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"The most innovative platform game since Mario 64."

Donkey Konga was a fun game last year. It came with a pair of plastic bongo drums, and was basically a rhythm game that featured Donkey Kong. Now Nintendo has made a new side scrolling Donkey Kong game set in a 3D world, much like Contra: Shattered Soldier. The one difference is that this platform game requires you to use the bongo drums. The end result is one of the most innovative platform games that I have ever played. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a fun game that everyone should play.

So how does it work? It's very simple. Tap the right drum, and Donkey Kong will walk towards the right. The faster you hit it, the faster Donkey Kong will run. The same applies for the left drum. If you hit both drums at once, Donkey Kong will jump. By clapping, Donkey Kong will be able to grab bananas, vines, and allow you to reach areas not accessible before. It is really cool the way that Donkey Kong can climb walls and vines, and even swim.

There is no story. Donkey Kong simply will try and collect bananas during the game. Each banana is worth one beat. The more beats you collect, the more stuff you can unlock. Collect enough beats, and you will get crests that will unlock all of the levels. Each stage has two areas plus a boss fight. I must say that while some people will be intimidated by this game, there is no reason to be. This game is very easy, but it is the type of game that anyone in the house can play. Basically your life bar is the amount of bananas you have. Every time you get hit, you will lose some bananas.

I must say that the game looks very nice. As I said before, it's a 2D game set in a 3D world. Each environment looks great. The way Nintendo designed the backgrounds in all of the jungle stages is very impressive. The water in the water stages looks almost real. The best looking stage has to be the Grape Kingdom. This area has Donkey Kong swimming threw what looks like Jello. As for sound, this game has pretty cool music. Of course, it's nothing that you haven't already heard in any other Donkey Kong game.

A few people have said that this game has no replay value. Don't listen to them. Yes there aren't that many stages, but unlocking all of the crests will take quite a while to complete. There are three per area; bronze, silver, and gold. Let me say that the gold crests are very hard to get. One problem with the game is that your hands hurt after a while, but that's in large part to the excessive clapping that you will do. I must also add that the game uses the same four bosses over and over, and the ways to defeat them doesn't change at all. However, this game is Nintendo at its finest. It's a platform game that is as innovative as Mario 64.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/16/05, Updated 02/02/06

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