts
    notices you. Now creep back to where you dropped in and prepare to fight
    the Darknut. If you can get rid of him before the other one notices you,
    this level will be easier for you. If you'd like, drink Fairy's Tears or
    Rare Chu Jelly to restore your health and enhance your attacks. Not only
    will your power be boosted, but if you have the great spin you can use
    that to unleash even more damage. Start by dodging the Darknut when he
    swings his mace down, and then perform a back slice to inflict damage.
    Follow up with additional slices or spins. After the Darknut's armor has
    been shed, he will toss his mace at you and continue fighting with the
    smaller sword. Keep dodging and striking until he falls, and then go for
    the second Darknut. If you are forced to fight two at a time,
    concentrate on one and keep circling so that he is always closer to you
    than the other. Darknuts work well in teams, and will try to defend
    their comrades if they start losing armor. When you finally win against
    both of these mighty warriors, switch to wolf form so that you can find
    a buried silver rupee in the floor (now obviously, digging for treasure
    with two Darknuts bearing down on you isn't recommended). Move on to the
    next level.
    40.	You can take a break from the intense fighting and speak to the Great
    Fairy again. Be forewarned though; the last few battles were only a
    preview of what is still to come. Anyway, impressed with your efforts,
    the Great Fairy will release Fairies into Lanayru Spring. Now all four
    of the spirit springs have Fairies in them for you to use. To continue,
    you need to be able to move freely from wall to wall. That means you
    need the Double Clawshots.
    41.	There are nine Armos in this chamber. The best way to fight them is to
    inch along until one awakens. When the Armos comes close, roll around to
    its backside and destroy the crystal. The Ball and Chain is an effective
    weapon for this. You still have to hit the crystals, but a hit anywhere
    else will stun it long enough for you to get behind it. Also, remember
    to back away when the Armos starts to malfunction. To get out, shoot the
    Clawshot medallion to the left of the exit. From there, pull yourself
    down to the medallion inside the low wall that encloses the doorway.
    42.	Get ready to fight six red Bokoblins and six Baba Serpents. The
    Bokoblins like to rush in and crowd you, and it will take several hits
    to bring them down permanently. Use spin attacks if the annoying Baba
    Serpents try to bite you. After killing everything, go through the exit.
    43.	Jump down and take care of the six Bulblin archers and three Lizalfos.
    The archers will start attacking even before you come down, so you may
    as well join the melee and cut them all down. If anything gets too
    close, use a spin attack.
    44.	There are four Dynalfos down in the next level. Before you get too
    worried, stay on the ledge and shoot bomb arrows at one. It will die,
    and the others will come in to investigate. Shoot another bomb arrow at
    them, and they will all die as well. This is much easier than risking
    health and fighting the Dynalfos up close. Now go down and fight the
    Cave of Ordeal's last Imp Poe.
    45.	Be careful here; two Bulblin archers perched on top of wooden towers
    will begin firing at you as soon as they can see you. Defeat them before
    you go much further. Down below are five ReDead Knights. You will want
    to defeat them from up here as well (with two bomb arrows each). As soon
    as you go down, a ton of Chus will drop down. You may even spot a rare
    Chu, so you won't the ReDead Knights around while you try to collect its
    jelly. There's also another heart here to dig up with your wolf form.
    After you have what you need, destroy the rest of the Chus and move on.
    46.	The deadly combination of Chilfos and Freezards is back, and they are
    also joined by Ghoul Rats. The ice enemies require mobility to fight
    against, so try to defeat the Ghoul Rats as soon as you can. If you wish
    you can also shoot the three Chilfos with bomb arrows from the ledge,
    but it will take several to defeat each one. Also beware of the Freezard
    just below the entrance, and don't forget about the Mini Freezards
    47.	Start by taking out the lonely Bokoblin. Then jump down and prepare for
    the onslaught of Rats and Stalkins. Both of these enemies are easy to
    defeat with spin attacks and provide ample cash for the Magic Armor,
    which you will probably need shortly.
