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"The word that would describe this starts with an 'm' and ends with an 'e'."

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was first revealed at E3 several years ago. With it's stunning graphics and outstanding musical score, many were pulled to it. The game arrived over the holiday season, one year after it was supposed to come out originally. Was it worth it? Definitely. The creative people at Nintendo did all they could to make this the best Zelda game out there. And they probably succeeded. The game is surely going to have people talking about it for the next few years. Continue reading this review, and you'll find out how excellent the game really is.

Story-10/10 The game has the longest and most interesting story of a Zelda game to date. It all starts out when Link, a farm hand at the village of Ordon is living an average day-to-day life. Yet, everything is all put together in a while. Eventually, Link leaves on a long quest filled with friends and foes alike. The game has more than its share of shady and bizarre characters. And while some people were worried that the game would be too dark to include some humor in it, they were wrong. It has an occasional humorous moment, but the dark tragic story can push that aside with little effort. Along with having a solid story, there are also a lot of plot twists that push it in an entirely new direction. One example would be when Link enters the mysterious Twilight Realm and is turned into a wolf. Shortly after, he meets a mysterious creature named Midna, who helps him throughout his quest. It's definitely one of the greatest video game stories out there.

Control-9/10 The game has more comfortable and responsive controls than the version for the Wii. You just have to press a button to get things to work in this game. Everything works very fine, and you'll rarely have trouble being able to play it. Everything that you can get in the game can be assigned to either the Y or X buttons, you swing your sword with B, roll with A, and call Midna for help with Z. Anyone who has had a GameCube since the beginning will be completely comfortable with the controls and will be able to play with little trouble. When you want to fire an arrow, get out your bow and aim with the control stick. Very simple stuff in this game, but will continue to get complex.

Sound-10/10 Easily one of the greatest soundtracks on the GameCube. The game uses mostly orchestrated music with a choir now and then. The title theme is an example of it, and it only continues to get better. All of the sound effects in the game also sound very realistic. When your sword hits something, it'll make a banging sound. And a lot of things will sound loud when they crumble or explode. Yet, a lot of people are whining saying the developers should have put voice acting in. Although I agree that the game could've used voice acting, it's still great anyway. The whole experience would probably be made better with the use of a sound system equipped with Dolby Pro Logic II. No matter which one you use, the music will overall contribute to this incredible experience.

Graphics-10/10 The graphics for the game are easily the greatest we've ever seen on the GameCube. Link's hat blows in different directions depending on the wind, the grass moves depending on how you run through it, and a of details can be seen on people's faces and clothes. The enemies are all far more intimidating than the previous Zelda game. The Skulltula, for example, used to be a spider with a large piece of armor shaped like a skull on its back, and it would drop down and attack Link by just hanging there. In this game, it's a large spider with a skull design on its back. And these ones drop down and follow Link to attack him, and the way they move their legs when they walk and die is eerie, but still amazing.

Difficulty-9/10 The game usually has a lot of tough enemies in one area and often sends a lot of puzzles your way. But once you find the required item, everything in this game will be made a whole lot easier. All of the bosses also require a unique strategy. Not only will this game test your wits, it'll also test your skills. A lot of things require good timing and often reward you well. And you'll usually need to buy some expensive things, meaning that you may be short on cash whenever you need it. Yet, the whole thing still doesn't make your love for the game diminish. Overall, many people will be challenged by the game, and will come to appreciate it a lot.

Overall-10/10 In case you don't know what word I mean, it's 'masterpiece'. The latest greatest Zelda game is not one anyone should pass up. It's a great installment that will hopefully convinces people that Nintendo can still create excellent games. If you're planning whether to buy this or not, buy it. The game will surely pull you into the largest Hyrule yet for months. And you'll never look back. It sure is a great way to end the GameCube's long 5-year reign at the top.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/23/07

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