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"The Climax of Zelda Games"

Almost 2 years ago, Nintendo announced this title. It boasted beautiful, smooth graphics, and the graphical style we know and love from Ocarina of Time. Over the next months, Nintendo released bits and pieces about this game. Not much was known. Around crept E3 '06, and a demo was released. People could play a bit of the Goron Mines. People could fish. It didn't matter what they chose, they were in for the greatest gaming experience of their lives.

When I first picked this game up after waiting two years, I spent a lot of time staring at the polished golden disk. Slowly, I walked upstairs and popped this game into my Gamecube. It started up, and then the very first moment was Link sitting on Epona, the sun going down, casting long shadows all over. Epona neighed, and ran along the cliffside. It then went to Wolf Link howling, then the logo came up. This all amazed me. The graphics were smooth and polished, the lighting hitting everything properly and the shadows proper, not just teardrops at the feet. Epona's mane blew in the wind, and Link's hair looked spot-on. To my surprise, in-game looked even better. Link's eyes were a hard blue, but looked normal. Everyone in the village had very detailed faces. None were repeated, and everyone had an expression for everything; worry, anger, happiness, sadness, etc. As I played on, more enemies were introduced. being of a darker style, these enemies were gruesome and frightening, getting a much-needed makeover from the Ocarina of time.

I'd give the graphics a 9.7/10. Everything's good, but there's some gender confusion, and some rough edges. I'd say some of the best graphics for the good ol' Purple Lunchbox, though.

The sound blew me away. As I walked around in the village, I couldn't get over how precise the footsteps were. Almost right when the terrain changes, the footstep sound changes. And it never gets annoying, either. The sound is never off or anything. And the music... OH, the music... While it's not all orchestrated, it always fits the situation. Well, almost always. When an enemy's near you, it uses some light-hearted, Wind-Waker music, and it can ruin the situation sometimes.

Overall, the sound gets a 9.0/10. The Wind-Waker music can be annoying sometimes, and the battle area has too wide of an area, activating the music when an enemy is out of your range.

Not much to say here. Everything flows nicely, nothing is there that can get you stuck, nothing that can throw you off by equipping or activating, nothing bad. Infact, everything's perfect. I don't have an argument with this section...

This section gets a 9.9/10.

The controls are amazing. A is the action button, as usual. B, as usual, attacks. X and Y are the button slots, and Z talks to Midna. Up and down on the D-Pad brings up your item Subscreen, left and right on the D-pad closes and brings up your map, respectively. Start brings up the main item screen, where your shield, swords, tunics, collectibles, etc. are kept. Everything's nicely placed, nothing to argue about, except... two button slots makes me a sad panda...

I'm so glad I bought this game. I've logged 26:42 onto this game already, and most of it's been riding Epona around Hyrule Field, enjoying the graphics and sounds. If you don't have this game, BUT IT. I don't care for what system, though I have heard that the Gamecube has a better camera and better swordplay, but I've never touched the Wii version, so I wouldn't know. I hope this has helped push you towards getting this game. While no game is perfect, GAMEFAQS won't allow me to give a 9.7.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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