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    Letter Guide by SuperSmashBro13

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    	=~=~=~=~THE LEGEND OF ZELDA~=~=~=~=
    		       Twilight Princess
    		     LETTERS GUIDE
    ~=~=~=~=TABLE OF CONTENTS=~=~=~=~
    Introduction [.1]
    Version History [.2]
    My E-Mail and E-Mail Policies [.3]
    About Letters and The Postman [.4]
    Letters [.5]
    	About Mail Delivery (The Postman) [.01]
    	- Dear Adventurer - (Ooccoo) [.02]
    	URGENT NOTICE! (Kakariko Goods) [.03]
    	[- Dear Adventurer - (Ooccoo)] [.04]
    	URGENT! Bomb Arrows (Barnes Bombs) [.05]
    	Good Stuff Inside! (Barnes) [.06]
    	Now Open For Business! (Lanayru Tourism) 	
    	They Came So Quickly! (Telma) [.08]
    	Rare Item in Stock! (Barnes) [.09]
    	[Heroes, Come Together! (Malo Mart)] [.010]
    	Agitha’s Dream (Princess Agitha) [.011]
    	From Wife of Yeto (Yeta) [.012]
    	About Ilia’s Memory… (Renado) [.013]
    	Challenge for You! (Purlo) [.014]
    	Hey, Kid!!! (From Jr.) [.015]
    	Update (Shad) [.016]
    Postman Areas [.6]
    Crouching Postman, Hidden Letter [.7]
    FAQ [.8]
    Special Thanks [.9]
    Goodbye [.1a]
    ~=~=~=~=INTRODUCTION [.1]=~=~=~=~
    Welcome to my guide!
    	I was looking on GameFAQs, and at the time 
    there appeared to be no guide about the many 
    letters you receive during the game. I didn’t 
    write this guide for awhile, but now I’ve decided 
    to (obviously). So I hope you enjoy everything 
    offered here.
    	What exactly are letters? How do you read 
    them? Where does The Postman show up? What letters 
    will I get in the future? These are all questions 
    I hope will be answered for you. If you have any 
    unanswered questions by the end of this guide, 
    feel free to e-mail me about them. Read my e-mail 
    section for more information.
    	So, read on and have fun.
    ~=~=~=~=VERSION HISTORY [.2]=~=~=~=~
     -~Version 1.0 (6/17/08): Finished everything 
    already. It wasn’t that long to finish, but surely 
    I will update more in the future.
     -~Version 2.0 (7/28/08): Finally prompting myself 
    to do it, I changed how the letters were written 
    so that they were easier to read. I realized that, 
    when posted on GameFAQs, all the spaces that I 
    separated using the tab key made everything funky 
     -~Version 2.1 (12/3/08): Lyndsey O’Day helped me 
    out by saying that she received the “Agitha’s 
    Dream” letter before the Temple of Time and 
    theorized how that might be possible. Added her to 
    the Special Thanks section. Also added that the 
    Postman appears in all the gates to Castle Town, 
    not just the western one like I thought before.
     -~Version 2.2 (1/26/09): Corrected the way you 
    obtain the “Rare Item in Stock” letter by an e-
    mail from Meliz Aulurn Culus and added Meliz to 
    the Special Thanks section.
     -~Version 2.21 (4/21/09): Answered another 
    question and added it to the FAQ. Added Lee 
    Jaworek to the Special Thanks section.
     -~Version 2.22 (4/23/09): Added NeoSeeker to the 
    Special Thanks list. All this time, I forgot to 
    add them…sorry, Leo.
     -~Version 2.22 (7/14/09): Added Andy Quigley to 
    the Special Thanks section and got the intro to 
    the Crouching Postman, Hidden Letter section.
     -~Version 2.3 (7/30/09): Completed the Crouching 
    Postman, Hidden Letter section. Not as easy as you 
    might think; I had to go back through the Cave of 
    Ordeals to find the guy.
     -~Version 2.4 (8/8/09): Turns out CPHL is NOT 
    finished--two more crouching postmen discovered! 
