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The story, The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess. A True Legend of a Glorious adventure. The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess features Link, the main character of the Legend, as a simple farm boy, and the leader of the group of village Children at the beginning of the Game, to a Kingdom Saving, Legendary Sword-Wielding Hero at the end.

One ordinary Day when Link joins his childhood friend, Illia, in the village spring right before his trip to Hyrule Castle, The town is invaded by a Hoard of Monsters, set on the Point of kidnapping the children. As link tries t defend the village, he is knocked on his Back. When he wakes up, the children are gone, and no sign on the fiends who invaded their village. As Link treks into Faron Woods, he is stopped in his footsteps by a huge black wall.

As link gazes at the Horrifying sight, an Ugly hand reaches out and snatches his small Body. Link does not realize where he is, when it is, or even who he is, but feels weird shocks go through his spine, sweat run down his neck, and a ticking time bomb in his chest. Finally, he yells into the air, transforming into a beast of the Darkness. As he falls down, a hideous creature drags him to the Distance.

When he wakes up, he is locked in a cell, chained from his own freedom. Worst of all, he is not human anymore. He is a beast, a Wolf looking Creature. He tries to raid his shackled self out of the Chains, but it is hopeless. Almost about to give up all hope, A small, impish creature appears, standing still at first, then opens its one visible eye. She Begins to dance all around Link, then stops in his face and yells, "Ha, here you are!". Link begins to growl at the imp girl. As he continues to snarl, she tells him she can help get him out. He settles down and listens.

She Doesn't tell him much about herself, but destroys his chains. He is almost free, just the torture of still being inside the dark cell. He digs his way out. As he is now free, he looks around for the girl, she reveals herself, and land on his back, trying to control him. Finally, after she tells him her plan, she tells him her name. Midna.

Midna Rides Link like he's nothing. He Begins to get annoyed by her. But if he wants to return to his old self, he must follow her directions and do as she says. He feels uncomfortable as he is a Beast of the Darkness. Midna Lead Link to the Top of Hyrule Castle to See Someone. As then enter the prison cell, Link sees a strange figure, cloaked in black. The come closer, and closer until Midna Made a Smirk to get the Figures attention. She Turns her head towards Link and Minda, She asks Midna what they were doing there. Link was shocked she know Midna. The Figure noticed that link had a broken chain on his ankle. She Apologises.

She Tells link about what happened, what the Twilight is, and what people do in it. He Was conffused for a minute, then he payed close attention. he Twilight is a dark Aerosphere that blankets wherever it is summoned. Whenever people are in the twilight, they become Mere Spirits, completely unaware that they are in twilight. Link was wandering why he turned into a Beast, and not a spirit. A few seconds after thestory she was telling link was over, she Took her Dark hood of and Revealed Herself. Her name was Zelda, Princess Zelda. when link saw her face, he was shocked. He did know if this cool, because he was meeting the Princess of Hyrule, or if it was strange to see her as a Prisoner.

Zelda warned Link and Midna to Leave the Tower immediatley before the Guard makes his rounds and finds them. Link and Midna Escape in time. But to where, a relatively Fammiliar Place. Midna Uses the power of the Twili to Warp Link to His Home, Ordon Spring. He heads into the Village and Overhears the Mayor talking about Sending Rusl to go try to find the Children, since there was no sight of Link Either. One of the Villagers said he had a sheild, so Midna Tried to Get Link to Get That Sheild. He Sneaks into the open window of the Village house that has the sheild, and he quickly grabs the sheild. He jumps out another window and lands in the Village's Crystal Clear Lake Water. He heads over to Rusl and Uli's house to try to find the Sword. He finds a small path that he could dig into the house. He grabs the sword, then heads back over the the entrance of Faron Woods, where once again, they encounter the Dark, Black Wall.

And so begins he Story of the Twilight.

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Product Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 12/11/06)

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