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"A game that lets the Gamecube go out with a bang"

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is Nintendo's last installment of the series for the Gamecube and pretty much the last game for the gamecube itself. This game is by far a work of art but receives an 8 for a couple of important reasons. Not much more to say, so on to the review:

Story: 7/10

Initially you're in the town of Ordon having a good time wrestling goats and in no time at all your friends are kidnapped and it's your job to rescue them, but your village suddenly gets engulfed in shadow or twilight and you turn into a wolf and get dragged off. You later get introduced you to Midna, an imp-like creature who helps you out in return for your help. As you set off to find the children the grander scope of the story gets revealed but I won't spoil that for you. Basically the story was pretty creative but it really doesn't have the epic feel of Ocarina of Time, the emotional feel of Majora's mask of the fun feel of Wind Waker. Nothing really stood out for me with this game which is why the story gets an 8 from me.

Gameplay: 9/10

Alright let me start of with the bad part of the gameplay: The wolf. Playing as a wolf is pretty fun...for the first half hour of the game. After that you begin to realize that its attacks are very repetitive and fairly bland. It feels like a waste of time to be in Link's wolf form. However, the game is awesome while in Link's human form. The sword fighting is much better than that of previous Zelda games. You can use a variety of moves to defeat enemies and Link's movements are pretty cool. One difference between this game and other 3-D Zelda's is when you L-Target you automatically raise your shield which is odd at first but pretty cool later on. Unfortunately this addition makes the game a bit easier which is one of the major problems with this game. It's far too easy. I went through the entire game (ignoring sidequests and optional places) without losing more than 3 hearts which means the challenge of the game is minimal. Still the boss fights are fun but very predictable and the equipment you receive throughout the game is fairly new and a pleasant surprise.

Graphics: 10/10

The game looks fantastic. The bits of cell shading combined with the darker tones brings the game to a whole new level. This is one of the few games that shows off what the Gamecube can do. Everything in it looks fairly realistic (I've never actually seen an odd troll-looking thing but I assume that's how one would look in real life if one were to exist). There really isn't much to say about the graphics. They're crisp, clear, and heighten the gameplay experience.

Sound: 8/10

There are some old themes, some remixed themes and a few new themes. The old themes are pretty cool and nice to listen to but the new themes aren't really that memorable except for one that I can think of. There really isn't a theme in this game that can get stuck in your head. The remixed themes are a nice change from the their originals and an improvements n my mind. Overall the music is pretty good, nothing bad about it, but it isn't spectacular.

Replay: 5/10

Once you beat the game and get everything it really loses the fun you had from playing it for the first time. You know where everything is, there's northing more to get and nothing new after beating the game. I don't consider it to be one of those games that you just play over and over again; More so a game you beat maybe 3 times and then put away for a couple of years.

Rent/Buy?: Buy

Despite any problems I stated above about this game, its still one of the most enjoyable games I've played so far. It has a decent length to it and worth playing and owning for that matter. This is one of Nintendo's best works for the Gamecube and is a crime to pass up. If you're still unsure then rent it even though I suggest you buy it. Everything's good as long as you play it and enjoy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/26/06

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