    Also answered a few questions and put them in the 
    FAQ. Thanks to Patrick Dungar and Nick Binger for 
    pointing them out to me.
     -~Version 2.41 (12/27/09): Added Chuck’s 
    notification about the Dear Adventurer letters.
     -~Version 2.42 (3/17/12): Updated the change in my 
    e-mail address.
     -~Version 2.43 (12/6/12): Included kgeorgsen's info on 
    the fourth Crouching Postman, Hidden Letter and added 
    him to the Special Thanks section.
     -~Version 2.44 (12/21/12): Added a bit about my website 
    and blog. None of it will matter if the world's really 
    ending today, but as I'm still alive, I somehow doubt 
    that is the case.
    ~=~=~=~=MY E-MAIL AND E-MAIL POLICIES [.3]=~=~=~=~
    Before I even tell you my e-mail address, let’s go 
    over the policies so that you’ve seen them before 
    you send the e-mail. I will GLADLY accept these 
    kinds of e-mails.
     -~Questions. If you’ve got a question and it 
    wasn’t answered in this guide, you can ask me 
    about it, and I will answer it as best I can. If 
    it WAS answered in the guide, but you still didn’t 
    understand it, still e-mail me, but say it was 
    unclear to you. If you don’t say it, I will assume 
    your question falls under the unaccepted e-mails 
    category 1.
     -~Errors. If you see an error in something I’ve 
    written in like a letter or something, e-mail me, 
    and I’ll try and correct it. You can even e-mail 
    me on grammatical errors.
     -~Suggestions for this guide. Think this guide 
    could use a little something more? Think it needs 
    another section? Then e-mail me about it, and I’ll 
    see about doing it. You can even e-mail me about 
    doing another guide if you want to. Just depends 
    on what the guide is.
     -~Answers to my questions. There are some things 
    I myself may not be clear about, like, say, 
    Postman Areas. I am not familiar with every area 
    the Postman shows up, so if you know of another 
    spot the Postman will arrive, e-mail me!
     -~If you want to put this guide or any part of it 
    on your website. You NEED my permission first. So 
    e-mail me, and if I see fit to give you 
    permission, you may post it on your website.
    	Aaaand these are e-mails that will NOT be 
     -~Stuff that was already answered in the guide. 
    If you ask a question and it’s already been 
    answered here, DON’T E-MAIL ME ABOUT IT. Read the 
    guide BEFORE submitting e-mails. If the question 
    was answered but you still don’t understand it, e-
    mail me saying you didn’t understand it, and it 
    will be posted.
     -~Hate mail. If you hate me, don’t tell me about 
    it. If you have something to criticize about this 
    guide, be nice about it, and at least make it 
    productive so that I can actually fix the problem.
     -~E-mails full of bad language. All of my guides 
    on GameFAQs are and will be cuss-free. “Sucks” is 
    allowed, but no more than that. Not even “small” 
    bad words will be allowed. None at all.
     -~Praise mail. The exact opposite of hate mail, 
    but I still don’t accept it. It really does 
    nothing to help this guide, except maybe an ego-
    booster for me. You may really enjoy my guide, but 
    don’t e-mail me about it. Don’t feel insulted if 
    you send me praise mail and it isn’t accepted.
     -~Questions unrelated to this guide. If you send 
    me a question that is not about The Postman, 
    letters, Postman locations, that sort of thing, it 
    will not be answered. For instance, “how do I beat 
    Fyrus?” That’s not the job of this guide, is it? 
    (For the record, I have a boss guide on this game 
    here on GameFAQs as well if you honestly need 
    	Remember to make the title say, “TP Letters 
    Guide,” since that will make it much easier to 
    	Alright, now that you have (hopefully) read 
    the policies, I will FINALLY tell you my e-mail 
    address: halojutsu@gmail.com.
          Additionally, if you find the stuff here 
    informative or entertaining, you'd probably enjoy my 
    poll-based gaming website Game Poll 
    (jamesred17.wix.com/game-poll) and blog Game Poll Haven 
    (gamepollhaven.blogspot.com). Only takes a moment to 
    check 'em out, and if you're unimpressed, I'll try and 
    refund you those five minutes of your life back. Just 
    tack them onto the end or something.
