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"Good Game, with many flaws though."

Okay, I'll try to keep my review brief.

Story- 7/10 This time around the story is much more in depth. While the past the story has always been very simplified where Link would go out and stop some random evil that appeared from no where and in the process save Zelda. While this allows the adventure to progress reasonably well, in truth it was growing quite dull to all the people who, like myself, have played all the Zelda games.

The introduction of this story actually gives Link a little more personality then the last one.....well sorta. One problem I've always had with these games is how little of a character Link has, I mean he never says anything, he has no real choices, no back story, and no family. The character of Link is this seemingly random creature that exist for the sole reason to save the world. Now, with wind waker he did have a family, but honestly....his character was still far to undefined and lacking. I wish I could say that had changed for this game, but Link still has little personality and in truth he could be subbed out for hundreds of others of heroic characters.

Game play- 8/10 The controls are sorta difficult to get used to at first, but it only takes a few minutes for you to be slashing and hacking like a pro and shooting arrows into the heads of all your would be dispatchers. All the controls are easy to understand and flow well, without the issue of having a annoying tutorial in the game. Nintendo has always been pretty good at making games with easy game play though, so no shocker here.

Sound- 6/10 Voice acting...holy crap that is probably my most hated thing about this game. This game was used to launch a 5th gen console for Nintendo...yet somehow they think that they can continue without voice acting? That's just nuts. Go out, find someone who speaks in a way you'd expect Link to...oh wait I forgot....Link doesn't talk.

Seriously, is Link mute? Did I miss a memo or something? WHY DOES HE SAY NOTHING?! Explain this Nintendo, how is it that a hero who saves the world, constantly, has nothing to say...about anything. I mean come on, HIS HORSE TALKS MORE THEN HE DOES!

Moving on though, the music in lacking to say the least. I mean where are the amazing tracks Nintendo is famous for? I mean it looks like they took an OoT soundtrack and used that to make the new's just annoying. Oh and don't even get me started on the sound effects.

Graphics- 4/10 5th Gen release title....5th is it that Dreamcast's graphics are better then this? It makes no sense that consoles released more then 3 years ago could match this...sure, he doesn't look horrid, but for a NEXT GEN RELEASE! This is completely ridiculous! You could cut a rock on some of the edges in the game.

Challenge- 6/10 The puzzles could be tricky for a little bit, and they came up with some interesting uses for some of the equipment in the game. I liked how things made more sense in this game on how the cause-effect situations would work.

A.I was pathetic, I mean the fighting was cake and the bosses went down far to easily. I was expecting good fights when all it took was the same cycle...over and over again. In truth it was rather boring and....with like no playback value.

Overall- 7/10 Honestly, they'll make tons just because of the name. However, the game is lacking in many of the basics that should be included. It's like they cut corners just because it's a Zelda's almost like Square-Enix with it's FF7 spin-offs.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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