Review by chemicalinxs

Reviewed: 01/02/07

Twilight Princess is finally here

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is perhaps the most anticipated Zelda game there is. Every Zelda fan wanted it, now we have it and it's time to see if the two year delay paid off.

Like almost every Zelda game you play as a character known as Link, you have the choice to name him whatever you please though. The game begins rather slow however it soon picks up and once it picks up you'll forget about the slow beginning. Like every other Zelda game you explore dungeons throughout the land you are in. In this case it's Hyrule. In these dungeons you find an item that normally help you beat the boss. Enough of the basics though.

The gameplay is very easy to master especially if you've played other Zelda games. However from what I've seen the Wii version plays very different. On photos I've seen on the Wii version you could hold more items however this difference does little to change gameplay so you can still enjoy the gameplay no matter what version you play. Also the game versions are mirrored so in the Wii version left/right would be considered right/left for the cube.

The graphics are perhaps the weak point here. From the Wii shots I've seen the graphics don't seem much different. The Wii version might be a bit more superior in this department. However the game still looks great even on the cube. The graphics may not be up to the PS3 or 360's power but trust me it's still a great looking game.

The sound of this game is nice. It brings up quite alot of nostalgia. If you've played Ocarina of Time or even other Zelda games the music in this game will sound familiar. There are some new tunes so don't think Nintendo recycled the same music over and over Needless to say the sound in this game is great.

The story is really interesting it obviously involves Twilight but I can't say much with out going to spoilers to spoilers. Some might find it dark, while others don't find it dark at all.

Another problem I encountered with this game is the dungeons and their bosses. Unfortunately the dungeons get shorter and shorter as you progress. Some dungeons I beat in half an hour without a guide. The bosses do little to fix this as some are ridiculously easy.

If you play this game with guides you can expect up to 50 hours of gameplay assuming you don't speed play. The sidequests are also fun to do.

I heard unless you didn't get everything the replay value is very low, you could however start a new game file to kick up a few more plays with this game.

Overall Twilight Princess is a great game it's not the best in the Zelda franchise it's definitely a runner-up


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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