    48.	The final two enemy-filled levels are quite easily the toughest. You now
    have to face two Aeralfos and a Darknut! These former mini-bosses are
    formidable on their own, but require the highest level of skill when
    fought together. Concentrate on the two Aeralfos first, and then go
    after the Darknut when he's all alone. Pick an Aeralfos to target and
    keep your eye on it, all the while moving around to avoid the Darknut
    and the other Aeralfos. When the targeted Aeralfos prepares to attack,
    launch the Clawshot and drag it in for a barrage of sword attacks. Don't
    bother fighting it while on the ground. Instead, let it take off again
    and repeat these maneuvers until it dies. Do the same to the second
    Aeralfos next. Fortunately, the Darknut doesn't move very quickly. You
    can easily avoid him as long as you keep moving. When it comes time to
    fight him, dodge his attacks and strike when you roll behind him.
    Continue until all of his armor falls off, and then finish him with
    additional swordplay.
    49.	This is the final and toughest level in the Cave of Ordeals. In order to
    complete the cave and meet the Great Fairy again, you have to defeat
    three seasoned Darknuts. There is one with blue armor on your left,
    another wearing red armor on your right, and a silver-armored one just
    below the entrance. Drop down and engage the silver one, and do your
    best not to alert the other two. If you can fight one at a time, this
    level won't be as difficult. Even if you can't avoid fighting the
    others, try to at least cut off most of the first Darknut's armor before
    his fellows arrive. Now is the time to use up your Magic Armor and any
    potions or jellies you may have. Save the Fairies in case you faint. As
    with the 39th level, the Darknuts here will sometimes try to take cover
    behind the others if they are less armored than them. Always stay locked
    on to one and circle around the group until you can get clear shots at
    him. Once he unsheathes his thinner sword you won't have to wait for him
    to strike first. Simply do a back slice and follow up with more attacks
    when he blocks it. After the first Darknut falls, do the same with the
    others. When the last Darknut collapses, rejoice and walk through the
    doorway to the end of the cave.
    50.	There are no spirit springs left for the Great Fairy to release smaller
    Fairies into, so instead she will fill one of your empty Bottles with
    Fairy's Tears for the tremendous ordeals you have just conquered.
    Afterwards, she will transport you to Lanayru Spring. From now on you
    can return to any of the springs and get more of the Fairy's Tears from
    the Great Fairy if you don't already have a sample.
    Congratulations for beating the Cave of Ordeals!
    The Fishing Hole.
    If ever you find yourself in need of a break from the harrowing life of a
    Hylian hero, there is no better way to do this than a day or two of lure
    fishing at Hena's Fishing Hole. Located at the top of the hill next to Iza's
    boat rental shop in the Upper Zora's River, the Fishing Hole gives you the
    chance to catch fish that are much larger than you could normally find in any
    other body of water. Not only that, you get to fish them up using a special
    Fishing Rod that requires more than just dipping your hook into the water and
    pulling it back out when you get a bite. The place is run by Hena, an expert
    fisherwoman who's the sister of both Iza and Coro. Now, as you may already
    know, there are six types of fish that you can catch with your Fishing Rod
    (not counting Skullfish). They are the Greengill, Reekfish, Ordon Catfish,
    Hyrule Bass, Hylian Pike and Hylian Loach. Of these types, only the latter
    four can be caught through lure fishing.
    The basics to lure fishing are more complex than bobber fishing, but not hard
    to pick up on. After you pay Hena the fee of renting a canoe, you can paddle
    out to any part of the Fishing Hole and start the fun. Cast your line into an
    area where you think there might be big fish. In lure fishing, you get to use
    one of three initial lures that have different actions. While the lure is
    floating on the water, you can shake your controller to perform the lure's
    action. Each action has a different effect on different fish, but is
    ultimately designed to attract its attention. Once you have a fish staring
    hungrily at your lure, be patient. Use the lure's action every once in a while
    to keep it interested. When the fish finally grabs a hold of your hook, yank
    back on the controller. If the fish gets hooked, start reeling it in. Instead
    of just holding up your Fishing Pole like you would while bobber fishing, you
    need to reel in your fish by mimicking the motion with your Nunchuck (shaking
    it lightly will work too). Keep reeling until the fish gets close. Every once
    in a while, some of the fish will try to leap out of the water. You need to
    lower your pole if this happens, or else the fish will get away. When the fish
    finally gets to your boat, press the A and B Button simultaneously when you're
    prompted to do so to land the fish.
    Fish that you catch while lure fishing won't be recorded in your fish journal.
