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"Good, fun game, but way too easy..."

It's time once again for a brand new Zelda adventure! But how does it stack up to the rest? Let's find out.

Graphically, I like the game a lot. It's easily one of the most impressive looking games on the GameCube. Even the small details were attended too. You can see the buckle on the strap that holds Link's sword for example. You can also see Link's pouch that apparently has another interdimensional portal inside of it to hold all of his items. You can see what appears to be chain linked armor under Link's tunic as well for protection. The details don't stop at link though. A lot of his items have many details to them as well. The plants, enemies, walls, everything is pretty detailed if you take the time to look at it!

Musically, I do have some complaints. I want to know why Nintendo seems so against having the classic Zelda theme play while you're walking around the field. It's a great tune, and everyone likes it. The Zelda theme does appear a few times in the game, but no where near enough to satisfy me. There are also several old Zelda tunes that have been redone for the game. I think my favorite one is the castle theme from "A Link To The Past." Overall I thought the music was appropriate for the situation, but not having much of the classic theme just irks me a lot.

This game also features a lot of classic items, with new twists as well as several new, fun items as well. The spinner item is a new game, or at least a mini game, waiting to happen. The ball and chain item is ridiculous fun as well. It's one of the most devastating items in the game, but it's a complete blast to use. You also use it for what happens to be the best boss fight in the game outside of the final battles. Old items reappearing include the boomerang, which can now target up to 5 different things, as well as making tornadoes. The double claw shot, or hook shot, is loads of fun and very useful as well. Other items making repeat appearances include the bow and arrow, bombs, potions, etc. All of the toys we've come to expect Link to have are included in this new game.

Of course the fishing mini game makes a repeat appearance as well. Fishing is easy and fun in this game, you could easily do it for a few hours and have a great time. The fishing hole looks very nice, and sets the perfect mood for you and Link to kick back, relax, and partake of Link's favorite past time.

I have a few control issues with this game, mainly when you're trying to climb on vines. A lot of time you'll hit up, but Link will go to the left or the right. This is pretty annoying, but as long as you hang out in the middle of the vines, you're ok.

The dungeons in this game are pretty well designed. None are too challenging though. They consist of the usual Zelda fare we've come to expect. Push some blocks here, bomb something there, shoot a target elsewhere. If you've ever played a Zelda game before, you'll feel right at home with these dungeons. I have to say, for the most part they don't feel very long. That isn't to say they're short, but compared to older Zelda games, I definitely think they're shorter, and overall just not as difficult.

The reward for the dungeons though is some awesome boss battles! All the boss battles feel very epic and are a lot of fun. The bosses are absolutely huge, and at least look intimidating. Sadly, they only look tough, none of them really are. Like all Zelda games, you use the item you find in the dungeon to defeat the boss, and win your new heart container.

Now, the gimmick for this game is Link turns into a wolf. I have to say, the parts where you are forced to turn into a wolf and collect the tear of light... I HATED THEM! I found them to be annoying little fetch quests, that generally took too long, and stopped me from getting to the better parts of the game. After I got past those parts, I didn't mind the gimmick so much, but honestly, the game could have done without it.

Overall, this is a pretty good game. It's main drawback is that it's WAY too easy though. I mean, if you die in this game, you seriously suck, it is next to impossible to die. And I found that disappointing that at no time in the whole game did I ever feel an enemy could defeat me. Most enemies only take off 1/4 of a heart when they hit you. So after you beat a few dungeons and collect some heart pieces, you're pretty much unbeatable as you can take so many more hits than enemies in the game. This is the GameCube's swan song, and it's a good game to go out on. The GameCube was more about fun than the other systems in my opinion and Nintendo really got that across with this game. It's entertaining and feels like enough of a throwback to satisfy any Zelda fan. At the same time, someone who has never played a Zelda game before can pick it up and quickly get into the game, and enjoy it because it isn't too difficult. I will definitely play this game again, but it might be a while due to the extreme ease of it.


A lot of fun
Classic Zelda themes and weapons
Epic boss battles
LONG game, it'll take you about 40 hours, long for a game of this type
Easy enough for anyone to pick up and play
Good looking GameCube game


TOO easy
The wolf parts are somewhat annoying
Shorter dungeons
No where near enough classic Zelda song

Rent/Buy: This game is a definite buy in my opinion. It's a lot of fun, and you'll get a lot out of it. If you're a Zelda fan without a Wii, and you won't have one soon, you'll love the heck out of this game. If you really want too though, you could rent this game and power through it in a weekend because of how easy it is.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/05/07

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