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"The Greatest Game of All Time?"

Even though the seventh generation has begun, I couldn't help but pick up this GameCube title when I saw it on the video store's shelf. I have decided that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will PROBABLY be the last sixth generation game I play. However, I am glad that I am able to leave one of the greatest generations of gaming with one of the best games that I have ever played.

To begin the initial review, I would like to go over the special gimmick of this Zelda title: Link's ability to transform into a wolf. I didn't have many complaints with this wolf-gimmick, but I didn't think it really offered anything relatively exciting over the other gameplay elements. I do have one complaint, however, about the wolf's finishing attack. Often times when you do the attack the wolf would jump over the enemy, forcing you to knock them back down again. This was slightly annoying, but this is only a minor complaint. The wolf has its own abilities outside of Link's like the sense ability which can help you follow scents or see people trapped in the Twilight Realm. I found the sense ability to often be useful, but since you can barely see what you're doing while in sense mode, it was slightly annoying. Another unique ability that the wolf has is the fact that he can dig up gold or dig through a small hole to get past a wall. Midna, the little dark thing that sits on your back while you're the wolf, will help you out the most while in wolf form. She can cause a circle to appear which enables you to kill multiple enemies with one attack. She also uses her hair to open doors for you or to initiate a spin attack. When there is a high ledge that seems inaccessible, Midna will fly over to it which gives the wolf the ability to jump to her. This little feature is actually entertaining, especially when jumping from very high places and going a long distance doing this.

In Ocarina of Time, you had to match notes using the ocarina to travel in time. In Wind Waker, you had to move your wand in a certain direction in order to manipulate the direction of the wind. In Twilight Princess, you have to howl. However, howling isn't just used for one thing. It can be used to call a hawk for aid or call your faithful horse to your side (this can also be done by Link if he can find a certain plant which can call the horse or the hawk). I found these little howling things to be annoying to do, however, because you had to memorize it, try it, probably fail, look at it again, and then do it again. Basically, it was trial-and-error. It wasn't really that fun to do and if you take too long then the game actually gives you an advantage with it, which is disappointing. In Twilight Princess, you can also howl to activate small monuments hidden around Hyrule that causes a golden wolf to appear. Once you find and attack the wolf, the wolf transforms into a dead Hyrulian soldier and teaches you a new move. I found these moves to be extremely useful in battles.

Speaking of battles, I have to say that the sword fights and other battles in Twilight Princess were the most exciting that I've seen in any Zelda game thus far. Hordes of enemies will attack you at times, which is amazing. At one point in the game, there were so many enemies surrounding me that the game actually LAGGED. Yes, that's right, a GameCube game LAGGED. Some people might be disappointed that a GameCube game lagged, but I find it freaking awesome that there were so many enemies I was fighting that it caused the game to lag. Also, when you're fighting the bigger guys, it's exhilarating putting all of your sword training to use in fights. The sword moves are pretty cool also and I don't think any Zelda fan would be disappointed.

Obviously, there are dungeons in this Zelda game just as any other. However, these dungeons are much tougher and longer then other dungeons in previous games. Some dungeons will take as long as two hours, but there were some dungeons that were noticeably easier. The puzzles in the dungeons were very original and freakishly difficult. Seriously, it will take a lot of thinking and planning to get through most of these puzzles. From dungeon to dungeon, the gameplay is mixed-up greatly which always keeps you on your toes. The great gameplay changes really saves the games from keeping the game from drowning.

All of the basic Zelda weapons are present. However, there are some new ones that will more than likely make your jaw drop. Seriously, these weapons are COOL. I was amazed at how fun it was to just mess around with these weapons. I applaud Zelda for having the best freaking original and amazing weaponry in a video game that I have ever seen.

Horse-riding was another selling factor of this title that was advertised greatly. I have to say, that I was disappointed with the horse-riding, but I was annoyed greatly with the boar-riding later on in the game. I loved jumping around with the horse, and I REALLY loved fighting while on the horse. It was moments like these that made the game really stand out (not to mention the fact that the horse-riding was the most realistic I have ever seen in a video game).

There was one basic problem I did have with this game and that was the camera. While climbing on vines, Link would sometimes go down when I pushed the stick to the right. I figured out that I fixed this by rotating the camera so that it wasn't looking at Link. This was annoying, but was even more annoying was when you were trying to rotate the camera and it went into first-person mode. However, you can get used to this and it actually becomes useful later on.

Getting rupees in this Zelda title was overly easy. Your wallet will probably be fall one hour into the game. There isn't really much to spend your not-so-hard-earned money on either (save for side-quests). What is the main problem of this? Well, when you're opening treasure chests in a dungeon and you keep getting rupees that you just have to put back, it becomes a great annoyance. However, if you want to take the time out of the amazingly addicted story, you can do some side-quests to get a bigger wallet.

How many times can your jaw drop in one game? I swear that this Zelda title probably had the best story of them all (despite some things that were overly-similar to the Ocarina of Time). There are plot-twists at nearly every cut-scene and the character development is just amazing. The story is so amazing and it doesn't get boring either like some other games tend to do.

Ever since Resident Evil 4, people have been expecting a lot from the Cube. Twilight Princess does not disappoint in the graphics department (for the GameCube's power) and I was fully satisfied. I didn't even find ONE glitch in this game.

The map system, however, was slightly annoying because treasure chests blips would be too large and lap over another room which made you think it was in a different room. However, this is a very forgivable mistake.

The background music is amazingly seductive and is one of the main factors in the game that will draw you in. I was happy that Zelda didn't jump ship with most other titles and add voice-acting because I'd much rather just read text. I feel that voice-acting can sometimes be a game's downfall, believe it or not.

I was able to beat Twilight Princess in a little over thirty hours. Yes, this game is pretty lengthy and there are even some side-quests to accomplish along the way that will add even more time to the game's length. Also, there are bugs for you to collect and Poe (ghosts that you can only attack using the wolf) souls for use to collect.

The story mode of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the most addicting gaming experience I have ever had. Some people question my reviewing when I don't give certain games perfect scores or when I give a game a perfect score when others believe it doesn't deserve it. The way I score games is based on how fun they are. When a game is so addicting that you have to force yourself to quit playing and when you're not playing all you want to do is play the game, then that is a perfect game. It's safe to say that this is what you'll get from Twilight Princess.

As the sixth generation of video games comes to a close, I am very excited that the seventh generation has barely begun. I just hope that seventh generation games take after Twilight Princess and provide experiences that are just as addicting and amazing. As a final note, I would like to say that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the most addicting, fun, and simply amazing game that I have ever played in my life.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/17/07

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