    However, if it is of record size, you get to keep it and put it in the large
    fish tank in Hena's cabin. There are already a bunch of Greengills swimming
    around in it, but you can make it even more impressive by adding record-
    breaking Ordon Catfish, Hyrule Bass, Hylian Pikes and the legendary Hylian
    Loach in it.
    So what does each lure do? There are three that you start off with, but an
    additional two that you can obtain. This is what each one does:
    1.	Swimmer Lure: This lure is fairly basic, and just floats on the surface
    of the water. It's good for all sorts of fish, but you probably won't
    get anything big or loachy with it.
    2.	Popper Lure: The popper lure makes splashes when you use its action,
    which attracts the big fish from the deep water.
    3.	Spinner Lure: The fun little spinner rule has a mini-propeller at the
    front that intrigues fish and holds their attention better than most.
    4.	Frog Lure: This is one of the two better lures that you have to obtain
    separately before you can use it. To get it, you must complete the first
    eight levels of Hena's Rollgoal mini-game. The concept of this game is
    that you have to guide a glass marble to the goal through a path without
    it falling off. You guide it by tilting the controller, which will make
    the game platform itself tilt. Gravity does the rest. There are a total
    of 64 levels (labeled 1-1, 1-2, etcetera, until 8-8), but you only have
    to do the first eight to get the frog lure. They have eight designs, but
    the later ones simply give you less time. The designs get more complex
    the further you go. Anyway, the frog lure itself can catch the legendary
    Hylian Loach, but it's a bit slippery. Once a fish bites, you have to
    wait a bit before it gets a good hold of the frog lure.
    5.	Sinking Lure: This is the best lure you can get, simply put. It is made
    of a shiny gold metal that attracts fish from all over the pond. It can
    even be used to go after the Hylian Loach, the ultimate catch. Unlike
    the other lures though, it doesn't have an action, and it sinks to the
    bottom rather than float on the surface. Still, it's better than any
    other lure. To get it, you have to put an Ordon Catfish, Hylian Pike and
    Hyrule Bass in Hena's fish tank. This means catching and keeping one of
    each of these fish, but they don't have to be record breakers. Once you
    complete this task, go out to the upper west end of the Fishing Hole and
    cast your standard Fishing Rod into the water. Stand a meter or two away
    from the west wall while doing this. Eventually, you might pull up the
    sinking lure. Another thing you should know about the sinking lure is
    that it's considered illegal. If you use it while Hena is in the canoe
    with you, she'll confiscate it and toss it back into the water. You can
    always fish it up again, but it's easier just to keep it hidden while
    she's around.
    The final key aspect about lure fishing is the season you do it in. Within the
    Fishing Hole, the seasons will change every time you visit it. Different fish
    appear during different times of the year. For example, Ordon Catfish are more
    numerous during the winter, while the Hylian Loach doesn't even appear unless
    it is summertime. Your fishing will also be affected by the local weather, but
    only in terms of visibility.
    Your ultimate goal in fishing is to put the famed Hylian Loach in Hena's fish
    tank. In your fish journal, the loaches you may have caught are all rather
    small, but the one that resides in the Fishing Hole is bigger than any other
    fish in the game. It is also the hardest to catch. You won't even get a whiff
    of this big fish unless you come during the summer, and not unless you have
    the frog lure or sinking lure. It lives in the shallow waters of the Fishing
    Hole's northern alcove, hidden amongst the lily pads. Paddle over there and
    then cast your line into the plant life. Note that even though the sinking
    lure does a good job of attracting the loach, it does the same to every other
    fish in the pond. As the frogs frolic around you, wait until you feel a faint
    tug on your line. Immediately yank back to hook the Hylian Loach. Now prepare
    for a tiring battle against this beast! The Hylian Loach will fight harder
    than any other fish, pulling on your line and jumping out of the water
    frequently. As long as you tilt your Fishing Pole accordingly, it'll stay on
    your line as you reel it in. When you finally do get the loach alongside your
    boat, you only have a split second window to land it. If you do it, you will
    win this struggle against the mighty Hylian Loach. Now enjoy watching your
    prize swimming around Hena's fish tank along with your other whoppers.
    There are a few other secrets to uncover in the Fishing Hole. You can get a
    Piece of Heart here only by renting a canoe and fishing it from the rock
    archway in the center of the pond. One of the game's four Bottles can be also
    found up by fishing off the side of the wooden bridge at the west end of the
    Fishing Hole. And of course, you can always perfect your Rollgoal skills and
    beat all 64 levels.