    ~=~=~=~=ABOUT LETTERS AND THE POSTMAN [.4]=~=~=~=~
    This will, hopefully, tell you all you need to 
    know about letters and The Postman. I will answer 
    this in classic FAQ form, with, eh, the questions 
    submitted by myself.
    Who is The Postman?
    You don’t know who The Postman is! *bursts out in 
    hysterical laughter* Ahem…The Postman is rather 
    eccentric man who, as his name implies, delivers 
    the mail for you. All of your letters will be 
    delivered by him. In certain spots, he’ll shout, 
    “Heeey!” and dash up to meet you. The Postman idea 
    really originated in Majora’s Mask, I think, where 
    a similar-looking running guy with a bunny image 
    on his hat ran around Clock Town checking 
    How do I read letters?
    After you get your first letter, you can read them 
    by pressing Start and moving your cursor down to 
    the bottom-right corner icon, where the red 
    envelope image is. Press A to open it up. All your 
    letters are in there. Press A on one to open it up 
    and read it. Press A to go back or move to the 
    next page if there is one. One the letters screen, 
    press L or R to move over to another screen to see 
    the other letters you’ve got if you have any more.
    How do I get letters?
    As mentioned before, The Postman will deliver the 
    letters to you on foot. He will meet you in 
    certain spots, like in front of the west gate of 
    Castle Town, to deliver them to you. I have a 
    section here of known spots The Postman appears 
    How do I know which letters are new or not?
    On the letters screen, unopened letters will have 
    a small red envelope image on the upper-left 
    corner of the letter’s title.
    Can I get more than one letter at a time?
    Of course! The Postman can always deliver more 
    than one letter. If you didn’t meet up after he 
    has the first letter, he will say, “I have a 
    letter for you. 2, in fact!” or something similar. 
    I’ve gotten up to “4, in fact” before.
    I didn’t get a certain letter! What happened?
    Some letters can only be obtained by special 
    means. For instance, the second “Dear Adventurer” 
    letter can only be obtained by using Ooccoo in the 
    Goron Mines. If you don’t use her, you won’t get 
    the letter. As far as I know, if you missed the 
    letter, it’s gone for good unless you start a new 
    game. I will tell you which letters must be gotten 
    by special means.
    What happens if I go to a Postman area in Wolf 
    First of all, The Postman does not appear if the 
    province is covered in twilight. But after you’ve 
    gotten the Master Sword and can switch forms at 
    will, if you go to a Postman area in wolf form, 
    after he goes, “Heeey!” you will automatically 
    switch forms.
    	And that just about wraps it up. Those were, 
    of course, all self-invented questions, but if you 
    yourself have any about those kinds of things, ask 
    ~=~=~=~=THE LETTERS [.5]=~=~=~=~
    Aaah, finally, the letters. These are all letters 
    that you receive at some point or another during 
    the game. To help you better understand how each 
    letter section I write is put down, here’s a 
    little explanation.
    [letter name]
    	Sender: [name of person/group who sent it]
    	Letter: [the contents of the letter]
    	Obtained: [the time you get the letter]
    	Comments: [my personal comments on the 
    	And there you have it. Simple enough, right? 
    Okay, here we go, starting with letter number one.
    About Mail Delivery [.01]
    	-~Sender: The Postman
    	-~Letter: If I have a letter for you, I will 
    approach you at high speed! Please do not flee!
    	-~Obtained: After beating the Forest Temple, 
    in front of the entrance to Kakariko Gorge.
    	-~Comments: Your very first letter, and it’s 
    from The Postman himself. Weird little man. You 
    don’t have the option of fleeing, anyway.
     - Dear Adventurer - [.02]
    	-~Sender: Ooccoo
    	-~Letter: I was so happy to meet you and 
    spend a bit of time with you!
    I am planning a trip to a new location, just so 
    you know.
