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"The first Legend of Zelda sequel was great, but it'll be hard not to play Phantom Hourglass."

Well. People say Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 was the best game ever. I hated it. I think Smash Bros. 64 and Mario 64, Kirby 64, Yoshi's Story, Bomberman, and a bunch more N64 titles deserved WAY more credit than Ocarina of Time. Now, almost the same as Ocarina of Time, comes Twilight Princess. One difference is that the plot is different, like no Ocarina, different people and places, etc. But the gameplay is the same- only this time, Nintendo did it right.

Combat: 7/10

Let's get the worst part done. Boss fights are always fun. Same in TP. But other than that, the combat is way too easy. I give 5 points to the boss battles, and 2 points for bringing back the greatest moves Link ever had. Ocarina of Time had some great moves, but in TP, they're hidden moves, so that's another improvement from Ocarina of Time.

Graphics: 10/10

BAM- best part of Twilight Princess. The greatest I've ever seen for Zelda. Not even Wind Waker or Phantom Hourglass can stand up to the awesome power of this game. The WII and the Gamecube have the same graphics, which is great for the Gamecube. One word about these graphics- perfect.

Gameplay: 9/10

I love the gameplay. I was never really good at solving puzzles until I brought Wind Waker. Then I decided to buy this. Well, it's a hell of a lot harder than Wind Waker. I think that all of Link's items are useful, except that stupid slingshot. You get the hero's bow, so why use it? Otherwise, the game goes very well. I never think the gameplay is perfect for a game (besides SSBM!!!). Which brings me to

Controls: 6/10

The Wii version amazes me with the controls. I mean, when you aim, you need to move the Wii Remote like you're using a REAL slingshot or bow. This should be good right? It is, 100%. For Wii lovers, that is. For the Cube fanatics, it's horrible. That "boring" Control Stick that we've been using since 1979 is "bad" because of the Wii's moving thing. It outrages me that the Wii version is SO perfect, and the Gamecube version is, like, crappy. The Gamecube deserved better controls. But, the one thing the GC version did win is

Camera: ?/10

When using a slingshot, the screen is the camera. With the Wii, you can't rest for 1 second or else the camera spazzes on you. While the Gamecube, you can just use the Control Stick. Not really helpful for the Gamecube, but at least the GC won something.

Fun: 9/10

Although the GC didn't really do well, it's still fun. The Wii version is obviously "better", but the GC version still has plenty to offer. BEGGINERS: don't use the Wii version. Although, it's great practice for the new Zelda game: Link's Crossbow Training. The only bad thing is that when the fun runs out, it'll eventually die off for good. Unlike Melee. :)

Buy or Rent?

I have 3 words for you...


This game is a 100% buy. It'll take you at least 40 hours to beat, if you're great at Zelda. This is why the fun lasts so long. It's not like Pokemon Colosseum that you beat the story Mode once and you can't di it again unless you delete your guy. You get 3 files, each of them ready to be made. 40 x 3= 120 hours!!! Wow!

Closing Statements:

This is a instant getter, Don't even bother thinking: This is Ocarina of Time all over again. I thought OOT sucked really bad. Twilight Princess may seem like Ocarina at times, but don't be fooled. Tiis is an all new Zelda- bow down before the best! Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/31/07

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 12/11/06)

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