    WOODEN SWORD: Weapon used for close-range combat. Relatively weak.
    ORDON SWORD: Weapon used for close-range combat. Basic sword with average
    MASTER SWORD: Weapon used for close-range combat. Very powerful, the ultimate
    blade. After it becomes infused with the light of the Sols, the Master Sword
    can repel dark fog in the Palace of Twilight.
    ORDON SHIELD/WOODEN SHIELD: Used to block enemy attacks. Will burn away if it
    catches fire.
    HYLIAN SHIELD: Used to block enemy attacks. Made of metal and never burns.
    HERO'S CLOTHES: Garb of the legendary hero. No use.
    ZORA ARMOR: Allows Link to swim and breathe underwater. Wearing it makes him
    more susceptible to fire and ice-based attacks.
    MAGIC ARMOR: Prevents all damage, but consumes 1 rupee per second. Consumes
    rupees at a faster rate while being attacked. When there are no rupees left,
    it becomes ineffective and hinders movement.
    Collection Items.
    PIECE OF HEART: Restores all hearts. Collect five to add one heart to Link's
    health meter.
    HEART CONTAINER: Restores all hearts and adds one heart to Link's health
    BIG WALLET: Allows Link to hold up to 600 rupees.
    GIANT WALLET: Allows Link to hold up to 1,000 rupees.
    BIG QUIVER: Allows Link to hold up to 60 arrows.
    GIANT QUIVER: Allows Link to hold up to 100 arrows.
    SCENTS: Certain people, items and substances leave scent trails that wolf Link
    can follow using his senses.
    POE SOUL: Return to Jovani for certain rewards.
    GOLDEN BUG: Return to Agitha for certain rewards.
    HIDDEN SKILLS: Advanced sword and shield techniques that are taught by the
    Hero's Shade.
    FISH: Different types can be caught in different areas and with different
    bait. Catching fish releases heart pickups.
    LETTERS: Contain messages from other characters and inform Link about certain
    FUSED SHADOW: One of three pieces Midna needs to restore her power.
    MIRROR SHARD: One of four pieces needed to reenter the Twilight Realm.
    Key Quest Items.
    FISHING ROD: Used to catch fish in certain bodies of water. Can be equipped
    with different baits for improved results.
    SLINGSHOT: Projectile weapon that fires pellets. Low range and power.
    LANTERN: Illuminates dark areas and dispels fog. Also used to ignite certain
    objects. Uses oil and must be refueled when empty.
    GALE BOOMERANG: Projectile weapon that can strike up to five targets at once.
    Activates wind-powered objects and can be used to retrieve items.
    IRON BOOTS: Makes Link much heavier, making him harder to knock down. Also
    allows him to traverse magnetite, but makes him slower and sink in water.
    HERO'S BOW: Projectile weapon that fires arrows. Very powerful and accurate at
    a distance. Can be combined with Bombs, Water Bombs, Bomblings and Hawkeye.
    CLAWSHOT: Allows Link to latch onto certain objects and pull himself up. Link
    can move up and down while suspended from this item. Can be used to retrieve
    certain objects.
    DOUBLE CLAWSHOTS: Replaces Clawshot, and has same use. Allows Link to use
    second Clawshot while hanging from the first.
    SPINNER: Allows Link to hover above the ground for short distances, attack
    enemies and travel on Spinner tracks. Can also be spun to activate certain
    BALL AND CHAIN: Powerful weapon that can break through solid ice blocks and
    other objects. Heavy to carry, but can block enemy attacks.
    DOMINION ROD: Allows Link to manipulate certain statues.
    HORSE CALL: Calls Epona in areas where she can be ridden.
    HAWKEYE: Used to see distant objects.
    BOMBS: Explosives that can destroy certain objects and damage enemies.
    WATER BOMBS: Explosives that can destroy certain objects and damage enemies.
    Function underwater.
    BOMBLINGS: Mobile explosives that can destroy certain objects and damage
    enemies. Once set, Bomblings will walk forward and detonate after some time,
    or when they hit an object.
    BOTTLE: Stores certain items or substances (see Bottle Contents).
    Minor Quest Items.
    VESSEL OF LIGHT: Used to hold the tears of light in each twilit province.
    BOMB BAG: Holds Bombs, Water Bombs or Bomblings. Can only hold one type of
    GIANT BOMB BAG: Doubles holding capacity of all bomb bags.
