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"Finally, and equal to OoT."

As good as OoT? In my humble opinion, I think so. Here are my reasons in my review.

One of Nintendo's many juggernauts. Along with Mario, Pokemon, and Star Fox, It is one of the staples of the Nintendo franchise, and has many, many games to prove it. This is the final gamecube installment, and Nintendo's Bon Voyage to the gamecube. This is what the gamecube was made for! An amazing game for all time.

Game Play: 10/10
With controls similar to OoT, it plays pretty smoothly, and transitions to different weapons is done fairly well. The world of Hyrule is now enormous. Lake Hyrule makes the OoT Lake look like a puddle on a rainy day to an engorged reservoir. The desert is enormous, and takes a good ten minutes to cross on foot. It is huge. H-U-G-E. But enough about its size. After what is size to quality? Everything runs smoothly with minimal lag. You can fight swarms of bad guys with little to no noticeable lag. Horse back is great as well, with Epona making her return (now you get to name her yourself). Riding her is great fun, and I've occupied myself with riding across Hyrule Field, shooting enemies with bomb arrows many a time. The bosses still seem to have the magic number 3, but do have that boss feel to them. Sadly, they all are fairly easy until the final boss, but even then it isn't very hard. The fun of the boss battles is in learning how to kill them. Frequently I would over complicate things and look over the obvious answer. Playing as the wolf is over rated, but still fine if you need to get somewere fast. Over all though, the rest of the gameplay makes up for the lack of challengingness (is that even a word?).

Graphics: 10/10
This is what the gamecube was made for. The pinnacle of the gamecube potential. I have yet to see a gamecube game (I've seen a lot to) that has come close to this. The makers really put their all into the graphics, and it shows. It doesn't quit have that elusive quality that OoT had, but does lend to the darker tent the game has. When you're in the twilight zone it is simply breath taking. Seeing the sun set is awesome as well. The monsters look flawless, and the terrain looks how it should. Over all it is amazing. Stellar. Awe inspiring. Outstanding. Worth the game for the graphics alone.

Audio: 7/10
It is good for the most part, but it gets very annoying to hear monkeys yelling at you so much. Also, Link's makes a constipated yelp every time you attack which is also annoying. On the bright side though, most of the monsters sound good, and the boss sound very menacing.

Replay Value: 7.5/10
The Cave of Ordeals takes a long time to complete, and collecting all the weapons can take several hours. Other than that though, the only things to really do is ride around fighting random enemies. Sadly, you can't re-fight bosses. There is only so much you can do…

Rent or Buy>
Definite buy. This game is awesome. No ifs ands or buts about it. Go out to the store now. Why are you stilling reading this? Go. Now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/22/08

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 12/11/06)

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