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Reviewed: 05/14/06 | Updated: 05/18/06

A unique and sometimes frusterating game.

After Donkey Konga 1 and 2 flopped, Nintendo decided that they still wanted to make another Donkey Kong game that uses the Bongo Drums as a controller. That was not a bad choice. After all, it would be cool if more games used the Bongos. The Bongos are not your average Gamecube controller…they are shaped like drums. And instead of having buttons, you will beat on the touch-sensitive tops of the Bongos. They also have a microphone that reacts to the sound of your clap. Very innovative.

Storyline: 1/10

I don’t even think there is supposed to be a story… I guess Nintendo put time into making good graphics and the gameplay, but they couldn’t make a story. Story isn’t too important, since games with no stories can still be fun.

Graphics: 10/10

This game shows the true graphical power of the gamecube. Some areas will have average graphics. But when Donkey Kong jumps on animals and pounds then, their fur looks very realistic. The environments aren’t too shabby either. The trees and sky look pretty realistic too.

Sound/Music: 9/10

Donkey Kong will make the classic ape sounds he always makes. The levels are packed with the same kind of music you find in Donkey Kong country and Donkey Kong 64. Its fun at first, but it gets annoying after a while.

Gameplay: 6/10

The first Donkey Konga games used the Bongos to play and tap the rhythm of sounds. That had worked out perfectly. But Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat used the Bongos to go through levels and kill enemies. That didn’t seem to work out very well…

There is basically 4 actions you can do. Clapping kills enemies around you. Tapping both Bongos will jump. Tapping right Bongo will move right. Left Bongo moves left. That sounds like a pretty good and simple idea. And it is. But the big problem I encountered was that you have to continually tap a Bongo to move in the direction, instead of just holding it down. That does not work out and makes moving around become a chore.

There is some good things to the gameplay too. The levels are abundant with unique enemies, obstacles, and activities such as climbing a rope or riding on giant birds that you can do. Depending on how well you do on each level, you will earn a certain amount of crests. You will need a certain amount of total crests to advance to the next few levels. That makes it more complex than the classic system where you just beat one level to automatically go to the next.

You will also have LOTS of frustrating moments when you are playing. If you fail to make a jump, and fall down, you will get frustrated. If your hands get too sore to pound on the Bongos anymore, enemies will kill you and that might be frustrating.

Overall: 6/10

If you can tolerate its minor flaws, such as the hard controls, then you can enjoy this game. The levels are full of puzzles and introduce you to new aspects all the time, such as riding rhinos or birds. While you are enjoying yourself playing, you can feast your eyes on the graphics as well. This game is worth a rental, if you already have a set of Bongos.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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