    AURU'S MEMO: Show to Fyer to unlock Oasis Flight to Gerudo Desert.
    ASHEI'S SKETCH: Show to Prince Ralis to receive Coral Earring.
    CORAL EARRING: Attach to Fishing Rod so Reekfish can be caught in Zora's
    Domain. Improves fishing.
    RENADO'S LETTER: Show to Telma to receive Telma's Invoice.
    INVOICE: Show to Borville to learn of the Wooden Statue.
    WOODEN STATUE: Show to Ilia to learn the location of the Hidden Village.
    ILIA'S CHARM: Show to Ilia to receive Horse Call.
    ANCIENT SKY BOOK: Show to Shad to restore power to the Dominion Rod. Also
    records sky characters.
    OOCCOO'S NOTE: If you leave a dungeon before completing it, other than by
    using Ooccoo Jr., Ooccoo will stay there and leave you this note informing
    Bottle Contents.
    EMPTY BOTTLE: Empty; no contents.
    WATER: Causes growing pumpkins to reach full size when sprinkled on.
    HOT SPRINGWATER: Restores all hearts. Turns into plain water after a few
    MILK: Restores up to 3 hearts. Two servings.
    BEE LARVA: Up to 10 can be stored in a Bottle at once. Restores up to one
    quarter heart for each larva. Can also be baited individually on Fishing Rod
    to improve fishing.
    WORM: Can be baited on Fishing Rod to improve fishing.
    LANTERN OIL: Refuels Lantern.
    RED POTION: Restores up to 8 hearts.
    BLUE POTION: Restores all hearts.
    PURPLE CHU JELLY: Random effect. May restore 1 heart, take away 1 heart,
    restore all hearts or take away all but one quarter heart.
    YELLOW CHU JELLY: Refuels Lantern.
    RED CHU JELLY: Restores up to 8 hearts.
    BLUE CHU JELLY: Restores all hearts.
    RARE CHU JELLY: Restores all hearts and boosts attack power for about 15
    seconds, or until damaged.
    NASTY SOUP: May take away or restore 1 heart.
    SIMPLE SOUP: Restores up to 2 hearts.
    GOOD SOUP: Restores up to 4 hearts.
    SUPERB SOUP: Restores up to 8 hearts.
    FAIRY: Restores up to 8 hearts. Automatically used when Link loses all hearts.
    FAIRY'S TEARS: Restores all hearts and boosts attack power for about 15
    seconds, or until damaged.
    Dungeon Items.
    DUNGEON MAP: Displays the dungeon's rooms, including unvisited ones.
    COMPASS: Displays where certain objects in a dungeon are located, including
    treasure chests, bosses, Ooccoo and other items in specific dungeons.
    OOCCOO & OOCCOO JR.: Once Ooccoo is found in a dungeon, Ooccoo Jr. is used to
    warp out of that dungeon, and then back to the room where Ooccoo was left.
    ORDON PUMPKIN: Return to Yeto to make Good Soup.
    ORDON GOAT CHEESE: Return to Yeto to make Superb Soup.
    SMALL KEY: Used to unlock locked doors. Can only be used once.
    BIG KEY: Used to unlock the door to the dungeon boss's lair.
    KEY SHARD: One of three pieces needed to assemble the Goron Mines dungeon Big
    BEDROOM KEY: Used as Snowpeak Ruins dungeon Big Key.
    HEART: Restores 1 heart.
    ARROWS: Supplies Hero's Bow with 10 arrows.
    SEEDS: Fully supplies Slingshot with pellets.
    GREEN RUPEE: Currency worth 1 rupee.
    BLUE RUPEE: Currency worth 5 rupees.
    YELLOW RUPEE: Currency worth 10 rupees.
    RED RUPEE: Currency worth 20 rupees.
    PURPLE RUPEE: Currency worth 50 rupees.
    ORANGE RUPEE: Currency worth 100 rupees.
    SILVER RUPEE: Currency worth 200 rupees.
    FAIRY: Restores up to 8 hearts. Can be stored in Bottles (see Bottle
    TEAR OF LIGHT: Restores 1 heart. Does not disappear over time. When all
    sixteen fill the Vessel of Light, light is restored to the respective
    Copyright 2006 Ryan N. Parra-Merrell.

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