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"A must-buy, even if you're not a fan."

Many, many years ago Nintendo announced Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Gamecube. Of course, later on it was delayed and delayed and delayed until a lot of people speculated that it would be delayed so long that it is put exclusively on the Wii. Well, it was delayed until the Wii was released, but was put as a Wii AND Gamecube title. Both versions are exactly the same except for one version being mirrored and having different settings and controls.


On to the point. The game-play is simply AMAZING. Everything is greatly detailed down to facial expressions, which are NOT pasted on like they were in Ocarina of Time, shadows, lighting, and much more. When I took my first look at Epona, I was amazed. Her mane, along with Link's hair, was blowing in the wind, and it actually looked like it was hair! Emotions were done really well, too. You can clearly tell when someone is sad, angry, frustrated, happy, or even if they didn't care about life.

Apart from facial features and all that jazz, the temples and battle is also done VERY well. The temples, a.k.a dungeons, are challenging, very detailed, and will hit you where it hurts. I was finding myself stuck A LOT more than I would be in any other Zelda game when it comes to dungeons. The battles, on the other hand I loved, but they do have some flaws. When you start out, it can be pretty challenging, but with a sub-par strategy, everything in the game is extremely easy with low intelligence. You can kill ten enemies in one move later on in the game, too. The bosses weren't that difficult, either. There were maybe two or three difficult bosses with a non-obvious strategy. The strategies are usually easy to find and not hard to pull off. The boss battles are also really repetitive. 9/10 for game-play.

Sound and Music

The sound was flawless from what I've heard. I loved riding Epona and hearing her footsteps match up to when she actually stepped. That didn't happen in Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask. That was just an example, but the point is still the same. The sound effects are flawless. You can hear swords clash, blades striking flesh, and anything else you can imagine.

The music blew me away...I loved the music in this game. I may be getting into it a little more than I should, but I though the music fit with every single area that you go into. There are no times that you'll hear music in a water area that you think should be in a desert setting. There's really not much more I can say about music and sound. Personally, 10/10.


Everything flows nicely in Twilight Princess, if you have a good system, that is. You should have no lag or any troubles in any area. Everything is smooth and crisp, and just makes you want to give up your current life and move to Hyrule...if you're not a multi-millionare. There's not much else to say about this. 10/10.


The controls are what got me. I liked the set-up and all, but it was sort of lacking. It has the traditional "Press B to slash" and so on. I didn't like how there were only two slots for items, however. I didn't have a problem switching in and out between items, but I didn't like how you have to do it a lot more than you would want to. Other than that, the set-up is simple. The "X" and "Y" buttons are your items, "Z" contacts midna, "B" swings your sword, and "A" is the action button. The D-Pad buttons have two uses. "Up" brings up your items, and "Right" brings out your map. The "L" shoulder button brings out your shield and targets enemies, while "R" grabs onto anything that needs to be pushed or pulled. The start button brings you to the main menu of armor, swords, shields, miscellaneous, etc. Other than the two item slots, it's pretty good. 9/10.

In my personal opinion, this is the greatest Zelda game ever to be released. Nintendo did a GREAT job on this game, and it's not worth passing up. Even if you're not a fan you should try out this game. You never know, you may end up liking it and becoming a Zelda fan yourself. I've logged 60 hours into this game. I've gotten everything you can get, I've goofed off a little, and I've obviously beaten the game by that time. It's a must-buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/20/06

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