    If you continue on your journeys, we might see 
    each other again!
    So take care of yourself…
    [P.S. I didn’t have a chance to tell you this last 
    time, but I have a son. I’ll introduce you to him 
    if we meet again! He’s a good boy who can help you 
    like an item, so be nice!]
    	Obtained: After clearing the twilight from 
    the Eldin Province.
    	-~Comments: The little section in brackets 
    is a part of the letter that only appears if you 
    never used Ooccoo in the Forest Temple.
    URGENT NOTICE! [.03]
    	-~Sender: Kakariko Goods [Malo]
    	-~Letter: New sundries in Kakariko!
    If you haven’t already been by to look, I have an 
    item that isn’t available anywhere else! Come by 
    before someone else snatches it!
    And please, no window shoppers!
    	-~Obtained: After defeating King Bulbin for 
    the first time.
    	-~Comments: “Kakariko Goods” is, apparently, 
    the name of Malo’s new store in Kakariko--before 
    it becomes Malo Mart, of course. Malo apparently 
    felt bad after Colin was injured and “got 
     - Dear Adventurer - [.04]
    	-~Sender: Ooccoo
    	-~Letter: Oooh, I was so happy to see you 
    the other day, I really had fun!
    I was also happy to see my son’s face again, SO 
    I’d like you to know, we will be heading to 
    another location soon.
    If you continue on your travels, chances are that 
    we’ll meet again.
    My son and I are certainly looking forward to 
    seeing you again. Take care of yourself!
    	-~Obtained: After beating the Goron Mines if 
    you used Ooccoo there.
    	-~Comments: You can only get this letter by 
    using Ooccoo in the Goron Mines. So if you want an 
    additional letter, you can use this Oocca to gain 
    this letter. According to “Chuck,” this letter and 
    the first “Dear Adventurer” letter will be one if 
    you use Ooccoo in the first dungeon.
    URGENT! Bomb Arrows [.05]
    	-~Sender: Barnes Bombs
    	-~Letter: Thank you for your patronage! 
    Enjoy the power of our bombs!
    Not only can you place and throw our bombs, but 
    they can be combined with the bow by going to the 
    item screen and using R to create bomb arrows. Try 
    it today!
    	-~Obtained: After buying a Bomb Bag full of 
    bombs from Barnes (can only be done after 
    completing the Goron Mines dungeon). 
    	-~Comments: More specifically, to create 
    bomb arrows, go to the item screen and equip your 
    bow if it isn’t out already. Then highlight a bomb 
    image and press R when prompted to put on/take off 
    bomb arrows.
    Good Stuff Inside! [.06]
    	-~Sender: Barnes
    	-~Letter: Finally, we’ve finished production 
    on a new type of bomb! These ones can be used in 
    the water! We have them in stock NOW! Come by and 
    pick YOURS up!
    	-~Obtained: After escorting Ilia and Telma 
    to Kakariko Village
    	-~Comments: In the Lakebed Temple, you’ll 
    encounter some fish that start to explode after 
    attacked. These bombs are made out of those.
    Now open for business! [.07]
    	-~Sender: Lanayru Tourism
    	-~Letter: The Lanayru Tourist Association 
    has prepared a grand tour of natural splendor!
    Our current main attraction is Iza and Hena’s 
    Playground for Grown-Ups!
    You’ll find both immediately down the riverbank 
    from the Zora waterfall pool.
    *Iza’s Rapid Ride*
    Shoot at targets while riding the raging river 
    rapids! No extra charge for using bomb arrows!
    *Hena’s Fishing Hole*
    It’s a fight against nature with lure fishing! 
    What kind of fish can you catch?
    We look forward to seeing you there!
     	-~Obtained: After banishing the twilight 
    from the Lanayru Province.
    	-~Comments: “Playground for grown-ups”? Not 
    even “adults”? …Actually, I realized that I had 
    forgotten to include the “obtained” and “comments” 
    parts of this letter, so here I am, fixing my 
    They Came So Quickly! [.08]
    	Sender: Telma
    	Letter: Link, there are some folks I want 
    you to meet, so come to my bar right away. These 
    guys will be powerful allies for you.
