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"Another incredible installment"

After several years of waiting for a sequel, Nintendo finally delivered Twilight Princess, and while it may not be the most innovative Zelda, it's easily the most comprehensive. The game starts in your typical tranquil village, and depending on your skill level, may stay there for quite awhile. But once the children are kidnapped and you awaken in the twilight realm is when the real adventure begins.

Some may be put off by how long it takes to get your sword and shield, but stick through it, because once you do so and reach the first dungeon the game reverts back to the Zelda you know and love. This brings up one of my few complaints about the game though, the first three dungeons almost feel like a rehash of the Forest, Fire, and Water Temples of OOT. Sure the dungeons are different, but even the setup for them is almost identical (such as Zora's Domain being frozen and you having to thaw it).

But ultimately, this is a non-issue as Zeldas have reused staple dungeons many times in the past and this gives the game a nice feeling of nostalgia. What really set this game apart for me was its storytelling. All the cutscenes are done in-game and really show off the impressive character modeling. They also help flesh out a story that is quite well done. Minda may stay mysterious for awhile, but her true motives are eventually revealed, as well as other revelations.

But what's a good story without gameplay, and Zelda delivers its tried-and-true mechanics with a level of polish never before seen. Almost all of the puzzles are well done(with only a couple of exceptions) and genuinely challenging. I was originally a bit put off by the lack of three buttons to map items to, but there's honestly no need for it.

The sound of the game is exactly what you would expect with lots of impressive MIDI tunes and great remixes of old tunes. The weapons sound as you would expect them to and deliver a nice sense of impact on the enemies. Music cues will alert you to approaching enemies as well, which can help avoid frustrating sneak attacks.

Which leads me to the boss battles which while not particularly hard, convey an epic scale that more than makes up for it. All are colossal creatures that dwarf link in size. As good as the bosses are, even the minibosses are impressive and some are worthy of being considered full bosses themselves.

In the end, Twilight Princess is everything you hoped for and more. With great replay value and tons of sidequests that could occupy you for well up to 60 hours, this game delivers. Forget the Oblivions and Gears of the year, this is the definitive game of 2006 and an experience you won't soon forget.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/21/06

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