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"Link goes down to history once more!"

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time was considered for many years as the best game of all-time by many gamers and media. With Twilight Princess, Nintendo tried to make the best Zelda ever. Did they success?


Link (or whatever you want to name him) was a young cowboy of Ordon Village. One day, the village was attacked by a bunch of Bokoblins who captured his childhood friend: Elias and many of the village's children. At the same, a darkness is taking over the village, turning everyone into spirit and Link into a wolf.

The story of this Zelda is much darker than the previous ones. Like every Zelda, there's some twist at the end but nothing that will change it radically. The story involve much about the world of darkness and the world of light. Something that was already used in A Link To The Past. But this time, with more back story. The story is much more deeper and complex than any Zelda released so far. But If you're like me, you will somehow be disappoint by some characters who are much less involved than you want it to be.



The control stay close to previous installment. There's some fews changes. Instead of having 3 Quick Slots for your items, you only have 2: X and Y, now Z is use to interact with Midna much like you did with Navy in OOT. A major change is that your shield is automatically ON when you use Lock-On. That will encourage you to mash B most of the time. This time, your lock-on isn't perfect, If your enemy is too far behind you, the lock-on will break. A new add are the Hidden Skills, It add a major tactic in the battle, because you need to time your attack. Overall, The gameplay is still solid.



There's 8 or 9 dungeons in the whole game. Most of the items come from previous title with a couple of new item. Even with old items, they add some new use to them, Like the boomerang can now create a small tornado which can be use for several puzzle and the iron boots with the magnetic field can make you walk upside-down. The boss battles are each more epic than the previous one. Some boss battles are similar to Shadow Of The Colossus. But the battles are in the easy side. Hopefully, the puzzle is solid.



The graphic is pretty. We can see they try really hard to make that game looks as good as they can do. Most part of the game is really beautiful and well-design. It have a good artistic side. But some textures are terrible. The ground texture in the Hyrule Field is really killing it. Unlike the Wii version, It doesn't support Widescreen. Still, It's one of the best looking game this gen.



Like every Zelda, the song is beautiful even half of the songs are remix of the previous Zelda. And better, there's some orchestral songs. Yet again, this time, there's no full voice actings but for the most hardcore fans, that's not a problem.



Twilight Princess can be complete a little bit under 40 hours for the main quest and It will takes more to complete the sidequest. Some minigames will add a lot of value to it, fishing is very fun and will last you many hours.


Overall (Not Average):

The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess is overall, the best entry of the series so far. Some may not like it as much as the previous one but It is without doubt the most epic of the series. There's some points that some will be disappoint but nothing that will really destroy the fun.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/20/06

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