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"The new game hype is dead, my praise is as well."

It certainly has been awhile since this game was released. Twilight Princess is a game that received a great amount of praise when it was released. I really liked it then too. But now, the new game hype does not have a grip on me anymore. This game seemed to have such a large amount of potential to be great, though too many aspects of the game failed to make a truly enjoyable experience, in my opinion.

Let's start off with the graphics. Even when this game came out, I did not think this game's graphics were the best on the system, though many people thought so. To me the graphics were very good themselves, but realistically, the game's average colour palette consists of the same small number of colours. You can tell me you hated “Wind Waker's” art style, but you do need to admit the game was very colourful and vibrant. To me however the graphics are very, very good, though to me this game's colours of the over world were extremely bland, and they make the game look dull, and lifeless. The dungeons all consist of one or two main colours, but they were well detailed, and Link has a few very cool animations he will show off. Graphics: 8/10
Now the sound of the game is very good. The sounds are appropriate for the actions they associate themselves with, and the sounds the creatures make in the game range from humorous to menacing. The music however, is a mixed bag. The music within the dungeons attempts to be ambient, but it all just comes off as being dull, boring, and repetitive. There are many standard instruments used throughout the entire score, however it just does not seem as though they get enough use. The music in this game really shines in the battles, particularly the boss battles where the music reaches an intense, quick, beat that matches perfectly to the situation. The over world has a very exciting and heroic theme. There are even a few nostalgic songs from the previous games. The music in the twilight realm is boring and repetitive. However, the good outweighs the bad here, and for every bad song, there are two good ones. Sound and Music: 7/10

Here it is the most important part, the gameplay. This game is much more cinematic than the other Zelda games. The game starts off very slowly, with the Link, the silent protagonist, doing his chores, while listening to people ramble on about things no-one working as a rancher would care about, and he is told he needs to go to Hyrule Castle to deliver something, and this is really, really long. I mean Wind Waker's opening was nothing but text, but it was interesting, and had a cool song going along to the legend of the hero, but this! This isn't even exposition! It is foreshadowing, but it is so boring! I should explain more on this in the story section, but, moving on.

Anyway, the next day Link has some boring mini-game chores to do, as well as rupee collecting like in Ocarina of Time to buy a slingshot. This just takes forever. Something like 2 hours. Bringing up Wind Waker again, you can begin the fighting action in like, 10 minutes. Here, it takes 2 hours; even then you turn into the gimmicky wolf, and don't get to use a sword for 4 hours! Anyway, calming down, eventually Link's friends are kidnapped and you go after them. Link reaches the twilight realm and becomes a wolf. Moving away from the introduction, the wolf segments of the game are boring. They are basically a fetch quest to find a few things called “Tears of Light” and they just take forever to find. The fighting engine works well, but to me the wolf is just boring to use. You wanna play as a wolf? Play “Symphony of the Night” or “Okami”. So the wolf sections are boring, though the parts where you are human can be pretty fun. Human Link has a large arsenal ready at his disposal, and though a good few are useless outside of their dungeons, they look cool, and are fun to use, though there is one item in the game that you will find yourself using everywhere; the Clawshots. If you ever get stuck anywhere, look around with the clawshots for a place where they can be used, and you probably won't be stuck anymore. Otherwise to me the sword fighting engine works, pretty well, and you get some extra moves, that Link in Wind Waker started out with, though here they can be used any time, as opposed to being only a parry. To me though, this made the fights in the game a bit too easy, as now you don't even need timing to be good at this. Then the killing blow, literally a blow that kills most opponents instantly, is so easy to use, aside from the downside of putting your sword away, that you may not use any other moves until you meet the one hard enemy in the game. The A.I is just incredibly stupid, and will run into your attacks and enemies are just waiting to be killed. The best fights are against the bosses, who are not stupid, if only because they are heavily scripted, though they are fun, they make you think about how to beat them, and are just on a massive scale size, and they are this game's best aspect.

The difficulty for this game varies for people. People rarely died in the Wind Waker and they said they died many times in Twilight Princess. This is true, but in Twilight Princess there is almost no penalty to dying, considering if you die, you start in the same room you died in. Aside from one area, the “Pit of Ordeals”, which isn't necessary to beat the game, and is only difficult as it ties one arm around your back, by making you, go through these 50 or so levels unable to turn around or heal. The Dungeons, the only other place you will probably die start you in the same room you died in. To me this took away probably what was the only downside to dying. Also it only starts you with 3 hearts, but if you died, I would say it was implied you died with less hearts than that. Anyway, Tl; dr, for every 1 fun/ good part, there are 3 annoying/bad things. Gameplay: 4/10

The story in this game is shoved down your throat and even then the story really isn't good. It's sub-par. The dialogue is not very good, and even then the characters in the game, except for Midna get no development. The story here tried to be deep, and dark, but it comes off as boring and convoluted. In the end the story of this game is nothing great, it is average. Even to me the stories in the previous 3-d Zelda games were much better. Those games somehow made the world and the people of the world tell their stories. Here the story is pretty much told by Midna as you go along, and it is not an enjoyable story and only serves as a weak motivation to keep you playing the game. I think it would have been better if like the previous games the world portrayed he story, but it could not possibly work as Twilight Princess' world is completely bland and lifeless, and only made the game more boring through the pages of dialogue and exposition. Story: 4/10

In the end, to me this game was and is an incredible disappointment. To me sadly, this is my least favourite game in the entire series, and it just so happens to be loved by many. If you don't agree that's fine, but I just don't like this game. In the end, it gets a 4/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/02/09

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 12/11/06)

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