    You heard me! I’ll be waiting at my Castle Town 
    	-~Obtained: After getting the Master Sword.
    	-~Comments: These “powerful allies” are 
    Shad--a young and intelligent man who researches 
    the Oocca to carry on his deceased father’s work--
    Ashei, a brash but courageous girl--Auru, old and 
    wise--and Rusl, the swordsman of your home 
    village, Ordon.
    Rare Item in Stock! [.09]
    	-~Sender: Barnes
    	-~Letter: How’ve you been? Still a bomb 
    enthusiast? Still loving bombs?
    Well, I’ve got some interesting bombs in, so come 
    on by and pick some up!
    Wait’ll you see what these babies can do!
    	-~Obtained: I initially thought that you had 
    to complete the Arbiter’s Grounds to receive this 
    letter and be able to buy the bombs, but Meliz 
    Aulurn Culus has discovered that you don’t need to 
    beat the dungeon, just enter into it to trigger 
    the letter.
    	-~Comments: These bombs are the explosive 
    bugs you saw about the Forest Temple. These things 
    are rather useless; they walk forward on their own 
    when set (similar to a Bombchu from Ocarina of 
    Time), but if you honestly need a mobile bomb, use 
    bomb arrows.
    Heroes, Come Together! [.010]
    	-~Sender: Malo Mart
    	-~Letter: Malo Mart, the hero of discounts, 
    is finally open in Castle Town! We’ve got all you 
    need for that upcoming trip, and we offer it at 
    unbelievable prices!
    Magic Armor (limit 1)
    Act fast, heroes!
    	-~Obtained: Whenever you donate the needed 
    money in “phase 2” to Malo in Kakariko Village
    	-~Comments: Malo Mart really IS an 
    incredible place. Everything there is half off; a 
    set of 30 ordinary bombs is 45 rupees instead of 
    90. The Magic Armor sure comes in handy, too, 
    although it’s a large sum of 598 rupees.
    Agitha’s Dream [.011]
    	-~Sender: Princess Agitha
    	-~Letter: Agitha had a dream last night.
    Butterflies surrounded Agitha and lifted her up to 
    the sky.
    As she waved to the people below in Castle Town, 
    she could see so many people, some waving back, 
    others staring wide-eyed.
    Agitha flew in a big circle above Hyrule Field and 
    the butterflies formed into a bed beneath her and 
    said, “Let’s play again…” Soon they faded away and 
    she woke up in her own bed.
    Ohh…Agitha wants so badly to fly in the sky…
    	-~Obtained: Actually, Lyndsey O’Day has 
    mentioned that she received this letter prior to 
    completing the Temple of Time, which is when I 
    thought you were supposed to receive the letter. 
    She theorizes that it might depend on the number 
    of golden bugs you give Agitha; the more bugs, I’m 
    guessing, the sooner her letter comes.
    	-~Comments: Agitha isn’t really a princess. 
    The “Insect Kingdom” isn’t real. She is a little 
    girl with a huge imagination.
    From Wife of Yeto [.012]
    	-~Sender: Yeta
    	-~Letter: I feel bad. You paid me visit and 
    I not much help.
    I feel better now. Husband and I sled lots now. 
    Very much fun!
    Link, you join us at Snowpeak Sometime!
    	-~Obtained: After completing the Snowpeak 
    	-~Comments: Join them sledding! If you can 
    beat Yeta, you earn a Piece of Heart.
    About Ilia’s Memory… [.013]
    	-~Sender: Renado
    	-~Letter: Link,
    There is something about Ilia’s memory that I wish 
    to tell you.
    I know you are busy, but please come visit me in 
    my sanctuary in Kakariko Village.
    	-~Obtained: After completing the Temple of 
    	-~Comments: Going to Renado starts the 
    process of getting Ilia’s memory back, and thus 
    getting to the seventh dungeon, City in the Sky.
    Challenge for You! [.014]
    	-~Sender: Purlo
    	-~Letter: Ladies and gentlemen!
