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"If only the bosses were a little harder..."

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, while it definitely was one of the best titles to date, it really had a few flaws that really brought down this game's enjoyability. But nonetheless, it's still an excellent game. Anyway, enough about the intros and stuff, time for the review.

Graphics - 10/10

Not much to say about the graphics in this game except that they are really amazing. This game really brings out the true potential of the GC, and it shows well. (The same can't be said about the Wii, but hey, it's a port of a GC game, so why bother bringing the Wii into this anyway?)

The game has several cutscenes, quite a few of them done in movie format, which just look pretty sweet. All the animations were well done. (you can actually see the bullet seed when you fire the slingshot <.<) The characters in this game looked pretty average though, but for the most part I wasn't actually paying much attention to the environment or any of the characters especially when I was too busy with the game itself, >.>;;

Story - 8/10

Once again, you play the role of Link, (to be honest though, I wanna see Ninty make a Zelda game where Zelda is actually the main playable character, no offense to Link or anything, just getting tired of the same main character) who's pretty much self-explanatory at this point... Though this Link's backround is that he comes from Ordon Village, a village that's pretty much isolated from the rest of the land. Unlike previous games, this Link is in his teens, around 14-15ish I'd say, and he actually has sword experience. (seriously, most of the time, Ninty just gives Link a sword even though he pretty much has no experience with it, and he knows how to use it perfectly >_>;;)

Anyway, enough about Link, we should all know more than enough about him thanks to previous Zelda games, on to the main story itself. You play the majority of the game in the land of Hyrule (big surprise there) which lies in the realm of Light, but there is also another realm know as the twilight realm. As you proceed with the introduction of the game, you eventually come across this realm and as soon as you enter, you transform into a wolf and then get promptly captured. You get saved by Midna, a resident of the Twilight realm. After a rather hilarious introduction, the two of you set out to gather items known as Fused Shadows, which are the key to defeating Zant, who currently resides as King of the Twilight realm. As you continue your journey to collect these Fused Shadows, you'll meet characters both familiar and different, learn more about the Fused Shadows, the Twilight Realm and of Midna herself, and even of the dark force behind Zant's power.

There was something that bugged me about this game though. At first, it would literally take maybe 5 hours just to reach the first dungeon, as you're swarmed with story-related info but as your proceed with the game, the time it takes to get to the next dungeon would drop up until eventually you can just go to the next dungeon without any problems after beating the previous one, which kinda makes me think that the developers rushed the game towards the end, despite how much time it took to develop this game, but I digress, as it's still longer than any other Zelda game I've played (and I played alot)

The other issue was that it took about an hour before you actually got to kill anything, which makes the introduction of the game kinda slow.

Gameplay - 10/10

Easily the best element of this game and with good reason. This game does follow on past 3D Zeldas but the developers threw in some elements from other previous Zeldas and even some new stuff. I won't spend too much time on elements from the past, but they added a new element of swordfighting, where you can now run while swinging your sword, which is pretty useful when you just want to keep going and not stop to kill enemies, you can use this to sweep them away rather then just killing them. There are also hidden sword skills which you can learn as you play through the game. (only one is mandatory IIRC) The one you'll probably use the most is the Back Slice, but there are some other good ones among it.

Also, if you like horseback riding from previous 3D Zeldas, this game makes a huge improvement on it. Now you can actually use your sword (and pretty much everything else) while on horseback, and there also will be times when you're forced to fight this way, which is actually pretty cool. Though there wasn't alot of Horseback fighting to be done, unfortunately.

One of the newer features of this game is the ability to play as a wolf. This was actually pretty cool, as you actually attack stuff by biting them (The ultimate humiliation, getting beaten by a bite <<;;) but that's not all you can do. You can also use your senses (which works exactly like the magic lens from previous games, but hey, you don't actually get magic, so I suppose this compensates well) which allows you to see things normally naked to the eye, as well as digging around for hidden things such as money, hearts, grottos and even new pathways, (digable spots can only be seen when using your senses though) and a few other things as well. At first, you can only play in wolf form when you're in the Twilight realm, but eventually, you'll be able to transform between the two forms at will. (which actually saves you from the pain of having to go from one end of the world to the other and back, which this game seems to make you do alot of <_<;;)

Another thing that's really cool is the ability to actually combine items into a new one with powers similar to the two used to make it, (no, you don't actually lose the items you use to make the combo item, in case you're wondering) but unfortunately, the developers didn't really expand on this feature too much, which kinda sucks, but hey, bomb arrows are pretty nifty.

As for the dungeons themselves, they've gotten more complicated than ever before, which can frustrate you at times. A real bummer though was that the bosses were way too easy (most of them would either be too easy to dodge, or do so little damage, it meant nothing)

There are also a ton of mini-games for you to play as well. Overall, this was a very fun game to play, and I'm looking forward to the next 3D Zelda for sure.

Music and Sound - 7/10

The music wasn't really great or anything, but it conveyed the mood of the theme well enough. The sounds were okay, they sounded like what they were supposed to sound like... and I won't really delve too far into this subject, as this is probably the game's worst feature >_>

Controls - 10/10

The controls in this game are very nicely done, simple to understand and do exactly what you want them to do. I don't remember if there was a use for the R button or not, but I'm too lazy to check, but it isn't really a big issue either way. My one complaint is that both the L targeting and the shield are used with the same button, which makes the switch target mode kinda hard to manage. -_-

Buy or Rent - Buy

Seriously, this game is 40+ long on average, too long for it to be completed by renting it. This game is very good though, and you won't regret it if you buy it... unless you dislike this type of game for some reason >_>;;

Overall Rating - 9.5/10 (rounded down to 9, since the board doesn't accept fractions)

If they didn't make the bosses too easy, then I might have considered making that a 10, but whatever, this game is still one of the best, if not the best, Zelda title to date.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/17/07

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