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Reviewed: 12/19/06

A definite must buy game for any GCN owner


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was one of the most anticipated games of all time, so... does it deliver the goods? Personally, I think there are a few things that aren't perfect, such as the graphics or some of the tasks you have to do, but overall this is a MUST-OWN game for any GCN owner.

The Zelda series has always had games that immerses you into it and doesn't let go, along with challenging dungeons and a great overworld layout. Twilight Princess (TP) is very similar to it's procedures, except for one major element that happens to be its namesake, but more on that with the story.


TP brings our favorite hero Link into another one of his great adventures. You start off in a little town and right from the start you're given a task of herding the goats. So you have to go do that... but you need a horse. In this game you get to ride the horse Epona (you can name it whatever you want at the beginning of the game) throughout various parts of the game. Riding Epona is so much fun because you get to gallop at high speeds and jump over fences too. Anyway, you enter the village and meet lots of kids who look up to you and you get to talk to all the villagers which is very nice.

The main thing that gets you going in the game is to rescue the village kids that get captured by these goblin-looking monsters. You have to go out and try to bring 'em back home, but there's this big eerie twilight realm that blocks the way.

The story involves a twilight realm that covers some areas of the game and when you walk into it, you turn into a blue-eyed wolf. Your controls are different when your wolf, so let's get to the controls.

Gameplay & Controls:

The gameplay is a little quicker because you can swing your sword with B and run at the same time, which I think is a first for the Zelda series. Pressing A while running makes you do a little roll to increase your speed, but the A button changes functionality depending on what you're standing next to or what weapon you're holding. You can assign your weapons to the X or Y buttons and change them whenever you want. The Z button allows you to talk to Minda, a twilight realm being who helps you along the way by giving you tips that sometimes actually help. Pressing the L button makes you lock on to enemies to deliver precise aiming attacks. Lastly, the C-Stick allows you to freely use the camera to rotate it around you or to zoom out or to even look through a first-person view. The C-Stick camera isn't in the Wii version just in case you didn't know.

When you're a wolf, you can do a couple of extra things. First, you can press X to sense things that your normal Link version can't. For example, press X when you see a floating light-orb to talk listen to it's spirits, or you can see little sparkling areas in the ground that usually hold free rupees or hearts. You can also dig with the Y button to go under fences or to dig up the sparkling areas on the ground. The Z button allows you to talk to Minda again or by allowing you to jump to otherwise unreachable areas. You can also dash by pressing A or attack by using B.

Now some of the things you actually do in the game include collecting tears (annoying), trying to complete dungeons (fun), or just running around fields or towns (not bad). You actually fell like you advance through the game and there is hardly any backtracking.

Visuals & Graphics:

The graphics are good for a GCN game, but some of the edges are unpolished and some of the textures on the leaves look pasted on. However the characters look good and the houses and shops have some detail on them. The water flows real nice and it's nice to just stare into it for a little while. Overall, they're good, but not fantastic.

Music & Sound:

The music is really good because the notes are really memorable. Whenever you reach an enemy and you get involved in a battle, the music changes to a suspenseful theme that is actually quite... cool. The only problem is that there are no orchestrated songs because of disk-memory, but it's not like the current soundtrack is bad at all.

The sounds are also good. Delivering the finishing blow on an enemy makes a loud sound that brings you a satisfying feeling in your gut. There aren't any sounds in the game that are just weird. or out of place, and that's a good thing. However, there is no voice acting, just a lot of text. It is kind of lame how everyone is mute... so, yeah, it sucks. But other than that the music and sounds are good.

Replay Value:

Will this game last? Definitely. There is about 30-45 hours of gameplay here and collecting everything to get 100% can take about 55-60 hours, so try to free up some spare time to fully enjoy this game. You can also try fishing for fish if you ever get bored. Lots of stuff to do, and lots of fun to be had.


Overall, if you're a Legend of Zelda fan, own the game - no questions asked; but if you're not... then you will be. This game offers a lot of stuff to while keeping the traditional Zelda formula. If you're new to the series, buy this game. If you're not, you already own this game. The story is good, the graphics are a little off but still good enough for a GCN game, and the sounds are excellent. Everything about this game is great so that's why I give it a 10/10. That is all I have to say, good day and have fun.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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