    The STAR game that has swept Hyrule by storm is 
    now available in Castle Town!
    Even those of you who have beaten it once will 
    find all new challenges and thrills!
    Come find us in the tent on the west gate road! 
    We’ll be waiting!
    	-~Obtained: After getting the Double 
    	-~Comments: If you haven’t been there 
    already, go there. You can get upgrades for your 
    arrow quiver by beating both levels, the second of 
    which has been made now.
    Hey, Kid!!! [.015]
    	-~Sender: Ooccoo Jr.
    	-~Letter: Wow, kid! Awesome!
    (My son said that he wanted to write you a 
    letter…he worked so hard on it! Goodness, yes!)
    We thank you for all your help, both on land and 
    in the sky. The other Oocca thank you, as well.
    Come visit us anytime! Take care!
    	-~Obtained: After completing the City in the 
    	-~Comments: Wow. Three words from Ooccoo 
    Jr.. Well, ya gotta give him credit; he has no 
    arms or legs to write with.
    Update [.015]
    	-~Sender: Shad
    	-~Letter: Dear Link,
    After we parted, I tried that word on all the 
    statues I could find in Hyrule, but it was a 
    disaster! How disappointing!
    …But if I let something so small get to me, my 
    dear father will scoff at me from beyond the 
    mortal coil.
    I’m going back to the sanctuary in Kakariko 
    Village to see if I can’t find another lead.
    I certainly hope that if you find any more 
    information, you will share it with me posthaste.
    The dream chaser, Shad
    	-~Obtained: After filling the Ancient Sky 
    Book with all missing characters
    	-~Comments: Poor Shad…he doesn’t know you 
    have the Dominion Rod…he doesn’t know anything 
    about what’s going on…when will someone tell him?
    ~=~=~=~=Postman Areas [.6]=~=~=~=~
    You may be curious as to where The Postman might 
    come jogging up so you know ahead of time. I’ll 
    admit, I don’t know all the answers myself…which 
    is why I need people like you to e-mail me on it 
    if you know of a spot he shows up in that’s not 
    listed here.  As with any accepted e-mail, you 
    will be placed in the special thanks section when 
    it’s done.
    	So, here are my known Postman areas where he 
    will show up.
     -~In front of all the gates to Castle Town.
     -~In front of the southern entrance of Kakariko 
    -~In front of the northern entrance to Kakariko 
    -~On the bridge in the area of Hyrule Field north 
    	of Castle Town
    -~On the Bridge of Eldin
    -~On the Great Bridge of Hylia
    	Again, if you know of an area The Postman 
    shows up but it isn’t listed here, e-mail me on 
    ~=~=~=~=Crouching Postman, Hidden Letter 
    Andy Quigley has just given me the wonderful idea 
    of writing a new section. I’m sure many of you are 
    curious about what the Postman’s doing, crouching 
    around various areas. In this section, I will 
    write down where he is and what he says. Note that 
    he never says anything of significant importance 
    or anything big; he’s only placed there for a 
    laugh. And I think there might be a short message 
    before some of the lines that he says when you 
    first meet him, but doesn’t say from then on.
    Location #1
     -~Found: In Ordon Ranch inside the stables.
     -~Message: “We can just let the goats eat a 
    messy-looking letter like this.”
    Location #2
     -~Found: Telma’s Bar in Castle Town--turn left as 
    soon as you enter.
     -~Message: “What to order, what to order… I do 
    believe I will start with meat.”
    Location #3
     -~Found: Cave of Ordeals in the Gerudo Desert, 
    very last floor on your second time through or 
    higher. To find the Cave of Ordeals, go to the 
    bottom-left (bottom-right for the Wii version) 
    corner of the Gerudo Desert and scale the mesa. 
    Defeat the Shadow Beasts to create a portal, then 
    warp the piece of the Bridge of Eldin back to its 
    original spot in Hyrule Field. The hole underneath 
    the bridge piece leads to the Cave of Ordeals.
