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"Reliving greatness"

The Legend of Zelda
As a legend of Zelda fan you anticipate each and every game wondering what is it going to be like and that was how I felt before getting this game. A lot of people will eventually think these game are repetitive but not me and also some might be able to tell what will happen next. When I looked at this title Twilight Princess it seemed mysterious and I thought it was Zelda to bad I was in for a surprise.

Storyline: The story starts and shows Link in a village and he works for a farmer, he is to be sent to Hyrule to deliver a gift to the castle so a girl named Ilai takes your horse and is washing at body of water which I am not certain what it would be considered as. Along with you is some children of the village and then creatures attack you and kidnap everyone else later you are struck with a stone and it goes into your forehead. You are taken to the castle and the kids aren't, but wait you are a wolf!!! From there you meet Midna she is some shadowy creature called a Twili. From there you travel into the different lands to save three spirits and collect fused shadows and after that you journey to get the mirror of twilight. So that is your story and a bit on your adventure I give this 7/10 because I think it is to extreme for a human to turn into a wolf. The side quests which I didn't talk about but they are great and very challenging and the story shows no connection to the previous games (unlike Wind Waker).

Controls: How much I loved the controls is unthinkable whether it was on foot or on a horse the creators did an excellent job, I really felt unstoppable and the boss battles were great. The hidden skills you learned in the game were very useful and creative and when ever I was in a battle I would use them although after a while the enemies in Hyrule field become weaker as your sword grows stronger and you get a feel for the controls. Even as a wolf moving and jumping were great and creative but the fighting you did the wolf was terrible I could stay alive against those shadow beasts and it was rather annoying. I give this part a 9/10

Graphics: All legend of Zelda games don't have the greatest graphics but from all the ones that I played this has the best, now a lot of people will judge it by the graphics but if you do that your missing out on a great game. The enemies are great and some are from previous games but they have changed them to look better not any dramatic changes just small ones. The graphics on this game are fair and a lot of hard artwork was put in and I have to say that they get a 8/10 only because they could have done better.

Temple (Bonus): This game featured nine temples and all were great in my opinion my favourite was the snow peak ruins.

Final Recommendation: I recommend you al least try the game and I heard a bunch of bad things about it on the Wii and I own the Gamecube copy so I don't want to say the Wii one is terrible but to be on the safe side buy it on the Gamecube it doesn't matter if you own a Wii because you can still play Gamecube on it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/30/11

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 12/11/06)

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