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"Could it be another Ocarina?"

When The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time came out for the N64 a decade ago, it became one of the greatest games of all time. Years later, sequels Majora's Mask and Windwaker came out. While these were good games, many Zelda fans complained that they were not enough like Ocarina of Time. So with the release of Twilight Princess for Gamecube and Wii, Nintendo got another chance to make a game like Ocarina.

They did a good job.

Twilight Princess uses the traditional Zelda formula, while adding in several new elements, most notably, the ability to become a wolf. This game was very well received by most Zelda fans due to its similarities to Ocarina. Twilight Princess took place back in traditional Hyrule, with all of its landmarks, and went back to the look of adult Link from Ocarina, rather than Toon Link from Windwaker. While this game was fun and good, it has several flaws that prevent it from being as great a game as its N64 predecessor.

The artwork in this game was phenomenal. All the character designs and land layouts were beautiful. However, the limited graphical potential of the Wii and Gamecube made the graphics less impressive. At times you can walk through things, and some effects are sub-par. Still, applause goes to the artists who made this game.

Zelda games are known for their music, and I think Twilight Princess had some of the worst music for a Zelda game. The overall background score is pretty good, but there are not any catchy tunes in this game. The music does add to the mood pretty well, and that is the first thing you want from game music.

Dungeon Design
Some of the best Zelda dungeons came from this game, and while they were easy, they were pretty cool. The monkeys from the Forest Temple was an interesting concept, as was traversing the tower from the Temple of Time. Snowpeak was probably the most unique dungeon; those Yetis were pretty cool. While some of the ideas were from previous games, and the final dungeon was extremely disappointing, the great dungeons make up for it. The thing they lacked was one killer puzzle that would get you thinking throughout the whole dungeon.

I played the Gamecube version, and I found its gameplay to be pretty smooth. The best thing was all the new sword techniques, and while they made fighting cheap and easy, they were still cool. There were two main problems, however, the main being the wolf. Early on in the game, you are forced to become a wolf for a time. While this is pretty cool early on, it eventually turns into just an extra item or ability that you hardly need to use. The other flaw is that there were only two item buttons. Since Z was now used to talk to Midna, only X and Y were usable. This was a huge annoyance because you had to keep switching them off.

Zelda games have had lots of extra things to do in them, from collecting Heart Pieces to minigames. Twilight Princess does very well with this. There are a few fun minigames, though they can be easy at times. Extra things to collect include Heart Pieces, Golden Bugs, Bottles, Poe Souls, and more. However, there were all kind of unnecessary because you could beat the game easily without them.

Amazing. This is where Twilight Princess really takes Zelda into the next level. It has very creative cut-scenes and an interesting (although confusing) story. Some things in this game are really epic (e.g. the battle with the dragon at the Sky Temple, the Great Bridge of Hyrule burning, etc.).

Though similar to Ocarina in many ways, Twilight Princess' creative dungeon design and vast world make it a great experience. Wolf and other minor flaws aside, this game only had one this from preventing it to reach the top: it was too easy. Monsters could be killed by button mashing, and puzzles were few and far between. Beating the game doesn't feel like so much of an accomplishment because of this. Nonetheless, Twilight Princess is a solid part of the Zelda series, and a near must-have for a Wii owner.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/01/08

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 12/11/06)

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