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""And to think Ocarina of Time was my favorite""

When I first played this, my first thoughts were "This is probably just like the many games before it, easy played out with extremely easy dungeons and puzzles, but I'll play it just to get it over with" but then, I got into it and realized. This is NOTHING like the ones before it!

Right when I first got on the game it was like no other LoZ game ever played. It was over amazing. I was so surprised by how new everything in it was. It truly was my favorite Zelda Game EVER!!!!

Also as a side-note, even if your not a fan of the LoZ series, this is still a really good game to pick up on, but you might want to buy one of the others just in case. Thanks.


This game surpassed any other Zelda game in graphics, I was quite surprised. For example in the dialogue screens, when you see the people talking, the graphics have a beautiful lay out, which is odd for a Zelda game, none the less a Game Cube game. Also in the battle scenes were stellar. The view of the graphics in a battle were outstanding. I really think they did a good job with this game. I almost forgot, the scenes with dialogue and Epona are so beautiful. It's really amazing graphics.


The maps in this game were pretty special, to be in a massive place, like the Overworld Map, then to go back into a small map with teleporting makes it to where you can really explore as much as you want to. The dungeon maps were above all because of the difficulty of the dungeons, which that and the puzzles were some of the most difficult things, I have faced in any series.

Twilight realm

The whole dark and mysterious factor of this game, is one of the core components that brought me to this game. I saw the picture on the box, and thought, wow so many new things, I have to get this. Then to actually experience it for the first time, is a tremendous feeling, the creators made a very good job with putting good emotions into you. Even if that wasn't one of their main goals, they achieved things not planned, which makes it even better.


This game's storyline wasn't what I expected. It turned out to have tons of spots where it just lacked, then it made up with something amazing afterwards. It's really a loopy game. I liked it a lot but I thought the ending was a little weak, since it seems a bit like a cliffhanger. None the less though it was a pretty good plot.

Controls And Difficulties=8.5/10

The controls are amazing, especially on Game Cube. To be able to ride a horse and shoot arrows at the same time is a element that is new to the series. But it is very edgy, and I like it, a lot. It does still have the basic movements of all the previous games, but with new flares and additions, which makes it one of the best of the whole series. It's truly amazing.

Nostalgia Factor=10/10

Just because of the factor of nostalgia in this game, I had to play it 5 times, then go back and beat all the games which it reminded me of. Once I stepped into the Temple of Time for the first time, and heard the song, I was so happy, I had butterflies in my stomach, it reminded me of OoT which was a very good time in my life. Then, you have Epona, which is one of the main factors of the game, and not to mention, the exquisite Master Sword. I can't get enough of it all, it really is a magnificent factor.


Wow, this was the first game I ever had a problem with. The puzzles were just flat out hard. Especially the Ice puzzles. It took be a good 20 minutes to find out all the combinations, its almost as hard as a Rubik's Cube. I almost had to get a guide out for them. I was really surprised that they created it so hard. It really gave me a challenge, which is the main thing I look for in a game.


The idea of not having Navi is a bit weird. But no fear, you have the elegant Midna by your side. She might seem a bit weird at first, but she grows on you. It's way better than Navi in my opinion. Midna helps you out a lot in this game, and even gives you a attack for when your facing shadow monsters. It really is a huge help to have such a good partner.

Wolf Boy

In this game you get to turn into a wolf, which is way better than anything else that you have been able to turn into, since Majora's Mask. To be able to turn into a vicious wolf, and fight down evil, with the power of the Tri-Force with you, is really amazing. I love the dig feature of it, and the shadow grip attack that Midna gives you, it really helps. All the new features really make it a perfect game.


The music is always a huge factor in a game, and in this game, it deserves perfect. It really is gripping. The regular Overworld theme, is spectacular, not to mention jumping into a battle scene immediately changing the tune to a dark, but powerful tune. Or when going into a temple or dungeon for the first time, and hearing all the new pieces. It makes for a great time.


This game had a lot of the previous items, which was expected, but it brought a totally new element into the game, a few actually, which was amazing. One of the main things that they brought in, was the Ball-and-Chain. To be able to swing around a massive amount of power, it was a lot better than the gloves in OoT. The second thing, was bomb arrows. I really didn't expect them to bring in a element like that into the game, it was really smart. To make explosions fly is better then fireworks.


In my honest opinion, the bosses were a bit to easy, which isn't bad but not necessarily good in my opinion. I rather like a challenge, as opposed to something I can get done in 5 minutes. I wasn't feeling it in this game at all. The fun thing is though, that you had to work for it to win, which gives you the element of surprise. Which is ALWAYS fun.


The mini-games weren't really anything out of the ordinary, but just having something to do to blow off some stress is always good. For example the orb collecting game, what isn't fun about trying to fly from wall to wall to get orbs, it's pretty amazing. Oh and the fruit game. Nothing is better than riding on a huge bird collecting huge fruit for points for a fantastic reward at the end, but the bad thing is, there is only two mini-games.


Riding your horse in this game is probably the best riding experience ever. Sure you don't get to race against another person like in OoT but you do get to shoot down other enemies, and ever have a jousting match with a enemy. The fun thing is just relaxing and riding around, or then turning it all around and shooting down the enemies with your trusty bow. You can even use your sword. That's right I said SWORD!! What's not fantastic about riding around being able to slash down anything in your way, that is a huge reason this game is a cut above the rest.

The Big Decision

The decision to buy it or rent it. I would most definitely say you should buy it. Not because unlike all the other games in the series, it might take you a few days to beat it, but because this is simply one of the best, its honestly one of a kind. If you rent it, you might be able to beat it once, but you'll regret not being able to go back and go through all the extra features. If you don't buy this game, you will miss out on a ton of experience, and you might not be able to understand the whole plot lay-out of it all.


Hands down a 10/10. You shouldn't even have to wonder why. Just all the features and all the amazing things in this game, you have to wonder why you couldn't give this game a 10/10. All the puzzles,bosses,items, mini-games, new features, etc. There's just no other score then a perfect. Truly awe-inspiring.


This is basically one of the best games to ever come out on the Game Cube, and if you don't buy it you really are missing out. All the memories you can get from it are amazing. Even if you don't play any of the games in the LoZ series, this is a good one to start on.

Ending statement

My ending statement will end with a huge THANK-YOU to the creators of the LoZ series. This is an extremely good game, just reading about it should give you enough sense of what you need to do, which is buy it. This game is nothing less then a 10/10, it really is a outstanding game, and I'm extremely overjoyed by it. I give it two huge thumbs up. Thank you for your time XD.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/27/07

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