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"Wii are not superior"

After nearly two and a half years of waiting, the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess has finally graced the little box known as the Game cube. It has been a long wait for most Zelda fans, and those who could not get the Wii version, or didn't want one, it has been even longer. The waiting game is finally over, and it does not disappoint.

Game-play: 15/15
The controls of the game are that of your basic Zelda game since Ocarina of Time. A negative is that you can only hold 2 items, but it isn't a bad thing compared to the Wii version, since you don't have to constantly switch items from X and Y to another button. This version also caters to the traditional Zelda fan, as the controls are more complex than the Wii version, as it takes a while to perform certain actions while in the Wii version it is easier. Even though the projectile shooting is harder than the Wii version, the rest of the controls make up for it. The Game cube controls are very steady, and are on equal footing with that given by the Wii version.

Graphics: 10/10
When comparing the wide-screen on the Wii version to the standard Game cube screen, the Game cube comes out way on top. This is a clear defeat for the Wii version, as the wide-screen on the Wii version is not very good. Here, the graphics are clear, crisp, and you really get a more epic feel as the smoothness of the screen really trumps anything the Wii version had. I am not a person who thinks Graphics surpass game-play, but graphics that aren't smooth turn off even the strongest of game-play advocates.

Sound: 13/15
The Wii includes a speaker on the controller to give you louder sound effects. You would think that the Game cube version would have made up for this, right? WRONG! The sound effects in this version are really low, and it leaves you wondering whether or not Nintendo tried to make this game worse than the Wii version. The sound in the Wii version is superior, but this version is nothing to be ashamed of. It still has all of that classic Zelda themes that has made the series what it is today.

Replay: 9/10
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess has the same amount of side-quests and collectibles the Wii version has. It is a testament to the game that it holds up so well against a version that Nintendo claimed was superior. The only blemish that this game has in replay is with the controls. The controls with the Wii version are easier, making it easier for people to speed run and complete all side-quests. If this game had everything the Wii version had in all areas on screen, the replay value would be equal.

Overall score: 48/50 - 96%
The owners of the Game cube should be proud that such a remarkable game is the curtain call for such a remarkable system. Overall, the Game cube version is superior than the Wii version. It is a shame that Nintendo tried to butcher the sound of this game though, and not trying to improve upon the quality. If the sound effect level was higher, this game would be perfect.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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