     -~Message: “I think you are lost. It’s got to be 
    around here somewhere…”
    Location #4
     -~Found: Back room of the inn in Kakariko 
    Village, sitting in front of the oven. (Patrick 
    Dungar, who alerted me to this location, doesn’t 
    know when exactly he appears but that he found him 
    while trying to recover Ilia’s memory. However, 
    kgeorgsen says he is 99% sure the Postman appears after 
    you banish the twilight from the Eldin Province.)
     -~Message: “I dropped a letter into the hot 
    spring, and now I can’t read it! Gotta blow it 
    Location #5
     -~Found: Zora’s Domain, throne room, behind the 
     -~Message: “Now, this is made out to a “Mr. 
    Zora,” so I don’t really know who ought to receive 
    ~=~=~=~=FAQ [.7]=~=~=~=~
    Have any questions? Suggestions? Answers to stuff 
    I don’t even know? Things you need to correct me 
    about? E-mail me, and your questions, suggestions, 
    answers to stuff I didn’t know, and even your 
    corrections will be posted here. You will also get 
    a nice spot in the special thanks section, so I 
    encourage you to send me e-mails.
     -~Q: “I had a quick look at your guide but didn’t 
    find what I was looking for. Have you got any idea 
    of what the crouching postmen hidden all around 
    the map are all about??? I was hoping that it 
    would be a secret side mission like the one from 
    Ocarina of Time where you get that really big 
    sword....but I can’t find anything about it on the 
     -~A: There actually is no real reason for the 
    postman being there, not to my knowledge, at 
    least. He’s found at Telma’s Bar, the stable in 
    Ordon Ranch, and even at the end of the Cave of 
    Ordeals the second time you go through. He’s a 
    quirky little guy and is found here and there and 
    everywhere. He was put there solely for a laugh as 
    he displays his peculiarities, like wondering what 
    to order at Telma’s Bar and trying to feed a goat 
    a useless letter. It would be awesome if you could 
    go on a sidequest like that, but unfortunately, 
    the postman is there to make you say, “You 
    again!?!” I hope that answers your question, 
     -~Q: Can I get letters while riding Epona?
     -~A: Yep. The Postman will stop you regardless of 
    whether you are or aren’t on horseback.
     -~Q: Does getting all letters unlock something? 
    Is it a side-mission like getting Golden Bugs, 
    getting all Heart Pieces, etc.? And is it worth it 
    to collect all letters?
     -~A: Not really. Letters are useful to people who 
    first start playing the game since it can alert 
    them to new things and guide them to the next 
    location, but once you know where to go, there’s 
    no real value to them. You don’t get any reward 
    for collecting all letters, and they’re not really 
    a side-mission, either.
    ~=~=~=~=Special Thanks [.8]=~=~=~=~
    These are people I would specially like to thank:
     -~Nintendo for making the game.
     -~Me for a fine job on this guide.
     -~Charlie for being the first person to send an 
     -~Lyndsey O’Day for informing me about the 
    Agitha’s Letter thing.
     -~Meliz Aulurn Culus for telling me how you 
    actually get the “Rare Item in Stock” letter.
     -~NeoSeeker for hosting this guide on their site.
     -~Lee Jaworek for sending in a question. (I love 
    answering questions. It makes me feel warm and 
    fuzzy inside.)
     -~Andy Quigley for giving me the nice idea of 
    writing the Crouching Postman, Hidden Letter 
     -~Patrick Dungar and Nick Binger for telling me 
    the last two crouching postman locations.
     -~Lucas Akaishi for sending in a question. Love 
    questions, especially if they’re not stupid ones 
    like “Hwo do u git letrs?” (Every so often, I 
    receive a similar question. It happens.)
     -~Chuck for telling me about both “Dear 
    Adventurer” letters becoming one under certain 
     -~kgeorgsen for providing additional info on the fourth 
    location of Crouching Postman, Hidden Letter.
    ~=~=~=~=Goodbye [.9]=~=~=~=~
    If you actually take the time to read this, yay.
    	So ends this guide on letters. I hope it was 
    very useful and extremely enjoyable.

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