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"Alright, time for Round 2!"

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was released about a month ago for the Wii. For those of us that weren't able to get/don't want a Wii, Nintendo released TP for GCN (as was previously intended). How does this version stack up to the Wii version? Are the controls that much better? Does full camera control make a difference? You shall soon find out. (For your convenience, I have marked the points where I compare the GCN versions and Wii versions with "---". You may skip ahead to these sections if you like.)

Gameplay: 25/25

To put the gameplay of TP into perspective imagine OoT's beginning sequence extended by 2 or 3 times and you have TP. Even though you are in a different area, the beginning quests make you feel right at home.

Also, to put the scope of this game into persepective, in OoT when you get the sword and shield in took maybe 30 - 45 minutes. In TP, it will take you probable 1 - 2 hours to get through to the same point. This game is long, very long. It will take you anywhere from 50-70 hours to get through the main game and upwards of 80 hours to get all the extras. This game boasts 9 temples/dungeons, more mini-games and items than ever before and a story that is more epic than any Zelda to date!

In addition to the standard overworld adventure you will have to traverse through the twilight world once in a while. To best describe the Twilight world would be to compare it to Link to the Past's dark world. When you go to the twilight world you will turn into a wolf and you will have to solve puzzles in your new wolf form. But don't worry, because you will have a partner by the name of Midna to ride on your back and help you out.


Now onto what you've all been waiting for, the comparison between the GCN and Wii versions. The controls in the GCN version are much better than the Wii version. When you want to perform a spin attack for shield bash, the input is clear, unlike the Wii version where you may do a spin attack when you want to shield bash. There were many times when I was playing the Wii version where Link would not perform a spin attack or shield when I needed him to. The Wii version may have innovative controls, but the GCN makes the combat much more fluent and it feels like you have generally more control over what's happening.

When it comes to camera control, it really isn't that big of a factor. The camera in the Wii version will suffice 99% of the time throughout the game. There may only be a few times where the camera control can really help you.

Winner: GCN Version

Graphics: 9/10

This game looks beautiful in every aspect. Link has never looked so realistic, the forest, trees, and water all look astounding. The Wii really makes TP look as good as it possibly can. The artistic theme of this game most closely resembles OoT as far as the way Link and his enemies look. Some of the townspeople have gender issues (!) but after looking a little closer it's not that bad. The boss battles are downright outstanding and some of the graphical effects that they pull off will leave you in awe.


When comparing the GCN and Wii versions, it is a very close call. Both support Progressive Scan (480p) but the GCN does not seem to support Widescreen, which hurts as text boxes seem stretched and uneven. The Wii version does do better with the graphics however. Some of the edges are smoother and the lighting is somewhat better. The difference is VERY minuscule however and you might not even notice. However small the difference may be, I have to give it the Wii version.

Winner: Wii version

Sound: 9/10

The music found in this game is by far the best Zelda music since OoT. The village and forest themes have a fond memorable melody in them that will really put you into the game. All the effects in the game sound really well and although the game lacks voice acting it doesn't matter as this game does not need voice acting. It is perfectly fine the way it is.


There is really no difference in terms of sound between the two games other than the Wiimote sounds. Given that fact, the Wiimote does help immerse you into the game.

Winner: Wii version

Replay: 5/5

This game will take you at least 50-70 hours to beat the main quest and over 80 hours to get all the extras. There is literally so much to do that it almost seems excessive after a while (just kidding!). You also won't find any tedious Triforce-shard finding like you did in Wind Waker. In fact, there is barely any backtracking in this game at all. It's straight fun right from the get-go.


Given the fact that these games are the same, the replay value in both these games are the same.


Gameplay: 25/25
- Absolute perfection, GCN controls are superb.
Graphics: 9/10 - Great visuals and theme fits well. Lack of widescreen hurts.
Sound: 9/10 - Amazing sound tracks.
Replay: 5/5 - The main quest is already long enough but the extras make you stay even longer.

Overall: 48/50 = 96% = A+

Bottom Line:
So whats the final verdict? Which version of "OUR THE ZELDA" (had to do that for the zelda fanboys) should you get? Although the Wii version boasts better sound because of the Wiimote and SLIGHTLY better visuals, the GCN version's control scheme just feels more inviting than the Wii version. Basically, it comes down to precision versus ingenuity and the game is definitely more fun when Link does what you want. If you can find it, get the GCN version, otherwise, the Wii version will do you just as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/13/06, Updated 12/18/06

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